Essay on Security for Programing Online Websites

Essay on Security for Programing Online Websites

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Ajax developers like other web application don’t set enough security for the website so it’s easy to comprise. Developers like Ajax must fill many holes before they release their website to the public. Ajax requires a lot of client-side scripting coding, but many people just develop the site and upload before they fixed the security.
Web 1.0 sites aren't interactive they are sites that visitors will look at one time only. They don’t come back due to the site is a proprietary. A visitor can download a program but don’t know how to use it. It is not a good idea to use web 1.0 on your site. Web 1.0 sites are static site and can be a good site for a personal site, but it never changes. Some people call web 1.0 a read only website and many people don’t like it. Many website didn’t make it because web 1.0 was losing it popularity very fast. Web 1.0 wasn’t a pretty site and it was as interactive as the new web 2.0.
Cypherix Encryption company is very good software to help hide your information on your hard drive. The software can help creates unlimited number of encrypted you hard drives on your computer as a regular a hard drives located in Windows. The software acts like any other hard drive on any computer, but it good for hiding folder as well as files. The folders have a strong 448 bit encryption which is good for as keeping hackers out of your files. The best way would be to install all your personal or private information on your USB drive and remove it when need to. Password protect is another way to protect your files.
RIA implementations require an infrastructure similar to Web applications. RIA will perform processing on the client side, and will continue to network with other...

... middle of paper ... that all is holes are correctly closed. Any mistakes can cost your client millions of dollars to get it fixed. I saw on the news one day that a webmaster designed his clients website and setup an e-commerce and he didn’t do it right so all the customers who used the sporting site who used their credit cards was exposed to the world and the was sued over this. Now some hackers’ wants to get into things that no one think can be broke into. Someone got into Sony PlayStation website just a couple of years ago. They were caught but it wasn’t hard for them to get in. In Network magazine a few years ago there were a group of hackers who stole millions of dollars and they were sending this money from account to account which was hard to track down. They were caught too, but they ran from Spain to New Jersey which is a large group of hackers who want to harm you.

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