Essay on The Security Concerns Related From Poor Programming Practices

Essay on The Security Concerns Related From Poor Programming Practices

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Identify and describe the security concerns related to algorithm implementation, interaction with other components, and program output.

There are countless weaknesses that are consequence from poor programming practices that arising from insufficient checking and validation of data and error codes. The alertness of these concerns is instrumental to the developing of secure program code. Algorithm (which is a mathematical descriptions that are machine independent) implementation comprises a software coder that creates software and then confirms that a user is be able to input data to successfully use the program. Nonetheless, when the code is developed there may be some faults that were note considered, up to the the point of when the data is executed causes extreme security issues.
First off, incorrect program handling is a very common problem and the failing input can be any source of data from outside the program and with a value is not overtly recognized by the programmer when writing the program (Stallings & Brown, 2015). The programmer must ascertain any and all data sources plainly, and then corroborate their assumptions on size and type of values before being utilized (Stallings & Brown, 2015). A further issue that is overlooked by most programmers is that the ensuring machine language corresponds to algorithm, where the assumption is that the compiler or interpreter produces/executes code that validly implements the language statements (Stallings & Brown, 2015). This action necessitates comparing the machine code with original source and slow/difficult (Stallings & Brown, 2015). A further issue is the correct interpretation of data stored as groups of binary bits that are read and operated on in memory or copied into c...

... middle of paper ... to programmers understanding how these failures can happen and the actions required to eliminate (Stallings & Brown, 2015).
In closing, the concept of “Security by Design” seems to be great idea where the security and reliability are common design goals (Stallings & Brown, 2015). In most other most engineering disciplines high failure level are simply not tolerated, however, since software development not being as mature as other engineering disciplines (Stallings & Brown, 2015). The central focus of software development and quality standards is the general development lifecycle and only recently the increased identification of security issues (Stallings & Brown, 2015). Ultimately, a well-built algorithm implementation must be part of all good program development techniques, if it isn’t, the algorithm could not correctly deal with all badly-behaved deviations.

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