Essay The Security Concerns Over Governed Private Industry Regulation

Essay The Security Concerns Over Governed Private Industry Regulation

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Information systems now connect worldwide, so raising security concerns and increased vulnerabilities within organizations and government agencies. Asllani, White, & Ettkin notes “the impact of cybersecurity vulnerabilities that aren’t addressed in advance has significant operational consequences.” (Asllani, White, & Ettkin, 2012). Although cybersecurity is critical, only 25% carry out security measures as part of their standard operational processes. (Asllani, White, & Ettkin, 2012). Financial systems and critical infrastructure alike, should they fall prey to nefarious activities, can have devastating impact to the organization and persons it affected. Using cybersecurity policies administered by the government can foster best practices and enhanced security for software developers, vendors, and organizations whom store your personal information while also training technical staff on remedial, risk-based strategies.
4. National Security Concerns over Governed Private Industry Regulation
Privacy, civil rights and liberties are of consumer concern when the government imposes mandatory cybersecurity regulations, specifically on information collection and sharing between sectors. Further research shows growing public concern around proposed bills allowing the government to share unlimited information when conducting investigations not related to cybersecurity. In addition, congressional contention exists around the use of information collected by the government. Deliberations over more aggressive cybersecurity strategies such as implementing the internet “kill-switch” are being investigated by congress. These approaches are likely to be unsuccessful in legislative review due to public and congress concern over giving intern...

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...port government cybersecurity regulatory intervention. Legislation to build a partnership through information sharing has been both successful and not successful party due to concerns over civil liberties and privacy concerns. To build solidarity, the government must address two issues of specific concern these are, the type and amount of information collected needs to be policy-driven and limited. Next, the government must only use information collected for cybersecurity and no other traditional criminal investigations. On the other hand, the government needs to advocate stronger, clearer legal authority over how ISPs and other network operators share information regarding cybersecurity attacks to their networks. At the same time, these are privately owned and operated which routinely transmit personal data; information sharing must be judiciously controlled.

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