The Security Breaches Of The Target Store Corporation Essay

The Security Breaches Of The Target Store Corporation Essay

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This paper will present to the Northcentral University Information Technology Supervisor research in the form of a report that will assist with determining the controls required to implement to ensure that data are secure for the university. This paper will summarize the security breaches of the Target Store Corporation over the previous year and make recommendations in the form of information technology security best practices to strengthen the University’s infrastructure.
Summarize Major Security Breaches
The Target Corporation was exploited in December 2013 and then again in 2015. These breaches included customer’s personal identifying information and retailer’s data. This credit card data breach is a prime example of weak security and infrastructure. This breach happened over the course of one of the United States’ major holiday seasons, Christmas. The security issue involved hackers accessing Target’s customer 's credit and debit cards by the machines that were being used to swipe the cards. These hackers accessed Target’s network with a stolen username and password from a company that was providing refrigeration and HVAC services. This company could access Target’s network `remotely to monitor energy consumption and temperatures. With that, the hackers uploaded malware software on the Target’s credit card machines. The customer data hack happened across the nation, and it was performed in stores and not an online breach of Target customer information.
Since this breach, the credit card industry has updated their credit cards by adding personal chips, new credit card machines, and Target having to pay out financial penalties to its customers more than 10 million dollars. Currently, the U. S. Secret Se...

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