Essay about Security as a Great Asset

Essay about Security as a Great Asset

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Knowledge is power. Security is the doctrine of handling knowledge, from ascertaining enemy plans and objectives to protecting the secrets of friendly forces. Through careful observation one can learn about the enemy. Someone who employs good security will be able to decide on the most efficient, safe way to achieve an objective. While risk is part if any operation, Security implies that measures be taken to minimize risk. In The Art of War Sun Tzu states that “One who knows his enemy and knows himself will not be endangered in a hundred engagements.” Security is actually a very broad subject whose purpose changes depending on where it is employed. In warfare security is both a tactical and a strategic tool used as mentioned above. Deception holds a special place in warfare security, where tricking the enemy into wasting time and resources can mean a vast advantage. Huge deceptions like the Rupert paratrooper drops and the “Man who never lived” incident of WWII protected friendly soldiers by ensuring that at least part of the enemy forces would be somewhere else. Possibly the most successful of these deception campaigns was Operation Glimmer, where Patton’s inflatable army convinced the Germans that the D-day invasion was going to occur at Calais. The multiple forms of deception employed, as well as the sheer size of the campaign kept Germany off of its guard. WWI held a much less successful run with security. The entire lost battalion incident occurred primarily as a result of a communication error made worse by friendly fire from the battalions rescuers.
The trouble with security is that it is a great asset if used well, but a great detriment if it is overdone. When the Navajo Code Talkers were first deployed to Guadalcanal, ...

... middle of paper ...

...ach that objective is, what the intentions of an opponent are and the manipulation of an opponent to offset their guard are all key uses of the doctrine in war. The subject of Security, however, expands beyond warfare. It can be used to protect a business plan or product, to define an objective in a sport or to delineate a political theory or legislature without deviating from the basic principles of understanding one’s self (Strengths, weaknesses, advantages, objectives and coordination) and the opponent (Enemy plans, movements, ideas, strengths, exploitable weaknesses and objectives). Another aspect of security, which I wish I had a good example of is understanding that not all opponents are tangible, but the same principles of comprehension apply.

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