Securing Liberty : The Purpose And Importance Of The Bill Of Rights Essay

Securing Liberty : The Purpose And Importance Of The Bill Of Rights Essay

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In the article “Securing Liberty: The Purpose and Importance of the Bill of Rights”, Postell points out the controversy behind the ratification of the Bill of Rights (the first ten amendments of the U.S Constitution) by Congress in 1791, and also he explains the purpose and importance of the Bill. When the Bill was proposed to add into the Constitution, most Federalists opposed its practicability because they supposed that it was merely a "parchment barrier". According to their opinions, the Bill of Rights would weaken the government’s power. Besides, these rights did not include all the basic rights of human beings, so the Bill would make people confused about the abundant source of their rights. For James Madison, who wrote the Bill of Rights and also was a Federalist, he changed his mind about the Bill when he admitted that the amendments of the Bill were central. Adding these amendments to the Constitution would prevent the tyranny of the government over each individual and of majority over minority. The Bill was also the idea of “checks and balances” policy. Today, the first ten amendments of the Constitution are basic and inalienable rights of U.S citizens. As for Postell’s conclusion, the Bill of Rights could “serve the noble purpose of public education and edification”.
By this article, Postell helps the readers understand the importance of the Bill of Rights. Under these amendments, Americans have ultimate civil rights that cannot be deprived by the government, and even defendants also have equal rights in the court. Understanding these rights will provide people the knowledge of liberties and defending them from the tyranny. The source is written based on the arguments of both sides, so it offers an objective and reliab...

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...hed. Truly, the application of the first ten amendments has little changes over time, but these changes moderately transpire in accord with subsequent amendments. The purpose of the U.S Constitution is to maintain the consistency among amendments. Thus, all amendments should be adjusted accordingly and written clearly to ensure their enforceability.
Although the journal has an opposite point of view from the other sources, it is a worthy document for researchers. It analyzes the impact between the Bill of Rights and other amendments. By reading this journal, students get another aspect of the U.S Constitution. They can observe each amendment of the Constitution by their own view, but not just limit in the ten amendments of the Bill of Rights. Finally, using the freedom of speech in the First Amendment, students can make their own arguments about their standpoints.

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