Secure File Storage Server: The Case of First World Bank Savings and Loans

Secure File Storage Server: The Case of First World Bank Savings and Loans

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First World Bank Savings and Loans will need to have a secure file storage server. Along with a secure web server, database server. The bank will also need to provide layered security to make sure that they keep their customer confidential information from being compromised. This is an outline along with an executive summary to meet the needs.
From my experience in the IT filed and what I have learned throughout my education and from making my own mistake a file server needs to have a strong antivirus program installed along with a strong firewall rules on the server. Also this antivirus program needs to run alongside the other services that are on the network while providing same time protection when working with a Samba server. In addition the virus program will need to be able to protect individual workstations. The network will need to have multi-layered protection for the file servers that is running the Linux OS. The antivirus program needs to protects the server in real-time.
Throughout my career in the IT I filed I realized that having a strong firewall rule will allow and restrict users and only allowing them to view their data. Hackers or hacking programs will have a hard time to manipulate or viewing the data through the web Interface.
You will need to have access to the various files on the file system. This will be accomplished through Network File System NFS which is accessed by using the Secure Socket Layer. NFS enables the remote user to mount a file system on a remote computer. The remote user will then be able access any of the files on that remote file system. The server and client do not have to use the same operating system, but the client system needs to have an NFS client that is compatible with the NF...

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...rough the client this type of attack can gain unauthorized access to a database.("DB Attacks," ) Other type of attacks that can be used against a database is a user getting another privilege user writes. Also social engineering is another way for unauthorized user can get access. To combat these kinds of attacks the administrator needs to train all user on different types of attacks.

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