The Secrets Of Wand Making Essay

The Secrets Of Wand Making Essay

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Power. Most think of the great duelists, of skilled orators, of revolutionaries. The secrets of wand making, passed down through the Ollivander line, reveal another form of power. A simple incompatible or distrusting wand limits the power of the caster. Herbology can be just as seductive as wandlore—the potential behind plants with parts that can both harm and heal. Both hold a quiet, subtle power, but both remain dangerous. After all, a well placed poison is as effective as a well placed killing curse. Power is both beautiful and dangerous, a fact Galena Sloane Ollivander learned the hard way at nine. One slip, and she found her father dead by her hand (a fact her pureblood mother hid to save face).

About Galena: never call her Galena. She only responds to her middle name, Sloane. About the Ollivander name: it attracts the eyes of countless witches and wizards who either bought their first wand from Garrick Ollivander, or foreigners in the market for superior wands. But Garrick Ollivander isn 't her father, it was the late Gordian Ollivander—the younger and lesser known brother of this generation of Ollivander wand makers. Not because he was necessarily less talented, but because that 's how age order worked sometimes, and Garrick had a good eight years on Gordian. But being in charge of the smaller Hogsmeade branch proved favorable for the younger Ollivander. His wands still excelled beyond most you 'd find in Europe, but he was unmatched regarding wand repair. It was hardly the ideal spot to sell wands, but an ideal location for wand maintenance services for budding magic students.

The rich, magical history helped make up for Sloane 's grandfather 's "fault" of marrying a muggleborn. That marriage wasn 't enough to remove t...

... middle of paper ...

...ants raising her child.

Janus, they 're called, an old friend whispered in her ear. Despite currently knowing next to nothing about this third side, she knows it 's the change she 's been looking for. After Augustus ' death, Sloane thought it 'd be easier to leave the side of the Death Eaters. The reality was the exact opposite—everyone was paying too much attention to her. Any suspicious moves would put her more at risk, so she has to wait it out a bit. Ever since hearing about Janus, a sense of paranoid has started settling in, remaining in the back of her mind and constantly haunting her. It 's the first time Sloane 's been so cautious and worried about making possibly controversial moves. Part of that is influenced by her knowlegde of what those around her are capable of doing. Sloane had no interest in getting involved in this battle, but now she has no choice.

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