Secrets Behind Closed Doors Essay

Secrets Behind Closed Doors Essay

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1. My First Time
2. Really, I mean
3. Campus
4. Tonight
5. Any Time
6. Right Time
This book contains explicit sexual content. Read at your own risk. All characters in this book are fictional and are not related. Any events related to someone or anything is coincidental.
Poverty Struck
Sitting on the couch in their three bedroom apartment that was shared with their parents, Billy and Nicole could hear the neighbors having sex again. “Oh yeah fuck me Mike” said the female voice. As loud as they were it almost got annoying but it was also intriguing in a way. Listening to their bed creak and slamming the wall made one wonder if it beat the crap out of the sheetrock. “OHHH IM COMING!!” shouted the female voice. Listening to her cry out a climax and finally hearing the male moaning and groaning they finally were quiet. “DAMN, wish I had a girl friend to fuck when I wanted to” said Billy. “I know” said Nicole. “Most women these days are not interested in me nor are I interested in them. It’s hard to find one that is compatible” said Billy. “I Know, we are different then the majority. We don’t have money to go out a lot and have only a few trusted friends. You have a job at a warehouse and I am going to college to earn a degree” said Nicole. “Workaholics?” questioned Billy. Both were laughing.
“What are you going to do this summer Billy”? asked Nicole. “I was going to hang out with the old man but we will probably only see him for the holidays, he is always gone across the states with his truck driving job”, said Billy. “Yeah, and ma works at the thrift store all the time. She’s dating John, I wonder if she fucks him?” laughed Nicole. “I bet the old man finds a lot lizards or two at the truck stops, fifty bucks gets his ...

... middle of paper ...

...H, FFF” he jittered. Breathing heavily, both bodies had climaxed in harmony, now laying limp on the side of each other on the bed.
“Out of all that time I teased you at work I knew we had chemistry with each other said Billy. “I’ve been looking forward to this moment” said Chloe. Feeling her large warm breasts against him he began kissing her. The two kissed for a while.
“I must go for now” he said. “When can you come back?” asked Chloe. “Anytime you want. Your body feels very good” said Billy. Chloe giggled. “Bye” said Billy. “Bye Billy” she said.
Right Time

Billy and Nicole are preparing dinner in their apartment. “Mom must be staying at John’s” said Billy. “I talked with her the other day on the phone, she didn’t say any specifics” said Nicole. “As long as she is happy, it’s not our business what happens behind closed doors” said Billy. “Yeah” said Nicole.

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