Essay about The Secretary Of State For Foreign And Commonwealth Affairs

Essay about The Secretary Of State For Foreign And Commonwealth Affairs

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They both exchanged smirky smiles, which Tony failed to notice, as he was busy looking at the contents of his folder. Yusuf knew Tony hated the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs—but the Prime Minister did not have a strong attachment to either one. Yusuf also knew that the Prime Minister always ignored the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs and dealt only with the Secretary of State. From the moment he had first seen the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, Yusuf learned it was impossible to find a decent human being in this world who really didn’t hate a person holding such position.
There was a moment of silence in the room as the men sipped their coffee.
“You must have heard what happened!” Yusuf said.
“You mean at the Nahrawan?”
“Normally, what happens in Zimbabwe isn’t really my concern,”
The Minister, who was in charge of diplomatic relations in Africa, sighed and added, “I wish I could say the same thing. Our American friends believed that the military coup attempt was not necessary.”
Yusuf grew agitated, “Our American allies are driving me crazy. Wasn’t necessary, they said! We spent more than two years planning for a military overthrow. There were more than a hundred military officers ready to take over the country. Several brigades were ready for deployment. And what did our American friends do? They abandoned us completely. They never launched air strikes like they promised. No logistic support was given and the result...the result, my dear Michael—This tyrannous beast called Hammam Bosnin has taken everything. No doubt our American friends feel very satisfied now.”
“Yusuf, don’t get angry. Let’s sit quietly and think.”
“Think! While the death squads conti...

... middle of paper ...

...ned to his country on the eve of invasion. Perhaps it was his devastation over his wife, or the war that brought such grizzly character from within him, but Yusuf returned to his old habit of a womanizing and extremely obsessed in taking revenge on the dictator. Yusuf was certain that the accident was a setup, and used his influence to form an opposition group in Alnah’rawan, as well as becoming a leading figure in all activities against the dictator.
- MI6 Archive, Yusuf Alfalaky’s file.
When Yusuf entered his lavish office at the embassy on Belgrave Square, he first contemplated over his three secretaries, and then asked Layla—
“Did anyone call?”
Layla replied eagerly, “Who hasn’t! Do you want me to start with the reporters or the Ambassadors or—“
“Don 't...Just write their names down and bring the list to my office.”
“But sir, some of them are very important!"

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