The Secret Weapon Of Cultural Imperialism Essay

The Secret Weapon Of Cultural Imperialism Essay

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There has been plenty of discussion on which teaching methods best engage students in a classroom setting. The proposed methods come in variety, but one method that has had success recently is the Freirean method (Santos 363, 364). The Freirean method is composed of dialogical classes, classes that are based around discussion, whose intentions are to provide relevant social and technological education to students. For example, Wildson Dos Santos writes in his article “Scientific Literacy: A Freirean Perspective as a Radical View of Humanistic Science Education,” “beyond identifying chemical products in garbage, or the separation methods adopted in the recycling plant, it is necessary to discuss why there are people in our society living in landfills” (Santos 370). Santos is implying that students must go beyond the basic understanding of technology and explore the implications that it may have on their community. Robert Moses, author of “Radical Equations,” and Alan Bishop, writer of “Western Mathematics: The Secret Weapon of Cultural Imperialism,” both write about the importance of cohesive communities when it comes to social change. The ideas of these three authors all support the Freirean method. The goal of Harvey Mudd College (HMC) is to enlighten its students in a similar fashion. The HMC Honor Code, a set of guidelines made to foster respect and integrity on campus, is indispensable in achieving this goal. The purpose of the Honor Code is to create a united and empathetic community, so HMC students should uphold the Honor Code to implement Freirean methods so they can promote social change.
For the dialogical process to occur in the Freirean method, the students that take part in the discussions must trust one another. The co...

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... society” (Bishop 63). Then, the mathematicians discussed and debated the implications this might have on society (Bishop 63). Immediately following awareness, the academic community began to collaborate and brainstorm solutions to the problem. Many HMC graduates will need to contribute to this debate and they are already knowledgeable about the situation.
HMC students graduate with a greater awareness of the problems that surround them and the ability to solve them. Simply by being aware of the problems that others face allows HMC graduates to improve them. This awareness is due to the community that is present at HMC. The trust among students allows ideas to flow freely, and the sheer size of the HMC community creates a group of intelligent and hardworking people with a common goal. Strong communities make change, and the strength of HMC comes from the Honor Code.

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