The Secret Weapon Behind Education

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The secret weapon behind education relies on the solidarity and respect of students. Rancho Solano Private School (RSPS) opened its door in 1954 at the Missouri Campus. In 1979, RSPS opened their second facility in the Union Hills Campus; twelve’s years later Greenway Campus was established, and by 2003 Gilbert Campus open their doors. Their foundation and reputation were having a fine tradition of academic excellence with the finest education. Rancho Solano goals were based on having a safety environment for students, and allowing parents to have a wealthy family oriented community. The Bayer and the Freesmeyer schools had the advantage that no other schools offered because of their well-recognized with an undisputed prestige of high performances. Rancho Solano’s management knew they were doing something right in changing the future of education. Indeed, parents paid high tuition fees, but their children’s education did not have a price tag. The parents were content with the tremendous effort of the schools in which it reflected on their children’s success. After many years of successful business, the Freesmeyer family decided to sell RSPS for profit Illinois in 2007 to the Meritas Family of Schools. Imagine, the parent’s frustration, the students anxiously, and the teachers stressed not knowing what their future held. Parent’s believe that their child 's education should never be tested nor deny because it is something that no one could ever take away. This paper will look at from the perspective as a consultant hired by the directors at RSPS to check the situation and addressing the changes of the organization. /010 The factors operating in the Rancho Solano’s internal environment consist of the owners, executive committe... ... middle of paper ... ... was another lie. The idea was for Greenway school to have PreK-5 and make the Ventura school into a middle and high school. They confronted Dr. Mernard demanding a good explanation stating it was “demographic reasons”. The evaluation I can end that not only did they continue to make the same mistakes as they did not care to keep up their prestigious reputation. Just imagine, the teachers would be out a job and student’s education was up in the air and Meritas nor Dr. Mernard seems to care. Their poorly management skills, dealing with angry parents who were justified led them to open the Beyer school. Ms. Lovelady was the principal and CEO was affiliated with the founding family of RSPS. The Bayer school gained 12 teachers and about a 100 students from the Hillcrest. Parents would not let go of the values they had with Rancho Solano as they continued their legacy.
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