The Secret of True Training Essay examples

The Secret of True Training Essay examples

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What is training? Training is defined as the action of teaching a person or animal a particular skill or type of behavior. Athletes like to look at this word and instantly think work to achieve a goal. The real question though is this, how does one train to achieve that one goal? Throw in countless hours? Stop when covered in sweat? If athletes were to really think about it, there are only a few true ways people can train and only three ways to do it.
One must have to have motivation. Without it they might as well be training for the heck of it. Ryan Reynolds says it best when he says that it is his “purpose” (Drake Bennet, 1). Purpose is a good word for motivation in every general aspect. Roger banister also had a phenomenal purpose as well. His purpose was to break the four minute barrier before he “hung up his spikes for good”. Olympic athletes have a purpose as well, to win their medals and represent their country and team well. Rocky Balboa even had a purpose too. He had a goal to “just go the distance” and for 15 rounds with the champ” (John G Advilsen, 1976). People just don’t do things for the sake of doing it; they have a purpose, a goal or a dream. They fight for it even if they know that they have a “million to one shot” because they are motivated. Motivation is the voice in the back of their head saying “this is why you are doing this; this is what you’re working for”. That voice for rocky was his trainer, someone who knew he had potential but need a reason to want it and fight for it. Without having the voice inside their head, driving them, their chances are million to none. If people will just listen to that voice and let it be their purpose, then they have something to strive for. And once they have that perfec...

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... do? He went for it anyway. He looked his goal dead in the eyes and with pure confidence said, “You are mine.” With that dedication people can accomplish their goals. They can finish that 15th round with the best boxer and know that their purpose has brought them there to that place. That all they need is to be determined and only then can they accomplish their goals. That determination is the key to pushing out all the negative thoughts in their mind that holds them back from claiming what they rightfully set out for.
With the three elements of true training anything is possible. Looking at that dream one should be able to seek their motivation in their training, stay faithful and dedicated to it and be determined at all times and know that “ If I do these things correctly, I should have no problem going the distance of surpassing my goal thanks to my training”.

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