Secondhand Clothing Can Hurt A Country 's Economy Essay

Secondhand Clothing Can Hurt A Country 's Economy Essay

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Have you ever wondered where your clothes once you donated them? Probably not, since you gave them away you are hoping that someone else likes them as much as you did. Is it possible that selling secondhand clothing can hurt a country 's economy? The Global Trade of Secondhand Clothing isn’t a new thing, we have all donated old clothing to places like the Salvation Army, Goodwill and other charities. You would think that donating your clothing is better than throwing it away, but at the same time donating clothing can have a negative impact. Even if you donate your clothing companies have to make money so they sell them. What happens to the clothes that cannot be sold, the ones that are ratty and worn? Wholesalers buy them and sell them in high volumes and are bought in Africa and sold in markets for cheap. That 's not such a bad thing right? Wrong, because of the trade many jobs in Africa’s textile and clothing industries have been lost leaving many unemployed. Along with local companies not being able to compete it puts a big dent in the economy for the country. So where do our clothes go and what is the Global Trade of Secondhand clothing, and can the selling of secondhand clothing hurt economy?
It’s a new year and yet again you have outgrown or worn out your clothes, so what do you do throw them away or donate them? If you are like most people you donate them hoping they will find a home or trash them if that are too torn. Secondhand clothing is a market itself with the vintage trends here and because of charities like Oxfam, Salvation Army and Goodwill, people are able to get clothing even when they can’t afford the new expensive stuff. If you have ever been in a secondhand store you know that there are things that they a...

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...ices. If you could spend five dollars and get a few shirts or one which would you choose? In the case for the textile industry in Africa can’t compete with the used clothing because of the price and there isn’t really an alternative. When trying to clothing a billion people the cheaper route is the way to go. Who knew that the good deed you were doing, like donating your old clothing could actually hurt another country 's economy. Depending on the import of secondhand clothing also prevents Africa from developing. How is that possibly? Well if Africa is still dependent on secondhand clothing they aren’t producing jobs in their on textile industries. Instead of creating jobs and clothing they are import used things and because it is cheaper that way industries decline. There is nothing wrong with donating your old clothes because are still helping those who need them.

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Essay about Secondhand Clothing Can Hurt A Country 's Economy

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