Secondary Characters in Harry Potter

Secondary Characters in Harry Potter

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The Boy Who Lived Could Not Live Without

When an intended children's story can become a worldwide bestseller, there's something more to learn than some hidden common moral. As a mother, teacher, charitable volunteer and author, J.K. Rowling wrote a series of seven books known to most people as the exceptional Harry Potter. Being there is more to gain from the reading than just a hero defeating his nemesis; not only children, but teenagers and adults are caught carrying the bewildering stories of Harry Potter all over the world. Written for the reader's of imagination, J.K. Rowling presents a magical world designed for magical characters that leak an enormous resemblance of real-life tribulations, emotions and consequence. In the first novel of the Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, we see more than just our main character closing in on his toughest opponents and overthrowing them on his own. The other characters in the story contribute a substantial amount to Harry's success. From Hagrid to Snape, Dumbledore and the rest of the teachers at Hogwarts School's of Witch Craft and Wizardry- without them, but not forgetting the question less Ron and Hermione, Harry would be nothing more than a young boy with a scar and a lucky fight.
Ripped apart between good and evil through this entire novel, a companionship rises into Harry by the characters surrounding him. The strive to convert into an anti-Voldemort becomes Harry's main objective during his first year at Hogwarts. To add to Harry's maddening pressure to live up to his own name, he has Professor Severus Snape and the tormenting student, Draco Malfoy to twist the knife of his existing problems. The opposition and unsettling balance that is created through professor Snape and Harry seems to only be an act of Snape's parent-like protection he rather keep hidden. Almost embarrassed of his guilt and what he owes Harry's father, Snape is hard on Harry and acts his part of a heartless and bias Slytherin. At the end of the story we find that Snape is only trying to help Harry by saving him and that shows there is a moral choice for people to make rather than the choice of the label they are thrown into.

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Indirectly, Snape shows Harry he has the choice to become what he wants and not what he may think he is destined to become.
It is said that the magical world of Harry Potter is indefinitely a reflective image of our own. But when Harry Potter is finally let free from the ruthless grasp of the Dursley family at King's Cross, a certain character is introduced which emerges as one of Harry's closest and most relative friends in the story. Unlike Harry, Ron Weasley is from a full-blood family of wizards and witches, but connects to Harry in a way no other character does. Besides employers of poverty, Harry and Ron are both singled out within their families having some anonymous name to live up to. Ron, who has multiple successful brothers, feels the pressure of doing things great which he often claims is beyond his capacity. Harry, who is entitled as the defeater of the Dark Lord Voldemort, is oblivious to the great power people tell him he possesses. Both coping to unveil what they believe they should become helps Harry in his efforts to also achieve something he feels incapable of.
Aside from Ron, Hermione Granger is one of the sole successors for Harry in his quest. Although she makes an easy plot filler because of her witchcraft intellect, Hermione helps Harry because she feels inadequate of her origin. Hermione Granger comes from a muggle family who knew absolutely nothing about Hogwarts schools until she was invited. Harry relates because he knew nothing of the magic world before he started receiving letters at his muggle families' house. Hermione strives to be the best at everything she does, so she won't feel like it is a mistake she is there. The same for Harry by trying to make his feet fit the shoes he gave to himself as a child.

Being there is not one essential lesson or moral to be taught in the novel of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, Harry does seem to grasp a little of what he was looking for with the help of Albus Dumbledore. Even though he is not present very often, the head master of Hogwart's schools introduces Harry to a mind trapping phenomenon known as the Mirror of Erised. Dumbledore shows Harry how to control his greed and stray away from the desire of unnecessary power, which in the end, contributes to Harry's success in muting the power of Voldemort one more time. Knowing that Harry must find himself alone, Dumbledore leaves Harry to face the hand he is dealt so one day find the identity he urns for.

There is no one person who makes the choice of what sign they are born unto- not even in the world of Harry Potter. Famous, but most often discouraged, Harry stands beside himself not knowing what path is right for him. Seeing the evil in the world helps Harry realize what he may not want to be, but the characters he surrounds himself with are what make him who he is. Ron and Hermione, the figuration of honesty, bravery, logic, and friendship help Harry become who he is. The impractical Snape demonstrates a passion that can be founded in bad character and shows things are not always black and white. Many characters produce a problem of greed for power and desire including Harry himself. Because Professor Albus Dumbledore puts Harry to the test, he learns on his own that having more power isn't a considerable way to stay ahead. Minus Dumbledore, Harry would never have gotten as far as he did. Without any of these characters, Harry faces the most evil and preposterous enemies known to the magic world alone. Bound for failure, Harry is kept alive with a pure goal from the aid of his teacher's and best friends- a companionship that lasts a lifetime.
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