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World War II was a grueling period for both America and Europe at home and on the battleground. The situation was even worse for the men fighting on the front lines. The way the men lived to the way they died during that moment in our history was glorious yet tragic. The soldiers stories helped us understand what happened during their time overseas. Band of Brothers by Stephen E. Ambrose is a non-fiction book that is a great description of how brutal it was to be a part of World War II by how the soldiers described their history and stories, book reviews over the book, and the impact of the book itself.
The history of the World War II is known by anyone who picks up a history book, but what those history books do not give you is the first-hand accounts of the soldiers, they might give you a quote from a journal, but never full stories. They trained at Camp Toccoa. They came together in the summer of 1942. They were trained to jump into the fight (Ambrose 15). “The company learned how to act as a unit. Within days of the formation of Easy, the 140 men could make a one-half turn, or an about-face as one” (Ambrose 21). “At the end of May, the men of Easy packed up their barrack bags and joined the other companies of the 506th for a stop-and-go train ride to Sturgis, Kentucky” (Ambrose 38). They went over to England to get their final training for their jump into Normandy. They could jump with no flaws but only according to the men (Ambrose 42).
Normandy, the landing on the five beaches in France, is one of the biggest turning points in World War II because of the strategies used by the Allied Forces. “Following several successful military campaigns in Africa and Italy, Allied commanders decided to open a second front against German ...

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