The Second World War And The Holocaust Essay

The Second World War And The Holocaust Essay

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The word genocide brings up images of the second world war and the Holocaust. While the actions taken against the Jews and minority groups deserve remembrance, this is not the first genocide the world has experienced. During the first world war, Armenians found themselves in a similar position of the future Jews in Nazi Germany. What is left of the Ottoman Empire begins to align with a Turkish nationalism that leads to creating a country for Turks. This brings out the changes that ultimately lead to the Armenian genocide. While this topic has been an area of conflict, the Armenian genocide is a major turning point for the Turkish people. While the name suggests only Armenians were affected, groups like the Assyrians and Greeks were also targeted for their Christian beliefs.
According to Fisher and Ochsenwald, “600,000 or more Armenians (about 40 percent of the Ottoman-Armenian population) perished,” 1 during the 1915 deportations and massacres of the Armenians. This is not the first time the Armenians found themselves targeted by the Ottomans. With the influence of Russia, “the formation of patriotic committees in Armenia... was to include Russian, Turkish, and Persian Armenia.” 2 This committee never happened because of the assassination of the czar in 1881. Turkey did not begin targeting the Armenians and first attempted to appeal to Russia to protect the Armenians in Turkish Armenia from Kurds and Circassians.”3 But as the ideals of “Turkey for the Turks,” 4 from the young Turk party increased, so did the prosecution of Christians that “are not accidental explosions of fanaticism, but the systematic carrying out of a preconcerted plan.” 5
The Armenians were not the sole targets, but it was more of a anti-Christian act. Var...

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...the Assyrian and Greek totals. The Armenians are viewed as a whole and the numbers used are for the overall population. The Assyrians and Greeks technique “seems to be to add up death tolls of discrete massacres.” 32 As shown in many of the statistics, the Assyrians and Greeks have more specific village and city locations while the Armenian total gives a more broad, but sometimes specific location. It also doesn’t incorporate any “indirect deaths,”33 that occur within the population.
Armenians, Assyrians, and Greeks all suffered greatly during the Ottoman deportations and genocides that affected each of these groups. Of course, other groups, including Christians felt loss during this time. While the numbers and exact sum of lives lost might be lost due to time, the Armenian genocide should include the Assyrians and Greeks, as they suffered just as the Armenians did.

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