The Second Video : A Successful Commercial Essay

The Second Video : A Successful Commercial Essay

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1) a) A successful commercial is a memorable one because it makes a long lasting imprint on the consumer’s mind.
b) Encompassing the diverse languages of the nation in a commercial is a stride towards a successful nation.
Language plays a major role in the second argument because it argues the representation of diverse cultures besides the common one, English.
2) The second video gives a more in-depth look into the lives of these American citizens, by sharing heritage and background. If the critics of the first video viewed the second, I believe they would have had a different opinion regarding the representation of the diverse cultures because it gives the backstory of why these people were represented in the commercial. Moreover, in my opinion, the second video didn’t change my views because I believe showcasing these diverse cultures was a benefit for America.
3) “The hashtag #f--- coke started trending hot as irrational ‘Murricans utterly misplaced their patriotism and, ape-like, started having poop at one of America’s iconic brands.”
“Freedom means the right to make an ass of oneself, allowing others as gently as possible, to point out the fact.”
“We can’t fathom that the argument should gather much traction since we are in our Pennsylvanian German traditions.”
These phrases contain a hint of irony and includes hyperboles. The meanings conveyed are in tension with the literal meanings, asking readers to think about the potential connotations in their use of language. Moreover, the phrases include hyperbole’s using overstatements to create special effects.
4) The reason for the complaints seem to be a number of things, the use of foreign languages, language being a symbolic representation of one’s culture, and possibly misun...

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...hold was higher compared to other states. Households were above pay average than most. Regarding poverty and homelessness, the census reported that 15% of people were under poverty level, compared to other states. In my opinion, this census isn’t surprising because many individuals come to California for opportunity, but sometimes fall short. Overall, the census presented gave much realization of how this state is doing compared to others which I think is above average.
Lastly, the census reports pertaining to the change in California implies there will be a change in the future years Many aspects of this state will stabilize, increase, as well as decrease. The census reports project that there will be an increase in population over the next few years. Overall, the economy and population will change considering all the factors that are at play in the census reports.

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