The Second Teen Century Institution Of Slavery Essay

The Second Teen Century Institution Of Slavery Essay

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One of the most disgraceful periods in history was the ninth teen century institution of slavery. Slavery was a very controversial issue back in the 1800’s. Most slaves who were brought to America were mostly known as lower end people who provided no service. But history fails to tell us that some slaves who came as different hopes and dreams. The Underground Railroad had a lot of runaway slaves who risked their lives to try and survive. There was so much violence happening to the slaves they were willing to flee in order to survive. And the Underground Railroad played a crucial part in the destruction of slavery.
A term that was used to describe the Underground Railroad is an organization of people who helped slaves escape for their freedom. Allegedly the phrase Underground Railroad comes from enslaved runaway. The railroad began as a development of the fugitive slave act of 1850. And this incident demanded that if escaped slave is seen, he or she will be returned to their owner and punished. Later on a law was passed ( the fugitive slave law) which states that the escaped slaves who fled were obligated to return them to their masters upon their discovery and subjected persons who helped runaway slaves to criminal sanctions. This endangered the protection of the freed slaves. A lot of slaves over by northern America were set free after they did their time somewhere between three and eight years depending on age and gender. For the most part men where the number one ranked escapees. Children and woman also did escape but there was way less of them that made it alive. This event was one of the biggest in history; it was the largest protest against slavery in the United States to happen. Something positive that came from this was ...

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...h. But she survived it all and made over twenty trips over the south and saved more than three hundred slaves escape. As time passed she worked as a cook, nurse, and spy for the civil war. Then later she settled down in New York until her death in 1913.
A lot of people had to experience this horrible and long time in history and many of the courageous heroes and helper will forever be unknown. But the Underground Railroad saved thousands of lives from men and woman to children. Because of the Underground Railroad slaves were given back there freedom which was wrongfully taken away from them. All in all the Underground Railroad was such a big help to all the slaves who were taken from their homes and bought as slaves. They were given a little bit of piece and mind back. This day will forever be an amazing time in history. The Underground Railroad saved the slaves.

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