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The Second Punic War Essay

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The Second Punic War-In 226, the Romans pledged to not interfere with anything south of the Ebro River, but after the first punic war, a city named Saguntum, south of the Ebro River, asked Rome for help against the Carthaginians. The Roman Senate responded favorably, and ignored the pledge. The Romans helped, but the Carthaginians won when Saguntum fell under their siege. This lead to the Romans declaring war, which was the Start of the Second Punic War. This war last from 218 BC until 201 BC, and caused Rome greater stress than the first war. Carthaginian General Hannibal marched a force of troops and elephants through the Alps to invade Italy. At the battle of Cannae in 216, Hannibal killed over 30,000 romans in one day. Hannibal also had an alliance with King Phillip V of Macedonia, and used this alliance to make Rome have to fight with Greece during the Second Punic war, but this still didn 't defeat the Romans. So for the next 15 years Hannibal marched up and down Italy destroying everything in his path. The Roman General Fabius Maximus did the best he could, and engaged in stalling tactics called “the Delayer.” In 203 BC, Hannibal had to give up in his guerrilla campaign and rush back to North Africa because Rome had launched an attack on Carthage under General Scipio. Finally, at the battle of Zama in 202 BC, Hannibal was defeated. After the war, there was a peace settlement put in place by the Romans that basically punished the Carthaginians. The Carthaginians were to disarm their navy, pay war fines for 50 years, and give all Spanish territories to Rome.
The Second Punic war lead to many consequences for Rome. The first was more fighting. They had to fight many of the Spanish territories that the Carthaginians gave up, ...

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...use they decided to go against the rich and powerful senate by giving power and land to the poorer people, and power to the etruscans, they were both killed by the senate. This shows that during this time, the Senate was so powerful that they were not to be messed with. The rich were oppressing the poor, and did not like it when any power was given to these people. By them killing the Gracchi brothers it definitely sent the message that the senate is not to be messed with. This also furthered the division of the time. There were now to groups of people, the populares, which were the people who promoted the ideas of the common people, and the optimates, which were the people who promoted the interest of the rich or nobles. Overall, the murder and forced suicide of the Gracchi brothers created even more political unrest, division, and violence throughout the Republic.

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