Second Language Learning And Learner Variables Essay

Second Language Learning And Learner Variables Essay

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After reading the material we have been given about second language learning and learner variables, I’ve come to the conclusion that teaching a foreign language is very complex. It’s clear, however, that some factors and learner differences are more influential than others, and that I, as a teacher, can have an influence on most of them.
In my mind, one of the most important variables is the willingness of a learner. Learners cannot learn anything without willingness although there are many supportive elements are surrounding the learners. Research shows that students have to be willing in using and practicing the target language so that they are able to acquire it (August, 1987). There must be a reason why some students have high willingness than others, and teachers have to find it out. Most of the time, students do not understand the purpose of learning a language and they think it is hard for them to learn, and that is usually the reason why they are not willing to learn a new language. However, if students know their goals and why they have to use the language, they can get a huge progression in several weeks (August, 1987). As a teacher, I will be sure to have students understand the purpose of learning a language and assist them to set an appropriate goal.
Another factor that influences the language acquisition is the first language influence. We heard about how it is easier for learners to learn the L2 if they can find similarities between the L1 and L2 (Lightbown & Spada, 2013). It helps students to learn faster but applying the background knowledge of L1 to L2. On the other side, if there are many differences between two languages, then it is difficult to learn the language especially the sounds (Chan, 2009). Another...

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...k, which was open their mouths to speak. As a teacher, I cannot give alcohol to students, but I can develop a safe and positive learning environment to reduce their anxiety and help students to relax on learning. Encourage risk-taking is another thing that I must do in my classroom. I will always have students make one more step on learning instead of allowing them to stay in their comfort zone.
Personally, learner’s willingness on learning a language, first language influence, identity, aptitude and personalities are the five most important variables on L2 acquisition for me. Each variable has different effects on learning a language. However, there are many more other factors that have a huge influence on learning a language. Teachers’ job is to be sensitive and find out what is the main factor that bothering students’ learning so that they can solve it with them.

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