The Second Act Of The Biblical Story Essay

The Second Act Of The Biblical Story Essay

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The second act of the Biblical story emphasizes the re-formation of God’s people. Without prior consideration of act one, the second act makes the assumption that Israel was in need of restoration. This can be easily deduced by examining the early setting of the second act. After countless failings to uphold the covenant, God placed the nation of Israel in exile. Abandoned and alone, the Israelites lamented about the destruction of their religious epicenter, Jerusalem, in Psalm 137:1 saying, “By the rivers of Babylon – there we sat down and there we wept when we remembered Zion.” Yet, as the nation of Israel hit rock bottom, God was preparing them for renewal.
The captive Israelites struggled to find God in the midst of their affliction. They believed in the everlasting covenant between King David and God expressed in Psalm 89:3-4. Anderson plainly states, “This theological view provided a guarantee of social stability amid the disorders of history” (Anderson, 48). Overtime Israel’s idea of the Davidic covenant devolved into a false sense of immortality as a nation. When God allowed Babylonia to conquer the nation of Israel it makes sense why some questioned God’s presence. God worked quietly, waiting for the nation of Israel to cry out for help. Then at the precise moment, God spoke through the prophet Second Isaiah, providing hope for the dejected nation of Israel. In Isaiah 40-41, God comforted the people of Israel and assured them that He would restore them to their prior greatness. At the core of Israel’s exile was their recognition of their present state, from which only God could save them.
In light of Israel’s maturation, God began to unfold his plan through the prophet Second Isaiah. Second Isaiah symbolized the nation o...

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...ian empire, yet God chose to deliver them. Exodus 3:7-8a expresses God’s concern for His people and His desire to deliver them in an extraordinary way. After Israel’s deliverance, a covenant was established between God and Israel. However, time and time again Israel failed to uphold the covenant forcing God to punish them for their actions. In many ways, Israel’s cycle of judgment in Exodus parallels Israel’s deliverance from Babylon. In addition, the theme of waiting links the second and third act of the Biblical story. During exile, the nation of Israel waited and cried out to God. Likewise, in the New Testament the people of Israel are waiting for the Messiah. For example, Luke 2:25 describes a man named Simeon who waited for the birth of the Messiah. It is in these times of waiting that God works quietly, preparing His people for His redeeming work in the world.

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