Essay on Seat Belt Law Should Be Removed

Essay on Seat Belt Law Should Be Removed

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In 1978, a seat belt law began in Tennessee for infants and young children. By the middle of 1985, all 50 states and the District of Columbia had enacted child restraint seatbelt law then, New York extended this law for other ages. The law starts requiring all front seats to use safety belts starting on December 1987 (Williams & Lund, p. 1438). According to 625 ILC 5/12-603.1, driver and passengers are required to use safety belt (Public). The penalty from this law, depending on the states such as New York’s fine is 50 USD and 25 USD for Illinois states. Does the safety belt help save people’s life? Absolutely, using the safety belt is the good option to save a driver and passengers life from any accidents but should it be a law? Should people have to pay fines if they don’t want to use a safety belt? According to Human rights, people should have the freedom to choose if they want to use a safety belt or not by liberty and pursuit of happiness. Officers will also have more time to do other duties besides enforcing the seat belt law.
Human rights are equal rights of human that held by all people (Rodger). The human rights include rights of life, liberty, pursuit of happiness, rights to own property, and rights to life (Friedman). According to seatbelt law, this law infringes the liberty, pursuit of happiness, and right in own property by force the people to use seatbelts. If people ignore, they will get the penalty. The normally, people should have freedom to decision with their own safety and do in their happiness without harm or infringe on each other. Rights in own property, the people should have rights to use their own property in any way that they would like, also without harm to each other or infringe in rights. When a per...

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