Sears Holdings Corporation Is An American Holding Headquartered Essay

Sears Holdings Corporation Is An American Holding Headquartered Essay

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Sears Holdings Corporation is an American holding headquartered in Hoffman Estates, IL. is the parental company of retail brands, Sears and Kmart. It was formed after the merging of Kmart Holdings Corporation and Sears, Roebuck and Co. Besides the Sears and Kmart, the Sears Holdings also own the brands Craftman, Kenmore and DieHard. It has 3,472 retail locations under the operating of Sears, Kmart, and other subsidiaries. The businesses of Sears Holdings cover retail, home services, auto centers, pharmacies etc. Their business reached 49 states in the U.S. Moreover, they also have businesses in Canada. At the same time, Sears Holdings also owns a huge number of real estate(Sears Holdings Company, 2016).
If we only look at the numbers shown above, it seems this company did a really good job. However, the fact is totally opposite. Based on the report of Adam, the whole retail industry performed very poor last year. The revenue of the whole industry went down 7.1%. Unfortunately, Sears Holdings worked even worse. Its revenue went 1.6% lower than the whole industry. In order to handle th...

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