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The Recent Issue of Young Adults Living at Home

- The number of young adults living at home has consistently increased since the recession, despite a seemingly improving economy (Shah, 2013). According to Lisa Wade, an associate professor at Occidental College in Los Angeles, CA, approximately 17% of young adults amid the ages of 25 and 44 still live at home (Wade, 2013). There are several unrelated issues that contribute to this staggering number. When trying to live out on your own; there is much to consider. If you are living alone, then all the bills would be solely your responsibility....   [tags: Education, Employment, Young Adults]

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Depression And Young Adults : Depression

- ... This paper will focus on how depression in teens has a negative impact on their life. It will also focus on how depression in young adults could have been triggered by their parents earlier on in life. The first article, Impact of Teen Depression on Academic, Social, and Physical Functioning, focuses on the affects that depression has on teenagers in their everyday life. The whole study is rather fascinating and it took these researchers a long time to be able to get a good sample of teenaged kids who are actually depressed....   [tags: Adolescence, Young adult, Adult, Sadness]

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The Effects Of Social Media On Young Adults

- ... But today millions of kids and teens are on social media every day. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but when you see a kid or teen post something on social media. It probably will not make sense to the average reader. For the reason is that social media has no rules on language and sentence structure. Social media promotes idiocy, where people post or comment idiotic and uninformed unstructured sentences. For this reason we see teens talk, write in school, and of course post things that otherwise wouldn’t have posted....   [tags: Adolescence, Young adult, Mobile phone]

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"Stroke in Children and Young Adults"

- Stroke in Children and Young Adults is the second edition of the book first published in 1994. Since the publication of the original book there has been considerable growth in interest in this field and this is reflected by a large expansion in the number of publications focusing on stroke in the young. Indeed, it is noted in the foreword that a third edition may become necessary after a much shorter interval than that between the first and second editions. It is, therefore, reassuring to find that the second edition has over 100 more pages than the first edition and that the majority of references are to articles published after 1994, with an appreciable number less than 5 years old....   [tags: Textbook Review]

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Sex, Young Adults, and The Media

- The media plays a very big role in the lives of young adults today. Whether it is watching Access Hollywood, checking Perez Hilton’s blog religiously or watching fictitious TV shows and movies every night. All of the media in today’s society must add up to some influence on the teens of America. The media today mostly has lust and sex selling us products on television commercials or provocative ads in magazines, or the media just entertains us for hours on end. The media rarely has a positive influence, as it does not put sexual health messages in it’s television shows, movies, music lyrics, and magazines....   [tags: Media, argumentative, persuasive]

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Young Adults : Adolescents And Steroids

- U.W STOUT Adolescents and Steroids Bobby Taylor Rehab 333 Dave DeLambo APR/29/2015 Adolescents have many pressures as they go through puberty and young adulthood. Worrying and stressing about relationships, school, social acceptance and family. They face many obstacles and choices every day that could essentially effect the rest of their life. Some adolescents make a choice to use substance wither it is to fit in socially, use as a coping mechanism, or to give them an edge in academics or sports....   [tags: Anabolic steroid, Testosterone, Puberty]

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Adoptees : Children And Young Adults

- Children and young adults that are placed for adoption go through many challenges throughout their development in life (Brodzinsky, 2011). According to Jones (1997), one of the most reoccurring topics adoptees of all stages of life mentioned in therapy is abandonment (Jones, 1997). Feelings towards the relationships people make can be fragile, and for adoptees, the feelings of abandonment are common. Even with the challenges that adoptees face, research demonstrates that children in adoption have the likelihood of a more secure and stable life; especially when you consider their alternative, long periods of time in foster care, abusive or neglectful families and substance exposure (Brodzinsk...   [tags: Adoption, Foster care, Family law]

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Effects Of Depression On Young Adults

- ... When being depressed, a person is put into a bubble. To fix this problem, they can try being spontaneous. “As strange as it might sound, you have to work at having fun. Plan things you used to enjoy, even if they feel like a chore,” says R. Morgan Griffin, author of 10 Natural Depression Treatments. So, with that being said, teenagers could try waking up one morning and going to a pottery making class or perhaps skinny-dipping. If that is stepping too far out of their comfort zone, they should make time to do something they like....   [tags: Suicide, Adolescence, Emotion, Bipolar disorder]

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Successful Discussions with Young Adults

- When having a meeting with young adults, keeping them interested is very important. It only takes one person to lose interest in the discussion to distract others. The last meeting the adults and myself had with our young people took a lot of studying and planning. We wanted to have an open communication relationship with the young people. In this meeting, we wanted to communicate with them and also have them to communicate with us. We wanted to have their undivided attention. Watching their body language and body gestures, would let the speaker know if they are paying attention....   [tags: meetings, interest, non-verbal communication]

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Environmental Apathy in Young Adults

- Before I start my speech, I want you guys to do something for me. I want you to picture your favorite place outdoors. It can be anywhere. A place you visit frequently, or even a place that you’ve been once, or even just seen in a picture that left a memory, or an imprint in your mind. I want you to picture the animals, the greenery, the fresh air that fills this place. Imagine how many people, and organisms that this one area has affected, and how many of these organisms depend on this place to survive....   [tags: Environment]

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Anxiety in Young Adults

- Have you ever felt like you were in a panic or fearful of something, if so then you are facing the common symptoms of anxiety. Anxiety in young adults is a great topic to lean towards due to this time in age where technology and social media is a factor. Many anxiety disorders in young adults are social phobias, generalized anxiety disorders (GAD), and panic attacks. We are currently in the twenty-first century and young adults are feared by many things called social phobias. For example, social phobias would be public speaking, which many people dread and some young adults fear this much more than others....   [tags: social phobias, depression]

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Educational Experiences For Adults And Young Adults

- ... This journal speaks about the rapid rate of change in society, with the easy access to information due to the popularity of technology, we have to adapt to new form of education to stay current with society. Hase, S., & Kenyon, C. (2000, pg 2) suggests that we should now be looking at an educational approach where it is the learner himself who determines what and how learning should take place. This form of learning is called heutagogy. Heutagogical “the study of self-determined learning,” (pg 2) this “approach recognizes the need to be flexible in the learning where the teacher provides resources but the learner designs the actual course he or she might take by negotiating the learning,...   [tags: Education, Learning, Educational psychology]

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The Effects Of Social Media On Young Adults

- ... In addition, social media impacts young people either by enhancing their self-confidence and happiness or reducing it. Richards, Caldwell, and Go (2015) explain that there was a Dutch study including 881 youth, and the results of this study showed that if there were positive comments on the young person’s profile on the See You Too (CU2) social networking site, this would improve their well-being and self-esteem. In contrast, if there were negative comments, they would decrease their self-esteem and well-being, as well....   [tags: Social network service, Facebook]

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Effects Of Plastic Surgery On Young Adults

- ... 2016. This website talks about how plastic surgery treatments amongst millennial’ s has increased. In 2015, 64 percent of plastic surgeons noticed that more people under the age of 30 wanted cosmetic surgery. Many young adults want plastic surgery when they are young, before they even go through the troubles of aging. Due to social media, young adults are getting more access on how to enhance their looks by looking at pictures of celebrities who seem to appear “flawless”. In the article, the AAFRS mentions that more than 50 percent of surgeons reported that celebrities do have an influence on a patients’ decision to have plastic surgery....   [tags: Plastic surgery, Surgery, Reconstructive surgery]

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The Effects Of Youtube On Teens And Young Adults

- ... (Jacque Wilson, 2012) A craze that actually started in the night clubs here in Las Vegas, NV called Vodka eyeballing is another fad that has doctors worried. (iVillage) The bottle is placed over the eye or poured into a shot glass and then poured into the eye socket. The vodka enters the bloodstream by way of the veins in the back of the eyes giving an almost instant high. The long term health effects that it may have on the eyes is what worries doctors. (Weise, 2010) Smoking alcohol is extremely dangerous; more so than drinking it....   [tags: Ethanol, Alcoholic beverage, Alcohol, Vodka]

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The Effects of Substance Abuse in Young Adults

- By the eighth grade, 29.5 percent of adolescents have consumed alcohol, 15.5 percent have smoked cigarettes, and 15 percent have used marijuana (11 Facts About Teens and Drug Use). Substance abuse by young adults using illegal or prescription drugs and alcohol can result in a loss of interest in education, serious emotional problems and chemical dependency. Substance abuse can cause lower grades, leading to becoming less involved in school activities, skipping school because of lack of interest and possibly dropping out all together....   [tags: education, emotional, chemical dependency]

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Multiple Sclerosis : The Stalker Of Young Adults

- ... She then proceeded to make multiple doctors visits to investigate the symptom until she felt reassured. The fact that she had blurred vision led her to believe that it was from having MS because this was a common symptom associated with it. Previously she had felt a “bony projection” on the back of her skull and wanted to fell her husband’s skull to determine if it was normal. She instead felt her son’s skull after her husband declined which put her at ease. On another occasion she had a pimple on her face which she took to mean that she had cancer or smallpox which turned out to be a regular pimple....   [tags: Anxiety, Fear, Doctor]

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The Media's Impact on Smoking in Young Adults

- The era we are live in today is a highly technology advanced where media surrounds us all the time through movies, television, magazines and the exposure of social media which has influenced the youths around the world. Just at the age of two the young ones have started watching televisions and the younger adults on average spend about 16-18 hours watching televisions. Teenagers have seen most of the popular R-rated movies, and many had seen a copy of Playboy or Playgirl by the time they hit 16 years of age....   [tags: tobacco, addiction, television]

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Young Adults in Long Distance Relationships

- Summer romance, crazy flings, and first loves; these are all common occurrences during those high school years. High school relationships are essentially the beginning of a teenager’s dating career; dating helps young adults develop their emotions and temperament while being with a significant other. In a way dating prepares students for the real world that they will soon have to endure. For teens in high school, the most complicated relationships are long distance ones. Long distance relationships are a difficult task to handle, with each individual willing to take a chance at ‘tough love’....   [tags: Sociology]

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Sexual Behavior Among Young Adults

- In 2011, the article, “Romantic Partners, Friends, Friends with Benefits, and Casual Acquaintances as Sexual Partners,” by Wyndol Furman and Laura Shaffer was published in Journal of Sex Research. It was in Volume 48, Issue 6 and on page 554-564. The article is about a study which examined sexual behaviors that associates with different types of partners. The purpose of this research was to contribute a thorough analysis of sexual behavior among young adults. The hypothesis was young adults would engage in nonsexual activities with friends with benefits less than typical friends but more than casual acquaintances....   [tags: Sexual intercourse, Human sexual behavior]

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Alcohol Abuse Among Young Adults

- Alcohol Abuse in Young Adult Alcohol is the most commonly used substance among youth in many developed countries. Of concern, alcohol can disrupt normative brain development among teenagers and is associated with a range of cognitive, behavioral, emotional and physical difficulties. Consequently, the global public health burden and economic costs of alcohol involvement are high. (Mason & Spoth 2012). Alcohol involvement is multi-dimensional, manifest in different behaviors that unfold in a developmental progression over time....   [tags: Alcoholism, Alcoholic beverage]

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Young Adults and Gangs

- Time has changed so do the social issues. Problems arising among the youth are at the alarming state. Main problem like gangsterism is affecting the country’s development. It is an ever growing problem in the world especially among teenagers. For example, a young rabbinical student was stabbed to death during the Crown Heights, N. Y., RIOTS of 1991 as the jury acquitted his assailant on state murder charges (Satris, 2002). The most powerful early risk factors for violence at age 15 to 18 are involvement in general offenses and substance use before age 12 (Office of the Surgeon Generaland& et al, 2001).The situation become more serious when the number of female students and primary school pup...   [tags: violence, attachments, poverty]

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Young Adults and Cigarette Smoking

- Young Adults and Cigarette Smoking Cigarette smoking is a major cause of lung cancer and many other illnesses. At least one out of five death in American society caused by disease directly related to cigarette smoking. The overall smoking prevalence in the United States has been reduced considerably over the past 20 years; however, there have been only minimal reductions in smoking prevalence among adolescents and young adults. Among college students, the prevalence of use of cigarettes is still about 35%....   [tags: Papers]

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Young Adults in Macomb County

- Young Adults in Macomb County I've only known a lot of the people I hang out with for about two years. I've kept a few of the old ones that I've known since I was little but now my friends are always changing. That's what happens when you get older, people change and move on. Hopefully I'll hang on to the ones I have now better than I have in the past and make some new ones along the way. It's really weird how everything started. I didn't go to school with the people I hang out with. My best friend Jacki and I decided to go miniature golfing one day and it all began....   [tags: Friendships Relationships Essays]

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Physical, Cognitive and Emotional Development of Young Adults

- The personality and social development of human is influenced during young adult development stages which are physical, cognitive, and emotional. ( Crandell & Bieger, 1994) ( refer to Figure 1 in Appendix 1). Young adult range from late teens to early twenties. During young adulthood, human’s thought are getting more complex and critical as them intergrate both cognitive and emotional. Young adult are getting to values realtionships and making decisions based on future consequences. ( Aiken, 1998)....   [tags: personality/social development, body maturity]

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Music and its Impact on the Memory of Teenagers & Young Adults.

- Franz Liszt once said "Music embodies feeling without forcing it to contend and combine with thought, as it is forced in most arts and especially in the art of words. If music has one advantage over the other media through which a person can represent the impressions of the soul, it owes this to its supreme capacity to make each inner impulse audible without the assistance of reason. Reason, after all, is restricted in the diversity of its means and is capable only of confirming or describing our affections, not of communicating them directly in their full intensity....   [tags: audience, performance, ]

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Effects of Sleep Deprivation on Teens and Young Adults

- It had been a long week at school. I arrive on Friday morning feeling awful. Thankfully, there were only seven more dreadful hours until I was done. The second the 8th period bell rang, I quickly grabbed my belongings from my locker and got into the comfort of my car. I was driving with the heat on medium, the music on low volume, and both hands on the steering wheel. The next thing I know, I felt a heavy thump as my car had drifted into the rear driver-side door of a Toyota Sienna in the lane to my left....   [tags: Sleeping Disorder, Car Crashes]

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Is Depression among Young Adults and Teenagers Related to Obesity?

- ... Obesity, 18(7), 1443-1448. doi:10.1038/oby.2009.375 The main purpose of this article is to assess the association between childhood or young adult overweight/obesity and the risk of depression. The key issue that the author addressed was the association between childhood and young adult overweight/obesity and incidence of depression, which was estimated by multiple-adjusted Hazard Ratio (HR) and its 95% Confidence Interval (CI). In addition, children who are found to have weight problem as early as the age of 5 are predicted to have an increased risk for depression as they reach adulthood....   [tags: difficult life of adolescents]

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The negative effects of the media on body perception in young adults

- Some may say that the media does not have much substantial influence on young adults, but some at risk teens have cited that their reasoning behind their development of eating disorders are in response to the many adverts and images that are represented in social media culture. The media in today’s society continuously advocates images of falsely induced perfection on men and women all around the world. The industry that controls what people see on television and in advertisements knows that only a small percentage of average individuals possess these attributes or fit their set high standard of beauty....   [tags: Eating Disorders, Body Image]

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Sexual Behavior of Teens and Young Adults in Kososvo

- Have you ever imagined a life without sexual intercourse. Technically speaking there would be no human life in the first place without sex. The famous psychiatrist Sigmund Freud declared sexual intercourse as one of the necessities in life after eating and drinking. As a predisposition from our process of human evolution it isnt so much of a surprise that we get a lot of pleasure out of sexual intercourse, pleasure which can be intensified, due greatly to the biological chemistry that takes place in the human body....   [tags: study analysis]

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Economics : Preparing Young Adults For The Real World

- Economics: Preparing Young Adults for the Real World As a senior in high school, college seemed like a right of passage. The excitement I felt when I received acceptance letters from both universities I applied to was indescribable. During the application process, I was hopeful that the financial aspect of college would work itself out. This could not be farther from the truth. Although I had taken a seminar covering economics, ecology, and ethics, it did not prepare me for managing finances. By the end of my freshman year, I will have accumulated over 5,000 dollars of debt....   [tags: Economics, Economy, Social sciences, Finance]

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Bullying Is The Third Leading Cause Death For Young Adults

- ... This could be something about the victim’s past like naked pictures that were sent around or anything else the victim feels ashamed about. Maybe the family has little income or the victim has a weight problem. Whatever it may be the bully will use it to their advantage. I found a new saying, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will cause permanent psychological damage” (“Cherrybam”). We used to think that words aren’t hurtful, but it seems that nowadays words are more powerful than actions....   [tags: Bullying, Abuse, High school, Victim]

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Sexual Education : Children And Young Adults Learning

- ... Only 17.1% of middle school touch on all of the subjects. Students are likely missing out on life changing information. There is more percentages, “Importance of using condoms and instruction in condom use: 39.9 percent and 23.3 percent” (Allen). Condoms are one of the most used forms of sexual safety that protects against the risk of STDs and pregnancy, it is a shame that schools in many states are not teaching about this vitally, important form of protection. Young people are sexually active, there is no stopping that....   [tags: Birth control, Sex education, Condom]

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Video Game Online Addiction Among Young Adults

- In the 20th century, one of the leading services today is the mass media and specially appearing of the internet. The advent of the internet has had a strong influence on the life and spirit of student learning in dynamic environments and busy life today. Using the internet to meet the learning needs and research are indispensable for today's students. However, apart from the surface to meet the practical needs for academic life and work, many students came to the purpose of entertainment from the internet and abuse it almost all of the time....   [tags: mass media, online players, internet]

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Substance Abuse Among Teenagers and Young Adults

- Substance abuse among teenagers and young adults continues to call for a national concern for a number of reasons, one of them being the impact of these illicit substances on their health immediately or in their later lives. This research will concentrate on the abuse of cocaine, cannabis and ecstasy. Reports from various agencies frequently describe drug users as severely impaired health wise, recent research suggests that these outcomes are not extremely severe as people thought (Edwards, 2004)....   [tags: Drug Abuse Essays]

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How Internet Use Affects Young Adults

- The internet which is primarily used by young adults is used to connect with the whole world, sharing files, entertainment, information and lots of other activities. However, young adults get addicted to the internet and don’t notice that using internet excessively is causing some problems in their daily life. During the last two decades, young adults are unable to control their emotions and the way of thinking due to long hour use of the Internet. (Alam, S. etc. al., 2014). The objective of this study will be to look how internet use affects young adults....   [tags: Internet, World Wide Web, History of the Internet]

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Why Do Young Adults Have Abortions?

- ABORTION Why do young adults have abortions. Are they aware that this action affects not only themselves or the child that is being aborted, but it affects numerous of people witnessing this devastation. Abortion is a major issue in present society and will most certainly be discussed and brought to a conclusion on whether this action should be allowed in the society as being legal or immediately ceased through an enforced law by the courts. According to the U.S Census Bureau’s American Community Survey, “About 43% of American women will have one (or occasionally more) abortions during their lifetime....   [tags: reducing abortions, unborn child]

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Eriksons Psychosocial Theory Of Development: Young Adults

- The young adult has numerous stresses placed upon them through the route of development. Erikson has theorized developmental stages of growth into tasks. Of Eriksons' theoretical tasks, one task describes the theory of intimacy versus isolation. This task theory can be examined using the normative crisis model. The knowledge of developmental tasks of the young adult can be beneficial to the nurse especially associated with their ability to relate to the young adult. One of the stages in life is the young adult, which suggests significant changes and an increase of responsibility....   [tags: Psychology Young Adult Development]

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Young Adults Leaders

- The actions or beliefs of a minority should not tarnish the image of an entire group of people. Society has termed situations such as this as a stereotype or a misconception. A stereotype is a false judgement made about a certain group due to lack of knowledge; whereas, a misconception is an opinion that is incorrect because it is based on faulty thinking. Many are not properly informed about other races or groups outside of their own which has led to the numerous stereotypes. Majority of the time, a small percentage of the community is responsible for the representation....   [tags: stereotypes, misconceptions, people]

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The Amulet of Samarkand by Jonathan Stroud

- Novels for young adults are essential for a myriad of reasons: they are educational, relatable, and an escape for those who read them. It is important when teaching a class featuring these books, that the recurring themes be highlighted. This provides a full understanding of why these novels are important for young adults to read, and provides insight about character motivations and relationships. These important features of YA lit are: the power structure that exists between children/young adults and adults, survival, the idea of the underdog, personal growth/self-actualization, and isolation v....   [tags: young adults literature]

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Stuck: Young Adults Battling Depression

- Stuck: Young Adults Battling Depression Another day sleeping awaywith the minutes slowly passing staring at the ceiling wondering how to escape the outside world. “God I’m up,” said Dominik Zakrzewski, 20 of Queens, N.Y. “Sometimes I dreaded lifting my legs out of bed.” He used to prolong getting up and thought of things he could do to stay in solitude. Zakrzewski, who was diagnosed at the age of 18, is one of many young adults who suffer from depression. Various studies over the years have shown that the number of adolescents and young adults who have depression is steadily rising....   [tags: Journalism Essays]

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Why the Drinking Age Should Be Lowered to 18

- ... It’ll give you gum disease or other diseases caused from tobacco. (“Lowering”). Dip for an example, is worse than alcohol. It’ll cause gum disease, if you do it long enough. Alcohol doesn’t affect you as bad as tobacco does to you. (“15 reasons”). The worst alcohol can do to a person is get him/her drunk. Tobacco, can give the person doing it buzzed or drunk and give them the risk of a disease. Therefore, in the long run, the person will probably regret doing tobacco. It’ll reduce the thrill of breaking the laws....   [tags: alcohol consumption in young adults]

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Keeping the Minimum Legal Drinking Age

- The government is conducting an idea to whether lower the minimum legal drinking age in the United States or not. Many Americans forbid the idea of legalizing the drinking age so that it would be profitable to the businesses. Likewise, there have been many advantages and disadvantages of why should the government allow young adults drink under the age of 21. To prevent this issue, many Americans have provided reasoning that will support the idea of keeping the minimum legal drinking age where it is now....   [tags: Advantages, Disadvantages, Young Adults]

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Drinking the Way to a New Age

- Drinking alcohol allows many people to unwind after an extensive, stressful day at work, while others conduct it just for pleasure. Unfortunately, some of these people are young adults and according to the law it is unlawful for juveniles under 21 to obtain and drink alcohol. This matter has spawned numerous disputes on whether the consumption age should be lowered to 18. Many people deem that keeping the drinking age at 21 helps save countless lives, but others argue that changing the drinking age to 18 would depreciate underage drinking....   [tags: alcohol, young adults, law]

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Should The Drinking Age be 18?

- The legal drinking age in the United States is twenty-one. There are only a handful of countries that have the same high drinking age limit. In fact, some countries have absolutely no limit on the age of when a person can legally drink alcohol. Many groups are very vocal about their desire to see the legal drinking age reduced. Part of their argument stems from the fact that in most areas of life a person is accepted as an adult at the age of eighteen. They can vote, engage in military service and in most cases get married....   [tags: young adults and alcohol]

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difference between like and love

- Developmental Paper Outline: Difference Between Like and Love Social relationships and the attachments that follow are incredibly interesting subjects within psychology. The variations, complexity, and importance of these concepts make it even more fascinating. Social relationships change across the lifespan in a variety of ways, and its characterizations can be altered through our attachments. There are basic similarities among our infantile attachment to those that form as we age, but that attachment becomes so much more complex and adjusts to suit our developmental tasks....   [tags: intimacy, relationship,young adults]

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The Libraries of Polk County

- The topic of this paper will be taking an in-depth look at the statistics of the four major libraries within Polk County and focus primarily on children’s and young adults departments. The four major cities are Ankeny, Des Moines, Urbandale, and West Des Moines. Each of these cities has a population of over 35,000. Polk County is the largest county within Iowa and is also home to the capital, Des Moines. ( Below is a map of Polk County that depicts the location of each city that is going to be discussed within this report....   [tags: children's and young adults department]

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Tobacco Hazards and Prevention

- For decades friends and coworkers gathered around smoke designated areas outside the workplace, schools, and restaurants. They all had something in common, but not all of it brought them closer together as the tobacco addiction did. Some people started smoking at an early age while others felt the need to do it just to fit in or because it seemed like a cool thing to do. Over the years they smoked or chewed tobacco which deteriorated their health due to hazardous chemicals contained in tobacco products....   [tags: smokers, cancer, young adults]

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Sex Education In Schools

- How do we know that teenagers are getting all the information in sexual education class that they need. Many students have questions about sex that they are too afraid to ask, but many are wondering about. In libraries and book stores, you can even find books of questions we all wonder about but are too shy to ask about. Though they are seldom checked out or purchased because once again, the fear of calling negative attention. Often times “additional questions” are addressed through anonymous questions written by students then read and addressed orally by the teacher....   [tags: teenagers, teachers, young adults]

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Video Games Effects On Young Adults And Children 's Behavior

- “Soon silence will have passed into legend. Man has turned his back on silence. Day after day he invents machines and devices that increase noise and distract humanity from the essence of life, contemplation, meditation” (“Arp”). Video games are fun to use, and its very enjoyable, it helps with the time to pass by fast, it keeps you active. Video games itself gets you mad maybe aggressive while playing, games get people so mad they might hurt somebody. Video games are disruptives to young adults and children because it affects their focus and behavior toward others and themselves....   [tags: Video game, Violence, Game, Emotion]

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The Associations Between Psychological Distress and Body Mass Index Among Young Adults

- 9. Background: Young adults all over the world face a great deal of difficulties in their daily life. This age group contain high school student, college students, and post graduates. Being a student is not as comfortable as many people might imagine. The kind of stress they have is unique because it is prolonged and whenever finish, starts again. Doing assignments, studying for midterms, deciding their specialties, looking for jobs, and initiating their life careers are examples of the stressors they might face....   [tags: obesity, BMI system, Saudi Arabia, stress]

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Do Teenagers and Young Adults of Today Beleive They Are Entitled to Everything in Life?

- Do teenagers and young adults of today believe they are entitled to everything in life. Young adults and teens have little to no boundaries in this day and age. The parents and society, Social Media, all have played a huge role in yesterdays and today’s Entitled Generation. Most older generations of people often feel that the current generation is much different than their own. Blame is placed on the current generation for bad behavior and violence and self serving attitudes. The times do change with each generation....   [tags: generation me, trophy kids]

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How Kipling's "Captains Courageous" Reflects the Position of Young Adults in Today's Society

- "Captains Courageous" written by Rudyard Kipling, tells of a boy spoiled by the immense wealth of his family. This boy would not do a hard days' work for the life of him. His father pampered him with servants and little discipline. His mother would not discipline him either. This book shows the effect of lax discipline on the young. Harvey, the boy, had no respect towards his elders nor superiors. He did not care to work, but to merely order those around him to work. He thought that all men could be bought and thought very linearly....   [tags: captains courageous]

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Trying to Make Healthy People Out of Adolescents and Young Adults

- Over the last twenty years society has changed their views of public health. It has become clear that public health plays an important role in minimizing diseases, disability, and injury. However, it is also important because it teaches individuals of all backgrounds how to live a long, healthy life. Public health’s goal is to, “improve the quality of life and health status.” One area of public health that is becoming more of an issue is Adolescent Health. Generally, adolescence refers to individuals who are ages 10-19, but also includes young adult’s age who are 20-24....   [tags: public health policies]

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Palliative Care For Children, Older People, Young Adults And Their Family

- ... Children may have a different idea of pain and illness, for instance, they may think that they did something wrong that is why they are suffering. Children may refuse or not participate properly in any treatment without the supervision of the primary carer. Providing the child and family with health education during palliation as well as helping them to the transition to adulthood is an important task for the nurse. Derby, Tickoo, and Saldivar (2014) mentioned that the major difference of between old and younger adults is the need for extensive support of the family....   [tags: Suffering, Health care, Decision making, Patient]

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The Effects of Violent Video Games on Aggressive Behavior in Children and Young Adults

- Society has evolved drastically within the last 50 years due to new and ever developing technology. Video games, which were developed in the late 1980’s early 1990’s, are a product of the new life changing technology. Video games, or to be more specific violent video games have been most popular among children and young adults. Parents do not tend to see the consequences that evolve around violent video games; especially kids who play more then ten hours a weeks worth of these games. Only recently has the videogame technology progressed and became more engaging using life like simulations of violence, igniting aggressive behavior in young adult and may in fact desensitize them to violence....   [tags: behavioral psychology analysis]

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Chronic Diseases Related to Oral Hygene in Teens and Young Adults

- Summary of Instructional Problem The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (2013) presents some grim statistics regarding preventative chronic diseases related to oral hygiene in teens and young adults. Fifty-nine percent of 12 to 19 year olds have tooth decay. Four times more adolescents suffer from tooth decay than asthma. Even more so troublesome are the facts that “less than 1 of 3 children enrolled in Medicaid received at least one preventive dental service in a recent year” and “many states provide only emergency dental services to Medicaid-eligible adults.” Achieving proper hygiene skills such as hand washing, bathing, washing laundry, along with maintaining proper oral health are...   [tags: lack of hygene and grooming skills, health issues]

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A Warning to All Young Adults in The Catcher in the Rye by J.D Salinger

- The Catcher in the Rye book report In 1951, Little, Brown and Company published a novel written by J.D Salinger named The Catcher in the Rye. In detail, the genre for this book would definitely be a young adult fiction. Certainly, the way the author told the story was from an adolescent perspective and the speech and vocabulary made it very easy to understand and relate to. Also, the fact that The Catcher in the Rye was told from a first person perspective made the story flow from beginning to end....   [tags: alientated, teenager, suicide]

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Eating Disorders Are A Major Problem With Teens And Young Adults Today

- ... This causes people to feel the pressures to be just that. Even if people are not being told directly, skinniness is being pushed onto them by society. The fastest way that comes to mind when people want to lose weight is to of course, not eat. By not eating pounds are shed rapidly. Weight loss is also often accompanied by excessive exercising. The combination of not eating and shedding calories that are not present causes people to become very skinny very fast; even sometimes faster than before one can process what is happening to their bodies, therefore, one does not realise that an eating disorder is even present....   [tags: Anorexia nervosa, Eating disorders, Nutrition]

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Baning Indoor Tanning

- Indoor tanning has certainly hit its record high this past decade among teens and young adults. Of course this would be great for tanning salons if it weren’t for the negative side effects that came along with the obsession of indoor tanning. Due to the substantial rise of tanning the Center of Disease Control has actually estimated 19,000 cases of skin cancer per year (CDC, 2014). Types of skin cancer include melanoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and ocular melanoma. The Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System statistically breaks downs showing that those who tan are “13% of all high school girls, 21% of high school girls, 32% of 12th graders, and 29% of white high school girls” (CDC, 2014)....   [tags: teens, young adults, law]

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Social Networking: A Negative Influence on Young Adults

- Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In have gained a widespread audience across the world. Although the original intentions of these social sites were positive, these mediums of social interaction now have negative effects. Young adults aged 14 – 26 are the demographic which make up the vast majority of social media users and thus are the most effected by social media. Social media has negative effects on young adults. The use of social media by young adults has harmful psychological effects, creates antisocial effects, and negatively consumes time....   [tags: Social Media, Social Networks, 2014]

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Paralysis Epidemic of the 1950s: Poliomyelitis

- Poliomyelitis was declared an epidemic in the early 1950s in the United States. It caused primarily children and young adults to develop paralysis, led to social stigma around being crippled. To this day there is still no cure for this disease, poliomyelitis can only be prevented with vaccination. Poliomyelitis is a virus that infects the nerves of the spinal cord, and brain which leads to paralysis and or death (Piddock, 2004). Poliomyelitis is best known today as Polio, and Infantile Paralysis....   [tags: children, young adults, virus, nerves]

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The Effects of Violence in the Media

- The effects of violence in the media that we see on a day-to-day basis affect us all. For most adults, we choose whether to act upon these effects or not. However, what about those who are exposed to this violence and who are not adults. What about our nation’s adolescents and youth. They do not have the mental capabilities of adults, what happens to them when they are exposed to such violence and they choose to act on their thoughts after exposure. These are just a few of the slew of questions that have been asked by psychologists over the years about media violence....   [tags: influence on young adults]

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Television Violence and Video Games

- “Five thousand years of recorded history, 500 years of gunpowder, 150 years of repeating fire, and no juvenile mass murder until 1970” as Grossman qtd. In Mcginnity. Since the beginning of recorded history, no cases of extreme violence by children are evident. Like Grossman said, Juveniles have had the means to cause mayhem for hundreds of years, yet only recently has violence in children become a problem. This rise in juvenile violence can be attributed to the extreme amount of violence in modern media....   [tags: young adults, children, regulation]

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How the Media, Violence, and Advertising Effects the Minds of Young Children and Adults

- How the Media, Violence, and Advertising Effects the Minds of Young Children and Adults Media, it’s everywhere you go, and plays a major role in our everyday lives. It’s the largest source of entertainment and the most powerful and influential invention in the twentieth century. The amount of violence and advertising seen in the media has posed a lot of controversy, and many studies have made clear that the media is responsible for much of the violence seen in our world we live today. Many of our television programs, films, and music lyrics depict different forms of violence, and have an impact not only on children, but adults too....   [tags: Media]

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Consumption of Green Tea and its Health Effect on Sleeping among Hong Kong Young Adults

- Green tea is made from the plant Camellia Sinensis’s leaves without fermentation (Suzuki, Miyoshi & Isemura, 2012) and is regarded as a popular and healthy drink in Asian countries because of its health-promoting potentials such as protecting against cancer and cardiovascular disease (Harvard Health Publications, 2012; Iwasaki et al., 2014). Lots of the positive effects are due to the antioxidative activity of (-)-epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) which is a major component of green tea (Suzuki et al., 2012)....   [tags: Camellia Siensis leaves, udesired outcomes]

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Ucla North American Integration And Development Center Estimates Dream Eligible Children And Young Adults

- ... This means that the states are measured to benefit as well, since there will be an increase in school revenues as students that would not normally attend college, start to pay tuition (Immigration Policy Center, 2010). Most of the anti- DREAM Act stakeholders are Republicans. Particularly those who live in states with higher immigrant demographics. The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) and the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) are groups against the act. These individuals and organizations argue that there is a economic loss, overcrowding in universities, and unjust amnesty argument....   [tags: United States, Immigration to the United States]

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The Crucial Years of Childhood form the Young Adults as Shown in the Book, The Catcher in the Rye, and the Movie, Good Will Hunting

- Childhood is crucial to the lives of teenagers and young adults. The experiences, advice, influences that people receive during their formative years is what they carry with them through the rest of their lives. Any emotional turmoil during this period of growth can have serious implications on individuals as they grow older. The book, The Catcher in the Rye, and the movie, Good Will Hunting; tell about the lives of two emotionally troubled young men: Holden and Will. Both of them suffer from emotional blockades in life that are rooted in their childhoods....   [tags: rejection, relationships, reluctance]

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Consumption of Green Tea and its Health Effect on Sleeping among Hong Kong Young Adults

- Subjects This study was conducted with young adult interviewees aged 18-24. Subjects were selected by simple random sampling. The 100 questionnaires were distributed face-to face in several education institutes including The University of Hong Kong, HKU SPACE Po Leung Kuk Community College and The Hong Kong Polytechic University in March 2014. Most of the respondents are students in those institutes. Approval was obtained from the Human Research Ethics Committee for Non-Clinical Faculties, the University of Hong Kong and the written informed consent forms were given to volunteers at the beginning of the study....   [tags: health and lifestyle factors]

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Alcoholism: A Community’s Fear, but an Individual Aspiration

- The power to be able to fall into a trance where reality and emotions are destroyed seems attractive to minority communities. Substances such as alcohol and drugs are a popular tool abused by young teens and adults since these materials are the easiest to possess. However, using a substance to fall into the trance will only be harmful to the individual and their community. This is true for the reason that, Sherman Alexie, a Native American writer, experiences numerous sorrows from alcohol in his life in the reservation and outside of the reservation....   [tags: Substance Abuse, Alcohol, Addiction, Young Adults]

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Mechanical Engineering in the U.S.

- Today’s job market is a frantic one with people scrambling for whatever is available in order to fulfill their own American Dream. Those frantically scrambling people are mostly young adults; however, those young adults usually have no idea about career prospects in the U.S. In other words, the field they want to pursue may or may not be promising due to several factors influencing the job market, such as the economy and population. Bringing this issue to reality, in a recent interview, Melissa Alvarez, a student at the College of San Mateo, mentioned that she aims to be a mechanical engineer....   [tags: American Dream, Young Adults, Career, Success]

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Legalizing Marijuana

- “According to government surveys, some 25 million Americans have smoked marijuana in the past year, and more than 14 million do so regularly despite harsh laws against its use” ( Rising arguments have been placed upon the usage of marijuana. Some of these arguments over the years further elaborate on the benefits of marijuana, while opposing members argue about the flaws of marijuana. Clearly society is either “for” or “against” the usage of marijuana. Research over the years; have come up with arguments backing up both the opposing sides....   [tags: Young Adults, Gateway Drug]

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The Effectiveness of Marketing Strategy Used in Online Business Among Young Adults

- 2.2.1 Pre-exposure Level Pre-exposure level of consumer response does usually not exist in consumer response but it is imperative to be included in the online consumer response process. During this level online consumer proceeds through literacy, intentional and voluntary phases before he/she prepare for interaction or expose to the web-based commercial communication (Hanekom, 2006). In offline environment, consumer tends to purchase product by emotional response and usually exposed to the messages unintentionally (Niazi, Siddiqui, Shah & Hunjra, 2011)....   [tags: consumer response process]

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Smoking and Tobacco - Cigarettes Advertising and its Effects on Young Adults

- Tobacco Advertising and its Effects on Young Adults In this world there are many injustices that deal with our children. A main injustice is the advertising of tobacco directed to our youths. Every day 3,000 children start smoking, most of them between the ages of 10 and 18. These kids account for 90 percent of all new smokers. In fact, 90 percent of all adults state that they first start smoking as a teenager. The statistics clearly show that young people are the prime targets of tobacco sales....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Topics]

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Love and Destruction in City of Boones by Cassandra Clare

- Cassandra Clare, author of the best-selling novel City of Bones, once wrote, “To love is to destroy, and to be loved is to be the one destroyed”. As an author of a series of young adult books, Clare wishes to send a message to adolescent readers regarding the destruction that young, passionate love can lead to. A similar theme is explored in William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, where two adolescents from feuding families fall in love with one another. When they first see each other on the night of the Capulet party, they quickly fall in love and are soon married by Romeo’s friend and mentor, Friar Lawrence....   [tags: young adults, shakespeare, rome and juliet]

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Gender Stereotyping: A Negative Effect on Youth

- In today’s world, the media has a great rein on youth as opposed to 10 or 20 years ago. Now a day we see children as young as 6 are able to get their hands on iPhones, iPads and other media devices that are available to them. Perhaps it is to play games, take a picture, or pass the time while they wait for something. But, no matter what it is, it has an influence on them. A factor that is played in today’s media that influences youth is that of gender stereotyping. It is the behavioral norms that are thought to be appropriate in today’s world....   [tags: Media, Gender Sterotyping, Young Adults]

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Teenagers Driving Today

- Throughout the United States, it is common knowledge that teenangers and those in early adulthood are viewed to be negligent and inferior drivers in comparison to those who are older than them. Amy Best points out how young drivers receive far more, if not virtually all, of the media attention in the allocation of blame about car accidents (Best 660). While teenagers driving dangerously is a concern, recent studies have shown that teenagers in general are obtaining their licenses later and driving less than in previous times....   [tags: Young Adults, Drivers, Accidents, Car Safety]

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Legal Drinking Age

- Although the debate began many years ago, it still continues to this day. Should the legal drinking age be lowered, or should it not be lowered. The argument has always been massive, with both sides spitting out rebuttals left and right. Despite the fact that both sides showcase decent evidence, only one brings hard-hitting facts that truly make a difference: the legal drinking age should not be lowered because it helps prevents youths from driving drunk, it helps prevent youths from committing violent crimes, and it helps prevent incomplete develop of the brain....   [tags: drunk driving, alcohol, teenagers, young adults]

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Children’s Literature in India

- ... Mahashweta Devi’s The why-why girl is a tale about a curious tribal girl. Mariam Karim Ahlawat’s Putul and the Dolphins and The King and the Kiang are about the relationship that is shared by men and nature. Anushka Ravishankar, Paro Anand, T.V Padma, Ramendra Kumar, Suniti Namjoshi and Ranjit Lal are the most prominent names in the field. Anushka who is primarily a writer of non-sensical fiction which is the most preferred genre by the kids switched on a creative spark in reinventing the old stories in The Story Teller: Tales from the Arabian Nights while still staying true to the original because as she says they have been “told, retold, televised and made into films” (Vijaykumar)....   [tags: children´s book, young adults, wizards, ]

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Sympathy to the Young and Negativity to the Adults in the film Stand By Me

- The Director of the film “ Stand By Me” invites us to sympathize with younger people whilst portraying adults in a negative manner. Discuss. The film “Stand By Me” invites us to sympathize with younger people. The movie tells the story of four young boys Teddy, Vern, Gordy and Chris. The movie is based around the character of Gordy who relives the events of their past years through his writing, Gordy is criticized by his family because they want him to be like his older brother Danny who died in a car accident....   [tags: essays research papers]

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