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Schools Are Continuously Getting Worse And Worse Grades

- Students in public schools are continuously getting worse and worse grades. The grades are declining like a slinky on stairs, one step at a time. As students get older, the creativity within each grade decreases. For example: in kindergarten, students are constantly involved with the learning process by participating in activities that help the students understand the concept, while in the third grade, students are sitting in desks and taking notes and are expected to memorize what the notes are supposed to mean....   [tags: High school, Education, Bullying, Teacher]

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For Better or Worse: The Decline of Marriage

- For Better or Worse In modern society, the institution of marriage and its sustained longevity is a concept that has become one of the greatest failures in society. While there was once an abundance of married couples who celebrated consecutive decades of marriage, there now seems to be more couples who are divorced, never reaching the first year of marriage, much less a single decade. Since God first blessed humankind with the gift of marriage, many have celebrated the joyous event, expressing the devotion and commitment premised upon love emulating the unity found in the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit....   [tags: Biblical Perspective]

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Standardized Testing: For Better or For Worse?

- Standardized Testing: For Better or For Worse. Almost everyone in the U.S. recognizes that standardized testing is a central part of the education system in our country. What many people don’t know though is the history of where it came from. Beginning in the mid-1800s prestigious universities decided they wanted to give more students across the country a better chance at going into higher education, but at the time there wasn’t a way to measure the capabilities of students in both high class and low class families....   [tags: funding, learn, scores, system, education]

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The Worse Types of Domestic Abuse

- Somewhere in the world at this very moment, people are being abused. They will be left with bruises, cuts, broken bones, and scars. There are many reasons why people need to speak out against domestic violence. One reason is that statistics show that most abusers will continue to abuse until they are arrested. Another reason is that domestic violence does not only physically harm a person; it also mentally harms the victim and any children involved. The third reason is that help is available. People of all races, education levels, and ages experience domestic abuse....   [tags: emotional abuse, physical, sexual]

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Obesity : It 's Getting Worse

- According to Jennifer Marks, who is an endocrinologist and diabetologist, “Nearly two-thirds of adult Americans are overweight or obese”. This is a huge issue in America today because many people die from being overweight and obese. America does not realize how bad this is for our country and for people’s own health. This is bad for our country because the more overweight people the more we have to spend on health care. Jennifer B. Marks claims how obesity became a huge problem in our world today and how we can get rid of this issue in her article “Obesity in America: It’s Getting Worse” written in 2004....   [tags: Obesity, Insulin, Nutrition]

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A Child During War Is Worse

- Growing up and finding who you are is difficult, but being a child during war is worse. For an American-born girl name Nidali, Egyptian by mother and Palestine by father, life got complicated since the minute she was born. Her baba always thought Nidali was a boy. Baba was so convinced, that he filled the certificate after she was born, once noticed his mistake and threaten by his wife, he changed it. The moment baba finds out it was a girl, the image of his sister’s lives crossed his mind and he definitely didn’t want the same for his dear Nidali....   [tags: Love, Girl, Parent, Family]

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Hunger Is Worse For Children

- Poverty is “the state of one who lacks a usual or socially acceptable amount of money or material possessions” (Merriam-Webster dictionary, 2015); in other words, struggling to provide a comfortable living style. It is the cause of family stress and many other problems, especially for the children. Millions of people around the world are struggling with poverty; families suffering to provide enough food seem to be growing in numbers. According to the United States Census Bureau, the poverty rate was highest in the 1960s and decreased greatly in the 1970s....   [tags: Poverty in the United States, Poverty, Nutrition]

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The Sexual Abuse Got Worse

- mom showed more anger towards us, and the sexual abuse got worse. He threaten me, told me if I told anyone he would hurt my mom. A handful of times my mom packed a few things and we caught a taxi and supposedly left. We came back after my stepdad convinced her to come back. The only people that were allowed at the house were my aunt, uncle, and four other of my mom’s friends. My brother and I weren’t allowed to have friends over nor play with the neighborhood kids. I had friends at school, but no close friendships....   [tags: Child abuse, Abuse, Family, Sexual abuse]

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Relationships: For Better or Worse

- Relationships: For Better or Worse The highly acclaimed novel Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood eventually hit the bestseller lists for its intricately woven tale of a mother-daughter relationship. Siddalee Walker finds herself immersed in discovering her mother’s true identity, the identity that caused her a lifetime of self-doubt and guilt. Callie Khouri directed the story for the big screen in 2002 with little success. The movie version feebly adapts to the particulars of Sidda’s discovery, the plot line that is at the center of this story....   [tags: Literary Analysis]

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Regulated Lenders Of Worse Quality

- More regulated lenders originate loans of worse quality. The fragility of lightly regulated originators’ capital structure can mitigate moral hazard.As we all know, the macro, micro economic and policy initiatives trends are not constant overtime. And that leads to the more regulation lenders regulate for loans, the more loansare not adapted with a new trend, regulations in the real economic world. Theoretically, there is an argument between who would suffer larger damage from moral hazard between independents and banks....   [tags: Bond, Debt, Credit rating, Credit rating agency]

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Prison Life Is Becoming Worse

- In the United States of America today, prison life is becoming worse as the years pass by. Offenders are steady re committing crimes even after initial release from prison. This has become a huge problem for the government of The United States of America and all of it’s residents. We must take different approaches to the way we imprison our inmates so that after their sentence is done, they are less likely to become a repeat offender. Different countries around the world, like China and the Phillipines, use different tactics to make sure that their prisoners are less likely to return....   [tags: Prison, United States, Punishment, Penology]

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Why Is Nothing Is Worse?

- Nothing is worse than spending countless hours listening to the clock tick and tock back and forth while studying for the huge midterm at the end of the week. Trying to cram 18 weeks worth of information in one night, memorizing ten different formulas, along with seventy vocabulary words, and wondering why it’s necessary to know these things. That is, until the nerve racking moments, that are filled with anticipation, as the teacher slowly hands back the graded tests one at a time to anxious students who are hanging on the edge of their seats by a thread....   [tags: Failure, Success, Varsity team, Education]

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What Makes Matters Worse?

- One can only image having a quiet evening at home with your loved ones and feeling like you are being watched. Yes, you are a little uneasy because a week ago your home had been invaded by intruders who stole a few items. This left you feeling violated. Now topping it off, ants are invading the yard and spiders are in the house. This is really bad, invasion upon invasion. As you attempt to relax, while thinking it cannot get any worse, you receive a call from a neighbor telling you that a van is parked outside your home, and it appears that you are being watched....   [tags: Police, Law enforcement agency]

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Caffeine Is An Weapon Of Destruction For The Better Or Worse?

- America lives and breathes off of a drug, a drug that the American people consume every day. This drug is found in your soda, your tea, and your coffee. The drug is caffeine. Caffeine has many properties that make it useful to all of us; it has many negative uses. Caffeine has many negative effects. It is addictive like Oxycodone; however, many people believe that the positive effects outweigh the negative. Caffeine helped shape this world and it has provided medical help to those that have a disorder....   [tags: Caffeine, Coffee]

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Is Traditional Chinese Medicine for the Better, or Worse?

- Everyday people hear natural is better, well it isn’t. A treatment for a disease with Western medicine sounds like it has more serious side-effects, but the truth is that Western medicine is just more upfront about it then Traditional Chinese Medicine, TCM. Mislabeling is just one of the many problems with TCM. Even though Traditional Chinese Medicine is more natural and has less side effects, TCM should not be used instead of Western Medicine because TCM is increasing the threatened and endangered species list, can be harmful to the planet by increasing pollution rates, and can be detrimental to humans....   [tags: treatment, medicine, side-effects]

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Bad And Worse : Discrimination And The Great Deal

- Bad to Worse: Discrimination and The Great Deal The economic definition of a depression is - “a long and severe recession in an economy or market”. From 1929 to 1939, the world and the United States suffered through the most infamous economic depression in history; commonly known as the Great Depression. What the economics book will not tell you about the Great Depression is about the negative indirect impact it had on racial relations, social phenomena of sorts. The Great Depression created such extreme financial hardships for countries that minorities were burdened with the blame of the depression and were essentially the scapegoat for this dark period in our worlds financial history....   [tags: Great Depression, United States, White people]

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Crime And Society Are Linked, For Better Or Worse?

- Introduction Crime and society are linked, for better or worse. Society is strongly affected by crime due to the cost of crime, as well as the decline in the quality of life that citizens suffer as a result of criminal activity. Since there is a relationship associated with crime and the quality of life, then reducing crime should be one of the top priorities of a police department. However, reducing crime is a major challenge for any police department around the world. The biggest hurdle facing police departments in their crime reduction mission is the issue of staffing shortages....   [tags: Crime, Police, Federal Bureau of Investigation]

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Crime And Society Are Linked, For Better Or Worse?

- Crime and society are linked, for better or worse. Society is strongly affected by crime due to the cost of crime, as well as the decline in the quality of life that citizens suffer as a result of crime. Since there is a relationship associated with crime and the quality of life, then reducing crime should be one of the top priorities of a police department. However, reducing crime is a major challenge for any police department around the world. The biggest hurdle facing police departments in their crime reduction mission is the issue of staffing shortages....   [tags: Police, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Crime]

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Worse Than Slavery Reflection Paper

- Worse Than Slavery Reflection Paper David M. Oshinsky’s book “Worse Than Slavery” brings to life the reality that faced slaves after the abolishment of slavery. It recounts the lives that these men faced daily and it made me question the humanity of all those who were involved and question how as a society we let this ever happen. From the convicts being leased out to people who didn’t care about their well-being to a life back on a state ran plantation, where life was worse than it was for them as slaves....   [tags: Prison, Capital punishment, American Civil War]

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Juvenile Detention Makes Teens Worse

- There are numerous critics of the juvenile justice system, and while most of their denunciations remain the same as those of the justice system at large, an ample portion of their criticisms revolve around the claim that incarcerating young people not only doesn’t work in deterring or rehabilitating them, but makes them worse and leads to adult misconduct. A report noted that youth sent to juvenile prison were 37 times more likely to be arrested as adults (Szalavitz, 2009). Another major problem some cite with the juvenile justice system is that most delinquent offends have some form of mental illness, and that while studies have shown that mental health treatment would be a better alternati...   [tags: juvenile justice system]

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Cyberbullying: A Growing Problem in the US

- ... Cyberbullies feel that they can show how they truly feel, without it impacting their lives in a negative way. It is unknown that it is them saying it. Even if people know who the bully is, it is easier to bully online than face to face. You cannot see the other person’s reaction, or the pain that they are in. Some people believe that traditional bullying is worse because the bully is careless enough to face you, and show their true identity, when bullying. On the other hand, cyberbullies see there anonymity as a chance to do whatever they want without anyone stopping them while doing it, or getting them in trouble after....   [tags: worse form of byllying]

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Is Teenage Behavior Better or WOrse than It was Years Ago?

- ... After that, like to stay away from their homes all night long also become a trend among the teenagers nowadays. “Staying out late is a sign of growing up. It suggests freedom and independence. On top of this what you do when you stay out late is far more fun than going to school could ever be”. Parenting When have a night life, they could be facing peer pressure to involve in illegal racing or going to the night club. Automatically, they would be drink alcohol, take drugs, or involves in violence because of the clubbing or illegal racing activity....   [tags: sexuality, drug abuse, modernity]

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Is Child Behavior Worse Than It Was Years Ago?

- Is child behavior worse than it was years ago. Yes, it has became worse considering certain statistics. Child behavior is worse because there is less discipline now. Not to mention that there are more things that influence bad behavior or wrong behavior. These days parents are not having the same discipline styles as they did back years ago. Child behavior was so much better years ago. Back in the earlier years there was so much discipline in school and at home. Many stated why it is like that but Haleema Khalid had one theory....   [tags: Parenting styles, Childhood, Parenting]

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Have Children's Behavior Become Worse in these Recent Years?

- ... During the 1980s, seventy-seven percent of children lived with both parents but in 2000s it went down to sixty-seven percent of children. Sixty-three percent of teen suicides and ninety percent of runaways come from fatherless homes. Eighty-five percent of children with behavioral problems come from fatherless homes. The statistics continue to build up and prove that bad parenting or missing parents affects children’s behaviors. Children’s behavior is impacted by the inexperience and irresponsible parents during this time period....   [tags: influence of media, bad parenting]

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When Living Is A Fate Worse Than Death

- Author Christine Mitchell’s “When Living is a Fate Worse Than Death” told the story of a girl Haitian named Charlotte. Charlotte was born with her brain partially positioned outside of her cranium which had to be removed or she would have not survived. Her skull had to be concealed by a wrap in order not to cause further damage. Charlotte was born with less brain cells which allowed her only to breath and not feel much of the pain. Charlotte’s parents thought that the doctor’s in Haiti did not know what was best for their daughter....   [tags: Medicine, Physician, Patient, Doctor]

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Who's Worse? The Dangers of Bystanders in Witness to the Holocaust

- Who’s Worse. In the documentary Witness to the Holocaust, Miles Lehrman suggests that a perpetrator is not as dangerous as they are thought to be. In fact, he says that the bystanders are more dangerous than the perpetrators themselves. This is a logical claim. First, to show that Lehrman’s claim is true, Kristallnacht serves as a great example as to what effect bystanders have on events and how they are more dangerous than the perpetrators. On the night of Kristallnacht, many German citizens were bystanders may be out of being scared to stand up or even out of approval for what was going on....   [tags: documentary, upstander, perpetrator]

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Active Euthanasia: Benefiting The Patient is not The Worse Act

- Despite passive euthanasia being more morally permissible to the majority of society, it can most certainly be argued that the action of active euthanasia results in a better consequence. Passive euthanasia is the withdrawing or withholding of a patient’s life-sustaining medication and active defined as the act of purposely bringing someone to their deaths. Through years of debate and criticism over methods of euthanasia, it has been concluded in the medical profession that the acts of euthanasia should be beneficial....   [tags: passive euthanasia, moral consequences]

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Why Education Is Important For Better Than Better Or Worse?

- Research Paper: When a child is born, he or she doesn’t know how the world and how it functions, or the kind of behavior they should have. The mind of the child is empty and it is up to the parents to fill it up. how can the parents make sure that their child can achieve greatness. How can the child make the right decisions or choices in the future; or how can the child construct a material, an object, or a weapon that will change the world for better or worse. There is a great answer for these questions and it is education....   [tags: Higher education, Education, High school]

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Racism Is Discriminating Or Treating Someone Better / Worse?

- What is racism. Racism is discriminating or treating someone better/worse because of their race. Racism can be one race taking superiority over another race or cause harm to another race. The essay written by James Baldwin, expresses the way racism happens today, in society. James Baldwin achieves his goal of showing the path of racism throughout time by his use of pathos, ethos, logos, and repetition. The specific use of all these devices truly brings the best way of using his writing skill in this essay....   [tags: African American, Race, White people, Writing]

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Technology Affecting Our Lives For The Better Or Worse

- Technology today has taken a big roll today in many people’s lives including myself. It is safe to say that it has come such a long way from what it once was and is only increasing at a rapid rate. This can be a very scary thing, but also a good thing if you think about it. The reason that I say this is because it has done so much for us so far and at the same time we are almost dependent on half of the things we use such as cell phones, computers, tablets etc. I am very much a big fan in technology and look forward to seeing what comes out next, but the real question we have to ask our self’s is “Is technology affecting our lives for the better or worse”....   [tags: Education, Technology, Educational psychology]

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No Toilet And Washing Facilities Made The Situation Worse

- around, no toilet and washing facilities made the situation worse. The people on the ship were sick all the time, many even pass away. One of the saddest things I 've ever witnessed was a boy dying in his mother 's arms. I can still hear the screams of the mother when she was separated from him. There was very little food, so many of the mothers gave their food to the kids and they went without. We finally arrived after the 12-week voyage. However, due to the conditions many passengers died of disease....   [tags: Family, Mother, Woman]

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Is Trump Saying Make America Worse Again?

- Is Trump Saying Make America Worse Again. Defined by the number of able people in a country, without an occupation that continue to search for work, unemployment, in the United States, reached a record low in 2008 when the unemployment rate was 10 percent (Bureau of Labor Statistics Data). When President Obama came into office, he had a goal to decrease the employment rate. He successfully accomplished this by decreasing the rate from 10% in 2008 to 5% in 2016. However, a new president will soon be elected, which could be for the better or worse....   [tags: United States, Barack Obama]

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Why Do Obese Patients Get Worse Care?

- “Why Do Obese Patients Get Worse Care. Many Doctors Don’t See Past the Fat” by Gina Kolata, she address the elephant in the room -- poor medical care for obese people. Doctors have little to no training on how to properly care for obese patients. They also lack the proper equipment to treat these patients. Most obese patients often undergo humanly degrading task to be able to check their health. For example, Sarah Bramblette was told by her doctor to lose weight just one problem, how much did Ms....   [tags: Medicine, Obesity, Physician, Patient]

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Peer Pressure: Why It Is Worse Than Ever

- Merriam-Webster defines a peer as “a person who belongs to the same age group or social group as someone else.” ("Peer." Merriam-Webster) Right away, all sorts of people should come to mind. Co-workers, friends, even family. A peer is not necessarily someone you are close to, have a common interest with, or are even just friends with, they are simply someone who is similar to you based on age, grade, social class, gender, and other things you cannot control. Unless you move to a deserted island, you will always have peers....   [tags: Peer Pressure Essays]

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Hard Time: Worse of the Worse

- A life behind bars is not an easy life, but a life that many people become accustom to, not because these people want to, but because they have to. The prison life is one that includes adverse challenges, dangerous situations, gang violence, and unpleasant living conditions. As shown in the documentary, Hard Time: Worst of the Worst, the inmates at the Southern Ohio Correction Facility in Lucasville, Ohio are no strangers to the prison life. Opened in 1972, the prison houses some of Ohio’s most dangerous inmates, totaling 2,200 inmates....   [tags: prison, violence, inmates, culture, safety]

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Is It Bad Or Bad?

- It was a very startling reality check, to say the least. But then again I never did have very good luck in my life, my life was filled with many unfortunate events. They would always happen to me so frequently, I mean people have bad thing happen to them. But seriously, my parents end up being killed before I even get to know them, then If that is not bad enough them the Headmaster of the orphanage burns it down. which leads to the death of more of the people, I care about. Then to make it even worse, I end up on the police force with an extremely violent and dangerous drill Sargent....   [tags: Human, Thought, KILL, Even Worse]

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The Death Of The Nurse

- In the beginning, David is washing dishes and if he does not finish in time then he will not be able to eat breakfast but it was too late. His mother smacks so he starts to dodge her looks as she is also yelling at him. His mother storms out and he begins to finish the dishes and other chores cause as an reward he gets to eat breakfast which is his brothers leftover cereal. Later she drops his brother and David off at school but lets him know that he will be staying with his uncle Dan tomorrow, trying to scare him....   [tags: Mother, Father, Family, Even Worse]

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How Students are Influenced, for Better or Worse, in Dead Poets Society by N.H. Kleinbaum

- The novel, Dead Poets Society, was written by N.H. Kleinbaum. It is based on the 1989 movie, which was directed by Peter Weir and written by Tom Schulman. The story takes place in 1959, in Vermont, at a private academy, known as the Welton Academy. The story is about a group of friends, who try to meet up to their parents expectations. Their lives change for better and worse when they meet their unorthodox English teacher, Mr. Keating. He inspires them mainly through his poetry. Three students he impacted were Neil Perry, Charlie Dalton, and Todd Anderson....   [tags: passion, confidence, courage]

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The Effects Of Michael Brown Incident On Racial Relations For The Better Or Worse?

- Imagine an 18 year-old male gets shot to death through undisclosed means. Was the death that occurred that of an adult or a kid. Some would say yes, others no. For the Michael Brown incident this was a major contributing factor on how people received the news of his death. The true dilemma with defining anything revolves around perception. In reality, not everything can be labeled in simple black and white terms, there are grey areas and discrepancies. That distinctions remain up to debate. More importantly than an age classification, other terms must be analyzed and defined such as race, segregation, color blindness, white privilege....   [tags: Racism, Race, Black people, Ethnic group]

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How Academic Integrity Was A Problem That Keeps Getting Worse Each Year

- The author of this article emphasized how academic integrity was a problem that keeps getting worse each year. The author goes over the following: problems in definition, collaboration, neutralization, moral relativism, situational cheating, how we are a culture of dishonesty, honor codes, and effective reinforcements. The author, overall, discussed the issue and reasons behind academic dishonesty and briefly discusses how they hope to end cheating. The author noted that lacking citation is plagiarism....   [tags: Academic dishonesty, Cheating, Morality]

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Private Prisons Are Far Worse Than Any Maximum Security State Prison

- Private prisons are far worse than any maximum security state prison because conditions are harsh and horrible. Imagine being a correctional officer in a state prison compared to being a CO (correctional officer) in a private prison. Shane Baeur worked as a private prison guard for four months in order to investigate the happenings inside of a private prison to be able to see how it works and to possibly get inside any files and or reports uncensored. Getting information from private prisons is quite difficult because when they let reporters in they usually censor the majority of the truth and are under no condition obliged by law to report or publicly show their information....   [tags: Prison, Penology, Tax, Criminal justice]

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The Global Water Crisis Is Too Much Worse Than Anyone Knows

- Every year about 5 million people die from a water related crisis. Whether it be dirty water or no water at all. People who live in countries like the United States of America don 't think about the growing water problem. Most of them have all the water they could ever ask for, but that 's not the case in most countries around the world. 1.2 billion people in the world don 't have clean drinking water. In third world countries usually the woman and children are the ones left without any clean drinking water....   [tags: Drinking water, Water crisis, Africa]

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Free Yellow Wallpaper Essays: The Cure is Worse

- The Cure is Worse than the Disease in The Yellow Wall Paper                Often times what is meant to help can hinder. Positive intentions do not always bring about desirable effects. The "Yellow Wallpaper" is an example of such an occurrence. In this short story the narrator is detained in a lonesome, drab room in an attempt to free herself of a nervous disorder. During the era in which this narrative was written such practices were considered beneficial. The narrators husband, a physician adheres to this belief and forces his wife into a treatment of solitude....   [tags: Yellow Wallpaper essays]

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Article Review : ' How Google ' Wikipedia Have Changed Our Lives For Better And Worse

- While waiting for my bus to warm up this morning, I took the time to check the news, check google calendar for any appointments, shared a flyer for my business advertising a spa party, sent my husband a good morning text, sent my oldest son a text reminding him to ensure the dogs are let out before he leaves. However, I accomplished this in 15 minutes’, have you ever sat back and thought how life would be different, less the internet, how time consuming tasks would be minus, internet. In essence, the school system should still require teachers to teach the former techniques as well as modern techniques....   [tags: Mobile phone, World Wide Web, Internet]

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Uniforms in School for Better or Worse?

- My entire life I have gone to Catholic schools. I remember every morning waking up and putting on that same uniform. I also remember hating it. The constant, “Tuck your shirt in,” “Button your sleeves, button and tighten your tie or that will be a detention.” Our school disciplinarian would say these things to all the students but we did not always find it was necessary. Now that I am in college, I feel like it was the best thing for me. The uniforms we wore in high school always looked nice, and we never had to worry about buying clothes....   [tags: eliminating clothing competition, discipline]

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The Worse Mistake in Human History

- ... The lifestyle of the hunter-gatherer made it very difficult for women to have more than one child at a time since she had to breastfeed and carry them as she foraged for food and moved along with the band to various locations. Therefore a typical hunter-gatherer woman had a child roughly every four to five years which then allowed the young child to keep up with the adults if she had another (Schultz & Lavenda ). Agriculture requires a sedentary lifestyle and once this shift was made women no longer had to carry their children wherever they went....   [tags: transition from hunting to agriculture]

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Marijuana: For Better or For Worse?

- Marijuana is a harmful drug and should not be legalized. Marijuana is the most commonly used illicit drug used in the United States. It is a plant that grows from the ground however, it contains many harmful toxins. There are many pros and cons for the legalization of marijuana although there are more cons than there are pros; one being that children are the ones who abuse marijuana the most. Surprisingly, against other beliefs, marijuana smoking actually does impair the user’s ability to drive a lot like the effects of alcohol and it is more addictive than alcohol....   [tags: legalization, harmful drugs]

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From Bad to Worse

- Chapter One Shattered Dreams-The End of the Line In a small town, known to be full of lively cheer, it was ominously quiet that one rainy afternoon. The storm wasn’t a torrential downpour, but more of a dry rain. It was like the rain itself was devoid of life. The town square, usually full of people, somewhat like the town’s heart, was empty. The stillness in the air felt like it was unbreakable, as if the town went into a catatonic state. The only sound piercing the silence was the blaring of an ambulance’s siren heading towards St....   [tags: Creative Writing Essays]

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The Worse Act Shown

- “At some point its gotta stop being random. You know?” “No, I don’t.” “Look man, I’ve been picked eight times in what. The past two years. You on the other hand; not even once!” “Ah, that’s just luck of the draw my friend.” “You know, it gets hard on you sometimes man. Last time I couldn’t sleep for a week almost. I mean, I know they deserve it, but still, it doesn’t make it any easier.” “Yeah man, I’ll bet. Just… just try not to let it bother you too much, okay?” They continued walking down the sidewalk on a cloudy Friday morning....   [tags: humanity, nightmares, change, audience]

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Stem Cell Research: For Better or for Worse?

- For as long as humans exist, optimal health continues to remain vital for a productive life. As new medical discoveries increase through generations, humans become healthier, therefore, their life expectancy rises. Stem cell research, a relatively new field, investigates to improve and lengthen human life. The possibility of stem cells to develop prospering health makes them beneficial to the human race. Why do stem cell debates create such a large uproar. Stem cells posses the potential to arise into hundreds of different cells in the body- for this reason stem cells are also referred to as undifferentiated cells....   [tags: Biology, Stem Cell Debates]

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For Better or Worse: Genetically Modified Organisms

- ... And then leads into long term health effects if humans continue to consume genetically altered plants and animals. The same can be said for animals, especially insects. Important insects such as bees, butterflies, and ladybugs are consuming genetically altered plants that are grown to repel insects and this causes the good insects to decline in population. The insects that the plants were intended to repel them evolve to tolerate the pesticide and essentially become super insects, thus farmers need to increase the use of pesticides on their crops....   [tags: health and environmental concerns]

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Alcohol: As Bad or Worse than Marijuana

- A profile of marijuana criminalization over the usage alcohol. Dare to be different was a phrase introduced as an adolescent on the verge of losing such innocence that could start affecting ourselves for the rest of our life. Ever since I was in middle school the idea of using drugs were always bad. With the big letters D.A.R.E. all over the school sure did get the message across that drugs will have a negative effect on your life. Even if you want to use drugs you would feel so wrong and guilty about partaking in the peer pressure....   [tags: Criminalization, Medical]

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Bob Gonzalez's Life and Death of Marilyn Monroe, John Everett Millais' Trust Me and William Powell Frith's For Better of For Worse

- Bob Gonzalez's Life and Death of Marilyn Monroe, John Everett Millais' Trust Me and William Powell Frith's For Better of For Worse Art may be considered the reflection of one's emotions or an outlet of one’s creative thought. A person can display art, not only through music or dance, but also through the creativity of a play or drama. Bob Gonzalez's Life and Death of Marilyn Monroe is a great example of creatively organizing the inner thoughts of Monroe through the theatre. He went past Monroe's glamorous facade and showed the "behind the scenes" lifestyle....   [tags: Compare Contrast]

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Has Technology Changed Our Lives for the Better or Worse?

- What about Technology. Every day I have to press a little button on a small remote controller so the gate at home opens by itself. It seems normal nowadays, but twelve years ago I had to step out of the car to open the gate by myself. I am now 20 years old and I have seen technology flashing through my eyes throughout the years. When I was in primary school I used to play with sand, ride bicycles or create my own games. Internet, smart phones, Facebook and Google were words that did not appeared in my vocabulary until some years ago....   [tags: internet, communication, convenience]

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Women Are Worse Drivers than Men Stereotype

- As the United States transitioned from the self-sustaining, rural way of life known by all humans since the beginning of sapien time to a more metropolitan oriented existence, the phenomenon of the “daily commute” came into play. Since walking was no longer reasonable, and animals, faster they may be, were unruly and archaic, people’s renowned knack for innovation swerved in a mechanical direction, eventually presenting the car. The automobile, pouring black smoke and containing a myriad of innately stressful flaws, was the exact piece needed in the puzzle of industrialism....   [tags: driving skills, automobile, drivers]

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Why Diet Coke is Worse Than Coke

- You pull into the drive thru at McDonalds and think to yourself “should I get a coke or stick with my diet and get a diet coke”; well if you actually look at the ingredients you would see that diet is not the way to go. Contrary to popular belief, the alternative drink is not really helpful for your diet after many years of research have shown. Although you would be saving calories, the drink does not provide any nutritional value whatsoever. Coke is now preferred over diet because it causes weight gain, deadly diseases, and many health problems....   [tags: weight, health, calories]

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My worse experience

- Some people have incredibly good luck. I do sometimes, but rarely. I could go on and on about all of the bad things that have happened to me, but they are not that big of a deal. There is only one occurrence that stays strong in my mind. One bright, sunny day, everything was going great, then boom, I was hit. Following this incident, many thoughts have passed through my mind. It was a confusing mess. I believe I learned something, but it has changed me in many ways also. My boyfriend, Justin, and I made plans to take a trip to the mall and to grab a bite to eat....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Child's Emergency Room Visit Goes From Bad to Worse

- 5 yrs old male child presented to emergency department with complaints of hoarseness of voice for 2 yrs, dyspnea for 1 week and cyanotic spells since last night. The vitals on admission were HR 140/min, BP 122/90mm Hg, O2 saturation 95% on room air with respiratory rate of 38/min. On examination, subcostal recessions were present. Decreased bilateral air entry and wheeze with tracheal tug was found on chest auscultation. He had unremarkable birth and developmental history and rest of the systemic examination was normal....   [tags: tracheostomy, icu, hoarseness]

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Krokodil: A Popular Drug in The Soviet Countries

- In the regions of Russia, Ukraine and any other former Soviet countries, a new home cooked injectable drug has plagued the streets. In the late 1990s heroin was at its peak of popularity in these counties, being imported from Afghanistan (Breaking worse, 2013). Heroine was not widely available in Ukraine but along with the popularity of heroine in the other regions, home cooked injectables were just growing in the urban and rural areas. Within the last several years, over-the-counter codeine containing injectable drugs have become more popular than the poppies or raw opium based injectable drugs (Breaking worse, 2013)....   [tags: Desomorphine, Injection]

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Richard Wright 's The Library Card

- No matter how bad one may be suffering, there is always another who is suffering even worse. Even throughout history, African Americans suffered due to segregation and discrimination; however, those who were enslaved anguished more than those who were freed. Well, such is essence in both “Learning to Read and Write” by Frederick Douglass, and “The Library Card” by Richard Wright, where Douglass wrote about his suffering as a slave; however, Wright poses his perspective as a free man. An EOF student named Kathy Huynh claims that Douglass had it worse than Wright because the risks he exposed himself to were immense....   [tags: Slavery, Slavery in the United States, Abuse]

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Animal Rights, Human Wrongs, By Tom Regan

- In Tom Regan’s article “Animal Rights, Human Wrongs,” he explores three different philosophical “accounts” and talks about their view and stances on animal rights and the treatment of animals. The first account that Regan looks at is the Kantian account, which is that humans have obligations to treat animals right only because if humans treated animals poorly it would lead to humans treating one another poorly. Regan says this account to be amiss because it makes us assume that animal interests do not matter and that we are not concerned with the poor treatment of the animal, yet instead we are concerned with the effect the action will have on humans in the future....   [tags: Animal rights, Human, Morality, Animal welfare]

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Nature Vs. Nurture : A Debate That Comes Up A Lot With Adopted Children

- Nature vs. nurture is a debate that comes up a lot with adopted children because they seem to have more problems than non-adopted children. Adopted children tend to have more behavioral problems such as; conduct disorders and academic struggles. Meanwhile, non-adopted children seem to have less behavioral problems. The problem seems is that the parent doesn 't know how to help the child 's behavior and it ends up getting worse. There are many questions about why adopted children tend to have these problems....   [tags: Foster care, Adoption, Family, Parent]

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The Meeting At Bretton Woods, And The Series Of Events And Organizations

- You can infer that the speaker is talking about the meeting at Bretton Woods, and the series of events and organizations that are connected to it. By Bretton Woods, the speaker means the International Monetary Fund, the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, and the World Bank. The speaker, explains how the allies tried to prevent any economic collapse that would lead to a war, which he clearly agrees upon. Milton Friedman would agree with this quote, as this quote is clearly supportive of trade liberalization, the removal of tariffs and trade barriers, which also means the weakening of government control over trade, allowing for a free market, which also means that the speaker could possib...   [tags: International trade, World Trade Organization]

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Nature Vs. Nurture : A Debate That Comes Up With Adopted Children

- Nature vs. nurture is a debate that comes up with adopted children because they seem to have more problems than non-adopted children. Adopted children tend to have more behavioral problems such as; conduct disorders and academic struggles. Meanwhile, non-adopted children seem to have less behavioral problems. The problem seems to be that the parent doesn’t know how to help the child’s behavior and it ends up getting worse. Many questions seem to appear to why adopted children tend to have these problems....   [tags: Foster care, Adoption, Foster care adoption]

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Quality Of Care Is An Issue For Most Racial Minorities

- Quality of care is an issue for most racial minorities in America. In a Healthcare and Research Quality report focusing on national trends in the equality of health care, it was found that major disparities still exist in America (Casale, 2010). Casale (2010), found that blacks and received worse care than Whites for about 40% of measures, Asian Americans received worse care than Whites for about 20% of measures, and Hispanics received worse care than non- Hispanic Whites for about 60% of core measures....   [tags: Health care, Health care provider]

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Bullying: So Much More Than Being Pushed Around

- School is a place where you can learn, fraternize and feel safe. Well sometimes children and young adults do not feel that way at all, some kids have to deal with being physically harassed at school. Nowadays the bullying isn’t just occurring at school, it’s also occurring online in the privacy of their own home. The Internet is the main contributor because now kids go on social networks and blog sites, which, is one of their main forms of communication because they are apart of the computer age....   [tags: Social Issues]

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Bank CEO Incentives and the Global Financial Crisis

- Fahlenbrach and Stulz (2011) stated that bank CEO incentives can't be answerable for the credit crisis, as their incentives appeared to be aligned with their interest of their shareholders. Find no evidence that they performed better (Fahlenbrach and Stulz 2011). Fahlenbrach & Stulz (2011) discover verification that banks with higher shareholder- management incentive alignment, options holdings or through stock executed worse during the financial crisis. They conclude, “This evidence recommends that CEOs took exposures that they feel were profitable for their shareholders ex ante but that these exposures performed very poorly ex post....   [tags: Bank CEO Compensation]

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Causes of Poverty and Effects on Life Opportunities

- Causes of Poverty and Effects on Life Opportunities According to Reutter, Veenstra, Stewart, Raphael, Love, Makwarimba, and McMurray (2005 p. 518), “Affordable housing was deemed especially difficult to obtain by 96%, but other resources (obtaining healthy food, giving children a good start in life, and engaging in healthy behaviours) were also viewed as challenging by at least 70% of respondents.”. Poverty has now become of the biggest issues in the world, with devastating effects on life opportunities, more severe in third world countries than first world, but still heavily present in both....   [tags: Welfare, Disadvantaged Populations]

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The Sickness Of The Mind Vs A Sickness

- A Sickness of the Mind vs a Sickness of the Body Would You Rather. is a popular game among children, teenagers, and even adults. The game simply gives players two choices and asks them which they would rather. However, what would a player choice if they picked up a car and it read, “Would You Rather… have a mental illness or a physical illness?” You could easily say that mental diseases are worse and name all of the aspects that are terrifying about them; however, you could also say that physical illnesses are worse and list the gory realities of it as well....   [tags: Mental disorder, Mental illness, Illness]

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The Crazy Effects of a Hockey Game

- You would never think that a hockey game could have such a crazy effect on the world and America. The medal round game between the United States of America and The Soviet Union would prove to be much more then just a game. The United States was getting more then just a victory and an upset, but our country was getting a much-needed moral boost in the fight against the Soviet Union in the Cold War. This wasn’t just a potential gold medal on the line, it was how we lived and our lifestyle compared to theirs....   [tags: miracle on ice, 1980, cold war]

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Is Euthanasia Morally Right Or Wrong?

- Euthanasia is one of the most controversial moral issues in today’s society. The word euthanasia was originated from the Greek words eu (“well”) and thanatos (“death”), which means a painless and gentle death. But, the modern day definition of euthanasia is the painless killing of a patient suffering from an incurable and painful disease or in an irreversible coma (“General History of Euthanasia”). Euthanasia is illegal in most countries, including the United States—except in Washington, Oregon, California, Vermont and in Bernalillo County in New Mexico (Segura)....   [tags: Euthanasia, Death, Suicide, Homicide]

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China Is Well Developed Developing Countries

- China is well-developed in developing countries. Its economy growth speed is pretty fast meanwhile the speed of environment become worse is also fast. Many shocking news about China’s environmental pollution problems reported in recent years and some of them seem ridiculous but it is true: Heavy haze happened in Shanghai then people even need to depend on blind people lead them to home and some people use GPS to give them direction to find their house. Some small villages named ‘Cancer village’ because cancer morbidity rate is high in there due to the water that villagers live on got severe pollute because of the factory drain the wastewater without process and just let them go into the rive...   [tags: Pollution, Air pollution, Smog, Environmentalism]

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The Problem Of Recycling And Environment

- Recycling and Environment There are a lot of different kinds of reports about what bad happen in our environment. As our earth has limited area for human to survive and our population is increasing, there are different kind of problem shown up, such as the pollution problems and the global warming problem. Since these different kinds of problems showing up, scientists are trying to find out different ways to reduce or stop these bad influences continuously happen. For example, when the air pollution problem shows up, scientists found out that if we have more green plants, like trees, this can help the air pollution problem....   [tags: Recycling, Waste, Waste management, Pollution]

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Comparison of Gulliver’s Travels and Haroun and the Sea of Stories

- Haroun and the Sea of Stories is an allegory of the problem’s posed in the societies of the author’s days. It is similar to Gulliver’s Travels as both are allegories of our world, and both main characters are in similar situations; both find themselves in a new land, and are confronted with many unfamiliar problems. “Gulliver’s travels” is a story based upon England at the time when Jonathan swift lived. This was in the 17th century. Also, there are definite correlations between particular characters in the Lilliput community with political figures in the British political system....   [tags: Literary Comparison, Critical Analysis, Allegory]

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Dangers of Hazing

- "Hazing is an extraordinary activity that, when it occurs often enough, becomes perversely ordinary as those who engage in it grow desensitized to its inhumanity." (Hank Nuwer, Wrongs of Passage) This quotation is one that describes one of the numerous effects of hazing. Though hazing is becoming more and more common, it still is not being readily reported. Some reasons, of many, that hazing is not being reported are that the victims of hazing see it as a right of passage, the people who are administering the hazing have been previously hazed, and that the victims are afraid that if the actives find out that they told, the hazing will increasingly get worse....   [tags: Hazing]

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We Should Be Able to Decide if We Want to Attend Class or Not

- Dear Administration, with this past semester a certain issue has come up and has gotten all of you up out of your seats. Of all issues ya’ll have to worry about, one issue in particular has jumped to the top of the board and has become a very big concern to you. It has come to your attention that the student body in some cases is regularly attending class. With this issue at the top of the bulletin board, not the teachers nor you is something that yall can fix. This issue that is hitting you right in the face is all up to the student body, it should be their choice to whether go to class or not....   [tags: college and university attendance policies]

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Bob Is A Hard Worker Is Not Overweight Or Any Significant Health Issues?

- Bob is a 35-year-old male and Is not overweight or any significant health issues. Bob has a wife and two kids and lives in the small town of, Enterprise, Alabama. Bob has always been a hard worker. Bob graduated with honors from University of Alabama with a degree in business. Him and his wife met their freshman year and have been together ever since. Since getting out of college Bob has had the same job making an above average salary. Everything was perfectly normal in Bobs life until about a year ago when his mother and father got divorced....   [tags: Marriage, Divorce, Time, Mother]

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Smoking is Dangerous to Your Health and the Health of Others

- Smoking is a dangerous habits for not only the smoker and others around ones them as well. Smoking shortens your life by four to five years, cause lung and heart disease; and can even on problems. Smoking also is dangerous to those around us. Second hand smoke causes breathing problem and cancer. Smoking is very bad for your health. When you smoke you are shorting your life by four to five cause smoking can affect your breathing. It choses your esophagus which helps you breath. If you do not know what that feels like, you can get a normal size straw Breath through it while doing jumping jacks....   [tags: ]

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Alzheimer 's Disease : The Most Common Type Of Dementia

- Introduction to Alzheimer’s disease (1.1) Alzheimer 's disease is a progressive, degenerative disorder that attacks the brain 's nerve cells, or neurons, resulting in loss of memory, thinking and language skills, and behavioural changes. Alzheimer’s is the most common type of dementia. Alzheimer’s disease being a progressive neurological condition, it can cause problems with swallowing. This can lead to aspiration which can cause frequent chest infections. It 's also common for people with Alzheimer’s disease to eventually have difficulty eating and to have a reduced appetite. (Judd and Society, 2007a) Alzheimer’s disease is caused by parts of the brain shrinking this affects the structure a...   [tags: Alzheimer's disease, Neuron, Brain, Memory loss]

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Black Men And Public Space By Brent Staples

- In his essay “Black Men and Public Space,” Brent Staples discusses his personal experiences of being an African American male, while coming to the realization of the harsh realities of the stereotypes it carries. Through his anger and frustration, he learned to alter himself in public spaces by making others around him feel less threatened. Not always would it work, such as the occasional double glances he’d get from the person in front of him or a click when walking past someone in their car. Seeing first-hand the effects of being an African American male made me think twice about how they had to present themselves in public due to the decade long stereotypes that the color of someone’s ski...   [tags: African American, Stereotype, Public space]

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