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Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

- While the ancient world left little written record, the evidence that we do have depicts it as far more advanced and culturally rich than many would expect. From the Phoenicians in Mesopotamia to the Mayans in Central America, technological advancements and complex theories drove the ancient civilizations ahead. Great thinkers from that period like Socrates (other great thinkers) left huge marks on the literary world. Great scientists like Copernicus (other great scientists) developed theories that provided the foundations for more modern thought....   [tags: History, Herodotus, List of Wonders]

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Year of Wonders by Geraldine Brooks

- The premise of the novel (Year of Wonders) could be seen as the antithesis of a journey as the villagers voluntarily agree to undertake a quarantine, which means they literally cannot go anywhere. In what way does this text represent a journey. Though the characters in Year of Wonders are unable to take a physical journey due to their actions, their circumstances cause them to embark on many spiritual, mental and emotional journeys through the course of the novel. Anna Frith, for instance, is forced during the plague year to overcome the deaths of her sons and family, and take upon many new roles that she otherwise would not have....   [tags: Year of Wonders, Geraldine Brooks]

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The Wonders of Japan

- Japan has many wonders that the general public does not know of. Most Americans only know about the past wars of Japan, therefore they don’t know the true history of the people that life there. Several wonders of Japan include its History, Government, Geography and Topography, Cultural Customs and Economy and Trade. Japan has a lot of many wonders, but the most wonderful thing is its history. For instance, in 1898, the shogunate was forced to resign and the emperor was restored to power. The Meiji restoration initiated many reforms....   [tags: Geography, Informative Essay]

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Wonders of the Pyramid

- It is well known that Egyptian Pyramid structures serve as the tomb of kings and queens however there is much more information that lies within. Before exploring the power of the pyramid lets uncover what it holds. Inside there are many fascinating things, other than just sarcophagus’s and prize possessions. Regular items used by Pharaoh such as the throne and jewels, vessels, art and his organs. For life after death, the pyramid is filled with all the things Pharaoh will need in their next life....   [tags: Archeology ]

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The Wonders of Smallpox

- The Wonders of Smallpox There are several epidemics in the world, but the one that stands out the most and has a large affect on people is smallpox. An epidemic is a widespread occurrence of and infectious disease in a community at a particular time. There are several epidemics and lots of them are very dangerous and can lead to very severe sickness or even death. For example there are more diseases that land in the epidemic “family” such as HIV, AIDS, Herpes, and Gonorrhea just to give you an idea on however I am going to talk about smallpox....   [tags: epidemics, gonorrhea]

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The Wonders Of The Invisible World

- Cotton Mather 's The Wonders of the Invisible World is a text that is attempting to justify the transpiring of the Salem Witch trial. This text is rich with biblical allusions and an effort to bring to a society that is filled with chaos and confusion, a sense of order and structure as well as something to believe in. However, while attempting to do so, Mather does not entirely offer a distinct opinion on if the trails are justified or not. Whereas this text was created with the purpose of supporting the Salem Witch trials and their primary cause, in the preface to the account of the trails themselves, Mather offers a diverse viewpoint concerning these trials....   [tags: Salem witch trials, Witchcraft, Cotton Mather]

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Year Of Wonders : A Novel Of The Plague

- Jayson Karuna Micro 1420 Cen Year of Wonders: A Novel of the Plague Geraldine Brooks’ novel, Years of Wonder, revolves around a maid in her twenties named Anna Frith during the “Great Plague” in the village of Eyam. She is a widow after her husband’s untimely mining accident and has to take care of her two sons alone. As an independent woman, Anna works as a maid in a perish house. To earn more money during desperate times, she takes in a tailor named George Viccars. Quickly a love attraction blossoms between the two, only to get halted by the import of a bolt of fabric cloth....   [tags: Black Death, Bubonic plague]

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The Seven Wonders of Ancient World

- ... The statue of Zeus is believed to have destroyed in the great fire of the Lauseion or destroyed when it was burned. The Lighthouse of Alexandria; also known as the Pharos (Lighthouse) of Alexandria. The lighthouse was created by Sostratus of Cnidus he was a Greek architect and engineer (Woods). The lighthouse was built on a stone foundation and was made up of enormous, thick stone blocks; the watchtower was made of marble blocks that were held together with molten lead. The Lighthouse of Alexandria was located in Alexandria, Egypt the Pharos was actually located on the tiny limestone island that sat in front of the harbor, it was built on the island of Pharos, to help guide trade ships...   [tags: Great Pyramids, statue of Zeus]

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The Mystery And Wonders Of The Mind

- Consciousness The mystery and wonders of the mind Many scientists have tried to understand the mind, specifically the conscious. It has been a concept that few have challenged, even less have begun to unravel. René Descartes, one of the most prominent mathematicians, scientist, and philosopher of the 17th Century, came with a theory that tried to explain the reality that is our consciousness. He said, “Cogito ergo sum” or, “I think, therefore I am”, the idea that being able to think about existence, proves that you are real....   [tags: Consciousness, Mind, René Descartes]

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Modern Day Signs and Wonders

- Based on the rising number of television shows, movies, news specials, and literature that deal with paranormal activity, magic, and miracles, it can be clearly seen that Americans have an increasing infatuation with the supernatural. But it is not an ordinary infatuation. As of now, it seems that a majority of people in America have a keen interest in supernatural occurrences, so long as it is from a distance. People are eager to watch or read about ghost hunters, Harry Potter, and receiving help from a mysterious stranger, but if you asked them to enter into the realm of personal interaction with these things, most would shake their head no ask they backed away....   [tags: Christianity, Bible Study]

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The Wonders Of The Invisible World

- “The Wonders of the Invisible World”, written by Cotton Mather, is an account of the Salem Witch Trials. He retells information that has been passed down to him without actually being present at the trial and simultaneously explains his theory to why witches were suddenly emerging in Salem, Massachusetts. There were quite a few holes in the Salem Witch Trials, especially regarding whether or not these events occurred the way they are said to. Mather’s book shows us how intense the Puritan ideals were, attaching anything out of the ordinary to a higher power and in doing this shows the flaws of the religion which caused to Salem Witch Trials....   [tags: Salem witch trials, Puritan, Witchcraft]

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The Wonders Of The Invisible World

- Written in the late 17th century, “The Wonders of the Invisible World” by Cotton Mather is a timeless work in which he wrote against the presumed witchcraft that was taking place at Salem, Massachusetts. At the time, descendants of the puritans that arrived with the Massachusetts Bay Colony believed that Satan was real and he wandered this earth; therefore, the supernatural was part of everyday life. Prominent puritans believed God was the only thing protecting them. Puritans ascribed their losses and misfortune to external forces conspiring against them....   [tags: Salem witch trials, Witchcraft, Puritan, Woman]

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Italy and Its Wonders

- Italy is a beautiful place full of wonders. It is full of outstanding landmarks and historical features. Although Italy doesn’t seem big, it is. The total population of the country is 61,860,122, and the area is 113, 521 sq. mi. The head of government is Enrico Letta and he is the ruler of the Republic Government. Italy is a fashion center of the world. People there know what’s in style and what’s not, they can also tell how wealthy you are or what class you belong in. The history is that of many wonders along with how they live their life....   [tags: Europe, Travel]

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Crystals: Wonders of Nature

- In the future, people will have lightning fast computers and a new kind of phone. All of their new electronics will have crystals in their construction somewhere. From microchips with super-storage or photon-processing crystals, crystals will be everywhere. And they already are. Crystals are used in color changing paint and even in the touch screen of smartphones. Many famous scientists are researching crystals and how they could be used. Crystals are natural wonders of nature that are built in complicating and amazing structures that have the potential to be used everywhere....   [tags: fast computers, cassiterite, zircon]

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The Great Pyramid of The Seven Wonders of the World

- The Great Pyramid Of all the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, only one still stands today: the Great Pyramid of Khufu at Giza in Egypt. Surprisingly, it is by far the oldest of the Seven Wonders. It was already more than 2,000 years old in the time of the ancient Greeks. For more than 4,000 years, the 481-foot-high pyramid was the tallest structure ever built by humans. It is about as tall as a fifty-story building. No other building reached that height until the Eiffel Tower was created in 1887 (Putnam 20)....   [tags: Great Pyramid, Khufu, Egypt, Giza]

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Wonders of the West, a novel by Kate Braverman

- Wonders of the West, a novel by Kate Braverman, describes a mother and child interaction as they sit and watch Hollywood Playhouse. The child is the narrator and in this scene is describing a past interaction between the mother and the narrator : “I am much younger.”, (24) which leads to the conclusion that that in the interaction the narrator is younger. This scene the narrator describes how they are sitting, even going into detailing about the mother’s eye color. The child plays some sort of question game, but the mother however does not seem too thrilled about the game, more interested in the television show, the “glass of brown liquid that burns when you taste it,” (24) and her smoking....   [tags: the universe collapse, metaphor]

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The Wonders Of Social Media / Amusement For Amazement

- The Wonders of Social Media / Amusement for Amazement Close to 3 million videos and over 100 million dollars later, the awareness of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis spread dramatically within the course of a few months. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, commonly referred to as ALS, or Lou Gehrig 's Disease is a degenerative neurological condition in which the motor neurons within the Central Nervous System are affected. This eventually affects the movement of the body associated with voluntary muscles....   [tags: Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Lou Gehrig]

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Pyramids Of Giz The Seven Wonders Of The World

- Pyramids of Giza The Pyramids of Giza found in Egypt are amongst the Seven Wonders of the World. Standing at a height of 147 meters and weighing about 6.5 million tons, these artificial mountains are a breath taking scene to look at. For over 3,800 years, these Pyramids were the highest man-made structure in the world. It is approximated that 2.6 million blocks of stone must have been used to build these pyramids that occupy close to 13 acres of land (John, 2014). Each block of stone has been found to weigh between 2 to 20 tonnes....   [tags: Great Pyramid of Giza, Egyptian pyramids]

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Marketing Analysis : Widget Wonders Expansion

- Widget Wonders Expansion Here at SNHU Consulting we take great pride in coming up with the best solutions for our clients. Having been giving this great opportunity to create solutions for Widget Wonders we were tasked to oversee the expansion to the new headquarters in the U.S. We were sent the exact details of how vast the expansion was. This is the information that we received, we would helping to configure five new departments, including sales, manufacturing, Inventory Control, Research and Development, and MIS....   [tags: Personal computer, Computer, Need]

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Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

- From nature to modern technology, this world has always been engulf by many miraculous wonders. However, the first of the all of them are the seven wonders of the ancient world. These seven ancient wonders are the great pyramid of Egypt, the hanging gardens of Babylon, the statue of Zeus at Olympia, the temple of Artemis at Ephesus, the mausoleum at Halicarnassus, and the lighthouse of Alexandria. These seven gigantic wonders surround the Mediterranean Sea, from Egypt to Greece to the Asia Minor, which now turkey, to Syria....   [tags: Monuments to a Higher Being]

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The Seven Wonders of the World

- Seven Wonders of the World, works of art and architecture regarded by ancient Greek and Roman observers as the most extraordinary structures of antiquity. The listing of ancient wonders probably began in ancient Greece in around the 2nd century BC, but the Seven Wonders that were most commonly referred to were listed some time after that. All built in the ancient Mediterranean and Middle East area, some time from around 2600 BC up to about AD 476, the Wonders are: (1) The Pyramids of Egypt, at Giza, the oldest of the Seven Wonders and the only ones remaining intact today....   [tags: Greek, Roman]

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7 Wonders of the Ancient World

- 7 Ancient Wonders of the World 1. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon – Located approximately 50km south of Baghdad, Iraq on the east bank of the Euphrates River. King Nebuchadnezzar II (604-562 BC), grandson of the famous King Hammurabi, is credited to have commissioned the construction of the gardens. Although no tablets were found in Babylon referring to the Gardens, accountings from the ancient Greek historian, Strabo, state that the “The Garden is quadrangular, and each side is four plethra long....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Seven Wonders of the Modern World

- Seven Wonders of the Modern World Michigan Stadium Currently home of the University of Michigan Wolverines, Michigan Stadium is the largest college football stadium in the nation. In the 2003 season Michigan hosted long time rival Ohio State in front of a current NCAA record crowd of 112,118 fans.1 Nicknamed “The Big House”, Michigan Stadium is located in Ann Arbor and has seen over 35 million fans passed threw its gates since its inaugural game on October 1st, 1927.1 I chose this piece of architecture because it is considered a football cathedral and a stadium like this will be rich in tradition for a lot longer than a hundred years from now....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Great Pyamid of Giza is One of the Seven Wonders of the World

- ... The pyramids took so long to build that when a pharaoh came into power, he started construction on his pyramid right away(Ancient). The pyramids are built mostly out of limestone(Ancient), because they had so much of it in that time. There are about 138 pyramids in Egypt(Ancient). Some are huge and some very small compared to the Great Pyramid of Giza. It is 480 feet tall and was made out of about 2.3 million blocks of limestone(Ancient). One thing that is very interesting is that the bases of the pyramids are perfect squares and they didn't have any of the machines that we have today(Ancient)....   [tags: afterlife, egyptians, pharoahs]

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One of the Seven Modern Wonders of the World, Machu Picchu

- ... (Destination: Machu Picchu) What measures have the Peruvian government taken to preserve their largest source of revenue. Machu Picchu became a popular tourist site in the 195’s/1960’s. People arrived on train, foot and even helicopter. It wasn’t until 1981 that Machu Picchu became a Peruvian Historical Sanctuary, two years later UNESCO named Machu Picchu a world heritage site. There are two main threats that face Machu Picchu. The first is seasonal extreme weather. Mudslides and glacial erosion erode the carved granite and on the opposite end of the spectra in the dry seasons vegetation becomes very flammable....   [tags: tribes, archiologists, inca]

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Edgar Allan Poe : The Man Of Many Wonders

- Edgar Allan Poe was a man of many wonders. The techniques he used in his writings were very unique, and are still considered one of the most iconic today. But what makes Edgar Allan Poe so well-known. Well, Poe had a talent for giving off a gloomy vibe in every story, and leaving his audience with an eerie feeling. His characters, his themes, and his settings are all described so vividly and terrifying that he, most often than not, is able to keep the reader hooked. It was not only after death that he drew in an audience; many people during his lifetime--including his lovers--were drawn to the unhappy quality of that man....   [tags: Edgar Allan Poe, Short story]

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Eight Wonders of the World: Eight Adopted Children.

- Eight Wonders of the World Eight children. All just a little bit different from the rest. All with different parents and different genes and completely different deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) that traces back to completely different parts of the world. Broken branches grafted onto a different family tree, as Shane Koyczan would say. They are all a part of the same family, though; all held together, to each other, by the same bond. They are now and forever linked together. They are brothers, sisters, and friends....   [tags: loving children that are not your own]

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The Wonders of Vitamin C

- We live in a society in which we are in a state of constant fear of diseases. From when we are young we are taught repeatedly to wash our hands before every meal and to eat an apple daily. Moreover, we are catechized on a regular basis to bundle up so we do not catch a cold or pneumonia. Likewise, our doctors advise us to visit them annually to make sure we don’t have deficiency related disorders such as scurvy or anemia. What if there is a vitamin that could aid in preventing the aforementioned illnesses....   [tags: Human Health, Nutrition]

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Preserving the Great Pyramid of Giza

- One of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world is the Great Pyramid of Giza. This wonder is “built to the last” for the future. However, this wonder is falling apart from bad weather conditions and we should try to keep it balanced and endured. If this wonder is damaged, preserving it would be difficult. We should try to preserve this wonder because it has a historical significance, a great architecture, and a deeper understanding of the Egyptian culture. The Great Pyramid Giza is one of the most studied for its historical significance....   [tags: seven wonders of the ancient world]

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A Brief History of Engineering

- When you look around, you see all kinds of modern wonders. None of these items would be possible without engineering. Engineering has shaped the lives of humans for thousands of years; it is simply the application of science and math to invent or innovate an item to carry out a human need. Recently, computer engineering has been the basis of the human world. We rely on computers like it is water or air, and it’s come to the point where they could be a necessity for success. Computers are used for pictures, data, development, research, design and much more....   [tags: modern wonders, bulb, telephone]

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The ' The Man Wonders Why He Isn 't Loving Every Second With Her

- The man wonders why he isn’t loving every second with her. This is exactly the situation he’d fantasized about—to be a beautiful woman’s plaything, to peer inside the mind of a woman and to discover and to feel and to become one with her innermost secret fantasies. Some things may be best left to the imagination, the man considers as the woman reaches back and pulls his hair, urging his tongue deeper in her asshole. The woman drops the knife on the tile floor. The man can hear her muffled moans grow louder as her fingernails dig into his thighs....   [tags: Fuck, Profanity, Cunt, 2004 albums]

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God in the 'Devil’s Territories:' Mather's Use of Rhetoric in Wonders of the Invisible World

- ... But what is odd about the way he is arguing his point is that he does not appear to be arguing; he appears to be merely stating facts. As he says near the end of A People of God in the Devil’s Territories, “I report matters not as an advocate, but as a historian,”, saying also, “You are to take the truth.”. And yet, these facts seem tailored to convince the people, if they have not already been convinced, of the guilt of the people accused as witches. He uses ‘claim of consequence’, a form of logos that states that one thing is caused by another, to show us the guilt of Martha Carrier, accused of witchcraft....   [tags: use of extrinsic and intrinsic ethos, Puritans]

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The Mysterious Mountains Underneath the Sea: The Wonders of New England Seamounts

- The Mysterious Mountains Underneath the Sea: The Wonders of New England Seamounts Introduction Seamounts are one of the most pervasive landforms in the world, and can be seen in various frequencies throughout ocean basins. Seamounts are remnants of volcanoes and can be described as underwater mountains that can take various shapes and sizes. Islands and seamounts are similar in the way they are formed but they are different because seamounts do not reach the oceans surface. The pacific basin—mainly the pacific tectonic plate—contains half the seamounts that can be seen in satellite altimetry datasets....   [tags: volcanoes, underwater mountains]

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The Wonders of Tumeric

- Turmeric (Haldi) Introduction: English name: Turmeric Botanical name: Curcuma longa Common name: Haldi Family: Zingiberaceae (Ginger family) Turmeric is a perennial herbaceous plant belonging to Zingiberaceae (Ginger family). It has smaller rhizome. It’s originated from south eastern Asia means nearly to India. It has fleshy rhizomes and its colour vary from bright yellow to orange, which later become the spice turmeric. The powder of turmeric rhizome is used for its flavouring enhancement properties as a spice, food-colouring agent and food preservative....   [tags: botanics, Haldi, ginger family]

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Great Barrier Reef

- The Great Barrier Reef is known as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. It is believed to be one of the most incredible places on this earth. This reef is the largest living organism on this planet and the only living thing on earth visible from space (2011). The warm waters of the southwest Pacific Ocean are the perfect environments to create the world's largest system of coral reefs. The Great Barrier Reef is in such pristine condition that it was listed by the World Heritage Trust as a protected site and is therefore, managed by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority to ensure that its beauty is maintained for many travelers and sightseers (Edgar 2010)....   [tags: Wonders of the World, Australia]

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See Some of America's Finest Wonders in Wisconsin

- As one of the northernmost states in the central United States, Wisconsin has a unique climate that has given the state some of the most fascinating natural features found anywhere in the country. These natural features have contributed to the cultural and historical development of Wisconsin in such a way as to ensure that visitors will find Wisconsin to be a great destination. All in all, a wonderful vacation awaits anyone traveling to Wisconsin. Wisconsin's Natural Attractions If you love beautiful lakeside vistas, then you will definitely want to make a visit to Geneva Lake part of your itinerary....   [tags: Travel]

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The Wonders of the Ouija Board

- ... All players lightly touch their fingers to the planchette, ask questions, and they will usually be answered through the mysterious board. The ideomotor effect, a principle that states that your subconscious mind is controlling the board, has come to light in the past two centuries. It was first recorded in a paper on how Ouija boards move, in the year 1852, by William Benjamin Carpenter. Since then, many experiments and studies on the effect have been completed. It has a well-supported history, and one significant study would be one recently done, during October of 2012, by Dr....   [tags: ideomotor phenomenon, science]

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Wonders of the Ouija Board

- Just because Ouija boards can open portals to other realms does not mean that they should be judged by it. The “talking board” really has a bad rap these days. When they first became popular back in the day, everyone wanted to play with one. Now if you even dare to speak of one, your mother would backhand you and ship you off to a private Catholic or Christian school. Here they would try ridding the demons that are trying to convince you to use the board so you can set them free to play in our world....   [tags: The essay has no useful information.]

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Wonders of Cupertino Center

- More often than not, most of us have probably been to a place wherein we feel uneasy, agitated, or even tensed. We are put into a seemingly uninviting environment that is totally new to us that we can't help but to want to escape from it as soon as we can. Homesickness as some people may call it, some of us tend to long for the things and the people we are accustomed to be surrounded with. But I guess it's just safe to say that this isn't always the case. Every once in a while, we come upon a place that right from that moment of encounter, it seizes our hearts and grabs our attention....   [tags: Feeling At Home, School]

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Realm of Wonders Union

- ... The straw that was around the horse was bloodied from the deep wounds on its stomach. Amir stroked its mane, hugging the creature and whispering gently in its ear, then kissed the horse on its temple and watched sadly, as he died, unable to help a creature who had been his only companion in the palace, for as long as Amir could remember. “Sleep tight Harpo, I’ll miss you,” Amir cried as he closed Harpo’s eyes and continued stroking his mane. “Oh dear, who could have killed your horse?” a wicked voice behind him sneered....   [tags: adeventure, palace, horse]

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Realm of Wonders Union

- ... Alison did as she was told; she dared not disagree with her. “Well, Alison, what can I say?” Mrs. Foster began. “You have not been with us five and twenty minutes, and already you have stirred up trouble.” Alison looked at the floor; she had no idea what to say. “You are entrusted to fight with us, and already you decide not to. You decide the enemy is in need of your assistance?” Mrs. Foster snapped. “Do you think Amir is in need of you. He is evil and needs eliminating from life.” “HE DOES NOT!” Alison shouted, “I know more about the situation than you think.” “How dare you shout at me, you know nothing, you’re not even trained.” “I don’t need training....   [tags: alram, union, school, kill, queen]

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Realm of Wonders Union

- ... Daunting, with no human life to be seen and the air was as still as death?” Mrs. Foster asked casually. They both bolted up straight. “Yes!” they replied in unison. “Believe it or not, that was to protect you.” “Protect us?” Simon repeated. “Yes, when minors go through portals unsupervised, warning bells go and the portals are sent into overdrive and they create an empty kingdom. We did try to make them a bit brighter and colourful to make you youngie’s feel at ease. However, we decided that if we made them feel evil and spooky, then you may never enter portals on your own again.” “Well, it worked, I’ll never do it again,” Simon said agreeing....   [tags: school, wand, magic, portal]

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Exploring the Qinghai-Tibet Railway

- Running along the highly elevated Tibetan Plateau, the Qinghai-Tibet Railway is the one of the major transportation system connecting Tibet to the rest of China, and the highest railway in the world. Nonetheless, what is behind the greatness of this railway is the intelligence of engineers in overcoming the harsh environmental challenge on the plateau. In this essay, the construction progress of this engineering wonder and its contribution to the society is explored. Being one of the major project in the Great West Development Scheme, the Qinghai-Tibet Railway runs between Lhasa, the capital of Tibet, and Xining, just next to the Tibetan Plateau in the Qinghai province....   [tags: engineering wonders of the modern world]

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Ten Dream Destination Vacations

- If you are tired of the cliché beach vacation or feeling lackluster about camping out in the woods, these unusual places around the world will inspire you to look at your upcoming vacation time with a whole new set of eyes. More people are turning away from lazy days spent on white sand in favor of more active and adventurous vacations; whether it be in their own backyard or jaunting off on the other side of the globe. 10. Leshan Giant Buddha Found in Sichuan, China, it is one of the largest depictions of Buddha in the world standing over 233 feet tall....   [tags: adventure, wonders, excursions]

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Taking a Look at the Hoover Dam

- The Hoover Dam, was known as the boulder dam works. Which means the foundation relys on gravity to keep the structure from falling down. The Hoover Dam was built from 1931 to 1936. Frank Crowe was the head director of the building. The site of Hoover Dam is visited by millions of people that annually and will continue to provide energy to many cities. Another term that people call the Hoover Dam is a concrete arch gravity dam in the black canyon in the Colorado river. It is also on the border between Arizona and Nevada....   [tags: technological wonders, hydroelectric power]

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Wonder Woman: A Symbol of the Feminist Movement

- "William Marston was an unusual man—a psychologist, a soft-porn pulp novelist, more than a bit of a carny, and the (self-declared) inventor of the lie detector. He was also the creator of Wonder Woman, the comic that he used to express two of his greatest passions: feminism and women in bondage."(Berlatsky, 2015) For over 60 years, Wonder Woman has filled the pages of her magazine with adventures ranging from battling Nazis, to declawing human-like Cheetahs. Her exploits thrilled and inspired many young girls, including Gloria Steinem....   [tags: Wonder Woman, Bondage, Feminism]

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Analysis of the First Female Superhero: Wonder Woman

- ... However, these characters were often stereotypical, such as the man-hating Thundra or angry-feminist parody, Man-killer. In Wonder Woman No. 203, 1972, Wonder Woman tells the women’s lib movement to go stifle itself. Actual dialogue: “I’m for equal wages, too. But I’m not a joiner. I wouldn’t fit with your group. In most cases I don’t even like women.” No. 203 is one of many comic series publicized by DC during the Feminist Movements. The feminists had adopted Wonder woman as a symbolic idol during their movements in the 1970’s....   [tags: heroine, sexualized, males, media]

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A Woman of Wonder

- Joan of Arc, known also as Jeanne d’Arc came into this world on the 6th of January, 1412 in the village of Dormremy. She left this world at the tender age of 19 on the 30th of May, 1431. Domremy was in the district of Champagne in northeastern France. Joan of Arc is a saint of the Roman Catholic Church as well as being a national heroine to the French. During the “Hundred Years War” with England she saved France from being defeated. Joan of Arc is oftentimes referred to as the Maid of Orléans in tribute to her victory....   [tags: Biography ]

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Film Reviews : Wonder Of The World

- Film Reviews:Wonder of the World The play Wonder of the World by David Lindsay-Abaire was hosted in the Knox Performing Art theatre. Initially after reading the play itself, I found the play somewhat interesting with few moments of having me in disbelief because of how straightforward some of the scenes can be. But after watching the play at the theatre, I’ve been left with a more bitterness than happiness of how the play was portrayed. But I will explain that later in my review of this mediocre play. I entered the theatre on Friday, October 16th....   [tags: Theatre, Actor, Play, Character]

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Description Of A Blank Space Of Wonder

- One overclouded and mysterious night I find myself looking into the far distance into the unknown. What 's over there. What will i find if I enter this dark place. I just see myself in a blank space of wonder. Is this just part of a dream I once had. I guess I 'll never know. Feeling all these indecisive feelings of whether or not I should go forward I just imagine “What if”. What if I encounter something that I 'll regret. What if I see something that I want to forget. And what if I become what I fear the most....   [tags: English-language films, Feeling, American films]

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The Wonder Of Imagination By Edgar Allan Poe

- The wonder of Imagination Imagination is the action of creating new ideas, scenarios, or concepts that are not present. It is the ability to form a mental image of anything that is not perceived through senses. It’s the ability of the mind to build mental scenes, objects or events that do not exist or are not there or have never happened. “...the pleasures of the imagination exist because they hijack mental system that have evolved for real world pleasure. We enjoy imaginative experiences because at some level we don’t distinguish them from real ones.” (pg.577 parg 4, Bloom) Imagination sets people from the real world by giving them the ability to form creative choices....   [tags: Edgar Allan Poe, Mind, Short story]

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Contra Dance : The Wonder Of Social Music

- Contra Dance: The Wonder of Social Music On September 2nd, I experienced one of the most enjoyable folk dances, known as contra dance, at the First Baptist Church. Due to my cultural and religious background, this experience was new to me and full of mystery. However, it led me to wonder how social music, especially contra dance, is powerful enough letting strangers dance and communicate with each other in a perfect harmony. The contra dance community was friendly. There was a group of people that differ in age, gender, occupation, and experience....   [tags: Dance, Social dance]

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The Paranoid Wonder Of The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

- The Delusional Wonder of Gatsby Wonder is a powerful yet unclear feeling that works it’s way into the emotions, thoughts, and actions of people. Wonder can be a combination of many emotions such as admiration, surprise, marvel, and longing which are directed towards someone or something unexplainably beautiful. This cluster of emotions has the power to alter one’s perception of what is real and what is a delusion. Wonder can make people believe in the beauty of something that isn’t actually real....   [tags: F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby]

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Formal Analysis of Iconic Images: Wonder Woman

- As a little girl, I have always wanted to wield the red, white and blue recognizable costume of a famous heroine. I wanted to wear the tiara with silver metal bracelets and run around, playing with a rope that I would call my “lasso of truth” and immediately state that I was invincible. I, like many other girls, wanted to become the comic book heroine known as Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman is a figure that is considerable recognizable. She was created in 1941 by a psychologist named William Moulton Marston or Charles Moulton as his pen name (who studied the psychological effects of mass media and the developer of the lie-detector test) ....   [tags: Character Analysis ]

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Songs in the Key of Stevie Wonder’s Life

- At the young age of twenty two, Stevie Wonder sang, “When you believe in the things you don’t understand / Then you suffer / Superstition ain’t the way”. He started his career in the early 1960s, but in 1972, Superstition established Stevie Wonder as one of the most recognizable musicians of his time in American and African-American culture and music. Although music was Wonder’s main priority, he also dedicated his time to a fight against racism throughout national and international borders. Musically, socially, and politically, Stevie Wonder was able to bring people together with his music and words....   [tags: Biography]

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The Wonder Weeks : Mental Growth And Physical Growth

- The Wonder Weeks Although parents can 't learn about their baby through an app on their phone, it helps parents gain knowledge of their baby because it explains what mental and physical leaps their baby will be going through at a specific time in their development. The most beneficial part of the wonder weeks is that it starts explaining mental growth and physical growth while the baby is still in the womb. The wonder weeks helps parents prepare for upcoming weeks of leaps and lets parents know when their baby will be fussier, cranky or clingier than usual....   [tags: Pregnancy, Infancy, Human development, Explanation]

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Women And Female Superheroes : The Movie ' Waiting For Wonder Woman '

- We all know superheroes like Batman, Superman, and Spiderman, but what about female superheroes. In movies, women are usually damsels in distress, princesses, or the classic manic pixie dream girl. It is rare to see a woman play the leading role of an action movie, let alone a superhero movie. This stereotype of women being weak is what keeps women’s roles in society fixed. Movie producers and writers in Hollywood assume that they won’t profit if they have more women in leading roles. I believe that if more movies showed women in important roles, it would lead to more people seeing how strong women can be and it can also influence women and young girls to have more role models....   [tags: Superhero, Superman, Batman, Woman]

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Heart Of Darkness By Joseph Conrad And State Of Wonder

- When an individual travels into unknown territory, their greatest chance of survival is in gaining an understanding of the land and the people that inhabit it. The natives are the people who understand the location and what simple missteps could lead to death. The natives live in a world different from the travelers, and the knowledge they carry is greater than anything brought from home. How a character adapts to the environment influences their survival and what they retain after returning home....   [tags: Joseph Conrad, Heart of Darkness, Charles Marlow]

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The Natural Wonder of the Grand Canyon: A Progressive Speech

- Spanning from 1890 to 1920, the Progressive Era is notable period of transformation for the United States. Throughout this duration, not only is it expanding its role on the world stage, it is going through a transition into a modernist society, a society of consumerism and mass production; a bottom-line business based society symbolized by assembly lines and the use of “scientific management,” and represented by the shift from rural to city life. With such rapid development in a relatively short period, progressively minded individuals sought to “alleviate the dysfunction, or the corruption, or the economic injustice, or the human suffering that had accompanied America’s explosion of indu...   [tags: U.S. History ]

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The Sunday Assembly Brand ' At The Conference Called Wonder ' 2016

- I sat in on a workshop called ‘Using the Sunday Assembly Brand’ at the ‘Conference Called Wonder’ 2016 in Utrecht. Whilst discussing how to answer tricky questions on what the Sunday Assembly is, one American announced ‘we’re not a church’ closely followed by ‘Christians think Sundays belong to them.’ Then another American proclaimed ‘the Sunday Assembly is post-Christian’ which raised a few eyebrows. I wrote down boldly in my notebook ‘post-Christian.’ It was during this week I spoke to Maria Kittler (Leipzig University) who is a PhD candidate also studying the Sunday Assembly....   [tags: Christianity, Religion, State religion]

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State of Wonder by Ann Patchett: A Need to Reproduce Forever

- A Need to Reproduce Forever Reproducing is a decision that is irreversible and produces masses of major responsibilities and changes. However large the decision may be, there are many women who decide that they are ready too late in their lives. The delay in becoming pregnant may occur for a variety of reasons, many of which include financial or career stability, mental stability, or pregnancy through outside means, such as in vitro fertilization. Women are expected a stop in the ability to become impregnated with the arrival of menopause....   [tags: older mothers, lakashi tribe]

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The Book of Wonder: How I Started Baking

- We all have these moments in our lives these moments when we change dramatically. I never really knew how crucial this one experience would be to me. This one-day turned out o be a twisting point in my life. A point I would remember till the end of time. Okay, maybe I am exaggerating a little bit, but this experience did change me in a way. It was a usual sunny winter day here in Kiev, Ukraine. I was a little child at the age of six. My parents were at work and my nanny was on her vacation, I was home alone....   [tags: recipes, ingredients, practice, changes]

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The Song Wonder Why They Call You Bitch

- Artist are not shy about their misogynistic lyrics, one example from Tupac, who some would classify as a legend, was very vulgar in his lyrics, for example in his song Wonder Why They Call You Bitch, he raps: “Look here Miss Thang, hate to salt your game But you 's a money hungry woman and you need to change In the locker room, all the homies do is laugh High fives cause anotha nigga played your ass It was said you were sleazy, even easy Sleepin ' around for what you need See it 's your thing and you can shake it how you wanna Give it up free or make your money on the corner” This song was written in 1996, evidence that objectification of women is not a new problem....   [tags: African American, Black people, White people]

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No Wonder People Drag Them Behind Trucks

- In 1999, Disc Jockey Doug “Greaseman” Tracht made a racist comment on air during his morning radio show. He was suspended indefinitely from WARW radio station. WARW General Manager, Sarah Taylor, released an apology for his comment. Greaseman didn’t release an apology until months later. But while looking through his past and analyzing his one and only apology, it appears it may not have been a sincere apology. It doesn’t seem he is a man who learns from his mistakes but more so a man who is trying to receive forgiveness for his job back....   [tags: Black people, Race, Comment, Radio programming]

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The Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle

- The Bermuda Triangle, also known as the devils triangle, is an imaginary triangle that is to many a myth to others a huge mystery. From facts of methane gas bubbles to theories of AUTEC base, the huge mystery changes to a fact or fiction story. The Bermuda Triangle has been one of the most researched places on the planet; many people, including myself, want to know the truth behind the mystery. The Bermuda Triangle is one of the most mysterious places on Earth; however there are many theories behind this mystery, some including the government....   [tags: underwater wonder]

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Stevie Wonder

- Stevie Wonder Stevie Wonder has been a major figure within the Black Music scene over the last forty years. Stevie Wonder was born Steveland Judkins on May13, 1950, however, he now prefers to be known as Steveland Morris after his mother's married name. He was blind at birth. The cause was the prematurity of the eye. Blood vessels in the back of the eye hadn't reached the front of the eye thus when he was born, prematurely, that growth temporarily stopped then wildly took off branching out in the Vitreous of the eye....   [tags: Papers]

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Wonder Collar

- Wonder Collar Pet owners, you know that technology has given us great many tools to make life easier and happier for you and your pet. With things like invisible fencing and the microchip ID, you pet's safety is greatly increased. And with noise training products, you can live at peace with you pet humanely. But the problem with these products is that you have to buy four or five different products each with its own collar. It is impossible to use them all at one. Well this is a problem no longer with the WonderCollar....   [tags: Animals Product Advertisement Essays]

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Literature - Feminist Criticism and Wonder Woman

- Feminist Criticism and Wonder Woman Wonder Woman. To get a better picture of just who Wonder Woman is, I checked out some of her many websites last night and found a surprisingly rich archive. Wonder Woman, in fact, has a complicated, even schizophrenic, heritage. She’s been portrayed by such diverse actors as the perky Cathy Lee Crosby and Lynda Carter, who endowed her with both a competent, working woman aura and a dose of eroticism (Lynda Carter, I discovered, is the subject of a lot of Wonder Woman fetishist erotica on the Internet these days)....   [tags: Feminism Feminist Women Criticism]

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Stevie Wonder and the Crime-Fighting Werewolf

- "Stevie Wonder and the Crime-Fighting Werewolf" As is befitting a student, I have been tasked to write yet another paper, this time on the subject of my choosing that relates to issues in the digital age. As an avid fan of downloading music, I decided to discuss the subject of music file sharing. However, as many readers can attest to, diving headlong into the discussion would be both jarring and boring, and in order to spice up the paper I was assigned to give four of my sources a personality and let them discuss the topic instead of me....   [tags: Music File Sharing Technology Essays]

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Ephedrine: The Weight Loss Wonder Drug?

- Ephedrine: The Weight Loss Wonder Drug An increasing number of people are using products to enhance their diets. A recent estimate indicates, “Americans are spending some $6 billion annually on nutritional supplements, and the market is growing by 20% every year” (Zahn, 1997). Of these supplements, the increase in herbal remedy use is most dramatic. Zahn holds that the increase can be attributed to the widely held belief that herbal substances are healthy and harmless because of their natural origins (1997)....   [tags: Health Diet Papers]

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Return to Curiosity: Privileging Wonder over Rationalism in Museum Displays and Learning

- ... (Robinson, 2008) Although it is unclear whether the decline in divergent thinking over the course of childhood is directly caused by present education systems, it is clear that most learning energy is directed towards linear and rational forms of thinking. In Resonance and Wonder, Stephen Greenblatt describes the museum as a repository for traces of culture and talks about the resonance of objects. He writes: By resonance I mean the power of the object displayed to reach out beyond its formal boundaries to a larger world, to evoke in the viewer the complex, dynamic cultural forces from which it has emerged and for which as metaphor or more simply synecdoche it may be taken by a viewer t...   [tags: museum organization, contextualization]

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Black Wonder : A Woman Who Is Against The Unfair Treatment Of Black Women

- Black Wonder is a woman who is against the unfair treatment of black women and children. She has the power of knowledge and she is the wisest woman of all, her powers were acquired through her adventure into a toxic waste facility some years ago. She gained the motivation to do this through her work as a government official in the welfare office. Seeing the multitude of single moms who get denied welfare because of the women that abused welfare years ago these women were called the 'Welfare Queens’....   [tags: African American, Black people, Race]

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Failure of the Legal System in Atonement, Wonder Boys and The Round House

- The code of Hammurabi, dating back to 1772 BC, is one of the oldest recorded legal codes and reflects the early Babylonians’ views of justice. The code is best known for “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.” By enumerating punishments for certain crimes the code removes ambiguity and combined with its relatively harsh penalties, especially on lower class citizens, served as an effective deterrent. More profoundly however, Hammurabi’s code formally shifted justice-seeking responsibilities from the individual to the state....   [tags: Injustice]

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Analysis Of The Story ' I Couldn 't Help But Wonder Whom The Story ``

- When I first began reading Passing, I couldn 't help but wonder whom the story was actually about; Irene Redfield, the central character to the story, or Clare Kendry, who propels much of the main plot. The book begins with small details about Clare, from how conspicuous her letter was that she sent to Irene, to the story of her father’s death. In A Problem of Interpretation by Claudia Tate, she points out that as early as the first chapter of the story, much about Clare’s personality is revealed just by the letter and her response to her father’s death....   [tags: Black people, White people, Miscegenation, Race]

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Creative Writing: The Flying Lotus

- It all started when our overrated adventurer, The Flying Lotus, woke up in a magical cornfield. It was the first time it had happened. Feeling scarcely pleased, The Flying Lotus slapped a gerbil, thinking it would make him feel better (but as usual, it did not). A few unsatisfying minutes later, he realized that his beloved invisible cloak was missing. Immediately he called his redheaded stepchild of a 'friend', Lady Wonder. The Flying Lotus had known Lady Wonder for (plus or minus) half a million years, the majority of which were sassy ones....   [tags: lady wonder, eagles, god]

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Moby Dick and The Masque of the Red Death: True American Romanticism

- ... Using sensory imagery to exploit the five senses is also shown in “The Masque of the Red Death”. When describing the vile disease, graphic imagery is used to invoke many negative emotions. Poe writes: “No pestilence had ever been so fatal, or so hideous. Blood was its Avatar and its seal --the redness and the horror of blood. There were sharp pains, and sudden dizziness, and then profuse bleeding at the pores, with dissolution. The scarlet stains upon the body and especially upon the face of the victim, were the pest ban which shut him out from the aid and from the sympathy of his fellow-men....   [tags: feelings, nature, wonder, supernatural]

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The Modern Heroine: I Am Malala

- Joseph Campbell describes the hero’s journey as a quest where the “hero ventures forth from the world of common day into a region of supernatural wonder: fabulous forces are there encountered and a decisive victory is won: the hero comes back from this mysterious adventure with the power to bestow boons on his fellow man” (Campbell 7). The heroine’s quest, according to Valerie Estelle Frankel includes “battling through pain and intolerance, through the thorns of adversity, through death and beyond to rescue loved ones” (Frankel 11)....   [tags: joseph campbell, supernatural wonder]

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The Transformation of Heroin from a Wonder Drug to an Abused Narcotic

- The Transformation of Heroin from a Wonder Drug to an Abused Narcotic In 1898, the Bayer Company in Germany developed an opium derivative ten times more potent than morphine. This new drug was seen as a wonder drug and to suggest the heroic curative power of this new drug, its creators named it heroin. Heroin has transformed over the years from a prominent pharmaceutical drug to a very addictive and misused drug (Freeman 48). Heroin initially was available over the counter and was widely prescribed by doctors as treatment for many illnesses....   [tags: Substance Abuse Essays]

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Alice's Adventures in Wonder Land, James and the Giant Peach

- Alice's Adventures in Wonder Land, James and the Giant Peach 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland' was written by Lewis Carroll in 1865. It was written for children and is a story of a twelve year old girl who falls down a rabbit hole. On her adventures, the protagonist, Alice, comes across many weird and wonderful scenes, sites and characters. She comes across many creatures and animals with anthropomorphic behaviour. The entire story is set in a strange world of continuous change. 'James and the Giant Peach', written by Roald Dahl in 1965, is also a book written for children....   [tags: English Literature]

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Amazement and Wonder in Peter Weir’s Fearless

- Amazement and Wonder in Peter Weir’s Fearless Roger Ebert writes, “Fearless is like a short story that shines a bright light, briefly, into a corner where you usually do not look. It makes you realize how routine life can become: how it is actually possible to be bored despite the fact that a universe has evolved for eons in order to provide us with the five senses by which we perceive it. If we ever really fully perceived the cosmic situation we are in, we would drop unconscious, I imagine, from shock.” What the filmmaker, Peter Wier, is attempting to make a statement about, is that we (1) cannot live our lives in boredom of life in general and its monotony because there are far to many...   [tags: Movie Film Essays]

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