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The Role of Act Three Scene Three of Othello and How it Relates to the Whole Play

- The Role of Act Three Scene Three of Othello and How it Relates to the Whole Play Character: I am focusing on Othello and Iago. At the beginning of the play, Othello is very calm and friendly. Evidence of this is “… the goodness of the night upon you, friend…” This shows that Othello is calm and happy because he calls Cassio his friend. Shakespeare shows Othello to be calm because of his word choices. These include words such as friend. At the end of Act 3, Scene 3, Othello becomes more aggressive because of what Iago as been telling him....   [tags: Papers]

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The Dramatic Impact of Act 1 Scene 3 in Shakespeare's Othello and Its Importance to the Whole Play

- The Dramatic Impact of Act 1 Scene 3 in Shakespeare's Othello and Its Importance to the Whole Play Othello is a tragic play by Shakespeare, set in Venice during the Elizabethan time. It portrays the growth of unjustified jealousy in the noble protagonist, Othello, a Moor serving as a general in the Venetian army. The innocent object of his jealousy is his wife, Desdemona. In this domestic tragedy, Othello’s evil lieutenant Iago draws him into mistaken jealousy in order to ruin him....   [tags: Papers]

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An Analysis of Act 4, Scene 1 and Its Significance to the Play as a Whole

- Through the superficial nature of Messina, William Shakespeare presents a community of honour, critical of Elizabethan society while, through humour, addressing to the cultural apprehensions of having a female as monarch. The tragic elements of Shakespeare’s late theatrical work satirise overriding Elizabethan concern with appearances and the inevitable consequences of exclusive exterior judgement. Shakespeare conceals many of his bold political points behind humour, often expressed as wit. This curious juxtaposition of contrasting genres defines the themes of deception and disguise prevalent in Much Ado About Nothing....   [tags: Shakespearean Literature]

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The Significance of Act 1 Scene 1 in Relation to the Play as a Whole

- The Significance of Act 1 Scene 1 in Relation to the Play as a Whole Witches and evil are used to open Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth’. The author establishes an atmosphere of dread and mystery, and introduces themes of disorder and the supernatural in the first Act. Different parts of Act 1 Scene 1 can be seen throughout the play and this makes Act 1 Scene 1 significant. As the play opens the first thing the audience sees are the three evil witches. I believe Elizabethan audiences would have reacted in a negative way to the witches presence....   [tags: Papers]

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Notebook Activity # : Symbolic Play

- Notebook Activity #6- Symbolic Play Summary of experience: I really enjoyed observing for this notebook activity because for the first time in my whole life, I had to determine which toys fostered symbolic play and then I had to analyze why a certain toy was beneficial in promoting symbolic play. I observed three different classrooms for this experiment: Cherub’s Preschool, Bethel’s Mom2Mom group, and Mrs. Dexter’s kindergarten class. In the Cherub’s Preschool, the children had multiple toys that promoted symbolic learning....   [tags: Play, Developmental psychology, Learning, Play]

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Play Is A Child 's Work And Play

- Play is a child’s work and play is important for the child’s development and for children to bond with their parents and caretakers. Playing with your child offers an opportunity to get to bond and create a strong relationship. As a parent, guardian or caretaker you have taken the role of being the child’s first teacher with much of the teaching happening through play. While playing with the child it teaches them rules and what is expected out of him or her. As they grow, play teaches the child how they are expected to act in society and at home....   [tags: Play, Learning, Play, Child]

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Perspective on Death in the Play Everyman

- The play Everyman may have been written many years ago, but its lessons are still relevant today. Generally, the facts of death are very traumatizing and in fact unthinkable. This leads the modern day Everyman to ignore its significance, dying without acknowledging or reflecting on their lives here on earth. It is based on this fact that this paper aims to show the position of the author of the play “Everyman” regarding death. History of the Play Like many other morality- allegorical plays, Everyman, fits in as the finest representative of this category....   [tags: Play Analysis, History of Play]

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The Phase Of Adlerian Play Therapy

- There are a total of four phases in the Adlerian Play Therapy where the importance varies from stage to stage. This applies to the roles played by the Adlerian Play Therapist as well. As the therapist goes from one stage to another stage, the roles changes according to the stages they are in. In the first phase of Adlerian Play Therapy, relationship is the central issues. Therapist needs to build an equitable relationship with the child. Therefore the central role of the therapist in this phase will be a partner or an encourager (Kottman, 2011)....   [tags: Psychology, Play therapy, Play]

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McGregor's Theory at Whole Foods

- What role, if any, does McGregor's Theory Y play at Whole Foods. Explain McGregor has written two theories about human nature. Theory X basically assumes that people will do the least amount of work required of them. That they will need to be monitored and workers will need a set of rules for every employee to follow . There is also no incentive for them to go above their current job duty. Theory Y basically believes that if you give the employee the opportunity to do well the employee will take that opportunity and use it to the best of their abilities....   [tags: Human Nature, Least Amount of Work]

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Play : The Meaning And Importance

- Play: The Meaning and Importance When one thinks on the subject of playing what comes to mind. It is most likely the thought of having fun and a good time, not the thought of a learning experience. Educators notice the concept of play as a tool that can be applied to aid a child succeed and grow as individuals. The meaning of play can be defined through research as well as how it can assist in the development of a child’s personal skills through play experiences. The learning process for a child can be traced back as far as their environment during the early stages of life....   [tags: Developmental psychology, Play, Learning]

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An Analysis in Feminism in the Play 'Lysistrata'

- In Aristophanes play Lysistrata, the women of Greece take on the men to stop the raging war between the Athenians and the Spartans. To stop the war, the women withhold sex from their male counterparts, and take over the Acropolis for themselves. The women are indeed triumphant in their goals to stop the war, and the Athenians and Spartans come to an understanding. What is blatantly ignored, however, is that Aristophanes creates a gender war that, although seemingly rejoices the actions of the women, instead mocks the women’s power-struggle in a male dominated society, focuses on the male-privilege seen throughout the entirety of the play, and should be disregarded in the fact that this play...   [tags: Aristophanes play, ancient Greek drama]

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The Character Of Masha. Priestley 's ' The Play '

- The play itself is very relatable as are the characters. I connected the most with Masha. I genuinely wish we could have seen more of her. When she was on stage the atmosphere of the whole theatre changed for me, I became suspended on some place I was previously unaware of. Not completely wrapped up in the world being portrayed on the stage, but I was no longer in reality. Movement throughout the play was confusing. For the majority of characters there had been little purpose of movement. People don’t move without purpose, people are lazy....   [tags: Emotion, Feeling, The Stage, The Play]

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The Approach Activity : Make Believe Play

- ASSIGNMENT #4 Vygotskian Approach Activity – Make-Believe Play There will be two lists of make-believe scenarios; one that all children should be able to recognize such as grocery-shopping, playing house, going to the playground, etc. And the other will be less common ones, such as going to a car shop, making a building, being a doctor etc., those will have instructions on how to teach the kids the scenarios so they can play it on their own. The teacher will be there each step of the way until the children no longer need the social input of the teacher and can begin to play amongst themselves like with the extremely common ones....   [tags: Developmental psychology, Play, Learning]

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The Homeschool Soccer Team : A Good Time And Play For God

- Problems have arose with the homeschool Saturday soccer team that was created to have a good time and play for God. This was a very special thing for all ages because there was no other leagues that played for God or any homeschooled ones for that matter. The only other options for a soccer league would be the county’s league, however, they had a few problems of their own. People started signing up for the new league to avoid these problems but unfortunately different issues have occurred....   [tags: Game, Play, Want, The League]

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Ayurveda: Study of the Body as a Whole

- Ayurveda studies the human body as a whole functional unit, rather than individual ones. The human body is complex in nature which compromises of organs and tissues that function in perfect harmony with each other to ensure health. Dhatus which are the several tissues in the body are responsible for functioning and maintaining organ functions and the structure of the body. Ayurveda recognizes the following seven dhatus: Rasa - Sap/FluidChyle. Rakta - Blood. Mamsa - Muscle. Asthi - Bone Majja - Bone Marrow Meda – Fat, Brain and Spinal Cord Sukra - Sperm and Ovum These seven tissues are vital to the growth and development of the body....   [tags: Health]

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What is the Whole-Person Program?

- The Washington State Institute for Public Policy estimates a new prison costs roughly $250 million to build, and approximately $45 million per year to operate (Aos, Drake, & Miller, 2006). Based on their estimations of the prison population growth in the next fifteen years, Washington State will need three new prisons by the year 2030 (Aos, Drake, & Miller, 2006). Studies have indicated that a number of factors influence the probability of adult criminality. Chief among these are low levels of educational attainment (Education and Public Safety, 2007), which is influenced by high levels in absenteeism in children with health issues (Basch, 2010), problem behaviors in school, and general juve...   [tags: Education, Peer, School]

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William Shakespeare 's Play And The Miracle Play

- The whole play of Everyman could be seen as a performance to entertain. Morality plays were very popular during the 15th century and they had a big attraction to viewers. According to the British Encyclopedia, “Together with the mystery play and the miracle play, the morality play is one of the three main types of vernacular drama produced during the Middle Ages. The action of the morality play centres on a hero, such as Mankind, whose inherent weaknesses are assaulted by such personified diabolic forces as the Seven Deadly Sins…” This fits the description of Everyman due to the fact that Everyman reflects mankind and the struggles he faces....   [tags: Seven deadly sins, Pride, Lust, Gluttony]

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Centered Around Playing Baseball, David Perkins' Book, Making Learning Whole

- The book Making Learning Whole by David Perkins is developed teaching examples centered on a metaphor of playing a baseball game. Perkins feels that education is damaged when teachers break down knowledge into individual facts. When teachers teach only bits and pieces of knowledge at a time, students only get bits and pieces and not the overall picture. This hampers the students overall learning potential. I feel that his analysis about learning about realistic activities and getting students to engage in each aspect of learning will allow the student to acquire more meaningful connections in learning....   [tags: enlightenment, empowerment, and responsibility]

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Analysis Of The Play ' Tom Jones '

- The past week on October 1st I attended the play Tom Jones presented by the Butler community college musical theater cast. They did a wonderful job on opening night, I would definitely go see it again. The Butler Community College Theater Department produced this with the help of the Bob Peterson and the cast of the production. This play was performed at the Butler arts building in there theater. The audience I thought was focused on the play and loved the way they set up the stage. When Brandon McKinney (Partridge) came out he got the audience’s attention right away with his comedy....   [tags: Theatre, Performance]

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The Influence of Play on Child Development

- Children develop normally when they are exposed to different types of play that allow them to express themselves while using their imaginations and being physically active. According to the Center for Health Education, Training and Nutrition Awareness, “Play is child’s work”; this is true because it is a child’s job is to learn and develop in their first few years of life, in order for them to do this, they play (CHETNA). Not only is playing a child’s full time job, the United Nations High Commission for Human Rights listed play as a right of every child (Ginsburg)....   [tags: social issues, children ]

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Play is important for development and learning.

- Play is a freely chosen and personally directed behaviour that actively engages children. It is very important that early years practitioners have a good grasp on this subject as the developmental usefulness of play for a child is extremely significant. For children, play provides them with the necessary skills to develop: socially, emotionally, physically and creatively. Bruce (2004) explores the fact that play is a valuable tool for children to discover their environment and to learn about why things happen using all of their senses both indoors and outdoors....   [tags: Legal Issues, The Childcare Act]

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The Polysemic Nature Of The Play Othello

- The polysemic nature of the play Othello enables a myriad of interpretation and perspectives take explained and accepted. This is evident through the various critics and films that have all interpreted Othello in different yet plausible ways. Issues such as racism, sexism, jealousy and love have been frequently noted in the play allowing Shakespeare to convey how he felt about his society at the time. Applying these matters to his works, not only has he expressed his views on the society, he has also allowed us to grasp what it was like during that period of time....   [tags: Shakespearean Literature]

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Analysis Of The Play ' The ' Of The Loman Family '

- Willy, Linda, Biff and Happy are all characters that use self- deception as a way to mentally escape the terrible reality of their lives. As the play progresses, and ends Biff is truly the one and only character that becomes self- aware. At the end of the play Biff accepts the lies his family and him have been living in for years. Biff makes huge changes mentally at the end of the play, which cannot be said for the rest of the Loman family. Linda Loman is the enabler of the Loman family, and also uses self- deception to escape her life mentally....   [tags: Death of a Salesman, Arthur Miller, Brian Dennehy]

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Closure in the Play Waiting for Godot

- Closure is a very important aspect of a narrative. Closure or the lack of it accomplishes the goal of a creating a text which readers would want to continue reading to find out the ending, it helps to lead the reader on. The term “closure” according to Abott is “best understood as something we look for in narrative, as desire that authors understand and often expend art to satisfy or frustrate” (Abott, 57).In the play Waiting for Godot, the lack of closure is very evident through out it. This play significantly follows the hermeneutic code, the level of questions/answers....   [tags: absurdist, code, audience, questions]

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Theater Analysis of the Play "Seagull"

- In the beginning of October I went to see a play “Seagull” at the LYNN Redgrave Theater that was staged as a part of a culture product. The original play was written by one of my favorite Russian authors Anton Chekhov, and that is why I chose to go and see it. I read the play before, and it was interesting for me to see an English/Irish adaptation of it. When I first entered the theater, I noticed that the scenery and the set of the play itself were small and modest. The set itself was a mixture of proscenium stage and black box stage....   [tags: names, scenes, wardrobe, directing]

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Analysis of the Second Shepherds' Play

- Ultimately, I feel that this play is putting to perspective the Christian religious practices; by at the end of the play [the reader] should be able to understand that through forgiveness, a reward is possible. I feel that this play teaches those who follow the Christian faith that they’re people in the world who carry out and do the most outlandish of ideas which may get them caught. Instead of the person being punished for their deed of infraction or as part of punishment, forgive them and you shall be rewarded based on your ability to forgive those who trespass against you (reference to Moses’ Ten Commandments)....   [tags: Christian, Christianity]

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Pride in the Play Antigone, by Sophocles

- The great Saint Augustine once said, “It was pride that changed angels into devils; it is humility that makes men as angels” (Enchiridion of Augustine chap. 27). Hubris “a great or foolish amount of pride or confidence”. This is a very important word in the play and for the characters. It is displayed in the play because it makes it more interesting in so many ways. Many of the conflicts are caused because of hubris. In a way it is good to have pride, but an excessive amount of pride can be harmful....   [tags: Tragedy, Prideful]

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Doubt: Comparing the Play and Movie

- The differences between the movie doubt and the play have significant differences that would influence ones opinion about certain characters and situations in the story. Though the differences are few one would agree that at least one of these differences are game changers or at the very least they get you thinking and having doubts of your own. John Patrick Shanley creates a movie as a whole I feel was more informative than the play. In the play you have 4 characters Sister Aloysius, Father Flynn, Sister James, and Mrs....   [tags: film, john patrick shanley]

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Hamlet, Play and the Movie

- ... Act I Scene V is one of the most important parts of the play because; the themes of vengeance, madness and family start to develop in the play. The psychological conflict Hamlet has to deal with is shown over the quest of taking vengeance on his uncle Claudius for killing his father. Hamlets inability to act on his thoughts and plans creates a lot of dialogue and soliloquies, which displays the different mental stages of Hamlet throughout the play. The interchange of action among Hamlet and the audience and then Hamlet and other characters shows the internal and external character of Hamlet....   [tags: Shakespeare on film]

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Play Influence on Child Development

- Children develop normally when they are exposed to different types of play that allow them to express themselves while using their imaginations and being physically active. According to the Center for Health Education, Training and Nutrition Awareness, “Play is child’s work”; this is true because it is a child’s job to learn and develop in their first few years of life, in order for them to do this, they play. Not only is playing a child’s full time job, the United Nations High Commission for Human Rights listed play as a right of every child....   [tags: emotional and social development]

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Medea, A Play By Euripides

- “Medea,” a play by Euripides, depicts the difficulties that befall women and how their suffering from mistreatment, turned her to commit violent and terrible transgressions. Medea’s display of ceaseless demoralized actions lead to the death of nearly her entire family. The text depicts powerless women that live under the rule of their husbands in a male dominated society. Medea rises against societal norms during this time by her strong belief in her own ideas, she rises to power, and begins to challenge the idea of a strong, heroic character....   [tags: Gender role, Gender, Woman, Man]

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Money And Fair Play Analysis

- Money and fair play are two words that do not normally go together when it comes to how it is received. Scamming is always present, in many different forms and carried out in many different ways. One of these ways is called "insider trading". This method of cheating the system is commonly found in the world of stocks, which is a huge factor in the economy. Using information one acquires from their status in society, in benefit towards themselves, without the outside world knowing is considered not only illegal but unethical by many....   [tags: Stock market, Stock exchange, Stock]

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How Play influences Development

- A princess wearing a fluffy pink gown with sparkles, flowers, and diamonds stand in her tower over looking her village. Suddenly a fire-breathing dragon comes out of nowhere knocking down the village houses. The princess will need to save the day. This is just one way children pretend and play. In this little fantasy simple items transform into towers, houses, and dragons. Play is a vital part of development and early learning. Play influence cognitive, social, emotional development as well as with self-regulation, motivation, and decentration....   [tags: Psychology]

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Racism Is Not The Whole Story Of Any Religion

- In various types of religions women have been viewed as the downcast, the ones that do not seem to play the biggest roles in religion. Women have been criticized and shown a lack of respect or tolerance in many readings from ancient history; the best example being the story told of Adam and Eve in the Catholic Bible, the reason everything went wrong was due to Eve. In fact, in most religious readings women have been to blame for various failures. Gross makes a bold statement and states that “Misogyny is not the whole story of any religion”, misogyny meaning the hatred against women....   [tags: Religion, Gender, Christianity]

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The Whole Town's Sleeping and Terribly Strange Bed

- The Whole Town's Sleeping and Terribly Strange Bed In this essay I will be comparing two (2) short stories 'The Whole Town's sleeping' by Ray Bradbury (1950) and 'A Terribly Strange Bed' by Wilkie Collins (1856). Both stories are about fear and they make us feel fear or are supposed to; they make the reader scared or frightened. Both stories have the same purpose, which is so scare the reader. I am going to compare the way Ray Bradbury and Wilkie Collins create tension, suspense, mood and tone....   [tags: English Literature]

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Whole Foods Market: It’s Organic

- John Mackey and Renee Lawson Hardy, the co-founders of the current Whole Foods Market, simply wanted to provide quality healthy food to the American consumer. This was about three decades ago when the first store opened. According to Mackey, making money was not the first priory, but helping people to eat better was. Happily for Mackey and Lawson, the residents of Austin Texas were hungry, no pun intended, for just this type of product. At the time, though there were several small independent healthy food stores, there was not a full sized grocery store....   [tags: healthy food, john mackey, renee lawson]

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Honesty and Trust Throughout Othello Play

- Honesty can be defined as free of deceit and untruthfulness; sincere. In Shakespeare’s play, “Othello”, honesty has a very ironic pat. The theme of this play is basically all about honesty and trust. Throughout “Othello” you will be able to notice the irony of how honesty is used. It all begins when Othello put Michael Cassio, who is not as experienced of a soldier as lieutenant over Iago. Iago is very jealous of Cassio and has hatred toward Iago that he starts coming up with plans to ruin Othello and Michael Cassio....   [tags: othello, honesty, shakespeare]

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Characteristics of William Shakespeare´s Play

- ... From the outset, the play suggests the impossibility of presenting the events as they really were, as the Chorus vainly wishes for “[a] kingdom for a stage, princes to act, / and monarchs to behold the swelling scene” (Act 1, Prologue,3–4). Back in the Elizabethan Era there were no movies or hockey games, most people looked forward to going to the afternoon play. These plays that lasted for days were the highlight of most peoples day. The chorus was also in a lively mood, encouraging the audience to using their imagination....   [tags: Henry V, chrous, analysis]

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Revenge in Shakespeare´s Play Hamlet

- ... Hamlet and Laertes both have feelings for Ophelia. Being her brother Laertes openly expresses throughout the whole play. He warns her to be wary of Hamlet’s love. He warns her that Hamlet is only using her. At first it does not seem like Hamlet loves Ophelia, shown by his actions to her. “If thou dost marry, I’ll give thee this plague for thy dowry. Be thou as chaste as ice, as pure as snow, thou shalt not escape calumny. Get thee to a nunnery, go. Farewell. Or, if thou wilt needs marry, marry a fool, for wise men know well enough what monsters you make of them....   [tags: love, father, responses, death]

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Hard Play Space And ' Hard ' Play

- Students associate tarmac into a negative term. This object signifies 'hard play space and 'hard ' play.” Since students constantly play on this, it was not common for them to think that failing and injuring themselves was completely acceptable. “Tarmac was also associated with aggressive games and domination of space by older/bigger children,” because the majority of the games that were played on blacktop were games that involved running, pushing, and knocking into each other. Grass is the total opposite of a blacktop....   [tags: School, High school, Want, Tree climbing]

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Daniel H. Pink's Critique of A Whole New Mind

- ... Meaning. Pink devotes one chapter to each of these six senses, describing how they are being put to use in business and everyday life. Pink puts forth the thesis that we are moving out of the centuries of left-brain dominance and into a new era where right brain qualities will be prized and necessary and to thrive in this new Age we need to take on a whole minded approach to work and life. Daniel Pink suggests that because of three forces; abundance, Asia, and automation today’s society is moving from a Knowledge Age into a Conceptual Age in which there is a greater need for the kind of thinking and attitudes characterized by the right hemisphere of the brain....   [tags: brain, dominance, hemisphere]

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Description of the Whole Nike T90 Laser III Advertisement

- What is the main thing that a soccer player wants in his/her game. A perfect pair of soccer shoe for his game. Shoes that give them full control over the ball with a perfect accuracy that help him to soccer a goal. In my opinion, Nike did an excellent job in making their advertisement about their new T90 III laser soccer shoe. The main theme of the Nike – T90 III shoes in the advertisement, “Nike – Hit the Target,” is no matter how good you play or how famous you are in the soccer world. You still need a pair of shoe that will help in gaining control over the soccer ball and give you accuracy with speed....   [tags: soccer shoes, t90 shoes, nike, ads]

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The Purpose of Education and Daniel Pink's A Whole New Mind

- Purpose of Education What is the purpose of education. Is education about preparing students for a specific career or is it about teaching students lifelong values, discipline, and the ability to explore new ideas and to think independently. There have been several goals of education over the years. Some included preparing children for citizenship, to prepare for the skilled workforce, to teach literacy, to help students become critical thinkers and to help students compete in a global marketplace....   [tags: education, learning, SAT]

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The Whole Point Of Tanstaafl Is An Article By David Henderson

- The whole point of TANSTAAFL is that everything cost something, whether you are referring to money, resources, labor, or time everything requires some sort of trade off. This directly applies to opportunity cost, which is defined as the highest valued alternatives that must be given up to engage in an activity. So a basic example for there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch would be to relate to the actual reference food. For instance lunch is not free and it is more expensive when you go and buy lunch instead of packing it....   [tags: Economics, Economics terminology]

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How to Listen to Music With Your Whole Body

- After watching how to listen to music with your whole body I had felt surprised that she had such a firm grasp of music and sound. She had described in the 30 minute video that just because a particular body part’s main function is something, doesn’t mean that other body parts can’t also be used to hear it, smell it, taste it, feel it, and see it. I also recognized what she had meant when she played interpretations of music rather than the sheet music, I have done the same with Aztec fire. The interpretations though seemed to be more erratic than the regular music....   [tags: Music]

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The Agriculture Of Vietnam Is The Most Successful Sector Of The Whole Economy

- Relevance – Problems to be addressed and expected results After 30 years of reforms (Doi Moi) from central-planned economy to market economy, the agriculture of Vietnam is the most successful sector of the whole economy. The impressive achievements of Vietnam agriculture were to ensure national food security, significantly contribute to poverty reduction, contribute up to 15-20% of total export turnover and create employments for 50% of total labours. These achievements has been rooted from the endless efforts of 10 million small-scale farmer households and 13 thousand rural enterprises catalysed by innovative policies of the government, of which land reform granting the land use right to sm...   [tags: Agriculture, Poverty, Food security]

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Bill Evans : The Great Influence On A Whole Genre Of Music

- A single artist can have a very strong impact on a whole genre of Music. We have seen this time and time again through artists such as Charlie Parker, David Brubeck, John Coltrane, Art Blakey, Miles Davis, and various others. All of these artists had tremendous influences on the different eras that evolved throughout the history of Jazz. Bill Evans, and American jazz pianist, was no different. Just as Charlie Parker had started the evolution of Bebop and influenced the subsequent generations of Jazz Artists, Bill Evans has influenced Modern Jazz and the generations of artists that followed him....   [tags: Jazz, Miles Davis, Bill Evans, Kind of Blue]

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Culture Is The Whole Way Of Living For A Group Of Individuals

- Culture is the whole way of living for a group of individuals. It includes the cultures gestures, languages, style, music, and beauty standards. Culture being the basic beliefs and assumptions it defers all around the world. The dominant culture is the most solid group among the rest when it comes to social norms, values, and practices. Sub-cultures are the non-dominant groups in which are a culture within a culture. Counter-counters are another sub group but are the complete opposite due to the norms and values....   [tags: Culture, Sociology, Norm, Popular culture]

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The Effects of Unhealthy Human Sexuality on Whole Person Health

- Unhealthy sexual activity has a profound effect on one’s mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being because there is a chemical release that occurs during orgasm that creates a bond between two people; soul ties are created with each sexual encounter; engaging in early sexual activity fosters unhealthy views; sexual abuse is somewhat common, and it is destructive; pornography and the lack of a father figure results in unhealthy views of one’s self. Exploring the chemical bond reveals that there has been much research in regards to the chemicals released in the brain during sexual activity and the effect that the bonds created during such activity has on one’s whole person health....   [tags: Academic Essays]

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First 5 : An Advertisement For Parents

- First 5: An Advertisement for Parents As a mother, I have seen a lot of children having difficulties in society’s activities, lost confidence, or difficulties making friends. Most could have prevented those problems if children had been preparing for their future years earlier by parents. Parents consider spending time for their children to play and share different activities because those activities have important effects to grow up children in physical and mental health. Therefore, in the First 5 advertisement of Fresno County, to convince the parents spending time with their children to talk and play with children, there is a big, bold red text on the left “Stop and Play, Make Time Today...   [tags: Family, Learning, Play, Play]

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Characters that Reveal the Whole of Reality in Famous Literary Works by Sophocles, Kalidasa, and Shakespeare

- Characters that Reveal the Whole of Reality in Famous Literary Works by Sophocles, Kalidasa, and Shakespeare In Sophocles' Oedipus the King, Kalidasa's Sakuntala and the Ring of Recollection, and Shakespeare's King Lear, there are characters that help the hypothetical figure see the "whole of reality". In Oedipus the King the characters Jocasta and Tiresias allow Oedipus realize his tragic flaw. The same can be said of Kent in King Lear. Also, in Sakuntala and the Ring of Recollection the ring that was given to Sakuntala is the catalyst that allowed King Dusyanta realize that Sakuntala was indeed his wife....   [tags: Papers]

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Romeo and Juliet as a Violent Play

- Romeo and Juliet as a Violent Play Williams Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet" is often described as the story of "a couple of unfortunate lovers." Some of the story is written in the form of a sonnet (love poem with fourteen lines) which blends in with the theme of the play, a 'love tragedy.' The play was written back in the 1600's when Shakespeare was in his prime. Some other plays of his include Othello and the very famous Macbeth. The play displays many different themes including love, crime, confrontation and violence....   [tags: Papers]

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A Christmas Carol: A Morality Play

- A morality play, not unlike some of the popular plays I have seen. I think we all have seen this familiar theme many times over the years. As we head into the Christmas season, where reflective thinking becomes this very theme. I can compare this play with some of these seasonal plays. The play that comes to my mind immediately is, "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens. This theme of reviewing ones life as we are approached by death or the impending visit of death is very recognizable. Scrooge is visited by the spirit of Marley in the Dickens play and told of his impending doom....   [tags: World Cultures]

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Review of the Play Marisol

- Review of the Play Marisol Since this is a review and its based on my opinion, I would have to say this was one of the worst plays I've ever seen in my life. I wasn't entertained by the play at all. The only good parts were the good-looking girls in the play. I like the main character Marisol based only on her looks. She played on ok job of acting. I realize she had a lot of lines to memorize which she had down, but she just didn't get to me. I think the costumes were ok. They had nothing special, or out of the ordinary except for the angel's wings, which were pretty nice....   [tags: Papers]

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The Play By Harry Potter And The Cursed Child By Jack Thorne

- The Play Text, Its Context & the Ideas Presented in the Play The play I picked for my director’s notebook was Harry Potter and The Cursed Child by Jack Thorne, J.K. Rowling and John Tiffany. A few factors went into me choosing this as my play. These reasons include the buildup that went into the revealing of the play itself as well as the idea of all the technical elements that I’d heard so much about in the previously referred to build up. This play also holds a lot of significance to me as a person due to the way the original series helped me grow up and I feel this play may do the same....   [tags: Harry Potter, Hogwarts, J. K. Rowling]

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Analysis Of ' Toussaint Louverture ' A Play By C.l. R James

- "Toussaint Louverture," a play by C.L.R James was produced in London in 1936. Paul Robeson, in the title role, played the military genius who led a slave revolt on the island known as San Domingo to its ultimate triumph: the creation of the republic of Haiti. After reading the play we began looking at the collection of reviews compiled at the end of the book. When reading through these reviews a few common themes emerged but the most absurd and repeating claim to me was the theme of propaganda....   [tags: Black people, White people, Race, Slavery]

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William Shakespeare 's ' The Play ' Doubt : A Parable '

- “Doubt can be a bond as powerful and sustaining as certainty. When you are lost, you are not alone.” —Father Flynn. On October 2, 2015 at 7:30 P.M. in the Trahern Theatre, I went to see the play Doubt: A Parable. It was very successful at how the elements of the play brought it to life. It made you feel like you were actually a part of the whole play and not just an audience member. All the actors, scenery, costumes, lights, and sounds were very effective how it brought the play to life. The actor who portrayed Father Flynn was Zachery Schaflein; the way he represented that role was exactly the way I imagined the priest would perform....   [tags: Performance, Actor, Catholic Church, Theatre]

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Inward and Outward Conflict in Shakespeare’s play “Hamlet"

- In Shakespeare’s dramas, conflict is undeniably the most essential part. Shakespeare’s play “Hamlet” becomes one of the most discussed plays about this subject. “Hamlet” brings out many arguments and interpretations, such as political symbolisms of modern society, relation with religions, types of conflicts and its consequences. Throughout the play, Hamlet’s acts of revenge for his father’s death become inward and outward conflicts of the story. In the play Hamlet, the audience can see that young prince of Denmark returns home from his school to seek the truth about his father’s death....   [tags: Literary Analysis, English Literature]

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Hamlet Is One Of Shakespeare 's Most Complex Play

- Hamlet is one of Shakespeare’s most complex play. By integrating plot within another pot. It mostly surrounds the lives of the nobilities, and most of their conflicts. It also containing the nobilities of another country Denmark. Shakespeare uses soliloquies of Hamlet throughout the entirety play, this is because Shakespeare wants the audience to know the emotional break down Hamlet is having as a result of this father’s death and the plans on how to get revenge. Hamlet has seven soliloquies in the play that gives the audience a closer look has, to what is Hamlet feeling in different parts of the play....   [tags: Hamlet, KILL, William Shakespeare, Denmark]

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Using Role Play for Developing Speaking Skill in English

- Introduction In recent years Odisha has become a hub of technical educational institutions. The focus in these institutions is the development of technical skills. However, it has also been observed that mere technical expertise does not ensure employability. Good communication skills are required to succeed in the profession. Hence, an attempt is being made to impart communication skills to technical students. The participation of students in English language classroom, however, is not very encouraging....   [tags: Odisha, technical educational institution]

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Exploring the Concepts of Anger and Revenge in Miller's Play, The Crucible

- In the play “The Crucible”, Miller explores the concept of anger and revenge through the complicated relationships in Salem. Through the whole play, anger keeps increasing and sadly succeeds the people who wanted revenge. Miller shows us the idea that your anger can be used as a tool to your enemies for it blinds you from seeing things as it truly are. However, the triumph of revenge is only an illusion, for the dying of the characters shows that they had actually won through their persistence of their personal integrity....   [tags: Essay on The Crucible]

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What role does the supernatural play in the downfall of Macbeth?

- From the very start of the play we are introduced to the witches. When the play opens, there is thunder rolling around and the witches appear on stage. The thunder is symbolic of unrest and gives the audience the first impression that the play will explore order and disorder. Jacobeans believed thunder releasing forces of evil and was an omen of unrest in individual people and whole countries. This conveys a very dramatic atmosphere. Shakespeare also puts the witches at the forefront of the play to show how malicious, spiteful and vengeful they are, this is also repeated in scene 3, also by placing them in the opening scene he is stressing their input and informing the audience that the supe...   [tags: Shakespearean Literature]

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Byj.b Burns : A Post Electric Play At Fisher Theater

- This past Friday I went and saw Mr. Burns: a Post-Electric Play at Fisher Theater. Throughout the play I took note of important scenes and how the actors and actresses acted and reacted. I noticed their vocal production, movement, facial expression and much more in these scenes. All of these things brought the play together to make it a believable performance. In Act I, the first thing I notice is movement and vocal production. The character, Matt, is remembering an episode of The Simpsons, which you later find out holds importance to the play as a whole....   [tags: Actor, Acting, Theatre, The Simpsons]

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Teaching Practicum: The Importance of Play and Creativity in Primary schools

- It was a Friday afternoon with class three and the children were very excited. We had planned an activity on play, which was “adult directed” (Study topic 13, p.5) where the children were given many different materials with which they could build a model that had to do with water that was their present unit of inquiry. We often plan classes like this on Friday afternoons because the children seem to have difficulties concentrating at the end of the week. The materials we gave them ranged from Lego and wood blocks, to construction paper and felt tipped pens....   [tags: Education, Practicum, early childhood education]

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Analysis Of The Play ' Los 1861-1865 ' By Luis Valdez

- The Play “Los Vendidos” by Luis Valdez has a lot of stereotypes and racism, the racial majority is the Mexican race and they are seen differently from other races and ethnicities. “Los Vendidos” has a connection to Valdez’s childhood and to all the Mexican immigrant families in the United States. Mexicans are not just seen as hard working people but criminals and slaves. What is Valdez trying to persuade about the Mexican race. Valdez is trying to persuade that the racism towards mexicans should end, because we as human beings are equal....   [tags: Mexican American, United States, Race]

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Othello by William Shakespeare: An Epic Play Worth Reading

- Have you ever seen a play that has a unique cast of characters and clearly shows us how when you love somebody, they can eventually stab you in the back or when you kill somebody they stay alive even though you stab them in the back numerous times and they apologize for something they did to you. I can think of one play that can answer each of these questions and a whole lot more. This play is Shakesphere’s Othello and it is one with an epic war between Love and Evil. While reading Othello, one encounters such diverse and dynamic characters as, Othello, Desdemona, Rodergio, Iago, and Cassio....   [tags: love, evil, jeaulosy, lago]

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The Importance of Reading Out Loud and Print for Children

- There are many developmentally appropriate practices for young children especially in regards to reading and writing. Reading aloud to children is one of them. Reading out load to children helps with their reading and writing skills but it also helps builds children’s thinking and reason. two domains to literacy that most teachers and parents seem to forget Another appropriate practice is building exposure to and concepts about print. This can be done through big books and by point to individual words....   [tags: Literacy, Play ]

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The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams

- ... He removes himself from his locale and goes to the movies claiming, “I go to the movies because – I like adventure. Adventure is something I don’t have of at work, so I go to the movies” (Williams, 51). To foreshadow his escape in the final scene of the play uses the fire escape simply by, “light[ing] a cigarette and go[ing] over to the fire-escape door” (Williams, 77). In the end, the fire escape that symbolizes his yearn of escape brings him to the begin a new life as he, “ descend[s] the steps of this fire escape for a last time and followed, from then on, in my father’s footsteps, attempting to find in motion what was lost in space” (Williams, 115)....   [tags: play analysis]

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play review

- Play Review “COPS” When I found out that I had to attend theater Play’s [plays] for class I was looking forward to attending them. I told my wife that I had to attend and she had to go with me. Since I was not too excited about going to a play I let my wife pick out the play. We decided to see “COPS” at the Steve Allen Theater in Hollywood. The two main characters are undercover Chicago police officers. They would always come to the diner early in the morning and tell stories of there experiences in the police department....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Hamlet: Mad or Faking it?

- Hamlet, a well-known play written by Shakespeare is a story where a good amount of ink has been spilled. Hamlet outwardly acts mad to disguise a violent plan to avenge his murdered father. However, many wonder if Hamlet’s madness was real. Based off The article Hamlet’s Grief by Arthur Kirsh, I believe that Hamlet truly did only fake madness; any further instability in came from mourning and not a true mental illness. This Article discusses more than just Hamlet’s story and character but it does tell the reader about Hamlet’s madness....   [tags: Shakespeare, Play]

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Foul Play

- It was late in the evening. There was a man sitting in a chair and flipping channels eagerly between two baseball games on TV. The man's name was Les Sutton. He was a towering man standing 6'3". He was built, worked out a lot and looked like someone not to meet in a dark alley.Les was a detective. His skills of deduction were brilliant. He also had an assistant. Les's long time pal and partner's name was Jason Meisch. Jason was also very tall but he was more lanky, built more like a basketball player....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Six Types of Play Children Participate In

- The Six Types of Play Children Participate In Introduction - In this investigation I am going to look in text books to see what information I can find on the six different types of play that children use each day of their lives. I hope I will find out a lot of information and learn about how play types change. My investigation - This is all the different types of play I found out about from text books Discovery play - This uses all the senses to find things out about the things they are playing with like its size, shape, texture, colour, weight, how they are made, what they can do and if they can be broken....   [tags: Free Essays]

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The Relationship Between Sign Structure and Play

- Noncenter[losscenter] By: Omer Zalmanowitz Response prompt on Jacques Derrida How to determine something not to exist, or its nonexistence other than the loss of its existence. How to determine history other than being an intermediary between two presents. How to determine nature and culture simultaneously, since opposition exists between both, how to bridge their opposites into a mutual toleration....   [tags: Comparative Literature]

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Tragic Imagination: Shakespeare's Macbeth

- ... In William Shakespeare’s play, Macbeth, the main character is often influenced by his imaginative mind, and evidence of this can be found in three scenes: act 2, scene 2 after the murder of king Duncan; act 3, scene 4 when banquo’s ghost haunts the feast; and act 5, scene 3 before the final battle. To begin, Macbeth’s imagination in 2:2 adds to the tragedy by foreshadowing events that will take place later on in the play. After Macbeth has killed the great monarch Duncan, he and his wife converse about the events that had occurred....   [tags: play analysis]

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Impressions of the Play Titled Cleaning Up

- Impressions of the Play Titled Cleaning Up This essay will be based on my, impressions of the play, 'Cleaning Up' which I saw on 25/03/04. The name of the company performing the play was 'Theatre Venture'. There were four members of this company and between them they shared the roles. My first impressions when entering the theatre hall were very good ones. The first thing I noticed was the almost intimidating music playing in the background. This music caught my attention because it was simply interesting....   [tags: Papers]

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How Does Whole Food Build Human And Social Capital?

- How Does Whole Food Build Human And Social Capital. Organizations must have social capitalism in order to strategize and stay competitive with other individuals or companies in order to benefit. Whole foods market took things to the next level by understanding the ability to trade their property with whoever they want. Knowing when the time is right to make a move so that nothing is jeopardized. There are several points that must be made, know the laws that surround the business, the value of the business, and the profits of the shareholders....   [tags: Sociology, Social network, Management]

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The Differing Right and Left Brains: From A Whole New Mind by Daniel Pink

- Some do not believe that we have a left and right brain. However, A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule The Future by Daniel H. Pink explains that the left and right hemispheres of the brain control different abilities. I have learned from this book how society and the economy have shifted from the “Information Age” to a “Conceptual Age,” how the arguments of left brain theorists (L- directed) differ from those of right brain theorists (R-directed), the three A’s of abundance, automation, and Asia, and the six essential aptitudes or “six senses” of Design, Story, Symphony, Empathy, Play and Meaning....   [tags: success, business, characteristics]

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The Advantages of Presenting Ideas Through a Play

- The Advantages of Presenting Ideas Through a Play 'Stones in his Pocket' was written by Marie Jones and it is about a film company which is making a feature film in County Kerry in Ireland where some of the local are employed as extras. In 1952 the film 'The Quiet Man' starring John Wayne was also practically set in the same place. The play tells the story of, Sean a young Irish teenager and two Irish extras, Jake and Charlie who give their views and how if effects the village The advantages of a play over a movie or a book are numerous....   [tags: Papers]

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Democracy Is A System Of Government By The Whole Population Or All The Eligible Members Of A State

- What is democracy. Democracy is a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives. Democracies are based on "rule of law." The Ancient Greeks particularly Aristotle valued natural law, the notion that human societies should be governed by ethical principles found in nature ( Athens had an extraordinary system of government. A form of direct democracy in ancient Greece was practiced in the ancient city-state of Athens for about 100 years....   [tags: Athenian democracy, Ancient Greece, Democracy]

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The Portrayal of Romeo and Juliet's Relationship in the Play

- The Portrayal of Romeo and Juliet's Relationship in the Play In my opinion, the relationship between Romeo and Juliet is portrayed in lots of different ways. It is portrayed as tragic, united, shows signs of true and untrue love, and also shows signs that the couple are a victim of fate. In the prologue, we learn that the play will end in tragedy. 'The fearful passage of their death marked love' This quote is a good summary of their relationship; they are in love but this love leads to death at the end of the 'passage'....   [tags: Papers]

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