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The History of Whiskey

- ... People who live on farms and who makes homemade whiskey use corn, just like making Moonshine. When Whiskey was first invented from people they started out with Charred White Oak. There is a variety of whiskies made throughout the world and the kinds are American Whiskey, made in the U.S., but sold in a lot more other countries. There’s Bourbon Whiskey, Corn Whiskey, the most famous whiskey ever made. There’s Malt Whiskey, Rye Whiskey, Rye Malt Whiskey, and Wheat Whiskey. In 2012 the exports from Scotland to the U.S....   [tags: american whiskey, scotch whiskey]

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The Whiskey Rebellion Of 1790

- The Whiskey Rebellion During 1790, the newly born United States government had assumed the debts incurred by the thirteen states during the Revolutionary War. The next year, Congress approved a bill that put an excise tax on “distilled spirits,” called the “Distilled Spirits Tax of 1971.” The U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton, proposed the bill to help suppress the national debt. The excise tax on distilled spirits was a direct tax on Americans who produced whiskey and other alcohol spirits....   [tags: Whiskey Rebellion, George Washington]

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The Whiskey Rebellion

- The end of the American Revolution wasn’t the end of political turmoil in the United States. In the years after the Revolution, political parties formed and disbanded, rebellions started, and even celebrations became increasingly political. Each political faction had a different idea of what the Revolution meant and what the future of the country looked like. The conflicting views of American politics began to manifest in holiday celebrations, governmental affairs, and even rebellions. The Whiskey Rebellion was created from many issues, not just the excise tax on whiskey....   [tags: American History]

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The Whiskey Rebellion by William Hogeland

- In the book Whiskey Rebellion: George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, and the Frontier Rebels Who Challenged America’s Newfound Sovereignty by William Hogeland. The author doesn’t just talk about what started the Whiskey Rebellion and what happened during this period. But he wanted to show you the underlining of this Rebellion as it was one of the major parts of the founding period. Also that there are lot of characters that we don’t learn about, he realizes that people don’t really know about the Whiskey Rebellion....   [tags: Book analysis, US history]

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Overview of the Whiskey Rebellion

- Imagine being an active participant in the American Revolution in the late 1700s. Not only that, imagine being on the side fighting for your freedom. The war ends, you're in the clear for a leisurely life of freely doing what you please, and you're happy. You're also a farmer that happens to be located in Pennsylvania. Before you know it, Congress comes to the decision to pass a tax on the production and distribution of whiskey, one of your main crops. What. Woah, woah, woah, wait a minute, did you not just fight a whole war against the taxes being imposed on you....   [tags: American History, George Washington]

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The Whiskey and Shay's Rebellion

- The Whiskey and Shay Rebellion There were many rebellions in the United States history, some peaceful and some violent. Shays' Rebellion in 1786 and the Whiskey Rebellion in 1794 are examples of two brutal rebellions that led to the deaths of many innocent people. Rebellions can develop due to many conditions including unfair laws, in this case the raised taxation of Whiskey, unfair treatment, and disagreements over sensitive topics. The Shays' Rebellion showed the Articles of Confederation was too weak, while the Whiskey Rebellion proved the Constitution to be a strong framework of government....   [tags: United States History, American Revolution]

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The Whiskey and Shay Rebellion

- ... This battle was the effective end of the rebellion (Stock). The ineffectiveness of the central government to contain this uprising led to the unnecessary death of many innocent people. The lasting effect of this rebellion is that it was able to prove that the Articles of Confederation was weak, and needed to be adapted and changed to be better prepared for another emergent problem. The Whiskey Rebellion was equally as important to the framework of the United States government as Shays' Rebellion, because this event was able to prove that the Constitution was effective in handling emergent problems such as uprisings....   [tags: confederation, massachussets]

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The French Revolution And The Whiskey Rebellion

- When the framers wrote the Constitution, they were hoping that there weren’t going to be any political parties for a while, but in the mid-1790s, while Washington was in office, the Federalists were all for Alexander Hamilton’s and the Republicans were all for Thomas Jefferson’s ideas. Many Americans agreed that the conflicts would not straighten out the nation, but at the same time, each group believed that the future of the republic was in danger. The French Revolution and the Whiskey Rebellion also contributed to the beginning of the First Party System....   [tags: Slavery in the United States, American Civil War]

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Whiskey from Sratch Malting

- Whiskey from scratch Malting Malting is fundamentally controlled germination and is stopped before the grain shoots start to grow. This stage is broken up into three sub-stages; steeping, germination and kilning. Steeping is where the grain is soaked with water because the grain embryo will only grow immersed in water. The water used in steeping must be alkaline to help prevent bacteria souring of the water. Steeping is usually done for 48 hours at 14 °C and the moisture content is increased from 12 % to 45 % (Boulton, 2013)....   [tags: alpha and beta amylase, yeast]

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Whiskey Rebellion

- On June 21st of 1788 the United States of America was an optimistic place to live. The newly formed country had officially ratified their Constitution on this date, and within a year George Washington would become its first President. These events signified an unofficial end to the American Revolution, which had its start in part, because Americans had rejected the notion of taxation without representation. This modern form of government, however, did, have some problems it needed to deal with. Unable to levy taxes in previous years the federal government had found itself deep in debt....   [tags: American History]

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Lysander and the Whiskey

- Lysander and the Whiskey Once upon a time, in a thick enchanting evergreen forest, lived a young man. He was tall but scrawny and his skin was a deep chestnut from spending his life with nature. His hair was assumed brown, but it was soaked in so much filth that it could be a red or even a blonde color. It was summertime and the lad was relaxing on a hammock he built with willow tree branches. His mouth spread open slowly and his chest rose as he breathed in a deep, lazy yawn. He stretched his thin arms high above him, and smiled as he felt his muscles tense....   [tags: Short Stories Alcohol Essays]

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A Brief Note On William Dewhurst 's ' Another Vintage Single Malt Whiskey '

- ouring another vintage single malt whiskey, William Dewhurst had been stewing on more than just alcohol. A lot had come to his attention in the last twenty-four hours. He sat in his home study though he had to catch a flight in a few hours. The walls were blood red and all the furniture was fashioned in thick, dark oak. He only had one piece of artwork in his study, a canvas of the iconic “Napalm Girl” photographed by Nick Ut which for some reason or another gave him tranquility. The rest of his study was decorated with various different guns, mostly rare collectables such as World War II German riffles and American Civil War muskets....   [tags: Whisky, Scotch whisky, Single malt whisky, Death]

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The Whiskey Rebellion

- The Whiskey Rebellion Towards the end of the 16th century, the United States government experienced continuous changes in laws(taxes) and several problems(battling and removal of Indians) associated with westward expansion. Conflict was created in response to the rising taxes issued by the government on goods such as whiskey. Most affected by the heavy taxation were the creators and distributors of whiskey - the average poor white farmer. An incident that occurred in 1794 involving enraged farmers in western Pennsylvania, threatened the tax collectors lives as well as the authority of the government....   [tags: Papers]

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The Whiskey Rebellion

- The Whiskey Rebellion CONTENTS 1. Introduction to the French and Indian War 2. Domestic and social differences in the region 3. Washington?s statement 4. Attack on the Lys 5. Battle for the Fort Lydius 6. Battle for Forts William Henry and Bull 7. Battle for Fort Oswego 8. Battle for Quebec 9. Treaties Senecas and Paris      The Whiskey Rebellion of 1794 helped bring about the demise of the aristocratic Federalist Government in favor of the democratic Republican Government, concerned with the needs of all of its citizens....   [tags: History USA Historical Essays]

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Whiskey 601's Links to the Cold War

- ... Yet they were consistently punishing. On a good day, she was grumpy. On any other day, she was angry. To a Canadian Navy sailor, there was absolutely no exotic allure to Whiskey 601. In sailor circles, the location is only noteworthy for its high rolling waves. At Whiskey 601, the giant swells are omnipresent and everlasting, and when you are trapped on a navy ship the situation is inescapable. Whiskey-601 was a seasick sailor's nightmare. In navy circles, even the strongest-stomached seamen would groan when they would be told that the ship was headed for “Whiskey”....   [tags: navy, soviets, attacks]

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The Whiskey Rebellion Witten By Thomas P. Slaughter

- Whiskey Rebellion The whiskey Rebellion Witten by Thomas P. Slaughter talks bout a rebellion that setup a precedent in American history. It gives us the opportunity to really comprehend this rebellion that thanks to fast action from the Federal government didn’t escalate to a more serious problem like civil war. The book the Whiskey Rebellion frontier of the epilogue to the American Revolution captures the importance and drama of the rebellion. The book is divided into three sections context, chronology and sequence....   [tags: George Washington, American Revolutionary War]

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America 's Government Vs. The Whiskey Rebellion

- “Woe to he who chooses to smoke cigarettes every day. Woe to she who buys large amounts of alcohol for her house. Woe to anyone who eats fatty foods or sugary drinks. Do not these miserable wretches realize how grotesquely unhealthy they are?” Presently, America’s government and citizens view these and other unhealthy behaviors as punishable sins. Whether this is due to a holier-than-thou complex, an overbearing concern for the well fare of every last one of America’s citizens, or a genuinely good-natured intent, it is impossible to say....   [tags: Tax, United States Constitution, Regressive tax]

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The American Revolutionary War : The Whiskey Rebellion, By President George Washington

- During the American Revolutionary War in 1775, the soon to be United States of America borrowed money from foreign countries, leaving the country with a large debt of fifty-four million dollars at the end of the war. Consequently, in effort to lighten the loan, the government imposed taxes on domestic products, particularly, distilled spirits. In 1971 the soi-disant “whiskey tax” was implemented, citizens across the country felt displeasure and saw such action as hypocrisy, being that there was taxation without representation....   [tags: United States, George Washington]

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The Whiskey Tax Of 1791 And The Rebellion Period After The American Revolution

- Pennsylvania went through an insurrection period after the American Revolution. Several battles kept reoccurring within the west dealing with the government, such as the Shays Rebellion, which in the end the government brushed it off as mere small violence. Hamilton and his fellow associates believed “the monies raised would facilitate a properly managed national debt and ‘render a national blessing,’” (Krom 95). Cynthia Krom is a major contributor to The Whiskey Tax of 1791 and The Consequent Insurrection: A Wicked and Happy Tumult, in which she evaluates the funding of early government debt, operations, and also the procedures of finance and social aspects of the Whiskey Tax....   [tags: Tax, Taxation in the United States, Money]

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Canadian Club Whiskey Ad And Affirmative

- Canadian Club Whisky Ad and Its Appeals to Masculinity The 2012 Canadian Club Whisky ad uses gender roles attributes in order to persuade possible male consumers into consuming the product by appealing to their sense of masculinity. The goal is to reach men’s pride and lead them to believe that Canadian Club Whisky is capable of “helping” them achieve society’s ideal of a man through images and sentences that remind them of manhood. Aside from the biggest image at the top of the ad, the first aspect that captures the attention of the readers is the statement in capital letters and bigger font, “Your mom wasn’t your dad’s first”....   [tags: Gender role, Gender, Mother, Man]

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The Whiskey Rebellion: Frontier Epilogue to the American Revolution by Thomas P. Slaugther

- Professor Thomas Slaughter has provided a most thorough overview of the Whiskey Rebellion, which he asserts had by the time this book was conceived nearly two centuries after the episode transpired, had become a largely forgotten chapter of our nation's history since the time of the Civil War. He cites as direct evidence of this fact the almost complete absence of any mention of the event in many contemporary textbooks of the conservative era of the 1980's, which this reviewer can attest to as well, having been a high school student in the late 1970's, who never heard of the Whiskey Rebellion until years later....   [tags: american history, distilling]

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Jack Daniels Distillery

- Jack Daniels Distillery Nestled in a quiet mountain glen just outside of Lynchburg Tennessee you’ll find the Jack Daniel’s distillery. Started in 1866 by a man named Jasper Newton Daniel, he started distilling a sour mash whiskey now known as Jack Daniel’s. “Using spring water free of iron traces, he added the finest white corn, the best rye, and barley malt, both fresh and ripe yeast to make a "sour" mash, different from most bourbons.”(sippin’ whiskey) He let it ferment 24 hours longer than ordinary bourbons, then leached it through vats of sugar-maple ch...   [tags: History Liquor Whiskey Alcohol]

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Dewar’s leader in U.S. Scotch whisky industry

- Dewar’s leader in U.S. Scotch whisky industry 1. Situational Analysis 1.1 SWOT Analysis Strengths - Dewar’s leader in U.S. Scotch whisky industry, with a market share of 15%. - Past success with the advertising campaigns in maintaining a positive image for Dewar’s among Scotch drinkers. - Strong research and development. - Backup from United Distillers, which is an International leader in the Scotch whisky and Gin markets, and one of the most profitable spirit’s Company in the world....   [tags: Business and Management Studies]

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The National Dry Law: The Prohibition Time

- ... The Anti-Saloon League was able to get their laws passed by lobbying politicians. Through these methods, states started “going dry”. By the time the United States entered the First World War twenty-six states had become “dry” . So before national prohibition had even started, many southern farmers had picked up the task of moonshining. This means that even before moonshining was picked up by the organized crime of Chicago and New York City almost all farmers had experience making their own moonshine....   [tags: alcohol, crome, power, tradition]

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Fetal Abnormalities And The First Treatment Of Mmr

- There was a general pattern between the treatments used and the embryos that survived or died, or that survived and had abnormalities in their development (Figures 1 & 2). It was observed that the highest concentrations of both the ethanol and whiskey treatments had no embryos that survived (Figure 1). It was also noted that the second highest and lowest concentrations of both these treatments had significant numbers of dead embryos, although some survived (Figure 1). The third highest concentrations of the two treatments of ethanol and whiskey usually had low death counts (Figure 1)....   [tags: Pregnancy, Embryo, Fetus, Alcoholic beverage]

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Jasper Daniel Aka Jack Daniel

- Jasper Newton Daniel was born in 1848 as the tenth child of thirteen. At the age of 12 Jack Daniel started a career that would last him a lifetime. He was hired out to work for a man by the name of Dan Call, a preacher at a Lutheran church. At Mr. Call’s distillery he learned the trait of making whiskey. Three years later he and Mr. Call were full partners in the whiskey making business. Mr. Call was a dedicated Lutheran. Just after the civil war his family and church told him to make a decision between the church and his business of making whiskey....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Adding to the Advertisements

- Everyone is influenced by their senses. Using peoples senses of touch, sight, and hearing is very effective in grabbing someones attention for a specific purpose such as to inform a person of where an exit sign is, when a building is being evacuated, and even when giving information about a brand new car an automotive company wants a demographic to buy. One of the biggest attention grabber's in history has been Propaganda. Propaganda is used to win the hearts and minds of a directly targeted audience to great effect as described by Adolf Hitler in his diatribe "Mein Kampf"....   [tags: Advertising ]

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History of The United State

- On June 21st of 1788 the United States of America was an optimistic place to live. The newly formed country had officially ratified their Constitution on this date, and within a year George Washington would become its first President. These events signified an unofficial end to the American Revolution, which had its start in part, because Americans had rejected the notion of taxation without representation. This modern form of government, however, did, have some problems it needed to deal with. Unable to levy taxes in previous years the federal government had found itself deep in debt....   [tags: constitution, george washington]

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Like Us, You Too Can Be Great

- At a point in our life we all will have rough patches. Just about every human goes throughout his or her life to find security. But in all this searching sometimes they fail in finding it. I believe that is what leads people to drink. They feel like they are missing something in their life so they fill the void with a liquid matter that takes pain away for a while. But in return it leaves you defenseless. It leaves them wanting the security that they have failed to find in their lifes search. But in my case, it is completely different....   [tags: drinking, hero, villain, alcohol]

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Political Parties in George Washington's Cabinet

- A political party is a group of people who seek to win elections and hold public office in order to shape government policy and programs. George Washington warned the nation against creating political parties in his famous “Farewell Address”. He feared political parties would divide the country and weaken support of the Constitution (Doc 4). The first major political parties, the Federalists and the Republicans, were created during the term of President George Washington. Despite President Washington’s warning, the rise of the two political parties, in the years after his term was inevitable....   [tags: Federalists, democrats, republicans]

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The American Promise : A History Of The United States

- In my opinion and based on my readings of our textbook The American Promise: A History of the United States by James Roark, the most pressing issue the young republic faced after the new congress took power under the new constitution in 1789, and George Washington became president was searching for stability. In the young republic 's search for stability they needed to cover many bases politically, socially, and culturally. Being a new nation America needed to become secure and stable in the world....   [tags: United States, English-language films, Politics]

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Alcohol: A Growing Problem In The World?

- Alcoholism, as defined by the Random House Dictionary of the English Language, is “a chronic disorder characterized by dependence on alcohol, repeated excessive use of alcoholic beverages. The development of withdrawal symptoms on reducing or ceasing intake, morbidity that may include cirrhosis of the liver, and decreased ability to function socially and vocationally.” As you can see my report is on alcohol and alcoholism. The report will show statistics, the different types of alcohol and alcoholics, both the positive and negative health consequences and effects of alcohol, and other interesting facts and details....   [tags: essays research papers]

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An Individual's Right to Live

- For contemporary political figures such as Idaho’s Rex Rammell, they have come to believe that the Federal administration has overstepped its boundaries in the Affordable Healthcare Act, an act branded to many as Obamacare, in relation to an individual’s right to choose health care. Rammell has stated, “The Federal government should do only those things which the states cannot do themselves.” The struggle that Rammell discusses, between local and the Federal authorities concerning civil liberties, is not unique, and its origin in American history can be found in the Whiskey Rebellion....   [tags: Civil Liberties, State Militia]

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The Hardships of a New Nation

- There were many hardships in the begining of America within the government, domestically, and with foreign policy. Mostly between the years of 1789 - 1824. These are some of the topics I will be explaining. Judiciary Act of 1789, Whiskey Rebellion, Alien and Sedition Acts, Luisianna Purchase, Missurri Compromise, and the 12th Amendment. Domestically there were problems/hardhips as a new country. But the Judiciary Act of 1789 helped that problem out a lot, it answered critical questions, creating judicial structure and that has remained essentially intact....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Rhetorical Analysis of an Advertisement

- Rhetorical Analysis of an Advertisement Advertisements are all over the place. Whether they are on TV, radio, or in a magazine, there is no way that you can escape them. They all have their target audience who they have specifically designed the ad for. And of course they are selling their product. This is a multi billion dollar industry and the advertiser’s study all the ways that they can attract the person’s attention. One way that is used the most and is in some ways very controversial is use of sex to sell products....   [tags: Advertising, Marketing]

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TiK ToK on the Clock of Decency: How Ke$ha’s Lyrics Inspire Today’s Youth in Their Time of Trouble

- As we clustered around a dining room table laden with steaming dishes and the fancy holiday flatware from Pier One Imports, my cousins and I had one goal in mind: avoid sitting next to crumpled-up Uncle Joe and his half-fabricated recollections of the good ol’ days. Unfortunately for us teens, he typically transformed these reminiscences into accusations aimed directly at our generation. He generally cited our “disregard for the quality of a good conversation” and a supposed inability to “maintain a respectable romantic relationship without all that sex and whatnot.” Normally, I would take my time next to Uncle Joe as an opportunity to focus on eating, occasionally mumbling a semi-interested...   [tags: Music]

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A Well Regulated Militia: The Founding Fathers and the Origins of Gun Control in America

- The second issue in this paper is about rebellions throughout American history. There were several rebellions, but Shays’ Rebellion, the Whiskey Rebellion, and Fries’s Rebellion were an important part of the militia debate. “Shays’s Rebellion was the largest violent uprising in the new nation’s history, would become the first test of the radical potential of the militia and the right to bear arms in post-Revolutionary America”(Cornell, 31). Shays’s Rebellion revealed a tension in American constitutional theory if the militia was an agent of government authority or a popular system serving as a check on government....   [tags: rebellions throughout American history]

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The Horrific Illustrations of Capitalism in The Jungle, by Upton Sinclair

- The Jungle, by Upton Sinclair, shows the horrific illustrations of capitalism by the circumstances of Ona giving birth, the outcomes of medicine being diluted, and the condition of embalmed beef. When Jurgis and Ona arrive in Packingtown, Chicago Jurgis is big and strong and gets pick everyday for a job, but by the end of two years Jurgis is small and does not get picked for hardly any jobs. All immigrants wait outside the meat factory companies to take the jobs of people who do not show up or come late....   [tags: immigrants, embalmed beef, medications]

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The Damage to the United States Caused by the Prohibition

- ... Even the President at that time had his own wine cellar. At one point, corruption became so bad that the legal system could not cope with all the gangsters so they created a small army of 3,000 agents to enforce prohibition but this was not strong enough so under the command of J. Edgar Hoover it was called the Investigation Bureau later called the federal investigation bureau (F.B.I) and Edgars men were tougher agents and did not let anything slip past them and started to crack down on bootlegging and rum running....   [tags: corruption, crime, tax]

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The Historical Influences that Shaped the American Drinking Age

- Alcohol consumption and its place in America has shifted and changed throughout history. At different times, the change had to do with people’s views about alcohol that lead to social movements to control its consumption. At different points in American history, there was no drinking age; it has been as low as eighteen, as high as twenty-one, and at one point, drinking alcohol was illegal. Three important movements have shaped alcohol consumption in the United States of America: The Temperance Movement, Prohibition and the National Minimum Drinking Age Act....   [tags: Drug Abuse]

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Theodore Roethke 's My Papa 's Waltz

- Poetry is a special gift, which unfortunately is not given to all of us. Mr. Theodore Roethke (1908-1963) was an American poet with this magnificent gift. Mr. Roethke is regarded as one of the most accomplished and influential poets of his generation (Wiki). His poems present figurative language, which means that it says something, but is not actually what it means, or it can be interpreted in a totally different way. Theodore Roethke’s poem, “My Papa’s Waltz” has imaginary and mixed feelings between the speaker, which is a child, and his father....   [tags: Madrid Metro, Metropolitana di Napoli]

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Thomas Jefferson vs. Alexander Hamilton

- Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton entertained many differing ideas of how the United States (US) should be run, especially in relation of philosophical ideas, domestic policy, and foreign policy. Firstly, looking at the philosophical differences, each man seemed to be consistently on the two opposite side of the other. Thomas Jefferson believed there needed to be maximum public control, and the government needed to be decentralized. Therefore, there needed to be ways for everyone to get an education, so that they could have information and power....   [tags: notorious American leaders, US presidents]

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Taking a Look at Moonshine

- Moonshine is made from fermented grains or mash. The main ingredient is usually corn, and the product is called "corn whiskey." Other ingredients are used such such as yeast, malt, and sugar, and vary according to the taste of the distiller (Logsdon, n.d.). Elaborate stills are set up to produce the liquor. Only two steps, fermentation and distillation, are involved in the production (Stewart, 2103). During the fermentation process, the starches in the grain or fruit are broken down through saccharification into sugars and then the sugars are broken down into alcohol....   [tags: distilling and homemade spirits]

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The War Of The Fort

- A stagecoach was headed for the fort. That was from the three Apaches Hototo had hired to watch the ship. They were Spooks: spirits good at observing while remaining unseen; excellent spies and scouts. Apaches were good at that sort of thing, according to Western lore. When they said a stagecoach was headed for the fort, they meant a shuttle was approaching. A little before three, Hototo woke KC with the news. By three, she was wide awake and wearing her boots. She strapped on her Peacemaker as she walked behind the bar....   [tags: Mind, Thought, Idea]

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Prohibition: Predestined to Fail

- The particular emphasis and theme of this paper will focus on delivering an understanding as to why the eighteenth amendment to the constitution of the United States of America, ratified into law in January 1920, outlawing the manufacture, distribution and sale of intoxicating alcohol, was always predestined to fail. In order to fully understand why this ‘Nobel Experiment’ was doomed from the start, the paper must first look back at the historic connection between the American people and alcohol....   [tags: eighteenth ammendment to the US constitution]

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The Power And The Glory

- As countless people in a third world country fall to the ravages of poverty and disease, a single woman fights to make a difference. Living a spartan life, through conditions far from humane, she helps those who are poor, suffering and sick, with total disregard for her own personal comfort. One might say that this woman is a saint and for many she already is. Her selfless abandon to help those in need makes her virtuous to a heroic degree. Her name is Mother Theresa. By stark contrast, the whisky priest can hardly be classified as a saint....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Free Essay on John Steinbeck's Cannery Row

- Cannery Row Cannery Row by John Steinbeck is a post World War I piece written with a mixture of humor and sadness about the lives of the residents of Cannery Row, a street in Monterey California. The story opens in a messy grocery store run by a Chinese man named Lee Chong. The one room store is described like so "while not a model of neatness, was a miracle of supply... clothes, food, both fresh and canned, liquor, tobacco, fishing equipment, machinery, boats, cordage, caps, pork chops, slippers, and a silk kimono" and last but certainly not least whiskey, could all be purchased....   [tags: Cannery Row Essays]

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Ain't No Party Like A West Point Christmas Party Cus A West Point Christmas Party Don't Stop!

- ... The booze was hidden from inspecting officers over the next few days. On December 23rd, Sylvanus Thayer, the Academy's Superintendent, hosted a Christmas Party at his home. There some Cadets, but more of the higher ups were there and they sipped on some fine red wine and discussed some of the issues that were happening on campus. At the same time the Cadets in North Barracks began party planning, you know, who to invite, whose bringing dip, watch drinking games to play and so on. But really what they were doing was stealing food from the mess hall so they could have a nice spread for their guests....   [tags: infamous events, drunk Cadets]

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Character Paragraph of Mary Maloney in Lam to the Slaughter by Roald Dahl

- In the story “Lamb to the Slaughter” by Roald Dahl, Mary Maloney is shown to have a very sinister and manipulative character. In the beginning of the story, Mary Maloney was a normal, loving and caring pregnant housewife that loved and cared for her husband, Patrick Maloney, very much. Earlier at the start of the story we see Mary was waiting for her husband to come home from work. She had set up the house with two table lights lit and plates on the dining table so they can have a very romantic dinner when Patrick comes home....   [tags: husband, work, sinister, house]

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Analysis Of The Poem ' My Papa 's Waltz '

- Theodore Roethke’s poem, My Papa’s Waltz (1948), presents both a warming memory of a boy and his father as well as a dark story of an abusive childhood. Combining a story of both joy and horror sends an important message of abuse and the fear it instills in the victims. Through Roethke’s structure and word choice in My Papa’s Waltz presents two stories which simultaneously depict the fear and Stockholm Syndrome type love often found in abusive relationships. My Papa’s Waltz presents a child’s telling of the waltz taking place between him and his father....   [tags: Child abuse, Physical abuse, Abuse, Family]

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Money And Power : The Reasons For The American Colonies

- Money and power are the main reasons that the American colonies and Britain went to war. Great Britain felt that the people in the colonies were under the laws of the crown, and therefor would be taxed on items shipped to them, and pay for the crown 's protection. The colonies rebelled against the occupation of Boston, the taxes being imposed on them, and the salaries of governors being paid for by the crown to oppress them. The colonists felt that by Britain paying the salaries of the royal governor and court judges in Massachusetts it gave a stronger hold on the colonies, and stripped them further of their liberties....   [tags: Native Americans in the United States]

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The Role of Alcohol in A Streetcar Named Desire

- I was so drunk last night that I cheated on my girlfriend, but I don’t remember it, so does it count. People instinctively try to place blame on anything but themselves, and alcohol presents itself as the perfect escape route for a guilty conscience. People often find themselves making impulsive decisions more frequently while under the influence of alcohol. However, how much poor behavior can alcohol excuse before a person must accept the consequences for their own actions. Tennessee Williams delves into the theme of alcohol dependence throughout his play, A Streetcar Named Desire....   [tags: A Streetcar Named Desire Essays]

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Analysis Of ' The Fly ' By Katherine Mansfield

- The Struggles of Grief Many experts would agree that there are different stages in grief. Denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance are stages that many grief stricken people must endure to manage life after a traumatic death. The story “The Fly” by Katherine Mansfield has only a few characters in it, but those few characters show the different stages of grief. The characters illustrate how different the grieving process is when the circumstances of the deaths are the same. Mr. Woodifield is in the stage of depression, since he may have turned to harmful habits after his son’s death....   [tags: Grief, Acceptance, Family, Son]

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Analysis Of Theodore Roethke 's My Papa 's Waltz

- When one becomes a father, he undertakes many responsibilities: setting a positive example, enforcing discipline for misbehavior, overviewing the safety of his children, providing a loving atmosphere, and numerous other tasks. In Theodore Roethke’s poem, “My Papa’s Waltz,” the narrator reminisces on the memories of his “papa” through the metaphor of an aggressive “waltz.” Using descriptions of the father’s actions and the reactions of the mother, Roethke illustrates the situation with carefully selected vocabulary....   [tags: Father, Mother, Theodore Roethke, Responsibility]

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A Single Mother With 2 Small Young Children

- Laura is a single mother with 2 small young children – Nathan is 5 years old and Colleen 3 – she has a boyfriend, Julian, who is not the father of the children. However, Julian states that even though he is not the biological father he loves both Nathan and Colleen as if they were his own. After 2 years of a relationship, Laura and Julian decide to get married, and after one year of marriage Laura gets pregnant by Julian and has another child named Lilly. Five months after Lilly is born, Julian’s younger brother dies in a fatal hit and run car crash and Julian becomes deeply depressed he seeks alcohol as a form of cure for his sadness....   [tags: Alcoholism, Alcoholics Anonymous, Alcohol]

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Analysis of the Film Good Will Hunting

- Good Will Hunting is the graceful tale of a young gentleman’s struggle to find out where he belongs in the world, by first finding out who he himself is. In this film, Matt Damon takes on the role of a disturbed genius that has a keen understanding of the deepness of human character. The film is a voyage through the mind of Will Hunting as he is required to undergo psychotherapy as an alternative to serving jail time. With the assistance of a psychologist, played by Robin Williams, Will learns about himself and recognizes his individual worth in the world by comprehending what is most important to him in his own life....   [tags: Film Analysis ]

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A Well Regulated Militia by Saul Cornell

- United States is a country that has problems with gun control, and this issue has many debates between whether or not people should be allowed to carry a gun on them. This free county not only for speech and religion, but also allows people to have the right to bear arms. The Second Amendment of the United States was written by our Founding Fathers,“A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed” (Government)....   [tags: massive shootings, gun ownership, gun control]

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American Culture and Drug Use: 1800-1850

- Between 1800 and 1850, the global map was changing and it was no different on the North American Continent. As a young nation, only 25 years into its existence, America struggled with a multitude of issues including slavery, migration, immigration, and substance abuse to name a few. America was being tested externally by global super powers while it was being ripped by its seams from within through the on-going scourge of slavery and the social dysfunction caused by the proliferation of drugs and alcohol....   [tags: legal issues, morphine addiction, cocaine]

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The First American Party System

- Section 8 Chapter 5: The First American Party System Today, political parties are an authoritative and essential component of the United States political system. However, it is important to examine how the political parties began and evolved over hundreds of years, since they were first established. In 1794, the major political parties were the Federalists and the Democratic-Republicans. The major difference between these two was that the Federalists favored a strong central government, while the Democratic-Republicans preferred a central government with limited power and more state control....   [tags: Politics]

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The Fly, By Katherine Mansfield

- Many experts would agree that there are different stages of grief. Denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance are stages that many grief stricken people must endure to manage life after a traumatic death. The story, “The Fly,” by Katherine Mansfield has only a few characters in it, but those few characters show the different stages of grief. The characters illustrate how different the grieving process is when the circumstances of the deaths are the same. Mr. Woodifield is in the stage of depression, and he may have turned to harmful habits after his son’s death....   [tags: Grief, Acceptance, Family, Son]

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The Violence of Child Abuse in My Papa's Waltz by Theodore Roethke

- ... Hence, it can be predicted that the mother and their son are waiting in the kitchen for the father to return from work leading to the poem ultimately set in the kitchen. There are many sensory details that can be portrayed through this poem. A waltz is a type of dance in which couples sway back and forth as they go round and round. A reader’s emotions do the same throughout the poem. The poem is like a seesaw of emotions, “where the elements of joy (the figure of the waltz, the playful rhymes, the rhythm), are balanced against the elements of fear” (Fong 78)....   [tags: poem, sensory, drunken]

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Finnegan's Wake

- Finnegan's Wake is an old Irish tune, but these words were added later for music-hall use during the Victorian era. Some Irish people have objected to them as an English inspired stereotype, but I first heard this song sung by the Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem, at the Gate of Horn in Chicago, in the late 50s. To me, no one was more Irish than they were. Here it is in honor of Saint Patrick's Day. [C] Tim Finnegan lived on [Am] Walker Street And a [F] gentle, Irishman, [G] mighty odd; [C] He'd a beautiful brogue [Am] so rich and sweet And to [F] rise in the world he [G] carried a [C] hod....   [tags: essays research papers]

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George Washington's Achievements as the First President of the United States

- George Washington George Washington,who was born on February 22, 1732 and died on December 14, 1799, was known as the first President of the United States (1789–1797). George Washington achieved many goals while in office for the Untied States such as: resigned for The Commander in Chief of the Continental Army in 1783, helped organize the Constitutional Convention at Philadelphia in 1787 as well as Mobilizing troops against the Whisky Rebellion. George Washington ,who had become the first American president, accepts an achievement of leading the Continental Army....   [tags: army, commander, land]

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My Papa’s Waltz - That's not just coke in Dad's glass

- My Papa’s Waltz - That's not just coke in Dad's glass Some define alcohol abuse as "the recurrent use of alcohol to the extent that repeated use results in an inability to fulfill normal role functions, or presents legal or social/interpersonal problems, or creates a hazard to self or others" (Suppes 339). While most people seem to drink in moderation, others have a hard time drinking responsibly. Sometimes alcohol abuse can lead to physical abuse, mental abuse, loss of a job, alcoholism, or the breaking down of relationships....   [tags: My Papa's Waltz Essays]

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The Consumption of Alcohol and its Effects on the Body

- The Consumption of Alcohol and its Effects on the Body Alcohol, probably the oldest drug known, has been used at least since the earliest societies for which records exist. Of the numerous types of alcohol, ethyl alcohol is the type consumed in drinking. In its pure form it is a clear substance with little odor. People drink alcohol in three main kinds of beverages: BEERS, which are made from grain through brewing and fermentation and contain from 3% to 8% alcohol; WINES, which are fermented from fruits such as grapes and contain from 8% to 12% alcohol naturally, and up to 21% when fortified by adding alcohol; and distilled beverages (spirits) such as WHISKEY, GIN, and VODKA, which on the...   [tags: Alcohol Health Drug Abuse Essays]

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The 18th Amendment

- To drink or no. Ever since the first people stumbled across alcohol (and then each other) this has been a question commonly asked. Statistics show that a majority of domestic violence, automobile accidents, and rape, all involve (many times) alcohol. Whether one thinks consumption is "right" or not has been asked by people for people from time to time. This would be the case of the 18th Amendment of 1919. The Act passed by those concerned with the above-mentioned problems, prohibited the vending, transportation of, and consumption of alcohol....   [tags: Alcohol]

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The Whitechapel Murders

- The snow floats down from the heavens on to earth painting it glistening white. Just like the named implies whitechapel is covered in a blanket of white snow. Catherine Eddowes walks home then she spots the local newspaper boy “Hey Missus, care for this morning's paper?” “Yes, boy, how many pounds will this be?” ”Just one pound, Missus.” “Thank you, boy,” she throws a coin to the young boy. The boy hides the coin in his hat and scurries off into the shadows of a dark alleyway. Catherine sits down on a bench nearby....   [tags: personal narrative]

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Moonshining and NASCAR

- Moonshining is the stuff of legends – from NASCAR greats to the Dukes of Hazzard, from Elliot Ness and Al Capone to bathtub gin and homebrew, stories of Grandpa’s backyard still are still told today. While the truth is often unknown, the stories of moonshine have some kernels of truth at their heart. Though we think of it often in connection with Depression Era Cheep Liqour” the truth is that modern moonshine is experiencing a renaissance – more and more people are interested and experimenting today, and retailers know it....   [tags: Elliot Ness, Al Capone]

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Illegal Activities as a Result of Prohibition

- While the Eighteenth Amendment, federally enforced prohibition, was ratified on January 16th, 1919; thirty three states had already been enforcing their own prohibitions for much longer. Prohibition was so widely accepted because of the awful effects it was having on the general populace. Throughout the history of the United States alcohol had a place in everyday life. It was not uncommon for it to be had at every meal, and there were even drinking breaks much like the smoke breaks we have in this day and age.(A Nation Of Drunkards....   [tags: the eighteenth ammendment, unforseen effects]

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The Dark Side of Clint Eastwood

- Clint Eastwood first made a name for himself in Sergio Leone’s Spaghetti Westerns in the 1960’s. Eastwood iconic Man with No Name in the “Dollar Trilogies” made him an international star, and it is only fitting that he would resurrect his career in a film of this genre. “Unforgiven” was directed, produced, and stared in by Clint Eastwood and received an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor, Best Director, Best Film Editing, and Best Picture in 1993. It is often credited as the best western made in the last twenty years, and for reinvigorating the western genre....   [tags: Biography, Character Analysis]

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The Power And The Glory

- The Power and Glory writing assignment “The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak”.(Matthew 26:41) These words of Jesus are thematic in both the novel, The Power and the Glory, by Graham Greene, and the poem, “Batter my heart, three-personed God”, by John Donne. Both the whiskey priest and the speaker of the poem are involved in a battle between their sinful flesh and their spirit, which seeks the Divine. They also admit their sin and commit themselves to God. In both the novel and the poem, the authors use similar paradoxes to describe the character’s relationship with God while the search for holiness takes each on a different path....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Character List Of ' Blanche

- Character list : The main characters in this play are Blanche Dubois, Stella Kowalski, Stanley Kowalski, and Mitch. However, the minor characters are Eunice, Steve, Pablo, the Negro women, the doctor, the nurse, the Mexican woman, and the young collector. Plot summary: Lonely and desperate, the play 's protagonist, Blanche, arrives at Elysian Fields in New Orleans to visit her sister, Stella Kowalski. Stella 's husband, Stanley, dislikes Blanche 's presence, as well as her interest in Mitch. Throughout the play Stanley and Blanche struggle to gain Stella 's loyalty, which is something Blanche cannot attain....   [tags: Blanche DuBois, Stanley Kowalski, Stella Kowalski]

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Man of the House

- Character Analysis of The little boy from “The Man of the House” by Frank O’Connor The story opens with the boy, whom to this point had ignored his mothers coughs, drops everything to rush to her aid as she “collapsed into a little wicker armchair, holding her side”. (O’Connor 206) As he watched his mother struggle trying to light the fire he told her, “Go back to bed and Ill light the fire”. (206) Now to this point, as the reader, I am unsure of the age of the boy, but I get the impression that he is a young boy....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Stephen Crane the Naturalist

- Stephen Crane the Naturalist Stephen Crane (1871-1900), the naturalism, American writer. Stephen Crane was well known for his naturalist style during his time. Naturalism in literature was a philosophy used by writers to describe humans in regards to the influences and interactions within their own environments. The characters described in the naturalist literatures were usually in dire surroundings and often from the middle to lower classes. Despite their circumstances however, humans within the naturalist literature were able to eventually overcome their situations by some form of courage or heroism, which Crane found to be consistent in all of the cultures and settings he often s...   [tags: essays research papers]

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US History 1790- 1860

- During 1790-1860, there were many reformations taking place and many events that lead up to the reformation of this very inexperienced country, of America. All these events effected the United States different ways and caused many grievances for the young people living in America. In 1790 we firmly incorporated the first American cotton mill which led to the economic augmentation of the United States. In 1791 we established the Capital of the United States in Washington D.C., and Alexander Hamilton establishes the first bank of America....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Parent´s Decisions in Harry Mark Petrakis´s Song of Rodanthe and Amanda Michalopaulou´s The Firely Hunt

- ... He finds it strange that they both girls are dressed in completely black clothing. From the father’s reaction, one can guess that the girls most likely did not always dress like this and probably began to after his departure. Their clothing can be viewed as a symbol for how they feel as black is typically associated with grief and sadness. As he asks them if they would like to go out for ice cream or orangeade he finds out that they no longer consider themselves to be kids and prefer to drink whiskey....   [tags: marry, reconnect, choices, children]

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An Argument Analysis of “The Three Souths” in the Views of Kimberly Glanding

- John Shelton Reed says that the South embodies three different regions. Do all of these regions still exist. Or have they become incorporated into what is considered the South today. “The Three Souths,” by Reed, divides the South into three categories: Dixie, Southeast, and Cultural South. Southern agriculture and the growth of cotton established Dixie. The Southeast region is a metropolitan region that relies on commerce and communication to grow. The valued qualities, such as religion, sports, and manners are characteristic ways that set apart the Cultural South....   [tags: American Society]

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Analysis Of The Poem ' My Papa 's Waltz ' By Theodore Roethke

- In 1908, the year this poem was written, child abuse was recognized internationally and the “Children Act of 1908” was put in place to attempt to minimize the occurrences. The narrator, a young boy in “My Papa’s Waltz” by Theodore Roethke uses harsh and intense wording that describes the daily rituals of abuse within the household from the father that he characterizes as a dance. A large counter argument against this poem says that the narrator is speaking out of admiration rather than fear; that the narrator and his drunken father are merrily playing around by dancing together around their house....   [tags: Madrid Metro, Stockholm Metro, Alcoholism, Family]

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`` Those Winter Sundays `` And Theodore Roethke 's My Papa 's Waltz

- Love will always be there Robert Hayden 's "Those Winter Sundays" and Theodore Roethke 's "My Papa 's Waltz" distinctly captures the bond and the dynamic between the fathers and their sons interrelationships. For many people love is a very difficult feeling to express. Some express love through actions, while others through genuine feelings. Throughout the generations, the father figure performed many important roles in the family. He was the main breadwinner, protector, and a figure that a child will always look up too with trust and admiration....   [tags: Family, Poetry, Mother, Father]

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The Ambassadors of Law Enforcement: The History of the United States Marshalls

- ... If any marshal or deputy marshals was found to be negligent in performing his duties under this new law, they were imposed a severe financial penalty. In the “Old West “era the Marshals came in and with them they brought law and order. They captured, or killed outlaws such as Bill Doolin; the founder of the wild bunch, Doolin and his gang were bank robbers, Doolin was killed by a U.S. Deputy Marshal. Other outlaws captured by the marshals were Billy the Kid and Ned Christie. These outlaw’s faces were plastered all over asking for information as to their whereabouts....   [tags: lawlessness, death, murder, federal]

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