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Preference Theory and Well-Being

- A preference theory is a philosophical theory that the fulfilment of preferences is the only thing that matters in contributing to well-being. Well-being can be seen as what people ultimately want to achieve; the “ultimate good”1. In terms of preference theory, for you to reach the state of well-being then you must have your preferences satisfied. Preference theories can be split into two distinct categories, actual preference theory and ideal preference theory2. Actual preference theory deals with preferences people actually have, regardless of misinformation or irrationality, while ideal preference theory is interested in what we would “hypothetically” prefer, if we were completely inf...   [tags: Phylosophy, Well-being]

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Emotional Well-Being and Longevity

- Topic & Rationale Based on the previous research discussed in the introduction’s article review, the current study’s researchers were trying to examine how emotional well-being is affected by age and how emotional well-being plays a role in longevity and mortality. The researchers loosely hypothesized that well-being in older adults is contrary to many current stereotypes, that in fact many older adults have more positive emotions than negative ones. They stated that the only time there would be an increase in negative affect would be near death or those with terminal illnesses....   [tags: Mental Health]

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Employee Well Being

- Organizations are placing more emphasis on employee well-being as “employee well-being has a significant impact on the performance and survival of organizations”. (Grant, Christianson, and Price, 2007, p.51). Well-being can be divided into psychological, social and physical well being(Grant, Christianson, and Price,2007) and by promoting well-being a happier and healthier pool of employees can be nurtured. These staff are proven to be more productive and they reduce costs incurred by high absentism rate and illness....   [tags: company, cost, productivity]

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Music and Well-Being

- 1.1 OVERVIEW OF THE TOPIC Music is one of the greatest human creations (DeNora, 2000). It plays an integral role in human society worldwide irrelevant of race, gender, age, wealth or well-being (Kemper & Danhauer, 2005). Indeed according to Batt-Rawden (2010), playing different music in diverse situations can introduce listeners to the desired and relevant atmosphere. In most circumstances, music is played to entertain people, but it can also form part of an accompaniment in sad situations. Music is often the fulcrum that influences the listener by creating a unique ambience and atmosphere (Bernatzky, Presh, Anderson, & Panksepp, 2011)....   [tags: Music]

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Social Connotations of Name and Well Being

- Introduction Imagine that you are of Arab decent you are being screened more thoroughly than others at the airport. The only way the airport staff can identify that you are of Arab decent is based on your family name, Najjar. The airport staff constantly takes extra measures to confirm that you are not a terrorist. Stereotypes have existed in American culture for centuries. Early in American history stereotypes of Negroes and Mexicans predominately associate them with lower-class attributes (Campbell, 1967)....   [tags: Sociology ]

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Well-being Parent-Children Relationships

- “Well-being” ( Which is increasingly used as a synonym for “happiness”, covers both physical and psychological, well-being as well as the quality of relationships between parents and the quality of parent-child relationships. This essay builds upon influences on the well-being of parents and children. Whether kids are from lives in a one- or two-parent household and whether the parents are married, cohabiting, single or separated; Family which conflicts are addressed, generational of family relationships, attitudes to parenting and family roles....   [tags: influences, events, education, class]

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Children and Healthy Behaviors for their Well-being

- Get involved In healthy Education with Your Child Parents and caregivers have a lot of influence in the children’s life because of their concern and responsibilities for their wellbeing. Parents play at specific role in preventing their children from eating unhealthy meals. Although, parents and caregivers can help promote a healthy life style by improving nutrition meals and snack and engage their children’s in physical activity. A good meal is very important because it health children’s to grow and develop an awareness of healthy eating habits for life....   [tags: Nurture, Care, Respect]

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Philosophy as a Contributor to Well-Being

- Philosophy as a Contributor to Well-Being ABSTRACT: In this essay, I sketch five complementary arenas of concern are set forth as candidates for a cogent contemporary theory of paideia. First, a searching, goal setting form of reflection is central to paideia today even as it was in Hellenistic times. A second contributor to paideia is critical reflection. But, third, reasoning is also connected to embodied activity through feeling. Thus, sensitivity to existential meaning helps people determine what they really want and believe, and it also joins them to the persons, things, and events that matter most to them....   [tags: Paideia Philosophers Essays]

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Blogging for Emotional Well Being

- Blogging for Emotional Well Being "Imagine keeping a diary every day, but instead of locking it up and stowing it in your desk drawer, you do the exact opposite. You post it on the Web, letting the entire world -- well, anyone who stumbles upon it, anyway -- inside your head." (Nord) I am sure that almost everyone at some point in time has received the following advice when feeling down: "Why don’t you write out your thoughts?", "Write a song or a poem.", "Write a letter to a friend, telling what you feel." In effect, ‘write’....   [tags: Blogs]

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Business is Compatible With Sustainable Growth and Environmental Well Being

- Several studies have been commissioned to look into ways of modern business values (such as technology) are incompatible with sustainable growth and environmental well-being. People provide a broader approach to the introductory analysis of modern business problems and principles by their method of decribing business in a general way and relating into society as a whole. Business world is changing too fast. Globalization, technology, markets, new competitors, new activities are all causing quicker changes in our corporate environments....   [tags: Business Ethics]

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Happiness: A Review and Critical Evaluation of Culture and Well-Being

- Ethnic Identity and Well-Being Summary. The purpose of this research is to attain a better understanding of the potentially protective effects of ethnic identity by observing the daily stressful demands of Chinese and Mexican adolescents through a daily diary study (Kiang, Yip, Gonzales-Backen, Witkow, &Fuligni, 2006). The researchers hypothesize that ethnic identity will protect against the negative effect of normative stressors (Kiang et al., 2006). Happiness was measured by factors that maximize quality of life and minimize anxiety through the analysis of ethnic regard, ethnic centrality and the interaction of the two and their affect on well-being (Kiang et al., 2006)....   [tags: Social Issues, Ethnic Identity, Gender]

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Going Out of Their Way for the Well-being of Another...That Is a Hero

- ... A hero is not one with super powers and abilities that not another man is likely to have. A hero is someone who takes the time out of their day or commits themselves to making another person’s life better. Many examples of this behavior occur in society today. Fire fighters, police officers, and people who are in the army risk their lives each day for another person’s well being, that’s what a hero truly is. Even someone who witnesses a peer getting bullied and approaches an adult to let them know, or someone who returns something that someone has dropped out of their pockets are hero’s....   [tags: courage, persevere, society]

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Unemployment is Harmful to the Health and Well-being of Families

- ... E., 2003) We cannot create jobs fast enough now. With the increasing population companies with have to increase their production and in return also increase the number of jobs they presently offer. At the present there are not enough jobs for all of us to fill. Other Factors A contributer to the growth of the steadily increasing unemployment problem could be due to NAFTA. (North American Free Trade Agreement, bill signed in 1994) Presidential candidate Ross Perot had this to say this about NAFTA, "You're going to hear a giant sucking sound of jobs being pulled out of this country." This may have improved the economy better but certainly did not increase the number of jobs....   [tags: economy, poplulation, outsource]

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Stress and Psychological Well Being in Families With Autistic Children

- Parents of children with autism often suffer from stress and anxiety. Dealing with children with autism places extraordinary demands on the shoulder of parents that can be added over the usual parental daily work and responsibilities. Compounding the needs and work load of the family members to the responsibilities of raising a child with autism can be multiplied and easily create a hectic situation where parents feel the pressure under such circumstances and suffer psychological symptoms that can be overwhelming to both parents and siblings of children with autism....   [tags: Mental Health]

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‘Happiness, or subjective well-being (SWB) is a biopsychosocial phenomenon.’

- In this essay I will define and discuss the concepts of ‘positive psychology’, of ‘happiness’, which is synonymous with subjective well-being (SWB); of ‘the architecture of sustainable happiness’; and the biopsychosocial model. I aim to demonstrate that SWB is a multifaceted and can only be understood by investigating biological, psychological and social factors and their interdependence to construct a holistic model. I will provide examples of these different factors and their interdependence and explain why the biopsychosocial paradigm is the best for understanding happiness and conclude that SWB is indeed a ‘biopsychosocial phenomenon’....   [tags: psychology, hapiness]

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Effect of Parental Divorce on Adolescent Well-Being

- Adolescence is known as a challenging time with the everyday stressors that the adolescent is forced to face. When an adolescent has to experience a parental divorce, it often has detrimental effects on their health and wellbeing. With divorce becoming more and more common within families, the effect that it has on adolescents is often more intense than realised by parents. It is becoming increasingly important to investigate this matter as approximately 50% of parental divorces involve children under the age of 18....   [tags: psychological wellbeing]

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Marketers’ Effects of Ginseng: Well-Being and Fatigue

- Originating from China and Korea, ginseng, a known herb, has been used medically for many centuries. The Asian herb is referred as Panax ginseng.1 Research found that Panax ginseng contains about twenty-eight different types of ginsenosides.1 Each ginsenoside produces varying effects on body systems, such as the central nervous system and the cardiovascular system.2 For example, one ginsenoside suppresses the central nervous system while another ginsenoside causes a stimulatory effect.2 The marketing uses of Panax ginseng entail enhancing general health and well-being as well as increasing mental and physical abilities1....   [tags: Marketing]

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Where You Live Influences Health and Well-Being

- ... Raising awareness can be accomplished by passing out flyers, and posting flyers in strategic public areas. Another simple step would be signing the Youth Promise Act, and passing it around so others can join us in signing it. The Youth Promise Act Campaign is fighting to collect signatures so Congress will pass a bill that is designed to reduce youth crime, and enable young people to meet their potential. Other possible solutions include outreach and advocacy schemes catered towards young people....   [tags: socioeconomic analysis]

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Does Personality Correlate With Subjective Well-Being?

- Most people agree that having an easy-going personality will contribute to the overall well-being of the individual. Certain personality traits have an effect on the individual well-being. Individuals showing improvements in those traits, over time, will often show comparable enhancement to their well-being. Subjective well-being refers to how an individual evaluates the quality of their life. In simple words, subjective well-being is how well an individual thinks and feels of how well their life is going....   [tags: positivity, negativity, emotions, mood]

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Holistic Health to Boost Your Well-Being

- The National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NCCA) has developed Aistear, a curriculum framework for children from birth to six years of age. This framework establishes principles and themes that are relevant in early childhood education and all early childhood services in Ireland work towards these principles and themes. Aistear was devised to support parents, early childhood practitioners and teachers in planning and providing enriching and enjoyable learning opportunities for children....   [tags: Healthy Lifestyle Essay]

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Physiotherapists Must Promote Health and Well-Being

- Health and Well-Being is a high priority in current health and social care provision. Physiotherapists own the responsibility to promote health through physiotherapy practice. The promotion of health to enable individuals who have chronic conditions or are disable to maximise their potential for healthy living. The practice can be reflected on medical, behavioural change and educational approaches. "Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity." (World Health Organization, 1946) While well-being means a lack of illness and disease, the ability to maintain your mind and soul in a state of balance....   [tags: Health Care Essays]

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Meditation, Well-Being, and Immune System Functioning

- Meditation has been practiced for its medicinal properties since the early years of the human race. Its healing properties have long been unexplained--creating great curiosity about its wonderful effects on the human body and mind. Meditation is rooted from the Buddhist tradition and has two main categories of practice: concentrative and focused meditation. However, all forms of meditation are practiced in similar ways despite distinguishing names. The benefits of meditation are subjectively felt but are also backed with scientific proof....   [tags: Human Immune System]

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Important Factors of a Nation’s Well-Being

- Personal rights, the freedom of thought and belief, and a population’s standard of living are important factors of a nation’s well-being. The society’s opinions, in many democratic countries, play an important role in political decision-making. However, several of those freedoms, as well as democratic government practices slow down the speed at which laws and policies come into place. In times of crisis, this many not be the best for the nation’s security. Governments should allow personal rights, along with the right to say and think what people believe, but should suspend them during times of crisis to allow affairs to be kept under control, and important political decisions to become effe...   [tags: rights, freedom, government]

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Subjective Well-Being and Money-Making Motivations

- Subjective Well-being and Money-making Motivations According to scientific research, there is a strong correlation between materialism and subjective well-being (SWB), and three aspects of materialism are the most accountable for decreasing or increasing SWB (Dittmar, 2008). They are value conflicts, money-making motivations, and levels of income. Though several researchers could argue over the significance of each factor in determining the trajectory path of SWB, it is not possible to define any factor as superior to others because they are interdependent....   [tags: Sociology]

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Subjective Well-Being

- According to Freud’s conclusion based on decades of experimentation and theoretical work in the field of psychotherapy, humans cannot be happy because a satisfaction of needs creates only a momentary phase of happiness which expires after some time. Therefore, the focus of life should not be obtaining happiness, and people should focus on avoiding suffering instead (Bullock, n.d.). However, several paradigms about well-being exist, and individual cognitive patterns and paradigms define the emotional responses to social influences....   [tags: Psychology ]

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Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs to Safeguarding the Children and Youth

- The theory which contributes to the theme is Maslow’s hierarchy of needs which talks about “a positive environment and positive relationships are an important part of supporting every child or young person’s needs”, Taylor Et al, (2012:p13). Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is most often displayed as a pyramid. As people progress up the pyramid, needs become increasingly psychological and social. Maslow talks about children’s safety needs and how they need to feel security. “Maslow placed a real importance on ensuring that children have their basic needs met before they can learn”, Taylor Et al, (2012; p40)....   [tags: health, safety, well-being]

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Happiness in the Hierarchy of Needs and Biopsychosocial Models

- Well-being is slowly being recognized as a subjective concept. While others may view an individual’s situation as less than ideal, that person may still be perfectly satisfied with their situation. Taking this into account, researchers focusing on subjective well-being realize that any circumstance may be interpreted differently, depending upon one’s own goals and current life stage (Encyclopedia of Applied Psychology, 2004). Goals and life stages are interwoven in that the current position one stands will have a dramatic effect on current or upcoming goals and aspirations....   [tags: happiness and well-being ]

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Welfare and Families in the US: Changes and Reform

- Welfare and Families in the US: Changes and Reform Welfare is defined by Wikipedia as the provision of a minimal level of well-being and social support for all citizens, sometimes referred to as public aid. In most developed countries welfare is largely provided by the government, and to a lesser extent, charities, informal social groups, religious groups, and inter-governmental organizations. (22 Apr. 14) In the US, we have a welfare system that started in 1935 by President Franklin D Roosevelt....   [tags: government, charaties, well-being]

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Safety, Health, and Security in the Work Place

- ... A discussion of who is affected by each of these concepts and the impact of failure to provide a healthy, safe and secure work environment. A complete secure healthy workplace is accomplished by operating managers and HR staff members working together. The primary safety, health, and security duties in a business typically fall on supervisors and managers who are affected by employee health, safety and security. Safety refers to methods and other problems taken to keep workers from being hurt or getting sick....   [tags: work, violence, well-being]

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The Importance of Economic and Human Development

- This essay compares and contrasts two key paradigms for measuring poverty, namely economic and human-centered approaches. I argue that economic development (ED) and human development (HD) should be viewed as complementary and, as such, both are needed to promote human well-being. Nussbaum (2011) echoes this notion when she suggests that people need a combination of opportunities and capabilities in order to function in society (p. 25). Thus, I will first consider these models separately to determine how they respond to one another....   [tags: poverty, well-being, healthcare]

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The Relationship Between Exercise and Mental Power

- ... Not only does physical activity promote a higher IQ but it also increases an individual's chances of not droping out. “Drop-out rates were lower for youth who consistently participated in interscholastic sports”(Reynolds 4). Self esteem as another major factor that plays in school performance. Studies have found that exercise leads to an increase and self-esteem. An example of this is when an individual runs their body releases endorphins; which give the person a happy feeling....   [tags: physical movement, well being]

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Yoga and Pilates Studios in Korea

- The health and wellness market in South Korea is continuing to grow. This is largely due to the ongoing wellbeing trend and diversified product portfolios. A smart trend was dissembled in 2010, with people increasingly making purchases based on value or quality of health and wellness products. This means that consumers were willing to buy typical health and wellness product such as organic, natural and functional goods at best prices. By the end of 2009 an economic recovery started which allowed people to pay more to join fitness club, buy high end active wear, and eat wellbeing foods....   [tags: well-being and health]

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Mental Health of the Asian-American Elderly

- Health Disparity Topic Selection and Analysis: Mental Health of the Asian-American Elderly Mental Health of the Asian-American Elderly Asian-Americans constitute an important racial/ethnic minority in the US. A few facts that have been given by the US Census Bureau include: • In 2011, the population of Asians with more than one race was estimated at 18.2 million. • The referred population includes about 50 subgroups with reference to origins, diversity in culture, ethnicity, religious traditions, English proficiency, and geographical and immigration history • The Asian population has been estimated to about 40.6 million by 2050....   [tags: well-being, immigrants]

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Should Animals Be Kept in Captivity?

- There are billions of animals in captivity around the world. These animals are in zoos, breeding centers, and research laboratories. All those animals lead to out lash because of the stress of being in a small confinement habitat. Is it ethical to keep animals in captivity for research, breeding, or for our enjoyment. Over the years keeping animals in captive has not changed in safety and the well-being of the animal. The reasons that animals are held in captivity could favor some people and others not....   [tags: habiat, safety, well-being]

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Happiness is a Biopsychosocial Phenomenon

- ... Huppert suggested that good health and over all subjective well-being is associated with positive emotions, by limiting and restraining negative emotions. (Huppert et al, cited in Datta, 2010, p64) (131) Architecture of sustainable happiness The model of architecture of sustainable happiness was created and designed when Lyubomirsky studied various papers and came to the realisation that well-being was determined by multiple influences. (Lyubomirsky et al, cited in Boniwell & Rostron, 2010, p134) The basis is that we have a genetically determined level of happiness and although these significant life events play a role in affecting this, it will return to its original point quite soon af...   [tags: well-being, factors, genetics]

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Making Decisions: A Case Study

- MAKING DECISIONS: A CASE STUDY OF INCLUSION, COMMUNICATION AND WELL BEING Introduction and rationale Communication is the sharing of information and it is needed to confirm our identity and our individualism. Allan and Killick (2008, p.212) describe the relationship we have with others in “As social animals, we conduct our lives in the context of relationships which rely on communication”. A person with dementia can often be excluded from the communication process through many internal or external barriers....   [tags: Inclusion, Communication, Well Being]

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The Importance of Extracurricular Activities

- The Importance of Extracurricular Activities Imagine walking across the stage in just a few years from now. Having thousands of eyes pointed at you as you take that emotional walk to finally receive your high school diploma. After a few years when you have graduated high school and started life, you're going to look back and think, what have I accomplished so far. Extracurricular activities can be very beneficial for students now, and those in the future as well. They can allow you to feel like you have accomplished something while in school....   [tags: Well Being, Students, Accomplishments]

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The Effects of Divorce on a Family's Well Being

- The Effects of Divorce on a Family's Well Being Works Cited Not Included Boy meets girl. Girl and boy fall in love and get married. Girl and boy have children and life could not possibly get any better. Many years later: Boy and girl start to notice something different in their relationship, something wrong. They decide that their relationship is over, whether they’re both happy with that decision or not and they divorce. Boy and girl’s children see them divorce. Children process the divorce in different ways, and it stays with them for the rest of their lives....   [tags: Marriage, Family Values]

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Relationship Between Body and Mind and Physical Well-being

- There is a special two-way communication between mind and body and it is known that psychological problems like anxiety or stress, which occurs in the mind, may take control over the body and cause illnesses and disorders and vice-versa. In this paper, we will look at the mind-body relationship and the body-mind relationship and note that the mind is about thought, consciousness, mental images and processes while the body is about how the brain is structured and the physical components of the brain neurons which may result in physical movements of the being....   [tags: Hormones, Anxiety, Fear]

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Molecular Mechanisms Underlying the Health Advantages Associated with Psychological Well-Being

- ... Transcript origin analysis identified monocytes, plasmacytoid dendritic cells, and B lymphocytes as primary cellular mediators of these dynamics. The finding that hedonic and eudaimonic well-being engage distinct gene regulatory programs despite their similar effects on total well-being and depressive symptoms implies that the human genome may be more sensitive to qualitative variations in well-being than are our conscious affective experiences. social genomics gene regulation Psychological well-being has been shown to forecast future physical health above and beyond its association with current physical health (1⇓⇓⇓⇓–6), and above and beyond its association with reduced levels of stress...   [tags: eudaimonic, hedonic, genome]

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Relationship betweem Ethical Leadership, Employee Well Being, and Helping

- The purpose of the study is to identify that whether ethical leadership and Human Resource Management (HRM), employee helping and the well-being. The researchers are interested in the relationship between the ethical leadership, employee well-being, and helping. Well-being is a combination of arousal and pleasure and illustrates an affective state ( Warr, 1987). Also, human resource management (HRM) that typically includes selection, training, teamwork, performance appraisal, and rewards ( Sun, Aryee, & Law, 2007)....   [tags: job, resources, performance, behaviors]

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Indigenous Culture and Primitive People: A Look at Poverty and Well Being

- The indigenous culture of primitive people and their habitats are at the edge of extinction. Although globalisation has initiated numerous opportunities for millions of people around the world, Social anthropologists have analysed the effects of indigenous cultures from the wider context of globalisation. In this essay I will examine development and modrenisation from the perspective of indigenous people and why development should take their culture seriously. ‘Development’ and anthropology are locked in an uneasy relationship ‘development’ has a background in early anthropological theories of social evolutionism....   [tags: anthropology, globalization]

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The Role of Risk Factors and Protective Factors on Mental Health and Well-Being

- In today’s society, there is substantial variation in the number of incidences of mental health disorders between individuals within a population. Even though most individuals with mental health problems do not seek professional help, the rehabilitation and treatment of those who do, does not decrease the number of psychological problems in a population. Instead, the number of mental disorders remains the same and/or possibly increases. It is therefore crucial to practice and use preventative approaches to control and possibly eliminate biological, psychological and social stressors that are detrimental to one’s psychological health....   [tags: Mental Health ]

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The Role of Husbandry in The Health and Well-being of Exotic Animals in Captivity

- According to the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, animal husbandry is defined as the physiological, biological, psychological and social needs of animals.1 Every zoo that is AZA accredited needs to fulfill these needs correctly for the species and on a regular basis. In the UK, the ‘five freedoms’ are used to determine proper animal husbandry: freedom from injury and disease; freedom from hunger, thirst, and malnutrition; freedom from thermal or physical distress; freedom to express ‘normal’ behaviors; and freedom from fear.4 Other freedoms have been proposed – freedom from boredom and freedom of animal to exert control over it’s quality of life, to name a few – but the five have remain...   [tags: Zoology]

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The Failure of Inter-agency Collaboration to Safeguard the Well-being of Children

- The role of interagency is about evaluating and monitoring the needs of the vulnerable children and families, with a clear vision to ensure that mutual outcomes are attained to promote the safeguarding, well-being, learning and development of the vulnerable children ( Barnardos, 2007) Furthermore, this essay will discuss the serious case review of Victoria Climbie with the dilemma of how the interagency working to benefit to children’s learning and development has failed to safeguard a vulnerable child....   [tags: Victoria Climbie]

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The Impact of Different Family Structures on Children’s Well- Being and Development

- A well-functioning family structure has an essential value for society because its benefits cover all members of society: children, women, and men. Even though the majority of people recognize the importance of family, not many people fully understand how highly family impacts individual development, especially in young children. Researchers have indicated many types of family structures, yet the focus of this paper will emphasize on the “traditional family,” the “single-parent family,” and the “homosexual family” (Berman, 2012)....   [tags: Family Issues]

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How Weather Conditions Affect Health and Well-Being in Singapore

- How Weather Conditions Affects Health and Well-Being Singapore is an island lying north of the Equator. Because it lies in the tropics, it receives sufficient sunlight, has mostly uniform temperature and pressure, high humidity and abundant rainfall. Singapore’s climate can be categorized into two main monsoon seasons. During the Northeast Monsoon season, from December to early March, northeast winds prevail. It is cloudy with frequent afternoon rain in the early part of this season. From late March to May, winds and showers are present mostly during afternoon and early evening....   [tags: Health, meteorology]

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Effects of the Paranormal on the Community

- An astonishing estimate of three out of four Americans believe in the paranormal. That’s approximately two hundred and thirty four billion out of three hundred and twelve billion Americans. The rising paranormal interest negatively affects a community. The economic influence of the paranormal can destroy a town and its reputation. In addition, the belief in the paranormal can leave a person mentally disturbed and cause learned helplessness. This, which affects the people, can hurt a community if a person affected by either is put into a position of power....   [tags: Superstition, Curiosity, Well Being]

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Aistear: High/Scope and Montessori Pedagogical Methods

- This Essay will discuss and identify how Aistear’s four themes- well being, identity & belonging, communication and exploring & thinking- are represented in the Montessori and High/Scope pedagogical methods. Nóirín Hayes explains in her research paper Perspectives On The Relationship Between Education and Care In Ireland (2007), how demand for early years education in Ireland has increased in the last two decades for a multitude of reasons. Due to this growing demand for quality early years education the NCCA (National Council for Curriculum and Assessment) introduced Aistear as the early childhood curriculum framework for 0-6 years in Irish early years settings in 2009....   [tags: well being, identity, communication, exploring]

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Ori Hofmekler: The Warrior Diet Ideology

- The Warrior Diet may sound self-explanatory, however I would argue that not only is it more than a diet, but that it is a beneficial way of life. The Warrior diet began when a man in the Israeli Special Forces decided that the standard way of eating was not working for him, a modern day warrior (Hofmekler). The name of that man was Ori Hofmekler (Hofmekler). During his training in the Special Forces Ori realized that the standard three meals a day was not going to fit into his hectic schedule (Hofmekler)....   [tags: fitness, well being, life style]

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ProtectOHIO Family Meeting Model

- Based on the population that Children Services serves, which is families and children in the community, I feel that our agency has met the intended goals for the ProtectOhio, Family Team Meeting process. Although there are still aspects in the model that needs to be implemented corrected I still feel that we have improved a great deal in the past several years. At our agency, the ProtectOHIO Family Team Meeting Model is rooted in a set of principles and values. These principles and values are listed in our family team meeting rooms for the past 5 yesrs to guide the program, practices, services and supports conducted within this practice model....   [tags: Child Well-Being, Family Improvements]

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Ban Child Involvement in Beauty Pageants

- In the year of 1880 a spontaneous event took place which piqued the interest of young woman and girls in competing in a competition which was solely made up upon having good looks; this competition is called a beauty pageant. Approximately 700,000 pageants take place a year all over the world, but the first pageant ever originated in Delaware in the United States. Although pageants claim to be an event which promises to help bring world peace, they are actually a very costly event which showcases young children in inappropriate clothing, acting much older than their age....   [tags: Emotional Well Being, Title&Tiara]

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Doubts Over Education Securing Success

- Theoretically speaking, since education became an available opportunity for most people in the world, the more one studied and became better at a greater number of things, the better his or her chances of achieving good living standards became. In other words, the amount of effort spent towards bettering oneself would lead to a proportionate resulting amount of income and benefits. Therefore, education was one of the key issues for civilised societies during the 20th century, as it allowed large numbers of people to choose their path in life and no longer be confined to a given place in society due to poverty and a lack of facilities and opportunities....   [tags: income, well-being, university]

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Emotional Emancipation Circles

- Emotional Emancipation Circle (EEC) is an upcoming form of healing that is being introduced to clinics, campuses and community organizations across America. The premise of this self help group is people of African descent who live in America have been greatly influenced by many lies about themselves and their identity. One overall goal of EEC is to “Defy the Lie of the Myth of Black Inferiority” that has pervaded American discourse for centuries. In the circle Indigenous African rituals are implemented along with historically African American traditions to create interventions that promote change....   [tags: Healing Organizations, Well Being]

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Theory and Client System Assessment

- For this client system assessment, I have chosen a client I engaged with while at work, my client’s name is Keith. Keith is 34 years old and has had many unfortunate circumstances surrounding his life, beginning with his birth. Keith’s family system consists of himself, his mother and two step siblings. Keith was unfortunately the product of a rape, witnessed repeated domestic abuse situations with his mother’s boyfriends and husbands, was abused himself and to this day, Keith continues to suffer in all domains: emotionally, mentally and physically....   [tags: psychology, stages of development, well being]

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Positive Interventions: Happiness Attained from Acts of Kindness and Gratitude

- ... Pre-test and post-test measures will be utilized to attain a measure of each participant’s gratitude, life orientation, affect, self-esteem, and resilience. This study makes three predictions. First, it is hypothesized that the group completing kind acts for others will show more gains in happiness and well-being than the group keeping a record of gratitude. Confirmatory findings will support previous research noting that individuals with greater commitment to an intervention obtain more benefit from the activity (Lyubomirsky, Dickerhoof, Boehm, & Sheldon, 2011), assuming that a physical activity is indicative of a greater level of commitment than a passive activity....   [tags: well-being, gender, self-esteem, kind acts]

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Examining Swanson's Theory of Caring

- Examining the Theory of Caring Swanson's (1993) Theory of Caring is structured around five principles that encompass the overall definition of caring in nursing practice. This theory states that caring revolves around five categories: knowing, being with, doing for, enabling, and maintaining belief. When applied to nursing practice, each of these five categories can fuel the caregiver's attitude and improve overall patient well-being. In nursing, as well as other areas caring can be defined as, "a nurturing way of relating to a valued other toward whom one feels a personal sense of commitment and responsibility'....   [tags: nursing, patient well-being, caring-healing]

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Business: Axe Commercial Research

- ... That did not indicate much, except the military related sense with all the postures and facial expressions of the men. Later on, after a few other scenes, the box reappeared and was placed on a little table which was gold in color with patterned carpet under it. Soon after the box was set, the whole setting of the sense came to a very Middle East liked environment with all the curtains, carpet, chairs and table. There was a woman in the middle of the scene with traditional head-covering custom on....   [tags: Health, well being, brand, company]

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Health Assessment Results

- I’ve recently taken a Health assessment test from my health class; I have to say it went pretty well. I scored 689 total out of 880 points. The test has 11 categories; Social and Occupational Health, Spiritual and Psychological Health, Stress Management, Fitness, Nutrition and Weight Health, Alcohol, Tobacco, and other Drug use, Disease Prevention, Sexual Health, Safety Practices and Violent Prevention, Health care Consumerism, and Environmental Health. I will share what I learned about myself and how I felt after every category I completed....   [tags: Physical, Spiritual, Well-being]

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Social Exclusion in Relation to Disability and Gender

- Social exclusion is the exclusion of an individual from the current social system, their individual rights and privileges. This is usually a result of a person living in poverty due to circumstances he or she has no control over, or their own human error. Becoming socially excluded can also be the result of the individual belonging to a minority social group. Social exclusion refers to individuals whom are excluded from certain aspects of social life such as employment and social relations. This can be due to reasons such as whether or not the individual would like to participate in social activities, or whether he or she is unable to participate in social activities for reasons which are b...   [tags: social exclusion, poverty, well being]

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The Effects of Divorce

- Divorce has become a serious issue in modern day society for children and women. On the other hand, in this day in age, many married couples are separating at higher rates than in the past and married couples are becoming the minorities. Children are effected socially, emotionally, economically and in their ability to learn. Children who are accustomed to living with both parents in the same household tend to be more effected by divorce than those who are not accustomed to their parents living in the same household....   [tags: women, children, father, social well-being]

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A Review of the Relationship between the Workplace Learning and Development Opportunities with the Employee’s Psychological Well-being.

- Introduction A pre-approved topic on the relationship of workplace learning and development opportunities with job satisfaction and psychological well-being (lesser burnout) among the employees was presented in a graduate class of the MAIS 645, 2014. An overwhelming response elicited the author to further elaborate and corroborate the topic by conducting a review. Thus, this paper hypothesizes that the availability of the workplace learning and development opportunities influences the psychological well-being of a worker with positive outcomes....   [tags: human resource strategies, employee motivation]

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Predicting Perceived Social Support and Well-Being: The Role of Problematic MMO Play and Use

- Predicting Perceived Social Support and Well-Being: The Role of Problematic MMO Play and Use 1.1 Overview Since the advent of the Internet and especially the recent growths in social networking researchers have sought to learn about and understand problematic Internet use (PIU). In lieu of more recent studies, there is them that carries across several studies that research PIU, users that report having some sort of negative outcome tied into their Internet usage appear to be strongly drawn to the Internets interpersonal functions (i.e....   [tags: Internet]

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Defining and Preserving the Well-Being of the Cree: waamistikushiiu v. miyupimaatisiiun

- Defining and Preserving the Well-Being of the Cree: waamistikushiiu v. miyupimaatisiiun For the Cree, health is more than individual physiology. Health is definied by miyupimaatisiiun, a complex word that refers to an individual's enriching connection to his community and his natural environment. Miyupimaatisiiun can be interpreted as "being-alive well," a condition that includes the safety and security of family, friends and tribal members, as well as for the resources the Cree depend on to survive....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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The Internet May Harm a Child’s Physical Well Being and Mental Health

- Internet May Harm a Child’s Physical Well Being and Mental Health While online exploration opens a world of possibilities for children, expanding their horizons and exposing them to different cultures and ways of life, they can also be exposed to many dangers exploring the information highway. If not used properly, the Internet may be severely damaging to the mental and physical health of children. There are many different hazards on the Internet. Chatting on the Internet, which enables people as well as children to communicate, without revealing their true identity, is probably THE most dangerous area on the Internet....   [tags: Technology Computers Children]

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The Effect of the First World War on the Well Being of British Civilians

- The Effect of the First World War on the Well Being of British Civilians When constructing an essay based upon the impact that the First World War had upon the wellbeing of British civilians, we primarily have to distinguish how, and with what criteria we will use to judge a Nations health standard and wellbeing. Throughout this essay, it is my aim to evaluate all of the different primary and secondary material available on the topic. Hopefully, this will provide me with enough data to make a subjective opinion of my own....   [tags: Papers]

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Paideia: A Concept Contributing to the Education of Humanity and Societal Well-Being

- Contributing to the Education of Humanity and Societal Well-Being ABSTRACT: For the sake of humanity, outward compulsion must change into inward check. This is possible with the help of "paideia." I use "paideia" instead of the equivocal German word "Bildung," which comprises the meanings of "education," "formation," and "cultivation." The core of my recently developed concept of "paideia" is that the educating individual does what has to be done in a certain situation. He or she works alone or together with the other....   [tags: Philosophy]

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Are People Able To Use The Internet To Contribute Substantially To Their Health And Well-Being?

- The internet empowers people to seek health information and play a larger role in their diagnosis and treatment. A survey done by found that eighty six percent of internet users said they were scanning the web for healthcare and disease-specific information. This is greatly higher than in 1999, which was seventy one percent (Binshan Lin 28). The results show that patients are becoming more knowledgeable about their health and seek to become partners in their care. The internet is revolutionizing healthcare as we know it....   [tags: Research Internet Technology Health Information]

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Definitions of Health

- Definitions of health It is fairly difficult to define health as there are no agreements between scholars. This is why many sociologists focus their research on the different issues and problems of ill health. Positive definition of health: positive health looks at the physical, emotional, intellectual aspects of a person’s wellbeing. This is in the way that they do not have any diseases or ailments. An example of the positive definition of health in a health and social care is a nurse in who is working in a hospital can say to one of their patients that have recently started exercising to become more ‘healthier’ ‘you look very healthy’....   [tags: well-being, positive, negative, sick role, care]

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Child Welfare Services

- The Term topic I chose to research about is Child Welfare Services. This topic has a variety of different regulations and forms that makes this program run. Child Welfare Services have been around for quite some time and has been helping out as much as they are allowed to. This program has a time line of many important events that all build up the Child Welfare program. First off in 1909 the white house had the first national Conference on the Care of Dependent Children (Child Welfare League of America, n.d.)....   [tags: children´s life, well being, safety]

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The Benefits of Civility: A Guide to Living in Harmony with Others

- To live a happy life with understanding and ease with others, there are some components ‎that are crucial to achieve that quality of life, and civility is one of those important ones ‎because it makes our manners better and our relationships good which eventually lead to ‎making our lives better. If we are happy with our live, we would definitely impact other ‎people’s lives positively, and it would for sure pay off really well for them. So when we ‎learn civility that prevents the possibility of cross-cultural misunderstanding and conflict....   [tags: P.M. Forni, well-being, happiness, relationships]

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A Jack of All Trades: The Importance of Being Well-Rounded in the Workplace

- A JACK OF ALL TRADES: The Importance of Being Well-Rounded in the Workplace Introduction There are literally hundreds of desirable traits in the workplace. Of these, one of the arguably most important is to be well-rounded in the workplace. Many skills can assist an individual in being a well-rounded employee. Oral communication skills, written communication skills, teamwork, technical skills, leadership skills, adaptation skills, computer skills, interpersonal skills and analytic abilities are some of the key factors to a well-rounded employee....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Perks of Being a Wallflower: Scene Change

- Scene Being Changed: (Chbosky 202-213) The scene being changed is the day that Sam, Charlie’s love interest, leaves for college. The previous night, things had gotten intimate between her and Charlie, but Charlie freaked out when she began to touch him. That night, he had a dream about his Aunt Helen touching him the same way that Sam did. On the day that Sam left, Charlie returned home and reality sank in. Here, we realize that Charlie had “gotten bad again;” He had lost all of his friends, he had no one to comfort him, and he was beginning to think that the dream he had about his Aunt Helen was an actual memory....   [tags: being a wallflower, aunt helen]

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Satire in “The Importance of Being Earnest” by Oscar Wilde

- A satire is a piece of work that is designed to ridicule or tease a group or organization, generally for the purpose of being humorous. “The Importance of Being Earnest,” a play by Oscar Wilde, is a satire, ridiculing class, gender, and marriage. This essay will describe some points from each of these sections, as well as give a brief synopsis of the play these examples come from. The Importance of being Earnest includes three acts, with seven major characters. In act one, we start with a conversation between Jack (a notable bachelor) and Algernon (an in debt bachelor, with a laid back temperament), in which we learn both have made up 'friends,' who are often sick, as to escape from whereve...   [tags: Satire, Importance of Being Earnest, Oscar Wilde, ]

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The Character of Helena in All's Well that Ends Well

- The Character of Helena in All's Well that Ends Well Helena There is an underlying ambiguity in Helena 's character. Spreading the illustration over the four most disputed moments in All's Well, the virginity repartee, the miraculous cure of the King, the accomplishment of conditions and the bed - trick, one can detect the 'different shades' of in her character - honourable, passionate, discreet, audacious, romantic, rational, tenacious, forgiving ... She can be sampled out to be basically an idiosyncratic person with her good and bad, positioned within the 'clever wench' tradition and the 'fulfilling of tasks' folk tales ( W....   [tags: All's Well That Ends Well Essays]

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Absurdity and Satire in The Importance of Being Earnest

- Absurdity and Satire in The Importance of Being Earnest In Oscar Wilde's The Importance of Being Earnest, much is made of societal expectations, protocols, as well as the inversions of these expectations. A character, Jack Worthing, adopts an alter ego when going into town to avoid keeping up with the serious and morally upright behaviour that is expected of him as guardian to his eighteen-year-old ward, Cecily. Another character, Algernon Moncrieff, makes up an invalid friend Bunbury whose grave health conditions provide him with the excuse to escape to the country as and when he pleases....   [tags: Importance of Being Earnest]

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Comparing the Characters, Portia and Helena, in Shakespeare's 'Merchant of Venice' and 'All's Well that Ends Well'

- Shakespeare begins to mature when he creates Portia in the Merchant of Venice, and he shows a peak of maturity through Helena in his problem play, All’s Well That Ends Well. Despite the few years between these two plays and the development of characters during Shakespeare’s maturation period, he makes two very similar female characters. They understand love more than their lovers, and they see potential in the men they have chosen that no one else seems to notice. They exhibit similar character traits, but they use their qualities in different ways to achieve the same purpose....   [tags: merchant of venice, all's well that ends well]

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Spiritual Emptiness in Hemingway's A Clean, Well-Lighted Place

- Ernest Hemingway's short story, "A Clean, Well-Lighted Place," first published in 1933, is written in his characteristic terse, unembellished style. The definition of "Style" is "the characteristics of language in a particular story and . . . the same characteristics in a writer's complete works" (Gioa and Gwynn, "Style" 861). Short words and a curt tone are so characteristic of Hemingway's style that writers frequently parody them in "International Imitation Hemingway" contests (Gioa and Gwynn, "Style" 861)....   [tags: A Clean, Well-Lighted Place Essays]

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Ernest Hemingway’s A Clean, Well-Lighted Place

- Every piece of published work in literature is open to interpretation, and every person is entitled to have opinions, assumptions, and viewpoint. In a story shorter than 1,500 words, Ernest Hemingway’s A Clean, Well-Lighted Place has garnered serious debate and criticism. Written and published in 1933, Hemingway’s story containing a theme about nothing in several contexts has definitely given many critics something to talk about, but not about the usual theme, irony, or symbolism. The first 25 years after publishing the story were quiet, but a storm was brewing....   [tags: a clean well lighted place, hemingway]

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Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much: Personal Narrative

- A poem called, “Success” was written in 1904 by Bessie Anderson Stanley. The first line reads, “He has achieved success who has lived well, laughed often, and loved much.” It gained some new popularity a few years ago and was printed in various ways on multiple products. “Live Well, Laugh Often and Love Much,” was one of the variations. To my pleasant surprise, many people would remark that the saying reminded them of me. I also have gifts of mugs, frames and wall hangings that validate their sentiments....   [tags: gratification, living well]

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