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Film Review : The Film ' The Cold War '

- Many early films made were based on religious contexts and have evolved from romanticism to thrillers, telling different stories (Fang, 1997). There have always been different national cultures being expressed in film. This is seen both in a deliberate and an unconscious fashion until the rise of Hitler in 1933 who stressed that the film should be seen as an art form (Briggs & Burke, 2009). Used by Hitler, the United States, and other world leaders during World War II, the film was seen as a force of with considerable impact onto discourse and culture....   [tags: United States, African American, Film]

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Hollywood Propaganda: The Glorification of War by the Film Industry

- War has been present since the beginning of human history. Likewise, war movies have been present since the movie industry began. Just like most other genres of film, war films have been created as a form of entertainment to profit a person or organization. More people are willing to spend their money and time on a feeling of action, excitement, heroism, and patriotism than gruesome and horrid images of real and common human destruction. Propaganda has been used by governments for a very long time and when motion pictures came into existence, governments almost immediately saw the new medium as an opportunity to influence the public....   [tags: Let's Stop Glorifying War]

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The Civil War in the Film Glory

- ... Major Forbes undergoes a change from a seemingly irresponsible and careless person, to a much more mature, leading, man. This is shown in the beginning of the film in the scene of the party at the plantation, in fact, you see this the minute he first comes out in the film, because he’s clearly had a few more than enough to drink. A moment that proves his lack of responsibility, is in the scene where he actually admits to Colonel Robert Shaw that he is not responsible enough to lead an entire regiment....   [tags: casualities and destruction]

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Platoon a Film That Portrays The Vietnam War

- Platoon is perhaps the most influential example of the Vietnam War. Oliver Stone, director of the film, who served two tours of duty in Vietnam, portrays the war as more of an internal conflict between American soldiers rather than a conflict with the Vietcong militants. The film is narrated by Chris Taylor played by Charlie Sheen who is a new recruit to “the Nam”. He is assigned to a platoon that is stationed somewhere near the border of Cambodia; Cambodia was off limits to any American infantry....   [tags: Oliver Stone, Film Analysis]

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The Cold War in Relation to Film

- The Cold War in Relation to Film The Cold War brought fear to Americans, with communism and the Red Scare. This essay will cover how the Films relate to the Cold War. Films such as; the Front, On the Waterfront, Guilty by Suspicion, High Noon and the Crucible. Along with, The Fifties text book by David Halberstam. If Russia becomes communist, what will become of the United States of America. The Russian Revolution began in 1917, during WWI, Russia wants to overthrow their government and become communist....   [tags: the Front, on the Waterfront, guilty by suspicion]

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Jarhead: An Instrumental Film in American War Culture

- Jarhead follows the journey of Anthony Swofford during his service in Middle East. Throughout his journey, Swofford presents a unique perspective on a variety of issues that indirectly affect American life and the “war” on terrorism. Some of the issues touched on include the mental stability and mentality of American soldiers, the influence of politics in the presentation of war, and the construction of a marine. Through these themes, along with the unique perspectives offered by the characters in the film, the audience is able to gain insight into the corruption and lies that are “war”....   [tags: Film Analysis ]

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The Japanese Film Industry During The Korean War

- Following the historically unprecedented destruction of the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and the surrender of the Empire of Japan to Allied forces in September, 1945, the Japanese government came under control of Allied Occupation Forces from 1945-52, with General Douglas MacArthur serving as Supreme Commander of the Allied Powers (SCAP). As noted by Thompson and Bordwell in Film History: An Introduction (2nd ed), under MacArthur’s office, also known as SCAP, Japan was designated as, “the bulwark of Asia’s capitalism and democracy…” (p....   [tags: Film, Film theory, Independent film, Art film]

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The War Experience in Italian Film

- The War Experience in Italian Film The experience of war as it is presented throughout the history of Italian cinema is a uniquely composite display of historical reverence and cultural consecration. An analysis of this experience in all of its manifestations can be discerned from the evaluation of one or several works from the post-World War II period within the corpus of the Italian cultural signification. It follows from this approach that the essence of the results of this analysis will then represent an appreciative grasp of the aforementioned corpus....   [tags: Italian Italy Cinema Movies Film]

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A Realistically Chaotic War Film: Steven Spielberg's ‘Saving Private Ryan’

- ‘Saving Private Ryan’ a joint production from Paramount and DreamWorks pictures, directed by the superb Steven Spielberg, was awarded four academy awards for this film alone, in addition to winning an Oscar for best director of the year 1999. The star studded cast including Tom Hanks, as Captain Miller and Matt Damon, as Private Ryan turned out to be one of the best war films ever made. Spielberg’s idea of the movie was to create a chaotic war film that actually made the audience feel they were involved with all the confusion going on during WWII....   [tags: Saving Private Ryan, Steven Spielberg, films, mili]

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War Film Analysis: Apocalypse Now Directed by Ford Coppola

- “Apocalypse Now” is a legendary war film directed by Francis Ford Coppola. The film’s main theme is devastation, violence, and horror. In this film Coppola thoroughly scrutinized the main characters ideas, behavior, and emotions to depict the darkness and the horror of war. His goal was to make the audience part of the horror. He wanted the audience to have a tremendous impact on this film and he succeeded with the perfect use of sound and editing in the ending sequence of his film. I will demonstrate how Coppola exploits a wide array of sound and editing to create suspense, intensity, and anxiety in the sequence to affect the audience’s emotions, using diegetic ambient sound effects, non...   [tags: devastation, violence, horror]

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Movie Review : ' The Battle Of The Film '

- I found a movie that had to deal with the Great War also known as World War l. The battle of the film took place in Vienna. The movie is a comedy called Wien im Krieg the movie took place in 1916 a silent film that was directed by two directors Freisler, Fritz and lastly Hanus, Heinz the black and white film was shot in Austria and the production company was covered by Sascha Messter Filmfabrik. The setting of the movie was basically civilians in war and city and town life. In the black and white silent film there important characters such as Fraz Xaver who was described as a big belly middle class butcher and widower....   [tags: World War I, World War II, Vienna, Film]

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Kirby Dick's Film The Invisible War

- ... In a short turn of events the film uses disturbing personal experiences to exemplify and expose sexual assault in the military. The film follows Kori Cioca, Jessica Hinves, Ariana Klay, Trina McDonald, Elle Helmer, Hannah Sewell, Myla Haider, and Michael Matthews who all were victims of sexual assault while on active duty. As their stories unfold what is alarmingly present and similar is the militaries lack of acknowledgment and search for justice for these victims. For the most part the film focused on Kori Cioca whose story was, in my opinion, most heart breaking....   [tags: rape of women soldiers in US military]

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Propagand The Film As Propaganda

- The Film as Propaganda Although many people view films as a mere form of entertainment, it is difficult to accept them as just that given the fact that throughout history, films have been used many times as propaganda. Sometimes they were used to shape the public’s opinion on matters of global importance while other times they were used to gain the public’s approval on the horrifying tragedies that come with war, with the latter usually being the case (Horgan). Whether it be the Japanese, the Germans, or even the Americans, propaganda through film has helped many countries win many wars and achieve their political agendas in the past....   [tags: World War II, World War I, United States, Film]

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The Truth About War Revealed in the Film, The Thin Red Line

- The Truth About War Revealed in the Film, The Thin Red Line Terrence Malick’s The Thin Red Line (1998) is a film that examines the Guadalcanal Battle of World War II, looking past the physical results of the violence, in order to uncover the deeper truths and ramifications of war. The film conveys themes and ideologies that are somewhat uncommon to war films, especially WW II films. In this dark, surreal, journey, Malick takes us inside the minds of soldiers experiencing this battle to capture a remote pacific island from the Japanese....   [tags: Movie Film Essays]

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War Changes Men in Film, Gran Torino: Surviving War

- War changes men. When it comes to sacrificing for a country, it is presumed that surviving combat could make a man appreciate life, aspire to important things, and value effort and determination. In short, it could make a man take advantage of the great second chance he had been given and work to find both large and small ways to contribute to the public good. Yet despite this assumption, the horror of death had scarred the lives of many war veterans, obviating them from the joy of living. Clint Eastwood’s Gran Torino (2008) explores this idea of returned war vets and presents it through the persona of Walt Kowalski, a racist retired autoworker, Korean war veteran, and the film’s eventual he...   [tags: patriotism, death, veterans]

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War Time Era Film: Everybody Come to Ricks

- Casablanca is a drama, action, mystery, romance, and classic genre film directed by Michael Curtiz. It is a very unique movie which encompasses the difficult and tumultuous time period of World War II, and plays out the romantic struggles of an American expatriate meeting a lover from another country in Casablanca. The combination of the war time struggles and a complicated romance makes for a very interesting and entertaining film. The film was based on an un-produced play called Everybody Come to Ricks and won three academy awards for Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Screenplay....   [tags: casablanca, Michael curtiz, ww2 movie]

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The Narrative Of War Films

- There is an intellectual discussion over the accuracy of war films and whether or not these should focus more on telling the truth or decorating it a little. Indeed, the narrative of war films has change throughout the years because the purpose of such films has evolved, especially those representing the World War II years and the aftermath. At the time of war, films were employed with diverse objectives for example to urge the public to support the war, to narrate the latest events, or to rebuild the image of the heroes....   [tags: World War II, Film, United States]

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Gangs Of New York Is A War Packed Film Directed By Martin Scorsese

- Gangs of New York is a war-packed film directed by Martin Scorsese that takes place in New York during the Civil War. This 2002 film is about a young Irish immigrant, named Amsterdam, who returns to the Five Points to get revenge on William Cutting, a powerful gang leader who murdered his father. One scene that really sticks out within the film occurs during the draft riots that took place in New York. Although this particular scene is historically accurate, there are some parts of the scene itself that seem to have a bigger impact overall....   [tags: New York Draft Riots, New York City]

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The Trauma of War Conveyed in Ninh's Short Story, A Marker on the Side of the Boat and the Film, Barbed Wire and Mandolins

- War is cruel. The Vietnam War, which lasted for 21 years from 1954 to 1975, was a horrific and tragic event in human history. The Second World War was as frightening and tragic even though it lasted for only 6 years from 1939 to 1945 comparing with the longer-lasting war in Vietnam. During both wars, thousands of millions of soldiers and civilians had been killed. Especially during the Second World War, numerous innocent people were sent into concentration camps, or some places as internment camps for no specific reasons told....   [tags: Film Analysis, Movies]

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Analysis Of The Film ' Miss Representation Movie ' By Jennifer Siebel Newsom

- Women In Modern Society In Miss Representation movie, Jennifer Siebel Newsom determined how the society and media affected to women these days. There are many countries which judge women that they are not important in society such as Vietnam, China, and even the United States. The media play an important role in society because it helps us to receive the news every day and entertains. But, the ways media portrayed are completely making the negative effects for women. People usually use the media to illustrate that women are weak and they should not be in the same level with men....   [tags: Rape, War rape, Abuse, Film]

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Saving Private Ryan: An Excellent Example of the War Film Genre

- Steven Speilberg's Saving Private Ryan The opening 30 minutes of “Saving Private Ryan” is significantly effective as an example to the war film genre. It begins brilliantly with battle between the American and German forces. As the American troops were approaching enemy lines, the representation of the soldiers is that they are just ordinary human beings, not gung-ho. The conscripts were full of anxiety and fear. In fact it’s the very first thing you see with Captain John Miller (played by Tom Hanks) as he is drinking his hand trembles....   [tags: Steven Speilberg, Saving Private Ryan]

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Film Review : End The Drugs War

- When watching Russell Brand’s 2014 BBC documentary, entitled End the Drugs War, I found it to be very interesting and informative. I liked how they showed real stories and gave us a real worldview of what is going on in other countries such as Britain overall. I felt this documentary was very powerful and showed viewers how being an addict or a user is debilitating and how this is an illness. This illness obviously leads to many criminal/dangerous acts and by showing this connection of how and why it helps us to understand what these individuals are going through....   [tags: Drug addiction, Drug, Heroin, Addiction]

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Italian Neorealism: Film Style of Post-War Europe

- In the period between 1943 and 1950 Italian cinema was dominated by Neorealism which became the most significant film style of post-war Europe. Formation began back in 1936 when propagandists opened modern Cincitta studios and the film school name ‘Centro Sperimentaledi Cinematografia’. Along with the opening of schools such as this was a movement that placed a group of cinematographers under full-year contracts, among them was Carlo Montuori who used his classic techniques in creating ‘Bicycle Thieves’ (1948) one of the most well known films produced during the Neo-Realism movement....   [tags: films, cinema, cinematography]

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The National Center For Jewish Film And The American Studies Program

- The National Center for Jewish Film and the American Studies program have brought the film “None Shall Escape” (1944) to Brandeis University, in a rare screening in 35mm. The film is unique in its historical context for various reasons. In fact, it is the only Hollywood film made during the World War II that depicts the events went on to be known as the Holocaust. Before commencing the screening, American Studies professor, Thomas Doherty, was given major credit for his efforts to bring the film in 35 mm, it was also highlighted the importance of keeping 35 mm projectors and films....   [tags: World War II, Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler, Film]

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Film Screening And Panel Discussion On The War On Drugs

- On April 7, 2015 I attended both the film screening and panel discussion on the U.S. “War On Drugs.” I found the film to be useful. It began by President Nixon stating that America’s number one enemy is drug abuse. I can agree with that statement that drug abuse is a huge issue in the United States. People are being caught with drugs and rotting away in prison, as well as people are addicted and not receiving the help they need. As mentioned in the film, what drugs have not destroyed, the drugs on war have....   [tags: Drug addiction, Addiction, Mandatory sentencing]

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The Transition Between Film and Theater: War Horse

- In this essay I will explore the different effects film and theatre has on an audience and if the transition from theatre to film, which tends to be thought of as “deadening”, can be truly successful. To do this I will be using the production of War Horse as a vehicle, and I shall be investigating and exploring the different points of view of critiques and journalists and by using my own personal experience as well. To begin with, to be able to compare whether a story can be successful in both mediums one must know the difference between them....   [tags: Critique, Audience]

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Commentary of The Book and Film: World War Z

- I had never intended to read World War Z before this class began. In fact, I did not realize there was a text version in addition to the film version. This collection of personal stories from different aspects of the zombie wars was a mixed bag for me. There were some recollections that pulled on my heartstrings, and others that I could have gone without ever reading. In times of great turmoil, people are shown to be exactly who they are, their true colors shining through all of the masks and deception they have created....   [tags: Zombies, Interviews, Apocalypse]

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The Influence of Film During War World One

- WWI Take Home Essay Around the 1914’s films were just being introduced and being shown as a new favorite American pastime. Before the films actually played there would be trailer and advertisements. President Wilson thought this medium would be the best time to push the ideals and views of the government. Government-endorsed films and trailers were being played across the nation as well as in other countries. Soon after the C.P.I, Committee on Public Information, was formed to brandish the gun throughout cinema....   [tags: propaganda, advertisement, military]

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Film Analysis on Flowers of War, Edge of Heaven, Battleship Potemkin, and the Big Heat

- In this paper I will argue that understanding the context of a film is vital for a more in-depth understanding of it and I will accomplish this through a deep analysis of the following films: Flowers of War, Edge of Heaven, Battleship Potemkin, and the Big Heat. Additionally not only knowing the historical, social, and political background of a film and how the ideas in this film were form,but also how this film affected the society and the point of view of individuals,because after all film is not only affected by the context in which it is created ,but the film also affects individuals are catalyst for change in societies and cultures....   [tags: historical, social, political, background]

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The Murderers Are Among Us

- The Murderers Are Among Us The Murderers Are Among Us, directed by Wolfe Gang Staudte, is the first postwar film. The film takes place in Berlin right after the war. Susan Wallner, a young women who has returned from a concentration camp, goes to her old apartment to find Hans Mertens living there. Hans took up there after returning home from war and finding out his house was destroyed. Hans would not leave, even after Susan returned home. Later on in the film we find out Hans was a former surgeon but can no longer deal with human suffering because of his traumatic experience in war....   [tags: World War II, Film]

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The Truth About The War In Iraq

- The Whole Truth about the Iraq War For my first peace paper I went to the Ritz East movie theater on September 30th to watch the movie "Uncovered: The Whole Truth about the Iraq War." This is a movie whose mission was to reveal the lies that have been told to the American people by the Bush Administration. The majority of the audience seemed to me to be democrats or at least people who opposed the war in Iraq and the Bush Administration....   [tags: Film Movie Iraq War]

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Comparing the Presentation of War in the Oliver and Branagh Film Versions of Henry the Fifth

- Comparing the Presentation of War in the Oliver and Branagh Film Versions of Henry the Fifth Many films have been made of Shakespeare’s play, “Henry V”. The two I am analysing are by Laurence Olivier (1944) and Kenneth Branagh (1988). They are made for very different audiences with different aims. Although they seem very different, in some ways, Branagh’s version used many techniques of Olivier’s. Both productions were performed to communicate the director’s feelings on war to the audience and were performed when war had played a part in recent history....   [tags: Papers]

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Ethics and a Movie: Zero Dark Thrity Directed by Kathryn Bigelow

- Zero Dark Thirty, directed by Kathryn Bigelow and written by Mark Boal, is a 2012 suspenseful action war film that is based on recent events surrounding the hunt for Osama bin Laden, leader of the infamous terrorist organization Al-Qaeda. Though the film has been regarded quite favorably by a majority of critics and has won numerous awards, it has also generated much controversy. Most of the controversy has centered on the film’s historical accuracy as well as questions about where it obtained certain classified information....   [tags: war film, osama bin laden, terrorism]

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Portrayal of the Opposition to the Vietnam War in Contemporary Literature, Film and Popular Song

- Portrayal of the Opposition to the Vietnam War in Contemporary Literature, Film and Popular Song In the following extended answer I intend to scrutinize the opposition to the Vietnam War. With the use of contemporary literature, film and popular song I am hopeful that I can express to you how these materials had quite a radical effect on the people’s opinion. To begin, we must take into consideration the initial public opinion and contemporary sources on the war on the war in it’s originate....   [tags: Papers]

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The Portrayal of Opposition to the Vietnam War in Contemporary Literature, Film and Popular Song

- The Portrayal of Opposition to the Vietnam War in Contemporary Literature, Film and Popular Song Literature: During the Vietnam War, so many people were opposed to it they began to write articles and stories to address their community and fellow Americans. They tried to express their views on America’s involvement in the Vietnam War. Most of the middle classed youths were destined to be drafted and through these articles and stories they tried to sway the public opinion. In the early seventies they began to make pamphlets and magazines, which contained pictures and information about the young men at war who had lost their lives in the conflict....   [tags: Papers]

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Nazi Germany's Deadly Use of Propaganda

- It is evident that propaganda is based on the emotion of humans, which includes fear, anxiety, pride, greed and adventure. During wartime, propaganda concentrated on both positive and negative themes. These themes embraced family love, patriotism, courage and hope which was in contrast to the neutral themes such as fear of the enemy and antipathy. Many of these messages were not all lies but were depicting a strong proposal towards creating compelling, but somewhat manipulative narratives. However, they were not based on reality, but instead were exaggerated and distorted the truth....   [tags: censorship, film, war]

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Appealing America's Commitment to the War through Triumph of the Will and Why We Fight

- Appealing America's Commitment to the War through Triumph of the Will and Why We Fight These films were arts of propaganda, which is the attempt to control the beliefs and behaviors of people in times of crisis. This was the goal of each film, to try to persuade the world by the use of powerful film propaganda of different points of view. The film Triumph of the Will expressed how Hitler and his people wanted the world to see them. The main goal here was to encourage membership in the nazi party by emphasizing mass accommodation, mass gatherings, and above all collectiveness....   [tags: World War Two Movies Film Essays]

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Destination Tokyo and The Attack On Japan

- Japan is no longer safe. This was the sentiment of most Americans after The Doolittle Raids; America’s first bombing attack on mainland Japan. These raids had a profound effect on American morale during WWII. The supposedly impregnable island of Japan had been ruptured and The U.S. was now on the Offensive. Initial perceptions of American people’s the support of these raids would reflect an unwavering dedication to the complete annihilation of the Japanese foe. Though it is true that nearly all Americans supported the war, some did have reservations....   [tags: WWII Japan War Film Movie]

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Clint Eastwood's _Letters from Iwo Jima_

- In 2006, a film directed by Clint Eastwood was released in theatres around the world titled Letters from Iwo Jima. Unlike most war movies that are produced for the American public, this film entirely captures the World War II battle of Iwo Jima from the perspective of the enemy. For a rare change, Letters from Iwo Jima shows the cultural aspect and daily life the Japanese soldiers experienced during the war. Although the film was given many positive reviews and was noted as one of the best films of 2006, it still received mixed emotions from both the Japanese and American public....   [tags: Film, History, War]

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The Historical Significance of the Emergence of Film as a Medium for Representing War in the 1890s

- Is war changed as it becomes a ‘media event’. Based on the Spanish-American War in Motion Pictures, analyse the historical significance of the emergence of film as a, medium for representing war in the 1890s. In this day an age when any country is at war it becomes a massive media event, almost everyday news programmes present us with depictions of conflict in various different countries. Media coverage of war has increased drastically over the last century, but why is it so important to provide such extensive coverage....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Twelve O’clock High Review

- Twelve O’clock High Review “Hard luck.” This is the term used to describe the United States Air Force 918 Bomb Squad during World War II. At a critical time in the war against the German Luftwaffe, the airmen are subjected to a new strategy dubbed “daylight precision bombing.” As a result, the bomb squad’s accuracy increases, as well as, their casualty rate. Morale of the 918 is continually sinking along with their performance. At this challenging time, command-orders demand “maximum effort” from the squads....   [tags: War Film Movie]

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Vast Corruption and Explotaition in the 21st Century

- The 21st Century seems to be headed towards a future of vast corruption and exploitation as a result of the often inhumane and uncivilised individuals who, over the years have become desensitized to poverty, war, consumerism, racism, mental illnesses and political corruption. As the world moves towards further democracy, and decentralization it is vital that art is given the opportunity to stimulate people’s awareness, participation and judgment. Arts purpose is not only to be a fulfilment of society’s visual needs but is needed be utilised as a function to alert people to society’s problems....   [tags: film photography, poverty, war]

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Alfonso Cuaron : The American Public As The Creator And Mastermind Behind Gravity

- Alfonso Cuaron is seen through the American public as the creator and mastermind behind Gravity, he is one of the most talented foreign directors worldwide but is never truly recognized for his other amazing works. Cuaron is the Dante Alighieri of long shots in editing, he is often praised through his attention to detail, and the interaction between a character his environment within the realms of each shot. Along with his partner in crime Emmanuel Lubezki, the cinematographer, they are well acclaimed free-thinkers and celebrities in the realm of fantasy and science fiction....   [tags: World War II, Film, Cinematography, Dystopia]

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War 81 by Ellen Mark and The Film One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

- In 1975 Mary Ellen Mark, an up and coming photojournalist, was assigned by The Pennsylvania Gazette to work on a story about the making of the film, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, based off of the famous novel by Ken Kesey. The film was being shot at the Oregon State Hospital, a mental institution. It was because Mark was the still photographer on the film set that she was able to gain access to Ward 81, the only locked hospital security ward for women. The women in Ward 81 were considered to “be dangerous to themselves or to others” (Jacobs)....   [tags: photos, mental illness, ]

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The Boy in Sriped Pyjamas

- Film Review The film, The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas is based on a 2006 novel by John Boyne. The novel tells a fictional story molded by real events of the persecution and the extermination of the Jewish in concentration camps across Europe by the Nazis. As for the film, The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas, it is a 2008 British-Irish historical-drama film directed by Mark Herman, produced by David Heyman, and starring Asa Butterfield, Jack Scanlon, David Thewlis, Vera Farmiga, Rupert Friend and Amber Beattie....   [tags: film, holocaust, war]

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Movie Review : The Man From U.n. C.l. E Directed By Guy Ritchie

- The movie that I’ve worked on is called The Man from U.N.C.L.E directed by Guy Ritchie, 47-year-old English Filmmaker known for his crime genre films. The genre for this movie also falls in crime but it’s got a mixture of adventure and comedy to go with it. The movie was released in August of this year and in a few months the movie has grossed $108 million in the box office after having $75 million to spend. A lot of people have gone against the movie by saying that the movie didn’t live up to their expectations and was not what they had in mind....   [tags: World War II, Cold War, Film, Soviet Union]

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Unbroken Review : Unbroken And Lows

- Unbroken Review In the movie Unbroken directed by Angelina Jolie shows the highs and lows of Louie Zamperini 's life. Released on Christmas Day of 2014, Unbroken will make viewers go from happiness to horror to relief all within two hours of the film. This movie shows the true struggles of what Louie Zamperini had to go through in his life. Unbroken will touch your heart; it is an amazing story about a strong hearted man. Louie Zamperini, an American Olympian runner who was set to compete in the 1940 Olympics’ in Tokyo was cancelled because of World War 2....   [tags: World War II, Film, Angelina Jolie, Actor]

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Analysis Of Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow

- European cinema often finds itself implicated in its era’s political environment; however it could be coerced by States as the Nazi (S.A Mann Brand, 1933) and even Stalin’s regime (The General Line, 1929) or by a Hollywood’s system. Some might think that an inclusive cinema into the political reality reveals more to sociology or history than art; furthermore what is important is the capacity, the subjective touch on realities of our time. The European movies under scrutiny are, each one under a different touch or angle, but nevertheless all refer to a reality, a socio-political reality: As Vittorio de Sica’s film, “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow” (1964) deals, while the collective films’ appr...   [tags: World War II, Film, Communism, Politics]

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Movie Analysis : ' I Spit On Your Grave '

- 1978’s I Spit on Your Grave is one of the most controversial films ever released as it depicts sexual violence in a crude –and lengthy— manner. It was critically panned upon release, Roger Ebert even calling it “so sick, reprehensible and contemptible”. The film was even part of the UK’s Video Nasties, leading it to be quite heavily censored. The film inspired many debates, some claiming it to be exploitative of sexual violence against women, others claiming it is explorative. While it would be difficult to argue the film is enjoyable, going as far as claiming the film is exploitative and misogynistic shows a thorough lack of understanding of the film’s depth and implications....   [tags: Violence, Abuse, Film, War rape]

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Christmas Under Fire

- Christmas Under fire is a World War II propaganda film created by the G.P.O film unit under the instruction of the Ministry of Information. It was released in 1941 in an attempt to get the isolated United States to engage Germany and the Axis powers in World War II. The purpose of the film according to the director Harry Watt was to make Americans feel “Uncomfortable while they celebrated Christmas.”(Sarah Street, 79). The film showed the Christmas of 1940 which occurred at the height of the Blitz of London....   [tags: War World II propaganda film]

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Representation of War in Sassoon’s They, Woolf’s Mrs. Dalloway, and the film Hedd Wynn

- Representation of War in Sassoon’s They, Woolf’s Mrs. Dalloway, and the film Hedd Wynn “They”, by Siegfried Sassoon, “Mrs. Dalloway, by Virginia Woolf, and the film Hedd Wynn directed by Paul Turner, were works written about World War I. These works were the author’s point of view about the war. The authors described how the war effected people during and after the war was over. The poem “They”, by Siegfried Sassoon was a poem written during World War I. The poem basically states that no man comes out of the war the same....   [tags: Mrs Dalloway]

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We Were Soldiers

- We Were Soldiers' purports to tell the story of the bloody battle in the Ia Drang Valley in Vietnam's Central Highlands in November 1965. Despite its pretensions to honour the suffering and service of the combatants, the film profoundly misrepresents the nature of this battle and of the war in Vietnam in general. In doing so, it glorifies the military establishment and bolsters the current propaganda drive for US military action on foreign shores. In the Ia Drang Valley, paratroopers of the 7th cavalry of the 1st US Airborn division, led by Col Harold Moore (played by Mel Gibson), engaged in ferocious combat with North Vietnamese army regulars over three days and nights....   [tags: Vietnam Movie Film War]

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Summary Of ' Amir 's Film '

- I 'm currently sitting at the Ambassadors Hotel in downtown Adelaide, Australia. Primarily, I 'm in Australia to promote Amir Amirani 's documentary film We Are Many, which details the history of the antiwar movement in the post-9/11 world. Without question, Amir 's film is fascinating and informative, but it 's also heart-wrenching. Amir 's film is like a psychedelic journey through the past thirteen years of my life. It elicits a whole gamut of emotions: anger, depression, inspiration, frustration and motivation....   [tags: 2003 invasion of Iraq, Iraq War, Anti-war]

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Impact of the Film, Dr. Strangelove, on American Attitudes Towards the Atomic Bomb and Cold War

- Impact of the Film, Dr. Strangelove, on American Attitudes Towards the Atomic Bomb and Cold War "The truth is bad enough--but nowhere near as bad as you probably think. The truth will do away with a lot of silly ideas, a lot of completely wrong notions, which millions of people now believe about the atomic bomb. These ideas could easily cause great panic. And right now the possibility of panic is one of the best weapons any enemy could use against us." (Gerstell, How to Survive an Atomic Bomb 1) "Why should the bomb be approached with reverence....   [tags: Movies Politics]

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The Film ' Slavery By Another Name ``

- The film “Slavery by another name" is a one and a half hour documentary produced by Catherine Allan and directed by Sam Pollard, and it was first showcased by Sundance Film Festival in 2012. The film is based on Douglas Blackmonbook Slavery by Another Name, and the plot of the film revolves around the history and life of African Americans after Emancipation Proclamation; which was effected by President Abraham Lincoln in 1865, for the purpose of ending slavery of African Americans in the U.S. The film reveals very brutal stories of how slavery of African Americans persisted in through forced labor and cruelty; especially in the American south which continued until the beginning of World War...   [tags: American Civil War, Slavery, Abraham Lincoln]

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Analysis Of ' The Film ' Of Casablanca '

- During the film of Casablanca there was many occasions where each character had a connection with the other. The entire film seemed to be about a man who is going through multiple complications of reality consequences without informing and information towards his loved one. As you can see in the movie Rick is trying to solve and corporate with as many unideal situations for the sake of keeping his partner llsa safe and unaware from the events at all times. The Films shows motivation between him trying to do whats best for him and Llsa who is the partner of rick shows a high trait of curiosity and awareness....   [tags: World War II, Franklin D. Roosevelt]

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D. W. Griffith’s Birth of a Nation

- D. W. Griffith’s Birth of a Nation was one of the most controversial films of the 20th century. Praised by some and resented by others, it was one of the most popular films around the world for its time because of its chaotic effect on the general public. Set in the Civil War era, Birth of a Nation glorifies the Ku Klux Klan while portraying African Americans as reprobates whom sexually coerce white women. Many historians argue that the racist epic is responsible for the second Ku Klux Klan revival as well as a considerable amount of anti-black sentiment....   [tags: film analysis, civil war, racist message]

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Film Analysis: The Hurt Locker

- The Hurt Locker is a war film that is set in Iraq during the Iraq War and fits in the adventure and action genre. The plot is about a three man bomb defusal team consisting of James, Sanborn, and Elridge finding themselves is extreme, life-threatening situations where they must defuse explosives over the violent conflicts. The director, Kathryn Bigelow, has done a good job with the mise-en-scene, making the setting overall extremely believable, giving a sense of realism in the film. The film’s mise-en-scene creates a believable Iraq War settings with the use costumes, weaponry, and all the grime and dirt present in places which sells the idea....   [tags: iraq war, bomb, middle west, camera shake]

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Flags Of Our Fathers

- One of the most famous photographs in history was taken by Joe Rosenthal at the Battle of Iwo Jima, during the Second World War. The American people on a whole embraced this photo and saw it as a firm success for the army, so the government knowing that the war needed lots of added funds decided to cease this opportunity and sent the survivors of the flag razing on a propaganda based bond drive for the army. Clint Eastwood in the way he directed the film showed just how different an image of war is compared to a real war....   [tags: Eastwood Movie Film Review War]

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“Dark Film” and Sunset Blvd.

- Film noir, by translation alone, means dark film, and by that measurement Sunset Boulevard certainly fits the genre. A gloomy story that follows a jaded and sarcastic protagonist, Joe Gillis from his initial dire circumstances to his untimely death, Sunset Blvd. earns the description “dark” several times over. But there is more to film noir than crushingly depressing plotlines. There are common motifs and icons that are found in most film noirs, such as crime, dark alleys, guns and alcohol. Deeper than this, film noir features certain visual elements, character archetypes, and themes that create a unique style of film....   [tags: Film]

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Stalingrad Film Review

- Stalingrad is a film that focuses on the Battle of Stalingrad that took place from August 23 1942 to February 2 1943 and was one of the worst battles of World War II in terms of bloodshed. The city of Stalingrad was fought for control of by the Nazi German forces and fellow Axis allies against the Soviet Union. This battle was one of the most defining moments of the Second World War because the German army suffered some of the most severe causalities of the entire war. The film was directed by German director Joseph Vilsmaier and focuses on a group of German soldiers as they deal with the conflicts they endure during and after the battle....   [tags: Battle of Stalingrad, World War II]

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Saving Private Ryan - The Art of War

- Saving Private Ryan - The Art of War Released in 1999, Saving Private Ryan shocked the United States. Devastatingly realistic, and never pulling a punch, Steven Spielberg's World War II film has gone down in history, winning multiple awards, and receiving praise from all around the world. Tom Hanks' superb acting, coupled with Spielberg's artistic sense in regards to film making, unleashed a powerhouse of a cinematic experience. The film could not have hit theaters during a better time. The World War II veterans were reaching their last years, and a majority of the nation's youth had no idea what a sacrifice these brave men made....   [tags: Film Review ]

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Film Noir: A Style Spanning Genres

- The classification and cataloging of items seem to fulfill a basic need in human beings, whether it is vegetable, mineral or animal. It seems that this basic need to analyze and categorize items applies also to objets d’art, including film – and the recognition or dismissal of film noir as a genre has been argued since the term was coined. While the term itself is valid, film noir as a genre is a misnomer. More properly, film noir should be considered a style unto itself, but definitively not genre, defined by the very definitions of the words “style” and “genre”....   [tags: Film]

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The Controversies of British Crime Film During the 1940's

- The controversies surrounding British crime film releases between 1947 and 1949 are not due to the films themselves, but rather the ways in which the filmmakers were imitating Hollywood cinema’. Making reference to one British crime film in this period alongside primary and secondary source materials, explain to what extent this statement is true. The Controversies surrounding British post-war crime dramas are often thought of as being the visually distasteful and sordid, mindless violence that could be found in British crime dramas at a time when censorship was unstable, but the controversial nature of these films are embedded much deeper than that....   [tags: post-war, gangs, government]

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Commentary and Analysis of the Novel and Film The Manchurian Candidate

- The Manchurian candidate is focus around the cold war period and it was originally a novel that concentrated on the idea of brainwashing. The cold war brought fear among the American community and this fear is seen through the film when numerous members of congress are falsely accused of being part of the communist party. The main character of the movie, Raman, is program to be an assassin. He is brainwashed to kill on command and then to forget about it so he is unable to feel guilt, and even if someone were to find him suspicious he would have no idea what he or she were talking about....   [tags: Cold War, Korea, Assasin]

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Analysis of The Film Gran Torino by Clint Eastwood

- The film, Gran Torino, by Clint Eastwood, follows the life of a Korean war veteran and his relationship with his Hmong neighbors as they battle to overcome the trials that they are faced with. The character that struggles the most in the film with fighting the social norms is Thao. Thao is constantly being pushed by the influences in his life to be their idea of a man. There are two cultures that have an active influence on Thao in the film which are Hmong and American. Within these cultures, Thao has individuals who are attempting to subject him to their notions of masculinity, which are Walt, his family, and the Hmong gang....   [tags: korean war, battle]

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The Film, Paths Of Glory Directed By Stanley Kubrick

- The film, Paths of Glory directed by Stanley Kubrick, is a 1950s war drama highlighting the immense absurdity of the First World War. The use of vivid images of corpses, trenches, and inept leadership, prove to be one of the best portrayals of the actual war. During the First World War, ordinary soldiers and officers fought bravely in the face of the enemy, but inept leadership from the top brass proved deadly and incredibly deficient of any real concern for human life. Paths of Glory, follows a French General named Mireau, his subordinate Colonel Dax, the ensuing attack on a German defense, and the court marshal that followed....   [tags: World War I, Trench warfare, World War II]

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The Movie "Born on the Fourth of July" Tells Much About The Vietnam War and the Cold War

- Born on the Fourth of July was a very captivating and powerful film that will have a lasting effect on me. Oliver Stone, who won the 1989 Best Director Oscar for the film, also wrote, and produced it. He tells the true story of Ron Kovic, an American kid from Massapequa, Long Island that fought in the Vietnam War, who is played by Tom Cruise. It also stars Kyra Segwick, Raymond J. Barry, William Dafoe, and Frank Whaley. This film accurately illustrates not only what went on for the soldiers fighting in the Vietnam War and the effects that the war had at home, but also the social attitudes throughout the country during the 1950s and other major movements during the time of the war, that like...   [tags: Film]

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Charlie Chaplin 's Film The Great Dictator

- Charlie Chaplin 's film The Great Dictator (1940) was released in the United Kingdom in December of 1940 and in the United States in March of 1941. World War II has already started, but the United States had yet to enter the War. The film mocks Adolf Hitler and his allies while showing the hardships that the Jews were facing while living in Germany. The film takes a sharp turn from a slapstick comedy to a call to overthrow fascism and to have compassion for our fellow man in the film 's final speech....   [tags: Charlie Chaplin, The Great Dictator, World War II]

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The Graphic Horror of War: George Gittoes

- The 21st Century appears to be headed towards a future of vast corruption and exploitation as a result of the often inhumane and uncivilised individuals who, over the years have become desensitized to poverty, war, consumerism, racism, mental illnesses and political corruption. As the world moves towards further democracy, and decentralization it is vital that art is given the opportunity to stimulate people’s awareness, participation and judgment. Arts purpose is not only to be a fulfilment of society’s visual needs but is needed be utilised as a function to alert people to society’s problems....   [tags: biography, photographer, film maker]

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The 1989 Film Glory, Directed by Edward Zwick

- ... When they first assigned Colonel Shaw to be the leader of the 54th Massachusetts Regiment, he was afraid because he didn’t think he had that in him and because he was afraid to have the first black regiment, but he didn’t want to show anyone, so he hid it by really getting in the role of being the Colonel. When he first got together with them he hired someone to teach them how to march, but he treated them badly. After a few days he dismissed the trainer, and fought to get them the blue uniform, socks and shoes they needed, and eventually he got it for them....   [tags: american civil war, slavery, abraham lincoln]

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McCarthyism in Film

- Two films, The Day the Earth Stood Still and Good Night and Good Luck, are produced over five decades apart and illustrated similar anti-communist sentiment. The first film, The Day the Earth Stood Still, was produced in 1951 during the height of the anti-communist movement or in other words McCarthyism. Good Night and Good Luck, which George Clooney directed and starred in, was produced in 2005 as a black and white docudrama film. These two films portray the mood felt by society during the 1950s through two complementary perspectives....   [tags: Film Analysis ]

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Analysis Of The Movie ' War Room '

- In Hollywood there is also a lack of representation with executives because the most of the power resides in people that are ethnically white. Brent Lang and Dave McNary believe that black films are usually not picked up by studios because very few people in powerful positions are black. Therefore, most studios don’t understand what would appeal to black audiences. This causes analysts to undervalue the potential profit of black films, turning executives away from being interested in pursuing black film projects....   [tags: Film, African American, Racism, White American]

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The Film Red Dawn Of 1984

- In the film Red Dawn of 1984, it depicts both a work of art and propaganda for various of reasons. To start off, propaganda is used to imply a negative impact on both Russia and Russian troops. The way they are portrayed in the film, illustrates them as savages and corrupted people who are ruthless. In the film, the United States is portrayed as the victim because of the the strong brave soldiers, who are trying to survive and would fight any obstacle in their way. In fact, this film of Red Dawn can also be considered a work of art, because this film uniquely symbolizes the acceptance of thinking like a child....   [tags: Cold War, World War II, Russia, Soviet Union]

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John Rambo: War Vet To Prisoner. First Blood

- In an age where Hollywood blockbusters mainly consist of remakes, sequels, mediocre comedies, action films focused more on computer-generated effects than more genuine effects, and horror films relying more on jump scares than suspense, I personally side with older films, particularly those released a couple of decades ago. When someone is asked about their favorite movie, many people's favorites will have been made in the 1980s, including Star Wars Episode V, Ghostbusters, Back to the Future, and Die Hard....   [tags: Hollywood blockbusters, film analysis]

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The Photography And Film Industries Today

- In today’s day and age, we take even the simple things, like photography and film, for granted. Everything has become more user friendly, simpler, and faster by changing over to the digital realm. Photographers and film makers from the 20th century had it a lot harder than we do today. They basically had to do everything manually; even including something as small as flash photography. Both pictorialism and film play an important role in documenting events in the world around which we live, though have very different meanings when it comes to their expressions of art styles....   [tags: Film, Film director, Photography, Photo-Secession]

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Analysis Of The Film ' Lawrence Of Arabia '

- The film Lawrence of Arabia illustrations the experiences of a man’s exploration of places he has never been before, both on the globe and within his own mind. The leading role is sent to the Middle East during World War One, his experiences there are display disputes that are still prevalent in today’s world. The issues dealt with by the Arabians in the movie and the continued problems in present day Middle East are consequences of European domination. This control is executed through the idea of imperialism or, a countries attempt to expand their power, usually done by means of colonization, in an effort to strengthen their own countries livelihood....   [tags: Middle East, Jordan, World War I, Ottoman Empire]

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Bunohan: A Noir Film Analysis

- Figure 1 Ilham talking to Deng before Deng strikes him with a knife Film Noir which means black films in French, was actually coined by a French film critics, Nino Frank in 1946, who began to notice that darkness, downbeat, mysterious and black themes could create a different and unique visual style in American films which were released in France following the World War 11. This style has been used in films to reflect the tensions and depression of the time during the war. Characters in the films during that time would show feelings and emotions such as fear, despair, grieve and paranoia to reflect that terrible War feeling....   [tags: Bunohan Film Analysis]

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Movie Review of The Patriot

- Movie Review of The Patriot I. Title- The Patriot Production Date- June 28th 2000 Major Characters- Benjamin Martin: Mel Gibson Gabriel Martin: Heath Ledger Charlotte Selton: Joely Richardson Johnny Issacs: William Tavington Lisa Brenner: Anne Howard Charles Cornwallis: Tom Wilkinson II. Movie Summary: “The Patriot” takes place during the Revolutionary War. It’s 1776 and intense fighting is going on in the north, while in the south the people are scrambling to recruit anyone who was willing to fight against the British....   [tags: The Patriot Movies Film Revolutionary War Essays]

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Neo-Realism by Italian Film Makers

- In order to capture the hardships of everyday life in a shattered nation, Italian filmmakers in the instant post-war period created their own cinematic language. However revolutionary in impact, the new realism was not a complete halt with the past. Its origins went deep, to the work of directors in Italy and afar which, over preceding decades, had foreshadowed the themes and formal revolution of a style that would be developed to become one of cinema’s most influential movements. Neo-realist films established a new social consciousness along with the importance on working class hardship and the daily battle to get by in post-war Italy....   [tags: Movies, Nation, Post-War]

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