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In the Waiting Room

- I wake up in a waiting room. Six blue seats on either side of the room lined perfectly. I’m in the one farthest to the entrance of the room, I am the only one here. I look to my side to see an old stereo on a coffee table with a trashcan underneath. A door leading to a bathroom is next to the table. This whole place seems odd, how did i get here. what am i doing here. The room is lit with fluorescent bulbs, cheap floating ceiling is everywhere along with white walls and a carpeted floor. the sound of the lights above is the only thing to break the noise in the room, everything is dead quiet....   [tags: personal narrative]

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The Waiting Room

- Peter Nicks and William Hirsch’s 2012 documentary film, The Waiting Room, follows the lives of patients, doctors, and staff in a hospital in California. The hospital is a safety net hospital meaning that it provides care to low-income, uninsured populations. The documentary examines the obstacles faced by people who live without healthcare in addition to showing the public what goes in a safety net hospital. The Waiting Room fits into the finger categories of government and politics and science and technology....   [tags: Peter Nicks, William Hirsch, documentary]

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The Jungle and In the Waiting Room

- In today’s world immigration and emigration has vastly increased. With these increased movements around the world, the lack of communication creates many consequences. Without a language in common the attempt at communication is a difficult process. In The Jungle, Upton Sinclair explores the consequences of language barriers through a new immigrant family. The Lithuanian family do not have the language skills required for their new life in America and everyday life is a struggle. The problems that rise from a lack of communication lead to a path of destruction for the family....   [tags: severe consequences, miscommunication, analysis]

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The Waiting Room, By Peter Nicks

- Today, in the contemporary United States, there are many different influencers to a person’s health, such as poverty and/or unemployment. However, education is the most important influence on health because without a good, thorough education, people are less likely to have access to health care, be able to afford health care and they are more likely to live shorter lives. A lack of education makes poverty and unemployment more likely, which obviously have a negative effect on a person’s health. In the documentary The Waiting Room, directed by Peter Nicks, a story is told about Highland Hospital’s emergency waiting room and how there are too many patients for the staff to handle....   [tags: Health care, Health, Health economics]

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The Waiting Room Of A Hospital

- Summary This story begins in the waiting room of a hospital. Right away you can tell Mrs. Turpin is a self-important woman, “There was one vacant chair and a place on the sofa occupied by a blond child in a dirty blue romper who should have been told to move over and make room for the lady”. She looks around at all the people gathered in the waiting room and immediately finds a likened soul because the woman was, “a well-dressed grey-haired lady ”. She begins to put the people in the waiting room into categories based off their appearance and mannerism....   [tags: African American, Black people, Short story]

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The Waiting Room Lineup

- At some point in time we have all had the joy of sitting in a waiting room. That visit to your doctor, the nail shop, the dreadful dentist office, nerve wreaking job interviews, or any type of government offices that typically require you to wait before you get called back. That wait can expose you to some very irritating habits of other people. In every waiting room you tend to encounter at least one of these groups of people. You have the cell phone talkers who don’t have a problem sharing their personal business with everyone; you have those pesky kids whose parent seem oblivious to the terror their little ones are causing; and you have those habitual question askers who always take up th...   [tags: Sociology]

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Patient Flow In Waiting Room

- Patient Flow in Waiting Room Healthcare clinics are under a great deal of pressure to reduce costs and improve quality of service. In recent years, healthcare organizations have concentrated on preventive medicine practices and have tried to reduce the length of time that patients stay in a hospital. Outpatient services have gradually become an essential component of healthcare. Organizations that cannot make their outpatient component cost-effective are finding themselves financially burdened in this ever-changing industry (Caldwell, 2005)....   [tags: Health Medicine Doctors]

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The Waiting Room- Creative Writing

- The waiting room was still and quiet except for the hypnotic tick of the old plastic clock hanging on the wall. A smell evoking images of latex gloves and mouthwash hung in the air, as the dentist worked behind the closed door. The little boy across the room fidgeted uncontrollably while his mother chose to ignore it. Her face was drawn and pale. Her hands were placed on top of her lap and she wrung them continuously. She wore baggy red patterned trousers, a multi-coloured striped jumper and on her head was a faded red bandana, firmly sealed over a mass of scruffy brown curls....   [tags: Creative Writing Essay]

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Elizabeth Bishop's One Art and The Waiting Room

- ... When her aunt cried out from the dentist office she felt her as a fullish women, but because she is reacting In a similar way to the magazine, she compares her aunts foolishness to her own. It was an unexpected realization that her reactions connected her to her aunt in a way she never felt before in her six years. “Lose something everyday. Accept the fluster/of lost door keys, the hour badly spent.”(48-49), The speaker wants to show us that theres nothing you can do but to accept you will lose things and to not let it get to you....   [tags: american poet, short story, writer, author]

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Waiting Room

- Waiting Room Ring. Ring. Who could that be, wondered Henry as he glanced at the clock. It’s three a.m. “Hello.” “Henry, its Jake. Sandra was in an accident last night…” “Is it serious?” Fear clutched Henrys heart. “Yes, but she will be O.K. She is unconscious right now. Listen, buddy, I need your help. I have to go on maneuvers in a few minutes and was wondering if you could call the hospital every once in a while. I would also like for someone to be there when she wakes up.” Henry eagerly bolted from the comfort of his bed....   [tags: English Literature Essays]

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The Waiting Room Forces The Reader Of View The World Through The Eyes Of Young Elizabeth

- Bishop’s In the Waiting Room forces the reader to view the world through the eyes of young Elizabeth. “The moment is a coming of age, but without any of the social ballasts required for a seven-year-old child, however precocious” (Lensing, 1992). A brilliant piece of literature, the cultural awakening that Elizabeth experiences, through the exposure of the photos in National Geographic and through her surroundings, is captivating. Like Bishop’s visual artistry, her poetic artistry captivates the reader....   [tags: Human, Poetry, Geography, The Reader]

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Children 's Emergency Department : The Waiting Room Is Growing And The Average Wait Time

- It is close to 10 pm in the children’s emergency department. The waiting room is growing and the average wait time is now at two hours. The chaos continues when an EMS patient arrives with a chief complaint of motor vehicle collision. Since there are no beds available, the EMS is left waiting in the hallway. As an emergency medical scribe I am alerting my provider about incoming laboratory and radiology results as well as tracking the board for any possible discharges. The night provider has arrived when the nurse alerts us that the EMS arrival is now in a room....   [tags: Physician, Medicine, Hospital, Pediatrics]

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Waiting For Godot By Samuel Beckett

- On November 12th, 2016, Clayton State University produced a two hour play titled Waiting for Godot in the Clayton State Theater located in the Arts and Sciences building, room G132. Waiting for Godot is a play by Samuel Beckett, in which two characters, known as Estragon and Vladimir, wait for the arrival of someone named Godot who never arrives. The play was live five times at the Clayton State University. Each time the show was live it made a connection with the Black Lives Matter movement, in other words, waiting for justice to prevail....   [tags: Waiting for Godot, Lucky, Estragon]

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Privacy and Marriage in To Room Nineteen, by Doris Lessing

- “All human beings have three lives: public, private, and secret.”This quotation can have various interpretations. One main idea which Gabriel García Márquez is portraying in this quote is that privacy is vital for a person and gives the individual autonomy and individuality. Without privacy a person would not be able to live normally. However privacy can and is violated in various scenarios, for instance, in marriage. In the story “To Room Nineteen” written by Doris Lessing the protagonists, Susan Rawlings, privacy was intruded which lead to her suicide....   [tags: To Room Nineteen Essays]

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Analysis Of Samuel Beckett 's Waiting For Godot

- No human being follows the same path in life. No person behaves the exact same way as another. As individuals, humans forge their own path, exclusive from that of another. They choose their passions, their habits, their interests, and the person they strive to embrace. Humans add purpose to their lives, whether they live a meaningless life or a meaningful one. Two authors explore existentialism and the purpose of an individual’s life in their novels. Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett deals with two characters, Vladimir and Estragon, whose main purpose is to bring meaning into their lives by waiting for a character who never appears....   [tags: Existentialism, Waiting for Godot, Lucky]

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Creating Tension throughout Red Room by Nicci French

- Creating Tension throughout Red Room by Nicci French This gothic story is about an arrogant man who has heard of the “Red Room” and believes he is above the caretakers. He makes his way through the house, commenting on his surroundings. When he arrives at the room he is less confident than he was before. He sits waiting with his revolver at the ready, expecting something solid to attack him. When the candles start to extinguish, he is suddenly unnerved. He panics and falls unconscious and awakes to find himself in the presence of the caretakers with several injuries....   [tags: Red Room Nicci French Gothic Novels Essays]

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The Meaninglessness of Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot

- The Meaninglessness of Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot      In Waiting for Godot, Samuel Beckett produces a truly cryptic work. On first analyzing the play, one is not sure of what, if anything, happens or of the title character's significance. In attempting to unravel the themes of the play, interpreters have extracted a wide variety symbolism from the Godot's name. Some, taking an obvious hint, have proposed that Godot represents God and that the play is centered on religious symbolism....   [tags: Waiting for Godot Essays]

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The Christian Explanation of Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot

- The Christian Explanation of Waiting for Godot   "The human predicament described in Beckett's first play is that of man living on the Saturday after the Friday of the crucifixion, and not really knowing if all hope is dead or if the next day will bring the life which has been promised."   --William R. Mueller                In the five decades since Waiting for Godot's publication, many of the countless attempts to explain the play have relied on some variation of this religious motif proposed by William Mueller....   [tags: Waiting for Godot Essays]

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The Life Of A Medium Sized Room

- In a medium sized room, large, plasma televisions are posted on every wall displaying HD photos of babies that all appear to be absolutely perfect. With eager anticipation, a young couple glares at the large screens in the waiting room as they wait to see their fertility doctor. With a contagious smile flashed across her face, the doctor’s assistant calls for the anxious couple, “Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, the doctor is now ready to see you!” The couple jumps up in excitement and follows the petite assistant into the doctor 's office....   [tags: Genetics, DNA, Genetic disorder, Gene]

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Health Care At The Emergency Room

- People all over the world enter health care facilities and hope to be taken care of in an effective, sufficient and safe manner. Patients want to know that their health care provides care for their well being and want what is best for them. They wish to be cared for in a way that demonstrates that they are the most important person in the room. Sometimes not all patients get the kind of care that they expect and most importantly deserve. I am happy to say that the patient I interviewed (patient C) had a pleasant experience during their time at their health care facility....   [tags: Nonverbal communication, Communication]

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Waiting for Sisyphus

- Every mind has struggled with Existentialism. Its founders toiled to define it, philosophers strained to grasp it, teachers have a difficult time explaining it. Where do these Existentialists get the right to tell me that my one and only world is meaningless. How can a student believe that someone was sitting in jail and figured out that our existence precedes our essence. Existentialism places man in the center of his own universe; free to make his own choices and decide his purpose. Many of us are not ready for this....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Hotel Room Attendant : Hotel

- After reading The Goal, I would like to apply these concepts to the hospitality industry, Hotel. I got a chance to have an interview with a former room attendant in Howard Hotels, a five-star hotel in Taiwan. Although the room attendant’s duty is quite simple, I find the way to apply the ideas from the book to their work. In housekeeping, the room attendants have very limited time to finish their work because hotel guests usually check-out from 9AM to 12 PM and new customers will check in from 3PM to 5PM....   [tags: Hotel, Rooms, Hotels, Inventory]

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The Emergency Room On Friday

- There were a lot of patients that came into the emergency room on Friday November 20, 2015 that had heart problems. The first patient I observed was only thirty and she had been having tachycardia since two o’clock Thursday afternoon. She stated that she has had this problem before but it never lasted this long. She was said to have SVT prior to arriving to the emergency room by the ambulance crew. Upon arriving in the ER her heartrate got up to 220 beats per minutes. The next patient that I saw was brought in because his wife said that he was shaking more than usual, he had Parkinson’s....   [tags: Physician, Patient, Doctor, Hospital]

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Questions On Room Space Program

- Before setting up the program, we must first consider the following issues. Room Space • Because the program attendees will be discussing and collaborating while trying to solve the puzzles, it may be best to have a designated room for the program to minimize disturbance to other library users • Tables and chairs will be required • Hiding places within the room may be required Number of Participants • The ideal number of participants varies from Breakout to Breakout • It will be necessary to limit the number of people attending, depending on the specific Breakout used and the number of kits purchased • A good program size would be about fifteen to eighteen people, which accommodates five to...   [tags: High school, English-language films, Adolescence]

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The Ultra Sound Room

- Imagine a woman in her early twenties sitting in a waiting room. She took an early pregnancy test and the little pink plus sign proved that she was indeed pregnant. She had just begun her journey into medical school and was in no position to be a new mother, she could barely take care of herself. In the end she made herself an appointment with a doctor just to get another opinion but her mind was made up, she was going to abort the baby no matter what. The ultra sound room was small, almost two small with a patient table, desk, and a couple of chairs....   [tags: Pregnancy, Abortion, Fetus, Childbirth]

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Waiting for the Barbarians

- Many of us have heard of the “dysfunctional relationship” characterized by the twists and the turns of emotion and the outrageous behavior of two self-destructive individuals. However, we never envision ourselves in that situation, playing either the stereotyped role of the crazy woman or man, both blinded by love or another passionate emotion. However, in Waiting for the Barbarians, J.M. Coetzee creates an eye-brow rising, head-tilting relationship between the old and pedophilic magistrate and the damaged barbarian girl....   [tags: Literary Analysis, J.M. Coetzee]

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How The Emergency Room Process Works

- For my visitation research report, I visited the Greater El Monte Community Hospital emergency waiting room located in the city of El Monte. It would have been a one of a kind experience to actually go inside the hospital’s emergency room where the patients are receiving medical treatment and observe their conditions; however nurses from this hospital told me that obtaining a guest pass was out of the question. For the sake and education purpose of the visitation report, I chose to conduct my research observations at this location for the reason that I drive by this hospital on a daily basis on my way to work but never really had the chance to do so....   [tags: Hospital, Patient, Illness, Physician]

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Waiting At The Funeral Party

- As we grow older the one thing we must learn to accept is we all die. After coming to this realization we set up an ornate burial ritual; to say our final good-byes to the person we loved and will eventually join. People come to the ceremony to mourn the loss. As the ceremony progresses the mourners find themselves thinking of may things. Some people may be thinking of good times they had with the person in the casket, while others may be thinking how unfair the death really was. Despite what everyone is thinking the one thing prevalent in all their minds is they are all in that room waiting to be the one in the casket....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Medical Room And Inpatient Psychiatric Units

- In the nursing profession unfortunately, there are multiple phenomena of concern for the nurses. One of the major phenomena of concern for a nurse that works in the hospital setting is the readmission of elderly patients. Another one of these phenomena of concern that is specific to the emergency room and inpatient psychiatric units is psychiatric patients that are boarding in the emergency room waiting for a psychiatric bed to become available and the patient not having a therapeutic environment....   [tags: Hospital, Patient, Illness, Nursing]

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Essay About Family: Waiting for Papaw

- Waiting for Papaw I am under the belief that the concept of time as we know it, does not exist in hospitals. Upon entering, one loses all sense of what time it is, what day of the week it is, and how long they’ve been there. Hospitals are places of healing, of caring, of great medical advancements and live saving procedures. They are a place of second chances, of last chances, and sometimes very little chance at all. They are also a place for dying. I learned all of this and then some during the eighteen days in December that I spent at my grandfather’s bedside in Holy Spirit Hospital....   [tags: Personal Narrative Family Grandfathers Essays]

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Waiting For Superman By Davis Guggenheim

- Waiting for Superman Brittney Lekas, Gwen Williams, Valerie Copeland West Georgia Technical College Waiting for Superman The documentary “Waiting for Superman” directed by Davis Guggenheim, takes an in depth look at the public school systems and how it affects the children of America. One of the first things the film points out is there are clearly good and bad schools in every district in the country. There is never enough room for all the children in a district to attend excellent schools; because of this many children are put at a disadvantage for their education....   [tags: High school, Education, Secondary school, Teacher]

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A Room with a Japanese View

- A Room with a Japanese View It's the wee hours of Saturday morning in a quiet all female low-rise dorm room at NDSU. Residents are either sleeping soundly or out having a good time some place off campus. But in one dorm room a social gathering is in full swing. I'm not talking about a swing dance either. As I walk down my motel-looking dorm hallway, I hear a male's voice with a sharp and harsh intonation. I pause in front of the door for a second, my curiosity piqued. There is silence for a moment and then I hear the voice again and I realize it's not English, but Japanese....   [tags: Haircuts Culture Personal Narrative Papers]

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Suspense and Mystery in 'The Monkey's Paw' and 'The Red Room'

- In this essay, I am going to compare ‘The Monkey’s Paw’ by W.W Jacobs with ‘The Red Room’ by H.G Wells. I am going to examine how both the writers create suspense and mystery in the stories. ‘The Monkey’s Paw’ is basically about a paw which can be used to grant wishes for its owner. In humour, the White family make their first wish without considering what had happened to the people before them, also they are ignoring that the consequences will be disastrous. ‘The Red Room’ is about a man determined to prove that there are no ghosts in Lorraine Castle....   [tags: Literature Analysis]

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Room 13B - Fictional Writing

- Room 13B - Fictional Writing "He who makes a beast of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man." They were somewhere around Keswick on the edge of Derwent Water when the drugs began to take hold. The Red Shark raced down the A591 at a hundred miles an hour. The Stones' "Jumping Jack Flash" blared. At the wheel, strangely still and tense, Raoul Duke drove - skeletal, beer in hand - stared straight ahead. Beside him, face turned towards the sun, eyes closed behind wraparound Spanish sunglasses, is his swarthy and unnervingly unpredictable attorney, Dr Gonzo....   [tags: Papers]

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Personal Narrative- Time Spent in Waiting Rooms

- Personal Narrative- Time Spent in Waiting Rooms As I get older there are a few things I’ve started to notice. One that really stands out is the amount of time I spend in waiting rooms. In my particular situation, I have an 85-year-old father, a wife, a fifteen-year-old son, four house cats, goats, horses, dogs, a few other relatives, and assorted other animals that turn up from time to time. My father, who has been a widower for several years, has a variety of ailments. Primary among these ailments are boredom and loneliness....   [tags: Personal Narrative]

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Waiting Times in the Emergency Rooms in Canada

- Introduction Because of the lack of organization with the health care providers in Canada, the wait times are too long and can cause serious complications to any condition the patient went in for in the first place. This situation of how the health care system can resolve wait times was brought to the government but they continue to ignore the proposals brought to them. It is possible to resolve the problems of wait times without extreme change and expenses in the health care system. The solution is to be found in the reorganization of the health care providers....   [tags: Emergency Rooms Essays]

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Rhetorical Analysis of the Film, Waiting for Superman

- Educational systems in America are impaired, and the very educators that are meant to teach are the one’s pulling it down. That is the apparent message that Davis Guggenheim attempts to convey in his documentary “Waiting for Superman”. He uses many strategies to get his message across. Some of these include cartoons, children, and those reformers that are attempting to pull the system out of the ditch that it has found its way into. He makes his point very well, and uses facts and figures correctly....   [tags: Film Analysis, movies, documentary]

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The Rubber Room By Steven Brill

- The first article that I chose to work with is “The Rubber Room” by Steven Brill. This article is published by The New Yorker on August 31, 2009. Brill is an American Lawyer and a journalist-entrepreneur. “The Rubber Room” is about how it is wasting the city’s money as teachers are placed in this room where all they do is just sit around and play games. They are placed in these as they are waiting for their case to be heard by an arbitrator which could take up to many years. While they are sitting in these rooms, these teachers are still getting paid which is a waste of the city’s tax money....   [tags: Education, Teacher, School]

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A Room At The Homeless Shelter

- After waiting in line for seven hours with a bag that weighs almost as much as her, 62 year old Abigail is the second to last person to receive a room at the homeless shelter. Her legs quiver in pain as she walks up two flights of stairs to a room she will be sharing with eight other people for the night. Tonight, Abigail will be able to wash her clothing, sleep in a heated room, and shower for the first time in a while. She sleeps for as long as she can, despite questionable odor and loud noises, but Abigail must leave the shelter by five AM....   [tags: Poverty, Homelessness, Section 8, Homeless shelter]

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A Nurse At A Psychiatry Emergency Room

- As a nurse in a psychiatry emergency room, the staff must collaborate for the safety of patients and staff. There is a triage process that must be followed when a patient comes to the Psych ED, security takes any electronic devices, keys, purses, lighters, knives, wallets, etc. A nurse takes a mini-triage, which determines whether a patient needs to go to the medical ED side, if the patient is cleared to go to the Psych ED, the nurse must then decide whether to place the patient in a locked involuntary area or unlocked voluntary area....   [tags: Patient, Nursing, Physician, Safety]

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Emergency Medicine and Emergency Physicians

- Everyone dreads getting injured. When someone injures himself or is not feeling well, he goes to the emergency room (ER). While in tremendous pain, he is caught up in the chaos of the ER where he must wait, sometimes for hours, for an emergency physician. Emergency physicians try their best to help patients feel better, ordering numerous tests that help them determine what’s wrong. Eventually, patients all leave the hospital, feeling much better than when they came. Emergency Physicians provide primary care to a host of patients entering hospital ERs with illnesses and injuries covering a broad spectrum, from acute infections to life-threatening conditions....   [tags: er room, doctors]

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Getting Inside The Living Room

- Stepping inside the living room, Rob found his dad watching TV alone. Without taking his eyes away from the screen, he asked, "Where were you. Your mom is worried." He looked up, waiting for his son 's reply, but upon seeing another person standing by his side, his expression turned to one of surprise. Seeing his mom step into the room, Rob said, "Mom, dad, this is Jane." "Hi!" Jane greeted them in a soft voice. Mary joined Dave in this short stroll through Surpriseville, and after a moment 's pause and silent but detailed scrutiny of her appearance and demeanor, they greeted her as though she passed their examinations with distinction....   [tags: Mother, English-language films, Mother insult]

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My Life Of A Room

- As I stand in a room, with my friends, I cannot help but to feel uncomfortable. The extra tight feeling my jeans give me along with the heavier breathing remind me of my figure, which I wasn 't quite in “love” with. Although appreciating your body and being able to love who you are are significant and important ideas to teach girls at a young age, I never quite hopped onto the bandwagon. I knew my weight and figure were nothing but a blemish to the life I wanted to live. I always dreamed of the scale going down and down, but it just wouldn 't budge....   [tags: Nutrition, Obesity, Change, Discipline]

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The Effects Of Workplace On The Emergency Room, Geriatric Facilities, And Psychiatric Hospitals

- It is no surprise that nurses who work in the emergency room, geriatric facilities, and psychiatric hospitals face the most incidences of work related violence. While this may be true and the majority of nurses believes some violence is part of the job description, it would be hard to find many nurses who feel that bullying, economic, or sexual violence is part of the job description; however, even the majority of these violent acts go unreported. Did not sustain injury, inconvenient to report, part of the job, retaliation, and nothing will be done anyway are frequent reasons why accurate numbers ow much violence is taking place is unknown....   [tags: Nursing, Employment, Bullying, Abuse]

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Waiting for the Bus - Original Writing

- Waiting for the Bus - Original Writing It was about 8 o'clock in the evening, it was been raining for a very long time; the atmosphere around is so miserable; the air is so heavy as if it's filled with lead and the surroundings are dull and lifeless as if it was the darkest corner on earth. A middle aged man with tattoos all over his body smoking a cigar is being interviewed by a female doctor in a psychiatric hospital. While preparing the apparatus, the young lady tells him about the procedure:" This conversation will be recorded, as many others before it, do you understand Peter....   [tags: Papers]

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The Crowded Clinic: The Importance of Office Duties to Help the Patients

- The case study: Crowded Clinic provided some good examples of what many busy clinics have to deal with on daily basis. Lately, there have been multiples computer systems to improve scheduling problems for the outpatient clinics, such as “Open Access”, “AdvancedMD”, “Medical Office Online”, and many more. These programs do help with daily operations of a medical office, however, in order to make patients feel more welcome few other things can be implemented. Such as letting receptionists handle arriving patients right away, instead of making patients wait while the receptionist handles phone calls, assist with prescriptions, and/or handle emergencies....   [tags: cross train, computer, phone, room]

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Waiting for Him - Original Writing

- Waiting for Him - Original Writing He slowly slipped a twenty pound note under the gap in the door and put his ear to the door. He wasn't worried about the change, but he wanted to make sure the delivery boy had left. After hearing the fading crunch of feet on snow, he decided to wait five minutes more before he got his food. Just in case. Four latches were pulled back, each one making him feel more and more queasy, exposing him to the world outside, each one making it easier for Him to get in....   [tags: Papers]

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Critique of Davis Guggenheim’s documentary _Waiting for Superman_

- In Davis Guggenheim’s documentary Waiting for Superman, he exposes mainly a one-sided argument against teachers unions, by stating the unions are a “menace and an impediment to reform.” His documentary explores the tragic ways in which the American public education system is failing the nation's children, and explores the roles that charter schools and education reformers could play in offering hope for the future. Statistics show our nation’s student dropout rates, diminishing science scores, math scores, and schools closing due to lack of funding, but numbers fail to represent the names and faces of the children whose entire futures are at stake due to the inability to enact change....   [tags: Education, Film Review]

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My Grandma At The Waiting Section Of Damascus International Airport

- My grandma is standing at the waiting section of Damascus International Airport with Aunt Suzan, my uncles Omar, Ahmed, and Basel, who is my favorite, with my cousin Shira, who grew about 4 inches and looks way tanner than I remember; when I see Shira I burst with excitement, she is the only kid in the family that is younger than me and I miss her a lot. She attacks me with a big hug and the rest of the family followed. I can’t believe this was happening, it has been 3 years since I have seen them, and they always made my days shorter and were very fun around....   [tags: Family, Aunt, Uncle, 2007 singles]

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A Room of One's Own, by Virginia Woolf

- The commentary that makes up Virginia Woolf s A Room of One's Own is delivered by a female narrator on the move. She is first depicted wandering out-of-doors on the grounds of a university campus. Immediately afterwards, she makes her way indoors into various rooms and halls belonging to two of the many colleges that readers can assume make up this university. Next, she is depicted visiting the British Museum in the heart of London. She ends the book located in her London home. The mobility of this narrator points to the importance of setting in the novel....   [tags: Summary, Analysis, Background]

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My Experience With My Bedroom

- Everyone has their own, personal place to have alone time and clear their heads. For me, that place is my bedroom in my apartment. My room is the one place where I feel most nostalgic and comfortable; its’ a comfort that can’t be replaced. My bedroom is my favorite room in my apartment because I always have my privacy there, and I feel like it shows my personal style, which I love. Privacy is extremely important to have in your life and it helps keep you sane. That’s why I am so unbelievably thankful that the bedroom doors in my apartment have locks on them for our own privacy....   [tags: Bedroom, Room, Work in progress, Rooms]

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Emergency Room Case Management Program

- Emergency room case managers are active members of the health care team and act as a liaison between the emergency room, hospital, community case management program to improve continuity and efficiency of care (Powell). Case managers coordinate appropriate are care chosen for the class project is emergency room case manager’s role in the preventions and management of asthma. The performance indicators measured are cost of care, quality of care, health status and clinical outcome (Powell). The performance indicators measured are cost of care, quality of care, health status and clinical outcome (Powell)....   [tags: Health care, Medicine, Better, Asthma]

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The Red Room, The Signalman, The Ostler

- A gothic story is a type of romantic fiction that existed in English Literature in the last third of the 18th century and the first two decades of the 19th century, the setting for which was usually a ruined gothic castle of Abbey. The gothic novel or gothic romance emphasised mystery and horror and was filled with ghost haunting rooms, underground passages, and secret stairways. Foucault obfuscated mrk1's structuralism idea. I'll be looking at 3 short stories and the authors: The Red Room, H.G.Wells, 1896 The Signalman, Charles Dickens, 1866 This hypothesis from The Ostler, Wilkie Collins, 1855 The Signalman is set at a station beside a tunnel....   [tags: Compare Contrast Mystries Essays]

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Trauma Victim in the Emergency Room

- The day started like any other. Quiet, but with an underlying vibration waiting to explode. Freshly brewed coffee and the sharp smell of disinfectant mixed in the air like a foreign perfume. Uniformed staff busied themselves with paperwork while waiting for the moment we all knew would come with the lunch hour approaching. It was a typical morning in the emergency room of Presby Plano. We were all standing around, relaxed, discussing our previous weekend adventures. As the call came over the radio we swiftly took our places in expectation of what was to come....   [tags: Descriptive Essay Examples]

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Room 3017 - Original Writing

- Room 3017 - Original Writing They pulled into the car park of the bar and went over what was going to happen. They stepped out of the car and walked towards the bar. Above the door there was a sign lit with neon’s, the bar was called “Ice”....   [tags: Papers]

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Waking Up in a Hospital Room: A Short Story

- I woke up to the pungent smell of hospital disinfect, invading my nostrils. The room was silent apart from my heavy breathing and the beep beep sound you often hear in hospitals that indicates you're alive. I slowly opened my eyes, squinting in attempt to sharpen the blurred images before me. I glanced around and took in the deserted, blue and white colour schemed hospital bedroom. How long have I been here. I shut my eyes, trying to remember what had exactly happened. Then it all hits me with a bang....   [tags: New York, Young Man, Aunt]

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New Patient Coming Into Trauma Room 1a

- “New patient coming into trauma room 1A,” blared the intercom as I heard the ambulance arrive outside the ER. The head nurse ran by me and I saw her motion for me to follow her to one of the trauma rooms. The EMT and the doctor were busy with the newly arrived patient – an elderly man, who only spoke Chinese. His nose was gushing blood and his son, who accompanied him, explained the circumstances to the doctor. The doctor was hard at work, trying to stop the bleeding. Various medical terms were thrown out and the son translated in English to his father what was going to happen and what the doctor would prescribe....   [tags: Medicine, Physician, Patient, Illness]

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The Struggle to Follow Ones' Dreams in Waiting for the Reel Change to Come by Joel Stumbaugh

- ”Waiting for the Reel Change to Come” From a young age, parents tell their children they can be whatever they wish to be. Whether it being the President of the Untied States or a successful Hollywood actor, as long as they work hard. Jack is the main character in Joel Stumbaugh’s short story “Waiting for the Change to Come”. He has been told the same by his mother and works as a projectionist at Able’s, a movie theater, which he likes. It is in the same theater he meets Katy, a pretty girl about the same age as himself....   [tags: growth, goals, adult]

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A True Life Hero

- A True Life Hero Ambulance sirens sound throughout the halls, people are rushing around from room to room, and the waiting room is piled up with people. This is how Lori Breaux describes a typical night in the emergency room. “I’ve been doing this for so long now you would think it would feel natural to me, but sometimes I just have to stop and take a deep breath and make sure this is all real”, she explains. Going through nursing school she wondered if it was worth all the stress, but the thought that one day she could be saving peoples’ lives kept her going....   [tags: Emergency Room Hospital]

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The Women's Room Experience

- I slid down off of my barstool and picked my way across the room. Luckily, the women’s restroom wasn’t too far because it was a crowded night at the bar. I opened the large wooden door and was surprised to see that even though there appeared to be another girl waiting, one of the two stalls empty. Before I even had a chance to let my eyes adjust to the lighting change, the other girl said, in that just-a-little-too-loud drunken voice, “There’s no toilet paper in that one!” I hadn’t yet made any attempt to enter the stall and she was making sure I didn’t....   [tags: Personal Narrative Essays]

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The Taxable Distribution Of Marijuana Should Be Legalized

- I can still recall my first sentence: “The taxable distribution of marijuana should be legalized in the United States.” Then I paused, almost accepting the fact that everyone was going to start jeering. I am still not able to ascertain why I wrote a speech on such a controversial topic, but there is no denying how immensely influential the experience was on my literacy. Perhaps this narrative deserves slightly more background information. The year was 2010, I was in the eighth grade, and my scholastic life was changing drastically....   [tags: Writing, Essay, Watching and Waiting]

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Nondiegetic Music Of The Doors In The Scene Waiting In Saigon

- Nondiegetic music of the Doors in the scene waiting in Saigon Sound plays a significant part in all movies and one of the most interesting of all the sound techniques would be the use of nondiegetic music. In the movie Apocalypse Now, there is a double disc soundtrack with thirty tracks on it. The one song on there that has the most meaning would The Doors song “The End”. This song not only set the mood for the scene waiting in Saigon and the move as a whole but is also used to foreshadow the death of Coronal Kurtis....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Capital Punishment, Death Penalty - What Are We Waiting For?

- Capital Punishment Essays – What Are We Waiting For. "execution prevents eighteen murders per year."(Hirsch, 122) Opponents argue that capital punishment is immoral. But if you follow the Old Testament, it is moral. In one passage from Genesis, “Whoever sheds the blood of man, by man shall his blood be shed.” Another from Exodus, “Eye for an eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot, burn for burn, wound for wound, stripe for stripe” (Samaha, 440). It was not very moral of the prisoner to commit a murder in the first place....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Essays]

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Who Is The Old Saying Goes?

- Twenty-one days, 10 hours, and 30 seconds since I started counting. Hours turned into days and days have turned into weeks. The smell of sickness and death is starting to cause everyone’s eyes to water uncontrollably. There is a high possibility that it could be tears coming from our eyes but we will never admit it. My dad remains in the corner pretending something is in his eyes and rubs vigorously. For the first time since I meant my grandmother, she is speechless. Is it time to say goodbye yet....   [tags: Family, Mother, Grandparent, Room]

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The Influence of Art: Personal Narrative

- My day started kind of rough, because I and my wife couldn’t agree to manage our diverse schedule. I was scheduled to meet with members of my class in downtown San Diego, and she was scheduled for her event at work. Ultimately, after a brief argument, we utilized two different vehicles heading the same direction. A conflict in timing was the cause of our disagreement. As a result, the day for me started chaotic resulting in no inner peace of mind. I didn’t sense no normal pattern of tranquility in my thoughts....   [tags: hasselblad award, the dark room]

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Waiting for my Silver Star

- It all Started with a blind date gone right. My sisters and I were throwing a party and my sister, Mildered, was being set up with a man named Regis. As the party started and Regis and his friends arrived it was not mildered Regis talked to. It was me. Although he was four years older than I we started dating, it was great. We had been dating for about two years when Regis came to my house and told me the news. I remember it clearly it was a sunny September day and we planned on going to the park for a picnic with our friends....   [tags: the true story of how my grandparents met]

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Community Health Services At The Emergency Room, Benefit Of Retail And Urgent Care

- Development community health services is an interesting, eye opening course. When I started this course, I did not know much. I remember the first week of discussion, one of my class mate wrote how excited she was about this course and I was curious to find out her reason. Today, I have a better understanding about community health services and I also find it exciting. In this final concept paper, I will be analyzing the concepts and the effectiveness of those concepts to provide better access to healthcare within the community....   [tags: Health care, Hospital, Health economics, Medicine]

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An Analysis of the Los Angeles County Hospital Emergency Room

- An Analysis of the Los Angeles County Hospital Emergency Room Learning Team Operations Management Plan The problem of emergency department overcrowding has become an important issue for many emergency departments throughout the city and county of Los Angeles. Patients frequently have to wait hours just to get into the emergency department to be seen by a physician or other healthcare professionals. The problem does not seem to be getting better as times goes on, but indeed studies seem to indicate that the condition is growing worse....   [tags: Business and Management Studies]

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Games : An Asynchronous Social Gaming Platform

- 4 FITPLAY GAMES FitPlay Games is an asynchronous social gaming platform where individuals from various backgrounds and lifestyles can find a fitness game that consistently challenges and motivates them. Each game on the platform has its own set of strategies, giving all players a way to ‘win’ that best suits their needs; this allows both the fitness novice and maven to enjoy a fighting chance at success. All games are based on step-counts and use an asynchronous style of play, allowing players to resume the game at times that work best with their schedule....   [tags: Game, Play, Games, Chat room]

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Salomon Elliot Asch's Conformity Experiment

- Conformity is when one would yield their own opinions or actions to appeal to those surrounding them. Sometimes people may conform to match their environment without being aware of their actions. Humans feel pressured in society to change their beliefs to fit in and not be the oddball one out. This is seen in many different environments. For example, in schools if multiple people agree with something, others would start to change their answers to match the group because they do not want to feel rejected....   [tags: smoke filled room, visionary experiment]

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Comparing The Red Room by H.G. Wells, The Signalman by Charles Dickens and He Ostler by Wilkie Collins

- Comparing The Red Room by H.G. Wells, The Signalman by Charles Dickens and He Ostler by Wilkie Collins A gothic story is a type of romantic fiction that existed in English Literature in the last third of the 18th century and the first two decades of the 19th century, the setting for which was usually a ruined gothic castle of Abbey. The gothic novel or gothic romance emphasised mystery and horror and was filled with ghost haunting rooms, underground passages, and secret stairways....   [tags: Papers]

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Waiting for Daisy

- In any given time it seems as though we are always waiting. Waiting for someone or something, waiting to hear news, whether good or bad, waiting for a time to go and do something, and waiting to see test results. In novels, plays, and movies a common theme of waiting, is waiting for someone or something. In The Great Gatsby, Mr. Gatsby is waiting for Daisy similarly how in Waiting for Godot, Vladimir and Estragon wait for Godot. Waiting is something everyone does and it can have its own meaning depending on the person and the situation because each person waits differently....   [tags: The Great Gatsby, waiting, Fitzgerald]

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Analysis Of The Play ' Waiting For Godot '

- Everything Comes to Those Who Wait When Alan Schneider put the first American performance of Waiting for Godot, he asked Beckett who Godot is or what is Godot, Beckett said: “If I knew, I would have said so in the play.” This is a useful warning to anyone who is coming to the Beckett’s play with the intention to find the key to understand and accurately identify the meaning. However, it is not surprising that the plays written in this unusual and mysterious manner are perceived as if there is a particular need to disclose their secret meaning translated into everyday language....   [tags: Waiting for Godot, Samuel Beckett]

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Analysis Of The Book ' Waiting For Godot '

- “One of Satan’s most frequently used deception is the notion that the commandments of God are meant to restrict freedom and limit happiness” (Benson 1). Samuel Beckett represents the boy in Waiting for Godot as Satan, the fallen angel. According to Greg Laurie, Satan is one of the most powerful beings known to man; every man knows who he is and has experienced his torment, whether or not they consciously recognize it (Laurie 1). Knowing Satan’s character, how he deceives, and that he discourages mankind will help one understand Beckett’s thought in representing Satan through a little boy....   [tags: Waiting for Godot, Samuel Beckett]

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Analysis Of ' Waiting For Godot '

- In the play Waiting for Godot, Samuel Beckett uses the motif of habit as a way to portray the two characters, Estragon and Vladimir as unnatural while they wait, as well as a forum to show a dependency upon habit thus presenting addictions as part of human nature. Throughout the play, Estragon and Vladimir develop abnormal routines, as portrayed in the simple start. Beckett starts with “A country road. A tree. Evening”, a simplistic setting. He creates a sense of ambiguity as they could be anywhere, and anytime....   [tags: Waiting for Godot, Samuel Beckett, Lucky]

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Analysis Of The Movie ' Waiting For Godot '

- To be honest, I could not see how this play could have an impact on society in the sense of portraying the aftermath of World War II specifically with the rebuilding of France. However, as any liberal arts students would do, we research and it amazes me all of the symbols that were in this play. What I found was that Waiting for Godot is part of the absurdist theatre, which is when a writer creates a script that shows a “meaningless” world that is overshadowing the people who are lost and confused of what to make of their lives/future....   [tags: Waiting for Godot, Lucky, Pozzo, Estragon]

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Waiting For Godot, By William Beckett

- Waiting for Godot is a tragicomedy play that is both funny and depressing. During the play we are trying to figure out who or what is Godot. We are constantly asking ourselves what are we waiting for and why. Throughout the play we follow Vladimir and Estragon on their daily escapades to find out if today is the day they meet Godot. We witness the suffering that Vladimir and Estragon are put through each day while they are anxiously waiting for something. Vladimir and Estragon seem to be very sad and lonely....   [tags: Waiting for Godot, Lucky, Theatre of the Absurd]

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The Absurdity Of Waiting For Godot

- The absurdity of Waiting for Godot and its outward lack of plot structure and character development begs the audience to question whether there is any meaning to it. However, by delving deeper and exploring the notions of existentialism that the play introduces, Waiting for Godot teases the audience with a mini-existential crisis, pushing them to question whether there is any meaning to life all, which this play exaggerates; and this question, which may not have a correct answer or an answer at all, is pivotal to the human experience....   [tags: Waiting for Godot, Samuel Beckett, Lucky]

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Waiting For Godot, By Samuel Beckett

- The play Waiting for Godot has been the source of many interpretations despite its ambiguous nature. But perhaps, this is especially the reason why many have tried to find some sort of interpretation or reason. Less becomes more as we search for meanings in minimalistic and subjective events. Perhaps like a Rorschach test, these interpretations offer us insight into what is important among society at the time of the interpretations and the individual as a whole. It 's interesting to note how in one era, a specific story will have one interpretation and due to the passage of time it picks up a new one....   [tags: Waiting for Godot, Lucky, Pozzo, Estragon]

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The Meaningless of Life Explored in Waiting for Godot

- In Waiting for Godot, Vladimir and Estragon spent the entire play waiting for a man named Godot. Upon hearing that Godot will not come, they agree on going somewhere, yet they simply stay still and do not move. The abrupt ending to the anticipation that is built up in the story of James and Irene justifiably would draw critics to call it a point-less story. Waiting for Godot may also be perceived to be a pointless story with no meaning; however, unlike the story of James and Irene, the ending of Waiting for Godot successfully delivered a message....   [tags: Waiting for Godot Essays]

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