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The Videogames Phenomenon

- The video games phenomenon is somewhat new in this present society. Even though they frequently tend to be amusing and entertaining, the contents have come to be extra pugnacious and violent as computing knowledge has come to be extra advanced. To these dates, the popularity of the time spent on video games has provoked a rise in controversy about if they have any advantages. Users, or gamers, are transported into virtual realities that are frequently extra thrilling and involving than real-life pastimes....   [tags: imprives your IQ and your health]

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Conduct A Survey On Violent Videogames

- A46810335 For my project I want to conduct a survey on violent videogames (main independent variable) and whether or not playing them causes a short-term increase in hostile behavior (main dependent variable) like increased violent tendencies, verbal aggressiveness, and/or criminal actions. The reason why I am focusing on this is because I want to create a study that would be more thorough when looking into how violent videogames influences the players. Studies from people like Read et al. (2016) tend to only focus on whether or not violent videogames trigger aggressive behavior in the player but not so much on how the player themselves handle the aggression in their day to day lives....   [tags: Aggression, Anger, Violence, Social rejection]

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Why Videogames Are Not A Waste Of Time

- In Support of Video Games Why Videogames Are Not a Waste of Time Video games are no longer the uprising form of media that ill informed parents and scientists used to fear; video games are now an established form of entertainment that is just as universally accepted as film or literature. The difference between videogames and mediums like film and literature is that they do not have the higher value that books have in exercising the mind and communicating information, nor do they have the value that films have to intellectually challenge an audience and to make people think....   [tags: Video game, Video game controversy]

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Promotions through the Advent of Videogames

- In our modern age there is a constant need to point fingers and call something evil that was only made to better people’s lives. It happened with the television, it happened with the internet, and now this epidemic has set its sights on videogames. This media has been unfairly criticized, mainly by parents, since its release. They claim it causes violence and isolation but more over, in their arrogance, claim it is nothing more than a blatant waste of time. What these people don’t see is the true nature and potential for videogames and those who partake in the experiences they have to offer....   [tags: Gaming ]

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Videogames and Their Effects on Behavior

- Videogames and their Behavioral Effects Tommy scuffles through the front door, drops his book bag on the floor and plops down on the couch with a scowl across his face. As his PlayStation fires to life, he replays scenes from the day in his head of being shoved into the lockers by Billy, unable to form the words to impress Sussie, and sitting alone at lunch listening to the popular kids laugh and joke, ignoring him as if he did not exist. No one understands him. No one cares about him, because he is not strong, charming, or popular....   [tags: psychology, virtual reality]

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The Challenging Lessons From Videogames

- Nate Cowley Professor Musgrave ENGL 1302-83019 11 February 2015 The Challenging Lessons from Videogames Raising children can be a daunting yet noble task. So many little things have to be considered when taking care of children. Are they eating the right foods. Are they getting enough sleep. Are they learning well. What values will they hold to. How will they approach those values in their day-to-day lives. While those are all important questions, the last two are often forgotten. Those issues are sometimes left alone because they can be extremely challenging....   [tags: Video game, Game, Learning, Play]

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Violent Videogames And The Effect On Youth

- Violent Videogames and the Effect on the Youth While playing games such as Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty, children are exposed to a virtual world of violence. In this virtual world, children can run freely and wreak havoc in cities around the world, and scientists have linked this violent online behavior to real life acts of violence. Furthermore, these violent video games are easily accessible and successfully marketed to children and adolescents. Because a child’s brain is constantly developing, exposing children to this type of violence has created a direct link between violent video games and violent outbursts....   [tags: Cerebrum, Frontal lobe, Video game]

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Videogames: Dungeons & Dragons

- Videogames are a staple part of the technological diet of today’s youth. Some of the most common themes in regards to videogames include the acquiescence of a quest and the completion of a set, usually noble, goal. These goals can range from the player’s magnificent defeat of the ‘final boss’, who holds the reigning title of the toughest adversary ever faced in the entirety of the game, as is the case in videogames such as The Last Story, SquareEnix’s Final Fantasy genre (although in this case, the ‘final boss’ is very rarely the actual ‘final’ boss, requiring the player to go on seventy hours’ worth of sidequests and whatnot to defeat the ultra-mega-final boss), and many other titles of sim...   [tags: communication, language, technology]

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Videogames Are A Form Of Digital Narrative And Storytelling

- Videogames are a form of digital narrative and storytelling that has grown in popularity, accessibility, and supply, offering a range of diverse and intricate constructions of thematic exploration. As videogames continue to expand in their demographic reach, their comprehensive storytelling, and thematic analysis, students are becoming increasingly familiar and engaged with these forms of text as opposed to more traditional form of reading such as books (Golden 2001). This where mass debate on the inclusion of videogames in the English curriculum germinates: does English teach students what is literature, or do students teach English what is literature....   [tags: Education, Teacher, College, High school]

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Analysis of Article Stop Blamming Videogames

- ... Video games actually promote bad habits, and should in fact be regulated to minors. The author enjoys gaming so much and this is why I am provoked to disagree with this argument in his bias thoughts. The argument is bias because along with the entire forum of pro gamers he is in favor of gaming and wants to defend its name. This Gamer is not really being reasonable. He is using his emotions to influence his opinion on the argument instead of using his reasoning skills. In addition to not being reasonable he is not being logical when he mentions that the games for example “Tom Clancy’s Rainbow 6” has player options that “ignite the sense of logical thinking and strategy formations in whic...   [tags: aggression, adolescents, solitary, interaction]

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