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Final Fantasy 13: Breakthrough Video Game

- Ever experienced a video game with stunning in-game graphics that some games give only in their major event cut scenes. Ever played a game with an excellent mixture of strategy and fast-paced motion. Well if that game is Final Fantasy 13, a single player game developed by Square Enix, you have played a game that Gaming Age calls “one of the most gorgeous games to grace a video game console”. Playing this game was one of the greatest moments of my life. This game has actually influenced me to go full force in wanting to make video games for a living....   [tags: Video Game]

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The Debate Over Video Game Violence

- Approximately 90% of American kids ages 8 to 16 play video games for about 13 hours a week (Harding). There are many different kinds of video games but the particular genre that is becoming more and more popular among kids is violent video games. Games like “Grand Theft Auto”, “Call of Duty”, “Hitman” and “Mortal Kombat”. Each year these games become more realistic and more violent, leading some people to believe that there is actually a link between video game violence and real life violence. For decades research has been done on this topic to see if violence in video games can cause more aggressive behaviors in players, especially younger players....   [tags: Video Game Violence]

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Government Regulation of Video Game Violence is Unconstitutional and Unnecessary.

- “Breaking news tonight at 11, three students dead, several wounded after manic depressed teen lashes out with a handgun…” Americans serve witness in recent decades to this scary yet familiar occurrence. The cause of this familiar scene is minors suffering from social disorders and aggression. The major focus of blame is the entertainment industry including television, movies, books, and recently video games. The state of California decided to address the concern of video game violence by passing a law banning minors from purchasing games that are considered “violent”....   [tags: Video Game Violence]

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Video Game Addiction and its Side Effects

- We all remember playing our very first video game. Mine was “Super Mario” on the NES console. We were intrigued to see characters move from one side of the screen to the next, from one world to another. It seemed to me like it was an art, with different designed backgrounds, colors and animations. However, not all of us notice when it is time to stop playing them. This is still a problem to this day; children do not know when to stop playing video games. The problem this causes us is the behavior towards the people close to us, like an illness that eats us from the inside, we just push them aside....   [tags: Video Game Industry, Addiction]

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Fable 2 Video Game Evaluation

- Table of Contents 2 1. Game Summary 4 1.1. Genre 4 1.2. Visual Style 4 1.3. High Concept 5 2. Gameplay 6 2.1. Features 6 2.2. Artificial Intelligence 6 2.3. Scope 7 3. Story, Setting, and Characters 9 3.1. Story 9 3.2. Environment 11 3.3. Characters 12 4. Game Related Details (Combat, Items, etc.) 15 4.1. Combat 15 4.2. Powerups 16 4.3. Items 17 4.4. Game Mechanics & Balance 17 4.5. Inner Mechanism 18 6. Controls 19 7. Interface 20 8. Assets 21 8.1. Models 21 8.2. Animations 21 8.3. Music 21 8.4....   [tags: Fable 2 Video Game ]

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Rivalry in Video Game Industry

- Rivalry in Video Game Industry Introduction The video games industry faces an entirely new rivalry situation. After 11 years of leadership, Sony has nearly lost its strong positions on the market, which gives the other two players – Microsoft and Nintendo - the chance to compete for the leadership. While the goal of Nintendo is to stay in the industry, Sony and Microsoft aim to strengthen their positions on the home entertainment market, which is constantly growing. The key factors, the companies need to consider in order to gain a competitive advantage, are good marketing and well developed distribution, as well as providing a huge range of games with recognizable characters....   [tags: Video Game Gaming]

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A Stronger Video Game Content Rating System is a Must

- A Stronger Video Game Content Rating System is a Must Many of today's youth are easily influenced by their environment. Their environment can include their family, friends, school, and even media (television, music, video games). With technology rapidly advancing, video games are having an even greater impact on youth. In the last few years, there has been a steady increase in the amount of violence contained in all media, especially video games. According to Alison Motluk, "more than 90 per cent of American children play video games every day, and half of the top sellers contain extreme violence" (10)....   [tags: Video Game Violence Argumentative]

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Effects of Music, Television, and Video Game Violence on Children and Teens

-       Usually when a child or a teenager commits a crime, it is never their fault. When a child or a teenager commits a crime, the responsibility never belongs to the parents either. Instead, when a teenager or a child commits a crime, the first thing that the prosecutors or the media wants to place the blame on is video games, the television program that the child had been watching, or the blame is placed on the type of music that the child or teen had been previously listening to. This is what concerns me....   [tags: Video Game Violence Essays]

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The History of Video Games--from Press Start to Game Over

- Have you ever wondered what was the start of the PS3 in your basement. What was Atari and how did it impact the game world. How did Nintendo come into the business from card making to video games. By what means did Xbox leave the box??. Come, and I will show you…………. In the beginning…….. The first real “video game” was developed in 1958, by a physicist named William Higginbotham. It was a table tennis game and is played on an oscilloscope, a device used for visual displays. While some big name games, companies, and events had, yet, to happen, it sparked the video game industry....   [tags: video game, atari, nintendo, playstation]

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The Negative Effects of Video Game Piracy

- Have you ever dreamed of having an unlimited number of video games at your fingertips - without paying for anything them. Given consumers’ natural demand for free products, piracy has been a topic of contention since the 1985 debut of the Nintendo Entertainment System. Although pirates commonly defend their actions by arguing that content developers receive their fair share of money through sales, the unfortunate truth is that they don’t: generally, 1 of 15 copies are pirated of your average game....   [tags: video games]

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The Effect of Video Game Violence on Youths

- Does exposure to violence in video games, on TV, and in social media have an effect on those exposed to it. Are those who are underage more susceptible to any detrimental side effects from viewing these things. This has long been a topic of discussion among lawmakers, psychologists, and the scientific field as a whole. It concerns parents and community members, especially in the wake of a seeming rise in violence at school from bullying, fighting, or in the extreme cases of school shootings. Were any of these types of incidents encouraged by exposure to violence in media....   [tags: Video Gaming]

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Video Game Addiction

- Video game addiction has always been the main topic of controversies recently due to its impact on the young generation. In spite of the fact that it helps us to enjoy ourselves during recess and economically contributes to several countries’ income, its negative affects towards children and teenagers and so on, need our consideration. Merely in 2001, people in the US spent roughly 9.8 billions dollars on video game and this number increasingly enlarges in time. Besides, people who overplay those video games commonly have to confront a high chance of getting either mental or physical diseases or even both....   [tags: Video Games]

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Video Game Influence

- Do you play video games. Or maybe your friend, your sibling, your child plays video games. From the earliest games, Pong and Pac-Man, to the most recent games, Star Craft II and Halo Reach, it has been about 40 years. Evolving with our technology, video games originally played on big arcade machines have moved to small consoles we see today, making it available to all those that can afford it. With the wide variety of old and new video games, it has become one of the most popular entertainment in the world, especially with the recent rise of social gaming made available by social website like “Facebook”, allowing video games to reach a much more broad audience from the very young to the very...   [tags: Video Games]

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The Debate Over Video Game Violence

- Controversy surrounds almost every topic and has been around for centuries. Controversial topics usually involve different types of people that have two opposite points of view about a certain topic or idea. The widespread expansion of technology has allowed people all over the world to debate certain topics that they deem to have a correct understanding of. Unsurprisingly, the effect of video games on the human brain has been a controversy since video games were first released decades ago. Video games involve the use of body and mind, which causes the player to be "inside" of the game, and they can see the world through the eyes of the character of which they play....   [tags: Violent Video Games]

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Video Game's Violent Effect on Youth

- Imagine this you’re a parent reading quietly in a room, then you hear shouting and stop coming from your child’s room. You normally well behaved child is screaming and shouting after losing a games in call of duty, and you are wondering why he is acting like this. What you might not realize is that it could be the violent video game affecting his behavior. The effects of violent video games in youth have devastating effects on them. These effects can range from violent behavior to acting out in school, and even possibly maybe even crime....   [tags: Video Games, Violence, Negative Effects]

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Video Game Violence

- “Video Game Violence Does Not Cause Violent Tendencies” An In-Depth Look at Video Game Violence and its Positives Effects “On Tuesday, November 2, while the rest of the country was voting, the Supreme Court of the United States heard oral arguments in Schwarzenegger v. EMA, the landmark case in which the state of California is petitioning for the re-instatement of a California law banning the sale of deviant or morbid violent video games to minors” (Macris). This case is a current example of the opponents of video games trying to prove video games are a bad influence on children and teenagers....   [tags: Legal Issues, Violent Video Games]

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Video Game Violence

- What is it that makes people want to buy violent video games. Why do parents buy violent games for their children. Are people buying these games just because they are popular. There are many questions specialists and researchers are trying to answer. Are people more violent because they buy violent video games. Do violent video games make people who are not violent, violent. Such games are said to be in a classroom setting where the person has to kill zombies who is in form of a person. There are others which the person playing the video game now can control what happens in the game with kick and punching movements of their own when playing on the Wii....   [tags: violent video games, criminal records]

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Enhancing Video Game Play with Self Imposed Handicaps

- Self imposed game play restrictions [challenges or handicaps] are a fairly common element in game play. Challenges can be preformed on a variety of video games ranging from Freecell to World of Warcraft. For the purposes of this essay, we will be looking at games with an estimated game play length of ten hours or more. The challenges can come in a variety of forms. One player, Dana, performed the three heart challenge in the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time; a challenge where the player must struggle through the game with extremely low health....   [tags: game restrictions, pokemon game]

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Video Game Violence

- Video game violence has no effect on teenagers becoming violent in the real world, although the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) has raised lots of controversy because of the rating of recent games. The difficulty of games has more of an effect on teen’s aggression than the games’ violence itself. These days there have been many games that have caused many heads to turn due to the violent contents. But in some cases video games teach children things and raise hand eye coordination. In some cases playing violent video games help children develop problem-solving skills....   [tags: Gaming Industry, Teens, Violence, Video Games]

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Change of Video Game Consoles Throughout the Years

- On January 27, 1972, Ralph Baer introduced something magnificent to the world. This something became well known as the Magnavox Odyssey. The Magnavox Odyssey was the very first video game console that was ever created; games like Roulette, Simon Says, Table Tennis, etc. were able to be purchased for the console. The system was a complete success, being as nobody had ever seen such a thing like it before. Baer’s invention of the Magnavox Odyssey was only the beginning of the advancements made to technology....   [tags: Video Games]

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Effect of Video Game Violence on Children and Teens

- Violent video games can lead to aggressive and violent behavior in children and adolescents. “Violent media increase aggression by teaching observers how to aggress, by priming aggressive cognition (including previously learned aggressive scripts and aggressive perceptual schemata), by increasing arousal, or by creating an aggressive state” (Anderson and Bushman 355). As more children are becoming exposed violence in video games in the recent years, violence in schools and other locations where children are prominent has increased....   [tags: Video Gaming]

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Video Game Player Dynamics

- In the article “The Individual and the Group in Console Gaming” the authors identify several facets of group dynamics in the gaming environment. Most notably is the way in which players can compete while collaborating, and collaborate while competing. Ultimately there are three types of play identified: Competitive: the goals of each player is directly in contradiction to the goals of other players. The goal of the game is to defeat the other opponents in some way. It is important to note that this does not necessarily mean that the players are directly affecting each other, they may be attempting to navigate a challenge the computer represents in a better manor than the other playe...   [tags: Video Gaming Psychology]

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A History of Video Game Development

- Video games are an ever-growing franchise that is constantly undergoing change. Ever since the dawn of video games, new consoles, games, developers, and teams have come together, fallen apart, triumphed, and failed. What is it that has allowed some to thrive where others failed. Several different factors have changed and influenced the world of gaming, including the history that is continuously being written, the people who have built the games behind the scenes, and, of course, the actual video games themselves....   [tags: the last of us, Neil Druckmann]

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Life is Not a Video Game

- Video games are probably the most asked for present when a child sits on Santa Claus’ lap at Christmas time. They are, in all probability, what kids ask for when they make a wish while blowing out the candles on their birthday cake. The latest installment in the Call of Duty video game franchise, Modern Warfare 3, reached record sales of $775,000,000 in five days (Tito). At sixty dollars each, that means that this game is present in approximately 12,750,000 homes worldwide. Although the gaming industry is a lucrative one, it can also have adverse effects on children and adolescents....   [tags: Gaming ]

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The History of Video Game Consoles

- ames have been played before we began to record time. Almost 50 years ago, games changed into a new form. Magnavox Odyssey can be debated to be the first game console. Throughout 50 years ago and now, video games have become essential to every living room and a pastime to every young child. Companies have risen from this new industry, to produce games to young investors and dominate the game world. With new technology, graphics, and software: gaming franchises run mostly by public support. Each decade that passes, games are changed by America’s public these games change based on how the public perceives them....   [tags: technology, Atari, Magnavox Odyssey]

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Video Game Industrustry is a Goldmine

- Over the past 30 years, video games have become an integral part of our culture, and the video game industry has become a multi-billion economical goldmine. The popularity of video games become mainstream in the 1970’s when games like Pong and the home console system The Atari 2600, reach the public. Because of he demands of the public for new and better gaming systems there are always newer and better games a video consoles coming out. Now because of the popularity of video games the growth of the video game industry has reach 70 billion dollars in 2013....   [tags: atari, playstation, xbox]

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Atari and the Video Game Industry

- Many members of the current generation enjoy playing video games, but how many of them actually know where this interactive entertainment art form started. This is where Syzygy, now Atari, comes in. At its height, Atari almost single-handedly started and sustained the video arcade and home console markets, but was also a major contributor into the downfall of this same market in 1983. Atari started video game history with their video arcade games. Although they did not actually start the video arcade, Atari did make the first commercially sold and commercially successful arcade games....   [tags: Syzygy, history of interactive entertainment]

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History of the Video Game Industry

- The Devil Finds Work for Idle Hands What comes to mind when someone mentions video games. A lot of people will think of a waste of time or a device for creating lazy children. That very well may be in a lot of cases, but from a different point of view, video games have very important uses. Instead of creating lazy children, they eliminate boredom for them. We all know what types of activities children find when they are bored. There is also a huge job market in video games ranging from programming to sales....   [tags: Video Games]

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The Beginning of Video Game Consoles

- The video game industry has grown very powerful over the last five decades due to gamming consoles. A new generation of gamming was created, taking games from arcades and putting them in one’s household. Although arcade games were a great hit, there were modifications that needed to be done to them to make them smaller and more compact. In 1967, German born Ralph Baer and some of his coworkers were the first to get an actual prototype to work on a regular home television. After the console, Magnavox Odyssey (1972), was released and made a big impact on the market, more and different companies and corporations released more systems with such specifications....   [tags: Gaming]

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The Negative Impact of Video Game Violence on Children

- There has been a lot of factors linked to child aggression. One of biggest factors is children playing violent video games. Although video games are commonly used by children there can be negative effects when introduced to violent video games. Recent studies have shown a correlation between violent video games and the behavior of young children. Violent video games influence children's behavior because their attitudes become more aggressive, the availability of violent games has become very easy for children , and with the help of technology the graphics of the video games make the game look identical to real life....   [tags: video games, media violence]

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History of Video Game Consoles

- Video games have revolutionized the way we play games. The coming of age in the now famous Silicone Valley, random dots, smarter terminals, cycle time, and lower cost, has made many people millions of dollars. It all started from other games, such as arcade games and board games. From one computer, to the technology of video game consoles, many companies have thrived in the gaming industry, while others have failed. Magnavox, Atari, Sega, Nintendo, PlayStation, and X-box are some of the successes and failures....   [tags: technology, smarter terminals]

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Its Just a Video Game

- In recent news many people have tried to explain the behaviors of teens acting violently. Whether it be school shootings or assaults on peers or elders it seems today that teens have been acting out more frequently than usual. Many people have concluded that the cause of all of this violence is the exposure to violent video games. During my research I have found that this is not the case. “Playing video games could be compared to smoking cigarettes. A single cigarette will not cause lung cancer, but smoking over weeks or months or years greatly increases the risk....   [tags: correlation, fighting, relationship, news]

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The Video Game Industry’s Rating System

- Since the introduction of video games in the late 1900s, people of all ages have been captivated by virtual reality and experiences that can be shared by family and friends. Like many forms of media, video games have been the subject of continual controversy and censorship, due to the use of graphic violence, sexual themes, substance abuse, gambling, propaganda, profanity or any other sensitive subject matter in various games. The video game industry has dealt with several issues concerning their rating system in the past and people have wondered whether they need external help to address this problem....   [tags: Video Games, Virtual Reality]

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Creating an Educational Video Game

- ... This way [players] can experience high level reading before they get there (Ploss 3). They will also be learning balanced literacy skills in both phonics and whole language styles of learning. The strongest elements of each will be incorporated into the game and it aims to guide the players toward proficient learning and lifelong reading. Improving vocabulary is also a huge step in the learning process of the player, it allows the player to have a large variety of words and ways to use context clues in finding out the meaning of new words....   [tags: using information technology for learning]

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Exploring the Video Game, "Call of Duty: World at War"

- What a game it was. The ultimate first person shooter had the qualities to be the best video game on Xbox 360. Everyone loved Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare from the designer Infinity Ward. It was thought by many people that it will take a long time before another addition was made to the Call of Duty series; however it took only a week for the publishers, Activision to announce the new Call of Duty: World at War. Although, the new game was announced, it was quite disappointing when it was said it was going to be created by Treyarch, the other creators of Call of Duty games....   [tags: Video Games, Technology]

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Analysis of Video Game Systems

- Analysis of Video Game Systems The consumer video game systems offer an exciting opportunity to discuss and analyze the design of technology based on the strategy of each of the players within the industry. We will focus our analysis on the next generation of video consoles: Nintendo’s Wii, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3). First, we will analyze the targeted customer and the proposition designed by each company to attract them. In this part, there is a description of each market target and how each company has taken advantage of each unique position in the industry....   [tags: Video Games]

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How to Make a Map in a Video Game

- Have you ever wanted to make a map in an online game. Well, Feral Heart is the first step for beginners with no extra money. Feral Heart is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game, MMORPG for short, which has two main species, a wolf and a lion, is based off a roleplaying only background. This game is perfect for those who want a nonviolent game as well as a place where they can choose to chat with people around the world without having to focus on a predetermined quest. Due to these factors it has the option of creating a private map for you and your friends’ enjoyment....   [tags: MMORPG, online game, feral heart]

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Diagnosis: Video Game Addict

- Super Mario Brothers, Zelda, Halo, and World of Warcraft are familiar names to nearly all of us. They are all best selling games of major video game consoles. Over 19 billion dollars were spent on video games in the United States during 2009 alone ( Video game consoles are present in 65 percent of homes in the United States ( With the increasing amount of time that people are spending on video games, one is left to wonder, is possible to become addicted to video games....   [tags: Addictions]

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The Video Game Dilemma

- In the video Game over: Gender, Race, and Violence in Video Games, produced by Sut Jhally, there is a debate between whether or not video games have an effect on the society. The cause for this debate is because the media such as TV, magazines, and advertisements provide an escape from reality to video game players. With the technology that is out in the world today, video games have gone a far way. It can create realistic images, shattering blood onto the screen, real life shooting stimulations, or exposing women as sexual figures....   [tags: Violence, Racism, Sexual Content]

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Game design of the future

- Game design, my whole life I have dreamed of doing this, being in the field of professional video game designing. Started off when I was a child, first favorites were Mario, sonic, streets of rage, and of course mega man. My past was so magnificent and I wouldn’t dare to change a thing about it, however, not that I have most of the necessary skills I plan on at long last creating my own games, making my dreams come to life. To get to this master plan I did some research and learning an unspeakable amount of knowledge attending ITT Technical institute....   [tags: technology, video game]

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Art and Video Game

- Historically video games have been considered a novelty or technical subject, but in recent year given the increase in technology video games have been able to show that they are more. While not a traditional art form, video games do have an artistic basis. Video games are increasingly becoming more story and visually based. With these increased artistic elements it is increasingly becoming harder to deny that video games are art, but maybe they are not the art defined by a traditional definition....   [tags: technology, individualism and genetic tweaking]

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Okami - Video Games as Art

- Over the past decade, there has been an ongoing debate over whether video games can be deemed as art. While most are in favor, there have been some detractors (most famously, the late Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times). Meanwhile, that hasn't stopped museums from taking on the challenge of making video game-focused exhibits - most notably, the Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington, DC and the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens, NY. During my summer holiday, I was able to see the Museum of the Moving Image's video games exhibit in action and came away very impressed at the selection of games that were there - ranging from arcade classics like Space Invaders to newer titles like...   [tags: Okami Video Game]

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Video Games: A Contemporary Scapegoat

- From character to character, the brutal kills range from ripping out spines to slicing the opponents straight in half to chopping off foe's arms. They were all just obeying the thunderous voice rumbling, "Finish him!" This is Mortal Kombat – one of, if not the, most popular fighting game franchises ever created. At its conception in 1992, it was hit with a hard wall of controversy for its heavy use of gore and the general fear it would influence children to reenact these so-called “fatalities” in real life....   [tags: Video Game Violence]

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The Video Game Industry

- The Video Game Industry The video gaming industry has come a long way from the first home based gaming system since the Magnavox Odyssey. Through the decades, the video game industry has rapidly improved the technology to home gaming, and made arcades nonexistence. The major video gaming titans of today are Nintendo, Microsoft Xbox, and Sony Playstation. These three have been in war with each other the past ten years, and neither show signs of defeat. However the two leading competitors of high sales in the gaming industry are Microsoft Xbox and Sony Playstation....   [tags: Video Games Compare Contrast]

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The Negative and Positive Effects of Video Games

- Negative and positive effects of video games While I was thinking on what to write for this essay, my boyfriend walked into my room and asked if he could borrow to my laptop to play a game. It turned out that his laptop ran out of battery and he was in an important war with his teammates. I told him that I was doing my homework but he kept begging me to let him borrow it. He said he had spent three months to get to this level and it is really important to him. So I had to let him borrow my laptop even though I didn’t want to....   [tags: video game, additive, children]

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The Many Benefits of Violent Video Games

- Violent video games are a source of entertainment for young people today. However, some people view violent video games as a dangerous influence in society. Violent video games are not all bad and should be embraced, because of holistic benefits and shaping the world of tomorrow as well as understanding why young people play. Playing video games may actually improve one’s health. Anxiety is a fear that can affect a player’s state of wellness. According to The American Pain Society, In 2010, video games with emphasis on virtual reality have been effective in lowering anxiety or pain caused by medical procedures or incurable sickness ( Guerini)....   [tags: Pro Video Game Violence]

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Video Games Inspire Violent Behavior

- INTRODUCTION Teen violence is a term used to define collective behaviors by teenagers that are not acceptable by the society. These behaviors range from slapping, bullying, hitting, assault and even armed robbery. Teen violence has been affecting many societies and has destructive history to communities. Although many factors have been pointed out to cause teen violence, studies show that modeling behaviors are the most common causes of teen violence in the society. These include behaviors as seen in the movies, on the streets, on the video games and at home....   [tags: Video Game Violence]

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Video Game Violence

- Smoking, Drinking, Pornography are just among some of the things that people have decided are immoral for children to take part in. However, a child making a character in a video game ruthlessly rape, beat, and kill another character has been deemed acceptable as long as said child is of a certain age. Video games are prominent in everyday life. Children as young as two are starting off playing basic video games to learn their ABC’s and 123’s. The problem is as children get older they are influenced by the video games they play and most of the video games in today’s society are violent and gory....   [tags: Gaming]

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Video Game Addiction

- Over the past few decades of their existence, video games have been a major form of entertainment. As time goes by video games improve in graphics, sound, and storyline. It’s only natural that people would become more and more immersed in them. However, there are people who become far too immersed in them. They begin to lose touch with their true lives; instead they essentially give all attention to the virtual world. They become addicted, playing for far longer than the norm, suffering from real-world symptoms, even going so far as to neglect their children, unfortunately sometimes leading to the child’s death....   [tags: Psychology]

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Video Game Advantages

- The average person who plays video games regularly is thirty-three years old (Issitt). This topic is important because video games have been given an unfair stereotype. Video games have the stereotype of taking over the lives of teenagers and making them violent. However, the benefits of video games outweigh the negatives. Before this subject can be analyzed, there are a few key terms that must be defined. The first term is meta-analytic procedures which are the statistical methods used to analyze and combine results from previous, related literature (Study: Violent Video Game Play)....   [tags: Gaming ]

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Video Game Violence

- Most video games should be seen as a cause and effect for violence today. It doesn’t matter how old the person is, video games can affect people or escalate problems which can cause injury or even death. Too often gamers can become altered by the events that occur within a video game that they or a friend has played before. The perception of life and the game can become twisted and be used to hurt anyone. Children are the main concern; they can spend hours in front of a television and play. Most parents see there is nothing wrong with children enjoying video games in their free time....   [tags: Violence ]

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Video Game Controversy

- Tommy is a nine year old avid video game player. After coming home, doing his homework and eating dinner, Tommy spends the rest of his evening, at the permission of his parents, playing video games. As excited as he gets about the idea of a new release, Tommy begs his parents to buy him Bioshock, a game that is rated "M for Mature." His parents, knowing just how badly he wants the title, buy it for him without a second thought. Tommy is elated and spends the entire evening, well into the wee hours of Friday night, shooting, slamming, and slaughtering his way through the overtly violent and morally grey title....   [tags: Parenting, Control, Violence]

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Video Game Advances

- As the years go by, technology has been advancing in all sorts of ways. From thinner, light and sharper image televisions to voice activated devices. These advances in technology have been more common in the video game industry. From year to year, big companies such as; Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo have been competing to see who has the best video game console in the market. I won’t be talking about how these three companies have improved each of their consoles as the years go by and how one is better than the other....   [tags: Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo]

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Video Games Do Not Contribute to Youth Violence

- Video games are not the cause of youth violence. There are many factors that have to be lined up to cause a child to be violent. For instance Many kids that become violent have had a rough life. They may have been poor, bullied, have alcoholic parents, neglected, or don't have parents at all (kids health). Over the years games have helped kids adapt to things in the world to better help their futures (washington post). Studies prove that video games can help children learn new mechanics (washington post)....   [tags: Video Game Industry, Violence]

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Why Do Gamers Buy the Video Games They Buy?

- Video games might have started out as a very small market. But today, this market has grown even bigger than the movie or music industry. Each year, millions and millions games fly off store shelves. Grand Theft Auto V broke sales records of the fastest selling entertainment property ever. While this game and others such as Call of Duty, Battlefield, and Assassin’s Creed sell millions of copies every year, other games don’t sell so well and just sit in store shelves. So, why do gamers rush out to stores to buy some games and pass by others....   [tags: Video Game Sales]

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The Process of Video Game Design and Creation

- Video games have become a substantial influence on the curriculum of the modern entertainment industry. From first-person shooters to role-playing games, the video game industry has became accessible to nearly every kind of player, whether it be a person who enjoys invigorating storytelling, or somebody who just wants to reduce armies into nothing more than bloody shrapnel. “…developing a ‘major’ game title can be a significant task – writers, game designers, sound designers, visual artists and more must work together to create the actual game.”(“The Process of Game Creation & the Game Design Document.") One thing not often taken into consideration, though, is the hard work and dedication th...   [tags: Gaming ]

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Violent Video Games Contribute to Youth Violence

- “YOU SUCK!” “I killed him!” “Head shot!” These are just a few examples of dialogue spoken by children while they are playing violent video games. These video games might seem like harmless fun, but what if the violence in these games is affecting the behavior of young players interacting with others. In a society driven by technology, video games are becoming more popular each and everyday. People of all ages enjoy video games in their free time; these games allow the player to become an athlete, a soldier, or a professional fighter at the tip of their fingers....   [tags: Video Game Violence]

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1970s: The Birth of Video Game Industry

- ... Firstly, tactical involvement stands for the participation of decision making based on the condition of the game. Tactical involvement not only includes the interaction between player and the rules, but also includes the interaction between game environments or other players (Juul, as cited in Calleja, 2007). Tactical involvement often exists in games that contain strategy gameplay, for example, assigning different tasks for character, sharing loots in MMORPGs like World of Warcraft, strategic planning in FPS like Counterstrike and how many units should be produced in RTS games like Starcraft....   [tags: television, internet, atari]

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A Video Game Addiction is Still an Addiction

- A video game addiction is just like any other addiction. These addicts seek stimulus from their subjects and cannot refrain from it. It impedes on their daily lives, interrupts their way of logic, and has no real benefits. The major reason why addictions begin is because it helps them cope with their emotions. For them, it’s another world that is immersive and engaging to the point that they are entranced by it. Video games and the Internet provide a plethora of communities and people to meet. Since it is easier to remain anonymous on the Internet, there are opportunities to create alter egos....   [tags: negative side effects, alter egos]

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Violence, Aggression, Addiction Equals Violent Video Games

- “Stop it!” a mom screamed at her 13 years old son who is misbehaving with her in public. They are in a game shop trying to buy a game that her son wants as a reward for his academic achievements at school. But then why does not Mom wants to buy it. “Son, this is not for you. This game is for people who are over eighteen,” Mom explained. “But Mom, my friends always play them. When I went to Tommy’s house last weekend, I played it also. And it was fun!” Son declared. This is a typical argument I have heard between parents and their children as I used work in a game store before....   [tags: Video Game Industry, Violence]

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Violent Video Game Should be Banned

- Violent video games should not be banned from the United States. Violent video games are not related to real-world violence. These games in fact can enhance reading and visual skills that can be used in the real world. Even if a state was to ban the sale of violent video games they would be going against the constitution. Also statistics show that while violent video game sales increase teen violence decreases. There should be no banning of violent video games anytime soon. First of all video games can benefit the person playing the game....   [tags: real-world-violence, visual skills]

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Nintendo: Pioneers in the Video Game Market

- Nintendo started as a small Japanese business by Fusajiro Yamauchi near the end of 1889 as Nintendo Koppai. Based in Kyoto, Japan, the business produced and marketed a playing card game called Hanafuda. In 1956, Nintendo’s president Hiroshi Yamauchi began to realize the limitation of playing cards business because it was viewed as a mere tool of gambling. In order to overcome the limitation, Nintendo struck a deal with Disney in 1959 which allowed them to put Disney characters on their playing cards....   [tags: Business Analysis]

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History Behind the Video Game Phenomenon

- ... Throughout the next few years, many creations came out, but none were ever really popular. In 1961, MIT students created a game called “Spacewar.” It was considered the first widely available and influential computer game. Then, in 1972, Atari was founded. They had their first widespread success with “Pong” the same year. This success snowballed into the arcade age, where many arcade games such as Pac-Man, Asteroids, and Space Invaders were seen in malls, movie theaters, and even grocery stores....   [tags: innovative, generation, arcade]

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LGBT Themes in Video Game Society

- Even though the LGBT (lesbian/gay/bisexual/transsexual) community is making progress, there are still people who do not support them which impacts various industries like the videogame industry. LGBT theme and characters are a very sensitive subject when it comes to videogames. Lucien Soulban, Ubisoft’s lead writer, explained that fears of damaging sales would be the main blockade in securing support for an LGBT protagonist (IGN, Luke K). It would be a refreshing change to see a minority protagonist in video games versus the stereotypical white, male protagonist, not only would this be refreshing but it would appeal to different parts of the player demographic....   [tags: minority progragonists]

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Creative Writing: The Greatest Video Game

- ... At first, the basic elements wouldn’t work. They fell apart on our attempted inception of this new universe. Planets would form into cube shapes, asteroids would go much faster than they should have, speeding across the universe at the speed of light. The funniest part is that when you have an object going that fast, it can do much more damage than is would in our universe. It would annihilate entire planets instantly. To be frank: It sucked. Alas, these things came with time. As does everything else....   [tags: physics, planets, universe]

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Ubisolf, a multinational Video-Game Developer

- Ubisoft is a multinational video-game developer and it’s headquarter is in Montreuil, France. The Guillemot family founded Ubisoft in March of 1986. Yves Guillemot, the chairman and the CEO, soon after made deals with MicroProse, Sierra On-Line and Electronic Arts to start distributing their games in France. The first game that was developed internally by Ubisoft was released in 1989 by the name of Zombi. By the end of the decade Ubisoft expanded worldwide. Ubisoft spread over 19 countries with 29 companies and it also has subsidiaries in 26 countries....   [tags: electronic art, france, assassin's creed]

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Hyperdimension Neptunia: Video Game Analysis

- It’s too common to see a video game release that takes itself too seriously. When things are taken too seriously and fun is removed from the grand scheme of things, you are left with an industry that recycles old game concepts and does little to introduce fresh ideas to reinvigorate the industry. Every so often a title comes along that turns the gaming world on its head through means of great humor and original conceptual design. Hyperdimension Neptunia is that kind of game. Taking place in a realm known as GameIndustri, Neptunia makes fun of the home console war and this clever idea creates a pathway for a title to have limitless potential....   [tags: Entertainment, Computers]

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Video Game Violence

- Video Game Violence Concerns about the effect of media violence on children extends back at least to the beginning of the mass media, with the issue raised with reference to films, radio, television, comic books, and so on. As technology brings new types of media to the fore, the issue shifts to depictions of violence in these new media. Both popular sources and scholarly address this issue, asking in effect how violent video games change children’s behavior and make them more violent, assuming that it is believed that this is the case....   [tags: Video Games Violence]

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Does Playing Violent Video Games Promote Aggressive Behavior?

- Introduction Violent video games are becoming more popular among children and adolescents of all ages since its debut approximately 30 years ago. This growing popularity is generating an increasing concern that these sometimes very graphic videos and life like characters can have a negative influence on the younger generation. Although never proven, there has been speculation that some of the high school shootings across the country were committed by students who were habitual players of violent video games....   [tags: Video Game Violence]

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Research Summary on Improving the Sony PlayStation Video Game Industry

- The Sony PlayStation has stable ground in the video game industry, but needs to evolve more. The lack of networking capabilities and limit of software offerings has kept the PlayStation from controlling the market. Sony must also market better and make the people aware of what the Sony PlayStation and PlayStation Network have to offer. Through research and interviews, we have discovered that the general public is uninformed of the network’s capabilities. Sony needs to focus on customer needs and wants to reach their customers better....   [tags: video games, technology, business]

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History Of Video Games

- Some problems are solved over a cup of coffee and some go on for decades without any sign of resolution. The reason may be that a solution can not be found or possibly that too many solutions are established. The ongoing argument of whether video games are good or bad for society is a clear example. Opponents believe they are a bad contribution to society while proponents believe they are a necessary and supportive addition to society. "William Higinbotham, who in 1958 created a game called Tennis for Two…" (The Beginning), is the one credited for the invention of the video game....   [tags: Video Game]

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Video Game Violence Has a Negative Effect on Today's Youth

- Video Game Violence Has a Negative Effect on Today's Youth One of the main causes that make individuals more violent in real life is playing video games. Most violent video games show violence as a positive thing not a negative one. When aggression occurs in a video game, the player is not punished but awarded. This shows them that violence is okay and that if they try that situation in real life, they will also be rewarded. “In a study of video games, in 98 percent of them aggression went unpunished” ( Studies have shown that children that play teen- mature rated games for least 40 minutes a day may witness over 180 incidents of aggression per day or 5400 incidents per month....   [tags: Persuasive, Argument, Video Games, Grand Theft Aut]

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Excessive Game Play and Video Game Addiction

- ... You become aware that something is happening with your friend. Peter Yellowlees, M.D. psychiatrist in UC Davis Health System says: “The best way of finding out if somebody has a problem is looking at how much time they spend on the games themselves. If that spending time is actually affecting their live and causing them to do or exclude other things, that’s an issue.” Subsequently, these symptoms lead to many social and physical consequences. Social consequences reflect though having problems to make contacts with people outside the game....   [tags: Consequences, Technology, Macedonia]

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Video Game Contoviersies

- Controversies over Video Games Why video games are beneficial Controversies over video games centre on debates around the content of such video games and the potential to impact the user’s attitude and behaviour negatively. Commonly, people misinterpret the flippant debates as facts and believe that video games do in fact have a negative impact. Many people strongly believe that video games have a bad effect on children’s education, social development and psychological well-being. This is simply not the case....   [tags: benefits versus effects and detriments]

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The History of Video Game Music

- The History of Video Game Music In America, video game music is seen as one of the lowest forms of entertainment and its composers are obscure and unknown to most of those who play the games, while in Japan, it is a major component of their popular culture, and composers such as Koji Kondo are treated like famed celebrities. Game music is still not widely considered an art form, and yet the compositions have become as complex and sophisticated as arrangements for film and television. In 1958, engineer William Higginbotham at the National Laboratory made the very first video game called Tennis for Two....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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The Legality of Video Game Emulation

- The Legality of Video Game Emulation Nearly everyone likes to play console video games, whether the console is the Nintendo Entertainment System, the Sega Genesis, or the Sony PlayStation. But consoles break down, and the popularity of personal computers gave way to a special category of software called emulators, such as Nesten for the NES, KGen for the Genesis, or bleem. for the PlayStation. Emulators were not created to play video games; in fact, according to the Random House Webster’s College Dictionary, emulation means either “to imitate the functions of (another computer system) by means of software” or “to replace (software) with hardware to perform the same task” (429)....   [tags: Exploratory Essays Research Papers]

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Health Risk of Video Game Playing Among Adults

- Health-Risk correlates of Video Game Playing Among Adults: Video game playing is believed to have negative effects on health among young adults and has become an increasing interest among researchers. Behaviors such as aggression, obesity, delinquency and poor school performance have been associated with video game playing . Many effects of video game playing remain stable into adulthood. One survey reported that many video game players (about twenty-five percent) have sacrificed a hobby or interest and about twenty percent claimed it has taken away from socialization with friends, family or a spouse and also sleep....   [tags: Health]

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The Effects Of Video Game Violence On Human Aggression

- Throughout a number of recent studies, participants playing violent video games have consistently shown increases in their aggressive behavior, both during and after the gameplay. A study that linked violent video games to child aggression found that in every group they tested, “Children who were exposed to more video game violence did become more aggressive over time than their peers who had less exposure” (Harding 1). An increase in aggressive behavior after playing violent video games is quite common in most cases, although many gamers would argue that other factors, such as people’s emotions, cause this negative change in behavior....   [tags: Violence ]

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The Effect of Media and Video Game Violence on Society Today

- Video games have become a part of our culture in America as well as around the world. There are a large variety of video games to be played such as sports, non-violent, and violent games. The most dominant genre of video games that out-sells all others is the violent video game. It is hard to explain why they outsell all the other genres, but one reason may be because they allow users to turn their aggression into something simple which may result in less anger for that person. Video games have more recently started to be used as recruitment tools for branches of the United States Military with games such as “America’s Army.” One of the most popular video games of all time was Call of Duty...   [tags: media and violence, agressive behavior]

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Video Game Industry and Violence

- Video Game Industry Should Restrain Violence       In 1998, the US software industry sold $6.3 billion worth of video games (see Unknown).  Not bad for an industry that didn't exist 25 years ago!  Yet despite its continued growth, all is not well in the video game industry.  School shootings in Littleton, Colorado; Pearl, Mississippi; Paducah, Kentucky; Conyers, Georgia and many other towns have shocked the nation (see Malcolm).  Understandably, grieving parents and sympathetic citizens are searching for a cause for this "outbreak" of youth violence.  It is natural to assume, "when children, the symbol of innocence, commit the severest of crimes, then something must be going wrong with s...   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Topics]

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