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The Utah Public Safety Department 's Motorcycle Safety Advertisement

- A rhetorical analysis of the Utah Public Safety Department’s motorcycle safety advertisement. The U.P.S.D. is trying to reach out to the motorcycle riders in the state of Utah and get these riders to understand that they should wear more protective gear than what is normally worn. Simple yet powerful is this advertisement focusing on the issue of motorcycle riders not wearing protective gear while riding on the public roads and while riding in general. So when a rider gets into an accident and has their unprotected body flying across the pavement they get permanent scars and wounds called road rash....   [tags: Motorcycle, Harley-Davidson, Color, Utah]

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Utah Symphony and Utah Opera Merger

- 1. Bill Bailey, chairman of the board of the Utah Opera Organization, could use McClelland’s need theory to support the merger with the Utah symphony based on the three principles that are entailed in the theory; need for achievement, need for affiliation, and need for power (Kreitner & Kinicki, 2010, p. 215). Firstly, the need for achievement is met by understanding that people strive to master difficult situations, endeavors or challenges. This idea works on both an organizational level, as well as an individual level....   [tags: Business]

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The Great State of Utah

- Utah is the 45th state in the USA. It became a state on January 4, 1896. The abbreviation of the state Utah is UT. Salt Lake City is the capital of Utah. Salt Lake City is also the largest city in Utah. Utah is the 13th largest state in the USA. Utah’s total population is 2,223,169. Utah is the 34th most populated state in the US. Utah’s major industries are oil, natural gases, mining coal, copper, iron ore, silver, gold, steelmaking, farming cattle, sheep, dairy products, and tourism. Utah’s major rivers are Colorado River and the Green River....   [tags: Travel ]

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Gun Control And The State Of Utah

- Gun Control in Utah Should anyone be able to buy a gun in the state of Utah. How do we keep such a dangerous weapon out of the hands from the wrong person. Gun control is the regulation of sales and uses of firearms. The national debate on gun control can get people fired up on both sides of the argument. It 's a very serious issue people are talking about today. There have been many instances where people have considered whether gun laws should be changed to prevent such terrorism acts. Yes, there are both sides to this debate, but the main focus and everybody can agree on is safety....   [tags: Firearm, Gun politics in the United States]

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The Effects of Pollution in Utah

- The first think that I see when I walk outside everyday is the layer of haze that looms across the Wasatch Front. It doesn’t surprise me that The American Lung Association gave Salt Lake City an F, on our “State of the Air” report card. (American Lung Association,2013).What companies are the biggest contributor to our pollution. Should our children suffer the consequences of pollution. There are many causes and effects of pollution along the Wasatch Front, which includes large industrial companies, commercial companies and household pollution....   [tags: industrial, commerical, household, pollution]

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College At Utah Valley University

- University or Community College Ever since I can remember my parents told me that college was key to being successful in life. If you did not attend a good college, your life was most likely not going to be a very happy one. This message has stayed with me throughout my life. Education was of great importance and college was the key factor of where you ended up in life. High school counselors, teachers, parents, and mentors all emphasized that the better the college you attend the more opportunities you will have....   [tags: College, University, High school]

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The State Of The Utah State University

- It should be believed that this article is valid and unbiased. The authors in this article are all affiliated with the Utah State University in psychology. These authors gathered their information from cross sectional studies done at random on families of Latinos; married, single fathers, and single mothers (pgs. 199-200). The study was done on these families and observational studies on them’ and one of their children ranging ages four to nine. These participants were asked to choose the child in they had the most trouble with....   [tags: Family, Culture, Sibling, Parent]

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Air Pollution in Northern Utah

- To be able to look at the distribution of air pollution from factories and incinerators and its effect on human populations, we must understand the justice of air pollution and how it is a multifaceted topic that can change over time. There has to be a party that is being adversely affected by air pollution. They have to be in a position where, do to various social, and economic issues, are being pushed into being adversely effected. There also needs to be a responsibility by the polluters for air pollution....   [tags: incinerators, environmental issues]

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Southern Utah Community and History

- The formation of Southern Utah is one of fascination. The Virgin River Anasazi were St. George’s earliest residents, occupying the area for over twelve hundred years. They left behind rock art and ruins of their dwellings. There vanishing from the area and leaving behind their dwellings and art is still a mystery to this day. The Paiute people arrived shortly after and have lived there ever since, utilizing the area as a hunting ground for deer, rabbits and other animals. The Paiutes also grew crops along the riverbeds, including corn, wheat and melons....   [tags: American History]

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Financial Struggle of the Utah Symphony Prompt a Merger with the Utah Opera

- Due to the weakening of the economy, low ticket sales, Utah Symphony financial struggle and the collapse of the stock market. The senior board members of the Utah Symphony and the Utah opera are considering merging the two organizations to economize costs, expand the artistic potential, and ultimately prevent a total collapse. Bill Barley should utilize the Adams’s equity theory of motivation to oppose the merger. Adams’s equity motivation theory is a process theory which deals with people’s perception of fairness in a social exchange relationship (kreitner R., Kinicki A, 2010)....   [tags: power, employees, motivation ]

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Texas, Utah and Tennessee Tax Systems

- When comparing the amount of revenue of Texas, Tennessee and Utah and the type of taxes they charged, there is something that needs to be taken in consideration, and it is that the states differ in size and also in the amount of population, besides that the state of Texas lack of income tax revenue. According to the data obtain from the United States Census Bureau; the state of Texas received the amount of $ 24,500,909 in sales tax revenue in the year 2012, Tennessee $6,512,352, and Utah $1,857,055....   [tags: tax revenue comparison]

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Better Jobs for a Brighter Future in Utah

- Cedar City, Utah is a beautiful place. It is located in southern Utah just a few minutes north of Zion National Park and loads of outdoor recreation locations. There is so much to do and see in the nearby mountains and parks. I was raised in that beautiful city since I was a little baby, about 1 year old. I love the city and much of my family, including my parents, still lives there. It is my true home and it is where I would like to be. I want to live close to family, but there is one colossal obstacle standing between me and living near my family, there aren’t many high-paying jobs in southern Utah (" Services Job Search”)....   [tags: construction workers, low wages, cedar city]

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Utah, California v. Secretary of Transportation

- Significant facts In 1994, Congress pass a bill, with President approval, that withheld ten percent of federal highway funds from states who fail to penalize drug offenders by suspending the drivers license for six months. A condition the federal government placed on the grants for highway funds is states’ must suspend the drivers license for any drug conviction, regardless of severity, including marijuana possession. However, states do have the ability to “opt out” by passing their own state law stating they will not suspend drivers licenses for such violations....   [tags: Drug Offenders, Highway Funds]

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Students With Visual Impairment At Utah Schools

- The Program Being Evaluated The students with visual impairment at the Utah Schools for the Blind fail to receive adequate transition opportunities or services prior to their graduation or completion of school. Transition issues for students with visual impairment fall into three major categories. First, the agency has not tracked students after graduation to help determine the success of the program. Second, students do not know how to access adult services and programs. Third, students are graduating without receiving adequate training to prepare them for work and independent living....   [tags: Education, Evaluation, Assessment, Disability]

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My Utah Driver 's License

- When I hold up my Utah driver’s license against its counterpart from another state, they look entirely different. The classes I had to take, the test that was provided, the materials I had to learn, are as diverse as the two licenses are in appearance. These differences don’t stop there. Everything that the driver’s license entails can vary widely as well. Washington State licenses provide enhanced passport abilities. (DHS) Arizona licenses don’t expire until you are 65. (azdot) Even the age you are allowed to drive can change from state to state....   [tags: United States]

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Mormons In Utah

- Mormons in Utah I intend to prove that the Mormon religion, which began to rise in both reputation and numbers in Utah, is a strange mixer of Christianity, American pragmatism, millennialist expectations, economic experimentation, political conservation, evangelical fervor and international activity, but is still a highly followed, rapidly growing, and successful religion. Mormonism is a major modern religion with more than 8 million members, and over 4 million in the United States. Mormonism was founded in 1830 by Joseph Smith who was known as the prophet....   [tags: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints]

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Utah and the Mormon Culture

- Utah and the Mormon Culture In 1820, Joseph Smith had a vision in Palmyra, New York, of God and his son, Jesus Christ telling him to reorganize the church of Jesus Christ. During the next 10 years, Joseph was visited by other heavenly messengers, translated the Book of Mormon and established the Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints. Many years thereafter, the Mormons relocated from Nauvoo, Illinois because of religious persecution (PBS Online). In Illinois, Joseph Smith had succeeded in establishing a religion which brought together its followers both sociologically and economically....   [tags: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints ]

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The Events Of The Salt Lake City, Utah Area

- I was born in the year of 1986 in the Salt Lake City, Utah area. My parents followed and were a part of a religious polygamy cult named the Fundamentalist Church of Ladder Day Saint, or better known as the FLDS. Most members of the cult lived in a small town they call Short Creek, on the Utah Arizona border. My father had two wives. We called them Mother Karen, and Mother Marsha. Mother Karen was my birth mother. I was the seventh child of twenty children. We were required to ensue their very strict rules....   [tags: Family, Mother, Marriage, Father]

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The Impact Of Meagan Grunwald On The Death Of Utah County Sheriff

- The story in discussion is that of Meagan Grunwald since it was one for which various articles from different online sources were available due to the large controversy it had sparked a while ago. Meagan Grunwald, a teenager of seventeen was convicted in May 2015 on 11 counts, including aggravated murder, attempted murder, aggravated robbery and use of a controlled substance and was sentenced to 30 years to life with the possibility open for parole.(Associated Press, 2015) The girl had engaged in a 51 mile crime spree that left one sheriff 's deputy dead and another wounded with her 27 year old boyfriend Jose Angel Garcia-Jauregui who was killed in a shootout with police in the spree which i...   [tags: Crime, Juvenile delinquency, Forgiveness]

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Driving South Through Utah Into The Nevada Desert

- Timothy P. Helms 9/2/2016 English Comp I Driving south through Utah into the Nevada desert, you couldn’t even imagine what would be going through your head. The excitement we were about to experience, all the lights and sounds. As we crossed the dry and large desert with large mountains on our right that made the black hills seem dwarfed. We passed the Las Vegas motor speedway and we couldn’t believe what came into sight right before our eyes. Everywhere we looked we could see the flashing fluorescent lights, buildings that seemed larger than the mountains around them, people driving and walking the entire length of the thirteen mile Vegas Strip, taxis and buses speeding to a traffic jam....   [tags: Las Vegas Strip, Hotel, Casino]

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Structural Research of Canyonlands National Park, Utah

- Canyonlands National Park, immense amounts of wilderness and rock, is located at the heart of the Colorado Plateau (Canyonlands National Park-Geology). Millions of years have formed specific features to the rock and surrounding wilderness that make it so special. Throughout the park, you will find that the sedimentary rock has formed many features such as hundreds of colorful canyons, mesas, buttes, fins, arches, and spires. The Green and Colorado rivers have played a major role in the formation of many of these features....   [tags: Geology ]

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Utah Business Entity Regulations

- Business Entity Regulations Business activity may be conducted through a variety of organizational structures or entities. Whichever business structure is selected will determine the legal requirements or regulations with which the business owner is required to comply. In selecting an organizational structure, protecting the business owner from liability is a primary consideration. “Other considerations are the transferability of ownership rights, the ability to continue as a business in the event of the death or withdrawal of one or more of the owners, the capital needs of the business, and tax liabilities.” ( The most commonly registered business Entities in Utah are sole proprie...   [tags: Business Law]

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Utah Family Center

- We chose to learn about, evaluate and present the Utah Family Center. The goals of this paper are; to explain the logistics of the program, to tie together what we learned with Epstein’s Framework, to describe the climate and those who typically utilize the center, and include some final concluding thoughts about the center. As a group, we referred to the Utah Family Center website, we visited and walked thru the center, and we talked to great lengths with the personnel. We were able to take pamphlets and we took digital pictures of the center to utilize in our group presentation....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Japanese-American Internment in Topaz, Utah

- The Japanese-American Internment in Topaz, Utah For as long as mankind can remember, prejudice in one form or another has always been apparent in the world. For some, it is religion, color, or race. But, during the second world war, prejudices were directed at people whose nationalities weren't of native American blood. The Japanese-Americans were exploited and forced into "relocation camps" during World War II all because the American government thought of them as a threat to American society, for fear that they were conspiring with the Japanese government to try and overthrow the United States government....   [tags: Papers]

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Catholic Community Services Helps Poverty-Stricken Community in Utah

- Catholic Community Services Catholic Community Services of Ogden has been a front line social service agency since 1945. From that time on, they have provided relief to poverty stricken in the northern Utah community. This paper will look at some of the problems facing children in poverty today. It will explain some of the services provided by Catholic Community Services of Ogden, as well as, how those services relate to children in poverty. This paper will examine some of the generalist social work roles performed at Catholic Community Services of Ogden, plus any biases, transference, or counter-transference issues I might encounter if I worked there....   [tags: donations, children, nutrition]

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I Am Leaving From Salt Lake City, Utah And Going

- What Comes Up I am leaving from Salt Lake City, Utah and going to Fairbanks, Alaska where my brother Matt and his family are living. I have just graduated high school and left this pseudo-academic experience in true Cortezian fashion, with no plans or enough money for college. I never really knew what I wanted to be or what I wanted from life. It was difficult enough for me to make a decision on what kind of pen (fine point) and notebook (unlined) I wanted to buy for my journaling obsession. How could I possibly make a decision about a college that I felt would establish the trajectory of my future....   [tags: High school, Middle school, College]

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Sidney Tanner: A Pioneer

- Brigham Young once commented that when he had a hard job to do he tried to find a Tanner because they were always willing to help. My great-great-great-great Grandpa is Sidney Tanner. He was born on April 1,1809 in Greenwich, New York. His parents are John and Lydia Tanner. He had fifteen brothers and seven sisters. He married Louisa Conley on March 1, 1830. Sidney and his family got baptized in 1832 after the missionaries came to his dad. Sidney Tanner and his family were asked by Joseph Smith to head out West....   [tags: Adversity, Pioneers, Utah]

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Organization Management

- On March 14, the chairman of the Boards Bill Bailey and Scott Parker along with Directors Anne Ewers and Keith Lockhart publicly announced a merger proposal of the Utah Opera and the Utah Symphony. If the vote for the proposal on July 8th is in favor of the merger, Anne Ewers has been approached with the opportunity to become the CEO of the merged organization. There are many issues that must be considered going forward with the merger process. Many members of the organizations and the community are not in favor....   [tags: merger, Utah Opera, Utah Symphony]

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Gsp Is A Computation Of A State 's Economic Output

- Gross State Product, also known as GSP is a computation of a state’s economic output. It is very similar to Gross National Product but, it is measured for each state instead of the nation as a whole. The current level of GSP in Utah (in chained dollars) is 131,231,000,000 UDS. The one-year change in GSP from 2014 to 2015 is found by subtracting the 2014 GSP from the GSP in 2015, then divided by the GSP of 2014. By doing this, I calculated that the 1-year change is 4,234,000,000 USD or an increase of 3.3%....   [tags: Economics, United States, Unemployment, Utah]

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Dugway Incident 1969

- Dugway Incident 1969 In 1968 over 6000 sheep died during or as a result of the incident that took place that day in Dugway Proving Grounds, Utah. Picture the Headlines, Dugway Proving Grounds is responsible for killing American Sheep. A thorough investigation at all levels; local, state and federal was conducted to find out what happened. It was discovered that the incident stemmed from a series of test that were conducted at Dugway Proving Grounds, using the agent VX. What is VX you ask; VX is one of our persistent chemical agents that are also classified as an Organophosphate....   [tags: utah, tabun, german scientists]

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Action Plan for Anne Ewers by Analyzing the Financial and Leadership Strengths and Weaknesses of the Utah Symphony Before the Merger

- Organizational Management JFT2 Task 2: Task A.1. Write an action plan for Anne Ewers by analyzing the financial and leadership strengths and weaknesses of the Utah Symphony before the merger. Utah Symphony Financial Strengths 1. The symphony shows a strong diversity of revenue sources coming from performances, grants, contributions, investment income, guild income and box office fees and rentals. They raised over $12,000,000 in the 2000-2001 season. 2. The symphony operates with a healthy surplus of $116,308 for the 2000-2001 year....   [tags: scorecard analysis]

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The On God : Spiritual Experiences Activated Brain Reward Circuits From The University Of Utah Health Sciences

- Introduction The following is a review of the article This is your brain on God: Spiritual experiences activate brain reward circuits from the University of Utah Health Sciences. It originates from a paper in the November 2016 online journal Social Neuroscience (Ferguson, et al., 2016). This short review will describe the study and examine its conclusions. I will give my opinion on how the findings affects society, point out any observable limitations and connect the information with basic psychology and physiology....   [tags: Cerebrum, Brain, Psychology, Frontal lobe]

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American Attack on Omaha and Utah Beaches During D Day

- American Attack on Omaha and Utah Beaches During D Day It was 1944, and the United States had now been an active participant in the war against Nazi Germany for almost three and a half years, nearly six years for the British. During that period occurred a string of engagements fought with ferocious determination and intensity on both sides. There is however, one day which stands out in the minds of many American servicemen more often than others. June 6, 1944, D-Day, was a day in which thousands of young American boys, who poured onto the beaches of Utah and Omaha, became men faster than they would have ever imagined possible....   [tags: World War II History]

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The University Of Utah Colorado Springs

- A. The audience is the University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS) Dean of Students Office, and a representative from each of the Colleges of UCCS (Nursing and Health Sciences, Business and Administration, Education, Engineering and Applied Science, Letters, Arts and Sciences, and School of Public Affairs). This proposal would take place on the UCCS campus in order to hit the point closer to home. I chose this audience because the course if applicable to all students, no matter the department, and it is a possible to adjust the class to be thoroughly relevant to each specific department....   [tags: Personal life, Health, University, Education]

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Recruitment Pl Talent Gateway

- Recruitment Plan Going forward we will be using a program called Talent Gateway. In this program candidates can apply for any jobs in our company they feel they qualify for. The Talent Gateway will ask each candidate a series of questions related to the job description of the job posted. Based on the candidates answers they will be given a score in both numbered rank and green/orange/yellow/red. Green being the highest scoring candidates and red the lowest. We will not be hiring anyone that scores a red....   [tags: Employment, Recruitment, A Great Way to Care, Utah]

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The 's Small Business Problem

- Santaquin’s Small Business Problem As I’m driving down main street, I notice that Santaquin is a small and quiet town. The post office is an older building and the bank rests in between some trees. Stone Ridge Plaza is a tall and proud building. As the tallest building in town, standing a total of four stories tall it stands firm saying Look at me see how wonderful I am. Three stories is dedicated to apartments and housing for people. The First floor is meant for business. The only problem is, that so many different businesses have been in and out of that building you never know what 's there but, why does this happen....   [tags: Small business, Business, Utah County, Utah]

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The Book ' Mormon Play 3 Times, And Every Time Is Better Than The Last

- I have watched The Book of Mormon play 3 times, and every time is better than the last. Matt Stone and Trey Parker are geniuses, combining brilliant playwriting, beautiful musicality, and hilarious comedy themes. It catches your eye immediately, drawing you into their world that they created for you. This play, however, is only a play. It is constantly sold out and is in high demand even after being released in 2011. The Book of Mormon is extremely popular and successful, and for good reason too....   [tags: Film, Actor, Theatre, Utah]

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The Lack Of Budgetary Support For Teachers K 12

- In Utah, the lack of budgetary support for teachers K-12 is sadly nothing new. Historically, teachers in the state are paid roughly 30% lower than professionals with comparable degrees, and the establishment of numerous standardized tests has taken away from authentic learning statewide. Yet, just as Utah’s imprudent system of education seemingly couldn 't get worse, the enlightened members of the State Board of Education intervened in June of this year. In response to a severe shortage of teachers in Utah, the Board passed a resolution that allows individuals to be hired without a traditional teaching license....   [tags: Education, Teacher, School, History of education]

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The Endangered Species Act ( Esa )

- A species of plant or animal classified as endangered is a species that faces the risk extinction. Their possible extinction can be attributed to human activity, climate change, critical habitat loss, disruption in predator/prey ratio, and many other factors. The Endangered Species Act (ESA), established in 1973, is a federal mandate that requires the endangered species to be listed and subsequently protected to avoid future extinction of the species - included is the protection of their critical habitat....   [tags: Endangered species, Species, IUCN Red List]

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The Restriction Of Alcohol Consumption

- The restriction of alcohol consumption seems to be in constant debate, partially because there are many different of opinions of how much restriction is necessary. In America’s history, the government attempted to completely ban all alcohol. This was known as the Prohibition era which began with the enforcement of the 18th Amendment in the 1920s. This amendment prohibited the manufacture, sale, transport, import, or export of alcoholic beverages. Due to the rise of criminal activity and gang violence related to illegal activities involving alcohol, Congress repealed Prohibition with the 21st Amendment in 1933....   [tags: Alcoholic beverage, Alcohol, Drinking culture]

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Why I Became an Educator

- I have always tutored and assisted others in math and science, but about eight years ago while pursuing my master’s degree in Wildlife Biology, I took a couple of classes that changed my life. These classes (natural resource interpretation and environmental education) opened my eyes to the fact that I wanted to become an educator. I loved my education classes and discussed with my major advisor the fact that I wanted to become involved in education. As an extension specialist, my advisor was very involved in education and community outreach and he could help me to further my pursuit of education as a career....   [tags: teaching]

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My Culture And The Heritage I

- On April 9th 2015, I learned to appreciate my culture and the heritage I was born into. Before this day I hadn’t realized how truly special it was to be an indigenous woman, especially in this day in age. Several youth leaders from the Lower Elwha community, including myself had been invited to a leadership conference in Salt Lake City, Utah. The University of Utah was hosting the conference, and the theme was “ImagiNative: Exceeding Beyond Expectations”. What I had expected to do was scheduled on the agenda, and everything that had been scheduled was purely educational....   [tags: Native Americans in the United States]

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What You Should Know About Criminal Defense Attorney

- ... • Talk to the prosecutors and negotiate for plea bargains if they have strong evidence against you. • Argue with the juries and convince them to release you on a reduced bail. • Analyze your case and determine whether you should defend yourself in the court, or go for negotiations instead. • Explain to you the pros and cons of pleading guilty. When Should You Hire A Criminal Defense Lawyer. The investigation is the first stage of the criminal justice process. It may be a simple procedure, such as a police officer watching a speeding car on the highway....   [tags: criminal investigation, legal assistance]

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The Difference between Lobbying and Bribery as it pertains to the 2002 Winter Olympics

- Being chosen to host the Winter Olympic Games is an honor and a privilege. Like with any large and popular sporting event, there is a lot of money involved. With the influence of money and natural greed, competition to host the games becomes fierce and the potential for digressions multiply. This is the case of the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake Utah. After winning the bid to host the games, it became known that the Salt Lake Organizing Committee had contributed to Olympic officials in the form of cash and property for favorable consideration....   [tags: Ethics]

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Refuge: An Unnatural History of Family and Place by Terry Tempest Williams

- Refuge: An Unnatural History of Family and Place by Terry Tempest Williams Refuge; An Unnatural History of Family and Place, by Terry Tempest Williams, is a thought-provoking, sentimental book that explores both the unnatural and the natural events that take place in her life. The deception and lies of the reports presented by the United States government, which lead to the fall out of atomic bomb testing in Utah in the 1950's and the rise of the Great Salt Lake and its effect on bird’s serve as the backdrop of this book....   [tags: Terry Tempest Williams Unnatural Essays]

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Same-Sex Marriage

- In the United States District Court, D. Utah, Central Division case, the debate was on whether or not the new Sections (Section 30-1-2 and Section 30-1-4.1) put in Amendment 3 were legal. After a long debate, a conclusion was reached: these Sections put into Amendment 3 were illegal because of the Due Process and Equal Protection Clause under the Fourteenth Amendment of the Constitution (Shelby, 53). The court viewed many different cases that pertained to this case, including the following: United States v....   [tags: civil rights, marriage license]

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The Journey Of Enlightenment : An Open Mind With The Ability For Profound Contemplation

- The journey of enlightenment has often been, the road less traveled. However, when traveled, its essential one has an open-mind with the ability for profound contemplation. I recollect my personal journey to enlightenment, as if it were yesterday. It was a magnificent summer day, the weather was stunning, an unusually cool 70-degrees, with no clouds in the sky. The phone rang, it was my father, asking if my husband and I could assistance him with an immediate need. Quickly thinking back in time, I pondered the minimal times my father ever asked for assistance, and realized it was only once, until now....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Tea, Grandfather clause]

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Salt Aire Foundation is Preserving the Fine and Performing Arts

- Salt Aire Foundation is preserving the Fine and Performing Arts Business Description Salt Aire Foundation (SAF) is a non-profit 501c3 based in Utah, and dedicated to the preservation of education for all demographics including special needs, providing a unique emphasis on the Fine and Performing Arts. SAF Mission Statement The mission serves to elevate awareness, establish support, and offer educational opportunities and encouragement, thereby eliciting tremendous enthusiasm and momentum for the Arts and Humanities, while creating a positive impact in our communities....   [tags: Busienss Review]

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Auric Solar : Data And Facts

- Auric Solar Data & Facts Availability - 2 states, Utah, Idaho Contract Length - Couldn 't find Payment Options - Buy, loan 2/4 Setup Fees - No Online Monitoring - Yes, lifetime with automatic alerts - no other information available Warranty - 10 year support, 25 year manufacturer panel and inverter warranties Finance Options - Yes Time in Business - 2010 BBB - Accredited, A+, Introduction Auric Solar, formerly SolarTek, was founded in 2010 by Trent Vansic and Jess Phillips, is currently headquartered in Midvale, Utah and has since expanded their service to all of Utah and Idaho....   [tags: Taxation in the United States, Taxation, Sun]

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Variation of Personal Dialect Analysis

- There are many different dialects across the world. They can change depending on your region, your age or even your gender. Many people would react to a different dialect as wrong or they want to try and eliminate it. When in reality, both are correct. They just sound incorrect due to the fact they are not accustomed to hearing it. If English is just one language, why are there so many different ways to speak it. The study of dialects or the variations in language from one place to another provides the answers....   [tags: language, states, pronounce]

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Underage Drinking in Hawaii

- In the state of Hawaii, the legal drinking age is 21 years old, but roughly 46,000 underage customers consume alcohol each year (Underage). Problems related to underage drinking include but are not limited to: violence, traffic accidents, high-risk sex, property crime, and injury. To solve the problem, family involvement is crucial, laws need to be better implemented and enforced, and more alcohol-free activities should be made available to teenagers. Incorporating these solutions into Hawaii’s communities would minimize underage drinking and aid in the success and wellbeing of youth....   [tags: teenage alcohol consumption ]

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Psychologists Help People with Their Personal Problems

- ... On the other hand an industrial-organizational psychologist will make on average $48,780 per year at the beginning of his or her career and by the end of their career will make $168,020 per year.A psychologist’s experience and reputation also affect their salary. Therefore, paying back any debt will not be an issue. On the other hand, psychology can be an expensive occupation to pursue as a high school student. In order to become a psychologist a high school graduate must also receive at minimum a bachelor's degree, but most jobs require a masters or a phD....   [tags: patients, mental, secure]

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Temporary Housing Is Not Only Cost Effective

- mental illness in these women. As Angela a current resident of Valley House put it, “They [Valley House] gives you hope when you feel like there is no hope”. Permanent housing is also the most economic solution. While it costs somewhere around $40,000 a year for a homeless person to be in the streets, permanent housing only costs $10,000 (Covert). Permanent housing is not only cost effective, it can end the vicious cycle of incarceration many people face in larger cities. As previously mentioned being homeless has basically become an illegal activity in many cities and permanent housing will end this cycle....   [tags: Poverty, Homelessness]

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Marriage Age Views of BYU Students

- One topic that seems often to be on the minds of students at Brigham Young University is marriage. We were interested in seeing if there is a difference in opinion between students from Utah and those from outside of Utah on what the ideal age of marriage should be. We used a Qualtrics survey online to gather data from a variety of BYU students of different areas of study including family life, European studies, engineering, exercise science, geography, and religion. We had 259 participants. This included 82 males and 177 females, both married and single....   [tags: comparative study, research]

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Rising Above the Challenges: Elizabeth Smart

- Could you ever imagine what it would be liked to be taken from the once place you are supposed to feel the safest and then being held captive under excruciating fear. More people than anyone would care to think about know exactly what it's like, one of those many being Elizabeth Smart. Elizabeth Smart had to overcome many obstacles throughout the entire ordeal, the main portion of the hard times lasting nine months. Elizabeth went through many emotional high points; fear, the pure will to survive, and her quest for freedom and putting it all behind her....   [tags: kidnapping ordeal, fear]

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Severe Combined Immunodeficiency ( Scid )

- Physiology: All humans have an immune system designed to stop invading microbes, without this defence, many diseases cause death (Humphrey, John H). The immune system is comprised of white blood cells, including but not limited to the B and T cells (lymphocytes) (Humphrey, John H). These develop in the bone marrow in thymus. B cells attack the invaders by producing antibodies (Boundless). Similarly the T cells detect them and cause an immune response by releasing cytokines that release the macrophages and B cells....   [tags: DNA, Molecular biology, Immune system, Genetics]

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The United States and the Normandy Invasion

- The United States and the Normandy Invasion The year was 1944, and the United States had now been an active participant in the war against Nazi Germany for almost three and a half years. During this time, numerous battles had occurred which were fought with determination and intensity on both sides. Amongst the many invasions of World War II, there is one day which stands out more in the minds of many American soldiers than the others. That day was June 6, 1944, more commonly known as D Day, part of the invasion of Normandy, known as "Operation Overlord." This operation was the largest amphibious assault in history....   [tags: World War II History]

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Putting Constitutional Protections in the Backseat for Non-Conformist American Experiences

- ... The conventional definition of a traditional family, as a monogamous, heterosexual marriage is a core American value that is of sufficient compelling state interest that it overrides the First Amendment protection of the free (which was never absolutely free) exercise of religion. (p. 102). The courts have made abundantly clear that polygamy is not legal in Utah or anywhere else in the United States; reasoning that the 1st Amendment guarantees the right to hold any religious opinion one chooses, but not the right to act according to that belief....   [tags: culture, religion, polygamy]

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The Effects of the Economy on Dairy Farms

- The recent economic downturn has made business especially difficult for dairy farmers in Utah and elsewhere. According to NPR, in 2007 and 2008 milk prices were at an all-time high. However, as the economic situation in the country worsened, the demand for dairy products decreased and raw milk prices were set to reach the lowest they've been since 1978. Now many dairy farmers are losing more money than they can make on milk sales, and some farmers are resorting to bankruptcy or selling their herds....   [tags: Economics]

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Cancer and Terry Tempest Williams' Refuge

- Cancer and Terry Tempest Williams' Refuge “I cannot prove my mother, my grandmothers, along with my aunts developed cancer from nuclear fallout in Utah. But I can’t prove they didn’t.” Epilogue, Refuge In Terry Tempest Williams’s Refuge, death slowly claimed almost all of the women of her family. Death took Williams’ family members one by one just one or two years apart. In every case, the cause was cancer. Williams insisted in the epilogue that fall-out from the 1951-62 nuclear testing in Utah brought cancer to her family....   [tags: Cancer Research Refuge Williams Essays]

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Adequacy Of The Supply Of Nurses The Financial Impact Of High Turnover Was Startling

- In addition to concerns about the adequacy of the supply of nurses the financial impact of high turnover was startling. According to Jones (2005) Using the updated Nursing Turnover Cost Calculation Methodology, the per RN true cost of nurse turnover is calculated to be 1.2–1.3 times the RN annual salary. That estimate is derived from a retrospective, descriptive study of external RN turnover cost data at an acute care hospital with over 600 beds. The findings indicate that the three highest cost categories were vacancy, orientation and training and newly hired RN productivity....   [tags: Nursing, Nurse, Nursing board certification]

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Education Is The Source Of All Power Allowing People

- Education is the source of all power allowing people to achieve any dream they choose. A person without a true education is nothing more than an empty shell living an empty and pointless life. The process of education begins at conception and the human mind continues to learn until the time of their death but most lessons are learned in the first five years of life. When the topic of education is discussed it isn’t how much is needed but how best to provide the education. The need for high quality education is typically agreed upon; how best to provide that education is not as easily as settled....   [tags: Homeschooling, Education, High school, School]

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The Compromise Of 1850 By Senator Henry Clay

- The Compromise of 1850 is composed of five laws proceeded on September of 1850 that distributed with the matter of slavery. In 1849 California demanded permission or authorization in order to enter the Union as an independent and free state, prospectively upsetting the balance between the free and slave states in the United State Senate. Senator Henry Clay established a series of resolutions on the 29th of January 1850, aiming to seek a compromise and avert a crisis between the North and the South.“South Carolina Senator John C....   [tags: Slavery in the United States, Compromise of 1850]

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Salt Lake City Inversion and its Effects

- Having never been west of New York, I pondered what Salt Lake City would look like as our plane flew closer to Utah from New York City. It clearly wasn’t going to look like New York City. In fact it didn’t look like any other city I had been to up until that point. Salt Lake City sits in the middle of The Great Salt Lake, The Wasatch and The Oquirrh mountain ranges. The tallest building in Salt Lake City is just slightly over 400 feet, which may make one think there isn’t a very picturesque skyline, but with the mountainous backdrop, it’s actually quite breathtaking....   [tags: Winter Inversions]

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The Legacy of the Analects of Confucius

- Confucianism plays a curious role in life for those involved with the world, as such that it has been one of the most successful forms of guidelines for government and familial narrations throughout all history. Although The Analects have long been held closely to many, particularly to those of Chinese culture, it does by no means take religious form on behalf of its lack of commitment to any specific belief or dogma. In fact, Confucianism is capable to coalesce with any religion without being at variance to any conception of faith; in lieu, the words of Confucius categorize themselves by default as societal steadiness on a fulcrum of the two opposing planes good and amoral; a peak at which...   [tags: chinese philosophy, chapter III]

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Becoming Successful and Keeping My Original Heritage

- ... I felt so out-of-place, the majority students were white and I just couldn't keep my original name with me. My teacher as well as the students couldn't say "Josue" right. When they began to pronounce my name they called me Josie, Josuu or Jose and the class would laugh and from that moment the name Josh was born. They even put me in speech class because to tell you the truth I don't even know why they did. I was a great reader and never had to stop to pronounce a word or anything. I guess being quiet in my class made them believe I couldn't read....   [tags: healthcare, college, classess, journey]

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The Pros and Cons of Polygamy

- Polygamy is the practice where a man is married to one or more wife at the same time. Currently, Polygamy is illegal in all 50 states but not every country. The United States is the only country that bans Polygamy constitutionally and yet still has families living in secret polygamist marriages. These families have had to lie and hide to save themselves from being arrested and broken up from their families. Without the patriarch, most of these women do not know how to survive financially on their own....   [tags: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints]

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Larger than Life: Zachary Steven Later

- Zachary Steven Later, 66, recently of Provo, Utah, passed away on Friday December 13, 2061 while serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) in a small village in Zambia, Africa. His death occurred as a result of his determination to assist the local members of the church. While attempting to milk a 5,000 pound female elephant without knowing the exact technique required, Zach aggravated the animal resulting in him getting kicked in the head and sat upon by the extremely heavy beast....   [tags: Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints]

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The Death Penalty Has Gone Wrong

- Last, some changes that could make the death penalty less expensive and more efficient. In the year of 2014, multiple executions by lethal injections have gone wrong. Three examples are in Oklahoma, Ohio, and Arizona (Mercury). All three cases involve gasping for air by the criminal 's after all three drugs is injected; one died twenty-six minutes after the injections, another forty-five minutes and the longest was an hour and a half. This proves that lethal injections are not as humane as everyone thought....   [tags: Capital punishment, Lethal injection]

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Mainstreaming Special Needs For Public Schools

- Additionally, I have personally seen the rewards of mainstreaming special needs students in public schools and would like to see more focus on this. Mainstreaming special needs students helps them develop socially as well as academically, which is a huge issue for many of them. I have been working for the public school systems for many years and I am constantly seeing examples of how much social development can change a student’s life and attitude towards education, regardless of their academic ability....   [tags: Education, Special education, Special school]

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The BCS National Championship Game

- From the first two national champions, Rutgers and Princeton, to last year’s debateable Auburn national championship winning team, college football has always had difficulties deciding national champions. The BCS National Championship game was thought to give a less prejudice opinion on which teams play in the championship game than humans did. However, it has stimulated more controversy in college sports than Cal-Stanford “The Play.” The problem with the BCS teams is, it chooses two teams that are based on profit, popularity, and record....   [tags: playoff system, college football, team]

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Opinion Paper: Poverty in America

- “More than 46 million Americans live in poverty.” The poverty line in Florida is currently 17.1 percent. The amount of poverty is at its highest since 1960. Does the United States have an obligation to help the poor. In America, we claim to be the land of the brave and the home of the free. But how many people in America are free from poverty. 49.7 million people in the United States are in poverty. In 2012, 49 million people weren’t sure if they were going to be able to buy food for themselves or for their families....   [tags: Homeless, Projects, Government]

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List Of Leadership And Leadership

- List previous involvements and leadership. Being involved is really important to me. I love the feeling of helping people and also getting to know I was a student ambassador for a technical college near Salt Lake Community College. As an ambassador I was asked to go to different school, represent the school and my program, dental assisting. I would talk to students, giving them information about programs we had at the school. I helped plan a food drive raising over 10,000 cans and we donated them to the Utah food bank....   [tags: High school, College, Middle school, University]

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Jon Huntsman's Presidential Campaign

- In 2012, Jon Huntsman ran an atypical presidential campaign. Despite his stunning credentials, he never stood out in the republican primary. For the most part, the positions he took were to the left of his target audience. Moreover, his quirky media strategy failed to garner him the name recognition he needed to make an impression with republican voters. Among other problems the campaign struggled with its finances. Moreover, Jon Huntsman’s weaknesses in the primary would have been strengths in a general election....   [tags: Republican Party, politics, ideology]

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Roughing It By Mark Twain

- Roughing it was written by Mark Twain. This book is a journal of Mark Twain and his brother's trip to Carson City, Nevada. They went because Mark Twain's brother had a job as the Secretary of Nevada. This book, journal, started when they were leaving to go to Carson City; and ended when Mark Twain decided to move to New York instead of living in San Francisco or any part of the wild west. In between this time he talked about how they became rich and how they lost it and how they became rich again and lost it....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Polygamy in America Today

- Polygamy is a common, well-buried secret that is often hard to leave and still exists throughout the country today. The Encyclopedia Americana defines polygamy as the form of marriage that permits a person to have more than one husband or wife (Encyclopedia Americana). It has been known to exist at various times in certain societies. Polygamy is more common that most people realize. In the Paper “Polygamy and Same Sex Marriage,” David Chambers states “that in the history of the country, by far the most significant and widespread practice of polygamy occurred among the Mormons during the later half of the 19th century.” the Mormons believe that plural marriage is biblical and approved...   [tags: Marriage Mormon]

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Socialization Analysis: Homosexuality

- ... I remember my friend and me concocting plans as to how we were going to prove our teacher was lesbian. Once again, we were idiot children. Throughout the year we discussed evidence we had found and its apparent validity. Along with the detective work, we would make comments about my teacher favoring girl class mates because she had crushes on them. For the third time, we were ignorant, idiotic and mean-hearted kids when it came to homosexuality. I stress this so much because we were impressionable....   [tags: gay marriage, sexual, LGBT]

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Procedural History : The And The Estate Of Jack Tallas, 764 P.2d 628 ( 1988 )

- Case name: Peter K. Dementas v The Estate of Jack Tallas, 764 P.2d 628 (1988) Procedural History: Claim was filed against decedent 's (Jack Tallas) estate to recover on written agreement to make the claimant (Peter Dementas) an heir for the amount of $50,000. The Third District Court of Salt Lake County held in favor for the estate. Dementas challenged the initial verdict in Utah’s Court of Appeals, Orme, J.. In this appeal, the court held that agreement was not an enforceable contract in that it constituted a promise for past services performed gratuitously....   [tags: Appeal, Contract, Law, Consideration]

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What Does Much Will It Cost For Get The Education That Will Be Required?

- Have you ever thought about what you are going to be when you grow up. This is a question that I am sure most of us don’t enjoy being asked. With this question there are many things to consider. How much will it cost to get the education that will be required. Will I really like the career that I have chosen. Will I even be able to get a job. Whatever the question may be, have you ever considered a job in agriculture. When I had first heard about “jobs in agriculture” I thought mainly about farming, and didn’t want to be a part of that....   [tags: Teacher, Education, School, Agriculture]

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Why The Need For Financial Literacy Comprehension Is Still Not Being Addressed

- Why the Need for Financial Literacy Comprehension is Still Not Being Addressed With the many changes to the Ohio education system that have take place recently it is astounding financial literacy has not been better addressed. The current graduation requirement for financial literacy, according to the Ohio Department of Education (2015), is to implement financial literacy into a social studies or economics class. However, this is not enough for students to gain a true understanding of finances. High school students collectively handle immense amounts of money....   [tags: High school, Education]

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