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Unraveling DNA

- Unraveling the molecular mechanism of DNA binding by Transcription-activator like effectors Sequence-specific DNA targeting of nucleases, recombinases and transcriptional activators is a powerful tool to manipulate the sequence or regulate the expression of the gene of interest. While Zinc fingers specific to DNA trinucleotides, coupled to different effector domains have been employed for targeted manipulation of the genome with considerable success, we are limited by the off-target toxicity caused by trinucleotide specific zinc fingers....   [tags: DNA, TALE, Xanthomonas]

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The Middle East : 100 Years Of Unraveling

- The Middle East: 100 Years Of Unraveling The presentation on the Sykes-Picot Centennial was very informative and detailed as well as told in a smooth way which helped me to follow along with the events that occurred and their effects. The guest speakers were very knowledgeable and explained events in a thorough and interesting way. I thought that the presentation as a whole was a great way for students to learn about new things that might not be taught in their classrooms. I learned that the influential countries at the time who had an interest in the Middle East were France, Great Britain, and Russia also, known as the Triple Alliance....   [tags: Israel, Jordan, World War II, British Empire]

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Analyzing And Unraveling Asperger 's Syndrome

- Exploring and Unraveling Asperger’s Syndrome The developmental disorder referred to as Asperger’s disorder – more commonly known as Asperger’s syndrome (AS) – was first described in 1944 by Austrian pediatrician Hans Asperger, specifically as “autistic psychopathy”. The year before, Austrian-American psychiatrist Leo Kanner published his findings on what he dubbed “early infantile autism”; ironically, despite these similarities, the two were unaware of each other’s work. “In Asperger’s original description of autistic psychopathy, the children, all of whom were male with normal intelligence, exhibited a quantitative impairment in reciprocal social interactions and behavior oddities without...   [tags: Asperger syndrome, Autism]

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Dionysus and the Unraveling of Ideologies in The Bacchae

- Dionysus and the Unraveling of Ideologies in The Bacchae   Some evaluations claim that the Dionysus appearing in The Bacchae is fairly true embodiment of the ideals of ancient Athens. He demands only worship and proper reverence for his name, two matters of honor that pervaded both the Greek tragedies and the pious society that viewed them. In other plays, Oedipus' consultations with Apollo and the many Choral appeals to Zeus reveal the Athenian respect for their gods, while Electra's need for revenge and Antigone's obligation to bury Polyneices both epitomize the themes of respect and dignity....   [tags: Bacchae Essays]

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Parkinson's Disease: Unraveling the Mystery

- Parkinson's Disease: Unraveling the Mystery Parkinson's disease, which affects over one million Americans, results in the progressive loss of coordination, unstable posture, and tremor (1). In 1817, James Parkinson, after whom the disease was named, was the first to document cases of what he called "the shaking palsy" and in doing so, began the scientific crusade to determine the causes and manifestation of the disease (2). The challenge before neuroscientists was to determine the link between Parkinson's behavior and alterations of the nervous system....   [tags: Biology Essays Research Papers]

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Understanding And Unraveling A Concept Of Your Transformation One

- “Transformation, as Marines define it, is the ongoing, dynamic process that begins with the prospective Marine’s first contact with their Recruiter and continues through the Marines entire life.” (MCRP 6-11D pg. 2-2). Unconsciously and without aid of knowing, your are shaping and molding your transformation when you sit and pick out those specific number of cards laid out in front of you, which should reflect reasons as to what independent variables are driving you to enlist in the Marine Corps, or which cards you generally know for certain captivates your motives in which fuels your desire to enlist....   [tags: United States Marine Corps, Marine, Royal Marines]

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Unraveling Cleopatra

- Unraveling Cleopatra "She took a small boat, and one only of her confidants, Apollodorus, the Sicilian, along with her, and in the dusk of the evening landed near the palace. She was at a loss how to get in undiscovered, till she thought of putting herself into the coverlet of a bed and lying at length, whilst Apollodorus tied up the bedding and carried it on his back through the gates to Caesar's apartment. Caesar was first captivated by this proof of Cleopatra's bold wit, and was afterwards so overcome by the charm of her society that he made a reconciliation between her and her brother, on the condition that she should rule as his colleague in the kingdom." (The Life of Julius Caesar, Pl...   [tags: Egypt History Papers]

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Unraveling of Myths in Porter’s Old Mortality

- Unraveling of Myths in Porter’s Old Mortality “There was a kind of faded merriment in the background, with its vase of flowers and its draped velvet curtains, the kind of case and the kind of curtains that no one would have any more. The clothes were not even romantic-looking, bur merely most terribly out of fashion, and the whole affair was associated, in the minds of the little girls, with dead things: the smell of Grandmother’s medicated cigarettes and her furniture that smelled of beeswax, and her old-fashioned perfume, Orange Flower....   [tags: Porter’s Old Mortality]

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Unraveling the Mystery of William Shakespeare

- ... This refers of course to the rebirth of learning. The Renaissance was a cultural movement that spread all over Europe and was considered the division between the Middle Ages and the Modern Era (Fabio Castellan 3). During this movement literature was one of the many arts that took on an innovative form due to the new and awakened perspectives of man. However before the Renaissance, known as the medieval times, people were considered subject to God. For this reason, medieval literature placed a great emphasis on the blend of fantasy and reality....   [tags: rebirth, consequences, persepective]

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Exploring and Unraveling Autism

- Autism Spectrum Disorder, known as ASD, is a range of complex neurodevelopment disorders, characterized by social impairments, communication difficulties, and restricted, repetitive, and stereotyped patterns of behavior. Autistic Disorder, referred to as autism or classical ASD, is the most common and severe form of ASD. Other less severe conditions along the spectrum include Asperger's Syndrome and Pervasive Development Disorder. Autism affects information processing in the brain by altering how nerve cells and their synapses connect and organize....   [tags: Psychology]

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