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An Army Legacy Leader Of The United States

- Abstract The purpose of this paper is to define and identify what an Army Legacy Leader means to me. A type of legacy a Military professional would like to leave behind and continue to inspire one’s life. As well as, the kind of legacy, I would like to leave behind. What makes a Military professional in the United States (US) Army a legacy leader. A Legacy Leader in the US Army can be anyone that achieves extraordinary awards such as receiving a Medal of Honor. A Legacy Leader can, also, be anyone who has the ability to endure exceptional pain to accomplish the mission....   [tags: United States Army, Military, Soldier]

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The Army Of The United States Army

- Without trust with its nation the United States Army would become more like a mercenary organization than a profession. In such an environment Soldiers would take action with regard for the organization and their personal gain rather than in the best interest of the American people.1 The consequences of such a military force would obviously contribute to an unhealthy government and society as a whole because the nation would lose reliability in its security. In order to prevent such a catastrophe and to promote a thriving United States, the Army recognizes the importance of this foundational building block and the need to continually earn it.2 In doing so the Army establishes trust as its...   [tags: Military, Army, Sociology, Soldier]

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The United States Army Has Its Own Type Of Community

- I think the United States Army has its own type of community. Although some may be better than others may, The Army has a very special outlook on the world. As a diverse entity when it comes to the race and nationality of a person, the way individuals and groups looks on the military says it all. People look at active duty soldiers, as well as veterans many different ways. When I Joined the Army in 2006, I had many different races in my command. When I joined, it really did not have a role in the community of people....   [tags: Military, Soldier, Army, United States Army]

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Core Values Of The United States Army As A Soldier And My Work Ethic

- For the last three years and two month I have upheld the core values of the United States Army as a soldier and my work ethic has never been doubted until now. Since station at Fort Wainwright (2013), I have fulfilled my obligations and carried out my assigned task with the utmost loyalty for it is understood that the Unites States Army is a complex combination of missions, task and responsibility in perpetual motion. As such, I became skilled in the predated system called ‘Sams box or Sams-e.’ Furthermore, my MOS sometimes requires malleability on a task without compromising the mission, also at times; a task requires critical thinking, quick decision, organizational skill, and software...   [tags: United States Army, United States, Camp Humphreys]

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Analysis of The United States Army

- This paper will not bore with the definition of a profession. The United States Army is about more than words, it is about action. The action of over 238 years of tradition and service. The Army is a profession. A profession requires its members to adhere to prolonged training and learn specialized skills. A member of a profession must wholly commit himself and his skills to a calling which is entrusted by the public. A profession provides its members with intrinsic value which motivates beyond financial gain....   [tags: army, military, soldiers]

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The United States Army Medal Of Honor

- Blue Spaders Palmam Qui Meruit Ferat- Let Him Bear The Palm Who Has Won It The 26th Infantry Regiment is widely known for their actions and participation of Operation Iraqi Freedom from 2006 to 2008. The 26th Infantry Regiment is currently assigned to the 101st Airborne Division. The unit has been involved in many conflicts and wars since their activation. During their deployment of Operation Iraqi Freedom a brave soldier of the 26th Infantry Regiment was award the United States Army Medal of Honor....   [tags: Iraq War, United States]

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What Makes The Army A Subculture?

- What makes the Army a subculture. The Army objective is to serve American citizens, to protect United States, protect vital national interests, and to achieve national military responsibilities (United States Army, n.d). The members of the U.S Army share the same objective, which makes them a subculture. Here some background information on the U.S Army. The United States military is consistent of five branches Army, Navy, Air force, Coast Guard, and Marines. Although, there is a lot of similarities between all five of the branches there is also a lot of differences....   [tags: United States Army, United States]

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United States Army Weapons Intelligence Team

- United States Army Weapons Intelligence Teams (WIT) play a crucial role in the intelligence gathering of the weapons systems that the enemy employs on today’s battlefield. It is because of these specialized teams of Soldiers and the unique skills they possess that we, as an Army, have been able to develop and implement Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) that have saved countless American and Coalition Forces lives. The very first Weapons Intelligence Teams began their initial training at Fort Gordon, GA....   [tags: Tactics, Techniques, Procedures, Army]

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The Subculture of the United States Army

- One subculture within the United States is that of the US Army. The Army defends the nation against all enemies, foreign and domestic. It is an exclusive group since not everyone in the country serves in the Army. The US Army’s official birthday is June 14, 1775, however its origins are much earlier than that. During British colonialism, citizens often had to take up arms to defend themselves, primarily against the Indians, since the British did not have a significant military presence in America....   [tags: foreign, domestic ememies]

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The United States Army and Globalization

- Globalization simply put, is a process which involves connecting various locations around the world. Globalization is already a process, which affects our economics, politics, and culture. The future effects of Globalization on the military environment at both the Strategic and Operational level has already started but we can expect more changes, as Globalization continues to take hold of the world as a whole. The Strategic goals of the United States Army have remained consistent for many decades, relevance and readiness....   [tags: American Military Strategy, Partnered Nations]

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Charles Keller : The Oldest Active Duty Army Officer

- Charles Keller: The oldest active duty Army officer to serve during the war Charles Keller started his military career in 1890 (Arrasmith, 2011). He first retired in 1923 after 33 years of outstanding service (Historical Vignette, 2004). In 1940, during World War II, General Keller was recalled to active duty. Upon his second retirement in 1943, he was recognized as the oldest Army officer on active duty during war (Historical Vignette, 2004). This paper provides additional information about his works and contributions in the field of United States Army Engineers....   [tags: United States Army, United States]

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The Army Of 2020 : An Organization

- The Army of 2020 The Army is an organization that has been around for over two centuries, and over the course of the last two plus centuries it has become an organization that is nothing like its inception. The United States Army was established in June of 1775. This organization is full of diversity and is willing to adapt to whatever the future may hold. It has made changes, solved problems and has thoroughly adapted with the changes in society. The Army is built up of roughly 490,000 Active Duty Soldiers, 354,200 to 350,200 National Guard Soldiers, and 205,000 to 202,000 Army Reserve Soldiers (Vergun, 2014)....   [tags: United States Army, United States, Military]

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The Army Force Generation Cycle

- In today’s age, businesses and organizations who have effectively and efficiently integrated multinational culture into a strategic vision are more often than not extremely successful. These multinational teams present organizations with the opportunity to expand on a global scale while meeting and exceeding the standards of new challenges (Lewis, 2012). The United States Army has operated on a global scale for over 200 years. However, as the battlefield has expanded and has become more complex, the need to develop cultural competency in Soldiers has grown exponentially....   [tags: United States Army, United States, Iraq War]

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An Army Soldier And Playing War Games

- Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines the United States Armed Forces, each has a separate mission but all work towards the same goal. As a young child I grew up around many of these individuals who served their nation proudly and honorably. I always admired that, they were all so willing to give of themselves. Each took part in this brotherhood for their own individual reasons, I too have has this calling. My mom always knew form the time I was a little boy that being a part of the United States Military was what I was going to do....   [tags: United States Army, United States, Military]

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The United States Army as a Profession of Arms

- The United States Army, in its current state, is a profession of arms. In order to be considered a profession, the organization must have an ethical code rooted in values, strong trust with its clients, and be comprised of experts within the trade. These experts are constantly developing the trade for the present and the future and hold the same shared view of their trade culture. The Army currently has an ethical code ebodied in the Army Values, which provides guidance to the individual and the organization....   [tags: ethical code, clients, trade, values]

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The Restructuring and Enhancing of the United States Army

- ... The 17th Aviation Group was comprised of multiple units such as the 10th, 14th, 52d, 223d and 268th Aviation Battalions as well as the 7th Squadron, 17th Cavalry which all served honorably with the group. Throughout the Vietnam War, one of the units that became part of the 52d Aviation Battalion, 17th Aviation Group was the 119th Aviation Company. Operating throughout central Vietnam during the war the company arrived in September 1962 and was then inactivated in November 1970. Equipped with the twin-rotor CH-21 "Flying Banana" piston engine helicopters, the company was originally designated as the 81st Transportation Company which arrived in Pleiku, Vietnam, on 17 September 1962....   [tags: aviation, combat, brigates]

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Managing Diversity in the United States Army

- The United States Army consists of soldiers from many diverse cultures. Citizenship is not a requirement to join the Army, so people enlist from across the United States as well as from many countries around the world. The Army has its own unique culture that is a conglomeration of the many cultures that make up its population. Each new soldier is expected to adapt to this new culture and integrate as a member of a larger team. Helping new soldiers make this adaptation as quickly as possible and with few difficulties is a challenge for the leaders of new soldiers throughout the Army....   [tags: Diversity]

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The United States Army Basic Training

- The United States Army basic training; pushes your body to it’s maximal potential in sleep deprivation, physical performance, and mental stamina. I have always performed my best in a structured environment such as the military, but the training did push me past my potential and ironically, basic training also sparked my interest in public health. Besides the constant demands and yelling, the drill sergeants always taught us proper hygiene, basic nutrition, rest (when allowed) when we get an opportunity, and to drink lots of water....   [tags: Public health, Health, Population health]

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United States Army Special Forces

- The United States Army Special Forces The first military establishment was formed before the United States was officially declared a country for the purpose of meeting the needs of the colonists during the American Revolution. The Army’s mission is to fight and win the Nation’s wars by providing prompt, sustained land dominance across a full range of military operations. Although the history of the United States Army is deeply rooted in the country’s history, the implementation of the United States Special Forces Operations Unit is fairly young having been established in May 1952 yet unannounced to the public until 1954....   [tags: U.S. Military]

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The Forces Of The Army

- The Army does a generally great job in terms of exercising information assurance, or in terms of the Department of Defense Instructions 8510.01, cyber security. Elements such as change management, acquisitions, segregation of duties and policies are simply a few of the elements which guide the soldiers within its ranks with the ability to exercise cyber awareness. However, though the elements presented below have proven their resolve, there are elements which are capable of being improved. As we progress, we will take a look at the migration to the information architecture known as LandWarNet 2020 and beyond, an innovative strategy wit hopes to bolster security standing of the US Army....   [tags: United States Army]

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The Future Of The Army Engineer

- The Future of the Army Engineer The events of September 11, 2001 fundamentally changed the landscape of the United States Army. Among all the branches the Army Corp of Engineers has seen the biggest changes to its mission set. The engineer mission of providing mobility, counter mobility, and survivability to the maneuver commander transformed into a pure route clearance mission as the improvised explosive device threat in Iraq and Afghanistan became more pronounced. There is a need within the engineer community to shift back into pre 9/11 mission focus and reteach the fundamental skills....   [tags: United States Army, Military]

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The War Of The United States

- In 1846 thousands of immigrants joined the United States army and were sent to General Zachary’s Army to invade Mexico. They wanted to invade Mexico because they wanted to take control of the ports in San Francisco and San Diego. They also wanted the rich mineral resources of the Nevada territory. The United States had offered Mexico $5 million to purchase the Nevada area and $25 million for the California territory. Mexico refused both offers forcing the United States to invade their territory....   [tags: United States, United States Army]

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The Constitution Of The United States

- The flag is draped over the casket of a soldier who dedicated their life to the ones who will never truly understand what the definition of freedom is. These people wake up every morning put their uniform on fully understanding the risk they are taking and willing to sacrifice their life for a nation who was based on the ideal concept of freedom. Stars and stripes fly in the wind as the American colonies defeat the British Empire who has oppressed a culture who wanted to establish a culture of liberty....   [tags: United States, United States Army]

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United States Army Marriage

- Enormous sacrifice is required for people married to army service men, or anyone in the military (Gentile, 2013). The soldier, the spouse, or the children all have to make sacrifices with the purpose of ensuring the success of the marriage. The government is aware of these challenges and therefore, there are compensation schemes for such families to make sure that all the parties involved in those families are cared for (Gentile, 2013). The schemes are in form of stipends, benefits, as well as, resources....   [tags: military, marriage, benefits, family]

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United States Army’s Organizational Structure and Culture

- The purpose of this paper is to provide a brief analysis of the United States Army’s organizational structure and its culture and how these two elements impact its workers, associates and affiliates. This paper will first examine the Army’s history, development and structure to highlight the origins of the Army’s culture. Secondly, a brief history of the Army’s organizational development will be followed by a close examination of its philosophy and supporting beliefs. Lastly, this paper will discuss the role of the Army’s leadership, their response to critical issues and the organizational structure of the Army....   [tags: US Army Culture]

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The Levels Of Discipline Within The Ranks Of The Army

- The level of discipline in the ranks of the Army has severely declined in the last decade. In 2011, it was identified and warned by the senior commander of USAREUR. If things are not rectified then we will have a cancerous effect on discipline. The Army has specific guidance laid out on appropriate behaviors, with that comes discipline. Discipline is the number one thing that sets Soldiers apart from anyone else in the world, country and military. The standards and discipline is exactly what will set the ranks for success....   [tags: United States Army, Military]

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The Role Of Warrant Officer For The United States Army

- The Role of Warrant Officer The role of the Warrant Officer in the United States Army is not difficult to define, but I believe it hard to see because we were always the quiet professional behind the scenes. The Army defines a Warrant Officer as “a self-aware and adaptive technical expert, combat leader, trainer and advisor. Through progressive levels of expertise in assignments, training and education, the warrant officer administers, manages, maintains, operates, and integrates Army systems and equipment across the full spectrum of army operations....   [tags: Non-commissioned officer, Sergeant]

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Downsizing and Job Uncertainty Within the United States Army

- Currently the United States Government is forced to take measures to reduce their operating budget. One course of action is sequestration. Under sequestration, an amount of money equal to the difference between the cap set in the Budget Resolution and the amount actually appropriated is "sequestered" by the Treasury and not handed over to the agencies to which it was originally appropriated by Congress, (Johnson, 2005). Sequestration will affect all departments in the government. Unfortunately it will affect myself as a senior enlisted leader in the United States Army....   [tags: Sequestration, Soldiers, Jobs]

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The United States Army 's Operational Variables

- Individuals from various cultures can easily distinguish differences in traits by making comparisons to their own. These differences make up the fundamentals of a society’s way of life. The rules that most individuals abide by comprise the framework of a culture. Culture is the shared beliefs and social norms of a country or area that are different from other places. In the country of Iran, an abundance of diversity defines their culture. Using the United States Army’s operational variables, this paper will define the culture of Iran by analyzing the environmental, political, religious, and military operational variables, as well as their military conflicts with the United States....   [tags: Iran, Ruhollah Khomeini, Ali Khamenei]

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I Am 23, By The United States Army

- I am 23, about to turn 24. I am a wife to a husband who does everything in his power to give us an amazing life, and a mother to a beautiful baby girl who just turned two and is full of love and happiness. I am also pregnant at this moment, around five weeks, so not far by any means but it is an important part of our lives. We are not rich by any means, but we have a roof over our heads and food in our bellies. My husband is in the United States Army, he’s strong and hardworking; when he comes home his focus is entirely on our family....   [tags: Family, Need, Want, WANT]

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Military Education : The United States

- Military Education As we all grow up we attend some sort of elementary, intermediate, high school, then most go on to college. This is the generic life of any American citizen, however; is generic all this world is capable of. Is everyone in this country always going to go through the motions as the ones before us. The United States is ranked 14th in education in the world, simply because we always follow what the ones did before us. Seven of the top ten countries ranked in education have a mandatory minimum enlisting of eight months.(Wormer page) One in four high school graduates attend some sort of military school in the U.S....   [tags: United States, United States Army, High school]

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Graduation Speech : The United States Military

- My desire to be in the United States military began long before I came to college or even had a care to think about college at all. There are picture of me at my Army themed 4th and 5th birthday parties wearing Vietnam era fatigues. This by itself is no big deal seeing as many young boys play “army” during recess or during their free time with friends, but coupled with a realization I had in the eighth grade shows that being in the US Army has been on my mind almost my entire life. After coming to believe that I will be in the Army, I began to look into various avenues of how I should obtain this goal of mine....   [tags: United States Army, Military]

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United States Army and Homosexuality Tolerance

- United States Army and Homosexuality Tolerance Abstract This integrated portfolio project will explore the United States Army position on homosexuals within its confines. It will briefly define what homosexuality and its' affect on the military environment. It will explore the problems it causes and why it is a cultural discomfort within the U.S. Armed Forces. Additionally, it will reveal different attitudes held within the services and divulge steps that are taken to deal with those attitudes....   [tags: Papers]

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How The United States Gained Economical Prominence

- How the United States gained Economical Prominence By the end of the nineteenth century, the United States was a fading power. The United States economy and military forces were lacking, while European powers prospered in the economic and trade industries worldwide. Some claim that the United States only got involved in the Philippine Conflict at the turn of the century to liberate oppressed Filipino people, or that they got involved as a global show of force. However, the reason the United States got involved in the Philippine conflict was to bolster their economy after experiencing one of the worst recessions in American history, and were seeking increased trade in regions of the worl...   [tags: Philippines, United States, United States Army]

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Organizational Culture Of The Army

- Introduction I spent 24 years in the U.S. Army so I do have a specific idea of organizational culture. The Army takes all qualified applicants and have very high expectations for conduct and performance. The other side is the Army will provide you with a level playing field where your career will be determined by your performance. Language and Behaviors The military has their own language that is based on acronyms. There is even an official manual that is like a dictionary explaining the correct usage....   [tags: United States Army, Officer, Military, Soldier]

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The Best Place For The U.s. Army

- The best place to for the U.S. Army to use is with a tool they are already using, which is google. Google Analytics has the ability to show the U.S. Army where their website ( stands. It is one of the most-widely used social media assessment tools (Web Technology Surveys, 2012). The free program allows users to track social media site visitors from referrers, search engines, display advertising and email marketing. Subscribers can pay for a more sophisticated version of Google Analytics (Google Analytics, 2015)....   [tags: Social media, Mass media, United States Army]

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The War Of A Selective Service Army

- The drums are beating, chest heavily, deadly silver races past you face. The battle has begun and you’re trapped in the middle, nowhere to go. So you stay and fight to survive, but the real question is why are you there. Is it in your hometown, or a foreign land. Are you there for your country, the family, or maybe not by your own choice. In many wars in our nation 's past soldiers have been sent into battle, not out of their own free will, but by government law. In wars, such as Vietnam, where twenty-five percent of the soldiers that were sent weren’t chosen by free will, often times soldiers who don’t perform well don’t want to be there by any means....   [tags: Conscription, Military, United States Army, Logic]

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United States Army Military Solider and the Department of the Army Civilian Employee Development Comparison

- United States Army Military Solider and the Department of the Army Civilian Employee Development Comparison Abstract The harmonizing relationship and shared respect between the military and civilian members of the Army is a long standing tradition. Since the Army¡¦s beginning in 1775, the United States military and Department of the Army (DA) Civilian duties were separate, but are necessarily related because of the Army¡¦s mission. The Army work environment involves a close working relationship with civilian personnel, because they possess or develop technical skills that are necessary to accomplish some missions needed by the Army....   [tags: Army Civilian Training]

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The Army 's Intelligence Corps

- In 2006 the Army was surging its forces to fight the wars against terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan. That was also the year I met Sergeant First Class Davis. He was my first NCO and I was his first female Soldier. A former Infantryman, SFC Davis had already completed two combat tours as an Intelligence Analyst when I arrived to Fort Richardson, Alaska as a Private First Class, fresh out of initial entry training. His steadfast commitment to the mission and skillful application of sound judgment continue to influence the way I do business as a 35F and soon-to-be senior NCO....   [tags: United States Army, Non-commissioned officer]

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Leadership Development Plan For The Mississippi Army National Guard

- Mississippi Army National Guard Foundation The Mississippi Army National Guard (MSARNG) is a unique organization that has built its foundation and reputation by empowering its leaders to execute its current leadership development plan. When thinking of everything that goes into the plan you have to have the basics covered before creating the final product. This paper will discuss how the MSARNG can incorporate new ideas into to its leadership development plan to preserve its background, enrich its core values, and create a new purpose, mission and vision statement which will make the organization stronger and grow powerful leaders....   [tags: United States, United States Army, World War II]

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A Soldier 's Wounds From War Are Not Always Visible

- A soldier’s wounds from war are not always visible. Louise Erdrich, the author of The Red Convertible, presents a short story about two Native American brothers Henry and Lyman, who live in North Dakota on an Indian Reservation. Henry and Lyman purchased a Red Convertible and took a trip across the United States with the car. Upon their return, Henry is drafted to fight in the Vietnam War. When Henry finally came home, he was a different man. Like Henry, I have a nephew named Bobby, who serves in the United States Army....   [tags: Military, Army, United States, United States Army]

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The Best Profession By Far

- The Best Profession by Far Kendy P. Phommavong Advance Leaders Course SSG Ramdipsingh/SSG Bass The Best Profession by Far The Army profession is imposed, by Chief of Staff of the Army, to all Soldiers and Department of Defense civilians, Army professionals, to carry on their responsibility in maintaining the Army as a military profession. Army professionals are the Soldiers and civilians who maintain the Army Profession; who meets the Army’s qualifications of competence, character, and commitment....   [tags: Military, United States Army, Army, United States]

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The Engineer Battalion As A Member Of The National Army

- The 44th Engineer Battalion was originally constituted on August 15, 1917 as a member of the National Army. It was activated as the 47th Engineer Railway Maintenance-of-Way Battalion. The unit was organized March 31, 1918 at Camp Sheridan, Alabama. The organization was later redesignated as well as converted as the 47th Regiment as a member of the Transportation Corps. This event took place on September 7, 1918. Only two months later in November of 1918 the unit would face a complete reorganization and designation....   [tags: United States Army, Iraq War, Brigade, Regiment]

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Influence of Indian Warfare on the Development of the United States Army

- Influence of Indian Warfare on the Development of the United States Army Throughout history, when two or more armed groups oppose one another in battle, certain tactics are transferred from one to the other. These tactics are usually perceived by either group as superior to their own. This process of transferring tactics often occurs over a length of time, and usually encompass a number of conflicts between the groups. This is a natural phenomenon for armed forces that mimics the Darwinian Theory of Evolution; the strongest survive, the weak die....   [tags: American America History]

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Army Aviation 's Most Prominent Battlefield Innovations

- The airmobility concept is one of Army Aviation’s most prominent battlefield innovations, almost single handedly shaping the Vietnam War and in many ways, helping to influence how we fight wars today. In its essence, airmobility is a concept that utilizes Army aircraft in order to enhance the ground forces’ ability to perform the five fundamentals of combat: command and control, firepower, intelligence, mobility, and communications (Rottman, 2007). At the zenith of the airmobility concept is the airmobile assault or commonly known today as, the air assault....   [tags: Vietnam War, Vietnam, United States Army]

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Personal Statement : My Military Career

- Where did Paylor come from and do where he wants to go From coming from a small down in North Carolina with jobs closing down, I knew I had to leave in pursue my goal.. I was raised in a military family and father always told me how he missed the military, even how much he was trying to make is mother proud. I have always wanted to be there for my family to help make them feel safe and achieve my goals. Every day I push myself to receive my Electronics engineering degree, and an Architecture degree....   [tags: Soldier, Military, Army, United States]

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Visual Analysis : Military Commercial

- Visual Analysis: Army Commercial After reviewing a few videos based on United States Army propaganda while on a popular media site it was quite eerie, since I am currently enlisted within the ranks. The Army is also something that you normally see in various forms such as billboards, television, and of course the actual soldiers. I would like to examine the whole concept of what the videos represent and how it grasps the attention of the viewer, audience, or consumer. If a person is somewhat or completely against the military, after viewing the commercials the viewer might have second thoughts....   [tags: Soldier, Military, Army, United States]

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The Islamic State Of Iraq And Syria

- What To Do To ISIS ISIS, formally known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, is now becoming a world known threat. The question on everyone’s mind is: should the United States Army intervene. As a dominating force, if anyone should approach ISIS, it should definitely be the United States Army. The main concern should be: in what manner should the United States handle the matter. As alluded in the article “Fighting ISIS the Right Way”, the United States should handle ISIS strategically (Leech)....   [tags: United States Army, United States, Iraq War]

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Missile Aerial Vehicles, Stryker Platform, And Future Systems

- We have been the most technically progressive force in the world. Our Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Stryker platform, and future systems such as the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV) are the future of the Army. From 2011 to 2015, spending was decreased $11 billion dollars, indicating the future of these programs will receive less and less funding. With the threat of sequestration according to Major General Cheek, “modernization would withstand the worst of the cuts” (Erwin, 2014). Our continuance on developing new weapon systems, vehicles, and equipment to protect Soldiers should be the priority, not reducing the national deficit....   [tags: United States Army, United States, Military]

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Leadership And Organizational Level Leadership

- Since the beginning of time, leadership has been an attribute, burden, and blessing for mankind. Leadership is what we can all count on to ensure a given task is done correctly and efficiently. Understanding leadership, an abstract concept, is one that can never be fully done. Every day the definition of leadership and what it entails to be a leader is changing. The United States Army even admits to this in their Army Doctrine Reference Publication (ADRP) Number 6-22. It states that leadership is a “Modified Definition.” Although comprehending the definition a leader is difficult, comprehending what a leader is expected to do is quite easier....   [tags: Leadership, Leader, Army, United States Army]

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Frank W. Hedge Was An American Hero

- English novelist George Orwell once said, “People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.”(site) Throughout American history there have been wars fought against enemies who try to revoke America’s freedom. Brave men and women risk their lives every day to preserve our countries’ rights. My grandfather was one of those individuals. Frank W. Hedge was an American hero, who dedicated his life to serve and protect his country at any expense....   [tags: Vietnam War, United States Army, United States]

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Military Intelligence During The Revolutionary War

- Despite its official existence within the United States Army only spanning that of the last 53 years, Army Intelligence has played a major role in every conflict from the Revolutionary War, to our current conflicts within the Middle East. Today, it remains one of the youngest of the Army’s fifteen branches, with only the Aviation and Special Forces branches being younger. To fully understand why it took almost 187 years for the United States Army to formally acknowledge this important discipline as a branch, we must first understand the history, as well as the duties and responsibilities of the Army Intelligence Corps....   [tags: United States Army, United States, Intelligence]

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Being A Soldier By Sebastian Camacho

- When people see a soldier, people usually picture brave, rugged and strong person. Sometimes the media shows a aspect of a Soldier that is negative. When young soldiers see a high ranking soldier, the soldiers are immediately intimidated. Sebastian Camacho is in front of many soldiers teaching a class on land navigation. His presence catches everyone’s eyes. Soldiers listen very closely to what he has to say. It was obvious that people trust what he says by his words. men observe at this high ranking soldier’s uniform, admiring all the badges....   [tags: United States Army, United States, Fort Benning]

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The United States Military Provides Better Protection Of Its Citizens

- The United States’ military provides better protection of its citizens than Vietnam’s military. The U.S has one of the biggest and strongest militaries in the world, which is used to protect their citizens and country. The U.S Armed Forces is very experienced in fighting and winning battles, which is proved throughout its history. Over the years the United States military has advanced in technology and artillery, expanding its man power. Contrary to the U.S military, the Vietnamese military is much smaller and not as advanced, which makes it harder for them to protect their citizens from big attacks....   [tags: Military, United States Army, Armed forces]

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Parallel Criticism of The Lottery and The United States Army Lottery Draft

- The fundamental principles of “utilitarianism” is that the moral is worthy of an action that benefits the majority of the population and minimizes the negative consequence of the action, thus the “greatest happiness rationale” rules. This further implies that the welfare of the entire population is more important than the welfare of a sole individual. Shirley Jackson’s, “The Lottery”, and the United States military draft lottery demonstrate two different examples of lottery practices – the stoning in “the Lottery” and the raising of military manpower through the draft lottery....   [tags: The Lottery Essays]

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I Am My Last Tour

- Twenty four hours and a two plane rides were the only obstacles standing in my way…. Oh, and about three-dozen insurgents. It was supposed to be my last tour in Afghanistan, I had been over here for about three years now. The last time I saw my little girl she was just learning how to walk, now her mother tells me she’s on the kindergarten soccer team. I think that’s the worst part about being in this situation. Not being able to be a dad. Helping with math homework that is due tomorrow, giving a referee an ear full at a little league game, or scaring the living shit out of a teenage boy who brings her home a little too late are just a few of the perks of fatherhood I will never get to expe...   [tags: United States Army, United States]

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Power Of Gender Inequality On Groups, Networks And Organizations

- The Power of Gender Inequality on Groups, Networks and Organizations Imagine yourself, growing up learning about the United States of America’s amazing fighting force called the Army. In the Army there is another great fighting force called the Army Rangers. To become an Army Ranger you must first wait for a slot to be open and then travel down to Ft. Benning, Georgia where you go through a sixty-one day intense combat leadership course, called the “toughest combat course in the world”. In September two girls passed Army Ranger School which changed everything for the military, everything beyond just a tab they received....   [tags: United States Army, Military, United States]

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Graduation Speech : My Life

- I was born in Sri Lanka, a small island torn by a civil war. As the violence grew, my parents decided to move us to the United States so we can have a better life. In 2001 my parents left everything they had to start a new life the United States. . I came from nothing. All Throughout my life, my parents worked hard to provide for my family so my brother and I can have a better future. Their sacrifice is what drives me every day. Their Sacrifice and hard work motivates me to work harder. I attended JROTC in my junior and senior year of high school....   [tags: United States Army, Soldier, United States]

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Empowerment of the American Noncommissioned Officer

- Empowerment of the American Noncommissioned Officer The United States Army history covers a period of over two centuries. Throughout the course of those years, the ever-increasing empowerment of the Noncommissioned Officers (NCO) has progressively taken on a more demanding role. These Soldiers are the most professional, educated and disciplined NCOs throughout the world. They have obtained an increasing empowerment through factors of education, technology, and modern tactics used from an all-volunteer Army....   [tags: army, United States, NCO, education, tactics]

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Women During The Revolutionary War

- Women have been documented as serving in and with the military since the Revolutionary War. The role of women differed from men at that time. The research topic of women in combat arms positions recently, had a historic decision made, which opened all positions to women in the military forces (mostly affecting the Army and Marines). The following is a perspective of the research and information both for and against women serving in positions and organizations like Army Special Forces, Elite Delta Force, infantry and armor....   [tags: Military, Armed forces, Army, United States Army]

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Review Of Gary Winn 's Article On Safety Leadership

- The U.S. Army has found that leaders need to be adaptable and intuitive. TDG’s are also very effective for corporate leaders and serve as a great tool for many organizations that need adaptable decision makers. The Hoya Battalion was able to use this tool to its advantage and has implemented the strategy by presenting multiple questions and tactical situations to the cadets and assessing their ability to be decisive and make sound decisions. The article on safety leadership by Gary Winn shares many insights into the effect of military training styles....   [tags: Military, Army, United States Army, Soldier]

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Non State Armed Actors Across Time And Place

- Encounters with multiple non-state-armed actors across time and place, and the intuitive puz-zles born of these experiences animates my research agenda. As a peacekeeper in Kosovo, I wit-nessed how a random rifle shot could spark a string of reprisals along invisible lines that separat-ed villages. My soldiers and I were powerless to stop them. On the one hand because of our spe-cific legal mandate. And on the other, because we understood so little about our adversaries. Subsequent experiences leading soldiers in both Iraq and Afghanistan as part of a foreign inter-vention force immersed me again in the turmoil created by overlapping networks of non-state-armed groups competing for economic...   [tags: United States Army, United States, Military]

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Lgbt Service Members For The Military And The Government

- Transgender Service Members Earlier this year, The Secretary of Defense issued a memorandum stating transgender service members will be allowed to openly serve in the military and the government will be implementing a policy to help these service members begin their transition. It is 2016 and American society has made tremendous leaps regarding the acceptance of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) community. Throughout the last 15 years America has been at war, there have been scores of service members belonging to this community that have served bravely and have shown true heroism....   [tags: United States, United States Army]

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Ralph Dunn And The War Game

- Ralph Dunn was born on August 13, 1934 in Cookeville, Tennessee to Enlo and Lillie Mae Dunn. Growing up, his family did not have an abundance of money; however, the children were permitted to go to school. Most of Ralph’s childhood memories revolve around wars and war stories, because when he was eight years old WWII began and several wars followed behind. Ralph remembers discussing the war at his dinner table each night and hoping, like many of the other boys his age, that he would one day would fight for his country and become a soldier....   [tags: United States, United States Army]

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My Father As A Man

- I remember my father as a man who worked hard, cared for his family and taught many lessons without intending to do so. He was well respected in our neighborhood. People gravitated toward him. Most of the time he was a good natured man who told entertaining stories of his youth and growing up during the 1930’s in the segregated south, or stories about his Army service in Italy and North Africa during World War II. He was not to be disrespected nor his kids subjected to unfairness or threat of harm....   [tags: United States, United States Army]

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The Things They Carried By Tim O ' Brien

- In the story “The Things They Carried”, Tim O’Brien displays through the characters the difficulty of being a soldier during war time. The setting of the story takes place during the Vietnam War in the 1970s. O’Brien based the story on the struggles that these soldiers have to go through during that time, both physically and emotionally. While O’Brien mentions all the heavy physical loads that the soldiers have to carry during the war, it is easy to tell that the emotional loads were heavier for them to carry; for example, fear, love, and loneliness....   [tags: Army, Vietnam War, United States Army, Vietnam]

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Women During World War I

- Women in Combat Females have been a part of the United States Military since 1775. They have supported and participated in combat operations from World War I in Europe to Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan. They have overcome many obstacles and continue to accept new challenges. President Andrew Johnson awarded the nation’s highest award, the Medal of Honor, to a female, and three women have since been appointed to the highest military rank. Despite the significant achievements in combat and garrison, women are still precluded from participation in direct combat operations by the Department of Defense and Service regulations....   [tags: United States Army]

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Hazing At The Military Academies

- This source is relevant to the topic of “Hazing in the military” because military hazing is seen frequently at the Military Academies. The booklet is called “New Information for New Cadets and Parents”, it is a general overview of all the different tasks the new candidates will perform before they report to school and also some of the things they will perform during their time at West Point. “(Cadet Basic Training), the most physically and emotionally demanding part of the four years at West Point, is designed to help you make the transition from new cadet to Soldier.” (page 11)....   [tags: United States Army]

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The Things They Carried By Tim O ' Brien

- “War is hell, but that’s not the half of it...” (76), states Tim O’Brien in the novel The Things They Carried. The short stories throughout the novel describe and express how the soldiers are fighting not only a war in Vietnam but are also battling with their own self-conscience. Since the men arrive home, they bask in the times spent in Vietnam, bringing back the past and refusing to forget the horrific memories and the guilt that will forever be in their minds. The Things They Carried contains symbols and oppositions that justify how the physical and emotional burdens each soldier carries are too big to satisfy the stereotypes of American society....   [tags: Vietnam War, Army, United States, Vietnam]

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Military Engineers During The Revolution

- The US Army that exists today was formed on 14 June in 1775, while the first army engineer chief post was conceived on 16 June in the same year. The engineers who were soldiers were important back then in the war of revolution (Beers, 1942). The corps of engineers known today, though, was brought to the fore due to an authorization to the head of states in March of, they are charged with the responsibility if ensuring provision of engineering services for the entire public. Their existence mainly ensures that the citizens of the US are secure, the economy is moving and that the natural as well as the artificial disasters are managed and risks reduced....   [tags: United States, United States Army]

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Military Engineers During The Revolution

- The US army that exists today was formed on 14 June in 1775, while the first army engineer chief post was conceived on 16 June in the same year. The engineers who were soldiers were important back then in the war of revolution (Beers, 1942). The corps of engineers known today, though, was brought to the fore due to an authorization to the head of states in March of, they are charged with the responsibility if ensuring provision of engineering services for the entire public. Their existence mainly ensures that the citizens of the US are secure, the economy is moving and that the natural as well as the artificial disasters are managed and risks reduced....   [tags: United States, United States Army]

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Transition From The Active Duty

- I have recently transition from the active duty (Army to be exact) and now have made a new start in the Army Maryland National Guard. It was a very tough and thorough decision I have ever made in my entire life. I had new expectations for myself, and others capitalized on my new endeavors as well. I was receiving an overabundance of pressure for myself to figure out what were my next steps in life that I needed to take. I also had to keep in mind that I still had responsibilities as a single parent to provide whatever means I needed to continue the lifestyle for my son and me....   [tags: United States Army, Army, Military]

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A Brief Note On Mahatma Gandhi Made An Brilliant Statement

- “No culture can live if it attempts to be exclusive.” Mahatma Gandhi made this brilliant statement. Every country in the world has there own unique culture but without one another, we would cease to exist. Every culture is intertwined with each other; thus, creating one culture that Gandhi was speaking of. A term to sum up Gandhi’s profound statement would be globalization. Globalization could be summarized as the integration of capital, technology, and information across national borders. There is one person that comes to my mind when I think of the topic of this paper and that is my father....   [tags: United States Army, Iraq War, United States, Iraq]

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I Was A Little Girl The G.i. Jane Doll

- When I was a little girl the G.I. Jane doll that I had gotten for Christmas, when I was eight became my favorite toy instantly. I would hold her in the palm of my hand, looking at her in her uniform and dreaming of one day wearing the same one. She to me represents a strong and independent woman, someone who is a role model to many other women; someone who I wanted to take the role of. My first week here in Tallahassee, well driving around getting acquainted with my new home, I found an ominous modern complex of brick and steel that rose above the landscape....   [tags: United States, United States Army, American way]

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The American Of The Mexican American War

- One of the most little known stories of the Mexican-American war is one of the group of American traitors known as the St. Patrick’s Battalion. This group of soldiers, known by many names, including the San Patricios, St. Patrick’s Brigade/Battalion, among others, deserted the American side of the war and joined the Mexican army. The Saint Patrick’s Battalion, although highly regarded as traitors for abandoning the United States and joining Mexico in the Mexican-American War, had just cause to separate, and consequently played a major role in the outcome of the war....   [tags: United States, United States Army, Mexico]

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The Family Of The American Culture

- The typical nuclear family in the American culture consists of a father, mother, and one or more children. This definition is also similar in the Korean culture. I grew up yearning to embrace the American culture that consisted of a whole family, but couldn’t due to losing a parent. I was born in New York and always grew up thinking that I was an American citizen, however I had to live and be reared in South Korea by my grandmother and father. My younger sister and I were raised in the Korean culture but innately I always had an itch to go back to America, where I was born....   [tags: United States, United States Army, Vietnam War]

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My Personal Statement On My Birthday

- On my fourteenth birthday, my friends, my mom, and I went to target so I could go pick out a video game for a birthday present. All my friends were telling me to get the brand new Call of Duty and how it was so amazing and lifelike it was. My mother was very skeptical and knew very little of the game except the big letters ‘M for Mature’, written on the front. After I begged and pleaded, she said sure and bought me the game. I played with my friends for hours on end putting no thought into what I was doing, until my dad was watching from the couch as I used a twelve gauge shotgun to blow a virtual players legs off or ordered attack dogs to hunt down and tear people apart....   [tags: World War II, Army, United States, War]

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What Is A Hero?

- What is a Hero. A simple definition defined by Webster’s Dictionary is a person who is admired for great or brave acts or fine qualities. What a hero really is depends on the person who you are asking. A hero to one person, for example, might be their dad for always being there for them when they needed him. A hero to someone else might be a soldier who gave his life so others may live. There is no right or wrong answer or definition. I am going to tell you about a man named Charles Kelly, a soldier in the United States Army....   [tags: United States Army, Army, Soldier]

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The War Of The Vietnam Era

- KABUL, Afghanistan – I can’t express how grateful I am. If it was necessary to go to war for my adopted country, I’m grateful that it’s in this era instead of the Vietnam era when Americans who opposed that conflict mistreated and disparaged veterans. In the late 1960s and early 1970s, Vietnam War veterans returning home were vilified, denigrated and physically and verbally attacked. They were spat on, and anti-war protestors called the troops some of whom were maimed or wheel chair bound from injuries they suffered in the war murderers and baby killers....   [tags: United States Army, Vietnam War, United States]

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My Father Who Was My Dad

- From the minute I was born, dad was the first person to hold me in his bare arms. Dad has always been there for me, through the rough and tough times. When I cry in pain, he comes running, and I feel that pain inside of him. I can never explain how much passion and love I have for Dad. He is a person no one on this planet can replace because of the great dad he is. I remember him telling a story, and the split second when he finished the beginning of it, tears starting to roll down my cheeks, like the never-ending Niagara Falls....   [tags: United States, Vietnam War, United States Army]

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