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Veterinary Ultrasound Applications

- When someone hears the word “ultrasound”, they probably immediately think babies, pregnancy, and those fuzzy black and white computer screens displaying the picture of a developing fetus. Modern medicine has now gone much further than those often grainy flat images a mother used to see. Three dimensional and even 4-D imaging is possible, and not only in medical facilities, but in veterinary clinics. Only a few universities were using this technology in the 1970 and 1980s, but today, modern advancements and availability allows clinics to depend on this technology for all kinds of cases....   [tags: ultrasound, technology,clinics]

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The Physics of Ultrasound

- Without the use of physics in the medical field today, diagnosis of problems would be challenging, to say the least. The world of medical imaging in particular has benefited greatly from the use of physics. Ultrasound is sound waves that have a frequency above human audible. (Ultrasound Physics and Instrument 111). With a shorter wavelength than audible sound, these waves can be directed into a narrow beam that is used in imaging soft tissues. As with audible sound waves, ultrasound waves must have a medium in which to travel and are subject to interference....   [tags: Physics, Ultrasounds, medical, ]

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Career in Ultrasound

- Being able to identify lumps, swelling, tissue damage, cysts, and the overwhelming news of the sex of a baby all have something in common, an ultrasound. Swelling of the spleen, kidney stones, blood clots, aneurysms, cancer and so much more can be identified through the works of an ultrasound’s imaging technique. Ultrasound involves many concepts, procedures, and careers. The amount of medical possibilities involved with ultrasounds is useful in major medical diagnostics. The field of ultrasounds and career opportunities are widely growing....   [tags: Career Research ]

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Prenatal and Fetal Ultrasounds

- Before the mid-1950’s, a pregnant woman would go through some major problems with her body and baby. There is no way of looking at the insides of our bodies and judging what is happening exactly. A woman would not know she is pregnant until she was showing and her menstruation was delayed. Therefore, that meant the due date of the baby was unknown. Furthermore, a woman would not know the baby’s health, including the amount of amniotic fluid surrounding the baby. Woman all over the globe faced problems with pregnancy, until the Ultrasound was introduced....   [tags: baby, development, health, ultrasound, pregnancy]

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2D and 3/4D Ultrasound Technology

- 1.5.3 2D and 3/4D ultrasound technology Since 2003, there have been advances in ultrasound imaging technology with applications such as two-dimensional (2D) ultrasound scanning, which provides a greyscale image of the detailed internal structures of the foetus. With additional software, the same ultrasound machine can also produce enhanced images using 3/4D scans. Currently, sonographers are involved in utilising scan technologies in hospital and private-clinic environments at various stages during pregnancy....   [tags: Prenatal Health]

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Diagnosis Of Medical Conditions: Ultrasound

- A very important reason for the New Zealand Medical Journal to consider nominating Ultrasound as the most important piece of medical equipment used today is because of its medical use in Fetal Echocardiography. When 3D ultrasound is used there are 3 steps that should be considered separately; volume acquisition, Glass-body with colour Doppler and Rendering. Firstly, 3D volume acquisition is a key technique that uses ultrasound when examining the fetal heart. This technique contains digital information of the cardiac structures and their spatial arrangement; therefore cross-sectional views can be obtained at any desired orientation, direction and depth....   [tags: medical equipment, surgery]

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Doppler Ultrasound in Obstetrics

- Introduction An understanding of nursing informatics helps nurses to implement safe, reliable care to their patients. The integration of information, data and knowledge nurses are enabled to be good decision makers (McGonigle, 2012). Labor and delivery nursing have benefited from integrating technology into the care of the mother and fetus. The perinatal nurse has a vast array of technologies that assist in establishing trust with parents during pregnancy. Doppler ultrasound is utilized during pregnancy to reassure mothers of fetal well-being....   [tags: pregnancy, nursing, technology]

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Mechanisms of Ultrasound Irradiation

- INTRODUCTION Ultrasound represents sound waves with frequencies greater than 16 kHz, higher than that could be heard by human. The upper limit of ultrasonic frequency is usually taken to be 5 MHz for gases and 500 MHz for liquids and solids [1] while the lower frequency limit is considered to be 20 kHz [2]. Ultrasound waves may be divided into two main areas [1, 3], Low Amplitude i.e. the propagation relates to the effect of medium on wave and High Amplitude in which the propagation is due to the effect of the wave on medium....   [tags: frequencies, bubbles, cavitation ]

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An Ultrasound Technician 's Education Background

- Has anyone ever wondered who was behind the magic way of knowing how healthy a baby is in a fetus or the gender of a person’s baby. In fact, some people know exactly who it is behind the magic. These people are called Ultrasound Sonographers. They are important to the medical field because of all the good things they do for their patients. Ultrasound Technicians are relevant to the global community because they’re the reason people know that their baby is healthy and is doing well while they’re in the patients’ stomachs, additionally, identifying the educational requirements, salary, job security, and job responsibilities should be used as a guide when considering this career....   [tags: Medical ultrasonography, Sonographer, Employment]

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Detecting Fetal Abnormalities Through Ultrasound

- Detecting Fetal Abnormalities Through Ultrasound Birth defects can have life threatening consequences for the fetus. Many birth defects can be detected during pregnancy by an ultrasound. Some of these abnormalities include abdominal wall defect, orofacial cleft, anencephaly, and down syndrome. Although at this time ultrasound is the safest way to observe a fetus, risks are still associated with it. Ultrasound An ultrasound is a test that sends sound waves into the woman’s abdomen or vagina in order to create an image to observe how the fetus is developing within the womb (“Pregnancy Ultrasound,” n.d.)....   [tags: health, birth defects]

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Possible Locations for Ultrasound Procedures, A list

- General description: A noninvasive, diagnostic procedure that does not use radiation and does not harm the patient. With an ultrasound you are able to determine any abnormalities or use it a diagnostic tool. For each of the locations below there are certain guidelines for each. As mentioned above an ultrasound uses no radiation, which is a huge benefit to the patient. Listed below each of the locations are the interfering factors. Locations There are several different locations of ultrasound procedures....   [tags: arteries, patient, placement]

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Principles of Physics in Ultrasound

- Principles of Physics in Ultrasound Physics has become an important part of medicine allowing specialist doctors and radiographers to rapidly access a patient’s condition and to help in long-term diagnosis. This enables doctor’s to treat patients before their condition deteriorates. This procedure would not be possible without the use of X-rays, CAT scans, MRI scans, ultrasound and endoscopes, which allow doctors to see inside the body with little or no surgery. Without such equipment doctors would be forced to use invasive techniques, which could cause patients more harm as it increases the risk of infection....   [tags: Papers]

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Use Of Ultrasound And The Body 's Own Natural Healing

- Ultherapy, the hottest new name in cosmetic beauty. It is a new type of non-surgical, non-invasive procedure for the face that uses ultrasound and the body 's own natural healing process to lift, tone, and tighten loose skin. The FDA-cleared device used in the procedure utilizes the safe, time-tested energy of ultrasound to stimulate the deep structural support layers of the skin-including those typically addressed in a surgical facelift-without disturbing the surface of the skin. What is Ultherapy....   [tags: Plastic surgery, Surgery, Liposuction, Face]

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Ultrasound ? Quick Project

- Ultrasound – Quick Project Ultrasounds are sound waves with frequency beyond the human limits, therefore humans are unable to hear them. It even travels at exactly the same speed as sound in any medium. Humans can hear sound within the frequency range of about 20 to 20,000 Hz, so any sound above 20 kHz is ultrasound. Ultrasound or ultrasonography is a medical imaging technique that uses high frequency sound waves and their echoes. The technique is similar to the echolocation used by bats, whales and dolphins, as well as SONAR used by submarines....   [tags: essays research papers]

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High-Intensity Laser Therapy vs. Ultrasound Therapy

- High-Intensity Laser Therapy vs. Ultrasound Therapy Research Question The research question for this article is whether high-intensity laser therapy or ultrasound (US) therapy is more beneficial for short-term treatment of subacromial impingement syndrome (SAIS). There has been little evidence found on the effects of physical therapy treatment, with some studies showing effectiveness of US therapy and others showing limited effectiveness in this type of condition. Review of Literature According to Cameron, laser therapy increases collagen production and decreases inflammation, while hindering bacterial growth....   [tags: Medical Research]

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Ultrasound Technology

- What is Ultrasound. Ultrasound or ultrasonography is a medical imaging technique that uses high frequency sound waves. It is a high pitch frequency that cannot be heard by the human ear. In ultra sound the following happens: High frequency sound pulses (1-5megahertz) are transmitted from the ultrasound machine into your body using a probe. The sound wave will travel into your body until it hits an object such as soft tissue and bone. When the sound wave hits these objects some of the wave will be reflected back to the probe....   [tags: Ultrasonography Medical Imaging]

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Benefits of Having a 3D Ultrasound When Treating Sports Injuries

- In the study, New Technologies Applied to Ultrasound Diagnosis of Sport Injuries, José Fernando Jiménez Díaz compares ultrasound images taken from two different portable sonography devices. As a result, the new ultrasound device with 3D technology provided a more defined image of the injury when compared to the conventional ultrasound device. The use of this new technology will not only produced a superior image, but also allows doctors to develop a reliable diagnosis and provide an effective treatment....   [tags: Reliable Diagnosis, Effective Treatment]

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Diagnostic Medical Sonography : Revealing The Unknown

- Sonography: Revealing the Unknown Ultrasound Technicians are very valuable in the world of health care. Also known as Diagnostic Medical Sonographer, an Ultrasound Technician uses special machines and equipment that operates on sound waves to determine or diagnose medical problems for patients. There are specializations within this field in which some individuals explore. For instance, areas of specialization includes but not limited to; pregnancy, heart health, gynecology, and abdominal sonography....   [tags: Sonographer, Medical ultrasonography, Ultrasound]

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The Consumption Of Eating Healthy Foods

- Introduction The growing demand for products with fresh, has promoted the use of alternative methods of preservation, which do not modify the intrinsic components of food. Eating healthy foods has been a topic of interest above all: those that guarantee safety, the nutritional characteristics and aspects: sensory thereof. Ultrasound is defined as the energy generated by sonic waves of 20 kHz or more vibrations per second (Hoover, 2000). The use of high intensity ultrasound or also known as power or low frequency, has proven to be a viable emerging technology for food processing, promoting homogenization and emulsification of the ingredients, the preservation by inactivating enzymes responsi...   [tags: Ultrasound, Sound, Wave, Frequency]

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The Worst Year Of His Life

- “God wants people’s life to be about being successful, being happy, blessing other people, and being blessed.” (Brainy Quotes) this quote was running through the kids head during his sophomore year. Sophomore year was most likely the worst year of his life. He had been through many family problems, and was about in the hospital for about a month. Things weren’t going so well for about Three weeks while being in the hospital. One night, while he was sleeping, they woke him up to do a sonogram on his intestines....   [tags: Sonographer, Medical ultrasonography, Ultrasound]

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Guide for Future Sonographers

- Anything from helping a patient discover an issue in their body to allow them to get proper treatment to seeing the smiling faces of a future parent as they see their unborn child can be extremely rewarding for an ultrasound technician. Many people want to choose the path of an ultrasound technician as their career path in life, but getting started can seem complicated. With some good planning and helpful tips, you can be well on your way to a great career as an ultrasound technician. Schooling Those without formal schooling or certification can be hired in the medical field to be ultrasound technicians, but you will likely need to have immense medical experience and a good history in the m...   [tags: ultrasound technician, career choices]

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A Research On A Diagnostics Medical Sonographer

- A Diagnostics Medical Sonographer also known as an ultrasound expert, it is somebody who uses extraordinary imaging equipment that coordinates sound waves into a patient’s body which is normally known as a sonogram to finding various medical conditions. For instance, heart diseases, pregnancy and cancer (ExploreHealthCareers). A sonographer commonly uses high frequency sound waves to deliver images inside the human body. Diagnostic Medical Sonographers lead in physician’s offices and medical and diagnostic laboratories....   [tags: Medical ultrasonography, Sonographer, Ultrasound]

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My Life After The Medical Field

- Choosing this field is something that has a profound connection with my personal life. Becoming a Diagnostic Medical sonographer would mean that I have accomplished life long dream. Ever since I was a little, I always wanted to be in the medical field. I have always had a big heart and wanted to help people so when I saw the important role that sonographers play in the medical field, it became clear to me that being a sonographer was exactly what I want to do with my life. In 2007 someone who was very important to me passed away due to gastric cancer....   [tags: Sonographer, Medical ultrasonography, Ultrasound]

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Sonographic, Imaging Modalities and Their Corresponding Difficulties

- SONOGRAPHIC IMAGING MODALITIES & THEIR CORRESPONDING DIFFICULTIES According to the CDC, in adults over the age of 20, 69.2% are overweight and 35.9% are overweight (2010). With the average weight of the general adult patient generally increasing, this makes jobs harder for many in the healthcare field, especially sonographers. Abdominal imaging is generally deep imaging with a great deal of force required to push down into the tissue in order to create diagnostic image. Oftentimes, these are long exams with multiple organs and/or vessels to examine....   [tags: vascular imaging, obstetrical ultrasound ]

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The Quality Of Meat As Per Consumer Behavior

- The quality of meat is based on aroma, taste, appearance, texture and juiciness. Texture is the most important factor in determining the quality of meat as per consumer behavior. There are several factors that affect texture such as the tenderness of the meat, juiciness and the degree of maturation. Tenderness The quality of meat as a result of using Traditional tenderising methods is poor. This includes mechanical, enzymatic and chemical methods. Better results were obtained by using heat and ultrasound for the sterilization process....   [tags: Connective tissue, Muscle, Ultrasound, Enzyme]

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Investigating The Effect Of Ultrasonic Vibration Variables On Microstructures And Mechanical Properties

- 7.3. Task 3: Investigating the effects of ultrasonic vibration variables on microstructures and mechanical properties. 7.3.1. Research question generation from preliminary results and the literature All the preliminary investigations of UV-A LENS were conducted under the same combination of ultrasonic vibration variables. Ultrasonic vibration affected microstructures and mechanical properties (see Figures 7-9). In UV-A manufacturing processes, amplitude, frequency, and direction are three basic variables of ultrasonic vibration, which can affect most output variables....   [tags: Sound, Wavelength, Bachelor's degree, Ultrasound]

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Effects of Ultrasounds

- Ultrasounds are an important feature of technology used in our world today. The medical world uses ultrasounds and x-rays on an everyday bases. Ultrasounds are high-frequency sound waves and ultrasounds also produce sound waves that are beamed into the body causing return echoes that are recorded to visualize structures beneath the skin. Ultrasounds have thousands of different types and help doctors and patients see specific diseases and conditions that they cannot see otherwise. However, even though ultrasounds benefit people, many wonder if ultrasounds may have bad effects too....   [tags: Medical Research]

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Ultrasounds: A Necessity During Pregnancy

-  When a mother finds out she is pregnant it is a wonderful experience. Most people are excited to see their first “picture” of their baby, the ultrasound. Even more exciting is getting an ultrasound to find out the sex of the baby. But ultrasounds are useful for more than just getting that first image of the fetus or finding out whether it is a boy or a girl. While it is something most parents dread finding out when pregnant, an ultrasound can also detect a birth defect. There are many different birth defects that can be detected by an ultrasound during pregnancy like Spina Bifida, Down syndrome, and abnormalities with the heart and lower urinary tract, and the importance of detecting them...   [tags: neural tube, Spina bifida, down syndrome]

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The Physics of Ultrasounds

- The Physics of Ultrasounds Without the use of physics in the medical field today, diagnosis of problems would be challenging, to say the least. The world of medical imaging in particular has benefited greatly from the use of physics. Ultrasound is sound waves that have a frequency too high for humans to hear. With a shorter wavelength than audible sound, these waves can be directed into a narrow beam that is used in imaging soft tissues (Farr and Allisy-Roberts 183). As with audible sound waves, ultrasound waves must have a medium in which to travel and are subject to interference....   [tags: Medicine Medical Technology Essays]

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How Does Music Affect Bacteria Growth?

- My experiment is going to be how music affects bacteria growth. However because bacteria is “deaf” and actually cannot hear music it can only hear the vibrations emitted from the music. I am going to test how different genera vibrations from rock, classical, pop, and techno music affect the growth. However, before we see why music affects bacteria you would need to know how bacteria grows normally. For bacteria to grow you need four components: food, temperature, moisture, ph. level, oxygen and time....   [tags: vibration, temperature, oxygen, ultrasound]

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Duties That Radiation Technologist Perform

- Have you ever considered being a Radiation Technologist. Their primary job is to take x-rays and to help read and clarify the x-rays as well. They perform other duties such as cat scans, ultrasounds, and radiation therapy. Radiation technologists have specific duties and, if a person is really great in a certain area, you can specialize in that area , this is called occupational specialties. Radiation technologists must pay attention to detail and have exceptional communication skills. There are many educational and training opportunities available to those that are interested in the field of radiation technologist....   [tags: x-rays, cat scans, ultrasounds]

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Safety in the First Glimpse

- In a society where technology is king and the world is a fingertip away, the risks associated with the use of technology for modern healthcare practices is a highly controversial subject. A considerable amount of the argument surrounds the safety of using radiation and sound waves to produce images. Three-dimensional (3D) and four-dimensional (4D) ultrasound, one of the most debated issues in the field of obstetrics today, uses sound waves to produce images of an unborn child in high definition....   [tags: Medical Technology ]

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The Standard Procedure For Visualizing A Fetus

- Ultrasounds are the standard procedure for visualizing a fetus to establish certain conditions and to identify abnormalities. Traditionally, two-dimensional (2D) ultrasounds have been used, but in recent years three-dimensional (3D) and real time three-dimensional (4D) have been introduced. With these new options it is important to know the risks and benefits of 2D ultrasounds versus 3D/4D ultrasounds. While the equipment used for 3D/4D is different from that of 2D, the ill effects of the ultrasound remain the same....   [tags: Fetus, Pregnancy, Obstetrics]

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Diagnostic Procedures For A Pregnant Woman 's Belly And Pelvic Cavity

- Ultrasounds are diagnostic procedures in which high-frequency, low-energy sound waves are used to scan a pregnant woman’s belly and pelvic cavity. An ultrasound is different from an x-ray because it does not use radiation. This procedure creates an image that helps the physician confirm a pregnancy, check for a heartbeat, determine the gestational age of the baby (which helps estimate a due date), know the gender, and ultimately helps monitor the pregnancy by checking on fetal development. In this day and age, it is rare for any woman to conclude a pregnancy without having had an ultrasound at least once....   [tags: Pregnancy, Fetus, Gestational age, Childbirth]

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Diagnosis Of Breast Cancer During Women With Dense Breasts

- Results PubMed, CINAHL, and MEDLINE had a combined total of 5,997 general articles for the study. Along with the independent search we narrowed it down to 15 articles that fit the inclusion criteria. The results of this systematic review include multiple studies comparing mammography to traditional ultrasound in the diagnosis of breast cancer in women with dense breasts. The data and table below is a summary of the studies found using the three medical databases and other systematic reviews. In the first database used, a study was found that was conducted by Brem et al (2015) where 15,318 women were eligible to participate....   [tags: Mammography, Breast cancer, Breast, Cancer]

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Diagnosis Of Breast Cancer During Women With Dense Breasts

- PubMed, CINAHL, and MEDLINE had a combined total of 5,997 general articles for the study, and was then narrowed down to 15 articles that fit the inclusion criteria. The results of this systematic review include multiple studies comparing mammography to traditional ultrasound in the diagnosis of breast cancer in women with dense breasts. The data and table below is a summary of the studies found using the three medical databases. In the first database used, a study was found that was conducted by Brem et al, 15,318 women were eligible to participate....   [tags: Mammography, Breast cancer, Breast, Cancer]

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Exploring the Practice of Sonographers within Antenatal Clinics in the U.K.

- This research concerns diagnostic radiographic imaging and specifically focuses on the practice of sonographers who perform ultrasound scans within antenatal clinics in the U.K. The aim is to define the characteristics of communication between sonographers and pregnant women during the obstetric (foetal) ultrasound scan, which is a routine procedure associated with prenatal testing. Obstetric ultrasound scans and maternal serum testing form part of the prenatal testing/screening process alongside diagnostic tests such as amniocentesis and chorionic villous sampling (CVS)....   [tags: maternity, nursing, medical]

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The Issue Of Australian Law

- Australian law states that the fetus is not considered a ‘human being’ till it is completely separated from the woman’s body (Anolak 2014: 61). This idea promotes birth as the beginning of personhood (Mills 2014). In line with this, still born and miscarried foetuses over the age 20 weeks must be legally recognised by funerary rights (Anolak 2014: 61). In 2009 this law was challenged when a woman who was 32 weeks pregnant was involved in a car accident which eventuated in the death of her fetus (Donegan 2013)....   [tags: Fetus, Pregnancy, Abortion, Gestational age]

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My Life As A Mother

- Your daughter has a saccrococogeal teratoma were the words that would forever change my life as a mother. Puzzled and confused I would ask “what is that”. We would find out that this is just a fancy name for a tumor coming off of your tailbone. It could have been that I was naive and didn’t know these types of things could develop in utero or I was in utter disbelief that this was happening to me and my child. You could see the doctor’s hearts break as they delivered the devastating news but they also knew time was of the essence and we needed a game plan and fast....   [tags: Pregnancy, Mother, Doctor, Full-time]

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Gender Ratio Between A Country With No Gender Preference

- The Chinese and Indian populations have grown exponentially over the last fifty years. Accompanied with this has been an increased and continuing desire for male children, which is referred to as son preference. This strong son preference has resulted in a disproportionate son ratio for both China and India, which results in a very disproportionate gender ratio. For both countries, there are several factors involved in the problem: cultural expectation, available technology, and long-term economic benefit, just to name a few....   [tags: Gender, Sex, Population, One-child policy]

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The Field Of Medical Imaging

- Introduction: Advancements in the field of science and technology have played a vital role in the wellbeing of human beings. As the technology and techniques evolved in the field of Medical Imaging the diagnosis become easier and earlier detection of any abnormality allowed a timely cure resulted in saving many human lives. Cancers are one of common cause of human deaths all over the world in both men and women. Breast Cancer in particular is one of the most common cancer in women, many factors could contribute in the development of cancer including Age, lifestyle (consumption of Alcohol or drugs), and Inheritance of gene from mother....   [tags: Breast cancer, Cancer, Medical imaging, Oncology]

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Ovarian Cysts and Treatment

- Ovarian cysts are small fluid-filled sacs that develop in a woman's ovaries. Most cysts are harmless, but some may cause problems such as rupture, bleeding, or pain. Moreover, surgery may be required in certain situations to remove the cyst. It is important to understand the function of the ovaries and how these cysts may form. Women normally have two ovaries that store and release eggs. Each ovary is about the size of a walnut, and one ovary is located on each side of the uterus. One ovary produces one egg each month, and this process starts a woman's monthly menstrual cycle....   [tags: Effects, Medication, Herbs, Therapies]

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Executive Summary of Robot Creation Project by Engineering Students

- Executive summary Constructing and programming of robot vehicle that can avoid the barriers depending on calculations of the exact distance between the barrier and vehicle using ultrasonic sensor fixed at the top of vehicle which contact with stepper motor to enable sensor turn right and left will be discussed and applied practically. The functions of constructed robot can be summarized as avoiding barrier, changing velocity of robot depending on the range distance between vehicle and barrier, lighting warning lights when robot stop moving or beginning of motion and issuing a beep when rising from the ground, and stop working completely....   [tags: Engineer, Programming]

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Sonographer-Patient Interactions in the Health Care Field

- ... Quality of care given by a Physician is just one component of a patient’s health care experience. “There’s a temptation to think that the experience is all about the doctors, and all about the results, but everyone in the hospital has a really important role in the overall experience” (“The Importance,” 2013). Whether they wish to believe it or not; hospital staff at every level impact each patients overall health care experience. In sonography patient interaction begins with the initial patient information assessment and evaluation....   [tags: health care, patient, communication]

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Causes And Treatment Of Breast Cancer

- Breast cancer is one of the top causes of death in women and it often occurs in menopausal women and can range from age 40 and up. It starts with having a mammogram which is the initial screening, then if there is a suspected spot, the patient is called back for a biopsy. A biopsy is taken to examine if it is cancer. The doctor will then recommend if a lumpectomy or mastectomy is needed. Percutaneous ablations on women with breast cancer is not as common as having lumpectomies or mastectomies because generally doctors recommend having a lumpectomy or mastectomy done depending on the type of cancer, size, and location....   [tags: Cancer, Breast cancer, Cancer staging, Oncology]

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Japanese vs American Childbirth

- Transcultural nursing is a critical component of the nursing profession in an ever-changing culturally diverse world. The patient’s social and cultural dissimilarities are important for the nurse to recognize and acknowledge. This will help to prevent the imposition of the nurse’s beliefs onto the patient. The Japanese culture beliefs are incommensurable to American cultural beliefs in how they approach the process of labor and delivery. Nursing interventions should therefore be reflective and comprehensible to that of the Japanese cultural beliefs....   [tags: Transcultural Nursing Essays]

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Research Paper Description

- The main research question of this thesis can be formulated as follows: What are the communicative trajectories of foetal wellbeing assessments using expert ultrasound technology during routine antenatal encounters between sonographers and pregnant women. This can be subdivided further as follows: 1. What are the features of sonographers’ communication during the first stage/booking encounter (first trimester) and the normality scan encounter (second trimester) in terms of structural, interactional and thematic organisation (see Chapter 4)....   [tags: Research Analysis]

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Comparative Diagnostic Imaging

- This assignment will endeavour to demonstrate the map of medicine as followed within the National Health Service for the diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of abdominal aortic aneurysms (AAA). It shall discuss the current AAA screening programme being implemented across the United Kingdom to include the use of Ultrasound and Computed Tomography (CT) as imaging modalities in the demonstration of AAAs. Both the advantages and disadvantages of the modalities used during the diagnosis and treatment of AAA will be shown....   [tags: medicine, nuclear medicine]

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Lab to Prepare and Characterize Amorphous Nanoparticles of Cefixime

- Context: one of the major challenges to drug development today is poor solubility, as estimated 40% of all newly developed drugs are poorly soluble or insoluble in water. Objective: The aim of this study was to prepare and characterize amorphous nanoparticles of cefixime to enhance water Solubility and oral bioavailability of this drug. Method: Nanoparticles were prepared by the application ultrasonication method. The 32 factorial design was applied for the optimization of process variables. The factors involve solvent to antisolvent ratio, surfactant concentration and response selected were particle size and % release....   [tags: Water, Soluble, Bioavailability]

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The Ethics of Sonography and Gendercide

- The constantly growing field of medical technology has raised many questions especially pertaining to ethics. The mapping of the human genome, cloning technologies, stem cell research, and of course reproductive technology has caused some very real dilemmas over the role of the human decision in the creation and orientation of new life. Humans are able to accomplish amazing things in science, but at what cost. The ubiquitous nature of reproductive technology has caused a new discipline of reproductive ethics....   [tags: Moral Issues]

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The Theory Of The Fertility Rate

- The population was rapidly increased in 19th century since the Mao’s theory of the more people makes the country be stronger and create more economic profit. People predicted it would be double in the following 25 years. This severe situation alarmed the Mao. He finally realized that he had to control the increased population (Zhang and Goza 4). By 1979, the government launched the One Child Policy (Zhang and Goza 5). The initial goal of the One Child Policy was to stabilize the growth rate of the population and reduce the fertility rate....   [tags: Population, Demography, One-child policy, Abortion]

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Screen Film vs. Digital Processing

- “X-rays were discovered in 1895 by Wilhelm Roentgen, a professor who was working on emissions from electric currents in vacuums. While working, he discovered a glow from the barium platinocyanide coated screen. He continued to experiment and landed the first Nobel Prize in Physics in 1901” (Bansal, 2006). Over the years, many improvements have been made to Roentgen’s discovery and radiography is offered in every hospital around the world. Nowadays, there are many different types of imaging we can do....   [tags: movie making options]

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The Procedure Of Medical Research

- Amy, who is about 4 weeks pregnant, came in to the clinic to discuss her options for an abortion. After discussing the available options, the physician informs Amy that she needs both; an ultrasound, to determine the age of the fetus and, if there is one, listen to the fetal heartbeat. Amy declines, stating she does not want to see it. She is unable financially to have the baby and that seeing the ultrasound is not going to change her mind. Amy is then informed this is a legal requirement. The physician explains the clinic will lose their license if they do not perform the ultrasound....   [tags: Medicine, Physician, Law, Patient]

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The Uses of Sound Waves

- The Uses of Sound Waves Thesis: Sound waves are able to carry vibrations through a medium which results in the transfer of the energy collected in the vibrations. Transverse waves are vibrations which are at right angles to the wave’s direction of travel whereas longitudinal waves are vibrations along the line of wave’s direction of travel. These waves have a quantifiable speed, wavelength and frequency....   [tags: Papers]

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Ecton Inc. Case Analysis

- a. Explain the technology or innovation introduced in the cases. Cannon knew that his compact echo machine, which he carried under his arm by a single handle, would have to perform competitively in a room filled with state-of-the-art echo machines made by long-standing competitors such as Hewlett Packard -- each machine weighing more than the average NFL linesman and costing nearly a quarter of a million dollars. To view the functioning of the heart, the face of the transducer, which was usually no larger than 9 square centimeters, was placed on the patient's chest at various angles....   [tags: Business Case Study]

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Visit Report on the Queen Elizabeth Hospital

- Visit Report on the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Introduction For my visit on the applications of physics, I went to Queen Elizabethhospital on the 10th of November 2004. The Queen Elizabeth hospital operates the largest critical care unit in Europe, which is combining intensive therapy with high dependency units. The hospital situated in Selly Oak is a distance of one and a half miles from the SellyOakHospital between them there are approximately 5900+ employees. Queen Elizabeth Hospital is aimed, to the adult population mainly in the West Midlands and offers a range of health services; bone marrow transplant, chemotherapy, cancer, renal and trauma services etc....   [tags: Papers]

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Medical Studies Done on a Variety of Patient with Varying Ailments

- Single-factor experimental designs 1. Pretest-posttest control-group design The Physical Therapy Department at Regal Heights Rehabilitation and health care center conducted a study on pain experienced in patients’ with total knee and the of Ultrasound Iontophoresis using salicylates to reduce pain and increased their functional status. The department researchers used a pretest-posttest control group design also known as a Randomized Control Trial (RCT). There was a treatment group and a control group....   [tags: knee, energy drink, multiple sclerosis]

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Taste Buds Outside The Mouth and Male Birth Control

- Recently, there have been advances in scientific research that has led to the discovery of taste receptors that are outside of the mouth. These taste receptors are scattered throughout the entire body, with large concentrations on the testicles and anus. Sweet and Umami taste receptors are present in this area and can present a minor taste sensation (though nowhere near as well as our mouths can). Through a simple lab test on rats, scientists were able to disable the taste receptors to see if it would have any major impact on them....   [tags: Scientific Research, Male Birth Control Pills]

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Literature Review for Plantar Heel Pain and Cupping

- Plantar heel pain is a commonly seen condition by healthcare providers (Crawford et al., 2001, Hossain and Makwana, 2011, Radford et al., 2007, Renan-Ordine et al., 2011, Saban et al., 2013). 10 % of the adult general population experience plantar heel pain during their life. About 2 million American athletes and non-athletes are affected annually (Riddle et al., 2003). 15% of adult foot complaints seek professional care for plantar heel pain(Irving et al., 2006). Although it is a common condition, its etiology is poorly understood and remains controversial (Crawford et al., 2001, Irving et al., 2006, Rome et al., 2001)....   [tags: Plantar Heel Pain]

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Skewed Sex Ratio in India: Stopping Female Foeticide

- ... Since I have provided a brief explanation as to what female foeticide refers to, I would like to highlight how this act has, over the years, turned out to be seen as a grave threat. FEMALE FOETICIDE : A STARK REALITY: Censuses of 1991 and 2001 have revealed contradictory trends i.e. Census of 1991 highlighted both overall sex ratio as well as child sex ratio declining whereas Census of 2001 projected an increase in overall sex ratio but a decline in child sex ratio. How can such a phenomenon be explained....   [tags: gender, infant, crime, reduction]

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The Use of Ultrasonic Testing in Condition Monitoring

- The use of ultrasonic testing in condition monitoring is a relatively new method in the field of condition monitoring. It monitors the high frequencies sound that is generated by plant machines and systems. Ultrasonic sound is not audible by the human ear, and occurs at a frequency above 20 kHz. The different ultrasonic equipment records ultrasonic sound between 20 kHz and 100 kHz. There exist two types of ultrasonic monitoring, airborne and structural. Both methods receive ultrasonic sound, airborne through the air and structural through solid surfaces....   [tags: airborne, gas leak, detection]

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Radiation and Its Uses, Specifically in South Africa

- What is radiation. Radiation is energy that comes from a source and travels in the form of waves or high speed particles. Radiation is mainly released from atoms, which is the smallest particle of matter. When radiation is emitted, it excites the orbiting electrons in atoms and causes the electrons to vibrate, which emits the energy. There are two types of radiation, namely Ionizing radiation and non-ionizing radiation. Non- ionizing radiation has a low energy level and therefore cannot change the chemical properties of a substance that it is exposed to....   [tags: Ionization, Energy, Cancer]

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Why I Am A Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

- The dream that I most desire in life is to become a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer. I’ve always had an interest in the inner workings of the human body, but I also value life, and care for others, and my happiness is the happiness of others. Although this career has its bumps on the road just to see mothers face light up when they see the image of their unborn baby is such a breath taking experience. This all originated from going to one of my sisters’ ultrasound appointment that I ended up going to all my sisters’ ultrasound appointments....   [tags: Sonographer, Medical ultrasonography]

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What Is Ventricular Septal Defect Or Vsd?

- What is ventricular septal defect, or VSD. Well, it’s more commonly known as a hole in the heart. Its where the septum between the right and left ventricles have not completely come to together before birth, leaving a hole. Most commonly it will grow together right after birth, but in other cases it has to be surgically fixed. This is more common than you would think; every 1 in 500 kids are born with VSD. But, you can live a normal life with VSD. Let’s talk about the history of VSD. The doctor who discovered it name was Dr.Henri-Louis Roger....   [tags: Heart, Blood, Cardiology, Myocardial infarction]

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My Life Goals And Become An Obstetrician

- Throughout my my life there has been one thing that has always been on my mind which is to continue on my education further than my parents. Since little I knew that I brought into this world to help others in need anyway possible. As the first person in my family to attend college I am facing many difficulties in succeeding, but I know that I am capable of doing anything I choose to put my mind on. Winning this scholarship would help me out a lot by paying for my education. I understand that the field I have chosen to pursue is difficult and requires many skills to be learned, as well as a lot of experience needed, and....   [tags: Pregnancy, Childbirth, Obstetrics, Medicine]

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The Benefits of Improved Medical Technology

- In the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, technology has increased worldwide and affected many aspects of human life. Unarguably, advancement in technology over the years has made our lives easier. Advances in research, diagnosis, and treatment, (particularly during the past couple of generations) have significantly contributed to both the length and quality of human life. Medical Technology has improved humanity physically through Surgery, Diagnostics and the use of information technology in the administration of patient care....   [tags: Human Improvement, Patient Care]

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The Negative Effects of Prenatal Testing

- Prenatal tests show the possibility of a child having a genetic disorder, such as Down Syndrome which leads many parents to choose abortion. When it comes to prenatal testing there are many different testing options. Screening tests for example, which are the first tests that are done on the fetus. During the first ten to thirteen weeks of a pregnancy, a woman can get a first trimester screening done. This is an ultrasound and maternal blood test that tests for the genes of Down Syndrome and Trisomy 18....   [tags: genetic disorder, designer babies]

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Financing a Child

- Financing a child is one of the most expensive things in this world. By the first year of the child’s life you will roughly spend up to 12,000. When financing a child, you will have to be ready to spend out a lot of money to buy a lot of things for that child. The first thing you will buy is a pregnancy test that will start from $4.99 & up. After you have confirmed that you are pregnant. You will then need to find a doctor that you trust. There will be a lot of appointments to go to, and depending on if you have insurance or not you will spend anywhere from $25 to $100 on an office visit alone....   [tags: parenthood, finance]

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Control of Pancreatic Exocrine Secretion

- Pathophysiology The Oxford Dictionary defines pathophysiology as “the disordered physiological processes associated with disease or injury”. This means the effects experienced by the patient during the course of their disease or injury. In the case of pancreatic cancer, the direct effects are hidden and vague, revealing themselves as other disorders in the body and concealing their true cause. When the carcinoma is located in the head of the pancreas, the established effects represent those similar to a blocked bile duct as the cancer is preventing the bile from leaving the duct and causes the overflow to enter the bloodstream....   [tags: pathophysiology, pancreatic cancer, carcinoma]

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The Ability to Map a Human Genome

- Science is a field of study that is always evolving and changing with time and new discoveries. New studies in medicine are constantly improving, such as the flu shot, which changes every year to protect America’s population against influenza. With all the adventure into the unknown comes the worry of taking science too far. Also, not letting people’s bodies and life take its natural course is a fear of genetic testing. While others believe the improvements to using genetic tests will benefit society drastically....   [tags: genome, genetics, genetic testing]

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The Ethics of Abortion

- Abortion advocates base their philosophical argument on the right to choose and the right to privacy. However, abortion is unjust and immoral because it results in the taking of an innocent human life for the convenience of another human life. If life in the womb is human, then to end that life for the benefit of another is seriously wrong and unjust. Humans have the inherent right to choose many things in life from the simplest choices of everyday life to the more complex choices that can affect one for a lifetime....   [tags: legal issues, right to privacy]

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Overview of a Stroke

- People often know of strokes or someone affected by a stroke, but not always what constitutes a stroke. A stroke occurs when blood flow to the brain is interrupted or reduced due to a blockage or rupture of a blood vessel or artery that supplies blood to the brain. The interruption of blood flow deprives the brain of necessary nutrients and oxygen supplies, killing surrounding cells in the brain. There are three main types of strokes: ischemic stroke, hemorrhagic stroke, and transient ischemic stroke....   [tags: health, disease, brain]

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Child Care: Prenatal Care

- In todays society more women are having children and the ages of these women range from young teenage moms at fifteen years of age to older women in their forty’s that are about to enter menopause. No matter how old the woman is they all have one thing in common to help them have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby: prenatal care. Prenatal care is not only very important for the baby’s overall health, but also for the expecting mother. Having good prenatal care will drastically reduce the chance of medical complications of mom and child....   [tags: pregnancy, nutrition, development]

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Sports Medicine Shoulder Injuries

- Sports Medicine Shoulder Injuries Shoulder injuries are a very common injury that occurs in most sports. All injuries and the rehabilitation done to the injured shoulder are based on the anatomy and structures of the shoulder. Doctors have developed different tests for evaluating the degree and seriousness of injured shoulders. Some have also developed different phases a person must go through to properly rehabilitate the shoulder. The shoulder is a ball and socket joint which allows it a flexion and extension motion....   [tags: Papers]

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Causes And Treatments Of Inflammatory Breast Cancer

- Introduction Inflammatory breast cancer was mentioned in 1814 by Charles Bell who noticed the significance of a mass on the breast with skin discoloration along with pain. In the year 1887, Thomas Bryant detected an inflammation on the breast and dermal lymphatic invasion by carcinoma. In 1909, Archibald Leitch noticed the breast to be “having the appearance of an orange’s skin” (Inflammatory Breast Cancer Research Foundation, n.d.), meaning to have an unusual texture. However, it was not until 1924, that “Norman E....   [tags: Breast cancer, Cancer, Oncology, Estrogen]

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What Purpose Does the Gallbladder Have?

- Most people who know me know that I had my gallbladder removed, but many don’t know why. Many people in my family have also had theirs removed also. The gallbladder is an organ located under the liver which, may or may not be removed if you suffer from a gallbladder disease. You may be wondering what exactly the gallbladder is. The gallbladder is a small pear-shaped organ about three or four inches in length and one inch wide. It is located under the liver and is connected by the hepatic duct. (Mama’s Health) My doctor told me an easy way of expanding what the gallbladder does, it is a storage system for the liver and helps digest fats....   [tags: Medical Research ]

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In Vitro Fertilization

- Introduction: “In vitro fertilization (IVF) is the most common and most effective type of assisted reproductive technology (ART) to help women become pregnant” (Medical News Today). In Vitro Fertilization is a process where an egg is fertilized by a sperm outside the body, in the laboratory. Immediately after the embryo is produced, it is then positioned in the uterus. The process has 5 steps and takes about 4-6 weeks. The first step in the process is the ovarian stimulation. This step involves drugs....   [tags: technology, pregnancy, laboratory]

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Wrongful Birth Cases: Medicial Malpractice

- ... The parents “understandably upset that they had no warning about the issues that awaited their son” (Hallowell, 2011). The couple originally sued Dr. Marie Morel and an ultrasound technician for $9 million to cover the cost of their son for 70 years. The jury found the doctor 85% negligent and the ultrasound technician 15% negligent. In the end the couple walked away with $4.5 million dollars for their son (Hallowell, 2011). The couple announced that they were satisfied with the results from the lawsuit....   [tags: negligence, patient, live, error]

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The Dutch Approach the Childbirth

- ... In the Netherlands home births account for approximately 30% of deliveries, 60% deliver in a hospital and 10% deliver in special out-patient birthing units. Even when the delivery takes place in a hospital, caesareans are relatively rare and epidural use is low. The mother has the right to choose where she wants to deliver but unless deemed medically necessary a hospital birth may not be covered completely by insurance. If the family does decide to deliver at a hospital, it is not uncommon for the mother and baby to be released as soon as four hours after birth....   [tags: miwives, natural, prenatal]

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Radiography Of Double Collecting Systems

- Radiography of Double Collecting Systems: A Pediatric Pathology One of the major pediatric pathologies (diseases found in children) found today is what is known as a Double Collecting System, sometimes known as a duplex collecting system, which is considered a fusion of upper and lower pole moieties that is incomplete resulting in a variety of complete or incomplete duplications of the collecting system (Dr. Luijkx, Dr. Jones, 2010). There are many different varieties of this pathology and it can be discovered through many different ages....   [tags: Kidney, Ureter, Urinary bladder, Urinary system]

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