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Master Tutor Final Reflective Essay

- Master Tutor Final Reflective Essay As a master tutor for Art I I have had to interact with many different type of students and artist. I had many successes as well as areas of improvement which I intend to solve. It has been my first year being a master tutor for an art class and I find it is much different than any other subject. In core classes it is easier to provide help to every student because the student knows that there are certain rules you must obey whereas in art, you are free to express yourself....   [tags: Tutorial, Tutor, Teaching assistant]

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Role, Responsibilities, and Boundaries of a Tutor

- Teaching in the lifelong learning sector encompasses students of many: age ranges, backgrounds and abilities. As a result, the roles, responsibilities and boundaries of the tutor can at first appear to be immeasurable. This assignment will focus upon the role, responsibilities and boundaries of a tutor within the context of teaching in the 16-18 age range bracket. It will reflect upon the needs of learners within my own role on the Study Programme (Learn to Work) at Tyneside Foyer, who have not achieved their potential in mainstream education, and who attend learning with numerous personal, social and academic barriers....   [tags: learner, education, barriers, rapport]

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I Am A Great Tutor

- During my second week of observations, I felt more comfortable participating in the writing sessions that I observed. In my first week of observations, I began to doubt that I would be a great tutor because I recognized that I was not very comfortable explaining syntax errors or clarifying the difference between possessive and plural nouns. However, during my second week of observations, these doubts began to dispel because I began to pay attention to the other aspects of a tutoring sessions, especially regarding how it was best to phrase a question to a student....   [tags: Question, Sentence, Interrogative word]

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I Am A Homework Tutor

- This past week, a student was removed from the after-school program where I am a homework tutor. I chose this incident, since I am already getting accustomed to the number of students that are in the program, and now there is one less student. This student, “Rick”, goes to the program with his two sisters, and is often bickering with the younger sister. On the first day that I arrived to tutor, he hit his sister which caused her to cry and led to him being reprimanded by my supervisor. When this happened I was confused, and I felt out of place since I was in a new place....   [tags: Sibling, Family, Week-day names]

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Volatility Standard Deviation Tutor

- Introduction to volatility standard deviation tutor: Let us see about volatility standard deviation tutor. The volatility standard deviation is one of the statistics expressions that generate a good indication of volatility. It calculates how widely values are dispersed from the average. Distribution is the dissimilarity between the actual value and the average value. The greater difference between the closing prices and the average price, the larger standard deviation will be and the higher the volatility....   [tags: Math]

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On line tutor

- U Ottawa Online Tutor The following report is the report you requested on June 14th, 2005. It has proposal in regards to an online tutor database STS Consultant Firm developed to links students in need of academic assistance with potential tutors. Contained within the report is a detailed analysis of how the online tutor database benefits University of Ottawa and its students. In order for University of Ottawa’s School of Management to accept STS Consultant proposal to endorse advertise through the School’s various communication channels....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Importance of the Tutor in Electra

- Importance of the Tutor in Electra When delving into a novel, drama or other character-based text, analysts often focus their search around the supposed "major characters" who seem to most directly affect the work. In considering Electra, however, just as valuable as Orestes, Clytemnestra or Electra herself is a somewhat minor character, the Tutor. This attendant of Orestes emerges only three times and is on stage for less than twenty percent of the spoken lines, yet his role in driving the plot is as great as any....   [tags: electra]

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The Importance of the Tutor in The Flies

- The Importance of the Tutor in The Flies In Jean -Paul Sarte's play, "The Flies", the main character Orestes manages to lift a curse that has plagued the dwellers of Argos for decades. Both the current king of Argos and Zeus himself are perpetuating this curse for as long as possible for the curse keeps the people subservient and in a state of mourning and terror of their own actions; two things that both the king and Zeus favor in their rule over people. Orestes was actually a resident of Argos and is the first child of the Queen Mother and the dead king....   [tags: Lord Flies Essays]

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Introduction for Expected Value of Sample Information Tutor

- Introduction for expected value of sample information tutor: Expected value is the main thought in probability, in an intellect more general than probability itself. The expected value of a real-valued selection variable offers a compute of the center of the distribution of the variable. More considerably, by taking the expected value of various functions of a common random variable, we can calculate a lot of interesting features of its distribution, including spread and correlation. Tutor is a personality working in the education of others, either separately or in group....   [tags: Math]

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You Should Volunteer to Tutor

- The need for tutors is overwhelming. Tutors help fill the gap between the teachers and the students. With so many students in each classroom, the teacher can't give each student the one-on-one attention that some students need. This is where tutors come in to play. Tutors have been a key instrument ineducation since as far back as the 1500's (Gordon 9). Tutoring is almost as old as educating children. Tutoring younger students is also still going strong in the twentieth century. Today it is more~important than ever due to the increase in students and low budgets that some schools have....   [tags: Argumentative Essay]

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Introduction to Online Stress Function Polar Coordinates Tutor

- Introduction to online stress function polar coordinates tutor: The stress polar coordinate system can be a 2-dimensional coordinate system. Stress in polar coordinates in which every point over a line or plane should be found out by between the distances from a fixed point to an angle from a fixed direction. Stress is the indispensable part of polar coordinates. The Displacements and stresses must be autonomous of angular location (θ) and there can be no twist (v θ must be zero)....   [tags: Physics]

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Effective And Active Tutor Making Positive Contributions

- I joined the specialist paediatric osteopathic practice (SPOP), clinical tutoring team at its inception in 2015. I believe I have been an effective and active tutor making positive contributions to this new team. Prior to becoming an osteopath I was a senior lecturer, the team I lead had a excellent track record of mentoring students encouraging them to observe, question, and investigate at a pace suited to their abilities. This experience has also allowed me to understand the importance of being flexible in my approach to supporting students,....   [tags: Health care, Physician, Clinic]

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I Am A Tutor As Well As Act As A Group Facilitator

- Presently, I am a Tutor as well as act as a Group Facilitator (GF) of a victim awareness course that teaches the principles of Restorative Justice (RJ) at HM Prison Rochester. The course is an accredited level two course and taught in batches to a cohort of up to twenty learners led by a tutor and eight GFs in six sessions. Offenders on the programme explore the effects of crime on victims, offenders, and the community, and thereby discover what it would mean to take responsibility for their personal actions....   [tags: Educational psychology, Education, Psychology]

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Being a Good Tutor

- Being a Good Tutor Tutoring, you think it is the easiest job that you could have. You think so because of the flexibility of time, and the only thing you need to do is be there on time to help students (Tutees) with the subject that they have difficulty understanding, which you obviously have the full knowledge about because you earned an ‘A’ or ‘B’ in earlier semesters. However, all that you were thinking is definitely wrong. The tutees don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care....   [tags: essays papers]

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How I Learned From The Time Of The Writer As A Peer Tutor

- Last week was the second week I worked in the center for the writer as a peer tutor. Unlike all panicking in the first week, I was calmer during the second four hours. I asked myself to be more focused on what I did wrong or anything I struggled with and tried to think about how I could do better in the next week. Therefore, though this week 's reflection might reveal some disappointed things I did during the last week, I thought it was valuable to make those mistakes in the earlier stage and to learn the lessons from them in order to do better in rest of the term....   [tags: Thought, Idea, Writing, Understanding]

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Short History of Tutor and Stuart Periods in English History

- Short History of Tutor and Stuart Periods in English History The royal House of Tutor in England was one of the most influential and powerful houses ever in British History. The house of Tutor contained at least two of England's most famous monarchs: Henry VIII and Elizabeth I. The Tutor family was in power in England from 1485 to 1603. Henry VII was the first Tutor in England to take power from the famous House of York. The House of York contained Richard III better known as Richard the Lionhearted who was one of the leaders of the second Crusade....   [tags: Papers]

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Learning From A Teacher Who Has Impacted My Life Dramatically

- The above information is what I both interpret and gathered from the past 5 years of learning from a teacher who has impacted my life significantly. Kelly was my private tutor during my high-school years. This is the teacher I recall to have made the most positive impact on me since she began as my private tutor. First of all, Kelly was first introduced to my parents as she was my parent’s best friend’s daughter. To think that as family friends, she would be a lot more patient, tolerant and more easygoing is completely wrong....   [tags: Learning, Education, Tutor, Tutorial]

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A Training Guide For College Tutors And Peer Educators By Sally Lipsky

- Summary, Scope and Organization of the Book A Training Guide for College Tutors and Peer Educators by Sally Lipsky defines the role and importance of peer tutors’ on college campuses, the importance of promoting active learning, how to incorporate critical thinking and questioning skills, assessing students’ learning, collaborative learning and group work. Furthermore, this book defines tutoring as a proactive process, the value of diversity and students, online assistance, and a summary of effective peer lead sessions....   [tags: Education, Educational psychology, Tutor]

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Statement of Purpose for My Law Degree

- ... I went to the Beacon Centre Library, which I found really helpful, where I have found English legal system books. I have also prepared all the handouts given by my tutor as well as my notes. I have checked some law internet websites, where I found enough useful information for start of writing the first draft. I was worried that I won’t be able to select the most important information from a variety of materials I have found, as the assignment was limited by 1000 words only. There were also a few other things which could increase the mark such as enough quotations, examples of appropriate cases which linked to the effectiveness, good introduction and also the conclusion where I needed to...   [tags: foreign, student, tutor]

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Students Hacked Corona Del Mar High School to Change Their Grades

- ... According to investigations, it has been revealed that the 11 students got the key-logging machine from a person who was acting as their private tutor. It is also alleged that it is the same guy who taught them how to operate the device. The tutor is currently wanted so that he may be questioned by the police regarding the matter in issue. The police are currently looking for him, after the incident he has disappeared from his home and the police have tried to locate him with no success. The matter was so controversial that it had to be put to a vote in order to expel the 11 students....   [tags: investigation, tutor, access]

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My Experience At Oasis Catolico Santa Rafaela

- Introduction Throughout the semester I had the honor of volunteering to tutor at Oasis Católico Santa Rafaela for both of my education classes. Words cannot even begin to explain how much I learned and how grateful I am that I got to spend a semester with the children. I was able to tutor 2nd grade and I loved every single minute of it. Throughout my time at Oasis I learned so much that I will be able to take on to my teaching career and it had made me view education in a completely different way....   [tags: Education, Homework, Tutor, Joke]

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It 's A Way, By Anne Harrington

- Obstacles are something that everyone has had to, and will have to deal with throughout their life. The severity of these speed bumps typically depends on the individual dealing with them, and how they handle them. What may seem as a minor occurance for one person, the man or woman standing next to them may reduce themselves to a nervous breakdown when handling it. In the article, Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way, Anne Harrington gives us a researched model of how to handle these unfortunate moments in the workplace (Harrington, 2012)....   [tags: Writing, Question, Power, Tutor]

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Advantages of Peer Tutoring Programs

- Imagine you're playing in a volleyball match. The setter sets up the ball for you and you come in, and slam the ball to the floor. In many ways, peer tutoring is like volleyball. The tutee is the hitter, and the tutor is the setter. In this situation, they are peers that the coach, or teacher, put together to score the point, or get the A+. See, the tutor is always trying to make the tutee better. Most peer tutoring programs have had positive results. Many studies prove them to be cost effective and academically beneficial....   [tags: tutor, tutee, tutoring]

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Community Involvement Project: Reading Partners

- For my community involvement project, I volunteered at Memminger Elementary School for a program called “Reading Partners.” The program focuses on helping children build strong literacy skills to carry with them into their academic careers. It requires the tutor to read to the student that has been assigned and in turn the student reads to the tutor. The program assists in teaching the students valuable reading skills. Being able to read is critical to a child’s educational success. The program works with more than 100 schools within seven states....   [tags: literacy, careers, reading tutor]

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How We Lost the Robot Tournament

- ... Its delicate arms begin to move as my teammate manipulates his controller, and the robot manages to cradle a ball in its arms. I maneuver the robot into a scoring position when another robot smashes into our robot, throwing it off balance. The ball falls out of its grasp and the other robot blocks the pathway. I attempt to maneuver the robot around it, but the other robot mirrors my movements. Frustrated, I attempt to back out of the way, but the robot rams into ours again. I quickly drive our robot away from the aggressor and towards another ball....   [tags: score, teammates, competition, tutor]

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Application Essay for Deerfield

- First of all, I want to go to the same school with my brother. Being twins, I feel like a half piece of me is in California and another half in Massachusetts. It is not normal for twins to be separated, they should be together. Phillip and I have been so close growing up. He is my best friend. I miss my brother a lot because he lives 2,987.1 miles away. Thanksgiving Breaks and Christmas Breaks are precious to me because I get to enjoy time with my twin brother. It pains me to wave goodbye to Phillip at the airport because I will not see him for another 2 or so months....   [tags: education, tutor, academics]

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Writing Center Conference Reflection Paper

- : Writing Center Conference Reflection The writing center conference had a lot of useful information in each of the presentations that I attended. Each presentation had its own set of topics, which either provided ideas that were geared toward helping a particular group of students or just gave general information about certain programs that are available to help students succeed in school. There was also one presentation, which explained the results of a study conducted regarding writing center enrolled students....   [tags: Tutorial, Tutor, Teaching assistant, Paper]

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The Ethics Of Peer Tutoring

- When discussing the practices of Writing Center consultants in his piece “Ethics of Peer Tutoring in Writing”, Gary Lichtenstein begins a list of ethics for tutoring by stating, “I think all tutors and teacher will recognize the first ethic, the no tutoring relationship can develop unless a tutor gains and maintains the trust of a tutee (30).” This quote stresses the importance of establishing a good relationship with a student writer, even placing it at the top of a list of ethical issues on the topic of writing tutoring....   [tags: Tutorial, Tutor, Teaching assistant, Education]

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Maxmath Tutoring Online Inc.

- INTRODUCTION MaxMath Tutoring Online Inc., FL Branch is registered with Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Federal’s Id: EIN 45-01046737 as a U.S. public charity 501c (3), FL corporation’s id: N10000010062 created June 27, 2010; FL registered charity’s Id: CH38572 MTO is a not-for profit organization, providing formal and on-line education (60%) and traditional education (40%) in Math, Physic, Chemistry, Science and Computer technology, preparation to GED and English as second language. Although limited in our reach, we have been pretty successful at our mission to educate to those who cannot afford a traditional education....   [tags: Education, Learning, Educational psychology, Tutor]

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College Is Not For Your Future Career And The Real World

- College is meant to prepare you for your future career and the real world. So far I feel like I’m adjusting to the fact that I’m on my own here at King’s and don’t have my parents telling me what to do all the time. Becoming independent is a big key that you realize in college and I believe I will definitely utilize that in the real world. So far my experience with college has been good. College is a lot of work and I expected that so I wasn’t surprised when I had days where I had to spend a couple hours at the library....   [tags: High school, College, Teaching assistant, Tutor]

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Case Study : Southern Arizona University

- My TAPP Experience Madison Ginsberg Northern Arizona University Intro: My twenty five hours of community service were attained at the Teenage Parent Program or TAPP, at Summit High School here in Flagstaff. My experience was one I will look back on when I am older. TAPP made a difference in my life and I helped someone else’s in the process. 1: Setting, Agency Name, Address, Phone Number The Teenage Parent Program or “TAPP” is located inside Summit High School, which is in a small neighborhood across from the Flagstaff Mall....   [tags: Adolescence, High school, Teenage pregnancy, Tutor]

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I Am Very At Mit

- I know that this may come off as a bit cliché, but I really enjoy doing research in my spare time. My favorite way to learn is to come up with a project, of varying feasibility, and then figure out if my idea would work by looking at research papers, experimenting, or running simulations. I am very fortunate to have wonderful teachers who actively support my projects by mentoring me and giving me lab space. For me, embarking into the unknown in the pursuit of creating something that the world has never seen is the ultimate pleasure....   [tags: Tutorial, Tutor, Teaching assistant, High school]

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The Impact of Fluency Tutor on Student Reading Scores

- The educational sector has reached a pivotal crossroads. Educational legislation and federally funded initiatives enacted by the current and previous Presidential Administrations, such as the Race to the Top and No Child Left Behind, have placed significant focus, in not only attention and scrutiny, but also in resources, on the advancement of educational attainment levels across the nation. The push for common educational standards has reinvigorated the interest of the general public in education in a way that has been unparalleled in recent history....   [tags: educational sector, NCLB]

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The Place of Strategic Dialogue in Collaborative Learning

- The Place of Strategic Dialogue in Collaborative Learning The tutorial interaction in writing centers provides beginning writers with an essential element not found in other types of student-helper interaction. Unlike the usual colloquium that occurs in most classrooms, tutoring offers a one-on-one setting whereby a student can directly consult with, discuss, and turn to an experienced peer for help with as many steps of the writing process as possible. This unique setting offers a chance for tutors to address students’ individual needs using strategic dialogue....   [tags: Peer Tutoring Tutor Tutors Essays]

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College Entry Essay: On Studying Mathematics

- For some time I have dreamt of becoming a good Maths teacher. In the Sixth Form, my interest was aroused by the passion shown by my Maths teacher who is also my main source of inspiration. I was impressed with her effective methods of teaching and her enthusiasm in making the lessons interesting regardless of how dull the topic was. Brunei is lacking effective Maths teachers so I would like to add to the existing few and improve Maths education in my country. I realised that students in Brunei tend to dislike Maths because they were taught through memorisation rather than grasping the Mathematical concept....   [tags: Volunteer, Tutor]

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Tutoring Strategies for Successful Learning

- Everyone has a different learning style. Unfortunately, teachers rarely have the luxury of having the time, funds, and resources to satisfy each student’s unique learning pattern. As a result, many students struggle to learn in a classroom environment. Robert E. Slavin, the author of Educational Psychology: Theory and Practice, claims“… [Peer] tutoring is one of the most effective instructional strategies known, and it essentially solves the problem of appropriate levels of instruction (Pearson 208).” Peer tutors have the potential to support and teach fellow students in a way that teachers and other adults cannot....   [tags: Tutoring Strategies]

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Explaining Ground Rules, Roles, Responsibilities and Boundaries as a Lecturer at Graham College

- ... Through this activity learners would feel more engaged in the process and would more likely to adopt and agreed these ground rules. As the group tutor I would also ensure the ‘common’ ground rules indicated above where included into the discussions and encourage participation by introducing ‘individual targets’ against which the learners could benchmark themselves throughout the learning journey. As a tutor Grantham College I need to deliver complex technical knowledge at all levels and provide a duty of care....   [tags: the teaching cycle]

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Community Service As A Requirement For High School Graduation

- Make a Difference: (A discussion of community service as a requirement for high school graduation) When most people think of community service, they think of orange jump suits and prisoners picking up trash by the side of the road. Community service is seldom this stereotypical. Men and women every day, take time out of their lives to serve their communities and not just for court assigned hours. Some high schools require this service to graduate. Even though this service might not come from the goodness of students ' hearts, the end result is still powerful....   [tags: Education, High school, Friendship]

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Personal Statement On Service Learning Program

- If someone asks me to define culture, I would say that it is the characteristics and knowledge of a particular group of people, defined by everything from language, religion, cuisine, social habits, music and arts. In addition, everyone know that adapt in new culture is not easy, especially when the culture is very different from your own, you will find a hard time with it. I already faced this kind of situation that you need to move to a new culture, so I would like to share some experience on it....   [tags: Education, Want, Teacher, Culture]

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Arranging the Classroom Environment

- A distraction-free area of the classroom will be identified. Minimizing distraction will help ensure the student attends to the tutor. This area should contain two-desks/table and chairs. The desks are positioned so they are facing each other. The students will be talking with each other during peer tutoring. The tutoring area should be far enough away from the general classroom that it does not distract other students. Target Behaviors The following target behaviors were identified through observations of the student, review of records, and interview with classroom staff....   [tags: Classrooms,]

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Portrayal of Inward Significance in The Taming of the Shrew bu William Shakespeare

- Aristotle once said, “The aim of art is to represent no the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.” Here, Aristotle explains that it is not the appearance that is important, but how you are that makes you significant. In William Shakespeare’s play, The Taming of the Shrew, Shakespeare illustrates this virtue in Petrucio, Tranio, and Hortensio, men who have different outfits for different situations. Petrucio, who is a man well known through Italy, comes to Padua to find a wealthy wife and fortunately Kate, he daughter of Baptista Minola must be married off before her more cherished sister who has suitors lines up waiting for their chance for the fair maiden....   [tags: personality, intentions, characters]

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Analysis Of Euripides ' The First Name Line Of Medea '

- In the first few line of Medea by Euripides, two minor characters known as the Tutor and the Nurse are introduced. They are introduced as two servants; the nurse serves Medea while the Tutor serves Jason. They greet each other by mocking one another, the Tutor begins by making a remark on stereotypical actions done by women,” Old slave from my mistress’ household, why are you…complaining to yourself about what’s wrong?” (Euripides, line 62-5). The Nurse does not get provoked and calls the Tutor an unfaithful servant because “when a master’s lot falls out badly, that’s bad for faithful servants, too—it touches their hearts also.” (Euripides, lines 69-71)....   [tags: Oedipus, Oedipus the King, Greek mythology]

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Summary And Critical Evaluation Of John Hubner 's Book

- In this essay, I have created revisions on two essays that will be described throughout this essay. The first essay is the Summary and Critical Evaluation which is about summarizing, paraphrasing, quoting, and forming a critical evaluation in part two of John Hubner’s book. The second essay that I have chosen is the Causal Argument which focuses on making a claim about a cause that is also in John Hubner’s book. The one reason why I chose these two is because it demonstrates how I develop over time....   [tags: Writing, Critical thinking, Essay, Causality]

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The Cognitive Benefits of Learning by Tutoring

- The Cognitive Benefits of Learning by Tutoring Abstract A central question in educational theory is how students best encode material for long-term recall. We explored cognitive gains for students engaged in an actual tutoring task. Subjects (N=88) were randomly assigned to Learning conditions (Non-tutoring, Tutoring) and asked to read two passages followed by Post-test 1. Non-tutoring subjects were asked to review the passages while Tutoring subjects were asked to tutor the material to another student and then all took Post-test 2....   [tags: Education ]

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Variables in Statistics

- Introduction to variables in statistics tutor: The variable which is available in the statistics it is called as statistical variable. It is a feature that may acquire choice in adding of one group of data to which a mathematical enumerates can be allocated. Some of the variables are altitude, period, quantity of profit, region or nation of birth, grades acquired at school and category of housing, etc,. Our statistics tutor defines the different types of statistics variables and the example of these types....   [tags: Statistics]

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Sequences and Series

- Introduction for online sequences and series tutor: In math, an arithmetic sequence is a series of numbers, with the differentiation of any two consecutive numbers being a constant. An arithmetic series is the sum of a sequence {a_x}, x=1, 2, 3 ..., in which every term is calculated from the prior one by adding a constant d. online is one of the major sources used by most of the students since it can access whenever the students need help. Tutoring is defined as a character working in the education of others, either independently or in group....   [tags: Mathematics]

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Analysis Of The Story ' Docility '

- docility than her very apparent aggravated sister. Gremio and Lucentio then make it a mission to find Katharine a husband in order for Bianca to be able to marry. Lucentio then decided to pretend to be a real tutor in order to get closer with his newfound love. Tranio decided to disguise himself as Lucentio in order to study at Lucentio’s school. Lucentio’s other loyal servant, Biondello, meets up with the other characters, and eventually is in agreeance with the plan of switching the place of the two men....   [tags: The Taming of the Shrew, Marriage, Love]

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Tutors Theorizing the Writing Center

- Central to the theorizing that is current in writing center scholarship is the concept of collaboration between tutors and students. Because of the overarching framework of social constructivism that currently drives theorizing in a multitude of disciplines—e.g., composition, literature, history, sociology, anthropology—it is not surprising that writing center scholars also use this framework to question the kind of knowledge that tutors create in tutorial sessions (see Grimm 1999, Murphy 1995, Carino 1995, Hobson 1994)....   [tags: Education Learning Papers]

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On-going Professional Development for TESOL Teachers that Teach English

-   “No end for learning” is an ancient proverb in China. The sentence ‘s intended audience is not only student, but also teacher. Teacher requires comprehensive knowledge and continuing learning to approach sufficient knowledge for student or the society. TESOL teacher needs to keep the pace with the advances of their subject quicker than regular teacher because English is the most popular language in use, and students are benefited with the latest information of English. Many resources allow TESOL teacher or learner to improve their personal development and grow professionally in English, like professional organizations, professional journals, and professional websites....   [tags: organization, journal, website]

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Professional Development : Subject Specialist Teaching

- Diploma Peer Observation Record of Reflections Professional Development: Subject Specialist Teaching Instructions a. Make notes either during or immediately following your observation of another teacher, remembering that the focus for this module and peer observation is on how Maths, English and ICT are embedded in the subject specialism, and the strategies used for teaching the subject specialism NB: you are not assessing the teacher or asked to make a judgement on the teacher you are observing; the observation is for your own development....   [tags: Education, Teacher, Educational psychology]

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Artificial Intelligence

- Over the past decade, educational institutions have increasingly offered online, web-based courses. While there has been a great deal of research comparing the effectiveness of online and traditional courses (Young, 2006), there has been less research on how to use instructional design strategies to increase student engagement, student satisfaction, and achievement in online courses (Gunter, 2007). Research has shown that instructional immediacy can increase cognition and student success (LaRose & Whitten, 2000)....   [tags: Intelligence]

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The Future Generations Of Americans

- Brief Autobiography In the summer of 1998 my family fled the newly created independent country of Croatia (Former-Yugoslavia) to the United States. My parents came here in hopes of finding a better life as the economy was still recovering from Croatia’s war of independence. We first settled in Amarillo, Texas for a few months. We traveled around the states for a year or so looking for other refugees. After some searching my parents decided to move to Connecticut as it offered the best incentives for refugees....   [tags: Teacher, High school, Education, Lesson plan]

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Virtual Learning Environments

- Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs) are considered to be among the most outstanding, interesting and rapidly developing contemporary computer technologies. It is a package of software systems initially created in order to utilize the advantages offered by the Internet, such as Blackboard and WebCT. It provides a resource for exchanging, transforming and managing information, as well as offering various academic and administrative services, through a group of various tools. These environments are not restricted to e-learning or distance learning....   [tags: Education, Blackboard]

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Robert Gagné's Instructional Design Approach

- Robert Gagné's Instructional Design Approach Introduction When Robert Gagné initially published his influential book, The Conditions of Learning (Gagné, 1965), his instructional design theories were heavily rooted in the behaviorist psychology paradigm. However, in later editions of The Conditions of Learning (Gagné, 1970, 1977, 1985), Gagné's theories evolved to incorporate cognitivist psychology theories, specifically the information-processing model of cognition. According to Gagné, "This model posits a number of internal processes that are subject to the influence of a variety of external events....   [tags: Psychology Psychological Papers]

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Intelligent Tutoring System: A Proposed Approach to Javanese Language Learning in Indonesia

- The Javanese language is becoming endangered, although it is one of compulsory subjects at schools. Students become unmotivated when they learn the language at school because of boring and irrelevant teaching and learning materials. Furthermore, their closest mentors such as teachers, parents and relatives can not provide motivating conditions to learn the Javanese language. In order to preserve the Javanese language through education at schools, Intelligent Tutoring System (ITS) is proposed for Javanese language learning....   [tags: education, languages]

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Sword in the Stone by T. H. White, Bill Peet

- In the story “Sword in the Stone” the Wart learns some valuable life educating lessons that will help him in the long run. When Sir Ector, and his friend, Sir Grummore Grummursum are at the drinking port they decide they should go on a quest to find a tutor for his sons, the Wart and Kay. A new tutor was needed since their old tutor went crazy. It was a busy time of the year and Sir Ector did not have the time to find a tutor. After a day of difficult working in the hay fields the Wart and Kay decide to go hawking....   [tags: warts, king arthur]

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Why I Want to be a Teacher in Burma

- ... Teachers have to wear uniforms similar as the students/children, it makes me feel like we are in the same organization in the Education Department. It is building up the relationship between teacher and student to belong to each other. James Gee (1987) call “the teacher identity kits” which are accepted way of speaking, thinking, acting and even dressing in order to include as a group (Faulkner, 2011). We all know that first impression is always lasted long, so the appearance of how they dress is influence to become a teacher....   [tags: career choices, opportunities]

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Why Standardized Tests Are Not Really Reliable Assessments

- Throughout the United States standardized testing is a popular way that educators measure a student’s academic ability. Although it may seem like a good idea to give a bunch of students the same test and see how each one does, it is not that simple. The results do not represent how smart a student is or a student's potential to do great things in the real world. In taking a standardized test one student may have a greater advantage over another for many reasons. Reasons that are not shown in the standardized test score....   [tags: SAT, ACT, test taking]

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Use of Problem-based Learning (PBL) in Medical Education

- Introduction: Day after day, the medical education is evolving in many aspects. In order to match this development, this requires changing the traditional methods of learning into a new modern one that embraces the requirements of Knowles' theory of adult learning. This theory states that adults are independent and self-directed, have a great deal of experience, interested in problem-centered approaches and get their learning motivation from internal drives. Moreover, the new way of learning should be student-centered and enable students to obtain knowledge in an accessible, efficient and integrated way.1ASSIGNMENT1 In the 1970s, a new way of learning arose at the medical school of McMaster...   [tags: Problem-based Learning]

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Comparing The Nations That Are Excelling Mathematics Education

- Compare and Contrast three nations that are excelling mathematics education In 2015 the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) did an outlined finding report in ranking the countries’ school system based on the students’ math test scores. Of the 76 countries ranked mostly the top half consist of Asian nations. The European countries take up the majority of the spots from 5 through 30 rankings. The United States came in ranking at the end of the top third landing a spot in 28 tied with Italy....   [tags: Education, Teacher, Mathematics, School]

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Different Values Between Chinese Family And American Family

- The different values between Chinese family and American family First, Chinese family and American play a big role in there and community. Chinese families as well as American families value education. The reason why American families believe education is important for their kids because he or she as the parent is responsible for their child education. ‘Researchers” have understood the “parents” involvement with their children help their children to do better in schools and throughout their lives....   [tags: Family, Money, An American Family, Mother]

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My Experience With The Course Of The Semester

- Over the course of the semester, I have learned a few things about myself. I have learned that I can be independent, I always knew myself as someone who could do mostly everything on their own. This semester really made me realize how independent I could actually be. Not only have I learned how independent I am I have also realized the importance of time management. With not having a strict class schedule it was a lot different than what I was originally used to. After a few weeks, I learned ways that would work best for me, for example writing down that I needed to get done....   [tags: Management, High school, Want, Need]

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How Do Start Your Own Business?

- Juggling a part-time job with a full-time school schedule isn’t always the most comfortable arrangement. Sometimes your work schedule clashes with your homework and study time, and sometimes it can leave little time for extracurricular activities and a meaningful social life. And when the economy is bad, jobs for teenagers are especially hard to find. So what’s the alternative. How about starting your own business. The advantage is that you can create a business that can actually work around your school and social schedules....   [tags: Small business, Business, Tutorial, Part-time]

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The Writing Center For College Students

- The writing center is a support program or resource center for college students to have access to get help from peer tutor and CR English instructor to be successful in college. This program is designed especially for English courses to support students enrolled in English classes. The writing center was started by a former English teacher name Pan Kessler in the mid-nineties, but 1998 was the first year they offered it at College of the Redwoods. It has been part of College of the Redwoods for about eighteen years....   [tags: University, Student, Homework help service]

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The Teenage Wasteland By Anne Tyler

- It is inevitable that a teenager will get in to mischief at some point in their life. Teenage wasteland is a short story that is written by Anne Tyler that portrays an overbearing mothers struggle to keep her son on the right path. This story reflects the issues that many families in America may have. Characters are essential in this story because each of their traits lead to a downfall of a fifteen-year-old boy named Donny. It all began one October day when Donny’s principal called his parents to schedule a conference....   [tags: Mother, Parent, Psychology, Teacher]

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Writing Skills And Reading Skills

- During this semester in LLD class, I have learned some writing skills and reading skills from the textbook “College Writing Skills,” and written three essays which helped me improve my reading and writing skills. Grammar is the rule of word and sentence, which means that put the right word into the appropriate position to make it become a complete sentence. In addition, this book tells us that the most important problem is to avoid having grammatical errors in the essay, that will make reader misunderstand the sentence 's meaning....   [tags: Writing, Grammar, Essay, Linguistics]

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Portfolio of Evidence

- Portfolio of Evidence Failing my Portfolio of Evidence has given me the opportunity to reflect on my strengths and weaknesses, recognising the mistakes I made. Such as being to descriptive instead of reflecting on what I have learnt in my essays. With this understanding I am able to redress my approaches such reflecting on my learning outcomes and formatting my arguments into a critical analysis. Through my feedback from my tutor it was noted that this was one of the reasons why I failed the model....   [tags: Reflection ]

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A Review of The Family Game by Yoshimitsu Morita

- I watched The Family Game (Kazoku Gemo) by Yoshimitsu Morita. While initially hesitant I wound up loving the movie. It was a satire that succeeded both in being a pleasure to watch and also at times absolutely hilarious. The Family Game is basically a satire about Japan’s new middle class in the 1980s. The film intermixes industrial imagery between scenes which give the film a bleak feel. At the lowest level this is a movie about Shigeyuki Numata, a clearly intelligent student who (unlike his brother Shinichi) is largely unconcerned about his academics and does poorly in school....   [tags: Kazoku Gemo]

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Factors Affecting Professional Development Plans of General Practitioners

- This project studied both the internal and external factors that helped and hindered development plans where General Practitioners were introduced to Practice Professional Development Plans and Personal Development Plans with a General Practice tutor. The associate General Practice tutor network and a facilitator, in addition to having received a copy of Professional Development: a guide for general practice. The method used was of qualitative approach to facilitate triangulation of the data, providing cross-data validity checks....   [tags: facilitate, tutors, participants]

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Effective way of tutoring

- Effective way in Tutoring Students 2004 Outline: A) Introduction B) General discussion 1) Personal Experience 2) Tips on Promoting Student Motivation 3) Advantages and Disadvantages of Tutoring C) Conclusion. Foreword: Tutoring is a tool in helping the children in their academic needs. The tutor guides them in answering their assignments as well as teaching them techniques in solving problems. This paper is aimed at describing tutor functional duties, tips on promoting student motivation, advantages and disadvantages of tutoring and my personal experience of tutoring students....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Character of Rita in Educating Rita

- The Character of Rita in Educating Rita In the play of Educating Rita, which is written by Willy Russell, there is a student aged twenty-six years old who is a hairdresser and also is a working class called Rita. Rita lives with her husband called Denny however Rita and Denny love each other so very much. Denny wants Rita to have a baby but Rita is on a pill to stop from having a baby, but Denny does not know about it, but then finds out later in the play. Rita wants to explore herself and learn, that is why she goes to University to find a tutor to help her learn....   [tags: Educating Rita Characters Willy Russell Essays]

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The Manliest Man in "The Taming of the Shrew"

- In the play The Taming of the Shrew, men do quite absurd things to get what they desire. Petruchio, Lucentio, Hortensio, and Gremio all derive schemes to win the heart of the woman they choose. Throughout the play many characters create alternate personas to woo the one they love. However, one man, Petruchio, prefers to pursue his soon to be wife ingenuously. All of the ideas the men concoct are in hopes that Bianca or Kate might fall in love with them, whether or not they do fall in love is due to how well their suitors perform their acts of love....   [tags: Taming of the Shrew, shakespeare, ]

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Teaching Practical Skills Based On Physical And Chemical Properties

- As part of undergraduate degree in Geography at University of Sussex, students are require to learn practical skills based on physical characteristics for identifying rocks, fossils and conducting experimental analysis of rocks and soils to infer their physical and chemical properties. Each week, lecture is followed by a practical lab session that enables students to correlate the theoretical understanding of knowledge with the practical aspects to accomplish the learning outcome of the course module (see Appendix A, PP 02)....   [tags: Knowledge, Education, Learning]

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What Applied Behavior Consultants, Inc. Offers Their Communities

- Applied Behavior Consultants, Inc. better know as ABC, created schools and facilities that are for children, aged 3 to 18, and have been given the diagnosis of Autism or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). ABC schools are Non-Public Schools (NPS), or Non-Public Agencies (NPA) and the type of services preformed in their clinical practices and educational development services are based on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). ABC uses Intensive Behavioral Treatment (IBT) within a language-based ABA setting....   [tags: autism, development, practices, learning]

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Professional Development Plan as a Behavioral Health Worker

- The professional position I aim to obtain next is Behavioral Health Worker. A Behavioral Health Worker in most cases will implement specific school based behavioral plans, track measurable objectives, and communicate progress through notes, reports and supervision. As a general overview Behavioral Health workers perform these task as key roles and responsibilities. Behavioral Health Worker also provides behavior management support, emotional support and psychological rehabilitative activities to children and adolescents within a wide range of disabilities....   [tags: children, psychology, intervention]

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The Effects of a Teenage Wasteland

- Anne Tyler’s “Teenage Wasteland” is a story about a modern day family of four and the relationship issues they experienced with each other. The story is presented in third person limited; however, the reader is shown much about how the mother of the family feels and the troubles she experiences in her relationships with her husband and children, primarily her son Donny. Daisy is portrayed as a mother who worries that she had failed Donny because of his continual disobedience toward the authority figures in his life....   [tags: parenting values, anne tyler, teen behavior]

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Turning My Failures to Success

- Traditionally, failure is seen as a negative concept and is defined as lacking success. I, on the other hand, try to put a positive spin on everything in life. I see failure as obstacle that is experienced by all, but it does not define an individual. Failure in essence will force an individual to be more receptive to their surroundings and actions and also will force an individual to mature. Looking back on my childhood years I can now pinpoint the areas where I failed and I can confidently say that I have grown and prospered due to those failures....   [tags: mature, attention, management, anti-social]

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Reading At A College Level

- Throughout this semester, I’ve enhanced my knowledge of how to read and write more academically. I consider myself an average reader and writer, but reading at a college level is a lot different than high school level. For example, we were assigned to read several articles and write about them. What I had to do was write about what the authors was saying and what they meant of it. At first it was difficult for me because I thought all I had to do was to summarize the article, however, I had to write what is behind the story of the article....   [tags: Writing, Essay, High school, Teacher]

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The Taming Of The Shrew

- The themes in The Taming of the Shrew The taming of the shrew by William Shakespeare is a dramatic play that takes places in a era that women’s rights were not even thought about, writers of the 1500’s used issues taking place in society to describe their stories. The issues addressed were women’s rights due to a system of power exerted over women to control them as respect and submission to the male was the principle requirement. The women were sold to there future husbands by the headman of the family choice....   [tags: The Taming of the Shrew, Marriage, Love]

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Analytical Awakening: Voltaire's Candide

- Voltaire’s satirical novella Candide tells the story a young man who, having been raised in a secluded utopia and educated in philosophical optimism, is suddenly thrust into the world and forced to make sense of the evil and suffering around him that he has always been taught to reason away. As his journey progresses and he encounters numerous horrors, Candide increasingly struggles to accept his tutor’s theory that all is for the best, and it ultimately becomes apparent that he has lost faith in his tutor’s philosophy....   [tags: pangloss' philosophy, Mr. Vanderdunder]

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