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Transaction Management and Database Systems

- Overview The purpose of this report is to examine the idea of transaction management and how it relates to two different database systems that I have chosen for the purpose of the project and for may research. I am also looking at the different elements with regard to transaction management and how each of them work and what they are for in the overall scheme that is transaction management. I will go through the definition of transaction the meaning of transaction how it functions the limitations and restrictions on the access to the user....   [tags: Advanced Database Systems ]

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Characteristics of Transaction Cost Economics

- In the current competitive business situation, the budget of each investment is likely to be tight. From the beginning of the investment, the cost management might conduct for the best efficiency. Nowadays, firms work with not only domestic industries but also international suppliers. The channel of business opportunities has been developed widely. Global business interaction seems to bring about the relationship between the firm and supplier how to make a profit effectively. In addition, it might be possible to say that this circumstance leads to enhance the domestic industrial relationship too....   [tags: Economics]

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Transaction Demand for Money Theory

- Inventory Approach to the Demand for Transaction Balances: An extension of the basic transaction demand for money theory is that set out by Baumol (1952) and further extended by Tobin (1956). The major underpinning of the inventory approach is that individual’s face a trade-off, between the liquidity offered by money balances, and the interest offered by bond holdings. The models determinants are therefore the nominal interest rate, the level of real income that relates to the desired number of transactions and the transaction costs of transferring money to bonds and vice versa, which are assumed fixed....   [tags: bonds, income, assets]

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E Commerce Transaction For Drugs

- The first ever e-commerce transaction for drugs took place in a study conducted by MIT in the 1970’s for a small quantity of weed. Potentially becoming a safe haven for illegal drug and pharmaceutical distribution, the internet had promise. However, at the time IP address tracking and payment was easily trackable making access to anonymity sparse. This was until the increased need for privacy lead to the creation of the “dark net”. Essentially run through The Onion Router (Tor), the drug industry flourished giving a wide customer basis easy access to an anonymous secure source that can conceal a user’s location from any network surveillance or traffic analysis....   [tags: Illegal drug trade, Drug, MDMA, Heroin]

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Ethics Code And Monitoring Transaction

- Ethics is a set of rules of behavior, that employee should have to follow in order to ensure the company’s values shown in all business exchanges. (Karia, 2010) It should not matter the size of the business, a clearly defined code and monitoring transaction should help and keep the company out of trouble with violating the law. The employee should feel good and comfortable with doing the right things. When it comes to digital forensics, you should want to do the right thing, and handle all evident the way it should be done, and if you don’t know, ask somebody who should know....   [tags: Credit card, Debit card, Dennis Rader]

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Transaction and Relationship Marketing

- Transaction Marketing and Relationship Marketing I have researched two different styles of dynamic marketing practices ‘Transaction’ Marketing and ‘Relationship Marketing’, depending on the kind of business (service) and products that you are selling. Also in addition, what type of customer (audience) you’re wishing to attract, including short and long term customer relations goals for business. Transaction marketing (also known as Traditional marketing) is a business strategy that concentrates on single transactions or point of sale transactions....   [tags: Traditional Marketing, Business Strategies]

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Ethical Dilemma of a Transaction with United Airlines

- The accountants in this case who faced ethical dilemmas were Russell Smith, Cardillo’s controller, Helen Shepherd, Touche Ross audit partner, Roger Shlonsky, KMG audit partner, and audit subordinates of both Shepherd and Shlonsky. First, Smith received a request from the company’s attorney, Riley, to sign an affidavit regarding the nature of a transaction with United Airlines, which he knew to be recorded incorrectly. Russell was aware that signing this affidavid would result in a misrepresentation of Cardillo’s revenue....   [tags: auditor, accountants, affidavid]

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Ecommerce Growth : Business Or Commercial Transaction

- Ecommerce Growth Ecommerce is the term for any business or commercial transaction, that utilizes the Internet to transfer transactional information. Ecommerce is one of the largest uses of the Internet in the form of consumer to consumer sites such as E-bay and Etsy, as well as business to consumer and business to business sales. As technology has grown, ecommerce has begun the move into mobile commerce. As more businesses move to the Internet to service customers the necessity for brick and mortar buildings will be reduced thus changing the dynamics of retail theory....   [tags: Marketing, Electronic commerce]

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The Transaction Processing

- Transactional Processing The accounting software packages developed and distributed by Sage and Microsoft, respectively, each use their own methods for recording accounting information. Sage 50. There are three different areas which must be discussed. These are the revenue, expenditure, and financing cycles. These areas are written about from the author's own knowledge from using the software, as learned from the book by Carol Yacht (2013). Revenue cycle. For revenue cycle recording, Sage 50 allows the user to go through a pipeline of stages which need to be accomplished....   [tags: accounting software, Sage, Microsoft]

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Tps - A Transaction Processing System

- Introduction Transactions are the routine day-to-day activities performed by most organisations. · some are commercial transactions (buying, selling products and services, paying bills etc) · others involve recording or retrieving data (making a booking, enrolling a student at university looking up results etc) Most individual transactions are relatively simple, but in most organisations, there are very large numbers of them - so speed and efficiency are important considerations. What is a TPS....   [tags: Research]

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Transaction Logs and Focus Groups as Data Collection Methods

- Research in Library Science is conducted in many areas covering multiple questions, but one thing shared is data collection. Qualitative and quantitative information to support the question at hand are necessary to validate the needs or phenomenon or trends (Wildemuth, 2009). Transaction logs and focus groups are two valuable data collection techniques. Transaction Logs Whenever a person logs onto and begins to use a computer in the library, different kinds of information are automatically collected into transaction logs (Jansen, 2006)....   [tags: Library Science ]

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Analysis of Transaction Processing Systems

- Analysis of Transaction Processing Systems It is the processing in which a system respond to a user’s command to carry out some operation to and fro. The request or command is called TRANSACTION, and the system carrying it out is called TRANSACTION PROCESSING SYSTEM e.g cash machines. Transaction processing systems are the systems working at a low level of any organizational structure being operated by data entry operators etc to collect and store data which is needed to be transported then to decisional level of organisations....   [tags: Computer Science Technology Essays]

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Characteristics of Management Information System and Transaction Processing Systems

- Answer to Question 1 Introduction Organizations whether profit oriented or not are becoming increasingly dependent on computerised information systems in carrying out their day-to-day activities. A proper application of this process of business digitalization is helping improve customer experience and reducing long-term cost of running businesses and other organizations. A management information system (MIS), according to Shelly, Cashman and Vermaat, (2008) is an information system that generates accurate, timely and organized information so managers and other users can make decisions, solve problems, supervise activities, and track progress....   [tags: information, recording data, output]

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Marketing Is The Process Of Influencing Voluntary Exchange Transaction

- SUBMISSION DATE HARJOT SINGH ND 15140 Definition of marketing Marketing is the process of influencing voluntary exchange transaction in which one party to the transition can be envisioned or a customer of the other markets the marketing process involves communication requires a mechanism or system to carry out the exchange of the marketers product for something of value The management process through which goods and services move from concept to the customer. It includes the coordination of four elements called the marketing 4 P 's of marketing (a) Feedback (a)Survey:-Wal-Mart can do various survey with their customer in whom they can tell the customer in which they can...   [tags: Customer, Customer service, Good, Marketing]

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Transaction Cost Economics and Organized Labor

- Cooperation and exchange among individuals often organize in firms rather than adhering to market institutions. This anomaly of market systems can be explained through what Oliver Williamson calls “Transaction Cost Economics.” Transaction costs are defined as the “costs of running the economic system” (Williamson 18). Similar to friction in a physical system, transaction costs may be small compared to other costs such encountered by market players, but basing entire models on a ‘frictionless’ system is unrealistic....   [tags: Economics Market Essays]

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The Nature of Database Locking

- Hello Mortoza and Fellow Classmates, Know who your enemy is, know how yourself is, and then you will be able to fight any hundreds of battles without having any disasters of your own. Database locking is what you call a varied, evolving, complicated, and technical topic. As testers, we will often think about that it belongs in the realm of what is called the developer and the DBA (i.e. not my problem). To both of the functional and performance testers, it is the enemy which has led to many other disasters known as the presenter that can personally attest....   [tags: protect, transaction, ACID]

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E-commerce: Its Development and Future Prospective

- ... E-Commerce is the short form of electronic commerce. E-Commerce is the use of electronic data transmission to implement or enhance any business process. Examples of e- commerce are, electronic funds transfer, the use of automated teller machines, online tracking of shipments and electronic data interchange between business communities. E-Commerce revolution E-commerce became the next big thing after the industrial revolution. In industrial revolution era, the cost of doing business was big and characterized small transactions that needed high specialization involving intermediaries....   [tags: transaction, consumer, advancement]

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Management Accounting in Modern Business enterprise

- Excellence in manufacturing and service enterprises can provide a competitive weapon to compete in the worldwide markets. In order for the competition to be effective, organizations have to perform under a combination of triple, strategic priorities, management techniques and management via accounting (MA). As a first part, the essay will define (MA) Under Chandler’s book ‘The Visible Hand’. It will also explain three advantages, of how (MA) assists in modern business enterprise and the new line and staff structure to enable economic, efficient and effective administrative coordination....   [tags: Internal Transaction, Firm Strategy]

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What Determines The Size And Structure Of Firms And Why Might This Vary Across Industry Sectors?

- What Determines The Size And Structure Of Firms And Why Might This Vary Across Industry Sectors. Outline Theories And Provide Examples To Illustrate Your Arguments. Different firms have various sizes in the market. The firms also have different structures that determine the ways in which they approach the market. The size of the firm is determined by a variety of factors depending on the ways in which they influence the relationship in the market. The horizontal and vertical boundaries are some of the main theories affecting the ways in which the components of the firm are viewed....   [tags: Economics, Transaction cost, Organization]

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Bitcoin: A Digital Currency Created by Satoshi Nakamoto

- Bitcoin (BTC), a cryptocurrency, is a type of digital currency which was introduced in 2009 by pseudonymous developer "Satoshi Nakamoto". Since then 12 million bitcoins have come into existence with a current market cap of around 8 billion USD [1]. The algorithm is designed as to allow only 21 million BTC to come into existence ever. Bitcoin uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority or banks; managing transactions and the issuing of bitcoins is carried out collectively by the network [2]....   [tags: BTC, cryptocurrency, transaction system]

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Frauds and Scams: Can You Be Protected from Them?

- Do you know the difference between a fraud and a scam. Many believe they are the same thing, as they both cause harm to innocent people. A scam is usually a scheme or transaction costing a victim to lose money or assets. Examples are asking for money for a charity that doesn’t exist, or tries to sell something that don’t belong to them. People who do these type of scams are referred to as Scammers. Fraud on the other hand is more of a deception. Fraud is when someone’s trust or confidence is breached....   [tags: scheme, transaction, money, assests]

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Meaning of Marriage in Different Cultures

- In Islam, marriage is a contract between two people. It is required that a certain amount of money be relayed to the bride. This idea of dowry derives from the word in Arabic; Mahr. Furthermore, like both Christianity and Judaism, Islam is strict on the concept of chastity. It is the element of staying pure. Seeing as marriage in Islam is concealed with intercourse, which is evident from the root of the world in Arabic meaning marriage. The Arabic of word Nikah can be translated to marriage and "sexual intercourse." We see in Islam a marriage being very mutual, we see the concept of equality among the couple....   [tags: sacrement, contract, transaction]

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Credit Card Skimming: Global Fraud

- Credit Card Skimming: Global Fraud Credit card skimming is a type of fraud committed on a daily basis around the world. It is the theft of credit card information used in a legitimate transaction. A Department of Justice national survey has shown that approximately 4 million households suffered an unauthorized use or attempted use of a credit card in 2007. In the future it is estimated that one billion credit cards will be distributed that will susceptible to electronic credit card skimming according to a statistic provided by the United State Bureau of Justice....   [tags: transaction, ATM skimming]

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JPMorgan Chase and Company

- JPMorgan Chase and Company JPMorgan Chase and Company was set up in 1968 as a corporation by Delaware law. It is the leader in financial transaction processing and asset management, financial services for consumers and businesses, and also investment banking. This company is the servant to millions of customers in over 70 countries. The principle bank branches include JPMorgan Chase Bank, National Association and Chase Bank USA, NA. JPMorgan Chase's principal non-bank branch is J.P. Morgan Securities, Inc....   [tags: banking, financial transaction processing]

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The Pricing Strategy For Cinemas And Concerts

- It is a good entertainment experience to watch film or concerts on causal occasion. However, I am always confused as to why all seating prices are the same for a film in a cinema. Why don’t cinema promoters set different ticket prices for different seats from the first row to the last row in a room that is available to hold almost 200 audiences. While different seating prices vary greatly for concerts, the highest prices at concerts are over hundreds of dollars more than cinema prices. So, why does the cinema industry and concerts industry set different seating price strategy....   [tags: Cost, Costs, Pricing, Transaction cost]

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Full Service Provider : Farmers

- Full Service Provider: Farmers In full services provider business models, the company offers a full range of services and products including both companies own product and services and a wide range of products provided by other firms (Vidal, 2014). In this model the company build the direct relationship with consumers and knows more about consumers than any others firms, whose product company sell. They also work as intermediary for other firms products. The company captures and store customers’ information and transaction histories in a master database and this help companies to identify product and services that match’s individual customer and offers them the same....   [tags: Sales, Retailing, Transaction cost, Economics]

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Sleeping Bears Online Ebook Database Management Guide

- Sleeping Bears Online eBook Database Management Guide In the interview with Scharleen Berens, the information that was obtained we were able to build a database, after collecting the information required creating the database by identify the needs of the client. She was given recommendation on what type of naming conventions, indexing strategy, backup and recovery strategy, RAID configuration, SQL injection prevention strategy, and transaction management that would suit her Online eBook Store, in doing this with further research, trial and error, we were able to identify the elements needed to complete this project....   [tags: SQL, Database, RAID, Database transaction]

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Impact Of International Diversification And Firm Performance

- impact on firm performance (Chandler, 1962; Ansoff, 1965; Rugman et al., 2011; Verbeke, 2012). Such performance is based on a firm’s ability to exploit foreign market opportunities and imperfections through internalisation. Numerous studies have examined the relationship between international diversification and firm performance, but these studies have only provided evidence of conflicting outcomes (Lu & Beamish, 2004; Thomas & Eden, 2004). Subsequently, this has prompted research that focused on potential theoretical reasons as to why there are inconsistent findings or a lack of....   [tags: Strategic management, Economics, Transaction cost]

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Financial Data Management

- Sahira has received employee complaints about the lengthy time it takes for her team to create financial reports. Her team explains that the computers are the problem and that the software programs are too difficult to use and that many hours of manual manipulation of data are required to complete monthly reports (Colorado State University-Global Campus, 2014, p. 6, ¶3). The management dilemma can be described as: Delays in financial reporting. (Appendix, Worksheet box 1). Upon further examination, the specific management question to be addressed is: Can financial data management be made more efficient....   [tags: financial reporting, transaction cycle]

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Bitcoin Usher in Digital Currency Age

- ... The currency stands more as an investment choice rather than an actually currency for purchasing item on a day-to-day basis due to the current limitations of the number of companies/people that accept it as a viable payment method. Coupled with the lack of history the value of Bitcoins are at a volatile stage and have yet to even out on a price, which in turn makes accepting it as a currency an arduous task needing constant maintenance. The Risks Aren’t the Same The structure of the Bitcoin system doesn’t allow for the fundamental risk that comes with printing more money when it is deemed necessary....   [tags: risk, benefit, inflation, collapse, transaction]

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High Frequency Trading

- ... 47--52) However, this can be argue, as HFT traders trade during good market conditions. During, volatile market conditions, HFT players may not trade, and thus the liquidity effect may not be there, and this may lead to extreme price movement. Secondly, lowering transaction cost. A wide spread means the fund must pay more to purchase a stock than it could sell it for at the same moment. High-frequency trading has reduced this cost by narrowing the bid/offer spreads, A wide spreads are seen as inefficiency, because buyers and sellers have difficulties to agree on a price that accurately reflects what is known about a stock....   [tags: super computers, mega transaction orders]

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Ethiopia Real Estate And Property Management

- Description of Company Ethiopia Real estate and property management LLC is an international real estate company, which is a culmination of the real estate companies in Ethiopia, Master or Regional RE/MAX franchises and partnership. Ethiopia Real estate and Property Management LLC formed by four dynamic visionaries who have about 80 years of experience with different fields such as: business management, Information technology, Law, and Real estate. The main objective of these visionaries’ are to fill the gap of the shortcoming in real estate sales technique as a whole in Ethiopia and to create the new way of doing real estate in one of the most vibrant developing country in The world....   [tags: Real estate, Property, Real estate transaction]

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Notion of Derivatives

- In the 2002 Berkshire Hathaway annual report, Warren Buffett details how it is that both the discrete and macroeconomic risks of derivative instruments pose a serious threat to the greater financial stakeholder. However, Buffet admits that his firm does use large derivative transactions to facilitate the management of its equity transactions, citing the micro-transactional benefit that can be realized by a party that is able to shift its risks to the financial market. With such a distinction in mind, this paper intends on developing how it is that the risks of derivatives are used in the global financial system to offset discrete financial risks, while replacing them with compounding counter...   [tags: market, risks, firm, transaction]

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Overview of the Oil and Gas Industry

- Content I. Introduction……………………………………………………………………………..…p2 i. Oil & gas industry……………………………………………...………….p2 ii. Big oil…………………………………………………………….…………p2 II. Capital structure…………………………………………………………………..………p3 III. Dividend and other distribution policies…………………………………………...……p4 IV. Mergers and acquisitions…………………………………………………………...……p5 i. Upstream. …………………………………………………………………p6 ii. Midstream………………………………………………………………….p8 iii. Downstream…………………………………………………………….…p8 V. Conclusion…………………………………………………………………………….…p10 I. Introduction` i. Oil & gas industry The oil & gas industry is among the largest industries in the world....   [tags: Downstream Transaction, Refineries]

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Proprietorship Business Transactions

- Question 1: Proficient: Discuss the effects of four of the five major accounting assumptions on the accounting process. The effects of the five major accounting assumptions that affect the accounting process are; 1. Business entity - the business entity assumes the data collected in an accounting system relates to a specific business. The Business entity concept assumes each business existence is separate from its owners, creditors’, employees, interested parties and other businesses. Under the business entity premise, the data collected is strictly about the business and not the owner....   [tags: accounting process]

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Cashless Transactions of Univeristy of Mindandad Employees

- ... Credit card and debit card represents a valuable way of moving money between consumers and corporations (Sartoris and Hill, 2009). . It has been known for some time that specific payment mechanism used by consumers has a significant effect on spending behavior. This seems particularly true of credit cards; customers using credit cards spend more than those paying by cash and cheque in spending situations. Use a plastic card to make all of their transactions which leads to much more simplified and more enjoyable experience....   [tags: payments, consumers, banks, growth, financial]

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Use of Islamic Sharia Law in Commercial Transactions

- Islamic Sharia Law in commercial transactions involves several prohibitions such as those of riba and gharar. Muslim scholars have agreed that the damages caused by dealing with usury and gharar outweigh their benefits; they are forbidden in the Quran and Sunna. However, this prohibition does not necessarily mean that all contracts which contain gharar are invalid; for example, sallam contracts contain gharar. The reason for this is that the benefits have overshadowed the harms. Therefore, the objective of this essay is to analyse Islamic rules in the prohibition of both usury and gharar in an attempt to demonstrate that, although they are prohibited because their harms outweigh their benefi...   [tags: Sharia Law]

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Equity-settled Share-based Payment Transactions to Recognize Services Rendered

- Equity-settled share-based payment transactions are those, in which the entity receives goods or services as consideration for the equity instruments of the entity. The goods or services received in an equity-settled share-based payment transactions and the corresponding increase in equity must be measured at the fair value of the goods or services, unless that the fair value cannot be estimated reliably. An Equity settled transactions with employees and directors would be normally expensed on the based of their fair value at the grant date....   [tags: Equity-settled, share-based, payment transactions,]

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Memo On Total Transactions At Total Sales Were Settled Through Arc

- 87 billion dollars in total sales were settled through ARC in 2015. 487,000 memos issued in this time frame totaling 141 million dollars with 1 memo issued for every 315 transactions. In 2014 it was 289 to 1 for a total of 140 million dollars in debit memos. For every $663.00 dollars in ticket value issued in 2013 there was $1.00 of debit memo value created. In 2015 there was $1.00 of memo value for every $614.00. A review of total transactions to total debit memo (ADM) volume shows that volume is down but the total transaction number has increased....   [tags: Credit card, Debit card, Smart card, Chargeback]

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Agile Software Solution Supporting Cross-Organizational Business Transactions

- ... 2. After schedule has been loaded they generate an xml file manually. The xml file is sent to multichoice. 3. Multichoice utilizes the xml file to display the information of the show (current playing and next show) and their three TV channels utilize the same xml to display Schedule on their website. If the Schedule changes e.g. on SABC1 at 20:00 is generation time. But sometimes you find that there is a soccer match like on 5/03/2014 Bafana Bafana vs. Brazil Match was televised on SABC1 at 20:00....   [tags: market, research, internet]

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International Financial Transactions Take Place Between Varieties Of Jurisdictions

- Introduction International financial transactions take place between varieties of jurisdictions which may belong to any of the existing legal families. Each legal family emerging in their own ways, with their respective philosophies are bound to have differences. For the purpose of this essay we shall look at whether in the current legal environment, in the context of set-off and netting do these differences matter or not and in case of any differences, if they are only based on terminology. To begin it is of use to identify main legal families....   [tags: Common law, Law, Bankruptcy, Civil law]

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Systems for Ensuring Secure Client/Server Transactions

- Securing Client/Server Transactions The three basic ways that security is implemented in the area of client/server transaction. The first area is firewalls. The basic idea of a firewall to monitor traffic from a trusted network ( a company’s internal network) to an untrusted network (such as the Internet). Firewalls fall into two categories, “proxies” and “packet-filtering” firewalls. Packet-filtering determines whether a packet is allowed or disallowed depending on the source of the packet and the contents of it....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Analysis and Research for a data warehouse system

- Analysis and Research for a data warehouse system Data warehousing is a difficult system and has to have the capability deliver quality data. An operational database is one which is used by organizations to run its day to day database activities. They are designed to handle rapid transaction processes with systematically updates. Velocity is important to operational databases. They are most commonly operated by office staff, and are on the order of megabytes of data to gigabytes. Database consistency checks and constraints are rigidly enforced....   [tags: Transactions, Velocity]

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Overload Management Issues Within Real-Time Databases

- Testing The reason for the selection of this topic is because it falls under the computer science category. We have been studying databases for four years and so the this topic area will be of great use when venturing into the cooperate world. Knowledge gained will assist in tackling real life situations when it comes to real-time database transactions. Diagnosing problems related to the topic area will prove slightly easier. Real-time databases are being utilized within the manufacturing for the benefits associated with the these databases compared to conversional ones....   [tags: manufacturing, transactions, resource]

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A Loan Versus A Sale

- A Loan Versus A Sale Enron’s Case of fraudulent transactions with the banking firm of Merill Lynch proves to be a perfect example of how loans are used to boost sales while in fact they’re technically not sales. In 2004 the “Nigerian barge” transaction ensued with Enron selling electricity-generating power barges to Merill Lynch. A huge sale as the company executives recorded it but it turns out it was actually a loan rather than a sale and that Enron did not actually earned from the transaction thus the investigations by the Securities and Exchange Commission in 2004....   [tags: Fraudulent Transactions, Banking Firm]

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Reserve Assets for Financing and Regulating Payment Imbalances

- ... Thus, accommodating transactions can be regarded as transactions which are deliberately taken to balance the balance of payment account. Thus, we can conclude that the balance of payment account always balances or needs to be balanced, either by autonomous transaction or accommodating transaction EQUILIBRIUM AND DISEQUILIBRIUM IN BALANCE OF PAYMENT When the credit is equal to debit in the balance of payment account it is known as equilibrium. Even when all transactions are recorded in the balance of payment account, very often either credit exceeds the debit or debit is more than credit....   [tags: capital, disequilibrium, transactions]

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Launching a Dot Comp Company such as Pay-Pal

- In March of 2000, Elon Musk, founder of, decided to acquire Confinity, a company specializing in payment cryptography. Confinity was founded in 1998 by four young entrepreneurs of computer science and economics backgrounds, and who, by 1999 had developed an encryption-based, money transfer system, which they called “PayPal.” Soon after had acquired PayPal, Musk decided to shift the company focus to the further development of PayPal, and ultimately decided to make it the new name of his company....   [tags: internet transactions, express-checkout]

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Overview of Mergers and Acquisitions

- The overview of mergers and acquisitions and literature review The topic of mergers and acquisitions has been increasingly investigated in the literature in the last two decades (Appelbaum et al., 2007) in response to the rise in M&A activities as well as the increasing complexity of such transactions themselves(Gaughan, 2002). With the purpose of setting an M&A context for the thesis topic, we will explore M&A activities in terms of its definition and classification, motivations, post-merger integration....   [tags: Transactions, Economy, Enterprises]

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Thanks to the Internet, Collection, Organization, and Retrieval of Information is Quick and Efficient

- ... They can also be extended with other payment services, enhancing their convenience and value. Every time the card is used, a record with the owner’s name, location, and time of the exchange is created. Transportation systems are able to track commuter’s movements and archive information on journeys made for future planning of routes, elimination of existing bottle necks, and decrease overall commute times. The data used for these business purposes could be released to law enforcement agencies under certain conditions as well (i.e....   [tags: tracking, data, transactions]

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A Brief History of Cryptography

- Computer science is a vast field that includes nearly everything relating to computers. Everyday there is information transmitted all over the Internet. Pictures are uploaded, transactions are made on thousands of online retail websites, and banking transactions take place everyday on the Internet. All of these transactions have created a need for secure communications. People wish to keep things like banking, medical, and political information from the eyes of unwelcome parties. This has created a need for cryptography....   [tags: computer science, transactions]

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Technology is Necessary for the Banking Industry

- ... This research study is to conduct what usually use by the UM CBAE Students regarding in mobile financial services in terms ofGCASH, Smart Money or even PayPal services. Statement of the Problem The researcher attempts to determine the utilization of mobile financial services in UM CBAE Student specifically, it seeks to answer the following question: 1. What is the profile of the respondents in terms of: 1.1 Gender 1.2 Age 1.3 Transaction 2. What Mobile Financial Services used by UM CBAE Students....   [tags: mobile, pay pal, transactions]

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Financial Statement Of A Business Transactions

- According to Hill (2003-2016) Asset is one of the three categories that show in the balance sheet. It considers the first convertible of the underling accounting. I chose this topic because I want to know more about assets and how it works. Each company must understand the importance of financial statement. Therefore, in this assignment, I will cover the most fundamental things related to financial statement and its types, assets such as types of assets, two more balance sheet sections like liability and equity....   [tags: Generally Accepted Accounting Principles]

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Experience Coin, a.k.a. EPC, Used in Online Gaming Platforms

- The Experience Coin (abbreviated as EPC) is dedicated to be used in online gaming platforms. The coins are generally used as a digital intermediary in trading and also as an online mode on trade. These coins are specific to online gaming platforms and online gamers unlike other coins which may be used for purposes such as charities. This coins were by Milad Afdasta who an old gamer and a software engineer Boston, MA. It uses cryptography to manage the process of creating the coins. These coins can be owned by a person through a procedure referred to as mining, in this way, the users will need to record and verify their payments for transactions and new experienced coins....   [tags: charities, cryptography, transactions]

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Business Transactions on the Internet

- Business transactions on the Internet otherwise known as, E-Business is the latest way to interconnect with business associates, provide customer service, and partake in buying and selling. A benefit of an E-Business is the storefront becomes obsolete along with the entire inventory, physically managing employees, overhead costs, and the hassle of maintaining a physical location. Along with benefits of electronic business there are challenges posed, such as limited markets, trust, consumer protection and abiding by tax regulations (Baltzan 2013)....   [tags: e-business, tax free purchases online]

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The Advantages of Mobile Commerce

- ... Other areas of concern include cost and usability. Cost refers to the price attached to information accessed. Network operators, content providers and other stakeholders need to keep access cost affordable. Usability refers to how easy it is for a mobile user to access information, however it is subject to the type of application and mobile device been used. Stakeholders need to ensure that applications, services and devices maintain a high level of usability for mobile commerce to thrive. In addition Privacy and security concerns exist, as data sharing increases....   [tags: electronic transactions using smartphones]

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9/11 Conspiracy Theory: Government Intervention and Involvement

- The official story of 9/11 is a conspiracy theory in that the government claims 19 hijackers conspired together to hijack four planes and create terror in the world. Four American airplanes were hijacked; two were driven into the World Trade Centers and the third airplane into the Pentagon. The fourth airplane suspected target was the White House, but it was diverted by the brave men and women aboard that hijacked airplane, and crashed the airline jet before it could reach its target. It was like time stood still as America watched through television broadcast these unbelievable and horrifying events taking place....   [tags: Hijackers, Attacks, Transactions]

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Medicare and Fraudulent Transactions

- Due to the sheer volume of billing received each month, it is impossible for the system to review all the information before payment has been released to providers. This has led to a reactive approach in dealing with fraudulent transactions. Medicare database systems are not discovering fraud until after the fact and thus recovering funds can be challenging. As a result, over the last two decades, several legislations have been enacted to assist the Office of Inspector General (OIG) to investigate and prosecute offenders that have committed fraudulent billings against the taxpayer funded insurance system....   [tags: medicare database systems, billing, payment]

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The Impact of E-Commerce

- With the invention of the internet, trade experienced a fundamental transformation; its inception introduced Electronic Funds transfers thus enabling banks and businesses to transfer money in a timely and efficient manner, as credit cards allow consumers to obtain credit easily. Moreover, the creation of the World Wide Web changed the dynamics of business dramatically, bringing many troubles along with its benefits. By the mid-nineties, many different companies started to boast online retail options and services which created a substantial breakthrough in banking and shopping....   [tags: Business transactions, Consumers, Ethics]

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Payment Systems and Security

- Payment Systems & Security From PayPal to Debit cards, from EFT to Credit cards, this modern world has been inundated with new ways of making business transactions. Instead of the conventional use of dollars and nickels, now there are electronic payment systems. These types of systems allow for better trust and acceptance between consumer and businesses. In the traditional way of buying a product, one would see a product in person, and pay for it with cash or credit. In e-commerce, the business uploads images of its products online and it enables its customers to shop it using any type of electronic payment system....   [tags: marketing, transactions, electronic, payment]

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How to Be Free

- The libertarian party believes that having freedom to choose and independence is the central component of living a great life. The government has a minute role in a free society, and that is “to help individuals defend themselves from force and fraud” (Eclipse, “What is the Libertarian Party”). A liberal favors progress and change in matters. No single way or technology is preserved when there are better methods available. A liberal believes change is as much a part of life as getting old. As was mentioned above already, the free market is a constructed place which prioritizes freedom: the freedom to participate or opt out; freedom to work or not work; freedom to compete or not compete; fre...   [tags: libertarian, party, government, transactions]

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Methods that Smith and Jones Could Have Used to Steal $34 million in Cash over 12 Years under KOSS's Internal Control System

- ... • Another cash larceny scheme that could have been committed was reversing transactions or revering entries. By stealing funds, Sachdeva and Mulvaney could have gone back into the books and reversed the entries of initial transactions - essentially covering up their theft. • If Sachdeva and Mulvaney could have stolen receivables either by skimming or force balancing a transaction. • Sachdeva and Mulvaney were also in position to make personal purchases through false invoicing. They could bypass internal control requiring Michael Koss to authorize payment....   [tags: revering entries, reversing transactions,skimming]

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Related Party Transactions

- PART A Related party transactions (RPTs) are transfers of resources, services or obligations between an entity and related parties: members of the same group, associates or joint ventures (AASB 124, paragraph 9). RPTs are the synergies within different parts of the conglomerate, and thereby, lead to healthy cost efficiencies and profit maximization of the group. For parents, RPTs help them improve risk management and effective control to subsidiaries (Basel, 1999). RPTs can be carried out on the base of relationships between parties through the presence of control, joint control or significant influence (AASB 124, paragraph 5)....   [tags: Finance]

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Internat Banking Systems

- Today Information Technology revolutionized our life almost in every filed. One of among several blessing of information technology is Internet Banking services that brings ease and comfort for our banking activities. Over few years Internet Banking has evolved as convenient, self-serviced technology, cost-reducing and time saving channel. Internet banking is available 24x7 across geographies. Users of internet banking are increasing day by day since few years all over the world. In present hyper competitive environment internet banking works as a competitive differentiator among banks....   [tags: Technology, Transactions, India]

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Impact Of The European Union On International Transactions

- General Comments One item of great note of this case study is the fact that it is for a financial institution that is involved heavily in international transactions. This flavors the report because if a company is doing their work on a global and international basis, then there is a requirement to deal with compliance, the legal and regulatory requirements in the rest of the world. The European Union has their privacy requirements and Japan both have a type of Sarbanes-Oxley, with France, Germany, Canada and Australia having both regulatory and legal requirements embracing the ideas of (NIST Special Publication 800-53, Revision 4)....   [tags: Security, Access control, Information security]

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The Electronic Transactions Act 2002 ( Eta )

- To Arataki, I am writing this report to illustrate the implications of the amendment 13A in the Electronic Transactions Act 2002 (ETA). The reason for the amendment was to gain certainty of when acceptance occurs in forming contracts by electronic communication. This affects eTrade for the reason that when acceptance has occurred the business is liable to perform the contract. Analysing the current law, there is a lack of certainty in regards to time of receipt and risk is heavily weighted on the one party....   [tags: Contract, Offer and acceptance, Contract law]

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Information Systems and e-Business

- E- Business Nowadays, information system have been expanded of our daily business life use because in this age of information, definitely every activity in our daily life today requires people to get involved in the use of information systems. It’s very important to have basic understanding of information system and technology in business area, because information system has become corporation of our daily life business activity as marketing, operation management, finance, accounting and any other business function....   [tags: business activity, transactions, e-commerce]

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After The Recovery From Ww2 For International Transactions

- After the recovery from WWΙΙ, the Dollar has prevailed as the international currency that is used in international transactions. Hence, 60 % of international operations are made in dollars. Countries do not use their own currency in order to make investments and trade abroad because their currencies are not accepted in the global market. Hence, these countries need to use other currencies that are globally accepted while making international transactions. This situation makes these countries to be in a disadvantaged position because, in order to invest or trade abroad, they have to convert their currency into the currencies that are accepted in the global market....   [tags: Debt, Money, Currency, International trade]

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Accounting Is The System Of Recording And Summarizing Business And Financial Transactions

- Accounting is the system of recording and summarizing business and financial transactions; as well as analyzing, verifying, and reporting the results of a business to external and internal users (John, J. Wild, 2016 pg. 4). External users can be anywhere from potential investors to an audit agency. Internal users are people within the company that can use the information to get a picture of how the business is doing. In society, accounting is used to show the world how a business is performing in order for them to make a decision to invest in the company, use its services, or to pull out their investments....   [tags: Enron, Fraud, Financial statements, Inflation]

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International Business : Commercial Transactions Across Nation Borders

- International business refers to the commercial transactions across nation borders. The different ways international business is being done include trade, foreign direct investment, licensing, franchising and management contracts. Over the last five decades, statistics show that international trade and investment has grown faster than the domestic economies. The globalization in international business will continue to accelerate with the emergence of national economies, advancements in technology, increase in FDI, similarity of needs and wants as driving factors....   [tags: Investment, Economics, Globalization, Economy]

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Inter-Branch Transactions

- ... No. of Stickers used DPN Nos. 01 Normal verifications 41 A552523 – A552563 711 – 761 Note : no irregularities observed in GL advances a. List of pledges under low weight ornaments – 18 Nos., of Advances, (Total amount of Rs.64,800/- , and Weight of 42.900gms.,) – Corporate Office has firmly instructed that, branches should avoid small ornaments like studs, baby ornaments, Ear Rings, which individual weight is less than 4.000gms, especially stone studded ornaments. If pledged along with other higher value ornaments the above said ornaments weight has to be taken as 50% of their original weight....   [tags: audit, loans, packets, development]

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Ethical, Legal, And Regulatory Issues Differ On B2C Vs. B2B

- In order to evaluate the differences between a B2C site and a B2B site it is required to know what B2C and B2B represent. B2C is a consumer that shops on the Web and a B2B is a transaction conducted between businesses on the Web (Schneider, 2004). Reviewing ethical, legal and regulatory will provide a better understanding of what the requirements are for a B2B and B2C site. According to, ethical is being in accordance with the accepted principles of right and wrong that govern the conduct of a profession....   [tags: B2B B2C Transactions Shipping Direct]

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A Comparsion of Accrual Accounting and Cash Flow Accounting for Financial Transactions

- In this paper I will describe two different systems that companies use to record their financial transactions; the Accrual and the Cash Flows accounting, in the same way I will explain the reason why companies keeps accounts and what do they need it for. Accounts are records in which transactions affecting liabilities, owners’ equity, revenue, expenses, and assets are registered. These accounts are mostly used to track and corroborate the usage of the cash available; moreover it has the aim of produce accounting information that will be express as useful information regarding a particular company, business, and firm....   [tags: companies, accounts, systems]

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Financial and Operating Lease Transactions as Tools in Financial Risk Assessment

- In the past few decades, lease accounting issue is widely discussed among different kind of enterprises. Nowadays, most investors and creditors in order to make an appropriate decision for their investment, or borrowing money to a company usually rely on the evaluation of a firm’s statement of financial position. However, in recent years, some irregularities within lease accounting have become a critical issue when evaluating the statement of financial position of a company, especially those with a large amount of operating leases....   [tags: Economy, Finance, Decision Making]

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International Business Transactions and Negotiations that Cross National and Cultural Borders

- The biggest apprehensions in international business are related to transactions and negotiations crossing national as well as cultural borders. In order to make this mechanisms take place on an international base level, businesses awareness of external uncertainties needs to be tackled and turned into a beneficial dimension. Reducing risks and getting access to new markets are major goals of international co-operations such as mergers, strategic alliances, contractual forms of co-operation and international joint venture (IJVs)....   [tags: joint ventures, foreign investments, partnership]

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Systems for Ensuring Secure Electronic Transactions (SET)

- Systems for Ensuring Secure Electronic Transactions (SET) Attacks earlier in the year on major e-commerce sites, including E*Trade;, the leading e-tailer; eBay, the online auction house; CNN, the news service; Yahoo!;; and Zdnet, a technology news and information web site, have heightened the awareness of securing e-commerce sites (“E-Commerce Sites,” 2000, p.106). This is just the first example of a rampant problem that has cost e-tailing companies millions of dollars in losses....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Proposed Accounting Standards Changes and Their Effects on

- ... There are specific areas that will receive the most signifiant changes. For instance, revenue would be recognized only from the transfer of goods or services to a customer. This alteration would affect some long-term contracts. Percentage-of -completion revenue recognition could be permitted but solely when the customer or client owns the work-in-progress as it is constructed (Journal of Accountancy, July 24, 2010). There would also be a requirement for a company to account for all distinct goods or services....   [tags: revenue, transactions, contracts]

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Taking a Look at American Express

- American Express has become one of the leaders in credit and debit card transactions of the financial world. As the most innovative company in the business, they were the first to develop a large-scale traveller’s check. Over the years the company became more of a financial company and with the advent of consumer credit and debit cards they became a major player in supplying this service to it's members. American Express produced a niche market of "card members" to fit the needs of various financial desires....   [tags: credit and debit card transactions]

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The Human Side of Management and Leadership

- The human side or management and leadership is a complex idea, and an even more complex thing to try to apply. The human side of management can apply to all aspect of a business but there is a lack of seeing business that have a human touch anymore. The most powerful aspects of the human side of management are personalization, service, innovation, and overall management. Personalization can have a huge impact on the overall success of failure of a business, most businesses are slightly unique in the products or services that they provide to their customers....   [tags: business transactions, customers]

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The Political Economy of Globalization

- Globalization exists when neither distance nor international boundaries obstruct economic transactions. Furthermore, globalization increases political relations among a wide variety of people and nations. Globalization, according to L. Mosley “disregards political boundaries” (Mosely, 2007, p. 107); it establishes a sense of openness and acceptance throughout corresponding countries. In “The Political Economy of Globalization”, Layna Mosely asks the question: “Does economic globalization alter the capabilities of national governments....   [tags: economic transactions, relations]

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Public Versus Private Accounting

- Lucas Pacioli was the first to describe a system of debts and credits in accord with journals and ledgers in 1494. These basics came together to be the concoction for what is known as accounting. Since the formal establishment of accounting in 1494, the field has expanded as the demands of the ever-changing economy became greater. The industrial revolution created the first jump in the field forcing the creation of sectors within. Since this first creation of sectors, accounting as a field has been creating more specific sects to accommodate a large variety of areas....   [tags: transactions, training, stigmas]

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