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The Component Of Invitational Learning

- component of invitational learning which according to Collison and Cook (2007) serves to increase learners’ “exposure to a variety of ideas and experiences” (p. 96). Consequently learner participation and engagement will achieve meaningful personal and professional development, and promote higher levels of organisational productivity. To fulfil this, organizations need to develop trainers, and build in place structures which provide support to make compliance training invitational. Democratic Learning Compliance learning promotes learning that is initiated and driven by external agents for accountability purposes and as such it can be considered to fall under the “hidden curriculum” (Giroux...   [tags: Learning, Knowledge, Skill]

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The Mistreatment of Circus Animals

- Imagine being in a circus ring watching tigers and lions leaping through blazing rings of fire, elephants standing on their heads, and monkeys riding red bicycles for a colossal crowd of screaming, cheering fans. The elephant’s exhausted, worn body is swamped with intricately designed red and orange drapes. The sweet, endearing smell of fresh cotton candy and popcorn fills the humid air with thrilling excitement. When the eccentric show has reached the grand finale and has finally come to an end, a trainer swiftly arrives with a pointy bull hook and forcefully thrusts it into the elephant’s scarred side....   [tags: inhumane treatment, abnormal behaviors]

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I Am A Better Listener

- The event/situation that the first selfie reflects is listening to the Presidential Speech after the election results on my laptop in my room. The laptop is in front of the camera while I am in the background because it accentuates what I am looking at. My character’s role in this selfie is to show the surprised reaction because I did not expect the election to turn out the way it did. I think the people that would like this post is anyone interested in the presidential election such as liberals, conservatives, independents, democrats, republicans, etc....   [tags: Left-wing politics, Right-wing politics]

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E Learning Is Dependent On Technology

- E- Learning is a very useful tool when it come to train all kinds of individuals but there are some disadvantages to it as well. There are many issues when it come to E- learning, The most common issue is that E-Learning is dependent on technology. This is an issue because what if the traineer doesn 't have the ability to access the learning tool For example internet, more and more E-learning programs require the internet at some time. Well what happens when the trainer doesnt have access to the internet or the internet fails....   [tags: Skill, Learning, Training, Psychology]

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Goal and Targeted Marking in Super Bowl Budweiser Ad

- ... Noticing this the horses race to rescue him from being taken away. The horses succeed and they all walk back to ranch with Labrador retriever puppy looking like a big happy family; the trainer kneels down where the puppy jumps on him giving plenty of wet kisses. The ad ends with the Labrador retriever puppy and his favorite Clydesdale horse happily playing. Goal and Target Market: The goal of this commercial is to appeal to its consumers’ emotions. We humans are emotional buyers, we buy something because we feel a certain way....   [tags: puppy, emotion, commercial]

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What is Sports Medicine?

- What is Sports Medicine. Well the word says it all; sports medicine is the study and practice of medicine related to the science of sports in the areas of diagnosing and treating sports injuries, injury prevention, and athletic training that includes workouts or exercises and nutrition. In other words, sports medicine is a field of medicine that concentrates exclusively on the injuries resulting from sports such as football, baseball, basketball, and other sports. There are many different kinds of sports injuries; therefore there have to be several kinds of orthopedics or specialists to treat patients according to their injuries....   [tags: science, diagnosis, sport injuries]

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Is Tilikum the Killer Whale Truly a Killer?

- Tilikum is the name of the most notorious killer whale in Seaworld. He is responsible for three deaths in SeaWorld. The most recent case of the death of Dawn Brancheau in 2010 brought the world’s attention to the captivity of killer whales. Dawn Brancheau was one of the most senior whale trainer that is allowed to to work with Tilikum (Kirby 305). Despite that, many rounds of checks were carried out before the training starts. The incident occurred during a ‘Dine with Shamu’ experience where guest could eat while watching the killer whale interactions....   [tags: seaworld, orcas, captivity]

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The Documentary Blackfish By Gabriela Cowperthwaite

- How would you like to be abducted from your family and locked in a bathtub to live out the rest of your days and be used as a source of entertainment. That is exactly what happens when an orca is captured, which is disgusting and pure evil. The Documentary Blackfish by Gabriela Cowperthwaite helps depict the horrors that orcas face while in captivity and reveals the ugly and hidden side of SeaWorld. Blackfish does a great job at showing what SeaWorld has been hiding and really makes you hate them....   [tags: Whale, Killer whale, Dorsal fin, Beached whale]

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SeaWorld's Orca Whales

- The Orca or “killer whale” is the largest member of the dolphin family. Weighing up to six tons the Orca’s power and large size make it one of the fastest marine animals, reaching speeds up to 35 mph. Orca whale societies are pods of up to 40 individuals and all pods use hunting techniques close to what a wolf pack would use, but when in captivity Orcas do not have this freedom. In an Orca society, females are dominant, and many Orcas live with their mothers their entire lives. SeaWorld’s Orca shows should be illegal because captivity causes the Orcas too much stress, they are responding with violence among the others, themselves, and to human beings, and with OSHA’s bans captivity becomes...   [tags: Orca, Killer Whale, Dolphin Family, Sea Mammal]

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The Abuse Of Orcas Captivity

- The topic of the abuse of Orcas in captivity is a widespread injustice that culminates in the biggest orca training water park in the country, SeaWorld. Unfortunately, this abuse is practiced all over the world and is a major issue that many people want to see end. The documentary, Blackfish, presents these issues by educating people on the abusive conditions that takes place in these water parks. In the movie, one can see just how significant this problem is and the impact that it has had on the population of the orcas around the world....   [tags: Killer whale, Whale, Beached whale, Abuse]

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Overview of the Tenessee Walking Horse

- Index "Number 278 Your Honor!!!” This is what I hear as I ride my horse, Ranger, along the perimeter of the huge ring that holds all my fears, worries, hopes, dreams, and accomplishments. As the announcer yells into the loud speaker “Riders the judges say ride on at a Running Walk!” I pick up speed flying past my competition, so many World Champions and World Grand Champions on one fair ground, it can be over whelming at times. As the riders sit in the ring patiently anticipating the results all I can think is how lucky I am to be part of such an amazing breed of horse, and to feel blessed that the Tennessee Walking Horse Association was so great....   [tags: Breed, Abuse]

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The Relationship Between A Self Reported Choice Of Shoe Type With The Runner 's Footstrike Patterns And Injury

- Relationships Among Self-reported Shoe Type, Footstrike Pattern, and Injury Incidence The objective of this journal article was to examine the overall relationship between a self-reported choice of shoe type with the runner’s footstrike patterns and injury occurrence. The article took into consideration three different shoe groups, the traditional running shoe, minimalist shoe, and barefoot running. The objective was to assess the occurrence of any injury due to the different shoe group and also to identify the location of the injury....   [tags: Shoe, Footwear, Athletic shoe, Barefoot running]

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Sports Is An Integral Part Of Many High Schoolers Daily Life

- Sports are an integral part of many high schoolers daily life. Whether it be watching them performed, or participating in the events themselves, sports brings not only entertainment and exercise to a student, but also teaches them important social and teamwork skills that can be used beyond high school. However, in Oklahoma, students that choose to be homeschooled, whether it be for religious, academic or bad experience reasons, do not many options to turn to for athletic endeavors. While the families of those who are homeschooled still pay the same taxes to support the public school system, they are not allowed to participate in any sort of public school extracurricular activity, athletic o...   [tags: High school, Secondary school]

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Injury Prevention : A Concussion Game Against The Washington Redskins

- In late October, Philadelphia Eagles star running back Brian Westbrook suffered a concussion in a game against the Washington Redskins. He sat on the sidelines for two weeks, recovering but when he returned to play on Nov. 15 against the San Diego Chargers, Westbrook got yet another concussion, putting his season and his career in doubt. Westbrook 's immediate re-injury raises the question: should he have been playing at all. And just how many football players are returning to play too soon after concussions, or not having the seriousness of their injuries recognized....   [tags: Traumatic brain injury, Concussion]

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The Effects Of Concussions On High School Sports

- Forty-seven percent of sport’s concussions occur in contact high school football (Sports Concussion). A concussion, otherwise known as a traumatic brain injury, occurs when there is a forceful impact to the head, causing the brain to rattle around inside of the skull. Repetitive concussions, over the course of a sports career, can result in permanent brain damage and in some cases even death. Not all concussions are severe, but even a mild concussion, where symptoms include dizziness and nausea, can be harmful to the brain and the memory of students....   [tags: Traumatic brain injury, Concussion]

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Damian Wyatt's Dream: The San Jose Earthquakes

- Damian Wyatt would always remember this day. The day when the San Jose Earthquakes chose him, a rookie, over all star Robbie Keane. As a first round pick, he had an immense amount of pressure on his shoulders. As he walked into the press room after getting drafted, the alternating blue and green tiles popped out at him. The blue tiles had the SJ logo inscribed on it while the green tiles had the MLS logo on it. All of those tiled were on the wall behind him though. As he turned around, his heart plummeted....   [tags: professional soccer teams and drafting]

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Benefits Of Orcas Staying Out Of Captivity

- Rebuttal: Benefits of Orcas Staying Out of Captivity It is clear that people who support orcas being in captivity have some fair claims. Nevertheless, they do not have their eyes on the bigger picture. When killer whales are held in captivity they truly live up to their name. “No killer whale has ever been reported to have killed a human in the wild, or even seriously injured a human in the wild, and no killer whale has ever been known to be killed in a fight with another whale. All of those things have happened in captivity” (J.V, 2012, page 1)....   [tags: Killer whale, Whale, Life expectancy]

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Why Seaworld Is So Popular Today?

- Captive Orcas Orcas, also known as killer whales, have been in captivity for over fifty years The captivity of killer whales made SeaWorld famous, and this is why SeaWorld is so popular today. There has been over one hundred orcas taken from the wild and sent to captivity. SeaWorld, however, has captured more than twenty of the whales, and more than thirty of their whales have been captive-born. The one hundred plus whales weren’t just taken from the wild. They were taken from their family. Because of the poor treatment that SeaWorld has caused to these whales, they have killed or injured more than one hundred people in captivity....   [tags: Killer whale, Whale, Beached whale, Killer whales]

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Elbow or Shoulder Pain and Professional Baseball Pitchers

- Elbow or Shoulder Pain and Professional Baseball Pitchers It’s fair to say that a good baseball game can lie in the hands of the pitcher. According to an article by the American Journal of Sports Medicine, 50 percent of professional baseball pitchers experience elbow or shoulder pain due to the way they throw the ball. Because not much research has been done on professional baseball athletes, the purpose of this publication was to find at what point in the pitcher’s technique does most of the damage occur....   [tags: essays papers]

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Case Study of Ankle Injuries in Sports Medicine

- Case Study of Ankle Injuries in Sports Medicine Ankle injuries rank as the most common injury in athletics today, and compared to men, women basketball players are 25 % to 60% more susceptible to spraining their ankles. The article began by hypothesizing that this rate is so high in women, because ankle-strength is due to an inversion-eversion muscle strength ratio that is associated with ankle injuries. And past experiments have proven that women, on average, have less muscle strength at the ankle than men....   [tags: Papers]

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Abuse Under the Big Top

- ... Kenny, a three year-old Asian elephant owned by the Ringling Bros. circus, became lethargic and listless, and as the day progressed, began to bleed. Though the circus veterinarian prescribed antibiotics and recommended he skip the shows until signs of definite improvement occurred, it was show day, and an eager audience was waiting for Kenny to entertain them. The young elephant performed his third show for the day, under threat of physical punishment by his trainer, and was returned to his shackles afterward....   [tags: circus animal neglect and exploitation]

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Killer Whales Kept in Captivity

- For several years, Americans have been visiting amusement parks, like SeaWorld and Six Flags, to observe large animals like orcas, also known as killer whales. These whales are quite difficult to view in the wild, but can now be seen for a simple fee. Orcas are known to be one of the smartest mammals. They are friendly, and this has caused people to take advantage of them. For the past sixty years, people have brought these massive creatures into their aquariums to make a profit from their exhibitions....   [tags: amusement parks, attacks, orcas]

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Who's The Real Animal?

- Who’s the Real Animal. Imagine being two years old, forced to run as fast as you can; your legs are fractured but you can't tell because you're pumped full of illegal drugs and pain medicine that makes it unnoticeable. Imagine being eleven months pregnant and all you want to do is lay down but you're strapped to one spot furthermore your feet are hurting because you've spent the last six months standing on concrete. Imagine having your legs intentionally hurt with chemicals just so you can walk a different way....   [tags: PMU, Morgans, Prempro]

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Training And Development Implementation Is Essential Functions Of Human Resource Management

- Background/History of T& D Training and development is one of the many essential functions of human resource management; it is deemed as the planning learned experience by which employees are taught various aspects of a given job and most importantly how to perform a job and or a future tasks. The basis for training and development implementation is to mold an efficient employee who performs tasks effectively resulting in optimum productivity, which aids in an organization’s overall aspirations....   [tags: Training, Profession, Skill, Employment]

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Review of the Relevant Literature and Industry Specific Barriers

- ... Many studies have been made regarding the importance of motion versus non-motion. Motion platforms can provide motion for roll, pitch, heave, surge, yaw, and sway. Motion platforms also can provide crucial over-controlling feel characteristics and play a crucial role in takeoff and landing scenarios. From these motions, a user is able to replicate conditions of a hard landing enabling them to gain experience for aircraft scenarios. Motion simulation platforms enable users to feel how their vestibular and hepatic/tactual systems respond to the different flight regimes (Macchiarella, 2011)....   [tags: aviation, training, curriculus, techniques]

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Case Scenario: Managing Diverse Generations in the Workplace

- Case Scenario: Managing Diverse Generations 1. What practices will help to retain these mature workers (Veterans and Baby Boomers). First off, retention for all generations starts on day one of employment (Martin, 2006, pg. 118). Beginning in orientation, it is a good idea to ask workers what their ideal career path would be and what can be offered throughout each stage of their career. However, there are some best practices to follow to assure retention of more mature workers, such as flexible work arrangements, short-term sabbaticals, “phased retirement”, part-time work, and “bridge jobs” (Martin, 2006, pg....   [tags: elderly, employees, mentor]

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Concussion Is A Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

- Concussion is a mild traumatic brain injury (TBI). Mechanism of injury is a direct blow to the head, neck, face, or somewhere to the body causing a biomechanical force to the brain. Symptoms can be grouped into 4 categories: physical, cognitive, emotional, and sleep. Sleep disturbance is common, but most athletes complain of fatigue and sleeping more often. The two most common signs are headache and dizziness. Signs and symptoms usually go away in about ten days. Taking a detailed history is key to assessing a TBI....   [tags: Traumatic brain injury, Concussion]

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- The article on Black America Web entitled “The state of Black America, Part 4: Health as Wealth” (Lewis, 17 Jan. 05) is mainly addressing how African Americans should get check-ups, eat a healthier diet, exercise, among other things to maintain their health. The authors main point of writing an article about health is so that African Americans will be propelled to take preventative measures to prevent and treat disease that may be debilitating or lethal, to get professional help if they are not feeling mentally prepared, and to put aside mistrust of the medical profession....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Analysis Of The Documentary ' Blackfish ' By Director Gabriela Cowperthwaite

- SeaWorld has been around for many years now and they are known for their performance with orcas. In addition to that, SeaWorld has recently announced that they agreed to end captive breeding of killer whales. In the documentary “Blackfish,” released in 2013, director Gabriela Cowperthwaite created this documentary to inform the audience that holding orcas in captivity is unhealthy for them and perilous to trainers. The film primarily to inform viewers on the inhumane treatment and unlivable conditions of whales at amusement parks, mainly directing it towards SeaWorld....   [tags: Whale, Killer whale, Beached whale, Michael Bigg]

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My Leadership : My First Leader

- For everyone leadership means something especial. For some people leaders are those who can inspire, control, sometimes organize them, for others leaders are the most honest persons. There is no individual who never met at least one leader in their life. For someone the first leaders are parents or other relatives, for other teachers or coaches. I am that person who met the first leader in the training arena. For me leader is a person who always can support people without any pressure, who will never force other to do what they want....   [tags: Management, Leadership, Skill]

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Horse Training and Showing

- Riders and horses that compete prepare through a training process that aids participation skills and showmanship. Horse competitions require the people participating to have a certain level of experience and knowledge. Due to this, horse trainers put an extensive amount of time and effort into having to train their hose, prepare their horse, and participate in horse shows and events. The training aspect that goes into preparing a horse for showing can begin soon after a horse is born....   [tags: Horses, Shows, Races]

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Football’s Future in Question

- The number of sports-related concussions throughout the United States have increased dramatically in the past 10 years, which could lead to permanent brain damage or death for the athletes that suffer these concussions. Which is why football has not been sissified in America, the new precautions only make the game safer for those who play it. Football is an ever changing sport in which 300 pound athletes can now run the 40-yard dash in under 4.5 seconds, which would have been nearly impossible for any athlete to run when the sport was just created (Schottey)....   [tags: brain damage, nfl, players]

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Career Integration Research Assignment: Athletic Training

- The field of athletic training is one of the fastest expanding careers today. This could be due to the much greater demand for health care providers. Athletic trainers specialize in preventing, diagnosing, and treating muscle and bone injuries. They work with a diverse group of patients, from young children to professional athletes. Athletic trainers are usually part of a sport medicine team, which tend to include a physician, physical therapist, and even a sport psychologist. Many athletic trainers work in educational facilities, such as high schools and colleges....   [tags: Sports Medicine ]

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Interview With an Adult Learner

- In my interview I had the pleasure of conversing with an individual that was not only an adult learner but now also operates as an adjunct professor for adult learners at a university. Some might not realize the parallels of adult learners and yet still there are vast differences that impact both. It was refreshing to find an individual that was able to succeed as a professional, a student and most recently a professor at the same time. My goal is to introduce you my amazing interviewee and paint a vivid picture of his journey, his growth and through his challenges along the way....   [tags: Adult Learner Interview Paper]

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Training Needs Analysis Of Walmart

- Training Needs Analysis of Walmart The goals include training on leadership. The objective is for management to gain the proper skills to effectively lead teams, resolve conflicts, and better their management abilities. The training will address employee turnovers to low wages, effective communication strategies, and effective leadership. Management will become more strategic in selecting the right candidates to fill positions. The knowledge and skills attained will be that managers will become better leaders by becoming more empathetic....   [tags: Management, Training, Skill, Leadership]

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My Life After High School

- Life After High School What is your dream job. Do you wish to fly into space to explore the depths of the universe or do surgeries to save lives. Do you wish to be a famous actor in every movie or put out fires when they happen. Everyone in the world has a dream job. As a kid you fantasize about your dream job. As you grow up you must now choose what you want. This was my life as a kid. I love animals and always wanted to work with them. This started out when I was very young. The neighborhood I grew up in had many homeless animals....   [tags: Veterinary medicine, Veterinarian, Employment]

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What Makes Your Dream Job?

- What is your dream job. Do you wish to fly into space to explore the depths of the universe or do surgeries to save lives. Do you wish to be a famous actor in every movie or put out fires when they happen. Everyone in the world has a dream job. As a kid you fantasize about your dream job. As you grow up you must now choose what you want. This was my life as a kid. I love animals and always wanted to work with them. This started out when I was very young. The neighborhood I grew up in had many homeless animals....   [tags: Veterinary medicine, Veterinarian, Employment]

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Various Cardio Exercises

- No matter how many exercises you do to strengthen your abdominals and the muscles surrounding hips, if you have excess body fat, you'll never see any definition, because your muscles will be hidden under the fat. The American Heart Association suggests losing weight by doing 30 to 60 minutes of cardio on most days of the week and strength training on two days. Cardio can include jogging, bicycling or swimming, while strength training should target your large muscle groups. Combined with a reduced-calorie diet, this can result in a daily deficit of 500 calories and weight loss of 1 pound a week....   [tags: Strength, Training]

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Marine Mammals in Captivity

- Imagine a warm day in February, a day that you have been waiting for forever, to see a majestic sea mammal, an orca (commonly known as a killer whale). The show was called “Dine with Shamu”, the orcas were doing amazing tricks and splashing the kids in the front row. After the show was finished, you make your way under the stadium to get a picture with the star of the show, Tilikum. As you wait for him to show himself, a siren goes off and sends everyone into a panic. You look at the crystal clear pool behind the glass, and see Tilikum dragging a women’s body down to the bottom of the pool....   [tags: Sea Mammal, Orca, Killer Whale]

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Killing the Killer Whale

- ... After drilling of the teeth, the area must be washed thoroughly every day for the rest of the particular orca’s life. Bad dental issues can lead to many other health problems such as infections, pneumonia, and even a heart attack. Orcas are also constantly receiving antibiotics, which causes “…disruption of normal bacterial flora in the gut, malnutrition, and susceptibility of the host to opportunistic pathogens such as fungi and yeast.” The orcas also get a great deal of sunburn because there is no protection from it in such a shallow pool....   [tags: Orca trafficking, inhumane acts]

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Comentary On Line Training

- Comentary On Line Training Constant training, retraining, job-hopping, and even career-hopping, will become the norm, predict Mary O'Hara-Devereaux and Robert Johansen (qtd. in Pritchett 45). This makes the trainer's position all the more valuable in the work place. The demand for training will continue to increase as employees move more frequently from job to job. It is important that trainers realize and act upon this fact. Training programs will need to fit the changing needs of the work force....   [tags: Training Job Workforce Essays]

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Athletic Training Education Program

- Athletic Training Education Program To achieve a degree in Athletic Training, there are many tasks and skills to be learned. The Education Council under the National Athletic Training Association put together an education program filled with a set of guidelines of what has to be taught to graduate with a degree in Athletic Training. Before you can learn and understand Athletic Training, you must know the Anatomy and Physiology of the human body. This includes bones, muscles, levels of organization, tissue levels, systems of the body, skeletal structure, articulations, integrative functions, sensory function, blood, and embryology (Martini, 2001)....   [tags: Education School Athleticism Essays]

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Successful Organizational Diversity Management

- Successful Organizational Diversity Management Why is organizational diversity important. Historically, diversity in the workplace has been recognized as an employment equity issue. Now, however, diversity in the workplace is being recognized as a benefit that will contribute to an organization's bottom line. Increased employee and customer satisfaction end up as increased productivity, all of which are measurable outcomes (Goff, 1998). Diversity goes beyond employment equity to nurturing an environment that values the differences and maximizes the potential of all employees, one that stimulates employee creativity and innovativeness (U.S....   [tags: Workplace Employment Business Essays]

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The Relationship Between Physical Activity And Cognitive Abilities Of Older Individuals

- Literature review: This literature review is aimed at gathering relevant information on the subject of the relationship between physical activity and cognitive abilities of older individuals particularly those suffering from cognitive disease. Cameron, Lucas & Machado’s 2014 article examining the relationship between a chronic physical activity levels (CPAL) and cerebrovscular and cognitive functioning in healthy young women predicited that healthy young adults would exhibit positive relationships between CPAL and cerbral oxygen avaliability....   [tags: Cognition, Psychology, Memory, Cognitive science]

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Dolphins in Captivity vs. Dolphins in the Wild

- Dolphins have long been a creature of great fascination for many humans around the globe and throughout time. They were once completely wild and are now reduced by the hundreds, if not thousands, each year from various events that occur. These events range from being caught for research and used in an aquarium for human entertainment to being trapped and killed for their market value. Any of these occurrences come down to making money. Some of the similarities and differences associated with the two primary living environments known for dolphins, wild and captive, will be explored....   [tags: Dolphins]

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History and Methods of What Is Teaching

- There are many resources one can come across to be informed on the history of education and many different methods that will help teachers with their planning and their strategies during their teaching time. School and Society: Historical Contemporary Perspectives gives us information from different scholars who focused on methods, and wanted to change things within the school systems. Experience & Education also brings information about parts and history, and events about school and the program....   [tags: schooling, concepts, education]

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Training Proposal for Insurance Legal Department

- If I were in charge of training in my department, I would develop a training program that would reduce the number of transaction errors by implementing a “systematic acquisition of skills, rules, concepts, or attitudes that result in improved performance.” (Aamodt, 2013, p. 284) It is essential for an organization to train its employees to enable higher success rates amongst them and more balance between them with all possessing a learned higher level of knowledge and skills to aid them in highly efficient and effective performance....   [tags: improved performance, eliminating erros]

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The Effects of Mistreatment of Animals

- “If slaughterhouses had glass walls, we would all be vegetarian.” - Paul McCartney ( This quote is a bold statement but is also very true. What people don’t see tends not to bother them as much. This is especially true when it comes to the mistreatment of animals. Animal mistreatment happens in a variety of ways: how we treat animals used as food, how we treat animals for entertainment, how we treat animals for lab testing, and how we treat animals in the wild....   [tags: rights, cruelty, entertainment]

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Asperger Syndrome : Asperger 's Syndrome

- If a person believes a loved one may have Asperger’s Syndrome, they should go through proper testing and, if the tests are positive, get an official diagnosis. The earlier it is detected, the better. The person then can learn coping skills and have therapy earlier on in life; it is especially helpful to have these services before puberty, however some people are diagnosed later on in life, especially females. Since both children and adults may be tested, there are Asperger’s Syndrome tests specifically for adults and those created specifically for children....   [tags: Asperger syndrome, Autism]

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Why Should Adopt A Shelter Dog

- Are you thinking of one day becoming a dog owner. You may be considering getting a dog in the near future or maybe you know someone that is looking to add a furry friend to his or her family now. One of the biggest decisions after deciding on getting a dog is where you should get it. When you begin your search, you will find there are many places you can get a dog. Pet stores, shelters, rescue groups and breeders are the most popular. I want to tell you why you should adopt a shelter dog rather than buy from a breeder....   [tags: Dog, Neutering, Animal shelter, Estrous cycle]

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Performing Identity At The Phonathon

- Performing Identity at the Phonathon In August 2013, when I first I arrived at Duke, I was trying to find a job that would teach me new skills. I was interested in a job that would enable me to step out of my comfort zone, and would force me to grow and gain experience in a professional environment. One day I received an email for job opportunities at the Duke University Annual Fund. The position offered was as a Student Caller for the Phonathon. Student callers are the ones responsible for contacting Duke alumni....   [tags: Personality psychology, Psychology, Performance]

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The Secret Behind Cross-fit Professionals

- The United States of America is considered one of the most out of shape countries in the world and has been in desperate need of a way to get in shape and stay in shape for years. According to CNN, about 80% of Americans do not get the proper amount of exercise. Over the past few years, cross-fit has become a common household name, it has opened the eyes of many Americans to what is now known as the fastest developing, and most efficient workout there is. Just about everywhere you go, you can easily access a cross-fit gym and within minutes begin to train with what people like to refer to themselves as “cross-fit professionals”....   [tags: shape, high risk, injuries, exercises]

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Dynamic Stretching for Resistance Training

- I have been doing resistance training since past four years and it has always been a bodybuilding type training i.e. training for muscle mass. Stretching exercises both before and after resistance training has been an important factor in improving my flexibility and increasing my joints’ range of motion. When you can flex, extend or circumduct your joints through full range of motion without any pain that is called flexibility. Many individuals often overemphasize flexibility training and not focus on improving the strength of the surrounding muscles which can lead to an injury....   [tags: athletics and exercise]

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The Application of Social Conflict Theory to Football

- The Application of Social Conflict Theory to Football In the book entitled Out of Their League, David Meggyesy describes his life as a football player from high school through his days with the St. Louis Cardinals of the National Football League (NFL). Born in 1941, Meggyesy was raised in a low-income household in Solon, Ohio. Like many athletes from impoverished backgrounds, he was able to use the game of football to better himself though both a full scholarship to Syracuse University and financial stability with the Cardinals....   [tags: Papers]

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The 4 Levels of Kirkpatrick’s Model

- Kirkpatrick's Model is a hierarchical model for evaluating training based on learning and results.  His 4 levels of evaluation are reaction, learning, behavior and results. These 4 levels can play a great role in the longevity of training department as the training process and period increases automatically when you incorporate Kirkpatrick’s model in your department thus giving rise to efficiency on the part of trainer. As these are the levels that comes after the actual training has been finished....   [tags: training department, learning, kirkpatrick]

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My Training Experience At Sous Chef Per Your Request

- I am writing with the aim of letting you know about my training experience as a sous chef per your request, also with some recommendations and knowledge about training in the service industry. As we know, a training manager is responsible with ensuring that all the employees are well trained with the necessary skills and knowledge to increase their productivity in the job. Your employees are the most valuable assets of your business, and training them to the necessary skills is of high importance....   [tags: Skill, Training, Employment, A Great Way to Care]

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Building A Corporate Structure Of Cincinnati And Cleveland, By Three Former Coffee Hut Associates

- GC3 Headquarters GC3 was established with the purchase of 14 Coffee Hut stores in Columbus, OH, by three former Coffee Hut associates. Over the next few years, GC3 expanded into Cincinnati and Cleveland, but has kept Columbus as their regional headquarters. Moving forward, GC3 grew with the purchase of Great Scoops and DaDeli. Due to this extreme growth, and need for centralized decision making, most of GC3 staff will reside at the company’s headquarters, aside from store managers and administrative staff....   [tags: Human resources, Human resource management]

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Comparing Hercules by Walt Disney and Creating the Myth by Linda Seger

- One of the greatest Greek mythological stories portrayed in a movie would be Hercules. Hercules is a well-known hero; he displays a supernatural individual who has to overcome the villain and his bad monsters. In “Creating the Myth” by Linda Seger, she argues that the hero myth as many obstacles (the death experience, the road back, the reborn) that he or she need to overcome to be transformed into a hero. However, these obstacles play a very important role in the hero’s stage of initiation....   [tags: comparison]

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Injury Interview : The Athlete Plays Softball And She Plays Short Stop

- Injury Interview The athlete plays softball, and she plays short stop. She is eighteen years old. She has had no previous injuries. The injury that she sustained was an ACL tear, and she tore both the medial and lateral meniscus. She was injured while playing in a softball tournament. She was running to first base after bunting the ball, and the second baseman that was coving first base was trying to find the base. The second baseman was actually all the way over the safety base, and when the athlete went to touch the base, she hit the second baseman’s leg in full stride....   [tags: Anterior cruciate ligament, Knee, Medial meniscus]

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An Elephant Crackup By Charles Siebert Drills On The Downfall Of Elephants

- Largely known as the biggest animal on the planet, elephant is always considered human’ friendliest wild friend. We have coexisted from the beginning of time, working, sharing this increasingly overcrowded land. In the crazy and fast pacing world of animals and the endless fight over the places in the food chain , elephant is still supposed to be the calmest because, according to some children’s book, those problems are too small compared to the size of the animal. However, it seems that this theory is only true in the childhood fantasy....   [tags: Elephant, Asian Elephant, War elephant, Al-Fil]

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Concussions : Has The Nfl Done All That It Can Prevent Them?

- Concussions: Has the NFL done all that it can to prevent them. Has the National Football League (NFL) done everything in its power to help with and prevent concussions. The NFL has been through alot with concussions ever since the sport has started. In Jon Bentz’s article he talks about in his introduction how “football was on the verge of being vanished. Deaths on the gridiron occurred almost weekly during the football season; there were 18 in 1904 and 19 in 1905” (John Bentz). Due to the fact of concussion the NFL made a law in 1940 that players must wear a helmet in order to play in the National Football League....   [tags: American football, National Football League]

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My Darling, My Blood - Film Review of Million Dollar Baby

- Abstract This film review will discuss Clint Eastwood’s 2004 movie Million Dollar Baby. Like a deluxe restaurant meal, veteran movie director and lead actor Eastwood carefully selected unique, high-quality ingredients for the script and co-actors, and skilled chefs – i.e. film artisans - to plan and create something exceptional. The final result leaves a subtle, distinct and memorable flavor. A Million Dollar Baby (MDB) film reviewer suggests that Eastwood’s “touch only gets lighter with time”....   [tags: film analysis, movies]

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Kenneth Oppel’s Half Brother and Sara Gruen’s Water for Elephants

- Animals are frequently used in literature to capture the reader’s attention and cause them to fall in love with the featured creature. In such cases, whether or not they talk, grant wishes, or save the day, the work is better remembered for the unforgettable creatures that will remain in the hearts of the audience forever. This featuring of animals is prominent in Kenneth Oppel’s Half Brother and Sara Gruen’s Water for Elephants. Both authors have incorporated the use of dynamic animal characters into their stories to contrast their main characters....   [tags: Animals in Literature, Literary Analysis. Readers]

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Is the Captivity of Killer Whales for Entertainment Purposes Inhumane?

- Is the captivity of Killer Whales for the entertainment of humans inhume. Suppose you were kidnapped from your family as a child by an alien species while your family watched in despair, crying out helplessly for your kidnappers to not rip you away from them. Now imagine then being strapped down and transported to a place unknown and once you arrive, you see that some of the other children that were also kidnapped have died. You then witness something that will forever remain engraved into your mind; you witness those monsters that took you hostage cut the children open, fill their bodies up with rocks, tie an anchor onto their feet and throw them into the ocean....   [tags: animal exploitation, animal cruelty]

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To Lose Belly Fat, Total Body Fat Must be Reduced

- ... Experts recommend this type of vigorous exercise for 75 minutes a week. (See References 3) You can incorporate intervals during most forms of cardio including bike riding, jogging, jumping rope, or while pedaling on an elliptical apparatus. Muscle-Strengthening Exercises Strength training can reduce your body fat including the fat below your belt. The muscle tissue you build requires your body to burn a lot of calories just to sustain itself; your resting metabolism increases and promotes weight loss....   [tags: diet, exercise, weight]

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The Impact of Fluency Tutor on Student Reading Scores

- The educational sector has reached a pivotal crossroads. Educational legislation and federally funded initiatives enacted by the current and previous Presidential Administrations, such as the Race to the Top and No Child Left Behind, have placed significant focus, in not only attention and scrutiny, but also in resources, on the advancement of educational attainment levels across the nation. The push for common educational standards has reinvigorated the interest of the general public in education in a way that has been unparalleled in recent history....   [tags: educational sector, NCLB]

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Analysis Of The Movie ' Million Dollar Baby '

- We arrive into this world without a choice; and depart just the same. In the movie “Million Dollar Baby”, Maggie Fitzgerald’s fictional character is a prime example active euthanasia. Maggie’s decision to die is morally acceptable, but it is not ethically acceptable by philosopher James Rachels’ argument. Maggie’s decision was not ethically permissible because she violated Kant’s categorical imperative “Act in such a way that you treat humanity, whether in your own person or in the person of any other, never merely as a means to an end, but always at the same time as an end” by asking her trainer, Frankie Dunn, to kill her....   [tags: Immanuel Kant, Ethics, Philosophy]

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Empowerment From The Management Team Of A Physician Practice

- As the new leader of the quality office attempting to gain commitment of empowerment from the management team of a physician practice, I would first define empowerment, the roles of leadership and the benefits of this approach. Empowerment is not about handing over the organization to the employees but going beyond asking them for ideas therefore it is about helping employees help themselves thereby creating an environment that works smarter not harder, promotes creative independent thinking, innovative, competitive and fosters employees who own their duties by increasing productivity and advanced competitiveness (Davis & Goetsch, 2010)....   [tags: Management, Leadership, Total quality management]

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Concussions And Its Effects On Today 's Sports World

- “The worst [concussion] I’ve had; I don’t remember getting hit. The first thing I remember is waking up in the locker room because I blacked out after the hit,” said Thomas College Assistant Trainer Mike Zemrak. Concussions are a very serious matter in today’s sports world. One can debate whether it is an epidemic or people are more educated and know when they have a more serious injury than a bump on the head. Symptoms can be as mild as a lasting headache and dizziness, to sensitivity to light and sound, to as serious as full body impairment....   [tags: Traumatic brain injury, Concussion, Brain]

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Ali Of Muhammad Ali 's Most Well Famous Quotes

- “I am the greatest, I said that even before I knew I was,” is one of Muhammad Ali’s most well known quotes. This quote by Ali gives a good idea who he was during his boxing days and childhood, but it does not reveal everything about him. The quote gives a sign of Ali’s pride, and the chip he has on his shoulder, and his confidence (S.C #5). Ali’s pride, confidence, the chip on his shoulder originated in his childhood, especially his pride, which he learned from his father (S.C #4). Ali is much more than one of the greatest boxers of all time; he is also a philanthropist and a member of the Nation of Islam....   [tags: Muhammad Ali, Boxing, Joe Frazier, George Foreman]

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Video Games Improve Violence Within Teenagers And Antisocial Behaviors

- Since their creation in 1972, video games have come a long way in our life. Originally invented for a science experiment purpose, Pong a black and white game, the video games industry turned into a bustling business thanks to technologies improvements. There is a growing body of opinion suggesting that video games improve violence within teenagers and antisocial behaviours. Therefore, scientific focused on the impacts of videogames on people. Scientists mainly focused on physical and psychological effects of video games on the subjects such as aggressiveness (Bartholow&Anderson,2002, Wallenius, 2008) or ability of taking decisions (Andrews & Murphy, 2006, Kim and al., 2008)....   [tags: Video game, Aggression, Video game controversy]

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Examining Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) in Professional Boxers

- The competitive nature of professional boxing plays an integral role in the longevity of the sport throughout earlier civilization to the modern-day era. The pivotal key in the success of boxing is the unpredictability of what each match entails, which often triggers excitement to highly devoted fans. Nonetheless, there are serious hazards associated with professional boxing (e.g., brain atrophy, and neurological and cognitive impairments). As a matter of fact, most fatalities in the ring are usually due to brain injuries such as brain hemorrhage, subdural hematoma, and brain contusions (Ryan, 1998)....   [tags: Medical Research]

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Personal Development Of Health And Social Care Setting

- This reflection has been written to explore my own attitude regarding learning and how it affects my personal development in the health and social care setting. I will introduce my preferred learning style. I will analyse difficulties which can occur with learning and present personal strategies to overcome them. I will be implementing different theories to underpin my strategies and to analyse their reliability. There are a variety of domains of learning in health and social care such as Bloom’s Taxonomy of the cognitive domain; “this includes knowledge and the resulting development of intellectual skills....   [tags: Learning, Knowledge, Learning theory, Skill]

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A Situation Of Cardiac Arrest At A Gym

- 1. 30 safety issues you should be concerned about in a situation of cardiac arrest at a gym are: -1. Gloves, 2. Airway, 3. Breathing, 4. Pulse, 5. Circulation through CPR, 6. Oxygen to brain, 7. Medication patches, 8. Spinal injury, 9. Availability of resuscitation mask, 10. Location of A.E.D., 11. Proximity to working phone, 12. Direct pathway to door, 13. Proximity to door, 14. Blood borne pathogens, 15. Existing pacemaker device, 16. Tuberculosis, 17. Piercings, 18. Dehydration, 19. Hepatitis B, 20....   [tags: Emergency medical services, First aid]

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The Usefulness of Methods in Language Teaching

- Introduction: Recently a big debate has been aroused on the issue of teaching methods and their usefulness to the actual practice in classroom. Some writers start to claim that methods are dead and are no longer considered in the teaching/learning process such as Brown(2002) . Whereas some others like Bell (2007) think that method still play a vital role in the teaching learning process. This essay will examine both views with relation to my own experience as a teacher and teacher trainer. First I will give a summary of both points of view then will review the usefulness of methods in relation to my profession and context....   [tags: Education, Teaching Methods]

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Kiteboarding: Let the Wind be the Guide

- Kiteboarding: Let the Wind be The Guide If a person enjoys extreme water sports, then kiteboarding is definitely something you will love to experience. Kiteboarding is a mixture of some of the most popular water sports today. Kiteboarding includes extremely fast speeds, awesome tricks and carving turns from other board sports, and the extreme jumps that provide big air that are not like any other of the water sports today (Wies). Kiteboarding includes many steps in the learning process and many types of equipment that are essential to help avoid the risks of unwanted accidents....   [tags: Sports ]

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A Career as a Public Health Specialist

- There is no doubt with the advances in technology that, as a population, we are continuing to live longer; yet with the cost of medical care constantly on the raise, is it any wonder an industry would develop out of the concept of “preventative” maintenance. We are after all, all too aware of this concept; from large corporations who strive to maintain their expensive equipment in an attempt to secure the bottom line, to the local neighbor who would rather afford the costs of preventative maintenance over the expense of replacing a broken down vehicle....   [tags: Occupational Issues]

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Small Business Development in the United States

- ... A mobile salon business is another way to take advantage of the large baby boomer generation that is now senior citizens. More elderly people would rather pay for a salon to come to their house to do their hair and nails. Food truck restaurants are appearing all over. This is no new idea, however this idea as a restaurant is gained a lot of attention since 2012. The investment is way lower and the failure rate is only 10 to 20% as opposed to a brick and mortar restaurant which is 60 to 90%. It is expected this industry will reach 2.7 billion dollars by 2017....   [tags: communication, recruiting, economy]

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Should Wild Animals Be Kept In Captivity?

- On February 24, 2010, Trainer Dawn Brancheau was killed by a captive killer whale which dragged her into its tank (McCarthy). This is not the only case where a trainer of ordinary person has been put in harm’s way because what is supposed to be a wild animal is being held in captivity. Wild animals should not be kept in captivity because it can lead to mental illness and abnormal behavior. Capturing wild animals for entertainment is not a new practice; it has been going on for years. In fact, “136 killer whales were captured in the wild and held in captivity since the first on in 1961” (McCarthy)....   [tags: entertaintment, houston zoo, abnormal behavior]

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A Full-body Weight Loss Routine is Necessary

- ... (See References 2) Choose cardio that engages your upper and lower body. For instance, use a rowing or elliptical machine, play racquetball, take a kickboxing or step class, or swing your arms while jogging or walking briskly. On two nonconsecutive days, speed up vigorous pace for about one minute throughout your workout. This turns your workout into high-intensity interval training, which effectively reduces body fat, because you to work harder and burn more calories and fat. (See References 3) Full-Body Strength-Training Exercises Strength training stimulates muscle tissue and is ideally done on at least two nonconsecutive days of the week....   [tags: diet, cardio, exercise]

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