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Analysis of the Trailer of The Others

- Analysis of the Trailer of The Others The main aim of film trailers is to encourage people to see the film. Filmmakers do this by showing some of the best clips from the film, but not so much that you’ll know what happens. While the clips are showing, usually an American voice gives you a brief synopsis. Other information given about the film is the director, the main actor, the age certificate and the date it is released. The horror genre has a good market because lots of people enjoy being scared senseless....   [tags: Free Essays]

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"I Want to Know Why": A Reality Check

- Sherwood Anderson's "I Want to Know Why" shows how a young boy realizes that his role model is not who he thought would be. The boy had just turned fifteen and had a passion for thoroughbred horses. His small town of Beckersville was filled with men who owned farmland and raced horses, his friends were just as passionate as he was. The boy and three of his friends from Kentucky went on a trip alone to see a horse race in Saratoga.. Before the race began, he wandered down to see Sunstreak, a beautiful thoroughbred, and knew for a fact he would win the race hands down that day....   [tags: American Literature]

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How The Product Will Be Marketed

- How The Product Will Be Marketed The trainers will have to be repositioned in my adverts to appeal more to elderly people, which will mean finding the areas of current trainer adverts that are targeted at younger people and replace them with alternatives which are more aimed at older people. This should be done but I must make sure that the product is still represented how I want it at the end of my advert. I would like my product to be seen by older folks as something that can give them more speed, balance, and a physical advantage, whilst still being comfortable and with a smart appearance for a pair of trainers....   [tags: Business and Management Studies]

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An Analysis of the Film Trailer for Disney’s Incredible’s

- An Analysis of the Film Trailer for Disney’s Incredible’s Film trailers are important because they whet the audience’s appetite and encourage people to watch the film by giving them an insight into it. In this essay I will analyse the film trailer for Disney’s ‘The Incredibles’ and comment upon how it appeals to the target audience. Teaser trailers are effective because they whet the audience’s appetite and introduce us to some of the characters; they also give us an idea of the genre and keep the audience in suspense....   [tags: Papers]

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Case Study of Ankle Injuries in Sports Medicine

- Case Study of Ankle Injuries in Sports Medicine Ankle injuries rank as the most common injury in athletics today, and compared to men, women basketball players are 25 % to 60% more susceptible to spraining their ankles. The article began by hypothesizing that this rate is so high in women, because ankle-strength is due to an inversion-eversion muscle strength ratio that is associated with ankle injuries. And past experiments have proven that women, on average, have less muscle strength at the ankle than men....   [tags: Papers]

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Personal Trainer Palo Alto: What are the Qualities to Look for When Hiring One?

- ... Getting fit and healthy will require a lot of patience because this is a goal that needs consistency in order to achieve it. Further, it should be seen as well in the personality of a personal trainer you want to work with. One of the reason you hired a personal trainer is because you have insufficient amount of knowledge of making yours goals into reality. Because of this, a client especially the beginners in this field will ask a lot of question, will expect a lot from their trainers and will be more doubtful in every procedure....   [tags: trainer, change, fitness, goals, patience]

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Maintaining a Healthy Life through Fitness Training

- ... Thanks to the gladdening variety of programs, sometimes beginners face hard times finding what's best, mistakenly forcing them into schedules that are too difficult. Unlike general affinities, our bodies love a specific healthy routine which is not forcing muscles and bones. For that reason, it's important to start with easy programs. Either you decide to perform your exercises individually or in a small group both of the options will work well. Trainers are more and more specialized in group therapies providing a healthy education for maintaining a body fit that large corporate companies started making sure their employers follow a fitness program....   [tags: program, trainers, programs, running]

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A Career in Athletic Training

- A Career in Athletic Training The occupation is an athletic trainer. The job description is to work with athletes in an effort to prevent injuries. They work in amateur and professional sports. Once injuries occur, the athletic trainer is required to evaluate the problem and get the athlete the proper medical treatment. He or she also makes sure that athletes are physically ready and able to play after an injury. Athletic trainers set up physical conditioning programs for athletes, work with equipment managers to make sure that playing and training areas are in working order, and also work with physicians in developing and implementing a rehabilitation program for injured players....   [tags: Papers]

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Analysis of the Trailer of Bride and Prejudice

- Analysis of the Trailer of Bride and Prejudice Introduction The purpose of the trailer ‘Bride and Prejudice’ is to advertise the film and to attract and interest the audience. The audience, which the trailer is trying to attract, are teenagers and young adults. I know this because the film has young actors and actresses, and the theme of the film is modern. The film has been inspired by the book ‘Pride and Prejudice’, which was written by Jane Austen. The genre of the film is filled with romance and comedy; the film also is also a musical as it has music and dances being performed by the actors and actresses during the film....   [tags: Papers]

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The Jobs I Hated Throughout My Life

- ... I would knock at people’s doors and beg them to buy the vacuum. I was just a trainee when I started this new job and had looked at the videos the company instructed me to watch to optimize my selling potential. Once all the class work was done we had to go out five days straight a field trainer, there were many doors to be knocked on. At first I would observe the trainers do their demonstrations to the clients. They would put a cup of dirt on the carpet and show how this “special” vacuum cleaner could suck it up, shampoo the carpets, as well as take out stains....   [tags: sales, demonstration, vacuum]

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A Perfect Trailer: Pride and Prejudice

- Late 18th century England, a time when the role of women in society was little and their purpose in life was to marry wealthy men. The trailer for “pride and prejudice” begins by showing the main protagonist “Elizabeth Bennet” who rejected society’s view of women marrying for wealth and security. Elizabeth’s decision gained her criticism from her parents, and soon she falls in love with “Mr. Darcy” (the hero) and “Mr. Darcy” felt the same way. However their pride would falter them from admitting each other’s feelings, hence the story focuses on how both characters overcame their pride through many difficulties....   [tags: film coming attractions]

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Choosing a Gym Membership

- Individuals have many options available for fitness centers and health clubs. Many places offer various features and benefits, such as tanning beds and spas. However, there are many aspects to consider if an option for an exercise and workout location is necessary. Many cities have gyms which are a brand and offer many options, but the best gym in Hyattsville may just be down the road. There are many aspects to keep in mind when considering a gym membership. Advantages of Smaller Gyms Smaller Hyattsville gyms typically have fewer members or members who are not able to workout each day of the week....   [tags: trainer, fees, fitness]

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Athletic Trainer

- I had a hard time finding a career. All the careers I came across did not interest me at all. Until a friend came up with the idea of the career of athletic training. That is when I started my research and my interest grew greater. Athletic trainers help prevent and treat injuries for people of all ages. Athletic trainers try to prevent injuries by educating people on how to reduce their risk on getting injured. Another way Athletic trainers use to prevent injuries is by advising people on the proper use of equipment....   [tags: Professional Ambition]

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Elbow or Shoulder Pain and Professional Baseball Pitchers

- Elbow or Shoulder Pain and Professional Baseball Pitchers It’s fair to say that a good baseball game can lie in the hands of the pitcher. According to an article by the American Journal of Sports Medicine, 50 percent of professional baseball pitchers experience elbow or shoulder pain due to the way they throw the ball. Because not much research has been done on professional baseball athletes, the purpose of this publication was to find at what point in the pitcher’s technique does most of the damage occur....   [tags: essays papers]

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How the Trailer for The World Is Not Enough Makes Viewers Want to Watch the Film

- How the Trailer for The World Is Not Enough Makes Viewers Want to Watch the Film James Bond films have always been popular, but producers still need to draw in new viewers. They do this in a variety of ways but the trailers are always the most important. In this essay I will be analysing the key points that make a successful trailer. In this Bond film, James must battle against Renerd, a man who feel physical pain due to a bullet in his head, when he decides to sabotage the construction of the new King pipeline, an oil line that can give oil to the world for the future....   [tags: Papers]

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Career for Treating Sports Injuries

- Sports are fun activities you can do so you are not bored and you can exercise your body. Some sports are more active and aggressive than others. Sports are not all just fun and games because; you are able to injure yourself in many ways. People can injure many parts of their body because our bodies are not invincible. People have injured many different body parts in different ways ranging from small cuts and bruises to bones slicing through skin, the need for amputation, concussions leading to serious brain damage and many more injuries....   [tags: trainer, legs, splints]

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Analysis of Halloween Film Trailer

- Analysis of Halloween Film Trailer I have decided to look at a trailer that was filmed in 1978 called Halloween directed by John Carpenter. The purpose of the trailer is to tease the audience into wanting to see the film but also to identify genre through conventions and create opinions in the audiences mind. The genre of my trailer is cross generic horror; appealing to a wide target audience. The horror genre is represented through the scenes involving blood and violence. Conventions of the trailer include the length, use of settings, characters, music, sound effects, and colours....   [tags: Papers]

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How to Overcome Barriers to Working Out for New Mothers

- There are many reasons that people don’t engage in a workout program. These reasons are what we may call “challenges” or barriers to working out. For many new moms, these challenges may seem too much at times, that they just simply decide to give up and abandon any plan of including a post pregnancy weight loss regimen in their postnatal lives. This happens, not just in Singapore, but the world over. With the reasons being universal, can the solutions also be applicable to all new moms, whether they reside in Singapore or not....   [tags: regimen, pounds, workout, fatigue]

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Postnatal Exercises for the First Six Weeks

- Although having new moms lie in bed for a long time to optimize healing and recovery is a practice that is no longer in vogue, there are still women and their loved ones and friends who are daunted by the very idea of women who have recently given birth indulging in physical exercises. They feel that “something inside” might tear or break if new moms undergo personal training soon after giving birth. This vagueness about what could be “damaged” adds to the nervousness that is felt about post pregnancy efforts to lose weight....   [tags: healthy choices after giving birth]

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Three Training Tips to Remember After Giving Birth

- If you had been able to maintain your weight within the ideal range before you got pregnant, if your BMI (Body Mass Index) was just right for your gender, height, and weight back then, but you unexpectedly gained a lot of weight when you were pregnant, there’s no need to worry. It is possible to experience post pregnancy weight reduction. However, like any major undertaking, getting rid of extra weight is not something that will happen overnight. Remember, it took nine months (assuming your baby is full term) to develop those excess pounds....   [tags: weight management after pregnancy]

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Certifications for Personal Trainers

- Amanda Russell, a fitness lifestyle expert and host of AR fit says, "Fitness is about so much more than exercise. It's a catalyst for positive change, and it affects every aspect of your life," . When thinking about becoming a Personal Trainer, remember exercise isn’t the only way for clients to have a healthier lifestyle change for the better. Personal Trainers have the ability to expand their horizons and knowledge to further guide their clients to success of reaching their goals through many CPT certifying bodies....   [tags: fitness, requirements, cancer]

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Muscle Strengthening with Anabolic-Androgenic Steroids in Resistance Trained Athletes and Non-Athletes

- Simply because the same muscular strength enhancements are gained by athletes and non-athletes this does not mean that anabolic-androgenic steroids do not come without side effects (Harthens and Kuipers, 2004). The adverse physical and mental side effects can affect long term users of anabolic-androgenic steroids as well as short term users whether they be athletes or non-athletes (Harthens and Kuipers, 2004). Side effects related to anabolic steroid use fall into many different categories such as: cardiovascular, hepatic, dermatologic, reproductive-endocrine, male specific and female specific, behavioral and injection related (Amsterdam et al.,2010)....   [tags: side effects, physical, behavior]

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Postnatal Exercise Routines

- It hasn’t been long yet before consulting a fitness trainer for help in managing a postnatal weight loss program was not something that easily entered the minds of new moms. Some Resistance Even in a very modern place such as Singapore there are still pockets of resistance to the idea that post pregnancy workouts to lose weight can actually be very beneficial to both new moms and their babies, instead of being harmful. In general, such resistance to the idea is based on long-held, traditional beliefs that some people still cling to: some believe that intensive physical movements will cause a “relapse” for the new mother, and that long bedrest should be followed strictly for the mother to...   [tags: resistance, mom, wieght, water]

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Important Things to Consider in Your Postnatal Training

- Getting pregnant is one of the most natural events in the world, and yet, even in this modern times, not everyone understands the extreme importance that needs to be placed on the health and fitness of a pregnant woman. Health Concerns Unless you is already grounded in the value of keeping fit through a regular exercise routine and keeping to a proper diet, you will need to carefully map out your health concerns months before you gets pregnant. If you do not prepare ahead of time, you could run the risk of experiencing elevated blood pressure, depression, excessive weight gain, or diabetes....   [tags: personal training programs]

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The Complete Beginner’s Guide in Getting Personal Trainers

- ... • Teach you the right technique and form. • Keep track of your progress. • Update fitness program based on your progress and increased fitness level. • Provide motivation. • Offer advice on proper nutrition and lifestyle. Qualifications Needed for the Job In a fitness regime you will be exerting yourself physically and mentally to achieve a healthier self. Your safety might also be at risk as you undergo rigorous exercises and practices. This is why it is important to get a fitness instructor qualified and certified for the job....   [tags: fitness, health, exercise]

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Regain Strength and Stay Healthy through Postnatal Exercise

- Looking and feeling good have both been high on the list of things to do among modern new moms, particularly those who reside in upwardly mobile countries, such as Singapore. As one of the countries in Asia that has enjoyed fast and stable socio-economic growth over the years, the health system of Singapore is enviable. Postnatal care for both mother and child are excellent. However, for many mothers, there are cases when it takes more than just following postnatal medical advice in order to experience post pregnancy weight loss....   [tags: modern new moms]

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Fitness Training: A Way to Overcome Postnatal Depression

- Giving birth is not also called “being in labor” for nothing. Even in the midst of huge advances in medical science and technology, even if you may have been heavily sedated during the birthing process, the fact remains that pregnancy and the consequent delivery of a newborn take a major toll on your body. A Whole Range of Emotions This toll is not just in the physical sense, although the physical changes are the ones that are more apparent, and thus more readily remembered. Pregnancy and child delivery, however, also affect the state of a woman’s minds and emotions....   [tags: healthy habits and living]

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Tips from a Personal Trainer:What Goes into a Postnatal Training

- Whether you are already pregnant, or are still at that stage that you are contemplating pregnancy, now is a good time to think about your health and strength recovery program. Such a training program should take place not long after you give birth. The Importance of a Postnatal Training Program Living in Singapore has a lot of perks, specially for those who are about to become new moms. This is because Singapore is well-known globally for having an excellent hospital system, thoroughly modern and patient-friendly....   [tags: getting back in shape after giving birth]

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Letter of Entry to a College´s Financing Department

- Shall I pretend that I am acquainted with every part of the course, having read the detailed content of the modules. I shall not bore you with that. Instead, here are some glimpses of my journey so far in building the foundation for my career in Accounting and Finance. My first part-time job at the age of 15 was at a formal-dress boutique where I worked as a salesperson. I realised the importance of multiple language skills when I tried to enhance the customers’ in-store experience and was able to make them feel more comfortable as I could communicate in 3 languages, namely, English, Chinese, Malay and a few other dialects....   [tags: Stocks, Student, Trainee]

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Statement of Interest in Pursuing a PhD Degree in Hydraulic Fracturing

- ... In essence, there seems to be a need for better characterization of these unconventional reservoirs if they must be developed and produced optimally. It is on this premise I intend pursuing a PhD program with the hope of advancing knowledge that could help solve some part of the problem. My interest in enhanced oil recovery and optimized production was sparked by a technical conference on oil and gas marginal fields I once attended in my home country, Nigeria. I learnt about how some multinational oil companies abandon or sell off assets which although are still rich in hydrocarbon resources, but production from such assets are low due to the vast heterogeneity and poor interconnecting p...   [tags: trainee, engineer]

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Movie Analysis : ' The Trailer '

- Before viewing this film, I’m not certain what to expect out of it. From the trailer I can say that it is going to be a documentary type of movie, by the way it is filmed and how it is through his point of view. I cannot convey exactly what the whole movie will be like, however I can unquestionably tell that it will be comical. Furthermore, it is going to teach me a great deal about the Indian culture that I don’t know. Forever, I’ve known that their culture has arranged marriages, but I don’t know what it is like or how they go amongst doing it....   [tags: Marriage, Love, Film, Arranged marriage]

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The Unnatural Causes Trailer, One Of The Speakers Said

- In the Unnatural Causes trailer, one of the speakers said “we carry our history in our bodies”. This statement means that the factors that we come across in daily life impact our health. The decisions one makes will affect his or her body in the future. For example, whether or not one avoids smoking or a poor diet will impact his or her health in the future. During an examination years down the road, it will be able to be determined whether or not that person was able to avoid smoke or junk food....   [tags: Nutrition, Health]

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Becoming A Effective Counselor Is Not Only Well Educated, Knowledgeable, And Well Trained

- An effective counselor is not only well-educated, knowledgeable, and well-trained, but also possesses the skills and attitudes that will help him or her to perform work duties well, get along with colleagues, and fit into the company’s (agency’s) culture. Employers want to hire people that are capable of developing and maintaining good work relationship with the patients, who are open-minded, warm, and non-judgmental attitude towards people seeking help. Non-judgmental attitude does not mean approving unacceptable behaviors; neither does it imply condoning inappropriate behavior....   [tags: Employment, Psychology, Skills, Communication]

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Analysis Of Meghan Trainor 's Song All About That Bass

- I decided to expand on my Week 5 Post All About That Bass. Our assignment for that week was to analyze Meghan Trainor’s song All About That Bass and to give our opinion on what message we believe the song lyrics and video provided the public with. The second part of our assignment also involved watching “It’s Not About the Nail” and the Dave Barry article that addressed stereotypes about gender and what affect they might have on individuals. I really enjoyed this post because it allowed me to look further into the lyrics of the song and analyze it in a way many might not....   [tags: Psychology, Thought, Mind, Cognition]

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The Importance Of Professionalism At The University Orthopaedic Center With A Certified Athletic Trainer

- Professionalism can be defined as the qualities that characterize a professional person. During Valerie’s presentation on professionalism, she listed a few things on what makes a professional such as honesty, respect, and accountability. All of these qualities are shown by the healthcare professional I am shadowing. I have been shadowing for the past few months at the University Orthopaedic Center with a certified athletic trainer. He works with various individuals which include a physician, residents, technicians, front desk, and more....   [tags: Health care, Patient, Health care provider]

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The Performance Of A Waiter

- On a typical visit to a restaurant, customers usually have a waiter that provides excellent customer service. The life of a waiter/waitress can be stressful. Waiters work environment are fast-paced and chaotic. Loud conversations, constant movement, accurately relaying the orders to cooks, taking orders and delivering food at a precise pace, and taking payments for multiple tables at the same time can be tense. Because of all the commotion that occur while working, it is important to have a positive attitude....   [tags: Customer, Customer service, Motivation, Good]

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History Of Mahi Is A Certified Athletic Trainer At Sprague High School

- Kimo Mahi is a certified athletic trainer at Sprague high school in Salem. He also teaches at a local middle school as a health teacher. He recently filled a passion as a behavior specialist for a semester. Kimo earned his bachelor degree from Linfield College in athletic training. He then attended Oregon State and got his master’s degree in teaching. Kimo has a wife and two kids Ella and Kakowa. He met his wife when she was a student teacher for him. His is originally from Hawaii where his sister and brother in-law still live....   [tags: Learning, Education, Middle school, High school]

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Becoming A Certified Fitness Trainer

- At the age of 20, having already spent several years working in different fitness facilities, I took the initiative to become a certified fitness trainer (ISSA Certification). I became a full-time independent contractor and developed proficiency in designing exercise programs for a wide range of clients, each with different physiologic capabilities. Opportunity was found through several facilities, although the majority of my time was spent between two Anytime Fitness locations. While not with clients, the gym locations served as a place of learning, allowing me to continually improve and innovate my techniques....   [tags: Education, Knowledge, Exercise, Rehabilitation]

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The Lack Of Necessary Human Resources

- There is, however, another issue that I would like to discuss in this report, which is the lack of necessary human resources. Firstly, the lack of time to hold courses is an issue. It is true that Dr. Margaret is the best trainer who is more qualified than anyone else to deliver both TAE40110 and TAE50111 to students (no one is able to know more about the content than its author). However, you are currently working for the University of Tasmania, and only have time to hold training course at weekends, while it may not suit most people who might prefer to learn during weekdays than weekends as they tend to spend some quality times with their family members in their leisure time....   [tags: Full-time, Training, Session, Part-time]

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The Movie Trailer, By Film And Will Lightly Touch On The Film `` Trailer ``

- In this short piece I will be discussing my thoughts and concerns on the new biopic “Stonewall” releasing in theatres this month. The film is set to chronicle the beginning of the gay liberation and civil rights movement of 1969. I will be going over the misrepresentation of the LGBTQ folk in the media focusing on the “Stonewall” film and will lightly touch on the film the “Danish Girl” as well as the Netflix original series Orange is the New Black. Finally I will discuss my thoughts on the issues as well as biases in today’s society concerning gay and trans rights....   [tags: LGBT, Homosexuality, Gay Liberation, Rights]

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The Death Of Brancheau, A Killer Whale Named Tilikum

- Situation Analysis: On February 24, 2010 Dawn Brancheau, a trainer at SeaWorld, was killed when a killer whale named Tilikum pulled her into the water (Mooney). The death of Brancheau is not the first that SeaWorld has experienced throughout the time the park has been open, and it was not the first murder for Tilikum (Mooney). After Brancheau was killed in 2010, and Blackfish was released in July of 2013, SeaWorld endured an immense amount of backlash due to the death of the trainer and the treatment of the whales....   [tags: Killer whale, Whale, Beached whale, Killer whales]

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I Am A Life Of My Life

- We all have aspirations in life that we want to achieve and although everyone’s goals in life may be different we all want to end up with the same thing, a life we are proud of. For me, a life I would be proud of consists of many factors such as having a family, a job I love, and being able to achieve all my dreams and not have any regrets. Henry David Thoreau once said,“If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours”....   [tags: Nursing, Research, Health, Athletic trainer]

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My Life History of Physical Activity

- Since around the age of twelve years old, my two brothers and I were obsessed with Arnold Schwarzenegger, and obtaining a physique similar to his. We were always checking the fitness magazines lying around the house for any tips to help us achieve our fitness goals. My father had a barbell, some plates and a couple of dumbbells scattered in our basement, so that’s where we began our quest. Also my aunt gave us her Bowflex, after my uncle had passed away. My first exercise was the barbell biceps curl, although I don’t recall how many repetitions I started out with....   [tags: weights, muscles, trainer]

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Psychological Effects Of Long

- The Psychological Effects of an Injury With every injury it is important to remember that the athlete will be affected mentally. Not all athletes will act identically to the same injury. Although research shows there are factors that are commonly seen among athletes going through adjustment to injury and rehabilitation. There are three reactive phases of the injury and rehab process. They are reaction to injury, reaction to rehabilitation, and reaction to return to competition or career termination....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Training And The Different Types Of Training

- This part of the paper we are going to talk about training, and the different types of training. First is the definition of training, “Training can be defined as a planned attempt by an organization to facilitate employee learning of job-related knowledge, skills, and behaviors.” (Pg. 161) When you hear the term training what do you think of. Maybe you’re thinking about a manager and a new employee learning the ropes of the business; and you are right, but there are many different types of training....   [tags: Training, Skill, Employment, Practice]

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The Concept Of The Indivisible Self Model

- The best way to understand an individual is to understand the contexts and variables that had the greatest influence on that individual’s development (Myers & Sweeny, 2004). Therefore, the hallmark feature of the Indivisible Self model is the interaction between its components (i.e., local, institutional, global, and chronometrical contextual variables), which is highly correlative with Bronfenbrenner’s Social Ecology Model. While Bronfenbrenner’s framework and the Indivisible Self were not specifically developed for athletes, both can be directly applied to an athlete’s life, influences, and development....   [tags: Male, Sex, Female, Surgery]

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Film Trailer Portfolio

- Film Trailer Portfolio When the task of creating a film trailer was first put to us, I had several ideas for the movie's context. The first was of a movie in the action genre that dealt with revenge, whilst the other two were in the horror genre. The horror genre appealed to me more, as a low budget film can still have the desired effect by use of different filming techniques, and I wanted to depend more on a psychological aspect. My first idea was to do a film about a poltergeist....   [tags: Papers]

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Is It Important For Counselors Be Well Trained? Interpretation And Communication Of Results?

- It is important for counselors to be well trained in interpretation and communication of results because if the results are not communicated correctly and effectively there may be misperceived or misunderstood by the individual receiving the interpretation. This is a unique form of communication for counselors and the success of this is vital. Our textbook provides us with information explaining the importance and value of sharing test interpretations with the individual who took the assessment....   [tags: Communication, Knowledge, Understanding]

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Why I Want to Study Physical Therapy

- ... For a professional entry-level, physical therapists can obtain one of the three degrees; Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT), Master of Physical Therapy (MPT), or a Master of Science in Physical Therapy (MSPT) Degree. Although most physical therapy educational programs are transitioning to the DPT degree. The degrees prepare students to be eligible for a physical therapy license examination in all 50 states. To practice as a physical therapist in the US, you must earn a PT degree from a CAPTE-accredited physical therapist education program and pass a state licensure exam....   [tags: gym, trainer, healthcare, job]

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Animal Cruelty at Sea World

- It’s a very common practice in todays society for people to go to Sea World and see the famous shamu show while on vacation or out for a day of fun. Many people don’t fully understand how these animals feel while in captivity. Light has been shed on having these killer whales in captivity when a trainer was killed at Sea World recently. At one of the early parks called Sea Land one of the male killer whales Tilicum killed one of his trainers. After this incident Sea Land closed its doors. This meant that Tilicum was up for sale, Sea World jumped at the chance to buy him at a good price....   [tags: shamu, treatment, trainers]

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Which Gym Business Model is Better to Change Obese Lifestyle of Australia?

- ... Under the 24-hour model, gyms are unmanned for most of the day, meaning labour costs are much lower (Thomson, J, 2012). Fitness First has be renowned for its unique product line of programs and other assorted nontraditional forms of exercise taking the “work” out of work out it has garnered increased mass appeal from both media and individual gym enthusiasts, drawing in millions of new subscribers around the world. With its long standing knowledge of suppliers and specialists it is known for its better facilities and equipment, thus creating a customer base loyal to those who treasure such values, unfortunately not all consumers value this concept....   [tags: fitness, club, trainers]

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Physical Distress : An Athletic Trainer

- During the semester, I learned a lot on how to deal with psychological distress and how as an athletic trainer I should deal with athletes to overcome their situation and be there for them. Throughout my time as an athletic training student, I always liked to observe my preceptors on how they deal with athletics that are having psychological distress after injuries, and how as an athletic trainer I should handle these situations in a professional manner. There is one situation in particular that occurred during the King’s College football season that I would like to discuss....   [tags: Anterior cruciate ligament, Knee]

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New Orientation : New Hire Orientation

- NEW ORIENTATION Slide 3 New hire orientation is a training program provided to all new employees to an organization or new department within an organization. The New hire orientation is the process of providing the employees with the necessary skills, knowledge, and behaviors to effectively transition into their role within the organization. It is important for organizations to provide new hire orientation as it is the foundation for the new employee’s career with in the organization and department....   [tags: Skill, Training, Employment, Practice]

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Need For Fitness Facilities For A Brand New Fitness Facility

- Introduction With increased awareness in fitness, the need for fitness facilities are rising each and every year. For a brand new fitness facility to be successful, it must be structurally sound, ergonomically designed, and have emphasis placed on key positions to ensure the smooth operation of my facility. In addition to having a well-planned design, a successful facility would also want to hire a dependable staff that excels in communication and experience. In order to acquire such staff, one would want to employ effective recruiting tactics that are not costly, yet far-reaching....   [tags: Marketing, Marketing strategy, Goal, Employment]

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Choosing A Career As An Athletic Trainer

- Choosing a Career as an Athletic Trainer The number of employment opportunities for athletic trainers in the secondary school setting has substantially increased in the past few years and will more than likely continue to grow in the future5. As the number of athletic trainers in the secondary school increases, as do the number of high school aged students who are being exposed to the athletic training profession. More than ever before, athletic trainers are playing a key role in the development and future of the profession due to their ability to influence students’ perceptions of the profession5....   [tags: High school, Education, College, Secondary school]

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Trailer Analysis of Mission Impossible II

- Trailer Analysis of Mission Impossible II Introduction I am to investigate one or two trailers, and analyse the information shown to me, and how it is shown. A trailer is a preview to a film, like a blurb in the back of a book. It aims to entice the viewer into watching the film. A successful trailer is a matter of opinion, but personally I like fast action trailers with a voice over that reveals a sneak peek at what the film is about. I also like trailers with special effects too....   [tags: Papers]

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Exploring the Conditions & Purposes of Public Schools: Are Schools Simply Used to Create a Well-Trained or Well-Educated Workforce?

- What is the purpose of schools. Some would say the purpose of schools is to create a well trained workforce, others to prepare students to become democratic citizens. This essay will examine not only the current conditions of public schools, but also what their primary purpose should be. After having read several articles on the inequalities of schools I would have to say, using Jean Anyon's terms, that the "affluent-professional" and "executive elite" truly benefit most from public schooling....   [tags: public education, public schools]

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Physical And Rehabilitation Of Athletic Trainers

- 396,457 injuries occurred in football alone in 2014, 40 percent of those injuries consisting of collegiate athletes (3). When an injury first occurs with an athlete, an athletic trainer is the first person they see. An athletic trainer is a highly qualified, multi-skilled health care professionals who collaborate with physicians to provide preventative services, emergency care, clinical diagnosis, therapeutic intervention and rehabilitation of injuries and medical conditions (1). Athletic trainers are there to help assist injured athletes in the recovery process by evaluating the injury, creating rehab programs, and following through with rehab programs....   [tags: Injury, Physical trauma, Athletic trainer]

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Personal Statement On Physical Fitness

- Let’s face it, in the modern age, everybody is so busy with technology and daily activities that physical fitness can become difficult to maintain and dieting can be a daily uphill battle with little to no success. So we turn to hiring a personal trainer to help guide us on the path to physical fitness. But do we really need one. We think so, here are five reasons why. 1. Accountability The average person spends over 8 hours and 41 minutes a day on average on electronic devices according to a recent study....   [tags: Physical exercise, Exercise, Obesity]

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- The article on Black America Web entitled “The state of Black America, Part 4: Health as Wealth” (Lewis, 17 Jan. 05) is mainly addressing how African Americans should get check-ups, eat a healthier diet, exercise, among other things to maintain their health. The authors main point of writing an article about health is so that African Americans will be propelled to take preventative measures to prevent and treat disease that may be debilitating or lethal, to get professional help if they are not feeling mentally prepared, and to put aside mistrust of the medical profession....   [tags: essays research papers]

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World War I With 6000 Trained Dogs

- Throughout the war, each of the belligerents involved used dogs at some time. “The Germans entered World War I with 6,000 trained dogs, principally German Shepherds, organized and trained in three departments.”6 The departments included a medical, messenger and watch dog division, each trained for specific uses. This extensive preparedness was because the Germans realized the true value a dog brought to the battlefield with their abilities to perform various kinds of missions. Early on in the war, the Allies’ and other participating nations rapidly trained and enacted dogs into battle....   [tags: World War I, World War II, Dog breed, Dog]

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Mr. Carver 's A Job As An Employee Worker And A Trailer Home

- Mr. Andresen verbally offered Ms. Carver a job as an GTF employee and a trailer home, which Ms. Carver verbally accepted. Ms. Carver agreed to have her rent for the trailer home deducted from her monthly paycheck. Ms. Carver signed this lease agreement, at the age of 17 with Mr. Andresen whom at the time of the agreement, was not unaware that Ms. Carver was 17. Ms. Carver and her dog, Drake moved into Mr. Andresen’s trailer home. After living there for multiple months Ms. Carver’s family lawyer and trustee sent notice to Mr....   [tags: Contract, Offer and acceptance, Contract law]

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Corporate Training Programs

- The most important issue in corporate training industry is the ability of connecting the results of employee training to the bottom line or the return on investment of the company. Evaluating training programs is nothing but assessing its effectiveness and progress continuously. It is necessary because it lets people know their progress and builds their confidence. This article will tell you how to evaluate training programs using different methods. With so many training programs available to us, there is a need for some quick methods or tools to determine which program will suit your need in the best way....   [tags: Business Management]

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Muscle Strengthening Effects of Anabolic-Androgenic Steroids in Resistance Trained Athletes and non-Athletes

- Anabolic-androgenic steroids are a synthetic compound which are structurally related to the male sex hormone, testosterone (Amsterdam et al.,2010, Thiblin and Petersson, 2004). Testosterone has two effects on the human body; first it helps in the development and maintenance of secondary male sexual characteristics and, secondly, it promotes muscle growth. All anabolic-androgenic steroids are derivatives of testosterone and have both anabolic and androgenic properties; which is why the use of the term anabolic-androgenic steroids is more appropriate than anabolic steroids (Kuhn, 2002)....   [tags: Anabolic-androgenic, testosterone, athletes]

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Athletic Trainer

- Athletic Trainer An athletic trainer seeking employment in today's job market is likely to encounter many problems and obstacles along the way. The need for higher education greatly affects the prospect for the athletic trainer with only the baccaulereate degree. Those with this degree are better suited to seek employment in the rehabilitative therapy clinic setting. Many of these clinics have contracts with the local high schools or university thus allowing for more employees and allowing these entry level positions....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Role Of Trainer And The Intervention Strategies Of A T Group

- We began our groups dynamics class by being given the definition and task of a T-Group. “An intensive effort at interpersonal self-study and an attempt to learn from the raw experience of being a member. The task of a T-group is to study its own process.” It was explained that this was a “cultural island” and were given five key concepts: A here and now focus, unfreezing, group support and an atmosphere of trust, self-disclosure and feedback. Yet, for the following two weekends we searched, argued and discussed what the goal for our group was to be....   [tags: Psychology, Leadership, Social psychology]

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Exercise At The Gym And Having A Personal Trainer

- Exercise is one of the important parts of human life. Often people begin an exercise program because they want to lose weight or improve their health. While these are important benefits, individuals should focus on participating in the exercise program that they will enjoy. Not only will this increase willingness to participate, but it’s more likely they will keep exercising for a longer time period. While going to the gym and having a personal trainer is one way to encourage people to begin an exercise program, it is not the only way....   [tags: Exercise, Physical exercise, Muscle, Stretching]

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Application for Undergraduate Studies

- Throughout my seventeen years of life, I have had many life experiences, made commitments, achieved goals, and gained talents. I am positive that all of this will prepare me to be a flourishing college student and a successful adult. I intend to use my college education and experience to further my ability to communicate with people, participate in my community, and make leaps and bounds in the equine industry. I challenge myself to achieve the highest of goals. Advanced courses in my high school career provided an educational opportunity unparalleled by any other....   [tags: academics, goals, horses]

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Biography of Michael Phelps

- ... Michael Phelps made history by breaking the record of seven gold medals in one Olympics by winning eight (JackBio: Michael Phelps Biography). These Olympics made Michael Phelps a celebrity. He became known by many because he was an amazing swimmer. Kids looked up to Phelps wanting to be like him someday. Three months after his history making swims in Beijing, Michael Phelps was caught with a glass pipe, or bong, that is used for smoking marijuana (Papa). A picture of Phelps holding the pipe and looking like he was smoking was published in a British newspaper in 2009 (Crouse)....   [tags: credibility, athletic trainer, characteristics]

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Athletic Training

- Choosing a vocation can be a daunting task. With the world ever-evolving, one may come across a new attractive career every year. In order to ensure optimal job satisfaction, it is vital to educate oneself about every alluring prospect prior to committing. Simple factors like the time commitment and salary can mean the difference between a content existence and a miserable one. To satisfy my curiosity and gain a broad understanding of athletic training, I chose to interview my boss, Pete Stevens....   [tags: Sports Medicine]

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How to Build a Prosperous Relationship Between a Horse and its Rider

- ... There are a significant amount of people that do not desire to part ways altogether or to throw their horses away. Therefore “…the only way to repair our own lost trust is to work in gaining the horse’s trust…” S2: (Franz). In order to gain the trust between a human and a horse one must learn the correct methods of communication between horse and rider. They must establish a horse’s boundaries by both remaining open and involved. The most important questions are, when trust has been previously established and then lost between horse and rider, what caused this loss to occur and by what means is a rider to operate to repair this dysfunction....   [tags: trust, boundaries, distrust, weakness]

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Ethical Issues in Athletic Training

- No matter your career, you will eventually run into a situation where an ethical or moral decision has to be made. I am planning on going into athletic training where many ethical dilemmas will surround the health or actions dealing with athletes. Here are three different scenarios I could face as an athletic trainer and how I would resolve each ethical issue. The state championships in basketball are coming up and the boys’ team has a chance at taking state. The star of the team is a senior, he is at the start of his career and is looking to sign with the university in the neighboring town....   [tags: health and safety of athletes]

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Marine Animals And The Marine Mammals

- Each year,millions of people across the world travel to marine parks, for the chance to see one of the most intelligent, fascinating beings of this Earth, the marine mammal. However, this aquarium is actually a torturous jail cell for the marine mammals that inhabit it. Research has shown that these animals were never fit for captivity. In fact, according to the popular documentary “Blackfish”, more than seventy trainers have been injured by the captive marine mammal, though not a single aggressive tendency toward humans has ever been documented to have occurred in the ocean....   [tags: Whale, Killer whale, Marine mammals, Cetacea]

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A Career in The Healthcare Services

- I think that athletic training, and many careers of the sort, are up and coming. There will always be a need for health care workers and they are paid lots of money. Careers I am interested in pursuing as an adult include things somewhere in health care such as sports medicine, athletic training, or a physician. These careers all center on general medicine. I chose the first two because of my love for sports, so if I am not able to play them in the future I still want to play a role in them. Another reason I choose health care is because I enjoy helping people....   [tags: athletic trainer, sports, athletic injuries]

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Athletic Training : Athletic Trainer

- Many organizations, schools, and businesses hire an athletic trainer to help their employees and team members. Athletic training encompasses the prevention, diagnosis, and intervention of emergency, acute, and chronic medical conditions involving impairment, functional limitations, and disabilities(99). Athletic trainers can work in a large number of organizations. High schools hire them to help with their athletics and injuries that may occur. Colleges hire them for the same reason. Businesses hire them for their gyms in case there is an emergency....   [tags: High school, College, Athletic trainer]

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Becoming A Physical Trainer : Job Description And Career

- Well, the career I have chosen is a Physical Trainer. I have always found these people to be really inspiring and have thought about hiring one myself or even going through the schooling and training to become one myself. They do so much for people like helping others to find happiness with themselves as well as help making the human race a little healthier. A physical trainer can help so many people today by evaluating their clients “level of fitness by physical capabilities and personal health goals”(Becoming a Physical Trainer: Job Description & Career Info)....   [tags: Exercise, Physical exercise, Personal trainer]

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Evaluation Of The Customer Service Training Program For Binz, Inc.

- The design and the implementation of the customer service training program for BINZ, Inc. have been completed. The next step in the process is for us to evaluate the training program that has been created. The reason that it is important to evaluate training is mostly because companies invest in training programs and depend on them to increase positive performance outcomes. “Because companies have made large dollar investments in training and education and view training as a strategy to be successful, they expect the outcomes or benefits related to training to be measurable”(Noe pg....   [tags: Skill, Training, Evaluation]

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Level 2 Of Function Decomposition

- • Level 2 of function decomposition illustrates the detailed component level of the design. For this level of the design as shown below at the beginning (120v/12v) step-down transform connected to the wall outlet to convert 120V AC source to 12V DC output. The 12V DC connected to two regulators, the first regulator convert the 12V DC to 9V DC and the Second regulator Covert 12V DC to 5V DC. The 9V DC source provides input power to the Tester module through switch 1, meanwhile the 5V Dc source provides input power to the Digital Multimeter (DMM) through switch 2....   [tags: Project management, Gantt chart, Henry Gantt]

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Athletic Training Education Program

- Athletic Training Education Program To achieve a degree in Athletic Training, there are many tasks and skills to be learned. The Education Council under the National Athletic Training Association put together an education program filled with a set of guidelines of what has to be taught to graduate with a degree in Athletic Training. Before you can learn and understand Athletic Training, you must know the Anatomy and Physiology of the human body. This includes bones, muscles, levels of organization, tissue levels, systems of the body, skeletal structure, articulations, integrative functions, sensory function, blood, and embryology (Martini, 2001)....   [tags: Education School Athleticism Essays]

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How Athletic Trainers Affect Athletes

- When I was deciding on what career I would like to pursue I took many things into consideration. I made sure that the career I was going to pursue was one that made me happy, not the ones around me. Most importantly, I wanted to surround my career around my life instead of my life around my career. My passion is sports. I have done sports since I was 3. From basketball to softball to karate. Not only do I like playing sports, but I love watching it. Therefore, I have chosen to pursue athletic training as my career....   [tags: Professional sports, Amateur sports, Football]

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