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The Conflict with Traditional Culture

- The conflict with traditional culture The general people consider Hong Kong as an international city because a lot of cross-cultural enterprises choose Hong Kong as a landing base to enter into Chinese market and even Asian market.As a result ,the conscientious of women leadership can be brought into the working ecology through the expending of multinational firms. Nevertheless, it is misleading that the concept of women leadership can wholly be applied to companies in general and help increasing the number of women leader....   [tags: Traditional Culture, Hong Kong]

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Japanese Traditional and Continued Arts

- The controversy of developments and beliefs between northern and southern Japan are known by natives and foreign experts. Researching about their history and talking with a native from off the soils of Japan. The north and the south may share the land but both have very different views (Hiroshi). While the south is continuing to become the new techno-logic age, the north is content with staying with the original and converted traditional life. Developments that differentiate each side are dealing with but not limited to technology....   [tags: traditional morals, beliefs, japan]

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Online Vs Traditional Classes

- Online Vs Traditional Classes In today’s Era, students now have the advantage of choosing to attend a College University or achieve their degree through college online courses. However, some major concerns associated with this major life decision, beginning with the difference in the learning styles. Even though most people would consider taking an online course because it’s flexible to your schedule and students would have additional time to complete the assignment that their giving, other than in traditional classes....   [tags: oline classes, traditional courses]

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Traditional Model to New Public Management

- INTRODUCTION This essay discusses the radical transformation of the principles and foundations of public administration from traditional to New Public Management. Firstly the essay will attempt to define the key terms of traditional public administration and the doctrine of New Public Management. Rabin J. (2003) explains that New Public Management embodies “a process in public administration that uses information and experiences obtained in business management and other disciplines to improve efficiency, usefulness and general operation of public services in contemporary bureaucracies.“Traditional Public Administration progresses from governmental contributions, with services perceived by t...   [tags: Public Administration, Traditional, Modern]

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Traditional Learning Environment for Adults Learners

- ... All the required assignments were relative to the literature that was required by the class, and that is the just of the literature being beneficial as well. The weekly quizzes, two major tests, and the final were all loosely based on the lectures themselves. The problem was that the delivery of the lectures was monotone and lifeless. Imagine that you are sitting through a lecture delivered by a computerized voice; not that the instructor was a computer, that makes it impossible to take notes and keep focus....   [tags: andragogy, self-directing, traditional]

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Traditional Healing Vs Western Medicine

- Cultures around the world offer different perspectives on the relationships between spirituality, healing and illness from that of mainstream Western culture (Mark & Lyons, 2010, p.1756).The coexistence of both traditional and biomedical healing systems is commonplace throughout the world and finding a place where only one method is relied upon exclusively is particularly difficult (McGrath, 1999, p.484) Medical pluralism within societies, as Stoner (1986) notes, “is the rule not the exception the world over” (p.44)....   [tags: Traditional Healing Essays]

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Traditional Chinese Medicine

- One important aspect of Chinese culture is Traditional Chinese Medicine, also known as TCM. Chinese medicine has been around for quite awhile, and is still around today. In the United States, we see it as acupuncture and massage. TCM is still widely popular in its home country where it is still practiced as it was a few centuries ago. Chinese medicine is evolving to our modern day times, but it is keeping close ties to its roots. Chinese medicine is also becoming more affluent in different parts of the globe....   [tags: chinese culture, traditional medicine]

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Traditional Health Care Practices in Africa

- Traditional healing refers to a set of practices passed down through generations which intend to cure and prevent disease. In short, traditional medicine is the practice of health care based on traditional philosophy and the use of traditional medicine. In Africa, it presents as a holistic health care strategy which relies on an accumulation of knowledge of herbs and remedies which include plants, insects, and parts of animals. Traditional African healing is intertwined with traditional religions and spirituality....   [tags: cure and prevent diseases, traditional medicine]

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Traditional Chinese Medicine For Benefit Health

- THIS WON’T HURT A BIT The ancient practice of acupuncture, although related to the art of dim-mak, utilizes traditional Chinese medicine to benefit health. “[W]hat are known as dim mak points are really only acupuncture points, most of which are used every day by the practicing acupuncturist without causing death” (Montaigue and Madden). Acupuncture, however, uses a needle rather than the hand in order to more precisely affect the pressure point and allow for natural healing. Acupuncture, like the practice of dim-mak, is a precise art, but it requires even more precision than the strikes of a pressure point fighter....   [tags: Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese medicine, Qi]

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Combining Western Medicine and Traditional Medicine in South Africa

- The clash between the western (or scientific) and traditional approaches to medicine has existed for many years. The conceptual differences between the two schools of thought resulted in mistrust between scholars of representing them. Each one of the approaches can be effective in some medical cases and neither can offers complete solutions in others. However, the western approach has been proven to be much more effective in treating serious deadly conditions that require complex diagnosis, surgeries, and drugs....   [tags: Western vs Traditional Medicines]

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Plato’s Republic: Proto-traditional Feminism and Modern Feminism

- In book five of Plato’s Republic, Socrates argues that in the ideal city of Kallipolis, both men and women will serve as guardians and auxiliaries. Consequently, Plato appears to endorse feminist ideologies. Firs,t I will define proto-traditional feminism, and modern feminism. I will then argue that Plato presents Socrates, and thereby himself, as an advocate for feminism. However, I will show that Plato is only a feminist under the proto-traditional definition of feminism. He fails to fit the modern definition of feminism, as this definition is contingent on equality and equity....   [tags: Feminism, Plato, proto-traditional]

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Traditional Chinese Medicine Has Been Around For Many Years

- Traditional Chinese Medicine has been around for many years. Many Chinese people have use acupuncture to heal many illnesses and pains without having to take medicine or paying the expensive cost of the doctor’s visits. We should try alternative medicines like acupuncture before going to a doctor because we can save money plus we would cut back on the use of pills and other medicines for some illnesses. Acupuncture in Gale Science in Context it explains that Acupuncture is a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine and is also considered an Ancient type of therapy and it first began in the eastern part of Asia around 2,000 years ago....   [tags: Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese medicine]

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Acupuncture : A Traditional Chinese Medicine Involving The Insertion Of Super Fine Needles

- Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese medicine involving the insertion of super fine needles superficially into the skin to correct the energy flow in the body. Many people believe this practice is painful, while others see it as a waste of time, or useless. Testimonials prove this to be false, but those who have not tried the practice are skeptical. The long history of acupuncture has lead to many misconceptions about the process. There are many benefits to acupuncture that can be shown through an understanding of its process....   [tags: Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese medicine]

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Balancing the Life of a Non-traditional College Student

- College can be a particularly difficult period of time in any person’s life if they fail to properly prepare for the inevitable stress that result from it. Any person entering college for the first time must constantly strive to strike a balance it their life between the demands of school and the similar demands from work, family, church, etc. Today, colleges are providing students with more flexibility through night classes and a variety of classes offered through distance learning, including online courses....   [tags: Non-traditional College Students, college, edcucat]

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The Summer Break Tournament: Traditional vs. Year Round

- Would you consider going to a school where you learn year-round. Maybe this would be your ideal school, but, when would you get to have some time to go to summer camp, or get a summer job, or play a sport with games during the day. Schools with the traditional schedule may actually be a better choice, and not just because kids love summer break. Schools should have a traditional school year schedule instead of a year round schedule because there isn’t a significant difference between the students’ performance, and year round schedules make planning family vacations hard, make the teachers’ job more difficult, and are more expensive....   [tags: better choice, traditional schedule, summer job]

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Traditional Schooling And Traditional Schools

- Traditional schooling has both advantages and disadvantages to its approach. Traditional schools are open to the public, as for they cannot decline enrollment of any student, as stated by the U.S Department of Justice “All children in the United States are entitled to equal access to a basic public elementary and secondary education regardless of their actual or perceived race, color, national origin, citizenship, immigration status, or the status of their parents/guardians.” ( School districts that deny a student 's access into their school or has policies set in place for students of parents who may be undocumented or not a U.S citizen would be violating a federal law....   [tags: Education, Teacher, High school, School]

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Traditional Learning And Traditional Education

- Technology is slowly being integrated into every area of our lives. From how we communicate to one another to how we shop, technology is now the center. Wherever one may go or may see, a new advancement of technology has been made. Technological workers are often heard saying that the changes that are being made are to benefit its consumers; to ultimately make their lives easier and more efficient. These advancements have now been introduced into education. Schools all over the world are now including a new e-learning opportunity for students seeking college degrees....   [tags: Education, University, Academic degree]

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Traditional Foods And Traditional Food

- In order for people to maintain a healthy, balanced life, they need to go back to the traditional ways of eating and obtaining food that 's harmless to their bodies. They need to consume the foods that are suitable to their bodies and helps them stay energized. People will have different body reactions if they obtain the foods that are not suitable to their systems. Therefore, going back to the traditional ways of eating has its own reasons and it 's beneficial as well. Some reasons why traditional ways helps is because it 's good in controlling your weight with less calories, helps you fight chronic diseases and illnesses, also whole foods like traditional foods are inexpensive where you...   [tags: Nutrition, Food, Cooking, Diets]

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Traditional And Non Traditional Student

- There are many of peculiarities between being a traditional and non traditional student. I have been enrolled at Bethel University for 2 years and 7 months and I love the freedom of being a non traditional student. Being a non traditional student mean having access to a virtual campus at any time of the day or night. Some online universities are synchronous and other are asynchronous. Synchronous is were students appear online to complete the assignment together and asynchronous is just the opposite....   [tags: Learning, University, Media multitasking]

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Traditional Medicine And Traditional Medicines

- You are going on day three of vomiting fever chills and dizziness, what do you do. You call the Doctor, and then you have the option go to the doctor’s office. The traditional doctor in America has gone through 12 years of school at a minimum and has studied the human body inside out in Medical school. When you visit the Doctor you pay your co pay and his doctor will take your blood pressure, weight and maybe even some blood test. This Doctor then proceeds to give you a diagnosis and prescribes a treatment if needed....   [tags: Medicine, Alternative medicine, Ayurveda]

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Traditional Advertising : Non Traditional Marketing

- Some forms of traditional advertising, like newspaper ads, have been around for over a hundred years. Advertising on other traditional media, like radio and television, became common in the 1960s. In the last 50+ years, tradition advertising has become the standard tactic by which most businesses engage with their audiences. However, many marketers are now questioning the effectiveness of some of these channels. Direct mail has become increasingly expensive, while Tivo, Netflix and iPods have made it easy for consumers to skip right past the ads....   [tags: Marketing, Advertising, Marketing research]

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Difference Between Traditional And Traditional Enterprise

- 1a. Social enterprise is a business operated by non-profit organization that sell its products in the market and has a main goal of improving the community in its environmental, cultural, social and economic aspect b. Social enterprise main difference with traditional enterprise is the paramount goal of the organization. If the supreme goal is to enhance the society then then the business is a social enterprise while if the supreme goal is profit maximization, then it is a traditional enterprise c....   [tags: Variable cost, Marginal cost, Costs, Cost]

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Traditional and Non-Traditional Methods of Sentencing

- Prisons are designed to confine individuals convicted of committing crimes. These facilities are used to rehabilitate offenders while keeping them isolated from the community so they can do no more harm to law abiding citizens. The goal of jails and prisons are to simply keep offenders from committing more crimes while encouraging them to become productive members of society. Traditional forms of corrections consist of prison time, restitution, probation or parole. However, there are some non-traditional methods as well such as alternative sentencing....   [tags: Crime]

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Traditional Courses Vs. Traditional Classes

- Education in modern society can be taught in a completely different method than in the past. College students, or even high school students, are given the choice of being enrolled in an online course for certain subjects rather than a traditional class. Many students contemplate over the decision to enroll in an online course because of the differences compared to in-class instruction. When making the decision of which style of learning to enroll in, students need to take in consideration the necessary requirements, amount of access, and the methods of teaching for either an online or traditional style course....   [tags: Education, Virtual learning environment]

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Traditional School Vs. Traditional Schools

- Education plays a significant role in every one’s future and lives; therefore parents have to ensure that their kids receive proper education.There has always been controversy over which is better: online or traditional classes. While some of the differences between traditional school and online school are the academics, socialization, and structure, the similarities are still evident. Traditional schools cover in depth academics and provide more electives to choose from. They offer children more enrichment activities as well as services for students with special needs....   [tags: Education, Virtual learning environment]

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A Traditional Family

- A traditional family consists of one father, one mother, two children, on male, one female, one pet, and one house with a whit pipit fence. The dad went to work the mother stayed at home and took care of the children and did house work. Sounds simple, but the reason it sounds so simple is because people were very judgmental and if people were anything else they would be punished or frowned upon. That’s how society was back in the day. A lot of things changed since then. People are more open minded more acceptable of other people....   [tags: Mother, Family, Parent, Father]

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The Role Of Traditional And Non Traditional Promotion Mix Tools

- In todays marketing world there are several types of traditional and non-traditional promotion mix tools to better accomplish your marketing objectives. DJ Jekyll & Mz Hyde, after careful consideration and review have implemented an integrated marketing communications strategy (IMC) to ensure the best possible return on investment (ROI). To begin with, DJ Jekyll & Mz Hyde has crafted a 60 second radio commercial to be aired on the local hit music stations like WNKI 106.1 FM, WFIZ 95.5 FM, and WLVY 94.3 FM....   [tags: Marketing, Music, Campus radio, Radio]

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The Effects Of Traditional Cigarettes On The Environment

- E-cigs, invented in 2003 by Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik, are battery-operated devices that emit doses of vaporized nicotine or non-nicotine vaporized solutions without tobacco. The primary purpose of e-cigs is to replace traditional cigarettes, which have already existed in the world for more than two hundred years. People have known that traditional cigarettes contain harmful compounds which threaten health, but people easily ignore the harm which tobacco causes in the environment. The process of producing e-cigarettes is completely different from the process of producing traditional cigarettes, and one of the most obvious advantages is the lack of planting tobacco which occupies an importa...   [tags: Tobacco, Cigarette, Nicotine]

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Comparison of Traditional and Online Education

- Education should be one of the most important things in a person’s life. Most people are trying to achieve an education. It is stressful when you are trying to decide what school you want to go to. While debating on whether to attend college or not, many people wonder which education is better online or traditional education. As the cost of education increases a lot of students are choosing online education because its’ flexibility. If you look at it from both point of views you are accomplishing the same thing from both, which is a degree....   [tags: time, cost, books]

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The Characteristic Of Traditional And Learning Organization

- The Characteristic of Traditional and Learning Organization The characteristics of a traditional organization consist of seven dimensions that can also be used in a modern management approaches. The following seven dimensions consist of (1) management perspective; (2) performance horizon; (3) rewards and sanctions; (4) coordination and control; (5) attention sphere; (6) managerial qualities; and (7) view on core resources (Van Alphen, 22 July 2010, p. 2). These characteristic is comprises of traditional management that consist with internal motivation along with rewards that has a very positive effect on performance and a short term effect on negative performance (Van Alphen, 22 July 2010)....   [tags: Leadership, Management]

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The Welton Is A Traditional Educational Institution

- In this film The Welton is a traditional educational institution. The students, especially the main character Neil Perry is expected to perform at a high level. Neil’s father has high expectations for him and has went through a lot to get him into the institution. The overall intent of this film is to get the students in a traditional setting to break away from conformity. The intent is also for viewers of the film to believe in what they want and do whatever they put their minds to. Also to get them to dig deep into the realism and romanticism of poetry....   [tags: Education, Dead Poets Society, High school]

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Traditional College Education : It Is Necessary

- Traditional College Education: It Is Necessary From a kid coloring pages in a kindergarten to a pupil crafting mini-garden in a primary school, a teenage playing games in middle schools to a high school junior preparing academically for college, our children grow up in the mold of a traditional system. The next stage waiting for most of these children is to get a college degree. As our society develops very fast, many people believe that attending college is not a primary choice anymore for high school students....   [tags: High school, Higher education, Critical thinking]

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A Battle Between The Traditional and The Modern

- This is an essay about the battle between the traditional and the modern. It has focused on Pound and Yeats’ works in Literature to show the position of each poet’s contribution to modernity. Both poets used different approaches to contribute to modernity. Yeats used classical illusions in his poems to pass the messages and was more focused on culture. This shows his characteristic as a traditionalist more than a modernist (Yeats). Grading his contributions, he is considered the link between the nineteenth and the twentieth century....   [tags: Literary Analysis]

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Advertisement : A Traditional Portrayal Of Gender

- Thesis: This movie poster appears to advertise a traditional portrayal of gender through the appearance of the characters and color; used in the images. However, this advertisement is actually allowing gender to be perceived in a less restrictive manner than the standard binary due to the relationship between the characters’ positioning/posture, expressions, and the colors of the environment. When initially analyzing the Tangled advertisement, I noticed that colors are a dominating feature in this poster: bold colors featured in the setting, chameleon, and on the female present, more neutral/natural colors on the male and the horse....   [tags: Gender, Gender role, Color, Man]

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Preparing For Marriage As Traditional And Universal

- Preparing for marriage is often much more difficult than many people make it out to be. Although engaged couples may enjoy choosing what food to serve at their wedding and where to vacation for their honeymoon, marriage consists of many more components that are often daunting and overlooked. Transitioning to the married lifestyle can bring a number of new duties including acting interdependently, better managing one’s finances, compromising, and forming a more expressive sexual relationship (Cox & Demmitt, pp....   [tags: Marriage, Same-sex marriage, United States]

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The Contribution Of Traditional And Critical Approaches

- Emerging Debates S12770420 Critically evaluate the contribution that traditional and critical approaches make to our understanding of Prejudice, Discrimination and Racism. On September 29 2014 over 100 New York City buses began to carry anti-Islamic posters as part of an “educational campaign”, the posters included one of James Foley, the American journalist beheaded by Isis in August and one with the message ‘Yesterdays moderate is todays headline’ (Woolf, 2014). In 2010 hate crimes against perceived Muslims rose 50%, this was largely a result of anti-Muslim propaganda....   [tags: Social psychology, Psychology]

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The Traditional Food Of The Latin Americans

- Josephine parents are from Central America and therefore is her culture. In her culture the head of the family decides solely on the meals menu. The head of the family, the father, has to be heeded and since they try as much to conserve their culture, they will prefer having their traditional foods to others. The traditional food of the Latin Americans is mostly fried and therefore, most of Josephine’s food will have a lot of fats. Guatemala’s cuisine is depended on their religion and the Maya cuisine is responsible for the largest share of their traditional foods....   [tags: Nutrition, Food, Cooking, Health]

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Is There Room For Traditional Medicine

- Is There Room for Traditional Aboriginal Medicine in Western Healthcare. Aboriginal people do not have the best healthcare within Western medicine. According to Park, Tjepkema, Goedhuis and Pennock, 2015 seventy percent of premature death among Aboriginal people could have been prevented with the use of education relating to prevention, timely and effective healthcare. The rates of chronic conditions like Diabetes Mellitus, Heart Disease, HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis is increasing in aboriginal Canadians than non-aboriginal Canadians (National Aboriginal Health Organization (NAHO), 2011)....   [tags: Health care, Medicine, Pharmacology, Health]

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Traditional Medicine : Modern Medicine

- Traditional Medicine: A Modern Context Modern medicine is finally starting to accommodate traditional medicine, though traditional medicine is still overlooked or regarded as a primitive form of treatment, providing nothing but placebo effects. According to the American National Cancer Institute, modern medicine is: A system in which medical doctors and other healthcare professionals (such as nurses, pharmacists, and therapists) treat symptoms and diseases using drugs, radiation, or surgery. (NCI, para....   [tags: Medicine, Alternative medicine]

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A Traditional Way Of Gaining Education

- In the world of education, modern society and technology have revamped our ideas of what might be considered a traditional way of gaining education. Face-to-face courses and online courses are both similar and different in relation to the content of courses, student-professor and peer relationships, class participation/interaction and effective methods of both teaching and learning. Nelson Mandela said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” This still is, and always will be an accurate statement because it does not matter how your education is obtained; in the end, knowledge is power....   [tags: Education, History of education, E-learning]

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Impact Of The Traditional Image On Society

- Juan Basualdo Professor McGuire English Composition 101:02 22 October 2014 The Impact of the Traditional Image In modern day society images play a fundamental role in how people communicate with one another. Images are mass-produced and distributed for all of society to enjoy. Do these images impact society in a positive way. In Christine Rosen’s article “The Image Culture” she argues that images impact society in a negative way. Rosen argues that the mass production of images unconsciously impacts society; people view these images without knowing the negative impacts they have....   [tags: Woman, Gender role, Photography]

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Traditional Leadership and The Constitution

- c) Changing – for better or for worse The institution of traditional leadership is considered an organ of state , which implies that they therefore have to comply with the Constitution. This entails that “certain customs will have to change and certain specific customary powers are now superseded or limited.” Yet, there seems to be a trend of throwing out the baby with the bathwater when we attempt to modernise customary law and traditional leadership. The recent laws that were introduced with regards to traditional leadership introduces a fair amount of stiffness, rather then allowing for the active development of traditional leadership....   [tags: Government]

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The Effects Of Traditional Family On Family

- “What ever happened to predictability, the milkman, the paperboy, evening TV?”, words from the famous family-focused television sitcom, Full House. In the 1990s, America had a great emphasis on family values, morals, and the family unit as a whole. Nearly twenty years has passed since the hit show, Full House had its season finale and quite a bit has changed in regards to family. It is believed that the twentieth century has seen the maximum disturbance in history of family adaptation (Georgas)....   [tags: Family, Nuclear family, Mother, Father]

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The Montessori And Traditional Education

- Which Education Approach Is Better: Montessori or Traditional Education is very important for the development of the young mind. Children learn so quickly, they absorb information like sponges. Parents of the young minds often question what is the best way to teacher their child. Some choose the Montessori method while others opt for traditional education. The Montessori method is centered on the child learning through trial and error, where as traditional method is a Teacher curriculum structured education....   [tags: Education, Pedagogy, Educational psychology]

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The Traditional Approach to Capital Structure

- The traditional approach to capital structure The traditional approach stresses the benefits of using the combination of cheaper debt and equity finance to find the optimal capital structure, so the total value of firms will be increased with the sensible debt. (Watson and Head, 2013) Of cause, the model was created which based on a certain assumption 1) There is no tax at a personal or a corporate level. 2) The perpetual debt finance and ordinary equity shares are the financial choices for firms....   [tags: equity finance, debt, shareholder, investment]

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Business: Sustainability and The Traditional Theory

- ... Also, an enterprise would contribute to the society and environment by producing and developing new ideas everyday of how to save the planet. The traditional economists believe an enterprise to be a money sucking institution; rather they must understand it as an institution that does the following: a. Improves the lives of the people by producing goods and by rendering the services. b. They improve the quality of life that is lived by the citizens by giving them jobs and by allowing them to use their ideas to make new inventions each and every day, so that the lives of the other people can me made better....   [tags: decision, customers, partners, shareholders]

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Traditional Roots At The United States

- Despite my experiences and struggles as a child, moreover, residing in the United States, I carry my traditional roots near and dear through cultural practices such as my diet, celebrated holidays, and rites of passage. My diet primarily consists of traditional Nicaraguan foods such as gallo pinto (rice and beans mixed together) regularly with cuajada (type of cheese) and soft tortillas, meat wise, primarily chicken, steak and pork beverages such as pinolillo (cornmeal cacao based drink). Snacks, consisting of rosquillas (corn masa cookies)....   [tags: Family, Woman, Mother, Marriage]

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The Renaissance: The Impact of Traditional Medicine

- Medicine has become so advanced in the previous centuries that it is a wonder how the medical discoveries of today have been fueled by those made during the Renaissance. As the mindset of those living in Europe during that time changed from religion to self-discovery, medical research began to expand and grow to a more scientific approach. Though several were unable to read, they became more aware of themselves and humanity compared to their earlier religious views on life, causing them to take a closer look at the human anatomy....   [tags: Health Care / History]

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The On Traditional Afghan Activities And Culture

- Under the Taliban’s regime in 1996, Afghanistan turned into a worse country than it had previously been before the Soviet’s Union invasion. Its strict interpretation of the Sharia law brought about a complete ban on traditional Afghan activities and culture: Sharia law was interpreted to ban a wide variety of activities hitherto lawful in Afghanistan: employment, education and sports for women, movies, television, videos, music, dancing, hanging pictures in homes, clapping during sports events, kite flying and beard trimming (Garg 14)....   [tags: Taliban, Afghanistan, Sharia, Hazara people]

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The End Of The Traditional Education System

- Reformation - The End of the Traditional Education System In every level of education, long lectures lead up into a test that decides a massive portion of the course’s grade. There is a study grind for the indefinite future that forces students into repeating this elongated and strenuous process. Of course, this has been the long standing standard of education. Liken it to pre-21st century video games. People grind and grind until they either lose all their progress and feel defeated or they accomplish their goal after all of the suffering they had to go through....   [tags: Education, Learning styles, Learning]

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Indigenous Traditional Practices in Education

- Indigenous peoples were forced to adopt the non-Indigenous culture through structures of domination that provided the system for downgrading Indigenous peoples and their traditional practices. The history of Indigenous people’s identity, culture, heritage and teachings, has been misconstrued and misrepresented over generations, creating the idealized image of Indigenous peoples as savages that need to be “civilized”. This originated from colonization affecting Indigenous peoples’ values on land and traditional practices....   [tags: Westernization, Ecology, Knowledge]

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A Non Traditional Form Of Learning

- A Non-Traditional Form of Learning Anderson University is distinct from other universities in many ways, with one of the reasons being Anderson’s travel and cultural opportunities. Traveling is an integral part of the learning process. Living or spending time in another country takes a student outside of the traditional learning realm, literally and emotionally. Students must learn flexibility if they want to enjoy their travel experience. Placing oneself in a new and uncharted situation requires some adjustments....   [tags: Culture, Learning, Study abroad, The Culture]

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Math Approaches: Traditional or Reform

- ... Reform Approach Many schools are changing the way math is taught. The classrooms are becoming more student-centered instead of the traditional teacher-centered classrooms. The National Mathematics Advisory Panel defined this approach as “instruction in which students are primarily doing the teaching” (National Mathematics Advisory Panel, 2008). Teachers in the reform classroom guide and support students’ mathematical ideas instead of giving them specific ways of doing math (Clements & Battista, 2009)....   [tags: advantages, disadvantages, teaching strategies]

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Traditional Classes And Online Classes

- What are the dissimilarities between traditional classes and online classes. Innumerable people might recall this debate in their head. Although traditional education and online education have the same goal, they are still divergent. Traditional education requires the student’s presence in class, unlike the online classes that is defined as an education process between instructors and their students in independent locating. Most of the students choose to sign up for online classes because of its flexibility....   [tags: Education, Student, E-learning]

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Online Class And Traditional Class

- Hue Phung Mrs. Kehrmeyer Contemp Comp/ Per: 2 25 April 2016 Online Class and Traditional Class As technology advances and student enrollments increase, many universities are exploring the use of web-based instruction. The options range from the use of web-based applications in traditional classrooms to full-blown online courses in which there is no face-to-face contact. What are the differences between online class and face-to-face classes. The differences between a traditional class and an online class are remarkable....   [tags: Virtual learning environment, E-learning]

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Modern Justice And Traditional Justice

- Traditional Justice Resembling state-base justice, traditional justice has a rich history and before we talk about the pros and cons of this justice approach, I will first define traditional justice and its history. Unlike state-based approach, traditional justice attempts to repair harmed relationships and there does not exists any formal procedures (Diamond). What this means is that both parties must come together and solve the issue and often with the help of a third party who is often a chief or anindividual that is respected and with no stakes in the issue (Diamond)....   [tags: Criminal justice, Crime, Punishment, Law]

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Traditional Society And Modern Society

- As time passes humanity tends to change, we improvise and build, creating new technologies and thriving in new locations. With humanity comes society, as humanity changes so too does this society. There are two main types of societies which will be discussed in this essay, traditional society and modern society. Traditional society revolves around family and its honor, and conservatism. Modern society thrives around capitalist ideals, and Liberalism. It can be said that traditional society has led to the up rise of the modern society....   [tags: Sociology, Society, Gender role, Western culture]

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Traditional Organization and Learning Organization

- When the buzzword of business model was very active and reactive during the internet boom, many individuals did not understand the concept of the proper business model for the proper business (Magretta, 2002). When not utilizing the right type of model for the organization, the model will be misused and distorted (Magretta, 2002). Understanding the traditional organization and learning organization, will allow an organization to determine which time of organization they desire the most. Characteristics of the Traditional and Learning Organization The beginnings of the traditional and learning organizations start with the characteristics of the organizations....   [tags: innovation, business model, leadership, leader]

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England: A Poised and Traditional Country

- What is the first word you think of when you hear about, England. You may think of its effect in history the early kings being crowned at Westminster Abbey, to England hosting the 2012 Summer Olympic Games. Another thought could be is London. London is the capital and heart of England. It has its own history that is preserved through top historic tourist spots. The British Museum continues to maintain history and culture. English cities, though they are not recognized have helped so much with creating history with the riots in Cambridge between students and townspeople all the way to Manchester that is a new developed city that is still growing....   [tags: London, Culture]

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Indigenous Peoples And Their Traditional Practices

- This book is about the religious, social, and cultural hardships that indigenous peoples in Canada as well as the United States have faced since the 1600s till the most recent times now. Particularly it touches upon the connections between the three main religious groups of the Mi’kmaq peoples Neo-Traditionalism, Traditionalism, and Catholicism. It also touches upon the many differences. Robinson argues that Indigenous peoples have continuously met with many hardships such as assimilation, lose of their land, and decrease in population....   [tags: Culture, Religion, Indigenous peoples, Race]

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Religion And The Traditional Catholic Home

- Just like evolution, creatures, populations, and species can change and morph into things that they never have been before. And just like evolution, while everything is making it’s own changes, beliefs and values are doing the same, and nothing can ever be set in stone. Growing up as a child, I was raised into the traditional Catholic home. I was pushed into attending church sessions and to be baptized. I had no idea what was going on, since I was only a young child. My life was very moldable and parents could shape it into any way they wanted....   [tags: Religion, Faith, Atheism, God]

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Frederick Douglass : A Traditional Fashion

- Frederick Douglass begins his autobiography in a traditional fashion, giving details of the names of his parents, information about his birth place, and early events of his childhood. He was in Tuckahoe, Talbot County located on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Douglass remembers being sad and confused because he did not know his birthday and he was not allowed to ask. However, the white children knew their ages. He estimated that his birth took place on February, 1818, based on the overhead comment from his master, Captain Anthony....   [tags: Slavery in the United States, Slavery]

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The Examination Of Traditional Leadership Styles

- Examination of Traditional Leadership Styles Transactional leadership is a long standing leadership theory that examines the interaction or exchange between leader and follower. This leadership theory relies heavily on the give and take and reward punishment interaction that followers rely on to determine their success. Many organizations operate their businesses within a transactional realm, employees are rewarded for goals reached, tasks accomplished, and skills performed; consequently leaders lead using this same transactional approach and employees learn to operate and succeed within these parameters to receive their own desired outcome....   [tags: Leadership, Management]

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Traditional Definition Of A Good Marriage

- New definition of a Good Marriage Multiple couples that marry at a young age or at whatever age; “believe to be in love” when their marriage is awful and don 't trust each other at all, that 's not a good marriage in other people 's eyes. A good marriage is when two people love, trust, care for each other endlessly, and just see them as their only lover. A good marriage is important because when couples marry each other they are willing to commit to them for the rest of their lives because they love each other extremely, enough to be with just their significant other for eternity....   [tags: Marriage, Alimony, Love, Divorce]

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Speech : A Traditional Patriotic Speech

- 1. In some ways, the first part of the speech is a traditional patriotic speech. Identify these elements. Douglass congratulates the Americans on the anniversary. He says that it brings good memories of when the country was delivered from British rule and that America is growing older. He states that it is no necessarily bad that the country is young because it can change easily. If it were older, “the patriot’s heart might be sadder, and the reformer’s brow heavier (Douglass). He also speaks well of the Founding Fathers for declaring their independence from Britain, especially since they put national interest above personal interest, which Douglass greatly applauds....   [tags: Slavery in the United States, Slavery]

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Traditional Medicinal Knowledge in Belize

- Traditional medicinal knowledge in Belize Some of the earliest evidence of medicinal plant use was unearthed in the grave of a Neanderthal man, who died almost 60000 years ago. The first known medical document is a Sumerian clay tablet listing plant based treatments for various maladies about 4000 years ago (Kong,2003). Ancient though those times may seem traditional medicines still serves the health needs of about 80 percent of the world's population (WHO, 2014). Medicinal folk knowledge is imperative for underdeveloped and developing nations and has important scientific implication in the developed world e.g....   [tags: folk style medicine, Central America]

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Traditional and Contemporary Performance Measurement

- 1 Introduction In the past, the company performance was measured by asking ‘how much money the company makes?’ To a certain extent, they are right because gross revenue, profitability, return on capital, etc. are the results that companies must bring to survive. Unfortunately, in today business if the management focuses only on the financial health of the company, numerous unwanted consequences may arise. With the dramatic changes of business environment, the traditional measure that focuses on minimising production costs is no longer well-matched (Hall, 1980)....   [tags: prism, production companies]

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Traditional Curriculum And Cultural Literacy

- Curriculum Traditions The American society have had several experimentation on the different kind of education systems and each one has had positive and negative sides. The decision to relook at the education system in place comes from observers who believe that there an identity that speaks of the past and the lesson along the way. This means that the stakeholders in the education system need a fact-finding and evaluation of the values in the current system before recommending a switch to previous system....   [tags: Education, Learning, Curriculum, Teacher]

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Traditional Roles Associated With Marriage

- As long as I have known about the practice of marriage, I have also known about the traditional roles associated with marriage. I grew up aware of the belief that woman are usually the domesticated ones, staying home to raise children and tend to the house. While men were known as the providers, going off to work most of the day to take care of the family. This is the type of dynamic I grew up in for most of my life. That all changed once I was an adult, and my father could no longer work his job....   [tags: Gender role, Gender, Woman, Role]

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Traditional Classrooms or Internet Classes

- School systems today are just not what they used to be. Students are not motived in a traditional classroom anymore. They act immature and sometimes become involved with bad crowds. How would you feel knowing that your child is in a classroom bored and not getting the education they need to exceed in life. The Internet has however come a long way in the past ten to twenty years. Now a student is able to take his or hers classes without the distraction that would come from a traditional classroom....   [tags: degree, diploma, guide, drugs]

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Online Classes or Traditional Classes

- Teachers do not want to be the student to break regular classes, do they. Traditional classrooms are called traditional for a one good reason. We students are used to this way of teaching because of its effect on students. Now, there is a disagreement that online classes are a better way of education. There is better resources in a traditional classroom than in an online class. Traditional classrooms help students interact with the teacher and classmates more often. Class taken in classrooms are also use to schedules other than giving the responsibility to the students....   [tags: alternative education methods]

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Causality in African Traditional Thought

- 1. Introduction Individual and collective perspectives on life’s events, and how these impact on the interpretation and the consequent reasoning as to cause and meaning for the individual or group, is significantly influenced by the such individual or a group’s culture. In this essay the role of culture will be expounded and the resulting influence on perceptions in the African context, briefly discussed. 2. The role of Culture Interpretations and explanations for events and the possible causes behind such events, are unique to different cultures and is determined by the influences imparted upon the individual and society as a whole due to this cultural legacy....   [tags: culture, perspective, supernatural]

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Roles Of Traditional Gender Roles

- “Turns out you gals are useful after all!” “You mean a woman can open it?” The messages portrayed in the classic fifties housewife ads are no new phenomenon. But while society today views them and scoffs, the way traditional gender roles are perceived hasn’t improved much. Traditional gender roles can be perceived in many different ways, though always reveal the same underlying qualities. Men are thought of as the breadwinner, while women are seen as the caretakers and homemakers. While this seems like an outdated view of gender roles, it is still extremely prevalent in our society and they are stopping development....   [tags: Gender role, Gender, Role, Gender equality]

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Influence of Chinese Traditional Flutes

- Influence of Chinese Traditional Flutes The Chinese flute is a beautiful instrument that can be dated back to Neolithic China. It is known for its sweet melodies and sounds that imitate nature (The Chinese Membrane Flute). Chinese traditional flutes greatly impacted the construction of the modern flute. Traditional flutes in China were made of animal bones and had holes to blow into, very much like the structure of the modern flute. World famous symphonies and orchestras use modern flutes to express sweet melodies and a nature-like feel....   [tags: melodies, instrument]

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Benefits Of Non Traditional Students

- Non-traditional Students As I walk through the Grossmont College campus I have seen the traditional student 's. The traditional student is the one that just graduated high school, looking to complete his/her general education to move on to a university. The student 's I see on campus that make up a bigger part of the college students enrolled are the non-traditional. The non-traditional student is the international student that is in the United States most not by choice, the disabled student despite their disability shows up, and the single parent that is fighting for a brighter future for their children....   [tags: University, Education, Educational psychology]

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Traditional And Distant Learning Programs

- Distance Learning Both traditional and distant learning programs provide eminence education, with the main difference between them being the content delivery method not quality. The advent of technology has brought a change in varied echelons of life, as is evident through the rise of e-commerce and social networking, and their related impact on society. Needless to say, educational sector is not immune to the technological development. While presently web-based learning dominates the educational paradigm, it is learned since the days of televisions, post and teleprompter educational climate has been dynamic....   [tags: Distance education, Education, Classroom]

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Traditional Concepts Of National Security

- People decided that the traditional concepts of national security were not enough, and did not necessarily reflect current values or the needs of the people. Traditional concepts of national security place the nation-state at the center of the playing field, and use military and economic power to protect the state’s political and physical sovereignty from external threats. Human security places individuals at the center of the playing field, and focuses on issues that are both transnational and local....   [tags: Human rights]

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The Media And Traditional Media

- The media can be defined as various types of outlets that influence and communicate information, current events, and entertainment. According to a Report on American Consumers, “By 2015, it is estimated that Americans will consume both traditional and digital media for over 1.7 trillion hours, an average of approximately 15 and a half hours per person per day.” Let’s assume that the average person is getting a recommended eight hours of sleep per night; that means Americans consume media 15.5 hours out of the 16 hours they are awake....   [tags: Critical thinking, Bias, Mass media, BIAS]

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Progressive to Traditional Education Models

- Schools across North America at present can be situated on a continuum extending between the limits of completely progressive and completely traditional – or, more accurately, on a continuum reflecting the various components of each model (Kohn, 2008). For many generations, the traditional educational model was and continues to be widely accepted and practiced (Wile, n.d). Teachers who practice this approach to teaching are concerned with transmitting a body of factual and cultural knowledge to students....   [tags: community, hackschooling, learning]

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The Foundation of Traditional Ethics

- In “Abolition of Man”, author C.S. Lewis discussed the foundation of traditional ethics by embracing the Chinese word Tao, meaning “the Way.” Lewis declares that people today have assumed a place outside the Tao. This position involves, according to C.S. Lewis, a choice between two evils; and one or the other evil is our destiny if we believe that the Tao isn’t real. But aside from such everyday thoughts, there are hypothetical problems to this belief. The demand to abandon traditional ethics is frequently related to what is thought to be a new and rational set of morals....   [tags: tao, cs lewis, abolition of man]

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