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Last College Tournament Of The Year

- Last college tournament of the Year My last college tournament of the year, San Francisco, California. Every one of the 10 guys we play on the UTRGV golf team wanted to qualify in the tournament hosted in the golf course of The Pacific University, days went by and the coach pick his best 5 players, we were all very happy and grateful but also people got mad and sad because of not qualifying. The main goal of everyone of course was to qualify and travel to this amazing place, all of us took it very responsible honest and with lots of love for what we do here....   [tags: Golf, Rules of golf, Play, Learning]

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The Day Of The Basketball Tournament

- When we first moved into the neighborhood, everything seemed so peaceful. In the nearby playgrounds and streets, you would see young children at play, without a care in the world. Old men were sitting in lawn chairs on their patios playing cards and telling jokes. Teenagers were seen dancing and playing sports all around the neighborhood. Happiness and positivity flowed in the air like the waves of an everlasting ocean. In short, everything seemed perfect, until a robbery that took place at my home significantly changed my entire outlook on my neighborhood....   [tags: Robbery, Theft, Neighbourhood]

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My Experience At A Softball Tournament

- What I remember is playing in a softball tournament in 2013 with my travel team. It was championship game day and to me, that day was very important. I was playing outfield and it was a new position for me so I had no idea what I was supposed to do besides catch the ball and throw it in to the middle infielders. I was unaware that the ball would be so slippery from the wet grass, which made it much more difficult to control. As the game continued, it started getting very intense and all we heard was the crowd continuously yelling after every pitch thrown or play made....   [tags: Baseball, Game, Bone, Concussion]

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The Tournament of Roses Parade

- In one point of our adolescent lives, we have those days where we become tired, fatigued, and bored because we have nothing to do. It is a friday evening, I am lying on my messy bed thinking of things that can keep me entertained. I look around the room and I spot my two guitars hanging from the wall, a couple in the corner mounted on top of each other, and one in a hardshell case lying on the floor but I am not interested. I opened my laptop and go on youtube but there is nothing to watch. I try reading my thick business law book however, its friday night I do not want to do homework....   [tags: old town pasadena, the grove]

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NCAA March Madness Tournament

- One of the top sporting events in the world is considered to be the NCAA March Madness tournament. This tournament is ranked third just behind the super bowl and FIFA World Cup. It’s unbelievable to think that one of the top sporting events in the world is in college athletics. You have other professional sports like basketball, baseball, hockey and NASCAR, but there championships still don’t compare to the NCAA championship. March madness is so popular that global firms Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc believe that companies are expected to lose about $1.2 billion because of every hour of work that employees are watching games instead of working (Koba, 2014)....   [tags: Sporting Events, America, College Basketball]

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Winning the Fencing Tournament

- Has there ever been a time in your life when you accomplished something all by yourself and proved it to yourself that you could do it. I have, and I’ve never felt better. It was March 22, 2008 at Schoolcraft College for a fencing tournament. I was 14 and ready to fence. It was a cold, windy day with about four inches of snow on the ground. I entered the gymnasium with my fencing bag at hand. My heart was pounding. After an hour of the strenuous anticipation of waiting for the event to start, the fencing was about to start....   [tags: sports, fencing, ]

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The Importance Of Accomplishment From Winning A Tournament

- Essay 2 Have you ever experienced the joy and sense of accomplishment from winning a tournament. In the year 2006, I turned fourteen years old and I joined the basketball team. I worked really hard in basketball; I still remember the sweat coming from my body, the warmth of my sweat, and the enjoyment of practicing basketball. One month later I was named captain because I was the one that worked the hardest. As a captain I wanted to win the basketball tournament by myself. The first match was on Monday....   [tags: Basketball, College basketball, Basketball court]

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How We Lost the Robot Tournament

- ... Its delicate arms begin to move as my teammate manipulates his controller, and the robot manages to cradle a ball in its arms. I maneuver the robot into a scoring position when another robot smashes into our robot, throwing it off balance. The ball falls out of its grasp and the other robot blocks the pathway. I attempt to maneuver the robot around it, but the other robot mirrors my movements. Frustrated, I attempt to back out of the way, but the robot rams into ours again. I quickly drive our robot away from the aggressor and towards another ball....   [tags: score, teammates, competition, tutor]

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The Masters Tournament

- In 1934, two professional golfers decided to hold an annual event that would provide a service to golf and symbolize their contribution to the sport. Their names were Bobby Jones and Clifford Roberts and the event would come to be known as the Masters Tournament. Roberts, initially, proposed the tournament be called the Masters, but Jones objected because he felt it was inappropriate. The name Augusta National Invitation Tournament was used instead, and it lasted for five years until Jones changed his perspective and the name was changed....   [tags: Sports]

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Business Report: The Planning for the FIFA 2014 Tournament

- Planning The planning for the FIFA 2014 tournament was done by company owner David Miller. He is essentially a one man show when it comes to taking care of all related tasks which are a part of executing his companies various video game tournaments and events. The goals that David set for having a successful FIFA tournament began with the actual event running smoothly and timely. This management of function and time are essential in providing a positive experience for gamers to feel satisfied with the overall quality of the tournament....   [tags: goals, advertisement]

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Your search returned over 400 essays for "tournament"
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