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Christian Interpretation Of The Jewish Torah

- Possibly mimicking the Jewish Torah, Christians have their beliefs written down in the Bible. Like the Torah, the bible contains rules to abide, miracles, guidance and history (Biblica, 2013). But in my academic opinion, the main similarity is that both texts contain the Pentateuch/old testament. Yes, Christianity has the added New Testament with stories of Jesus Christ, but it’s important not to forget the Jewish origins of the Bible and that Jesus himself, and even the word messiah, is Hebrew....   [tags: Judaism, Torah, Christianity, Bible]

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The Issue Of Abortion Within The Torah

- Abortion refers to the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy commonly undertaken within the first 28 weeks and has been an ongoing issue for many centuries in the context of various religions. To gain an understanding of when abortion is accepted and when it is forbidden within the notion of Judaism requires an insight into specific nuances of Jewish law which outline the issue regarding the foetus. The issue of abortion within the torah is closely linked to that of the issue regarding the killing of another human being....   [tags: Judaism, Halakha, Torah, Conservative Judaism]

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Jesus And The Torah 's Relationship

- Throughout the history, Jesus’ and the Torah’s relationship was intertwined. This relationship started at the fall of man where God had a Savior to redeem the all of mankind. This is a promise that is seen throughout the Old Testament and fulfilled in the New Testament, especially with Moses. God promised “a prophet like unto Moses, who would be specially anointed by God as the Savior of mankind.” Jesus was this fulfillment, but it impact the relationship between Him and the Torah. The Hebrews at the time had both a positive and a negative reaction to Jesus’s view on the Torah which later impact catechesis....   [tags: Bible, Torah, New Testament, Old Testament]

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The Torah Of The Bible

- The Torah refers to the first five books in the Bible. Starting from the creation of the earth and the creation of man. The only hope for man is to live by the word that God has given, but there is a dilemma in the hearts of man that leads them to question the word of God. At first temptation leads man to disobey the word of God, and later on fear and doubt lead to more disobedience. To meet this dilemma God sends people that can speak his word to the people and explain to them they do not need to be afraid....   [tags: God, Good and evil, Cain and Abel]

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Moses in the Kuran and in the Torah: A Comparison

- Many of us know Moses from The Bible, in the story of Exodus where he saved his Israelite people from enslavement in the Egyptian kingdom under the reign of a pharaoh. However, Moses appears in many other religious texts as well. For example he appears in the Islamic bible, The Quran and in the Torah. The story each book tells about Moses is fairly consistent, all books agree Moses freed the Israelites from Egypt into the promise land, thus to their freedom, however, there are few differences. Moses' significance in the Torah and the Quran may be looked at slightly different, though he is a key role in each book, he proves more influential in one than the other....   [tags: religious texts]

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The Message of the Torah: Using the Unlikely

- With everyone having their own opinion on the Torah it is hard to say that there is an exact message of the book. Scholars have spent years arguing, debating, and ripping each other’s opinion apart on what exactly the Torah’s message is. The message of the Torah is that God has His way of taking the most unlikely person and making an example of them whether it be by failure or examples of greatness. Examples of the way God uses people are placed all throughout the bible constantly. In the beginning of Genesis God took the bible’s biggest sinner and made an example out of him which in the end brought God glory....   [tags: devil, glory, plan]

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The Similarities Between Shomyo and Torah Cantillation

- Shōmyō, a form of Japanese Buddhist liturgical chant, and Torah cantillation, the system of chants used to read the Torah in Judaism, are completely unrelated in their origins, and yet they are surprisingly similar. The shōmyō and Torah cantillation we will be dealing with are both monophonic, non-metric, and melismatic, and both are made up of short melodic fragments that are combined to form the chant. Shōmyō is a type of Buddhist chant used in religious services by the Tendai and Shingon sects....   [tags: japanese buiddhist chant, rorah, judaism]

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First Day Of Creation : Othe Torah

- OThe Torah itself is a brief text. The majority of Judaic knowledge is passed by the oral tradition, since Har Sinai itself. And yet, within the the words of the Torah are all of the various interpretations of fact, and via that, all of the secrets of the world exist within those few words. However, this medium of compacted information makes reading and understanding the Torah confusing, as it often seems that there is information missing, or perhaps even in excess while leaving out seemingly more crucial bits, while at other times, the events described simply seem impossible....   [tags: Universe, Big Bang, General relativity, Helium]

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Being A Religious And Torah Observant Believer

- Being a religious and Torah observant believer I have never took the time to learn about religions, people, or cultures other than my own. When I started to explore the topic of homosexuality through this queer religiosities class I did not think that I was going to learn about conversion therapy. I came into this class with the notion that homosexuality, was strictly a “choice” or “type of lifestyle”. Previous to being in this class, I have never read any books or watched any films that detailed the historical, religious, and medical notions of the nature of homosexuality....   [tags: Homosexuality, Sexual orientation, Bisexuality]

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The Torah and Why It's Important To Jews

- The Torah and Why It's Important To Jews The Torah is the holy book of the Jews. It is part of the Tenak and has five books, this is known as the Pentateuh. The Torah is seen, by practising Jews, as a sacred possession and for this reason the real Torah is kept and dressed in the Synagogue, it is used by only the readers and is not even allowed to be touched with their hands. The book is highly respected. The Torah contains the 613 Mitzvah, (commandments.) And within these are the 10 sayings....   [tags: Papers]

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Comparing the Qur’an and the Torah

- Comparing the Qur’an and the Torah Contained in the many intricate and poetic Surahs of the Qur’an are retellings of a number of famous stories of the Hebrew Bible, known to Jews as the Torah, Prophets, and Writings. However, the Qur’an’s account of the lives of certain biblical characters often differs in significant ways from the Jewish version. While a believer in the divine nature of the Qur’an may claim that differences in facts stem from distortions of G-d’s message as recorded in Jewish holy books, both Muslims and non-Muslims might agree that the differences in emphasis are intentional....   [tags: Compare Contrast Comparison Essays]

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Jewish Ideals In The Torah And Nevi'Im

- Jewish Ideals in the Torah and Nevi'im Both the Torah and the Nevi'im are important texts in Judaism that each illustrates different aspects of Judaism. The Torah specifies a number of the commandments and rules to be followed. On the other hand, the Nevi'im contains several accounts of the lives of the prophets. Analyzing the Torah and the Nevi'im allows one to clearly see the differences and similarities. The Torah is the primary document which reveals instructions to the Jewish people. The first five books of the Hebrew scripture focus on Jewish law and teaching....   [tags: Religion Judaism]

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Legal Codes in the Torah

- The Torah contains many different legal codes, a distinction and comparison between them enlightens us to the fact that the same persons did not write them and that the different authors did not have the same background, perhaps not even the same culture. Nevertheless, in comparing the Ten Commandments and the Book of the Covenant, one notices the similarities more so than the differences, one would say that the vast majority of laws in the Book of the Covenant have a respective law in the Ten Commandments....   [tags: Religion]

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The Passages We Covered When Mrs. Bauer From An Old Greek Translation Of The Torah

- For this assignment, I chose to analyze the passages we covered when Mrs. Bauer came to visit, Genesis 3.1-20. This book of the bible comes from an old Greek translation of the Torah called the Septuagint. The book of Genesis does not have any author recognition because all of the literary writings were anonymously written for centuries. Genesis was composed largely by oral culture but many of these writings did not take place until after the monarchy had fallen in 586 BCE. Many people can interpret the book of Genesis differently but to me it is about the creation of mankind, but more specifically the section I am focusing on is about the first original sin....   [tags: Adam and Eve, Book of Genesis, Garden of Eden, God]

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Why Do People Pray And Why Is It A Necessary Part Of Their Lives?

- Six weeks ago my knowledge of different religions consisted of a little more than their names. I could not tell you one thing that would be considered knowledgeable. I would feel embarrassed due to my lack of knowledge regarding the various religious practices in our world. For example, why do people pray and why is it a necessary part of their daily lives. Now, I am very grateful to say I have gained a better understanding and respect for the different religious practices and beliefs. Not only do I feel more informed about the religions studied and, but I also found a new topic that interests me....   [tags: Torah, Judaism, Religion, Torah reading]

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The Book Of Moses And The Pentateuch

- The Torah also known as The Book of Moses or the Pentateuch, refers to the first five books of the Tanakh or Hebrew bible. The religious texts found in the Tanakh come from The Torah, Neviim and Kituvim. The book of Moses is comprised of Bereshit (Genesis), Shemot (Exodus), Vayikra (Leviticus), Bedimar(Numbers) and Devarim (Deuteronomy). The Torah holds traditions, religious laws and teachings that are followed within the religion of Judaism. The Torah is considered to be the most sacred of the texts found in the Tanakh because it holds the messages given to Moses (   [tags: Torah, Bible, Moses, Judaism]

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Description Of The Item Or Thing You Selected

- Description of the item or thing you selected: The Simchat Torah, also known as the "Joy of the Torah", is a Jewish holiday that celebrate 's the completion of the annual cycle of public Torah readings, and sets the beginning of a new cycle. It is a joyous day in which celebrates the Jewish love for the Torah and its studies. The Simchat Torah is celebrated on the second day of Shemini Atzeret, which follows immediately after the eight-day festival of Sukkot. It is an annual custom that is observed on the 22nd to 23rd of Tishrei, in which this year lands on the 24th of October....   [tags: Torah, Judaism, Moses, Bible]

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The Core Ethical Teachings of Judaism

- ... The 613 Mitzvot provides the widest administration of Jewish ethical principles, which are regarded as the basis of Jewish ethics. The Ten Commandments are a summary of the 613 Mitzvot. The first five commandments discuss the relationship between God and Jewish people, whereas the next five commandments refer to the relationship between individuals and their community. The Oral Torah contains Rabbinic study and discussion on how the principles of the Torah can be applied to the economic, technological, scientific and sociological changes in time....   [tags: torah, god, jewish people]

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​The Jewish Synagogue of Bet Breira Samu-El Or Olom

- ​The Jewish Synagogue of Bet Breira Samu-El Or Olom is composed of Reformed and Conservative Jews. They believe in only one God and their most sacred text is called the Torah. Although their most important prophet is Moses, they also have other important individuals in their religion such as the prophets Abraham, Jacob, and Isaac. Bet Breira Samu-El Or Olom is present in South Florida to invigorate its Jewish members with its spiritual needs and to support and connect its community. There was a countless number of eye popping decorations inside the Synagogue at Bet Breira Samu-El Or Olom....   [tags: jewish members, torah, synagogue]

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Monotheistic Religions Have Helped Shaped The World

- Monotheistic religions have helped shaped the world. Religion is a topic that has many definitions and is seen in many different ways. Some people believe in one G-d (God) which is known as monotheism while at the same time some people believe in many G-ds or no G-ds or G-d. Religion is something that has had a major effect on the world. Three of the major religions are all monotheistic. In this paper, I will talk about 3 aspects of three major monotheistic religions Judaism, Christianity and, Islam....   [tags: Judaism, Christianity, Bible, Torah]

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Similarities Between Christianity and Judaism

- One of the many decisions that has to made in life is what, if any, religion they will practice. Christianity, the belief in God, and Jesus as his son, or Judaism, to follow the direction of the Torah are some of the major religions that a person may choose. This decision may be one of the biggest decisions of a person’s life, and each religion has similarities and differences, and pro’s and cons. Two of the major religions, Judaism and Christianity, are alike in their inspiration of sacred texts, but are different in their identity of Jesus, and practice of worship....   [tags: torah, bible, god]

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Critical Analysis of Guide to the Perplexed by Maimonides

- In order to begin to analyze any text on Maimonides one need to have an understanding of pertinent information historically and biographically. Maimonides also know as Moses Ben Maimon or RaMBaM was born is Cordova Spain in 1135. At 13 he and his family fled because his town was captured by the Almohad Muslim sect. He wrote most of his major works in Egypt where he also practiced as a physician. He wrote a grammar book at the young age of seventeen which is still studied to this day by the many students of Hebrew grammar....   [tags: Torah, creation, theology]

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Christian Collective Identity And The Jewish Faith

- Christian collective identity As seen in the jewish faith, christianity also shares common similarities, such as the taking of the bread during mass, a symbolic ritual that shows you are taking the body of christ and filling yourself with the holy spirit in the memory that Jesus Christ lived and died for his people. Another example being the attitude of the church to people who live unfortunate lives. This shows the compassion of the church and their role as a communal support; which enhances and defines their identity....   [tags: Judaism, Christianity, Torah, Moses]

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Judaism : The Monotheistic And Monotheistic Religions

- Judaism is the first monotheistic and Abrahamic religion in the world (Cosgrove, 2006). It originated with a covenant made by God to Abraham, son of Terah, a descendant of Shem, the son of Noah (Genesis 15). God promised to make Abraham’s name great, and turn him into a great nation along with a blessing if he would trust in Him, leave his father’s family, and go to a land He would later show him (Genesis 12:1-3). Judaism however gets its name from Abraham’s son Isaac’s grandson Judah, who was the son of Jacob and founder of the first tribe of Judah (Cosgrove, 2006)....   [tags: Judaism, Torah, Halakha, Talmud]

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Analysis Of The Book ' You Are Given Nine Photos '

- Before beginning the introduction section of Solomon’s book, you are given nine photos. Some of the photos are simply portraits, while others illustrate descriptive details unique to the individuals. All the individuals are unrelated and look physically different, whether it is their skin color, clothing, age, etc. All vary in cultural origins, yet they all share a collective belief, Judaism. These pictures illustrate the diversity and complexity of this religion and act as a reminder for readers to keep an open mind for what is to come in Solomon’s book....   [tags: Judaism, Torah, Halakha, Israel]

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Comparison of Christianity and Judaism: Catholicism Stems from Judaism

- When Judaism and Catholicism are mentioned, there is a general misconception that they are very similar religions when in fact Judaism is a predecessor from which Catholicism took its early foundations, but altered in its main belief as time progressed. In the progressive timeline, Judaism originated around 1300 BC. From this religion, Christianity was formed as a new religion stemming from Judaism around 35 AD, and Catholicism being a branch of Christianity formed its identity as a distinct branch of Christianity years later around 65 AD....   [tags: bible, torah, jewish]

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Jews: The People of the Book

- Throughout all of time, Jews have been considered “The People of the Book.” This term was created by the followers of Judaism as a way of describing their own connection to the Torah and other holy texts. In Jewish tradition, there are many spiritual objects that hold much importance to its followers, the Torah being the most important. It is believed to be the stem to all the knowledge of Jewish law and tradition, thus why its importance is undefinable to all Jews. The Torah is composed of the Five Books of Moses: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy, all of which are also referred to as Pentateuch or Chumash ....   [tags: spiritual, torah, book]

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The Religious Morals And Values

- In today’s world, many people in society believe that everything is modernized and things are not as they once were because of new ideas and concepts being introduced. However, what one may fail to realize is that many different religions around the world carry on the same customs and traditions as they did hundreds of years ago. While the idea of evolution is true and is happening to numerous things everywhere, religions are taken very seriously to some and there are no intentions of changing or modernizing their belief or what occurs within the religion....   [tags: Islam, Judaism, Torah, Halakha]

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I Had The Opportunity At The Synagogue This Past Friday With Kristen

- I had the opportunity of going to the synagogue this past Friday with Kristen. Being that there were only about eight people who showed up, which we were told was quite typical, they immediately knew we were Bonaventure students. As with many past students, they warmly welcomed us. The leader, who I cannot remember the name of unfortunately, gave both of us a sermon book. He showed us how one actually reads it right to left because that is how Hebrew is written. Interestingly enough, Kristen and I had noticed a sculpture of the ten commands which was numbered the same way, right to left....   [tags: Christianity, Judaism, Torah, Shabbat]

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Moses Of The Bible And Beyond

- Moses was an extremely important figure in both the rising Jewish religion and in modern day Judaism teachings and practices. He is widely thought of as the best “prophet, leader and teacher that Judaism has ever known” (Rabbi Louis Jacobs, "Moses: In the Bible & Beyond.") Called Moshe Rabbeinu, meaning Moses our teacher, he was considered a person with human like faults and short comings yet acknowledged as the leader of a people’s freedom, the man who spoke with G-d and the instructor of a budding religion....   [tags: Moses, Torah, Bible, Judaism]

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The Importance Of Food Practices And Intolerances Orthodox Jewish Americans

- It is important to understand the importance of food practices and intolerances Orthodox Jewish Americans tolerate. Tracey R Rich (2011) stated, “Kashrut is the body of Jewish law dealing with what foods we can and cannot eat and how those foods must be prepared and eaten". Since Kashrut is a set of biblical dietary restrictions, Orthodox Jewish Americans are very particular of what they eat and how the food is prepared. Kosher is an important term that is used to describe when food meets the standards of the Kashrut....   [tags: Judaism, Torah, Halakha, Kashrut]

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Judaism Between Christianity And Judaism

- Judaism dates backs to the covenant between God and Abraham around 1800 B.C. Christianity was birthed from Judaism after the birth, crucifixion, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Judaist do not believe that Christ was the messiah and this allowed the division of Judaism. Even though their beginnings cross, today the Christian and Judean community misunderstand each other. This essay will look at the misunderstandings and discuss if studying Judaism will assist in the elimination of the misunderstanding....   [tags: Judaism, Israel, Halakha, Torah]

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The Jewish Temple Of My Life

- On September 5th 2015, it was on a Saturday morning around 10am when I went to my fist visiting worship site and the most interesting thing was that I was going to a Jewish temple for the first time in my life. I went with my friend called Fallana and he himself was very excited going there because he wanted to gain experience too. The Jewish temple we went to was Mount Zion that was on 1300 Summit Ave, St Paul. I didn’t know of any Jewish worshipping sites but my Instructor had advised me to go there if I wasn’t sure where to visit....   [tags: Judaism, Halakha, Torah, Israel]

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The Time Period Of King Shlomo

- The time period of King Shlomo is a time I can connect with and wish I was there during that time. In the time of Shlomo’s ruling, all was good materially, and more importantly, spiritually. Today, living in the United States, we are not materially deprived of anything. Whatever we want, there is at least two brands of, we have the choice of colors, sizes, prices, etc. So too, yiddishkeit is spreading to all the corners of the world, although we need Moshiach to come for the world to be fully spiritual like it was when the Beis Hamikdush was standing....   [tags: Judaism, Israel, Torah, Halakha]

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The Holy Land Promised to the Israelites by God

- All throughout the recorded history of conscious human life, religion has played a major role in our development. Israel isn’t just an incredibly interesting country because of the land or location, but because of its biblical relations. Being a religious landmark in many religions, Israel is believed to be the Holy Land promised to the Israelites by god. Eretz Yisrael, meaning Israel in Hebrew, has been important and sacred to the Jewish people since Biblical times. Stated in Torah, the time of the three Patriarchs is placed on a timeline somewhere early in the 2nd millennium BCE, and the first Kingdom of Israel was believed to be present around the 11th century BCE....   [tags: conflict, biblical times, torah]

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The Man Is Wearing The Same Small Cap

- A young boy stands behind a wooden podium atop a stage-like structure. The boy is clothed in black slacks; a white button down shirt; a small fabric cap, placed on the top of his head; and a scarf type garment resting on his shoulders. In his hand, the boy grasps a silver, intricately detailed rod. He is using the small metal rod to slowly scan the text that lies before him on the podium. He reads the text aloud, slowly and clearly – truly savoring each word as they exit his lips. To his left side are what appear to be his parents....   [tags: Judaism, Torah, Jews, Halakha]

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I Was The Best Way For A Service

-   I was at an impasse on how to complete this assignment. I had been looking and researching all the different world religions in my area and none were meeting regularly. There is only a Jewish Temple within 100 miles of Stanton, Texas. This being the case I was able to find a list of Shabbat services on YouTube. As I got permission to use this source, I then had to decide what would be the best way to choose on a service. I could have gone and looked at multiple services, but that seemed to be handpicking....   [tags: Judaism, Torah, Jewish services]

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Analyzing Our World 's Religions By Stephen Prothero

- History is a curious thing. Our history is what defines us as humans, communities, and nations. Yet, more often than not people wish to forget the past. We fear that if we do not learn from our mistakes that history will repeat itself. However, there still are those that take delight in their background. The Jewish people are among the latter. This importance of history is exemplified through Stephen Prothero’s book analyzing our world’s religions, God is Not One. It was shown even more so through our visit to the local Central Synagogue....   [tags: Judaism, Jews, Halakha, Torah]

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Reform Jewish Women: Stepping Outside Their Spheres

- With the institution of religion being so steeped in patriarchal ideals throughout history, Reform Judaism has proven to be a beacon of acceptance for Jewish women looking to live fulfilling lives in both the private and public spheres. Within North America, Women of Reform Judaism has lead women to to become active citizens and stand up for worthy causes. As well, the introduction of female congregational leadership has presented a fresh opportunity for spiritual enrichment. In Israel, which is governed by traditionalism, Reform Jewish people worldwide are in support of equality at the Western Wall- supporting an organization called Women of The Wall....   [tags: judaism, torah, rabbi]

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Religion : The World 's Oldest Religion

- What is religion. According to (Muzorewa), “Religion is a set of beliefs in a higher being, God, or Gods or higher principle.” All religions come with characteristics such as a set of doctrines, rituals to celebrate certain occasions, sacred literature, and concern for life-after death. African Traditional Religion, or ATR for short, is the world’s oldest religion. African Traditional Religion originated on the continent of Africa because Africa was the only location for human beings to live comfortably during that era....   [tags: Judaism, Religion, Torah, Talmud]

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Being A Doctor And My Eyes Surgery

- I was raised by a Jewish stepfather for some it’s weird to hear that since Jews usually don’t get married to divorce woman since the link of marriage is never broken according to Jewish law (Rich, 1996-2011). Moreover, I always ask questions about everything and I often asked him that if I could have surgery, tattoo, or get a piercing just for him to react angry saying that my body is not mine but is God’s temple so I never even search online why not?. My major is biology because I want to become a doctor and in my eyes surgery is just that, a simple surgery for people to feel young, beautiful, and feel better about themselves....   [tags: Judaism, Torah, Halakha, Bible]

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Comparative Introduction to Monotheistic Religions

- Imagining a community that loses entire moral standards and orders: no controls, no rules, and no laws, so people may do everything they desire to do freely. However, due to humans' instinct of the endless desire which leads to avarice, sometimes they neglect the responsibility and righteousness then do something heinous in order to reach their goals. If the group effect was considered in this point, people without any moral restrictions on individual in that community so they can be deteriorated easily....   [tags: Judaism, religion, theology, Torah]

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The Religious Site Of Tabernacles

- The religious site that I visited is named Beth Israel Worship Center, a Messianic Congregation, located at 11 Railroad Ave, Wayne NJ 07470. I attended Beth Israel’s service on Tuesday, September 29th 2015 at 8pm. The service specifically focused on the holy day called “Sukkot” also meaning the Feast of Tabernacles. Sukkot is held during Autumn of each year, on the 15th day of Tishri. This year Sukkot began on September 27th, 2015 and will end on October 4th, 2015. Sukkot is a Jewish holiday which is celebrated for nine days by the Orthodox and the Conservative Jews inside and outside of Israel....   [tags: Judaism, Torah, Halakha, Israel]

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Orthodox Judaism and Southern Baptism

- It seems apparent that Orthodox Judaism and Southern Baptist would have multiple differences that could easily be picked out at first glance. But when looked at closely these religions have many characteristics in common. Some characteristics these religions have in common are that they are monotheistic and they believe in the same God. Some differences are that they celebrate different holidays and people that follow Orthodox Judaism have limitations on what they can eat. Orthodox Judaism and Southern Baptist will be summarized, then compared and contrasted....   [tags: God, Messiah, Torah]

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The Sabbath Day : A Day Of Observance And Abstinence

- During the month of October our class visited the Touro Synagogue and their Sabbath ceremonies. The Sabbath day is a day of observance and abstinence from work, for Jews it’s from Friday evening to Saturday evening and celebrated by Christians on Sundays. I attended the first Friday (10/2) service where they was celebrating Sukkot. Sukkot is a major festival held in the fall to commemorate the sheltering of the Israelites in the wilderness and on this day they give thanks for the fall harvest. Although the service was very short, it was interesting and very different to my normal religious service....   [tags: Judaism, Torah, Religion, Israel]

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I Am Part Of The Muslim Community Center

- On November 12, 2015 Friday evening I had the pleasure of visiting the Jewish Community Center which is part of the Judaism faith and is located in 1529, 16th Street, NW, Washington DC, 20036. Personally, I am part of the Muslim faith as well is my entire family. Throughout my childhood and teenage years my faith was strongly emphasized in my household. My mother would take my siblings and I to Quran teachings every day after school to learn more about our faith and learn the holy text. I try to practice the Islamic faith to the best of my ability....   [tags: Judaism, Torah, Halakha, Israel]

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The Coming Of Lilith By Judith Plaskow

- Judith Plaskow, a Jewish feminist, searches for ways to incorporate her mostly male-based and male-interpreted faith with her feminist’s ideals in her book of essays, The Coming of Lilith. Her essay covers a wide variety of topics concerning contemporary Judaism and its possibility for flexibility, especially concerning unfair gender roles. Plaskow also discusses how religious traditions can perpetuate a hatred of the “other” religions and how that negatively affects both parties. Judith Plaskow challenges her religious tradition and contemporary culture that is a product of all religions by using sources of Jewish ethics such as the Torah and the Talmud to back up her feminist criticism....   [tags: Judaism, Religion, Jews, Torah]

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Prayer At The Jewish Community Center

- On November 13, 2015 Friday evening I had the pleasure of visiting the Jewish Community Center, which is part of the Judaism faith and is located at 1529, 16th Street, NW, Washington DC, 20036. Personally, I am part of the Muslim faith as well is my entire family. Throughout my childhood and teenage years my faith was strongly emphasized in my household. My mother would take my siblings and I to Quran teachings every day after school to learn more about our faith and learn the holy text. I try to practice the Islamic faith to the best of my ability....   [tags: Judaism, Torah, Israel, Halakha]

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The Rituals Of Pilgrimage Festivals

- Jewish Communities display the ritual of Pilgrimage which express the beliefs of adherents to a high extent. It’s considered by adherents of Judaism a journey or search of moral and spiritual significance. A pilgrimage is a journey to a shrine or a location of importance to adherents’ beliefs and faith. Adherents of Jewish Communities express their beliefs to a high extent because they participate in 3 different Pilgrimage Festivals. The 3 Pilgrimage Festivals include Pesach also known as Passover, Shavuot known as the Pentecost, and Sukkot which is known as Tabernacles and Tents....   [tags: Judaism, Halakha, Talmud, Torah]

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The Day Of The Service

- The moment we stepped into the Temple we felt out of place. The attire that we had worn could have been more sophisticated. Every child man and woman there was wearing either a suit or a dress for the service that was about to occur. So waiting outside the service until it began felt a little awkward just by formalities alone we had been wearing a polo shirt with some kakis. Once the service was about to begin, which encompassed a rite of naming to occur and a bat mitzvah for two female twins, we got a copy of a Shabbat prayer book and a copy of the Torah which was in English and in Hebrew....   [tags: Torah, Judaism, Family, Moses]

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The Prayer Of The Synagogue

- fall on Friday, so that everyone would have more than enough for the holy day""(The Nature of Shabbat, 2012, p.5). As any other holiday, Shabbat comprises a series of detailed religious rules and prayers. Its celebration is also connected to preservation of very old traditions. One of the rules, attending service in synagogue. The synagogue is Jewish church where people come to pray. It is the place where Jews come together for community prayer services. Each synagogue has a cantor, who leads the prayers....   [tags: Judaism, Halakha, Torah, Kashrut]

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Judaism, Christianity, And Judaism

- Judaism is one of the main religions in the world today along with Christianity and Islam. The three religious beliefs share similar patriarchs and origins that have roots to Abraham. The differences that exist between Islam and Judaism are apparent, however, these are less distinct when a comparison is made between Christianity and Judaism. Regardless of the similarities that exist in the two religions, Judaism has many interesting and sometimes puzzling features. The paper will illustrate the features that I found interesting in Judaism and those that are more difficult to grasp and understand....   [tags: Judaism, Torah, Halakha, Jews]

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The And Of The Bible

- It has always been much speculated, and little doubt exists that the bible was not the work of any single author, but a collection of anecdotes by many. Jews and Christians in their millions believe that the holy texts came directly from god, Hebrews certain that the Pentateuch or Five Books of Moses, ot the Torah is none other than godâs word, even though modern theologians concede that the whole was written by many, who preached diverse ideologies, linguistic styles and indeed a whole range of names for God as they saw the deity....   [tags: Bible, Torah, Criticism of the Bible]

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The Historical Book Of Genesis

- . The historical book of Genesis is the first book of the Hebrew bible and the first book of the Pentateuch best known as the Torah. In Genesis we are introduced to many well-known biblical stories that are taught extensively in the Christian and Jewish faiths. Genesis tells stories of how the world came into being, how humanity came about, how God uses a righteous vessel in the person of Noah to help repopulate the earth after a great flood, how God makes a covenant with Abram and grants him the privilege of being the father over many nations....   [tags: Torah, Bible, Abraham, Mesopotamia]

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What Does It Mean?

- WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE KOSHER What does It mean to be kosher. Kosher is the Hebrew word for…. It is a cornerstone for Jewish dietary laws. The term Kosher can be used in terms of food preparation or it could mean a type of food. Kosher foods are those which obey the principles of kashrut, Jewish dietary laws. The specifics of kosherality can be found in the Torah or…. MEAT/SEAFOOD Meat is a point of contention for those who follow kashrut. Leviticus 11:3-4 states, Whatever parts of the hoof and is cloven-footed and chews the cud, among the animals, you may eat....   [tags: Judaism, Torah, Kashrut, Halakha]

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Judaism, Christianity, And Islam

- Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are the three great religions of the world. They are all monotheistic religions, which mean the followers believe in one God. Each religion has a sacred book that contains God 's message for the world. These books are the Jewish Torah, the Christian Bible, and the Muslin Qur 'an (Religion Explained 16). All three faiths are what is call Abrahamic Faiths, which means all of them trace their traditions back to Abraham. They think that everyone is a child of Abraham....   [tags: Judaism, Torah, Bible, God]

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Christianity, Islam, And Judaism

- The world is filled with many different religions. Religion is something that is important to many cultures and is spread to people across the globe. The world’s most dominant and well known religions include Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. Though these religions are very different, Christianity, Islam, and Judaism share some important religious themes. These religious themes include: Monotheism, Sacred text, and Place of worship. Monotheism is define as “the belief in the existence of one god or, stated in other terms, that God is one” (monotheism para....   [tags: Christianity, Jesus, Torah, Bible]

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What Makes A Leader?

- Israel needed charismatic leaders in order to continue to spread Christianity among the nation. God anointed humble leaders to carry out the responsibility. He also had people rule Israel who did not complete the task. More so, there were times where a leader was not present. God wanted the people to be aware of what the outcome of nation would be like without a leader. Not everything in the land of Egypt was perfect at the time. God put people through difficult situations in order to gain trust and faith from his people....   [tags: Moses, Bible, Israelites, Torah]

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Gay Identity versus Jewish Identity

- Each individual forms his or her own sexual preference in response to interactions with males and females in the world. These responses to the external world by the internal world (in the mind and body) are governed by genetic make-up, brain-chemistry, brain-anatomy and hormone levels (CITE) . Perhaps a young boy, when exposed to an experience of kissing another boy at the age of 8, may feel an attraction toward the boy whereas the same experience with a girl does not produce the same feelings of attractions....   [tags: torah, homosexual feelings, orthodox jewish]

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The, The Jewish Day Of Rest That Started Friday Night

- Inferring from the title of this paper you might have surmised my paper is regarding an enthralling and wonderful trip to a Synagogue. I attended a Shabbat service at, Tree of Life Congregation this past Friday night. Shabbat is the Jewish day of rest that started Friday night and concludes on Saturday and is a the equivalent to the Christians Sundays. I was introduced to a wonderful man named Rabbi Eric Mollo as well a kind woman named Rabbi Carolan Glatstein. Our book informs me that a rabbi is a teacher of the law and successors of Pharisees who eventually gained authority over Judaism (235)....   [tags: Judaism, Torah, Shabbat, Jewish services]

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Jewish House Of Worship : An Eye Opening Experience That Helped Me Open My Mind

- My visit to a Jewish House of Worship was an eye opening experience that helped me open my mind to other religions that were not in my spectrum of knowledge. The class as a whole has given me an insight to how my own religion (Roman Catholic) greatly differs to some religions yet connects in many ways with others. Due to the sharing of the Roman Catholic Old Testament or Hebrew Bible and great similarities regarding our history, I decided to attend the Washington Hebrew Congregation in 3935 Macomb Street NW, Washington, DC on Saturday March 12, 2016....   [tags: Torah, Judaism, Moses, Jewish services]

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Beth El Synagogue And The Jewish Congregation

- Beth El Congregation is a Jewish congregation located in Central Phoenix. They are affiliated with the Conservative Judaism movement. According to leader of the congregation, Rabbi Lavinsky, this locates their convictions and interpretation of the Torah somewhere in the middle between the orthodox and liberal groups. He stated this is reflected in the motto of the movement: “Tradition and Change.” I visited Beth El Synagogue for a Saturday morning Shabbat service. The set up of inside the sanctuary was similar to a Catholic church....   [tags: Torah, Judaism, Christianity, Jewish services]

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Judaism : The Temple Of Jewish Worship

- Since the beginning of the religion, Judaism has seen major shifts in both the location and practices of worship. In ancient Jerusalem, the Temple on the Mount was the center of Jewish worship and home to prayer, offerings, and animal sacrifices (Rich). According to Jewish belief, this temple was built by King Solomon with the purpose of housing the Ark of the Covenant, a gold-covered chest which held the two stone tablets bearing the original Ten Commandments. This first temple was destroyed by the Babylonians in 586 BCE, and the Ark of the Covenants whereabouts are still unknown to this day....   [tags: Judaism, Torah, Temple in Jerusalem, Jerusalem]

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Service Learning Project : Attend A Jewish Synagogue Service

- Service Learning Project – Attend a Jewish Synagogue Service I have attended a Christian church my whole life. While I have attended various denominations, I have always considered myself to be non-denominational, not favoring one over the other. The only other churches I have ever attended were Catholic; I have had other family members practice this faith and so have always been a guest with them if I have gone and had the services feel fairly familiar. When we were given the project to go and attend a different religion’s church I wasn’t sure what to expect....   [tags: Judaism, Torah, Synagogue, Christian Church]

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Social And Justice Issues Involving The Jewish Community

- According to Shir Tikvah’s website “Shir Tikvah is a Kehillah kedosha (holy community) joyfully revealing the intersections of Talmud Torah (lifelong Torah study), t 'filah (prayer), tzedakah (justice), and hachnasat orchim (radical hospitality)” Shir Tikvah meaning “Song of Hope” is a Reform Jewish Temple located on Minnehaha Parkway in Minneapolis. The congregation was established in 1988 when Stacy Offner, first woman Rabbi in MN, resigned from Mount Zion Temple after a disagreement over her homosexuality (Weber, 2014)....   [tags: Judaism, Torah, Shabbat, Jewish services]

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The Myth Of The Fall

- he creation A myth is a story that explains an important aspect of human life and experience. The story being told are of a spiritual and religious nature. But a myth is a story that never happened. The genesis creation it a myth crossed with both Judaism and Christianity. It is made up of two parts, roughly equivalent to the first two chapters of the Book of Genesis. In the book of Genesis, it speaks on how god created the earth with night and day, and the creatures that live on it. Today, it is taught that bacteria always been around so the explosion that cause the earliest life to form....   [tags: Torah, Judaism, Jewish services, Shabbat]

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The Bible Taken From The Greek Word

- The Bible taken from the Greek word "biblos" meaning "book" became the foundation of two religions, specifically Judaism in the Old Testament and Christianity in the New Testament. Both bring together a group of books that explains the history of the beginning and development. The Old Testament also known as the Tanakh is the first and oldest section of the Holy Bible with the New Testament written and added at a later date. The Old Testament, consisting of many individual books that were written, compiled and edited by various authors over a period of centuries....   [tags: Bible, Old Testament, Torah, Septuagint]

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Study Of Early Christian Literature

- Term Identification 1. Torah - (in Judaism) the law of God as revealed to Moses and recorded in the first five books of the Hebrew scriptures (the Pentateuch). The Torah is significant to the study of early Christian literature because the books detail the creation story as well as history on the Jewish Patriarchs and tell about the exodus from Egypt. The Torah was the authoritative scripture for early Jews and was what Jesus and his disciples followed. The commandments in the Torah are helpful for understanding the belief system and daily practices of ancient Jews The Torah is now partially incorporated into the bible as the old testament which provides history and background information w...   [tags: Judaism, Torah, Bible, New Testament]

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The Dietary Guidelines Of Religion

- Dietary Guidelines of Religion As our society grows, so do our views on the strict laws set forth by our ancestors. One thing that has held is our habit to create barriers between people through religion. By finding similarities through simple things like a common diet and reasons for them such as spiritual and health views, we are able to see that we might not be so unbelievably different afterall. Diet is a major part of the Jewish practices. Rabbi Hayim Halevy Donin states, “Laws of kashrut elevate the simple act of eating into a religious ritual....   [tags: Judaism, Religion, Torah, Abrahamic religions]

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The Relationship Between Man And Nature

- It may not be present today, but many hundreds and thousands of years ago, man and nature had a relationship that was of giving and receiving. Air, water, and soil have been taken for granted in this modern day, leaving us humans on the search for more abundant and materialistic objects; overall, making us lose touch with what we are made of. The relationship between man and nature has been analyzed by many texts we have assessed in class, determining this as an over-arching theme we are studying....   [tags: Epic of Gilgamesh, Enkidu, Torah, The Work]

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The Ten Commandments And The Commandments

- The most meaningful lectures to me were about the Ten Commandments and how they make Jewish people better in their lives. The Ten Commandments were given to the Jewish people through Moses, from God at Mount Sinai. Since that day, the commandments have been very important to Jewish life. They can be found twice in the Torah. First in chapter twenty of the book of Exodus, and they are then again repeated in chapter five of the book of Deuteronomy. There are slight variations to these repetitions which concerns the fourth commandment, regarding the Shabbat....   [tags: Torah, Ten Commandments, Moses, Judaism]

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I Attended The Shabbat Morning Service At Touro Synagogue

- On Saturday, October 17th, I attended the Shabbat morning service at Touro Synagogue. The service was held in the main sanctuary for the Bat Mitzvah of Jessica, a young woman from the congregation. The service was guided by Rabbi Alexis Berk and Cantor David Mintz, but it was primarily led by Jessica. Rabbi Berk offered words of wisdom while Cantor Mintz used his exquisite voice and guitar skills to lead the congregation in singing of the hymns. Jessica took command of the service by reciting prayers in Hebrew and offering a reflection based on her intensive study of the story Noah and the flood from a Torah scroll....   [tags: Torah, Judaism, Jewish services, Shabbat]

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The Holy Of Free Will

- Fate is something that looms over the existence of free will. Most people believe that free will is a blessing bestowed upon all mankind, but fail to mention that divine intervention can wreak havoc at any given moment. In both the Quran and Torah, God is that divine intervention who has such a dominating feature about him. While dominance is not far off from God’s righteousness, all paths eventually lead to redemption. A theme all too familiar in these early literature works which frequently provide examples of God’s dominance....   [tags: Bible, Torah, Qur'an, Religious text]

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Exodus : The Book Of Exodus

- The book of Exodus is seen as, the “Second Book of Moses”, as well as the second book in the Pentateuch . The Pentateuch is the first five books of the Old Testament, and is also known as the Torah, or “Law” in Hebrew, which is just one section that makes up the whole Hebrew Bible or Tanak. The Torah consists of Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, and Numbers, and is the beginning sections of the Bible. The other two sections are known as Nevi’im, “Prophets”, and Ketuvim, “Writings”. Upon analysis of the book of Exodus, it is expressively important to consider the historical aspects, literary issues, and theological themes that make up such a book....   [tags: Moses, Torah, Bible, Ten Commandments]

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The Jewish Culture And Heritage

- A popular composer, Irving Berlin, was from Jewish descent that wrote well-known songs like “White Christmas,” “God Bless America,” and “Blue Skies” (Kamp, 2015). Many individuals are oblivious to the reality of how each separate culture is different but also has similarities. Judaism is a complex culture and heritage that has been practiced by a large quantity of people for centuries. Experiencing the variety of cultures that are part of the world benefits everyone by expanding their knowledge and increasing acceptancy....   [tags: Judaism, Torah, Culture, Persian Jews]

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The Mosaic Covenant From Exodus

- The Mosaic Covenant from exodus is a promise made between God and the nation of Israel at Mount Sinai. To begin with, the pattern of the covenant is very similar to other ancient covenants of that time because it is between God and his people. In the textbook, it explains how the Hebrews have struggled with the pharaoh around 1250 B.C.E. Moses, who was a prince that grew up in the household of the pharaoh, ran away. After returning he led the Hebrew slaves at the bottom of Mount Sinai. God spoke to the Hebrews who he freed them and explained the Ten Commandments....   [tags: Torah, Judaism, Ten Commandments, Moses]

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The Old Testament As Scripture

- Childs ' Introduction to the Old Testament as Scripture Child’s points out that the interpretation or studies of Genesis manifest its self with three views points. With two being of the genealogy material and the narrative material. He gives an in-depth overview of how many scholars have studied the book of Genesis throughout the years. Based upon the JEDP ass a representation of the four of the hypothetical sources: • Jawist that describes the God as Yahweh. This includes most of the parts of Genesis, some parts of Exodus and Numbers....   [tags: Torah, Bible, Old Testament, Tanakh]

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Differences Between Christianity And Judaism

- Both Christianity and Judaism are religions that have some relationship between them as much as they also have differences. Judaism and Christianity developed on the basis obeying God, on adherence to his rules and fulfillment of God’s will is a duty of a Jewish or Christian person, both religions fall into the rule deontological category. In Judaism, God is seen as having a contractual relationship with the Jewish people where they must obey his holy laws in return for their status of the chosen people....   [tags: Judaism, Christianity, Old Testament, Torah]

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My View Of My Life

- My entire life I have been raised Catholic, this includes my schooling. Since the 3rd grade, I’ve attended Catholic elementary school and when I graduated elementary school I attended an all-boys Catholic high school. So my comfort zone has always been in the Catholic religion. In this project, it forced me to step outside of my comfort zone and experience a worship service that differs from my own. Serving in the military, I have been fortunate enough to bond with different people from all walks of life and religious disciplines....   [tags: Judaism, Torah, Synagogue, Jewish services]

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Community Is A Group Of People

- TITLE Hope Erickson H2P Dr. Hoyer 15 October 2015 Community is a group of people who are viewed as a whole due to their common values, attitudes, and goals. The common threads differ from community to community, but are crucial to the understanding of unity. In The Songlines by Bruce Chatwin, the indigenous people of Australia, or Aboriginals, find community through common spiritual beliefs. Aboriginals believe that totemic beings had once wandered the land singing what that came upon, which brought the earth into existence....   [tags: Moses, Ten Commandments, Bible, Torah]

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