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Investigating the Effect to Which the Factions Were in Control of Henrican Government Between 1540 and 1547

- Investigating the Effect to Which the Factions Were in Control of Henrican Government Between 1540 and 1547 On the surface it appears that Henry was a temperamental declining monarch by 1540, who was out of touch with the countries politics surrounding him. It seemed that after Cromwell' s execution there was competition for power between the leading factional members. Yet in actual fact Henry was not what he seemed; he was sharp in playing the 'political game' to get what he wanted as much as the factions....   [tags: Papers]

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Prosecution Of Macbeth (if He Was Tried For The Murder Of Duncan)

- Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury, we have heard the defence glorify Macbeth in an effort to cloud the horrible acts of murder that he committed. The question that we are here to answer today stands, ?is Macbeth guilty of the murder of our beloved king, Duncan?. Many questions cloud our judgement today. Did Macbeth have a motive to kill the king. Did Macbeth meticulously premeditate the murder of Duncan. Did Macbeth carryout, then cover up the murder of King Duncan. Ladies and gentlemen it will be difficult, nay impossible for you to deny any of these allegations of murder against Macbeth, because simply put, he did commit these vicious acts of murder....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Richard III - Did Richard Kill the Children?

- Did Richard III Kill the Children. We really cannot know for certain. If there was a cover-up to protect the actual murderers, it was done exceedingly well and so thoroughly that we will never be able to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt what really happened. In spite of what I see as very persuasive evidence that Richard did not kill the children, there are many very intelligent, highly successful, and unquestionably reputable historical scholars out there who believe that they have evidence that the king did commit the murders and that this evidence is equally as compelling as anything I believe....   [tags: Richard II Richard III Essays]

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The Rise and Fall of Richard the Third

- &#9;Much debate and controversy surround the rise and fall of Richard the Third. It is hard to ignore such subjects due to the bonds and hidden reasons that many of the authors of the middle ages had towards Richard. In keeping an objective approach towards Richard III, the study of his rise and fall will be taken in the perspective of his royal acts and administration of England. Public sentiment over such things as the scandal surrounding the princes did have an effect over the rule of Richard, but there are many other underlying aspects that could have extended Richards rule, and changed the way history looks back on him....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Realistic Objectives of Henry VII's Foreign Policy

- The Realistic Objectives of Henry VII's Foreign Policy According to the source, Henry's objectives were to ensure the security of his country and dynasty and to avoid foreign military intervention i.e. build up good relationships with neighbouring foreign powers. I also think that trade and prestige came into his objectives. Trade was important to him as it ensured the power of his country and, again, was important to England's relationship with foreign powers. Also prestige was important for Henry, but more for himself than for the good of the country....   [tags: Papers]

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Religion and the Northern Rebellion of 1568

- Religion and the Northern Rebellion of 1568 At the time of the Northern Rebellion in 1568, the North of England was greatly aggrieved. When Elizabeth had ascended to the throne she appointed loyal men to her throne, usually Protestants like William Cecil at the expense of the Northern Earls. This subtraction of power of course angered the Northern Earls, but was the Northern Rebellion just down to this. Religion played a huge part in the daily lives of most people in the 16th century and with the majority of the North retaining Catholicism whilst Elizabeth slowly introduced Protestantism, surely this would cause further conflict....   [tags: Papers]

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Richard in William Shakespeare's Play

- Richard in William Shakespeare's Play In Richard's opening speech, Shakespeare tells us some things that you need to know about Richard, but not all. The opening speech gives a hint as to what is going to happen, as what Richard says in his opening speech is seen later on in the play. However, there are some things we don't find out until later in the play. In Richard's opening speech we learn that he has laid 'plots', and 'inductions dangerous'. We later learn that the 'plots' are to kill Clarence, and to seize the crown....   [tags: Papers]

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The Life and Times of Nero

- The Life and Times of Nero Carlo Maria Franzero was born December 21, 1892 in Turin, Italy. He was educated at the University of Turin. Upon the commencement of the Second World War, Franzero fled Fascist ruled Italy for England. He worked in England as a journalist for the London Daily Telegraph during World War II and later he served as a correspondent for Il Tempo, a Roman newspaper. His expertise is Ancient Roman and Italian History. Other notable works by Franzero are The Life and Times of Cleopatra and The Life and Times of Tarquin the Etruscan....   [tags: Papers]

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Deviations from the Morals of God in the Plays York: The Fall of the Angels and Chester: The Fall of Lucifer

- ... This serpent-like character provides subtle hints about his evil thoughts. The simultaneous blossoming of his serpent-like character and the spirit which guides this characterization creates for Lucifer’s thoughts of defiance. Lucifer fails to realize that, with the gift of free-will, God also provides him, and the other angels, with conscience. It is the conscience that guides the moral principles of what is good and what is evil. However, Lucifer’s conscience which should guide his free-will fights a losing battle in his thoughts....   [tags: greed, evil, theatrical]

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William Shakespeare 's Hamlet - Will Of God 's Moral Beliefs And Laws?

- Will of God In Shakespeare’s play, Hamlet, every major character, throughout the entirety of the play, have went against God’s moral beliefs and laws. Claudius’ regicide was a direct violation of the Divine Right of Kings that have been strongly imbedded into their culture and tradition; he was also guilty of committing adultery and was the instigator of the murder of numerous characters in the play. Claudius was not chosen by God, and once Hamlet exacts his revenge, Hamlet would not be committing regicide since it did not rightfully belong to Claudius in the first place....   [tags: Characters in Hamlet, Hamlet, King Claudius]

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A Comparison of Shakespeare's MacBeth With the Real MacBeth, King of Scotland.

- Macbeth, a play written by William Shakespeare, portrays Macbeth as a kinsman, subject and trusted friend to King Duncan I of Scotland. A trusted friend, that is, until Macbeth has a chance encounter with the “three witches” (Shakespeare) or the “Weird Sisters”. The witches predict that Macbeth will become the next King and that his fellow companion, Banquo, will be the father of a line of kings. A change comes over Macbeth after his meeting; he is no longer content to be a follower of the King, he will “be” King at any cost....   [tags: compare contrast essays]

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Light, Darkness, and the Great Chain of Being Depicted in Shakespeare's Macbeth

- Macbeth Essay William Shakespeare's Macbeth is an ominous tale that illustrates the danger in violating the Great Chain of Being, the hierarchy of things in God's ordered universe. The Chain ranked all of creation and human society as well. It ranked kings above nobles and nobles above the poor. When Macbeth murdered King Duncan and assumed the throne, the Chain was violated and chaos resulted. The atmosphere of the play symbolized this resulting turmoil. Specifically, light and darkness were used to exemplify the unnatural chaos and ominous tone of the work....   [tags: analytical essay, literary analysis]

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The Life and Times of Victoria Ka'iulani, Member of Hawaiian Monarchy

- ... While in England, after her aunt Liliuokalani succeeded the throne, Ka’iulani was named her heir and became the Crown Princess. Some time later, Ka’iulani received devastating news from her guardian, Theophilus Davies. Back in Hawaii, the monarchy had been overthrow; her aunt, Queen Liliu, dethroned. The Kaiulani Project, which described the princess’s life, said it best: “Ka`iulani was far from home and life as she knew it was being taken away for her, her family and her entire nation. She may have thought that her life’s purpose, all of her plans, all of her work, all of her education was now pointless....   [tags: thrown, crown, inherit]

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Analysis Of George Cersei 's ' An Interview With George Stroumboulopoulos

- George R.R. Martin’s answer in an interview with George Stroumboulopoulos to the question, “There’s one thing that’s interesting about your books. I noticed that you write women really well and really different. Where does that come from?” was, “You know, I’ve always considered women to be people.” This is a powerful response that Martin proves with his characterization of women in the show. Cersei Lannister and Daenerys Targaryen are both women in positions of power, believing they both deserve the same throne....   [tags: Woman, Female, Girl, A Song of Ice and Fire]

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Resolutions of Forgiveness, Repentance and Reconciliation in Shakespeare's The Tempest

- Stephen Orgel, in the Oxford World Classics Introduction of The Tempest, says that the resolutions of forgiveness, repentance and reconciliation through the harmony of marriage that Prospero has undertaken to achieve are not completely met. This is true as not all injuries are forgiven, and certain characters fail to repent for their wrongs. The marriage does not completely achieve its role of reconciliation, as we have to question its origins and stability. In The Tempest Prospero has orchestrated events in such a way as to resolve the injustices and injuries that have occurred to him and his daughter, Miranda....   [tags: literary analysis, literary criticism]

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Overview of The Creation of Anne Boleyn by Susan Bordo

- The story of Anne Boleyn, the second wife of Henry VIII, has been elusive to historians since her death in 1536 at the hands of her husband. This, in part, can be attributed to the destruction of almost everything she touched soon after her execution. On orders of the king, the castles that were once her home had all memory stripped of her. Portraits were destroyed, letters disappeared, their symbol of the H and A intertwined had the A ripped away. The remnants of her time on the throne are pieces of history that were overlooked in the workers haste to strip the castles in preparation for Jane Seymour to become queen....   [tags: biography, love story]

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William Shakespeare 's ' The King Of The Flies '

- Monarchs and royalty have ruled over us common people for millennia -excluding the past few centuries- and while there have been some great royals like Qin Shi Huang, Julius Caesar, and the current Queen Elizabeth II, there have certainly been some bad ones too. Caligula, a crazed Roman emperor that raped and killed his sister, and Queen Mary I, a devout Catholic that burned three hundred protestants at the stake and lost the last territories England had on the European continent, are both examples of royals that never should’ve been trusted with the throne....   [tags: Characters in Hamlet, Hamlet, Gertrude]

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Comparison of Temptation in Macbeth and A Simple Plan

- William Shakespeare once stated, “Temptation is the fire that brings up the scum of the heart.”(William Shakespeare) Although slightly bleak, many works of art have this similar idea. Through this, similarities are found concerning aspects of each work. Differences occur in the protagonist’s own personal journey on the path of temptation. Undeniably, this parallel is found within William Shakespeare’s own infamous play, Macbeth and the two-time Oscar- winning film, A Simple Plan. Macbeth is fighting for the honor of kingship even though he is not liable to inherit the crown and only becomes acquainted with the idea through a prophecy of three witches....   [tags: Compare Contrast Analysis]

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The Other Half of the Story: Evil Villains, Shakespeare

- No story is complete without an evil villain. No great book, movie, or play goes without an evil character; this includes the famous play write, William Shakespeare. Even though Shakespeare never had any further education, he is one of the greatest writers of all time and wrote many plays. His plays are primarily either comedies, or tragedies. His plays include A Midsummer Night’s Dream which is about people who love the wrong people and a magic love potion confuses everyone even more, but eventually everything gets straightened out and everything works out....   [tags: Othello, claudius]

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The Significance of the Exposition in a Play

- There are instances in plays that when omitted disturbs the plot line. These instances may be small scenes, short actions, exchanges between characters, or an entire act. Failure to include these scenes often leads to many faults in the play, the worst of which is incoherence in the plot and the destruction of the progress through it. Certain plays have deeply interwoven scenes, which with the removal of one affect the rest greatly. This can be seen in William Shakespeare’s play The Tempest. In particular the first act of the play reveals its course....   [tags: Dangers in Omission, Shakespeare, Tempest]

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The Use of Pawns in William Shakespeare's Hamlet

- In Shakespeare's Hamlet, the power of the king, the hierarchy of control, and the use of spies and pawns are the factors that lead to the deaths of Claudius, Gertrude, Hamlet, Laertes, Polonius, and Ophelia. Those who wield power are concerned about how they are seen, therefore, they use indirect action by recruiting a pawn regardless of whether there is honor in the process. These pawns then use direct action. Claudius, the center of power, attempts to maintain this royal image by using political pawns who only want to please him....   [tags: power, hierarchy, politics]

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Monumental Statue Of The Pharaoh Ramesses II Enthroned

- Monumental Statue of the Pharaoh Ramesses II Enthroned Jose Manuel Vazquez Dr. Judith Steinhoff Art & Society: Prehistoric to Gothic ARTH 1380 TU&TH 10:00AM-11:30AM A Visual Analysis of Egyptian, Monumental Statue of the Pharaoh Ramesses II Enthroned The Egyptians created Ramesses’ statue 1279-1212 B.C. using granodiorite. The statue is currently being exhibited at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston. Its dimensions withouts a base are 59 3/4 x 23 1/2 x 30 inches (seems bigger than life-size)....   [tags: Ancient Egypt, Ramesses II, Egypt, Pharaoh]

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Macbeth 's Downfall Of William Shakespeare 's Macbeth

- To achieve a goal you must dream it, set your mind to it, and do it. This explains how Macbeth rises to the throne as quickly as he does. Macbeth makes quick work of becoming king because he dreams it and has strong ambitions about it. He sets his mind to it, and does it with Lady Macbeth 's support pushing him. However, sometimes harmless ambitions set in motion a path of negative and harmful actions required to achieve them. Macbeth 's hasty rise to the throne is due to obtaining the knowledge of the future and possessing an overpowering amount of ambition (Shakespeare)....   [tags: Macbeth, Murder, Judi Dench, Duncan I of Scotland]

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Macbeth 's Downfall Of William Shakespeare 's Macbeth

- To achieve a goal you need to dream it, set your mind to it, and accomplish it. This explains how Macbeth 's speedy rise to the throne. Macbeth makes quick work of becoming king because he sets his mind to the ambitions he holds, and accomplishes them with Lady Macbeth 's support pushing him. However, sometimes harmless ambitions set in motion a path of negative and harmful actions required to achieve them. Macbeth 's hasty rise to the throne is due to obtaining the knowledge of the future and possessing an overpowering amount of ambition (Shakespeare)....   [tags: Macbeth, Murder, Judi Dench, Duncan I of Scotland]

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Macbeth As A Villain On A Tragic Hero

- A question was raised as to whether Macbeth was a kindhearted villain on a tragic hero. So far our class has only read one act in the book during class. The story so far includes three witches­ better known as the three Weird Sisters Macbeth, his wife, Banquo, and King Duncan. The story is laid out like this: Three witches are gathered to speak with each other about future events. Macbeth has just fought and won in a rough battle against Scotland. Macbeth becomes the Thane of Cawdor in favor of the king for killing his rivals so bravely....   [tags: Macbeth, Three Witches, Macbeth, Banquo]

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Analysis Of Sir Gawain And The Green Knight

- Honor. What is honor. What does it truly mean to be honorable. What does it take to be honorable. Honor is a simple word that has many definitions. What is your definition of honor. For many years past, honor has been the foundation for what drove a man to be the best he could be and to do the best he could do. In English literature, many of the main characters were based off of the concept of honor. For example, in the literary works Mel Gibson’s Braveheart, the epic poem Beowulf, and the poem Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, each main character’s ethics are determined by their way of perceiving what honor is....   [tags: Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Beowulf]

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The Supreme Head Of The Church Of England

- With the words "the supreme head of the Church of England ,” Henry VIII changed the course of history. No longer would Christendom have control over the whole of Europe, its towering power was slowly crumbling. The English Act of Supremacy (1534), which granted the king of England power over his own church, was a multi-faceted document. It did not have just one cause, and it did not have just one effect. In order to truly understand this document we must recognize not only the psyche of the king behind it, but also the political, social, and religious currents of the time....   [tags: Henry VIII of England, Anne Boleyn]

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Mary Tudor (Bloody Mary): The True Story

- “She was a king’s daughter, she was a king’s sister, she was a king’s wife, she was a queen, and by the same title a king also” # Mary Tudor was an influential women of her time period. Many in modern society know her for her particularly bad reputation as Bloody Mary, however they do not realize the contributions she made, or her influence on history . The story behind Mary’s reputation gives insight as to her true accomplishments as England’s first queen. When Mary Tudor was born on February 18, 1516, she was the only child that King Henry VIII and his wife Catherine of Aragon had successfully conceived together....   [tags: Mary Tudor, Bloody Mary]

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The Beginnings and Endings of Machiavellian Kings

- Shakespeare's Macbeth shows similarities to Richard III of England in his ambition and Machiavellians deeds, but their nature sets them apart. In the end, they are seen as similar tyrants in the way their countries reacted to their kingships. Despite the similarities, they both have had a very different path that led to their Ambition. Because of their natures, one was a victim of fate, the other was a victim of his own pessimism. These Machiavellian characters take different paths to a parallel end....   [tags: Literary Analysis]

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Queen Nzinga: African Ruler and Slave Trader

- Hailing from the African state of Ndongo and born in 1581 during the start of Luandan disagreement with Portuguese settlers (Toler 265), Queen Nzinga of the African Mbundu tribe stood up for her country and reestablished power over her people. Nzinga came in a time period that needed her. She got her country of Matamba (present day Angola) equal, both economically and socially, to the Portuguese. In order to do this, Nzinga took measures to place herself in the right position to eventually seize rule and steer her country in the right direction, even though it prompted a steady flow of opposition from her enemies....   [tags: ndongo, africa, portuguese settlers]

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The Irony in Hamlet by William Shakespeare

- ... However this is ironic since he killed him only two months ago. Furthermore, in this scene Claudius asks hamlet “How is it that the clouds still hang on you?” and Hamlet responds by saying “I am too much i’ the sun.” These play on words really mean he is much of a “son” and is suffering grief of his father’s death. Both Claudius and Gertrude are unaware of this pun leaving the reader and Hamlet the only ones aware. This irony builds tension because of the reader’s knowledge of the whole situation; creating suspense to what is going to happen next between the two....   [tags: suspense, revege, characters]

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Right Against Right in Antigone by Sophocles

- ... Death in ancient times, was not thought of as a good-bye but and entrance to eternal life. A proper burial was valued; it seemed quite foolish to have multitudes of families crying over rotten corpse scattered through the city without a proper farewell. But it wasn’t as foolish as the Creon’s twisted family history. Before advancing to the throne, Oedipus had unknowingly killed Laius, his father and the king of Thebes. Shortly after killing the king, he married the dead king’s wife, his mother....   [tags: thebes, ancient times]

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Biography of Henry II, King of England

- Henry II was born in 1133, and died at 56 years old, in 1189. When he was only 2 years old, his grandfather Henry I, appointed his cousin Stephen to the throne, instead of Matilda, who would be rightfully eligible to the throne. Matilda was not found suitable, firstly because of her gender (in a sexist society), and secondly because she was married to a rival of the Norms, Geoffrey of Anjou. Born in Anjou, to Geoffrey of Anjou, (Plantagenet), the most powerful Duque of Central France, and Matilda (daughter of the King of England), Henry was also known as Plantagenet, since his father Geoffrey, got the nickname because he liked to sport a sprig on his helmet; coining the Plantagenet surname o...   [tags: the Treaty of Wallingford, lifestyle]

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The Tragedy Of Macbeth By William Shakespeare

- In a time period where class was the most important aspect of social standards, William Shakespeare beat the odds and explored with his work. He tested the waters, even though he knew that he could be risking his life. If his plays offended royalty, it was a matter of being shunned from the community, or death. In his play The Tragedy of Macbeth, Shakespeare utilized worldwide influences and weaved them into his piece to produce his own spinoff of the story. It is evident that the piece that pride, betrayal, and fate are the prime thematic topics, but Shakespeare blurs the line between the allusion of a life full of fortune, and the reality of the burdens that come with life....   [tags: Macbeth, James I of England]

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The Implementation Of Confucianism During Han China

- Introduction It was during the former Han Dynasty period that Confucianism developed from being the teachings of a few scholars at the end of the Chou period, to becoming the philosophy of the government. This had set Confucianism to become the dominating feature of Chinese culture and to affect a large portion of humanity. It is consequently interesting to determine how and why the implementation of Confucianism came about during Han China. Implementation of Confucianism in Han China The implementation of Confucianism started during the beginning of Emperor Wu’s reign....   [tags: Han Dynasty, Confucianism, Confucius, Han Chinese]

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Calls For Change Of The Christian Church

- Calls for change of the Christian church started right off the bat in its history. As Europe recouped from the infection, issues inside of the congregation started to emerge. During the time men and ladies trusted that the early Christian church spoke to a brilliant age, similar to the brilliant age of the traditional past celebrated by Renaissance humanists. At the point when Christianity turned into the official religion of the Roman Empire in the fourth century, numerous devotees imagined that the congregation had deserted its unique mission, and they required an arrival to a congregation that was not connected to the state....   [tags: Protestant Reformation, Christianity]

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Master Of The Byzantine Era And Giotto

- The era in which Cimabue and Giotto grew influenced how they saw art and how they identified with their portrayal of images. Cimabue a master of the byzantine era and Giotto, early renaissance, however Giotto di Bondone was a pupil of Cimabue. “Cimabue was the last great painter working in the Byzantine tradition” (Finnan). His pupil Giotto was instrumental in the renaissance art movement, influenced by religion. “Di Bondone chose to paint his subjects, the overwhelming majority were religious figures, in a solid and classicizing way reminiscent of Arnolfo di Cambio” (Artble 2015)....   [tags: Renaissance, Florence, Giotto di Bondone, Italy]

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The Tragedy Of Hamlet By William Shakespeare

- In the play by William Shakespeare, “The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark”, Hamlet’s father is dead at the beginning, and Hamlet’s uncle (remove commas because this is not an appositive phrase) Claudius marries Queen Gertrude, Hamlet’s mother, and assumes the position of king, despite Hamlet being next in line for the throne. Throughout the play, Hamlet struggles with the idea of murdering a man who wronged him to protect his father’s honor. (Consider making this your first body paragraph) When the throne is stolen from Hamlet, a desire to avenge his deceased father is engendered in him....   [tags: Hamlet, Ghost, KILL, Characters in Hamlet]

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The Life of Queen Elizabeth I

- Elizabeth the first, born on September 7, 1533, is the most different and intriguing monarch in the English history (Dunn). Elizabeth is known as the Virgin Queen all of her reign. She used that image to keep out of marriage, prevent war and become one of the most beloved monarchs of the people. This image helped her also fend off Mary Queen of Scots claim to the throne. Between her vivacious and often volatile personality she led her kingdom well up until the day she died on March 24, 1603 (Alchin)....   [tags: Biography]

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Lady Macbeth, On Screen and Paper

- Shakespeare’s play of tragedy, Macbeth (1606), is well represented in the film Macbeth (1978) produced and directed by Charles Warren starring Michael Jayson as Macbeth, Barbara Leigh Hunt as Lady Macbeth, Gary Watson as Macduff, David Weston as Malcolm, Brian Badcoe as Lennox, and Tim Hardy as Ross. This film accurately lines up with the play except for a few minor details: the beginning of scene two, act one is left out, parts of actor’s monologues were left out, and scene five, act three is cut out....   [tags: Shakespearean Literature ]

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William Shakespeare’s Henry IV, Part 1

- Great advice and guidance are expected to be given by older people. Many advice and great guidance on the other hand are given by unexpected person. Such great advice is sometimes disregarded due to who offered them. On the other hand when someone has to take up a responsibility all other things that may interfere with progress should be avoided. As it is said “When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things” (King James Version Bible, 1 Cor....   [tags: Henry IV, Part 1 Essays]

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The Consequences of Choosing an Heir

- William Shakespeare uses his play, King Lear, to explore the consequences of a monarch making a poor political decision in choosing their heir. The recent events within England associated with the passing of Queen Elizabeth I and the uncertain future the kingdom faced with their new ruler, King James I, can be compared and contrasted with the choosing of an heir within King Lear and the outcomes each situation. King Lear is meant to display the drastic negative consequences of such an important decision that weaken a kingdom while the real world situation turned out to be not nearly as morbid and displayed how a wise ruling choice could strengthen multiple kingdoms....   [tags: queen elizabeth, shakespeare, king lear]

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The Wives of King Henry VIII

- ... Six years following the birth of his illegitimate son, Henry decided he was done with Catherine, and became more intrigued with the sister of one of his past mistresses, Anne Boleyn. In the beginning of the king's infatuation, Anne was not interested, but as time passed she grew fonder of him (Weir 40). Once Catherine was no longer able to produce the heir that Henry so desperately desired, he took it into his own hands to get the marriage annulled in order to re-marry. By 1527, he convinced himself that his marriage to Catherine acted directly against a passage in the Bible found in Leviticus 20:21....   [tags: henry tudor, england, anne boleyn]

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Battle of Waterloo: The Wounded Eagle

- The rise and fall of Napoleon can almost be compared to the rise and fall of Rome. There are many parallels between the two: they both overthrew a king to become a republic and then an empire, they both reformed their armies and became successful militarily, and they both would be replaced by a king. The only difference is that Rome did not have a final battle that would forever be linked with its name. Even though Napoleon would go into the Battle of Waterloo with many advantages, in the end he would fail to achieve success in his pursuit to protect his throne....   [tags: Napoleon, Wellington, history]

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King Henry VIII: The Golden King

- King Henry VIII was not only a major component of England’s governmental structure, but was also an integral part of English Renaissance literature. From writing love poems to participating in literary endeavors, King Henry VIII revolutionized literature in England all while running the country. His humanist ideals and youthful, energetic personality provided a refreshing change of pace from the previous king, which resulted in the trust and support of his people. While his life was what modern society considers short, King Henry VIII changed the face of literature and government in England....   [tags: influential English monarchs]

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The Legacy Of Alexander The Great

- Alexander the Great was a born around 356 B.C. He was the child of his mother Princess Olympias, and his father King Philip. As a young boy his mother and father began to shape him into being the great leader in which he became. At the age of 14 he was a Macedonian warrior, at the age of 18 he was the ambassador, and at the age of 20 he became King. He became fearless, smart, and very powerful as he conquered different kingdoms throughout his life time. Many people say his intelligence came from his mother Princess Olympias and his mentor Aristotle....   [tags: Alexander the Great, Ancient Greece, Pakistan]

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William Shakespeare 's ' Macbeth '

- In Shakespeare’s Macbeth, the protagonist chooses to forgo civic responsibility in order to act upon his true desire of having power. This conflict not only provides for the majority of the plot, it provides Macbeth with depth of character and makes him far more relatable for the audience, and ultimately gives the work greater credibility as a tragedy by allowing the audience to empathize with the protagonist. Macbeth, over the course of the play, fails to balance his loyalty to king and country with his desire for the crown....   [tags: Macbeth, Duncan I of Scotland, William Shakespeare]

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Hephaestus : The Stone Making God

- Hephaestus: The Stone Making God. Hephaestus is the Greek Olympian of metal working, stone making, and also architecture. He is also one of the twelve Olympians, some examples of these other Olympians are Poseidon, Hermes, and more. Olympians are Greek descendants of the pantheon. Pantheon meaning a child from a god that is recognized inside of the Greek temple. Hephaestus had a few rough patches in his life that made him stronger, and to be able to do more things than the other gods could not....   [tags: Zeus, Hera, Twelve Olympians, Greek mythology]

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How Film Components Emphasize The Scene

- How Film Components Emphasize the Scene The 1994 film The Lion King is a children’s movie by Disney directed by Roger Allers and Rob Minkoff with the plot almost parallel to Shakespeare’s tragedy Hamlet. The 2009 modern film Hamlet directed by Gregory Doran is a modernization of Shakespeare’s tragedy Hamlet. The 2009 film follows the play’s plot very close except for a reorder in some scenes while The Lion King has its characters based on characters in Hamlet. In The Lion King Mufasa is the king of the pride lands and similar to King Hamlet who is killed before the play starts....   [tags: The Lion King, Hamlet, Emotion, Prince Hamlet]

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The Conflict During The Civil War

- Before 1642, England was torn between absolute monarchy and not absolute. The king and parliament seemed to have a back and forth argument on who should be in charge of what roles in the governing England. This is a major factor in most of the conflict throughout the civil war. In 1603 Queen Elizabeth I passed away. She did not have any children to pass her crown to, so the throne went to her cousin King James VI of Scotland. When he took over as king in England, he became King James I. King James believed in the divine right which basically says that God chose who the king would be so basically the king is appointed by god making him supreme in power....   [tags: Charles I of England, James I of England]

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The Tragedy Of Sophocles ' Antigone

- In Sophocles ' play Antigone, the city of Thebes was left to Polyneices and Eteocles to share. A war between Polyneices and Eteocles for control of the throne erupted, and killed them both. Creon was left in power and declared that Polyneices would not be buried. As a sister of Polyneices and Eteocles, Antigone challenged Creon’s decree and attempted to bury Polyneices; resulting in her punishment of death, that indirectly lead to the deaths of Haemon and Eurydice. The repetition of death portrayed that life was weak, and suicide was the only control the characters had over fate....   [tags: Oedipus, Creon, Sophocles, Oedipus at Colonus]

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William Shakespeare 's ' Hamlet '

- Shakespeare’s play “Hamlet” is a subtle reflection on the political and religious atmosphere of the early 1600’s and late 1500’s, that was dominated with conversation of the successor to the throne of England, and their religious denomination. Hamlet was written with the intention of mimicking the political world and all its machinations from treachery, duties to family, religion and country. Hamlet, begins with armies being mobilized to the threat of an invasion from Norway, helmed by Fortinbras, like the rumors that the eventual successor James VI would need to take the throne by force....   [tags: Hamlet, Characters in Hamlet, Prince Hamlet]

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Gender Representation Of Medi The Play A Song Of Ice And Fire By George R. Martin

- Gender Representation in Game Of Thrones Media surrounds an individual in the form of platforms including television, advertisments and film. These are accessible in the majority of places in current culture. As a result it plays a large role in creating social norms, as they are so wide spread. Gender roles exist soley because society as a whole chooses to accept them, however, they can be encouraged by the media. Gender representation in television is an important aspect in encouraging or discouraging these roles....   [tags: Gender role, Gender, Transgender, Violence]

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Caligula: A Brief Biography

- In the book, Caligula: A Biography, the authors’ main purpose is to show a historical account of the life and reign of Caligula as an emperor of the Roman Empire. The authors take into account several ancient writers who chronicled his life and through their own research, attempt to either affirm or discredit the many outlandish claims by them. The book begins with the accusations of ancient writers such as Seneca, Pliny the Elder, Josephus, and Suetonius who all claim that Caligula suffered from insanity....   [tags: infamous Romam emperors]

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Theology of Revelation

- Introduction Trinitarian theology within the book of Revelation is not at first sight easily recognisable amongst the plethora of images and prophecies that are recorded. The beauty of John’s theology is that the Trinity is deeply embedded in the text so that the reader must dissect the book in order to glimpse the theological beauty that is present. This essay will seek to explore the threads of the Holy Trinity that appear in the book of Revelation by looking at the characteristics of God, the specific Christology of John and the role of the Holy Spirit in the book of Revelation....   [tags: Scripture Analysis ]

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The Hamlet Parodies

- “To be, or not to be, that is the question…”-William Shakespeare. Though William Shakespeare wrote the original Hamlet, there have been many versions since then, such as: Orson Scott Card’s version, Hamlet’s Father, Tom Stoppard’s Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, as well as a more modern twist in film, Last Action Hero, directed and produced by John McTiernan. While the basic plot stays the same, some aspects change. Some authors have even gone as far as to write different versions of the soliloquy as well....   [tags: Hamlet Essays]

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The Powerful Cleopatra

- The Powerful Cleopatra Cleopatra is one of the most recognizable names of all time, but not many people know why she is so famous in our history today. Cleopatra Philopator was born 69 BCE and ruled with her father, Ptolemy XII Auletes. Cleopatra’s father passed away when she was eighteen years old, which left her to rule; however, at that point in time, if a woman ruled she needed a male by her side. Cleopatra ended up marrying her brother, Ptolemy XIII. Later on Cleopatra dropped her brother’s name from all official documents and ruled alone by herself....   [tags: Egypt, Ruler, Suicide]

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Personal Narrative- Television Remote

- Personal Narrative- Television Remote Those who are recognized as having authority earn power because of strong leadership skills and the drive to make the world a better place. When people use power to do good deeds they gain respect. A typical leader also holds something in his or her hands, like a staff, that yields power. It is amazing to see people follow an individual who is holding on to something. If they could possess that object then they too could have power. I agree that one must hold something to attain power, but it isn’t a staff that is needed....   [tags: Personal Narrative Writing]

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War of the Roses

- War of the Roses The War of the roses was a group of civil that were fought in medieval Britain between 1455 and 1487. It was, essentially a battle for the throne that two groups of people felt they were entitled to. They were the House of Lancaster and the House of York. The King at the start of the war was Henry VI, who was a Lancastrian. His rival was the Duke of York, who was of course, a Yorkist. York was very unhappy about the fact that Henry wouldn't allow him on his council, a group of lading noblemen that advised the King....   [tags: Papers]

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Lady Macbeth: A Multifaceted Character

- The play Macbeth, by William Shakespeare, explores the darkest corners of the human psyche. It artfully takes its audience to a place that allows one to examine what a human being is truly capable of once tempted by the allure of power. In the play, Scottish noble Macbeth and his wife inevitably fall prey to their own self corruption. Initiated by prophesies made by three mysterious witches, the Macbeths set their sights on the throne. When the curtains open on the plot to murder King Duncan, Lady Macbeth is the driving force....   [tags: Literary Characters]

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Role of Ambition in Macbeth

- The play Macbeth written by William Shakespeare is based upon old Scotland and this is used as the general time frame. During this time, Monarchy still existed and Scotland is in war with Whales. There are many emotions that arise throughout the play, but the most important of all is ambition. “Ambition is the desire for personal achievement. Ambitious persons seek to be the best at what they choose to do for attainment, power, or superiority” (“Ambition”). The motif of ambition in the play is that being ambitious leaves one blind to certain areas and can drive one insane to reach the intended goal....   [tags: Ambition, Shakespeare, Macbeth]

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Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots

- Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots She became queen when she was only 6 days old. She was sent to France at age six to get married. She is the cousin of Queen Elizabeth I. Who is this elegant, yet struggling woman. Mary Stuart, Queen of Scotland. Beautiful and brave, Mary Stuart was known for being the Queen of Scotland, France, and was in line for the throne of England and she was also considered the true queen of England. Mary Stuart was born on December 8, 1542, in Lithingow Palace, Scotland. She was the daughter of King James V of Scotland and Mary of Guise....   [tags: Biography]

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The American Journey to Independence

- Every year on the Fourth of July, we celebrate America's independence. We celebrate the day our forefather, a group of patriotic and unwavering men signed a Declaration of Independence. This document declared the thirteen colonies independence from Great Britain. This was the day the United States of America became a nation. To understand, why Independence Day is most notable, we have to look at the events leading up to July 4, 1776 and the American Revolution. What is the motive behind our forefather’s rebellion against England....   [tags: fourth of july, independence, tea party]

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The Female Power Play: Hatshepsut

- “His majesty, herself”: ruler of consequence and inconsequence. She was one of the most controversial rulers of ancient Egyptian history. The discovery in 2007 of her remains and tomb creating more questions than answers. From her glorious reign of Egyptian prosperity and consequence, to her mysterious death and attempts to erode her from history and make her legacy inconsequential, Hatshepsut rose above and now is considered to be “most important find in the Valley of the Kings since the discovery of King Tutankhamen....   [tags: Ancient Egypt rulers]

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What Ultimately Made Cleopatra Attractive?

- CHARACTER Cleopatra was regarded as a great beauty. What ultimately made Cleopatra attractive were her wit, charm, and “sweetness in the tone of her voice”. “For she was a women of surpassing beauty” (Cassius Dio). When she was in the prime of her youth, she was most striking. She possessed a most charming voice and knowledge of how to make herself agreeable to everyone. She was brilliant, and knew how to use her beauty to influence the most powerful men in the western world. ASCENSION TO THE THRONE Cleopatra was the daughter of Ptolemy XII who was pharaoh until he was killed....   [tags: wit, charm, beauty]

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King Henry Viii Of England

- Henry VIII of England[1509-1547] By Kent McMahon King Henry VIII of England is the most infamous and notorious of all the Monarchs of England. He was a vile and heartless man who beheaded over 72,000 people in his 38 year reign and called for public celebration when his first wife, Catherine of Aragorn died on the 7th of January,1536. King Henry VIII was born on the 28th of June,1491 in Greenwich Palace. He was the 3rd of seven children of King Henry VII, the first Tudor king, and Elizabeth of York....   [tags: Henry VIII of England, Anne Boleyn]

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The Collapse Of Ming Dynasty

- The collapse of Ming Dynasty in 1644 marked the beginning of the last imperial dynasty of China - Qing. Qianlong, the son of Yongzheng Emperor and the grandson of the Kangxi emperor, was one of the most successful rulers not only under Qing, but also in entire history of China. Under his ruling, China was once the largest and richest country in the world. Qianlong’s success extended well beyond economics and politics. Through commissioning, acquiring (including confiscating), and receiving tributes, Qianlong expanded the Chinese imperial collection to an unprecedented scale....   [tags: Qing Dynasty, Manchu, Kangxi Emperor]

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The Death Of Henry Viii

- The death of Henry VIII caused a nation disaster in England over the line of succession. Throughout his life Henry had numerous children through multiple marriages, some legitimate while others were deemed illegitimate. These various marriages caused dissension as to who had the greatest claim to the throne. The first to win the battle of the monarchy was Henry’s son Edward. Edward was a nine year old boy when he was coronated and by the age of fifteen he had succumb to a terminal illness thus the conflict of royal claim once again became a national issue....   [tags: Mary I of England, Elizabeth I of England]

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Queen Elizabeth I Of England

- Queen Elizabeth I of England, was an iconic ruler during the Golden Age of England, and arguably one of the most well known and successful rulers of her time. Elizabeth, daughter of King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, reigned over England from 1558 until her death in 1603. When Elizabeth took the throne after the death of her half sister, Mary I, England was in a poor economic state. Throughout her time as Queen, Elizabeth was able to repair the economic debt held by England, as well as mend relations within society, caused by many things including religious wars....   [tags: Mary I of England, Elizabeth I of England]

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The Reign Of Ancient Egypt

- Ancient Egypt was the first official empire to exist in the world. It had a lot of power, rules and traditions. The leader of this great land was called the pharaoh and was the supreme law of the land, laws were not written and he would just make them up as he went. Pharaohs were seen as divinely chosen by the gods and were to become gods after their death. They were generally male and descendants of a royal family. If there were a female pharaoh, she did not take complete rule and was mostly just a figurehead....   [tags: Hatshepsut, Thutmose III, Pharaoh, Ancient Egypt]

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The Lion King And Hamlet

- The Lion King and Hamlet. In one film it is “to be or not to be” and the other is “to hunt or to be hunted”. At the surface these two seem to have nothing in common, but when one digs deep he/she can see how similar they are. Yet with all their similarities a few of their characters are written differently. Was it really bad for Claudius to be king. Was Hamlet’s Crusade as justifiable as Simba’s. Was Hamlets plot a reverse of The Lion King. Was their circle of life corrupt from the beginning and was Claudius Mufasa....   [tags: The Lion King, Hamlet, Characters in Hamlet]

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Macbeth: Tyrant, Murderer, Victim

- When Macbeth was written and first performed in 1606, James I was on the throne of England. James had in fact become the patron of Shakespeare's acting company, and had bestowed upon the company the title of the `King's Men.' It is likely that Macbeth was not only written, but also first performed especially for King James. James, who traced his ancestry back to Banquo, was a Scot and had been James VI of Scotland before ascending to the English throne in 1603. Therefore, the Scottish setting of the play, and the references to the entitlement of Banquo's descendents to the throne of Scotland, would have hit the right note with James....   [tags: European Literature]

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Cleopatra: The Historical Seductress

- The woman, by definition is the nurturer of life. She labors through birth, tends to the needs of her family, and assumes unending responsibilities. And while women have given birth to the ancient and modern day male heroes we've come to glorify to this day, we must remember that some of those same women have also been tremendously influential and invaluable all throughout the depths of history. One such woman is Cleopatra, the temptress whose ambition and seduction both augmented her empire's prestige and brought about her theatrical downfall....   [tags: Biography Biographies Bio]

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Macbeth - Ambition

- Macbeth’s long journey towards possessing the throne travels through many high hurdles. The first hurdle, which is a sign for further hurdles, is the murder of Duncan the king. The build-up to the killing of Duncan begins with the witches prophesying that Macbeth will be king. Macbeth wants to fulfil this prophecy due to his high ambitions. However, the prophecy is fulfilled only because Lady Macbeth leads her husband through the barriers. It is Macbeth’s wife who causes the death of Duncan. Lady Macbeth acts as Macbeth’s superior while the murder of Duncan occurs....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Palace of Knossos

- Archaeology gives the modern world a window into the past. One of Greece’s major dig sites is the palace of Knossos. The palace of Knossos stood on the island of Crete near the modern town of Heraklion at the co-ordinates 35° 17’ 52.66”N, 25° 9’ 47.36”E. It was the home of King Minos and his queen. The Palace is the setting for a myth where the queen gave birth to a being that was half man, half bull, the Minotaurs, which was kept in the labyrinth of the palace; He was eventually slayed by the Athenian Thesus....   [tags: Greek Archaeology]

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Henry VII of England

- Henry VII of England Introduction Henry VII is also known as Henry Tudor. He was the first Tudor king after defeating Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth in August 1485. This battle saw the end of the Wars of the Roses, however to bring England to a powerful and also peace country he would have to sustain a full control of England. Henry VII was king of England from 1485 to 1509. His second son, also called Henry, inherited the throne and became Henry VIII. How did he keep the nobles under control....   [tags: History of England]

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Simba and The Secret

- "What you focus on with your thought and feeling is what you attract into your experience" This quote from The Secret expresses young king Simba’s struggle throughout The Lion King perfectly, from the moment his life got inverted, to the day his destiny was finally realized. During the “Hakuna Matata” sequence, Simba’s transformation into manhood from childhood innocence is witnessed, but this was only a physical alteration. It becomes apparent later on in the film that he was still a naïve child, virtually unchanged mentally from the beginning of the movie, just in a more mature body....   [tags: Literary Themes]

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The Power of Cleopatra

- Around 69 B.C, one of the most famous female rulers ever known was born, she was Cleopatra. She was the descendent of the Egyptian ruler, Ptolemy XII, and she would eventually became the queen of ancient Egypt herself. She was known for being extremely intelligent and very charming, and because of this many romans feared her and viewed her as a threat. When her father died the throne of Egypt was left to her and her brother, Ptolemy XIII, and rivalry formed between the two, making her even more determined to become the sole ruler of Egypt....   [tags: Most Famous Woman Ruler]

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Reign of Quenn Elizibeth

- Life in Tudor England was very much dominated by religion. Henry VIII reign was to see the rise of Protestantism and a major change in religious beliefs and practices, it would also cause years of unrest within the kingdom which would continue throughout the reign of his 3 children, all of which would have a major impact on the country. When Henry VIII made the decision to have his marriage annulled to his wife Catherine of Arrogan, a devoted Catholic and mother to his daughter Mary and also Cousin to the Pope of Rome, he set in motion a series of events that would have a monumental effect on the future of religion in England....   [tags: england, henry VIII, pope]

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Mary Queen of Scots

- During the 1500’s war and sickness were common. War alone took many men including Mary Stuarts father, James V, who was unable to accept the humiliation of his defeat against England and underwent a complete nervous breakdown (Fraser, 11). Previously two of Mary’s older brothers died in infancy only adding to James V’s sorrow which Mary’s birth did not even begin to alleviate (Fraser, 11). Five days following Mary’s birth King James V of Scotland died. Mary Stuart Was crowned as the Queen of Scotland within a year of her birth and though she tried her hardest to be a great leader, many things obstructed her path....   [tags: War, England, English History]

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