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Newer is Not Always Better: Textbooks vs. iPads

- Paper has officially been replaced with iPads. Just kidding, but there are over 1.5 million iPads that are being used in classrooms by students on a daily bases rather than using printed textbooks as main learning resources (Graduating With Technology). With recent advancements in technology, many school districts have turned the focus off traditional learning methods of using textbooks, and are now focusing on integrating the use of tablets and computers as the main means of learning for students....   [tags: textbooks, ipads, education, technology]

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Universities Need Alternatives to Expensive Textbooks

- Ask college students to state one of their largest expenses and it would be safe to bet the response would be “Textbooks!” The cost of purchasing required materials for courses has reached numbers high enough to cause many students to take out second loans. Tyler Kingkade explains information released this year by the American Enterprise Institute shows that “textbook prices have increased faster than tuition, health care costs and housing prices, all of which have risen faster than inflation.” He continues by stating this information equates to an 812% increase in the cost of college textbooks over what they were just over thirty years ago....   [tags: College Textbook Costs]

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A Modern Alternative to Textbooks

- The U.S. spends over 7 billion dollars on textbooks a year, and in many cases, those textbooks are out of date(“The Future of Education: Tablets vs. Textbooks” online). Schools have been using textbooks for as long as anyone can remember. In fact, some textbooks were found from as early as the 16th century(Goslin online). With the many new developments in technology, it’s time for a change. Schools should store away those heavy textbooks and make the switch to electronic tablets. Tablets would have many advantages over traditional textbooks; they provide a more enjoyable learning experience for students, they help students perform better in school, they would be more portable and they’re che...   [tags: tablets, e-books, online reading]

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The Future Of Digital Textbooks

- “Ripe for digital destruction,” (A Textbook) were words of the late Steve Jobs referring to the enormous potential for the textbooks industry. He believed the textbook market to be worth an estimated 8 billion dollars in the U.S. alone. His vision was to lessen the burden of carrying heavy textbooks around, while also offering them as a free feature with the iPad. He wanted to change the culture of textbooks forever. The essay “What are the Enablers and Barriers to Successful Adoption and Commercialization of Digital Textbooks,” discusses the many benefits and drawback of transitioning to digital textbooks....   [tags: Education, technology]

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Marketing at Gerlach Publish for Textbooks

- ... Cultural Report The public school system is increasingly being seen as an outdated institution focused on standardized tests and behavior rather than true learning. As a result, parents are choosing other options. Homeschooling in particular is on the rise; a market that does not currently buy from Gerlach. Evaluating the Macroenvironmentâ Long Term Changes After reviewing the reports of long-term changes in the macroenvironment, you must pick one element that you think Gerlach should respond to first....   [tags: stratey, macroenvironment, effects, change]

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Rising Cost of College Textbooks

- Ask any college student to state one of their largest expenses and it would be safe to bet the response would be “Textbook prices!” The cost of purchasing required materials for courses has reached numbers high enough to cause many students to take out second loans. Information released this year by the American Enterprise Institute shows that “College textbook prices have increased faster than tuition, health care costs and housing prices, all of which have risen faster than inflation” (Kingkade, 2013)....   [tags: higher education expenses]

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The Advantages of E-Textbooks

- Imagine a day when youngsters would leave for school carrying nothing more than an electronic device weighing less than one pound. The advent and growing popularity of electronic textbooks may make this a reality sooner rather than later. No more students trudging around with 20 pound backpacks strapped to their backs. No more lockers jammed with textbooks and notebooks. The benefits of transitioning to e-textbooks are many and provide advantages for both students and educators. Electronic textbooks can be updated faster than traditional textbooks and can also provide resources that traditional books cannot supply....   [tags: Educational Technology ]

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Comparing Textbooks with E-Books

- iPads vs. Textbooks Over eight million Apple iPads have been sold direct to educational users around the globe (1) as more and more schools are replacing textbooks with iPads. Recent market research indicates that the mobile global education market could be worth $70 billion within six years and predicts that demand for smartphones and tablets could be another $32 billion by 2020. [The New Media Consortium, "The 2012 Horizon Report," (555.7 KB), 2012). The switch to iPads makes sense for several reasons: to lighten the load students carry, to allow access to complementary information and to save money....   [tags: digital learning]

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Replacing Textbooks with Tablets

- As more people began to access the Internet through smart phones and tablets rather than laptops and computers, it is not a surprise that they would also want to transform the American education system by bringing tablets into classrooms. In fact, a few schools around the country have already replaced textbooks with tablets and have seen improvements in students’ standardized test scores. Using tablets instead of textbooks is not only convenient and helpful, but it can also reduce the amount of paper wastes in school....   [tags: technology, laptop computers, education]

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Flaws in History Textbooks

- ... We need to show both sides- the good and the bad in order to show a complete picture of the past. Another, thing textbooks do is hid events or makes them more simplistic. Many textbooks show the idea that racism is over, and hid the fact that society is still dealing with racism. The textbook companies do this because they want not to have students have the tough conversations. The last point that I agree with in Loewen’s book is that textbooks fail to rarely present the various sides of historical controversies....   [tags: bias, present conflicts, US history]

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Schoenberg in America: Textbooks

- While in America, Arnold Schoenberg was a prolific teacher, composer, theoretician, and much more. He was incredibly influential in the development of serialistic and twelve-tone music in the United States. In addition, Schoenberg’s philosophy on teaching was one to be admired. He worked very hard to ensure that students had adequate resources, specifically textbooks. This essay will focus chronologically on the educational contributions of Schoenberg’s textbooks while in the United States of America....   [tags: Biography ]

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Analysing of Two Textbooks

- ... For this reason, Soleimani and Ghaderi (2013, p. 44) contend that a textbook evaluation is a key task that should be undertaken by teachers but the question that is posed is what the best approach to evaluation is. They note the two stage model proposed by McDonough (2003), as has been discussed within this paper as well as the notion of coding in order that the evaluation is appropriately systematic. Indeed, Soleimani and Ghaderi (2013) add to this the notion of a checklist so that aspects within all areas of the book are adequately evaluated....   [tags: teacher, writer, knowledge, truth]

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Tablets Are More Beneficial than Textbooks

- ... It is vital to student’s education that they are learning the newest material out there and this is possible with the new innovation of tablets. This will not only help kids learn the right material but it will also save the school money because they won’t have to keep purchasing new software and hardware and new physical copies of books. Second, the average textbook for high school students is about five pounds and if you have homework in all classes which in most cases most students do you will have twenty five pounds of books in your bag, not including notebooks and folders....   [tags: schools, technology]

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Technology over Textbooks

- ... Using a technological device other than a textbook means there are hundreds of other things to do at the touch of your fingertips. If a student is writing a paper on his or her tablet and they get a Twitter or Facebook notification, they will surely be distracted in zero seconds. Textbooks should be used in schools so that students are not tempted to be distracted. Laptops also have cameras now – where students can take photos with their friends during the middle of class while the teacher isn’t paying attention....   [tags: classroom, education, schools, resources]

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Should Textbooks be Replaced by Tablets in Schools?

- Picture this image: headaches and dry eye from computer vision syndrome. Having a better chance of getting neck aches, shoulder pain, and musculoskeletal disorder. Is this what B-schools will upgraded from old-fashioned textbooks two tablets want their students to stop her from. I hope not. Unfortunately though, this is what their innovation has resulted in--a variety of health problems, according to the information from and the American Optometric Association. It has been proven that the student to converted to tablets not lonely and up suffering from a variety of health problems, but become distracted from academics as well textbook should not be replaced with tablet if it is re...   [tags: vision syndrome, pain, vision]

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Tablets Vs. Textbooks

- ”Books will soon be obsolete in the schools...Scholars will soon be instructed through the eye. It is possible to touch every branch of human knowledge with the motion picture” (Thomas Edison). An idea that was destined for failure has now been made into the key source to get students and teachers more interacted while in a classroom setting. Tablets such as the iPad and the Microsoft surface have made this idea possible, showing students that there is another alternative to the traditional method which would be a printed version of the textbook....   [tags: obsolete, ipad, e-books]

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Textbooks versus Tablets

- ... For instance, what if a school shooting all of a sudden happens at your child’s school, what will happen if the child cannot contact his parents. Just in Colorado, a student who was planning to kill 100 students and teachers killed himself in a violent attack after 10 deaths. If technology were allowed in the school system, we would have prevented at least 10 deaths because students would be contacting their closest family members to prevent this catastrophic disaster. Having technology is like having a guardian angel....   [tags: technology in education]

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Gender Bias in ESL/EFL Textbooks

- Introduction As children are learning to read, they are exposed to the cultural symbols contained in books and are learning about their culture as well. Hence learning to read is an important mechanism through which culture is transmitted from one generation to the next (Taylor, 2003). Moreover, research tells us that children’s textbook contributes to the transmission of beliefs; particularly with respect to gender (Dionne, 2010) . Past research has indicated that by age seven, children begin to realize gender as a basic principal of their identity....   [tags: social issues, persian language]

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The Future of Education: Tablets Instead fo Healvy Textbooks

- The average sixth grader carries over eighteen pounds of textbooks. Some students carry up to thirty pounds of textbooks. This immense weight has led to over 14,000 students being treated annually, just for backpack related injuries. Every year the United States spends over 7 billion dollars on textbooks for students K-12. If all schools switched from textbooks to tablets the government would save over 3 billion dollars a year. Each year an average school uses 5,955,000 sheets of paper, that’s equal to 74 trees....   [tags: backpack related injuries, ]

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American History Textbooks: Omission and Misrepresentation of Facts?

- School systems have become the domain of learning about our own cultures; it prescribes what we know and how we engage within the global sphere. By students attending School it is a way to intersect knowledge to the new generations to come. We use textbooks in schools to help facilitate the information that has been passed down through the years of progression. In order to understand ones heritage one needs to understand what occurred and how one came to be. Education has become a fundamental process in which all youths must obtain too in order to develop into a valued functioning member of society....   [tags: education]

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Re-thinking History: Improving History Textbooks in America

- Since introducing his book with the notion that high school students hate history, Loewen (1996) devotes a considerable amount of his work debunking facts and theories taught in history classes in American schools. He appeals to the trust of the readers with his comparisons on what textbooks include and what they omit. He accomplishes this by recounting some sparse facts taught in most textbooks, appealing to the emotions of all former, current and future history students with his empathy on how boring most history textbook....   [tags: History Education, ]

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Not All Textbooks Recall the Events of History the Same

- ... Captain John Smith saved Virginia from going under by whipping the “gold-hungry” colonist in shape “he who will not work shall not eat”. (Bailey) Norton’s text tells us 104 men and boys were dispatched to the Chesapeake Bay called Tsenacomoco. In May, the establishment of Jamestown was founded. The men relied on the Indians for food. The settlement suffered from the “starving period” without Powhatan’s help. The settlers held Pocahontas, Powhatan’s daughter, hostage to gain the upper hand in 1613....   [tags: colonists, pilgrims, native americans]

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Should Tablets Replace the Use of Textbooks in Schools?

- ... This program has many functions that are divided into different application like Microsoft Word that can help you create a text document the would be readable for those who have sloppy hand writings. Another is Microsoft Excel, this application can create a table document for organizing schedules, taxes, data and others. And another is Microsoft Power Point, This help you create slides that can support a person in presenting a topic he or she needs, not just in school but also in business. He or she can design their presentation and even add animations and sound if they would like....   [tags: computer, functions, application, eco-cheap]

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Thomas Kuhn and Textbooks

- Thomas Kuhn and Textbooks Since the beginning of academic studies, inquiries into history and science have often and generally been regarded as two completely opposite entities. In addition to different research methods, dissimilar types of "scholars" approached these diverse endeavors. In his book The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, Thomas Kuhn discusses the juxtaposition of this dichotomy—namely the history of science. Central to the book's theme is the concept of textbooks. Kuhn argues that textbooks act merely as an advertisement into scientific disciplines, proclaiming instead that one should focus upon "the historical record of the research activity itself" (1)....   [tags: Papers]

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The Benefits of Tablets

- ... The downside of textbooks is that you’re not able to change the text that is already printed in the book, information changes constantly and tablets are able to adapt to these changes, resources in the web change constantly. With tables there are many technological features that is not available with the textbook. Tablets are given different features in order for users to utilize when doing different things. Students are able to highlight, adjust to their sight preference, and interact with different people, and sites....   [tags: textbooks, encyclopedia]

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Analysis of Chegg

- In a recent study that was conducted the rate of individuals attending college has increased. This increase in students comes at a time when the country has been described as being in a recession. With job losses, companies closing and lack of job availability many people are returning to school. This return to the classroom comes at a cost. The rate of college tuition has risen in the last few years. In my home state of Kentucky, it appears both of the major Universities have asked to raise tuition every other year....   [tags: Renting Textbooks]

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- Digital textbooks are evolving as a viable substitute to costly, hard copy textbooks. E-books are portable, less-expensive, and customizable. Unlike their hard copy counterparts, e-books can be stored on devices such as smartphones, tablets, or laptops. Ergonomically speaking, portable e-books reduce the physical strain of lugging around bulky textbooks to and from various destinations while at the same time freeing up storage space at home. Additionally, since e-books are produced digitally, the marginal production cost is much lower considering the fact that less costly resources are used in the production process—e.g....   [tags: Education]

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Review on What Aspects of Vocabulary Knowledge Do Textbooks Give Attention To

- Introduction This paper is devoted to the discussions about three main areas of the selected article-- What aspects of vocabulary knowledge do textbooks give attention to. In first place, an examination of the possible philosophical assumption, which seems existing ontologically and epistemologically behind the research approach. Greener(2011) suggests knowing of some widely debated philosophical ideas would give researchers more chances accomplishing good researches. Because such knowledge could throw a light in the way scholars choose and organise certain methods....   [tags: Education Methods, Deductive Research]

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Reasons Why We Should Require Digitalization of College Textbooks

- “Reasons Why We Should Require Digitalization of College Textbooks” In his essay “Colleges Should Mandate That All Textbooks Be Digitized,” Mark Pensky, software designer and author of Teaching Digital Natives: Partnering for Real Learning and Digital Natives to Digital Wisdom, takes the position that colleges should ban non-electronic books to improve teaching and learning. Some of the issues he speaks to are; what a bookless college would look like, moving education into the 21st century, addressing pushback of the social and cultural norms, creating enhancements to the educational system, the advantages of having an all digital campus, and the roles of teachers and college surrounding th...   [tags: digital wisdom, ebooks, digital revolution]

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How are The American Classrooms Dealing with Technology

- “Put it away.” “Turn it off.” “Give me your phone.” These are phrases heard all too often in American classrooms when dealing with technological devices. The United States education system is falling behind compared to other schools around the world. While American teachers are banning devices in schools, just trying to control something that can give students an advantage, students in other countries such as China, Japan, the Philippines, and Germany are using their devices to learn and listen about new discoverings every day (Rosenberg 11)....   [tags: education system, tablets, textbooks]

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Are Tablets the Future of Education?

- Is the education of the future generations at stake, or will it become more effective with the use of tablets in school. The country’s classrooms are unquestionably going through a technological uprising. Samsung and Apple are watching the sales of these devices increase immensely. There are several theories as to why the tablet would be a negative impact on the children in school. However, experts believe that the tablet is taking over America’s schools and don’t have such horrible impacts on students like society seems to accept as true....   [tags: technology, cost, textbooks]

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The Consequences of No Education

- In the year 2020, Kevin Hanley works as a janitor. By 2050, his son is a beggar on the street. How did this happen to all the Kevin Hanley’s in just one generation. That story was just fictional, titled “The Fable of the Lazy Teenager” by Ben Stein. It was about the decline of America through the derogation of the American education system. If the education system fails, than we will become no better than our ancestors in that we will have no education and therefore be back to the starting block positions of beast of burden....   [tags: textbooks, education, problems, animals]

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History Textbooks Do Not Tell the Truth About Slavery

- Why Do History Textbooks Hesitate to Tell the Truth About Slavery. Works Cited Missing [1] In the movie Sankofa, Haile Gerima does not hesitate to show the audience the horrors of slavery. Not only does he show the brutal and humiliating practices used by slaveholders to subjugate slaves but he also shows how slaveholders used Christianity to control and manipulate slaves. He demonstrates the huge impact of slavery on today’s society and the importance of looking back to slavery to understand the present....   [tags: United States History Essays]

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Broadcast Journalists and The Inverted Pyramid Style of Presenting the News

- In 1965, American broadcast journalist Edward R. Murrow stated, “We cannot make good news out of bad practice.” Although this quotation was originally in response to critics who wanted him to ignore racial problems to promote a better public image abroad, it can also be applied to the importance of presenting a quality newscast. In America, news media is considered the forth branch of the United States government. This concept stems from a belief that it is the news media's responsibility to deliver clear and accurate information to the populace in a compelling manner....   [tags: Journalism, Textbooks]

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Analysis in James W. Loewen´s Lies My Teacher Told Me

- ... They also learn history especially poorly. Students of color do only slightly worse than white students in mathematics.”(pg.12) “Something intriguing is going on here: surely history is not more difficult for minorities than trigonometry or Falkner. Students don’t even know that they are alienated, only that they ‘don’t like social studies’ or ‘aren’t any good at history.’”(pg.12) Are students really having a problem with the history, because of their culture, or past. Or is it the teachers that are teaching it....   [tags: textbooks, history, race, social, class]

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Technological Advancements: Switching to e-Books

- Teachers and principals think switching to e-books will be a major step in modernizing the city's schools (Lowinger 2). E-books are an online version of a normal standard textbook. Some schools are switching to e-books because the world is becoming more involved with technology. Technology is becoming more and more advanced these days. Adults think it is important to teach teenagers how to work with the new technology (Springen 2). Technology has come a long way since textbooks came out. Textbooks have developed throughout the years and now they are able to be on electronic devices....   [tags: print books, cost, standard textbooks]

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Textbooks, Not Texting

- Does using a cell phone in class affect a student’s learning. Cell phones can be a benefit in school by replacing other materials in the classroom. The materials cell phones can replace are: dictionaries, timers, calculators, and other items that are usually used in the classroom. Students can improve their projects by using their cell phone to record data. Also, many websites can help students send answers to their teachers via text messages. But, cell phones are also inadequate in the classroom....   [tags: Technology, Students, Learning, Education]

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How Television Can Aid Children in Learning

- ... Children watching these shows are then better prepared to enter school and succeed. Not all children have access to go to museums or zoos but with channels like the “Smithsonian” and various websites travel is now at your finger tips. Watching television shows or videos of different museums gives children the opportunity to learn about other cultures and experience a world they might never get to see otherwise. Shows on the “Animal Plant Channel”, take children to different areas of the world teaching them about animals in their natural habitat....   [tags: big brain theory, web sites, digital textbooks]

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The Future of the Textbook Industry

- Merrian Webster defines Publishing as: “The business or profession of the commercial production and issuance of literature, information, musical scores or sometimes recordings, or art.” This essay will review publishing from its beginnings in the 16th century, describe how technology in the 21st century has disrupted the profession of publishing. This paper will also discuss where we are today and the trajectory of the industry for the next decade. As publishing itself is a vast universe encompassing literary books, fiction, non-fiction books, newspapers, magazines, journals, periodicals, music, art, movie scripts, plays, software, blogs, etc....   [tags: Technology ]

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How to Supplement a Mathematics Textbook

- A Geometry Chapter Mathematics textbooks are imperative to students’ survival in a math class. Their importance centers on enhancing students’ learning potential, defining the curriculum for that class/grade, and establishing instructional guidelines that lead teachers and students to the content goals or standards of the subject (Lester & Cheek, 1997). Every chapter in a math textbook highlights the different concepts and strategies that students need to successfully master in order to fully understand the material, pass their exams, and thrive in the classroom....   [tags: Education]

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Textbook versus Online Book

- ... They need to be able to adapt to the change of the times. People in general also spend a lot of time in front of their computers, so why not kill two birds with one stone. Yes, rhetorical question. When you also consider the fact that most textbooks are at least a few pounds, it’s so much more efficient to be able to, with the click of a mouse, open and read the same exact content on the internet. When I say ‘more efficient’, I’m attempting to come from the perspective of time. Online books in general are searchable....   [tags: technology and education]

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Psychology Textbook Comparison

- The 1960s were a decade full of national dread and uncertainty; however, times of distress have offered unlimited information on human behavior within the field of psychology. Textbooks written on psychology can provide a window into the spirit of the times; Psychology: An Introduction (Kagan and Havemann, 1968) and Psychology: An Introduction (Lahey, 2004) will be used to evaluate the changing nature of the science. To provide a clear picture of these decades, the undergraduates expected to enroll into general psychology classes and use these textbooks must be profiled....   [tags: Psychology]

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E-Textbook: A Better Way in K-12 Class Teaching

- ... (Tomassini 1) I would reply that money should be never taken into account in the first place on an educational issue. In other words, the effects of teaching should be the most important factors in this argument. Since the e-textbook is able to create a more interactive and multimedia study platform for both the teachers and students, I believe that the e-textbook has better effects than the printed textbook, especially in K-12 class teaching. One reason why the e-textbook is better than the printed textbook in class teaching is because it improves the student's learning motivation and interest....   [tags: internet, learning, students]

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Choosing a Textbook Based on the Four Basic Skills

- With all of the textbooks available in the market, often written by famous authors with years of experience, choosing a textbook is a very demanding and thought provoking task. What makes a textbook valuable in the classroom. We must decide which points are important to us as teachers. What method or methods does the textbook use to convey its ideas. How is the language presented. Is it attractive to the audience. Are there additional materials that can be used to supplement our book such as additional listening or video material, web search ideas, interactive whiteboard software and other additional resources that could be used to enhance the class....   [tags: reading, writing, speaking, listening]

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Evaluating Algebra 1 Textbook & Reading Strategies

- Introduction In Yorba Buena high school, English Language Learning (ELL) student face obstacles connecting with the textbooks and comprehending the academic content. Section 10.1 of the Algebra 1 textbook (Larson, Boswell, Kanold & Stiff, 2007) is analyzed for comprehensibility and strategies to support students to connect with the text at intellectual level (Vacca, Vacca & Mraz, 2011). The chapter ten of the textbook will be thought at a tenth grade class during the week of March 11, 2012. Most of the learners in this Algebra 1 class are classified as level three and level four ELL students (California department of Education, 1999) and most of the students speak fluent conversational Engli...   [tags: Education]

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Reformation of History in Frances Fitzgerald's Textbook, America Revised: A History of Schoolbooks

- The reform of history textbook has always been a growing concern. In her “America Revised: A History of Schoolbooks in the twentieth century,” Frances Fitzgerald reveals that history books are updated but modified substantially to comply with the national interest at the time. Fitzgerald’s argument is slightly biased and some pieces of evidence are not sufficient or might even be far-fetched. However, she successfully conveys her argument through comprehensively contrasting the current history books for children with histories of the fifties using various rhetorical devices and plentiful examples....   [tags: rhetoric, pedagogy, opinions]

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Summary of Chapter 12 in Ethical Dilemma Textbook

- There is a change in productivity standards being imposed on this company and the department manager must respond. She has initial thoughts about reducing costs via reductions in headcount, however has feelings that she may be taking advantage of her employees. This paper presents a perspective of the pressure and stress associated with change and offers insight on options to manage the change. Further, there are ideas presented that are alternatives to a layoff, while keeping in mind the objective of improving performance....   [tags: textbook, education, summary,]

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The Killer Angels by Michael Shaara

- In a letter to the reader, Michael Shaara states that his purpose is similar to Stephen Crane's in The Red Badge of Courage. He wishes to display history not as cold facts, but rather in such a way that the reader can live the history. This is to be accomplished through extensive detail of the emotions of the men, the atmosphere of the battle, and strategies of the commanding officers. Accepting this as Shaara's intent, it can be justifiably stated that he succeeds in his objective. The Killer Angels does not merely relate what assaults and defenses where made by which colonels and generals....   [tags: History Textbook Analysis Review]

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Child Development Textbook

- Stereotyping is common in today’s society by people making judgments of someone’s culture, clothing preference, religion, etc. to a particular group of people. This comes naturally to categorize someone based on the group with which we identify him or her. In the movie, “Aladdin,” in the first scene the viewer can quickly stereotype this character as someone who is poor due to the clothes he is wearing and by the actions he does in order to have food in his stomach. By these judgments, the viewer can assume that he will be the bad guy for stealing food and running away from the law....   [tags: stereotyping, judgements, culture]

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History Book Analysis

- Chapter 1 Handicapped by History Brief Summary As the first chapter in this long analytical book, chapter one serves as the foundation for the rest of the novel, with a basic premise that “history textbooks make fool out of the students.” It shows how portrayal of historical figures and events in the best light for the reputation of United States leads to biased and distorted historical education. Author’s Viewpoint Loewen uses two examples—Helen Keller and Woodrow Wilson—in order to illustrate his point, and I would like to focus on the latter for this analysis....   [tags: Analysis Textbook American History]

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Reliability of Sociology and Social Policy for the Early Years Textbook

- The course-relevant textbook 'Sociology And Social Policy For The Early Years' was written by two authors; Alan Yeo and Tina Lovell. Yeo was previously Head of Community Care at Great Yarmouth College in Norfolk and Lovell is a Training and Staff Development Officer in Family Support Work for Suffolk Social Services Childcare Training Unit. The intended audience would consist of adults and young adults; who attain an interest in teaching or learning a course related to childhood/childcare; from a sociological perspective....   [tags: childcare from a sociological perspective]

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The Aromatherapy 101 Textbook: Aromatherapy Relaxing Bath

- I was giddy with excitement when I found out that my assignment for this module would be to make and use an aromatherapy formula. Play a guided version of mad scientist to create a concoction with essential oils, pamper myself with the results, and call it school “work”. Yes, please. After much deliberation I decided the bath blend for relaxation provided on page 102 of the Aromatherapy 101 textbook might be just what I need to sooth the knots of stress from my shoulders, and melt away the weeks anxiety....   [tags: intoxicating, essential oils]

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Steps to Becoming a Critical Thinker in the Textbook, Thinking Critically, Challenging Cultural Myths

- ... The author use rereading the title between an El Salvador student and the native student as an example. According to this example, it shows that critical thinking is not come with natural. Although both students read it as commonsense, the El Salvador has own perspective and points out that America in ethnocentric view. The United Stated is not only the country, but also comprehend with the countries of North, South, and Central America. Developing a critical thinking does not matter student have to live outside your hometown, it only build up with genuine sensitivity to alternative perspectives....   [tags: perspectives, success, competition]

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The Five Key Concepts from Chapters Fifteen, Sixteen, Seventeen and Nineteen in Funder's Textbook

- The purpose of this paper is to discuss five key concepts from chapters fifteen, sixteen, seventeen and nineteen in Funder’s (2013) textbook. Specifically, I will discuss the frustration-aggression hypothesis, defensive pessimism and the declarative-self concerning self-esteem. Next I will cover improving self-knowledge and that personality is a multi-faceted ideal more complex than some might realize. I will use my previous subject, M.B. and extrapolate on these concepts with specific examples from the experiences and behaviors of the subject....   [tags: frustration aggression hypothesis]

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How would I write a Native American History textbook?

- How would I write a Native American History textbook. Why does one write a history in a book. Most historians argue that the events and beliefs of the past constitute who we are today: to understand current structures of society and government, we must devote ourselves to understanding the struggles, failures and triumphs of our forefathers. Yet as events and beliefs are recorded and transmitted, the interpretative bias of historians come through the pages of text-books. Interpreting the interpretations of historians is the vital responsibility of readers to develop critical awareness of bias, stereotpye and discrimination....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Knowing And Serving Diverse Families

- The United States is one of the most culturally, ethnically, racially, and linguistically diverse countries in the world, so it is essential that all service provider know a range of strategies in order to enhance their relationships with families from a variety of cultural and linguistic backgrounds. It is helpful for those seeking to work as service providers to develop a common foundation of knowledge and practical strategies to address the needs of the families they serve, especially when the families' cultural background are different from their own....   [tags: Textbook Evaluation Review]

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Rereading America

- Rereading America: Cultural Contexts for Critical Thinking and Writing written by; Gary Colombo, Robert Cullen, and Bonnie Lisle, Eighth Edition, published April, 2007 by Bedford/St. Martin’s, is a textbook about writing and critical thinking. In the first chapter of Rereading America: Cultural Contexts for Critical Thinking and Writing, “Thinking Critically, Challenging Cultural Myths”, the Authors begin by setting a relatable scene of what it’s like for a college student. How a new found independence can be overwhelming, especially with regards to critical thinking, showing that what we have learned, needs to be re-evaluated and that an open mind in essential....   [tags: Textbook Analysis, America]

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"Stroke in Children and Young Adults"

- Stroke in Children and Young Adults is the second edition of the book first published in 1994. Since the publication of the original book there has been considerable growth in interest in this field and this is reflected by a large expansion in the number of publications focusing on stroke in the young. Indeed, it is noted in the foreword that a third edition may become necessary after a much shorter interval than that between the first and second editions. It is, therefore, reassuring to find that the second edition has over 100 more pages than the first edition and that the majority of references are to articles published after 1994, with an appreciable number less than 5 years old....   [tags: Textbook Review]

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The Effects of Daily Formative Assessments In Ninth-Grade Remedial Algebra I Courses

- The Effects of Daily Formative Assessments In Ninth-Grade Remedial Algebra I Courses I. Overview of Assessments A. History of Change 1. Interest in using assessments to shape day-to-day lessons, rather than a final check on student understanding grew in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Schools recognized the limited value of summative assessments (Cavanagh, 2006). 2. In 1967, Scriven presented formative evaluations as the evaluation of an ongoing and malleable educational program and Bloom, in 1969, attempted to transfer the term formative from evaluation to assessment (Dunn & Mulvenon, 2009)....   [tags: textbook reviews, literary analysis]

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The Pursuit of Human Progress

- ... In a world dominated by things some may find harmful and scary, the people with the seemingly omnipotent ability to overcome the hardest of struggles are idolized. That is why American textbooks are full of historical figures that do not necessarily deserve all the credit they are given. Starting at the beginning of the country, Christopher Columbus, a true American hero, discovered America. On the New World there was an indigenous tribe called the Arawaks. The Arawak tribe is very rarely if at all mentioned in any textbook....   [tags: revisionism in American history]

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Tablets, the Next Step to Better Education

- As our generation continues to progress, technology also takes its course with us. Current day technology can provide an excellent aid for scholars attending school or even big named companies and businesses. On an average, most schools in America use textbooks to teach their students. This may be the default way for decades, but that should be changed soon as technological advances are coming in tact. Although it may just be a small handheld device, it can pack a punch for its size and can out win an old textbook anyday....   [tags: applying technology in the classroom]

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Price of College Education

- For the past decade, The United States has stressed the importance of college education, to those seeking employment, and better careers. For most people, college is the logical next step in education, as it provides a working knowledge of a desired field and opens the door to many opportunities, but college has become increasingly more expensive as time goes on. Many people feel that college is no longer an option financially. Even with financial aid and scholarships, the cost of a college education can still be very taxing....   [tags: United States, College, Debt, Tuition]

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The Decline of Education: Social and Economic Inequality

- In the year 2020, Kevin Hanley works as a janitor. By 2050, his son is a beggar on the street. How did this happen to Kevin Hanley’s son. This story was just a fictional one, titled “The Fable of the Lazy Teenager” by Ben Stein. It is about the decline of America through the degradation of the American educational system. If the educational system fails, than we will become no better than our ancestors in that we will have no education, and therefore people would be back to the starting block positions of hard manual labor....   [tags: Education Reform Essays]

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The Problem with Current American History School Books

- Textbooks today should have more of what was in texts centuries ago. I feel Fitzgerald’s analysis on American history is correct; they don’t have nearly as much useful information as they did in the past. Children should know the importance of World War II, the Revolutionary War and why the Berlin wall came down. Children should have current events on what’s going on in American today, and know the importance and discuss the significance of each of them. There are so many acts of sacrifice, heroism, compassion and courage, unity and fierce determination....   [tags: American history, education]

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Tablets are Changing the Face of Education

- With the dawn of the tablet industry comes a game-changing device for the world of education. The features packed into sleek electronic slates provide an amazing experience that eases the learning process for students and the teaching process for teachers and professors. They provide the perfect reboot for the yellowing textbooks in supply closets. Electronic tablet devices are a much more useful tool for today’s education system than the textbooks of old. Compared to textbooks, tablets are a much more cost efficient solution for the purpose they would serve....   [tags: teaching, technology]

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To Learn...Or Not to Learn

- Have you ever been a student, and you think the teacher is just talking to hear themselves talk. Do you feel yourself being filled with information you will never use in the “Real World”. These questions have been asked many times and by many people. The school system in the United States is changing from the foundation to the top. The school system has failed many students by their teaching methods and also the textbooks students are forced to use. People such as Paulo Freire PhD and Dr. James Loewen have observed countless hours of good teaching and bad teaching methods....   [tags: Education]

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Overview: Lies My Teacher Told Me by James W. Loewen

- There are certain criteria that must be fulfilled in order for a nonfiction book to be successful. The two criteria that we should judge all argumentative nonfiction by are well written anecdotes that capture the reader’s attention and well explained factual data that proves the author’s point. The book Lies My Teacher Told Me by James W. Loewen contains both of these criteria and as such is a successful nonfiction book. Loewen’s purpose in writing Lies My Teacher Told Me is to correct the inaccuracies in textbooks and to help students learn the truth about history....   [tags: factual data, anecdotes]

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The Many Challenges Facing World History Teachers

- Teaching history in the public school system can present educators with a unique set of challenges that are not found in any other subjects or disciplines. Furthermore, the distinction between U.S. and World History course structure need to be identified in order to effectively incorporate textbooks, unit tests, state standards, and student prior knowledge into the class. U.S. and World History classes differ in many aspects; and the teacher needs to know how to separate the two distinct course structures....   [tags: world history, course structures, teacher]

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The Marketing Aspect of Starting a New Business

- The Marketing Aspect of Starting a New Business What do I need to do. When. (Date) What Information do I need. Where will I find the information. Alternative Sources. Changes to Plan Action Plan - Fill in 'What do I need to do?' and 'When?' coloumns for Action Plan, Introduction and Market research. In Monday 1st March lesson A plan for each lesson of my project Looking through coursework plan. No alternative sources. Not all finished. 'What do I need to do?' and 'When?' columns not completed for Market Research - Complete the 'What do I need to do?' and 'When?' columns In Wednesday 3rd March lesson A plan for each lesson of my project Looking...   [tags: Papers]

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Is Electronic Media Beneficial in Children’s Education?

- ... This helps a student to follow well defined instructions and to share opnions and discussions online for better assessment. In addition to this Poore (2013) argued that the new social media has reformed the traditional media resources such as the usage of newspapers, books and magazines have reduced due to the availability of information on online resources such as Moodle and WebCT. Hence, it also provides intellectual benefits such as children can learn how to analyze, interpret and synthesize the information....   [tags: technology, multimedia play, podcasting]

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The Debate Over Teaching Evolution In Schools

- Evolution is the process of how life has evolved over time. Many different people think different about evolution and how the world and everything in it came about. Some people think that evolution is how everything came together. Where we started off as a bunch of molecules formed and bunched together to create the world. Others believe that we came about from God. The master that created us all with the power of his hands. But when it comes to school how should we treat this situation. Some say that if evolution is being taught then God’s way should be too....   [tags: Evolution, Charles Darwin]

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Mathematics Curriculum Research for K-6 Students

- Mathematics Curriculum Research for K-6 Students An effective curriculum uses essential mathematical ideas in a way that students can understand how new concepts build on existing knowledge of concepts to learn to solve problems. Students must be taught a variety of concepts that are important to success in future grades without wasting their time. Curriculum issues discussed in this paper are (a) influence on mathematics content in the past 25 years, (b) development of mathematics curriculum, (c) mathematics that should be taught, and (d) problems with U.S....   [tags: Math Education, math]

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Print- A Thing of the Past

- “Ten years ago, everyone bought paper- and hardback books. Many people now read on iPhones, Kindles, Nooks, plus a variety of other electronic devices, and many books are published exclusively as e-reads” (Dawson-Cook 21). As technology progresses, so does the way the world reads. No longer must enthusiastic bookworms pay retail for costly hardcovers or spend hours searching library shelves, only to find their desired book already checked out. Does this mean libraries are going to close. No. Many libraries are already offering eBooks for checkout (Wogan)....   [tags: Paperback Books, Digital, Technology]

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The Best Way to Teach a Class: Teaching Methods

- The best way to teach a class anything is to amalgamate various learning methods. This is no different when it comes to social studies or any other subject. An educator needs to rely on all the resources they can get their hands-on. A combination of methods and resources will reach every student and will help them master the new information better. There are many benefits to using different methods/techniques when teaching. One method may not work on a few students where the other method get through to those few....   [tags: integrated social studies, curriculum]

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Food Assumptions: Everything the Food Industry Does Not Want Consumers to Know

- People often take in information without thinking about what it means or how valid it is. People also tend to consume food and beverages without thinking where it came from or how it was produced. The well-known saying, “do not believe everything you see and hear” is something more people should consider more often when thinking about the production and consumption of food in America. The American public is misinformed on many topics in the food industry. This can be compared to the message that the book, Lies My Teacher Told Me, by James Loewen, delivers about how the public is deceived in regards to history....   [tags: Business]

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The Current Status of Computers and their Future Trend

- Introduction Computer is playing a more and more important role in our daily life. People using their computers nearly every minutes, while they are traveling on the public transports, working in their office, studying at school and entertaining at home. This article would describe the current status of computers, criticize the current status, discuss the future trends of computers and describe a few wishes of mine towards the future of computers. Current Status of computers 1. Education Computers have been widely used in education....   [tags: education, ebooks, technology, cloud computimg]

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Scopes Monkey Trial

- The publication of Charles Darwin's On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection in 1859 introduced the public to the theory of evolution, or the theory that all living organisms, including humans, developed and diversified from other organisms or species. Backed with findings that served as strong evidence, Darwin sparked a scientific revolution that changed the world's modern view and understanding of science. He also sparked a heated controversy among a Christian dominated society. This clash between science (Darwin's Theory of Evolution) and religion (Bible scriptures) as the teaching of evolution became widespread across the country is best reflected in the Scopes Trial of the...   [tags: Charles Darwin, On the Origin of Species]

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The Truth Behind Thanksgiving

- The Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing But…Lies Textbooks in today’s schools still tell the same story that has been handed down from generation to generation. Every year children dress up and put on plays about the famous story of the first Thanksgiving. No one knows the truth though or at least people pretend to not know the embarrassing truth of our “founding fathers.” Textbooks today give the candy coated version of good saintly Englishmen come to a better world and find good neighbors willing to help in their time of need....   [tags: essays papers]

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Technology In Education: A TV Screen in Your Classroom

- Technology In Education As the world heads into the twenty-first century, innovative types of technology are rapidly growing and changing more than ever before. Not only is technology, like computers and personally owned devices like cell phones, tablets, etc., moving and advancing with new applications coming out, but this technology is beneficial to everyday lives by making tasks easier. For example, having a banking application on ones smart phone makes checking savings and other accounts easier....   [tags: innovative learning, relevant information]

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The World of Technology Meets the World of Education

- Good bye blackboard, hello interactive white board. Get out of the way paper, pens, pencils, and textbooks and make room for the netbook, laptop, iPod, iPhone and iPad; they are moving into the classroom. Students are ready to use these new gadgets whether educators are ready or not. Therefore, the world of education needs to embrace the world of technology and take off on the World Wide Web. Technology is not going away. Our students of today must be technosavvy in order to function in their adult lives of tomorrow....   [tags: Technology]

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