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Teaching For Teaching Young Children

- Teaching young children is possibly one of the most challenging and difficult professions. No matter the subject, an educator must plan, prepare, organize, set up, and review everything that they are going to teach. “Students use mathematics textbooks to study and to do homework questions, while professors and teachers may use them to prepare classes and to teach” (Kajander & Lovric, 2009, p.173). Using textbooks can be a quicker and effective way to help ease the way some educators lesson plan; while teaching without textbooks may be a more difficult task but can be just as rewarding....   [tags: Education, Teacher, Lesson plan, Teaching]

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Teaching Children to Express Their Emotions

- Every single person goes through life experiencing similar obstacles. Learning how to ride a bike or maybe losing a tooth. Through the ups and downs people learn wisdom or gain an insight to the world around. Sometime it can be told whether the wisdom is to be shared among friends or remain within. Emotions are one of those obstacles. Young children lack the understanding for the complexity of the world around them. Even worse, parents are lacking the proper techniques and skills needed to teach their children how to control their emotions....   [tags: Vicious Cycle, Self Control]

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The Teaching Philosophy of Exceptional Children

- ... Consistency is also a required condition for learner success. Schedules (daily and weekly), the enforcement of classroom rules, and student expectations should not be in flux but remain steadfast. Without a sense of consistency in the classroom, school life would lack the necessary feeling of safety and reliability young children need to focus, to take risks, and to thrive. How to ensure that students with specific learning disabilities have developmentally appropriate learning experiences that support their academic, social, and personal growth: According to the Council for Exceptional Children, Special educators select, adapt, and use instructional strategies to promote positive learni...   [tags: teaching strategies, education]

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How I Learned About Teaching Children

- This how to is for individuals who want to work with children, but are not sure where to start. For as long I can remember working with children has always been a passion of mine. I love helping children learn new things and seeing their face when they learn something new. This is why I am writing this how-to-page on how to teach preschoolers. My passion started when my niece, Elaina, was born in 2012. When she turned three, I started working with her on learning her alphabet and writing letters of the alphabet....   [tags: Teacher, Learning, Preschool education, Teaching]

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Teaching Children with Autism

- Teaching Children with Autism There has been an increase in the number of children diagnosed with autism or other autism spectrum disorders. It is likely as an educator that you will have at least one child with this diagnosis in your classroom. This paper explores some of the methods used to teach autistic children. Autism is a disorder characterized by significant problems in communication and social functioning. Autism is actually called Autism Spectrum Disorder and encompasses a broad range disabilities such as Asperger syndrome, Rett’s Syndrome, and Pervavasive Development Disorder (Dunlap & Fox, n.d.)....   [tags: Teaching Education Disorders Special Needs]

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Teaching Children to Communicate in the Classroom

- ... There will be groups of three to interact with each other. Students will trace hands, cut them out, decorate them with different arts/craft objects, and glue them onto green and brown colors of instruction paper. After all of the hands are done, I will have students sit in a circle on the activity floor rug, asking them to name the ways that they can use their hands to help one another and also how have they helped someone with their hands. Art work will be posted in the classroom on the wall to form a tree....   [tags: sharing, cooperate, respect]

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Society is teaching children to be lazy

- In today’s society, children are being encouraged to be lazy. Schools are handing out calculators in elementary. The job market is utilizing more technology and equipment and utilizing less young labor. Parents are buying Wii’s for their children for exercise instead of bicycles. In today’s society, children are just downright lazy. By the time they are 16 years old, they are use-less. They will not participate in the home, in the work, they may not get a job, and they rarely participate in activities that require effort or energy....   [tags: Technology]

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Teaching Strategies For Children With Disabilities

- Every student is different, it is important that teachers are able to adjust their teaching strategies to help cultivate learning for any type of disability. Not to mention, as educators there will be numerous disabilities such as emotional, behavioral, physical, health, and traumatic brain injuries that will required for educators to adapt to the student learning capabilities. There are policies and procedures put in place to guarantee a student success within the academic environment that will helps to establish social skills, determination and self-advocacy for children with disabilities....   [tags: Education, Learning, Teacher, Psychology]

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Teaching Children How to Discriminate

- Teaching Children How to Discriminate Rosina Lippi-Green's article "Teaching Children How to Discriminate - What We Learn From The Big Bad Wolf" (1997) examines the discrimination and stereotypes toward different race, ethnicity, gender, religion, nationality and region that Disney presents in their animated films. Lippi-Green also points out the use or misuse of foreign accents in films, television and the entertainment industry as a whole. Such animated films are viewed mainly by children. Lippi-Green makes a central argument in which she says that children are taught to discriminate through the portrayal of the different accented characters in Disney films....   [tags: Papers Disney Discrimination]

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Diversity Literature Review : Teaching Children Reading Skills

- Diversity Literature Review Teaching children reading skills in a diverse setting is very important. Many teachers have not learned the necessary methods for teaching culturally diverse students. The following articles include reasons why it is important to learn how to teach students in a multicultural setting, and ways that teachers can accomplish this. "Multimedia Shared Stories," was written by Christopher J. Rivera in 2013. Rivera tells the story of a girl named Alba, a Mexican-American kindergarten student....   [tags: Education, Teacher, Reading comprehension]

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The Delay Of Communication Associated With Autism And The Idea Of Teaching Children

- In this study, Ingvarsson and Hollobaugh, examined the delay of communication associated with autism and the idea of teaching children to mand answers to questions. For example one’s previous work of Ingvarsson, only focused on children with language delays. Ingvarsson and Hollobaugh also expanded the study to include children who had autism spectrum disorders. Ingvarasson and Hollobaugh et al. examined males who were four to ten years old that were selected by a speech language pathologist, who was familiar with the students....   [tags: Autism, Asperger syndrome, Reinforcement]

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Different Direct Instructional Approaches When Teaching Children

- This video is about different direct instructional approaches when teaching children. Specifically teaching children to read. For example, in one approach children read aloud with the class and individually with the teacher. When the children are reading with the teacher they read a set paragraph and time it, and see how many errors they have, and each time they read the paragraph they try and improve and do better than the last time. The children don 't seem to worry about other children 's errors, they focus on improving themselves....   [tags: Reggio Emilia approach, Education, Learning]

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Guidance of Young Children

- 1. Developmentally appropriate practice as defined by NAEYC is a “framework of principles and guidelines for best practice in the care and education of young children, birth through age 8. Children cannot perform tasks that they are not yet developmentally capable of doing and teachers have to be aware of this. One would not expect a one year old child to be able to write their name, not only because they are not cognitively able to understand this task, but also because their fine motor skills have not developed enough to hold a writing instrument....   [tags: Teaching Young Children]

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The Teaching Philosophy of Exceptional Children

- The teaching philosophy of exceptional children: My teaching career has been spent learning how to provide appropriate support, guidance, patience, & understanding, as well as to enhance academic growth & success, for all students. My purpose as a teacher is to enrich and inspire the lives of young students with moderate/intensive needs by providing access to information instead of functioning as the primary source of information for students to flourish. My teaching methods will be to create an environment ripe with opportunities for discovery and exploration which will allow all students to learn at their own pace, generate questions and construct knowledge, while providing hands-on prac...   [tags: learning differences and disabilities]

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Teaching Strategies For Children With Disabilities

- In the past people with a disability were not accepted they were discriminated and treated horribly. It is not until the late 1960’s when people took action and federal laws approached the needs of people with a disability. In our world today disabled citizens confront many issues in overcoming challenges presented to them in their personal lives such as being accepted. As a matter of fact, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act in 1973 prohibited discrimination against anyone with disabilities in any federal or state funded social and health programs....   [tags: Individuals with Disabilities Education Act]

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My Experience Of Teaching And Supporting Children

- Teaching children gives me endless satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment. Having over fifteen years of experience of teaching and supporting children in primary and secondary from different ethnic minority backgrounds has convinced me that accomplishment comes from believing in oneself and pursuing it aggressively by having a clear vision. Every child is born with a particular strength, and if rightly facilitated, they will achieve high standards as I witnessed during my career in schools. I noticed multi-sensory teaching techniques were extremely effective, as pupil performance (slow learners) progressed from a level 1c to a level 4 in just 8 months including UKS2....   [tags: Psychology, Learning, Education]

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Teaching Children

- In my opinion, I think children that age learn best with hands on activities. Being outside the classroom learning from natures elements and their own surroundings, instead of sitting inside all day and learning from books. While learning from text books is a must, teachers can always make it fun. By doing internet activities, with the growth of technology younger children are learning how to operate computers. Also, by doing board games meant for learning numbers and letters, puzzles in order for the children to learn shapes and sizes....   [tags: Education, elementary education]

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Is Teaching Small Children New Things?

- Most expectant mothers are told to read to their child before it 's ever born. When the baby is born, they tell them to read to them even more. When the kid turns four, you are told to put your child in head start programs. From ages two to five it is known that a child learns the most. In this age group the child will start of by learning the alphabet, then learning how to write their name, which will then lead to reading and writing. This is only the beginning to all of the amazing things they will learn....   [tags: Education, High school, Teacher, Question]

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Management Plan for Teaching Young Children

- As a future teacher of young children I think that one of the most important components of the classroom curriculum is guidance. I believe the goal of a teacher is not just to stop inappropriate behavior but help the children learn to manage their own behaviors. A central part of early childhood education is the development of social competence. It is important for teachers to know that the strategy used to help children learn to manage their behaviors is a crucial part of their development. I think that it is important for teachers to teach what to do rather than just telling them what not to do....   [tags: educational strategies]

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Teaching Children Respect

- Teaching Children Respect Americans has placed too much responsibility on schools and teachers. Parents need to take command of the moral development of their children, starting with the issue of respect. Respect starts at an early age. You teach a child to say thank you, no thank you, and please. These are normal and common first steps to respect and are considered being manner able. Most parents expect there children to use these courteous phrases to them, their selves, the parent. Teachers and schools should not have to be responsible for teaching your child manners, common courtesy, nor respect....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Teaching Young Children the Alphabet

- Every era teaches in the best methods that are available to them. Who are them. For instance, when The New-England Primer was written they believed it was what was best for the children. There were no other recourses to teach children. In the past, children tended to learn ABCs, spelling and religious content through memorization. However, in the present day ABC by Dr.Seuss is a book parents have the opportunity to choose from; they have the resources to choose other books to read to their children to teach them their ABC’s....   [tags: New-England Primer, ABC by Dr. Seuss]

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Teaching, Control, And Mold Children

- During observations, I saw a lot of different methods to teach, control, and mold children. Most of the things I observed I liked, only in one class did I see something that made me uncomfortable but even then I was not too unsettled. The classes I observed all showed me applications of ideas that were discussed in class but they added their own twist on to it or they merged multiple ideas to suit their needs and make for a better learning environment. Student happiness is a huge factor in the amount of learning that happens in the classroom; the happier the student is the more they will pay attention and learn....   [tags: Education, History of education, Teacher]

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Teaching Children A Key Aspect Of Developing Early Literacy Skills

- Much research has been conducted into the most effective method for teaching children a key aspect of developing early literacy skills; that is phonics. A brief explanation in regards to its components and importance in reading and writing development will be given. Considering it is a skill that must be taught, methods which support effective phonic development will also be examined. Definitions, contradictions, similarities and the resulting confusion from the lack of conformity to a singular understanding of the outlines of each method will be addressed....   [tags: Phonics, Reading, Orthography, Phoneme]

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Teaching Children Who Come from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Backgrounds

- New Zealand is a diverse and multicultural society, some ethnic groups established themselves in Aotearoa many decades ago such as the Chinese, Croatian and Indian communities and other groups have arrived more recently such as Koreans and South African(student guide). As an early childhood teachers that it is important to appreciate, understand and respect different cultural and religious ideas. The whole environment of early childhood setting needs to reflect a multicultural and multilingual approach....   [tags: Education ]

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The Co Teaching System For Disabled Children

- The Co-Teaching System An inclusion model I would implement in the school system for the disabled children would be a Co-Teacher model. There are many great benefits to this model, such as; A specialized teacher specifically for them to help them whenever needed, relieves stress on teacher, and it provides a safe classroom for the disabled children. Teachers are the models of life; they nurture our children to become the best they can be. But sometimes the joker of the deck will come out eventually and the teacher may have no experience on how to deal with it....   [tags: Teacher, Education, The Child, School]

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Teaching Children Values in To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

- “I don’t have to listen to you because you’re not the boss of me.” Many little kids often think that they don’t have to listen to other people or do what they are told, which is how Scout was in the book, To Kill a Mockingbird. She continued this kind of defiance until Atticus, her dad, began to change it. The novel To Kill a Mockingbird was written by Harper Lee and is about a young girl, Scout, who grows up in the small town of Maycomb in the 1930’s. Scout is the daughter of Atticus and her brother’s name is Jem....   [tags: knowledge, honesty, kindness]

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Use of Servant Leadership in Teaching Disadvantaged Children

- The achievement gap in education is the civil rights issue of our time. The achievement gap, which is derived from the standardized test scores of students, is typically representative of the statistically significant dichotomy between racial minorities (specifically, African-Americans and Hispanics) on the lower end of test scores, and whites on the higher end of test scores (edweek, 2004; NAEP, 2014). A similar divergence is thought to exist as a construct of socioeconomic status – that is, children of a lower socioeconomic status perform worse than individuals of a higher socioeconomic status (edweek, 2004)....   [tags: Servant Leadership]

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Teaching Our Children Common Courtesy and Etiquette

- ... Learning that elders deserve respect and that giving that respect is not an option could cause listening to teachers, answering questions, and taking responsibility for tasks and actions to be habitual for students. Learning collaboration, communication, and virtue would create an environment more conducive to learning. John Curtis states, “I can assure you that the code of ethics I am teaching my children is very opposed to the code of ethics they would be taught at school.” His logical fallacy of mind your own business resonates throughout many families....   [tags: respect, morals, communication]

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Teaching Our Children to Make Good Financial Choices

- Though the concept of the “American Dream” varies from person to person as well as location, most collectively think of it as a happy nuclear family, complete with a house in the suburbs, white picket fences, a tire swing in the front yard, front porch swing, and a dog bouncing about (Calder, 1999, p. 3). So what does it take to acquire this dream one may ask. The answer may seem simple, but rather is the product of years of credit and debit management, defined by the ever illusive credit score and intertwined with financial success, and hard work....   [tags: Finance ]

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Teaching And Learning Through The Eyes Of The Children

- Teaching and Learning through the Eyes of the Children Being an elementary education teacher takes extra special patience, in kindergarten many children are leaving their mothers and fathers for the first time, this is scary and a huge adjustment for them. I remember my kindergarten year vividly, I cried every day until March 18th. Yes, you read that correctly, March 18th. My teacher would make me sit in the closet while I was crying so I would not disturb the other students, sure she would check on me periodically, but when she asked if I was done crying, I would start all over again....   [tags: Education, School, Teacher, History of education]

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Teaching Methods And Techniques For Young Children

- The importance of play in some school has been decreasing given emphasis on academics. Actually, most therapies for young children emphasize play for good reason (see Axline, 1947; Landreth, 2002a; O’Connor & Braverman, 1997). Because language skills are still under construction, children reveal themselves more clearly in play than in words. For example, the ability to express complicated feelings, like love and anger toward a parent, is not available to young children, but such feelings may be acted out in play (Broderick & Blewitt, 2015, p....   [tags: Childhood, Family, Parenting, Mother]

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Teaching Middle School Age Children

- Going to a country where the majority of the people are your own ethnicity sounds natural, right. I quickly learned that the environment around me was much more steeped in tradition than I previously thought. I arrived in Taiwan for a Christian missions trip that the primary focus was to teach English for a week and take one day to talk about the gospel with the students that we taught. The first four or five days I spent there was training for how to teach the students English and how to talk about the gospel in the classroom....   [tags: Education, Teacher, Christianity, Play]

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Teaching Children to Read By Giving Them Something Worth Reading

- ... Clay, M. M. (2000a), explains, “through experiences in their homes and communities, young children learn that print carries meaning and that reading and writing are used for a variety of purposes” (p.109). At this point in time, children notice menus in restaurants, symbols like Mcdonald’s, as well as listening to stories they are interested in, and noticing letters from parents or relatives. Depending on the culture and community, not all students enter school with a strong foundation in literacy....   [tags: background knowledge, comprehension, imagination]

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Teaching Children about Animal Rights

- The issue of animal rights is often overlooked in this society, and I've wanted that to change for as long as I can remember.  My original idea was to start a Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals at my high school, but I was afraid I wouldn't be able to raise enough interest and the project would be a flop. For quite a while, I had a very difficult time coming up with another idea, until I started thinking of all the horrible stories of animal cruelty that I'd heard and read. Teenagers and adults who had neglected, starved, beaten and abused innocent, defenseless creatures....   [tags: Personal Narrative, Community Service]

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Teaching Moral Values to Children

- Teaching Moral Values to Children Morals are defined as expressing or teaching a conception of either behaviour. Teaching moral values to a child are usually the responsibility of the parents. A parent influences a child at a young age, although as they mature they have the ability to accept or reject their traits. In the play, A Taste of Honey, author Shelegh Delaney illustrates the impact a parent has on a child, and how their decisions can affect the way in which they control their lives. Children are influenced by their parents and this is reflected in their behaviour, which is dependent on the morals instilled in them from birth....   [tags: Papers]

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Social Values: Teaching Them to Your Children

- What are social values. Social values exist in every social group in society. These values consist of but are not limited to a certain set of beliefs that is construed as true and righteous. As a parent of children it is the responsibility to ensure to uphold these social beliefs through child teachings throughout their learning years. This process of teaching your child what the belief structure is within a certain society never ends. In fact, teaching your child is a lifelong endeavor no matter what the age is....   [tags: belief structure within a society]

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Teaching Children with Severe Disabilities Using the System of Least Prompts

- My area of focus in education is on students with severe disabilities at any grade level. Teaching with the System of Least Prompts was chosen because the article discusses an evidence-based practice that could be implemented in the classroom and focuses on students with disabilities. Pardon the Interruption was also chosen because of the evidence-based practice discussed that focuses on communication skills and students with disabilities. Ault and Griffen in Teaching with the System of Least Prompts, explain that students with severe disabilities are given prompts t perform a behavior and then the prompts are faded out until the student can perform that behavior independently....   [tags: evidence-based practices]

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History of Special Education

- History of Special Education Special education history is of great interest to anyone with a child who struggles to learn. Special education has come a very long way, and it is important to know how we got to where we are today with respect to the educational rights of children with disabilities. It is sad to reflect on the fact that, before 1975, it was a regular practice to exclude children with disabilities from public schools, even though this meant going against certain obligatory education laws set in 1918....   [tags: teaching children with disabilites]

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My Career Goals : My Life For Teaching And Caring For Children

- Since I was a child I have wanted to be in a career where I can be an asset to my community. Even when my career goals were geared toward being an astronaut or a teacher, I was always displaying love for helping others with whatever medical knowledge I had. I was the first to help anyone who had fallen off the monkey bars or who had taken a spill while sliding down the hills. Having a nurse for a mother had a great impact. I was quick to help anyone who felt nauseous, help stop the nose bleeds of any kid in need, and help educate my peers on the benefits of fruits, vegetables, and vitamin C....   [tags: Medicine, Physician, Pediatrics, Learning]

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The Relationships Between Teaching Practice, Children 's Mathematical Development And Errors And Misconceptions

- Is it desirable to avoid errors and misconceptions in Mathematics. This assignment will distinguish the relationships between teaching practice, children’s mathematical development and errors and misconceptions. Hansen explains how “children construct their own knowledge and understanding, and we should not see mathematics as something that is taught but rather something that is learnt” (A, Hansen, 2005). Therefore, how does learning relate to errors and misconceptions in the class room, can they be minimised and is it desirable to plan lessons that avoid/hide them....   [tags: Learning, Developmental psychology, Lev Vygotsky]

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Basic Treatment and Information on Attention Deficient Hyperactivity Disorder: A Guide for EC and non-EC teachers

- ... ADHD symptoms exist on a continuum in the general population, and are considered as a ‘disorder’ to a greater or lesser degree depending on the source of identification, (e.g., parent or teacher), perception of extent of functional impairment, diagnostic criteria, and the threshold chosen for defining a ‘case.’ The developmentally excessive levels of inattention, overactivity, and impulsivity characteristic of ADHD are present from an early age. However, preschoolers with early signs of ADHD may also have co-occurring oppositional noncompliant behaviors, temper tantrums, and aggression that overshadow symptoms of inattention and overactivity and confound the diagnosis....   [tags: teaching children with special needs]

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Andragogy and Pedagogy

- If one were to ask the general population to explain Andragogy or Pedagogy many would struggle with this task, while most have been exposed to both these are two topics that are usually left to educators to discuss. The general public would however have a lot to say about how children and adults should be taught. Should adults be taught differently than children. How are the best practices for Andragogy and Pedagogy different. Where do teenagers lie. These questions and others are being explored by educators everywhere....   [tags: teaching adults vs teaching children]

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The Display of Culture in Fairy Tales

- Fairy tales are children’s first introduction to different cultures of the world. A click of heels or sprinkling of magic dust can transport children into the jungles of Africa or the countryside of England. Amongst the magical wands, princesses and frogs are the beliefs and customs of the tales’ origin. This is evident in two variations of the fairy tale “The Three Little Pigs”. For example, Andrew Lang’s English version “The Three Little Pigs” represents the culture of England. Likewise, Joel Harris’ African version “The Story of the Pigs” represents the culture of Ethiopia....   [tags: Comparison, Teaching Children]

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English Language Learners in the United States

- The cultural mix of America has long been diverse, however, the education system has always been trying to play catch-up in regards to how second language children should be taught. This is one cultural issue that impacts minority-language students throughout our nation. America was seen as a place where English was to be the dominant language and its use epitomized being a true American. This viewpoint eventually changed as the growth of diverse populations began to drastically change; no longer were minority languages isolated to small communities throughout the United States....   [tags: education, teaching, children, speakers]

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Mathematics in Early Childhood Learning

- 1. Identify your beliefs: State what beliefs you hold about teaching and learning mathematics for each of the following: a) What learning mathematics is for in the early childhood environment b) The role of the teacher in children learning mathematics c) The role of the teacher in teaching mathematics to children d) Children and their learning of mathematics I believe that learning mathematics in the early childhood environment encourages and promotes yet another perspective for children to establish and build upon their developing views and ideals about the world....   [tags: Teaching Math to Children]

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Teaching Shape The Life Of So Many Children

- Assignment One Wadad Bazzi EDA 340 Dr. John Artis Teaching has been described as an honored profession because this field holds a great responsibility. Teaching shape the life of so many children because no one can be something in their life without going to elementary and secondary school first. On daily basis teachers face challenges and they should make a complex decisions that rely on many different kind of knowledge and judgment that can be helpful for children’s futures....   [tags: Education, Teacher, School, High school]

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Teaching And Management Skills Necessary For All Children

- help all children construct knowledge that was new to him or her. Explain. -I believe that their where times during my lesson I could have done more to better know the topic of my lesson such as Native American names. I do believe though that I knew enough about the Thanksgiving holiday in order to teach the students. I believe with a better book and a better vocabulary I could have accomplished this completely. b. What additional content knowledge do I need to acquire. -The additional content knowledge I need to acquire is vocabulary....   [tags: Learning, Education, Skill, Attention]

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Teaching Education Content Intended For Young Children

- When I first heard the term ECE, my first thought was, YAY. I will be learning education content intended for young children. Specifically, formal school age children, kindergarten through fifth grade. Kindergarten is when education starts, right. I had always assumed “early childhood” to be a term used to describe children five to eight. To me, the term early childhood education (ECE) was primarily in regards to the education of elementary children. My understanding of early education, was constricted to my personal experiences with the term elementary, and how I synonymously used it with early education....   [tags: Kindergarten, Early childhood education]

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Teaching Education Content Intended For Young Children

- When I first encountered the term ECE, my first thought was, YAY. I will be learning education content intended for young children. Specifically, formal school age children, kindergarten through fifth grade. Kindergarten is when education starts, right. I had always assumed “early childhood” to be a term used to describe children five to eight. To me, the term early childhood education (ECE) was primarily in regards to the education of elementary children. My understanding of early education, was constricted to my personal experiences with the term elementary, and how I synonymously used it with early education....   [tags: Kindergarten, Early childhood education]

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Elementary School Teacher

- As a future elementary school teacher, I would like to teach my students how to respect and understand people who come from different backgrounds, cultures, ethnicities, and people with special needs. Children need to be made aware of differences in people that way they can become more tolerant and understanding. Over the past semester we have learned about a lot of different philosophers that all have different ideas relating to teaching children and people in general. Matthew Lipman is the founder of Philosophy for Children, a program many teachers have implemented into their classrooms that teaches children critical thinking and reasoning skills....   [tags: teaching, children, critical thinking, reasoning]

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Jean Piaget Parenting Project

- Have you ever been out in public and seen someone else’s child misbehaving. What would you do if it was your child. Would you just stand there and watch. Would you ignore the behavior. Or would you step in and set them straight. For children to learn you have to teach. Children like to watch and do what other people do, so if you do not teach them while there young it might not be the best when they grow older. Teaching children sometimes can be hard, but it’s always better to teach them so they can do better next time....   [tags: teaching and educating children]

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Teaching Young Children Through Work and Play

- Teaching Young Children Through Work and Play We have learned so much recently about the importance of play for young children that many families may overlook how meaningful work can also nurture development. Young children flourish when allowed to enter the world of real work that surrounds them - from picking up toys or feeding the cat to grating carrots for salad. In the company of family or other adults, children eagerly engage in work. They want to 'help' with the pursuits of adults, and this work can be a crucial part of their early learning....   [tags: Papers]

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Nutrition - Teaching our Children to Eat Well

- Nutrition - Teaching our Children to Eat Well When I look back at my experience through elementary and secondary school, and think about school lunch my memories are not cherished. The gray messy masses that smell and jiggle in a nebulous blob while the lunch lady deposits it onto my tray. No, those were not fond memories at all. I do remember having to look at the month ahead with my mother, because she wanted me to eat at least eat one school prepared meal a week. These were tough decisions for an elementary student, with picky taste in food....   [tags: Health Nutrition Pyramid Diet]

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Piaget, Skinner and Vygotsky's Theories on Images of Children in Teaching and Learning

- Children are created to make images show the history, beliefs and the values of learning and teaching. This essay is about deconstructing the following statement in light of theories Piaget, Skinner and Vygotsky with teaching, learning and developing. “ …our image of the child is rich in potential, strong, powerful, competent and most of all, connected to adults and other children”. Malaguzzi (as cited in Dahlberg, Moss and Pence, 2007, p.48). The statement demonstrates children through the theories Piaget, Skinner and Vygotsky and how they are connected to the statement Malaguzzi (cited in Dahlberg, Moss and Pence), in images of children, being rich in potential, strong and powerful in...   [tags: Education, Society Perception]

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Teaching Learning Disabled Children 's Unique And Distinctive Challenges

- Teaching learning disabled children’s presents some unique and distinctive challenges. During my field observation was taken back from the idea of accommodating students while teaching the lesson at the same time. The specialized instructional strategies in a structured environment was very different when students are incapable to learn the material. I was able to observe a class where students were not ESE and were considered highly effective. It showed by the teacher’s demeanor and the wiliness of her students to learn....   [tags: Special education, Resource room, Education]

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Teaching British Sign Language to Improve the Lives of Children with Mental Disabilities

- There have been countless ways in which doctors and teachers have tried to improve the lives of children with mental disabilities. A number of methods and lessons have been created to hopefully help these children. Though not all have been successful, there were some that stood out from the rest. One, specifically, was the teaching of British Sign Language. Teaching British Sign Language to mentally disabled children helped not only their ability to communicate but also improves their literacy skills and mental processing skills....   [tags: improvement in neutral behavior]

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Wittgenstein's Children: Some Implications for Teaching and Otherness

- Wittgenstein's Children: Some Implications for Teaching and Otherness ABSTRACT: The later Wittgenstein uses children in his philosophical arguments against the traditional views of language. Describing how they learn language is one of his philosophical methods for setting philosophers free from their views and enabling them to see the world in a different way. The purpose of this paper is to explore what features of children he takes advantage of in his arguments, and to show how we can read Wittgenstein in terms of education....   [tags: Philosophy Philosophical Essays]

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Educational Psychology: The Life History of Leta Stetter Hollingworth

- i. One of the most ignored innovators of educational psychology, Leta Stetter Hollingworth has immensely impacted our knowledge pertaining to children with exceptionalities. ii. Leta Hollingworth was born on May 25, 1886 in Dawes County Nebraska to Margaret Elinor Danley and John George Stetter (Silverman, 1992). Being the oldest of three sisters, Hollingworth’s mother died after giving birth to her. iii. Leta Hollingworth was born was born May 25, 1886 in Dawes County, Nebraska and died November 27, 1939....   [tags: research, bright children, teaching]

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Assessment Of The Children 's Learning ) And Evaluation ( For My Planning And Teaching ) Processes

- Assessment (for the children’s learning) and Evaluation (for my planning and teaching) processes: Assessment is a vital part in the good teaching process. It is designed to support learning by clarifying expectations and providing a constructive feedback to students on their progress. Assessment can be positive when it allows the students to show what they can do, as it then can be a “celebration of learning” as mentioned by Katz & Chard (2000).During this theme, the formative assessment (assessment for learning) is mainly used to assist the students’ learning through a constructive feedback and a day-to-day observation in order to modify their teaching based on the students’ needs (Zarrill...   [tags: Education, Social sciences, Humanities]

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Children 's Literature : An Influential Tool For Multicultural Learning And Teaching

- “Authentic children’s books that include a variety of cultures can help future generations view people in different parts of the world, or even those in their own neighborhood, as equal members of society” (Morgan, 2009, 187). According to Madsen (2012), children’s literature can have a powerful message about social and moral behaviors and ideas which can be an influential tool for Multicultural learning and teaching. As stated in Gopalakrishnan (2011), in classrooms today, there is diversity of students and having multicultural children’s literature, especially authentic from an insider’s perspective allows students to have a discussion with students’ experience and their learning....   [tags: United States]

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Effects of ADD/ADHD

- Affects of ADD/ADHD Robert was a typical two-year old boy always running and jumping around. In kindergarten, he couldn't remain seated during group time and moved between centers, leaving each a mess as he ran over peers. Third grade teachers began to talk to Roberts parents: he was blurting out answers and his desk was constantly crammed full of papers, toys, and books. In junior high, assignments done at home were never turned in and Robert received lunch detention for constant talking. He was late to class every day in high school because it was impossible to wake him....   [tags: hyperactivity, disorder, children, teaching]

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Teaching Hearing-Impaired Children in Regular Classrooms

- Since the enactment of Public Law 94-142 (The Education for All Handicapped Children Act) in 1975, approximately one-half of all hearing impaired students in the United States have had the opportunity to be mainstreamed into regular education classrooms. This law was intended to ensure that any student with disabilities had access to a ." and appropriate education as identified in each child's IEP." I teach at Northside Elementary in Colleton County. This school has seven hearing impaired students ranging from seven to eleven years old....   [tags: Education, handicapped, disabilites]

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Teaching Strategies And Can Be Beneficial Children When Learning And Role Playing. Gee ( 2007 )

- applications have great teaching strategies and can be beneficial to children when learning and role playing. Gee (2007) covers 36 learning principles in his book, which some of these principles can be incorporated into traditional classroom. One of the principles Gee discusses is the semiotic principle. The semiotic principle focuses on images, symbols, graphs, words, which are often integrated. In books, words are not the only focus in understanding the meaning of the text. When looking at the whole text, students will notice that there are usually images as well as symbols that can have meanings....   [tags: Learning styles, Educational psychology, Education]

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Teaching Techniques: Developmental Characteristics and Learning Abilities of Children Ages 10-13

- Children aged 10 to 13 are far more independent than their younger counterparts. They already possess this special ability for abstract thinking, which distinguishes them from other groups of learners and also is an additional strength. Harmer (2001) says that the age is a crucial aspect of how and what to teach to higher primary school learners. He also says that learners of different ages have different needs, competences and cognitive skills. According to Harmer, it is broadly believed that children learn a second language faster than adults....   [tags: teacher, primary education, child development]

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The Rewards and Challenges of Teaching

- The Rewards and Challenges of Teaching The desire to influence young children ranked the number one reason why students enter the field of education (Kauchak & Eggen, 2014, p.5). As an educator, there are numerous rewards that come with the profession, along with challenges that can influence instruction. A positive environment, personal development and being a role model are rewarding aspects of the teaching profession that make diversity and the complexities of teaching not only manageable, but a more gratifying experience....   [tags: education, children]

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- In the recent years, there has been an increase with the diagnosis of autism spectrum disorders (ASD). According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2007), 1 in 150 children are said to be autistic and according to many states ASD is seen as an epidemic. The problem with these numbers is how to teach these children affectively in the best academic environment. In 2005-2006 it was reported that 31% of autistic students were placed in general education classrooms and around 40% in separate classes, typically referred as autistic support classrooms (U.S....   [tags: Health, Teaching children with disability ]

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Emotional Behaviour Problems

- Emotional Behaviour Problems Many children in today’s world experience some form of emotional behavior. In some cases these emotions are not adequetly dealt with well by the child. How do teachers, the government, and parents deal with children who have behavior problems ranging from moderate, to severe. The answer is to follow. This paper will discuss five different articles which define what a behavior problem is, classroom management strategies for students and teachers, and the education environments that are best for children with Emotional or Behavioral Disorders....   [tags: Teaching Education Emotional Children Essays]

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Lesson for Children with Learning Disabilities

- Introduction Learning disability is a term misused severally. In essence, it applies to students who have different learning challenges. Most people associate learning disability to the development of a child, thus assuming that it is a short-term condition and disappears as the person matures. The accepted definition, provided by the National Adult Literacy and Learning Disability Center states that; learning disability is generic and refers to a composite group of disorders that become evident in the person; through observing that they have challenges in the acquisition and use of speaking, listening, reading, reasoning and execution of mathematical concepts, as well as, understanding so...   [tags: Learning Disabilites, Education, Teaching]

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Procedural Lessons: Children and Mathematics

- Mathematics has become a very large part of society today. From the moment children learn the basic principles of math to the day those children become working members of society, everyone has used mathematics at one point in their life. The crucial time for learning mathematics is during the childhood years when the concepts and principles of mathematics can be processed more easily. However, this time in life is also when the point in a person’s life where information has to be broken down to the very basics, as children don’t have an advanced capacity to understand as adults do....   [tags: teachers, conceptual teaching]

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The Importance of Play-Based Activities in Children's Learning

- ... On the other hand, the Department for Health is a government body that are responsible for health and social care matters in UK. This department is involved in the Early Years by giving families the support and help they needed to improve the children’s life. For example, the department had created a Healthy Child Programme that are available to all families and some of the aims are making sure that a child is prepared for school, encouraging care that keeps children safe and healthy and recognize and help children with problems (OGL, 2014)....   [tags: teaching techniques]

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My First Teaching Experience

- Teaching is a very rewarding job and a valuable career. The main role of the teacher is to further the knowledge and understanding of every child within the classroom, which can be very difficult at times. Although I am not a teacher yet, I have had many educational interactions with children. I am a math tutor for an elementary school student named Chaniya who lives in my neighborhood and, also, a nanny for a two year old named Regina. In this paper I plan to discuss the educational experiences I have had with each child and how I have helped them reach their educational goals....   [tags: Educational Interactions With Children]

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Personal Teaching Philosophy

- Personal Teaching Philosophy Introduction "Children become, while little, our delights…when they grow bigger, they begin to fright’s." This quote is from John Bunyan’s poem "Upon the Disobedient Child," and rings the truth. But, how can we help children develop into normal, healthy adults. That is a question society has been asking since the first days of civilization. There are four areas of development that allow children to grow into strong adults: motor, cognitive, language, and social-emotional....   [tags: Education Sociology Children papers]

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Teaching: The Most Important Profession

- I believe that teaching is the most important profession in the world. How else can we continue to develop in such a technical world, or in any other way, for that matter. Without the transfer of knowledge to young minds, we will stagnate and wither as a world. Teaching is hope for better, more successful futures. Learning is hope for becoming better individuals, for gaining intelligence, and for implementing practical experiences in our future. Since we always tell our children that they should plan for their futures and work to realize those goals, the teaching profession should “practice what it preaches” by helping young people to reach those goals....   [tags: career, teaching,]

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Children Need Music Education

- Music is a form of life that has a variety of purposes; even the human mind cannot comprehend them all. It should be considered a need but because of the economy and its hardship it has bestowed upon people, when school budgets tighten, music programs feel the pressure early and brace for a potential beating (Jennings). Our education system should allow children to express themselves through efficacious learning experiences, giving them the opportunity them to get in-touch with, and strengthen, their creativity (Lim and Chung, Sunderman 60, Terrance)....   [tags: Education, Teaching]

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Encourage Children to Follow Their Dreams

- Encourage Children to Follow Their Dreams Philosophy Statement After fourteen years of being scared of college, I decided to start my new journey in August of 2001. I wanted to go to college all by life to become a teacher, but I felt I needed to wait until my children were old enough to understand. Therefore, I pushed my dream back until one day it over whelmed me; I jumped in with both feet. I was so scared my first day, but over time, the fear went away and I am now fully focused on my dream....   [tags: Teaching School Education Essays]

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Education of Children with Learning Disabilities

- Education of Children with Learning Disabilities For centuries, the education of children with learning disabilities has been a problem and a challenge. Many methods of teaching have been proposed, yet every day there are new techniques and strategies on how to achieve the maximum success of these children. The problem of educating a child cannot be solved quickly and easily, rather it requires much careful analysis and research. Workers in this field are developing new theories on a day-to-day basis....   [tags: Teaching Education Special]

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Evaluation Of Teaching And Learning Strategies

- Evaluation of teaching and learning strategies with highly developed reflections on teaching strategies in enabling students to make progress Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of a lesson is a very important part of evaluating lessons when trying to achieve high quality teaching and learning. This should occur not only in Spanish lessons but in every subject mentioned in the 2013 National Curriculum. The Education Training Inspectorate (2012) state that teachers should evaluate their own work in order to ensure that they are providing the best possible outcomes by pupils in their care....   [tags: Teacher, Learning, Teaching, Pedagogy]

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The Importance of Content and Process in Teaching

- Teachers have varying practices and methods, which they use to get across to their classes. Some of these strategies are more effective than others depending on where you are implementing them. Brainstorming, debates, discussion and group work are all examples of teaching strategies. There are, however factors or elements that are deemed to be the core aspect of a teacher. Theses aspects make them effective and capable at their job. A teacher needs to be able to identify and address the nature of learners and learning....   [tags: education, teaching, didactics]

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Children Need to be Encouraged

- Children Need to be Encouraged As we know, children spend about thirteen years of their childhood (if they graduate) in school around their peers and teachers. Most children go home to busy households where parents do not spend quality time, such as; listening, and disciplining them like they need to. So when these children go into the school the next day, they need and adult to pat them on the back, listen to them, discipline them, and encourage them to keep on trying. Children need to be encouraged so they will try harder....   [tags: Teaching Education Essays]

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The Education of Children

- Michel Eyquem de Montaigne was born on February 28, 1533, into a time when only the wealthy received the privilege of a good education. At around 1539, Michel was sent to the College of Guienne in Bordeaux, where he completed the curriculum under the direction of George Buchanan by the time he had reached his thirteenth year. Michel spoke well of his educators and praised their teaching techniques, but he chastised the stern discipline of most of the schools during his time, saying that if one were to visit a college where lessons were in progress, nothing could be heard, save “the cries of children being beaten and of masters drunk with anger.”1 In his essay, Of the Education of Children,...   [tags: Of the Education of Children]

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