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Teachers and Their Students

- I remember signing up for sociology, not having the slightest idea what it was. I figured it would be interesting since I had been told one learns interesting things in college. However, besides that broad piece of advice, I entered a class not knowing even facts as simple as the definition of sociology. Little did I know, I did not have to worry. On the first morning of class I was seated towards the front with my notebook and pencil at the ready. Maggie Hunter entered the room and it was evident that she was excited to teach and also open to learning from us....   [tags: teachers, philosophy of education]

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Technology Plan for Teachers and Students

- The responsibilities of administrators are to support their staff in integrating new technology in order to achieve new levels of productivity and achievement. A new technology plan is needed to decide if integrating technology into the system will be beneficial for the curriculum. The administrators must share this vision with other educators, parents, member of the community, and especially business leaders. Technology will enhance the learning ability of the student and boost the teacher’s morale (November, 1998)....   [tags: Technology, IT, teachers, ]

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Teaching Styles and Effectiveness of Teachers

- Becoming a teacher can be an exciting and challenging experience for anyone. It can be quite difficult to put four years of knowledge into their teaching and into a classroom environment. And while it may seem challenging at first it does become easier over time. A teacher is not only someone who teaches, but they are a symbol of learning. A teacher is a person who plays the most important role in the development of any student. The future of those students depends on the qualities and the dedication of that teacher....   [tags: extrinsic and intrinsic, permissive teachers]

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Teachers as the Foundation of Society

- As a young student I believe that an education is the most valuable thing that a person can have. Therefore, I believe that teachers are the soul foundation of our society. The job of the teacher is to educate as well as nurture the students to the best of their ability. Our society as a whole is constantly growing and changing; and this has a strong influence on our education system. Thus forth my philosophy is continuously evolving and growing; and as I continue to learn more about school districts, different children, and the psychology of learning I will continue to adjust my educational philosophy as well....   [tags: Teachers, philosophy of education, narrative]

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Overview of the TPCK for Teachers

- Introduction With the influx of technologies like mobile computing and other smart devices into K-12 classrooms, technology integration is becoming an important addition to teaching expertise. Koehler and Mishra (2009) developed the Technological Pedagogical and Content Knowledge (TPACK) framework for understanding several complex interacting dimensions of how teachers can wisely integrate technology into innovative instruction. In this paper we present how a specially designed card game, using the card-tamentm approach (see, can be adapted to help focus players attention on the issues of TPCK while assessing their higher level abilities to...   [tags: tpack for teachers, education]

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Motivating Teachers to Use Tecnology

- The students in today’s classrooms cannot fathom a world without computers, video games, and smart phones. These students are tech-savvy as they play, learn, and communicate in a connected, digital world. School administrators and curriculum planners have come to the realization that they must meet students in their world by using technology to present meaningful and engaging lessons for all students. No longer can schools continue using the standardized teaching model, which became popular during the industrial based economy of the 1900’s (Jacob, 2013)....   [tags: technology, lessons, educated, teachers]

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A Teachers' Rights and Responsibilities

- Children and youth are critical steps in the formation of a human being. Parents and teachers are the pillars of the educational process in this age group and therefore their work is critical to the wellbeing of society. Regardless of the type of school, all teachers are required to teach and promote fundamental human rights, such as to practice them in their daily work. The Universal Declaration of the Rights of the Child and Human Rights require preservation in all fields, with particular emphasis on the school that is the natural space to learn, both in theory and in practice....   [tags: education, teachers' rights]

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Teacher Evaluations : Teachers And Teachers

- Principals have a lot on their job descriptions. One of those tasks principals must do is evaluate teachers. Some principals are good at doing this, while others are not so great because they lack the experience or put it off towards the end of their ever-growing list of tasks they must complete. In order for principals to make this a priority, they must do trainings related to teacher evaluations. I think school district need to do a better job at training school leaders get the proper training and use teacher evaluations to benefit both the teachers and students....   [tags: Teacher, Education, Want, School]

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Teachers And Teachers : Teacher Bullying

- Teacher bullying Teacher bullying is defined as a pattern of conduct, rooted in a power differential that threatens, harms, humiliates, induces fear in or causes students substantial emotional stress (McEvoy, 2014). Teachers who bully students have usually been bullied by former teachers. Teachers who bully their students do so because the building they are in does not have any protocols in place to discourage it. It is important for administrators to offer professional development to make sure teachers know how to deal with children from all types of backgrounds....   [tags: Teacher, Education, School, Bullying]

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Facilitators vs. Teachers

- Facilitator is often proposed as an alternative to teachers standing in front of the classroom. However, the teacher talk has been linked to the use of international pattern for facilitator talk has proved to be more elusive. The central and most important role in the class is that of the facilitator tying together the other actors in the learning process. Student role in the classroom are changing because society as a whole is changing. Student’s home environment has changed radically different from what was the norm thirty years ago....   [tags: Facilitators, education, teachers, ]

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How to Retain Highly Qualified Teachers

- Is the age old memory of the life long teacher becoming extinct. Are we just to accept that long ago were the days where educators entering the teaching profession with aspirations to remain in the classroom until retirement. Why do teachers leave. Can we devise a solution to promote prestige and allure people once again to the teaching profession. While many areas in education are experiencing teacher shortages the retention of teachers in particular is a critical concern in many schools and districts across the nation....   [tags: First Year Teachers, Education, Schools]

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Teaching Teachers to Teach Physical Education

- Having performed the role of physical education teacher for a great part of one’s life and having taught PE in the secondary school system for more than seventeen years, the researcher has been exposed to children entering the secondary system in Form One unable to go through basic movement experiences required at this level. The researcher has spent more than six months in a new role as principal at the school St Thomas (Mayaro) RC School where the researcher now work. The age range of pupils at this institution is between five years and thirteen years with pupils who have come from diverse racial backgrounds....   [tags: teachers, physical Education, PE, exericse, ]

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Evaluation Of Teachers And Ineffective Teachers

- Educational organizations are continually looking for new strategies to improve their teacher evaluation models in hopes of providing a better quality education for students. Currently, a new education reform is being tested — student surveys being used for teacher evaluations. Student surveys are an inexpensive method of obtaining quality information regarding teachers and their classroom performances. These surveys will allow school systems to differentiate effective teachers and ineffective teachers....   [tags: Education, School, Teacher, High school]

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Preparing Elementary Teachers to Teach Mathematics and Science

- Summary of Research Study The article that is being critiqued is Construction of Teacher Knowledge in Context: Preparing Elementary Teachers to Teach Mathematics and Science. Pre-service teachers were placed in an elementary school in a Texas school district. The qualitative research took place as pre-service teachers went into the classroom and experience hands-on teaching math and science. Teachers need to knowledgeable in all subject areas. During this study pre-service teachers concentrated on mathematics and science as the focus....   [tags: education, pre-service-teachers, ]

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The Influence of Simple Remarks From Teachers in Developing Children

- Starting from when we are just babies we learn habits from those around us, we continue do this we grow and start to form our own habits. We learn to walk and talk from our parents, to compete with others from our friends or siblings. But some of our more serious habits can be learned from those we are trying to help us succeed such as our teachers. Starting from preschool and never ending our teachers tell us that we should finish all of our homework and do it right, to make a perfect score on all of our tests but what is the result of this....   [tags: Habits, Parents, Teachers]

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Educational Requirements For Teachers And Teachers

- There are many educational requirements needed to become a principal. Typically a principal must first serve as a teacher (Principal). Most school districts look for an administrator with five or more years of work experience in a related occupation (Occupational Outlook Handbook). After serving as a teacher for a period of time, many schools would find an administrator candidate more desirable for hire (Principal). To become certified as a teacher one can usually enter a program at a four-year university (Principal)....   [tags: Teacher, Education, School, High school]

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Education Requirements For Teachers And Teachers

- There are many education requirements needed to become a principal. Typically a principal must first serve as a teacher (Principal). Most school districts look for an administrator with five or more years of work experience in a related occupation (Occupational Outlook Handbook). After serving as a teacher for a period of time many schools would find an administrator candidate more desirable for hire (Principal). To become certified as a teacher one can usually enter a program at a four-year university (Principal)....   [tags: Teacher, Education, School, High school]

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Teachers vs. Software, Jobs in Language Education

- A teacher is a person that demonstrates how to perform particular tasks, directs you on the path of endless possibilities, instills morals along with integrity, and reveals a wondrous world of learning. Methods of comprehension are changing with every increasing minute. In the 21st century education has a higher demand and one of these demands are a second language. In the Ridgewood School District, in Ridgewood, New Jersey, school officials are electing to substitute educators that administer foreign languages with a learning software Rosetta Stone....   [tags: Teachers, language Software, Jobs, Education, ]

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Teachers and KPLI programme

- Teacher is a professional who is liked by the people of Malaysia. People already know that the teaching profession is a very noble profession and in our own country, teachers are seen as such a precious and invaluable. But, today there are many issues related to the teacher or education system in our country. Recently, there was debate about KPLI teachers where there are few community disputes especially towards quality of them. Kursus Perguruan Lepasan Ijazah (KPLI) is one of the programmes that offered education programme to students who already had a degree in certain area such as business, engineering, management and so on....   [tags: KPLI teaches]

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Underpaid Teachers in Ohio

- Underpaid Teachers in Ohio      High school teachers’ average salary varies across the world. The United States is said to be one of the richest countries in the world, yet our teachers are being paid one of the lowest amounts. The Education Intelligence Agency, author of the article “Ohio Teacher Overcomes Union’s Tolerance” published an International Teacher Salary Report ranking the fifty states by “how much the average salary exceeded per capita personal income.” According to the Education Intelligence Agency Ohio’s percentage rate is only fifty- five point one percent....   [tags: High School Teachers Employment Salary Essays]

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Effective Teachers And Effective Teacher

- No two teachers are alike, each of us has to work to find our own style, but it seems that there are some characteristics that all effective teachers share while ineffective teachers tend to repeatedly make the same mistakes. This is not a black or white situation, you are not labeled as effective or ineffective and then written off until you make a big change; there is a spectrum of effectiveness. Each day is a new chance to have an impact, an opportunity to put together the puzzle that is our students’ education, and some days might be easier than others....   [tags: Learning, Education, Teacher, Lesson plan]

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Teachers Should Teachers Have A Higher Salary?

- Who is entrusted with teaching our future leaders morals, functional life skills, knowledge, manners and many other life teachings. Teachers. So why would teachers not have one of the highest pay rates of all jobs. Teaching is often a misunderstood profession. People don 't see all the behind-the-classroom work of being a teacher. Many people only see a person that stands in front of the class and lectures, grades tests and an enforcer of school rules. Teaching involves much more than that. Being a son of a high school math teacher, I know more about the effects involving teachers’ pay than many people....   [tags: Teacher, Education, School, High school]

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Teachers' Education

- Teachers' Education Not only do the rapid growth of technology changed the way we live, from the way business is conducted to the way we communicate with each other, technology advancements are also affecting the way we teach and learn. According to the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE), new skills needed in the workplace are catalysts that spur technology use in the classroom. It is clear that the business world demand schools to prepare educated workers who are skilled at working in teams, can effectively solve problems, are able to process and apply information, and who can use technology effectively in the global market place in order to maximize productiv...   [tags: Educating Teachers Teaching Technology Essays]

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The Importance Of Merit Pay For Teachers

- When it comes to performance-related pay or in other words, merit pay, I believe that most people are familiar with this concept. This method of payment means that with more labor, better performance, and results, people can get a higher salary in return. It is very common in many industries, such as in sales or on production lines. However, whether it should be applied to the teaching profession is always a controversial issue. Some people think that it would be unfair for teachers, but others think that this can help increase competition, thereby improving the quality of teaching....   [tags: Teacher, Education, School, Profession]

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Young Teachers Are Polar Opposites

- When compared, younger and old teachers are polar opposites. While experienced teacher, who have years under their belt, are not usually accustomed to the technological age, younger teachers have been educated with modern technology, and can use that to their advantage in the classroom. Younger teachers have grown up in a technological age and can adapt to the constant upgrade in technology. Experienced teachers, on the other hand, have a harder time learning how to operate all the new gadgets schools are getting....   [tags: Teacher, Education, Substitute teacher, School]

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Supervision Of Teachers And The Methods An Administrator

- Introduction The supervision of teachers and the methods an administrator uses to go about doing this work is possibly the most important aspect to the job of a principal. Obviously the most important part of a school day is the instruction given to the students by the teacher. Since the principal no longer has the daily instruction of the students as one of their roles, the supervision and guidance of the people hired to do that role becomes the principal’s most important job. As stated above, along with hiring good teachers, the methods used to supervise and guide the teachers and help them grow as educators is the most essential role a principal can play in the success of a school....   [tags: Teacher, Education, Reflections, Reflection]

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Review Of ' Teachers As Learners '

- Sharon Feiman-Nemser is currently the Jack, Joseph, and Morton Mandel Professor of Jewish Education at Brandeis University (Feiman-Nemser, 2014). In her book, Teachers as Learners, the author chronicles her research and career that has led to the completion of the book. Her focus and expertise lies in the evolution of teacher education and how institutions and governments can improve the abilities, skills, and performance of teachers who are entering an increasingly diverse classroom. This book views the historical and recent health of the teacher preparation system in the United States and serves as a guidebook for improved teacher preparation....   [tags: Education, School, Teacher, History of education]

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Technology And Teachers : Technology

- Technology and Teachers For the past 20 years, technology has a revolutionary tool for education, by allowing the utilization of information found on the World Wide Web. Teachers have adopted the digital age, by the use of various computer programs, and by incorporating the internet. Michael Trucano, a Senior Education & Technology Policy Specialist, who is a global lead for innovation in education, admits that “technology will never replace the teachers, but teachers who don’t use technology will be replaced by those who do” (1)....   [tags: Education, Internet, Teacher, Instant messaging]

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My First Memory Of Teachers

- To begin, my first memory of teachers or teaching was arriving to the kindergarten classroom and dreading second. My teachers were exceptionally strict and did not make my experience any further enjoyable. In fact, looking back, they were the reason I dreaded school. I was never able to express myself nor was I recognized for my talents. My time in school continued to be dismal until my third grade year. I remained stuck with the teacher that no one else wanted. It appeared as if this year was shaping up to be just as painful as the others....   [tags: Education, Teacher, School, Want]

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Technology For Teachers And Students

- Technology for Teachers and Students Educational technology continues to advance making learning a different experience for students. “Educational technology includes all real, analog, and digital technologies and media that can be used to support teaching and learning (Lever-Duffy, McDonald, & Mizell, 2003, p. 2)”. When the writer was attending grade school in the 90’s educational technology was nothing compared to how it is now. The technology then was minimal; it was not until the writer got to fifth/sixth grade when students would take AR (Accelerated Reader) quizzes on the computer to move up a reading level....   [tags: Education, Teacher, Educational psychology]

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Characteristics Of Effective Literacy Teachers

- According to Richard Allington, a professor of education at the University of Tennessee and one of the country’s most recognized experts on early literacy, highly effective teachers use six practices which make a difference in elementary reading instruction. They engage students in reading and writing authentic passages instead of wasting time on filling out many worksheets. Effective teachers provide students with texts they find interesting and they are able to read successfully. Also, teachers are involved in active instruction; they demonstrate, model and teach strategies explicitly....   [tags: Writing, Teacher, Reading, Reading]

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The Impact of Teachers

- Throughout the ages, teaching has been a crucial part of our civilization. In ancient times, the elders were the teachers; people who had seen more of life than most other people. A teacher doesn’t always have to be human, either. The Indians believed that Nature itself taught them in ways that we, as people who have grown up differently, cannot understand. I believe that teachers come in forms that match the world they’re teaching in, to better lead us through life. Today teachers come in the form of trained professionals who can guide us through the mazes of technological, medical and psychological advances that exist in the 21st century....   [tags: narrative, informative, philosophy of education]

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Teachers and the Law

- Issues of duty of care, including its non-delegable form that is closely associated with teaching, and issues of negligence are critical for a safe and inclusive learning environment for students. Accordingly, teachers who are aware of their legal responsibilities as outlined in their duty of care can save themselves both claims of negligence and incidents where students are harmed physically and mentally. Policy for educators tasked with preserving student safety are outlined in law, and key of these include mandatory reporting of child abuse, supervision for the prevention of injury, and protection from concerns such as bullying, particularly involving the internet....   [tags: teaching, inclusive learning]

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The Professional Development Profile For Music Teachers

- Teachers are required to participate in activities outside of the classroom that contribute to their skill set and ability to instruct students. These can include opportunities to advance certifications through coursework, seminars and workshops, in class practices, and observation sessions. The professional development arena aims to create a platform for educators and those in the field to explore components and processes that will positively affect student learning through teacher experiences....   [tags: Education, Teacher, Pedagogy, Profession]

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The Benefits of Communication Between Parents and Teachers

- The benefits of communication between parents and teachers has become a very important debate when we think about ways to better help our children/students. Teachers- parents relationship assume may roles. Communication plays a very significant part when building a parents-teachers relationship. It is my belief that in order to ensure students academic success teachers and parents need to have a relationship build on effective communication. “school teachers have to communicate with parents about their students’activities and achievements, families also need to inform school about students’ progress” (Raccah &Elyashiv, 2008)....   [tags: Parent Teacher Communication]

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How Sociology Affects Our Lives As Teachers And Pre Service Teachers

- When considering the sociology class, one can observe the impact that it has had on the students in the class, within privileged people and non-privileged people, and just how we can address this and aid in changing the system for the better. We must also consider our own perspective as a person and a learner in personal experience of schooling and how the schooling experience may have reflection on privilege and/or less privileged people. One can also detect who the disadvantaged and advantaged people are considering what are in the sociological context of schooling when considering the privilege and/or less privileged....   [tags: Education, Teacher, School, Sociology]

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The Importance Of High School English Teachers

- Although it is obvious that high school English teachers are required to do quite a bit of writing in the classroom, people often forget that there is quite a bit of writing that must be done in preparation for a teacher’s career. All professionals looking to teach in the state of California are required to pass the CBEST (California Basic Educational Skills Test) as well as the CSET (California Subject Examinations for Teachers)in order to teach at public schools. These tests feature writing sections similar to that on the SAT’s and are “designed to measure an examinee’s knowledge and skills in relation to an established standard” (“CTC Exams”) which match up with California Curriculum st...   [tags: Education, Teacher, School, Teaching]

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Teaching Is More Than Just Teachers

- The concept of teaching has “no ‘real’ definition, but instead it has uses” (Horton qtd. In Mauk and Metz 129). Teaching is more than just teachers educating their students. Teachers help enrich their students’ lives, so they can succeed in life. They are the building blocks for every student’s success in their life. Educators show a wide variety of characteristics, which help them to teach and get their point across. The main job as an educator is to enrich children’s minds. By teaching the students what they know, the students start to acquire certain principles or traits....   [tags: Education, Teacher, School, Learning]

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The Importance Of Teachers On The School Decision Making

- There had been a few advantages of teachers engaged to be included in the school decision making. As a matter of first importance, staff in an association engaged for the improvement of self-overseeing groups may draw forward work duty and activity of them (Cheung & Cheng, 2002). Similarly, teachers at school enabled could add to the increment of teachers ' dedication to schools. As indicated by a few scrutinizes, the solid positive connection between teacher strengthening and teacher duty had been discovered (Caldwell, 2004; Cheung & Cheng, 2002; Gaziel, 2009; Somech & Bogler, 2002; Wan, 2005; Zajda, 2006)....   [tags: High school, Teacher, School, Decision making]

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Novice Teachers Into The Complex Field Of Education

- Many of the topics in this online course were meant to introduce novice teachers into the complex field of education in which we teacher-rising students will enter in just a few short years. Education 101 focused on the professional aspects of becoming a teacher, the sociological aspects that affect how both students and teachers behave inside and outside of the classroom, the overall governance and structure of the American education system, considering how the American education system has change over time, considering the philosophical aspects in teaching and learning, and finally considering curricular aspects of education through the evaluation of your students....   [tags: Education, Teacher, School, History of education]

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Planning Lessons For Teachers Can Be Crucial

- Planning lessons for teachers can be crucial. There always has to be time set aside to plan things out. A lesson can’t be taught successfully without earlier preparation. It’s like walking into a negative situation blind. There are always some steps before teaching the students the lesson. This where unit plans come into play. They help to prepare the teacher to effectively teach the lesson to where students understand and obtain the information that is being provided. They also help to keep track of what did and didn’t work for that specific lesson....   [tags: Teacher, Education, Lesson plan, Teaching]

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Teaching Skills And Learning Opportunities Teachers

- It is essential for educators to assess their students continuously for the understanding of skills and concepts. The background knowledge that students bring into the classroom influences how they understand the material, the lessons, and learning opportunities teachers provide. The use of oral language, concepts prints, word recognition, phonemic awareness, vocabulary and fluency will guide the students to achieve the goals needed to be proficient in school and overcome the gaps just like R. Reutzel mentions (Laureate Education, 2010)....   [tags: Education, Teacher, School, Knowledge]

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Understanding Student Abuse Against Teachers

- Afraid of My Students: Understanding Student Abuse Against Teachers When we consider what comes to mind when we hear the words ‘children’ and ‘violence,’ we tend to develop two completely different pictures. While children are often associated with innocence, love, joy, and happiness; violence is associated with hitting, killing, fighting, and deviant behavior. However, children committing acts of violence remain a major problem in our society. While there is some awareness about sibling abuse, parent abuse, and peer abuse; abuse against teachers is unheard of and rarely discussed among educators....   [tags: Abuse, Violence, Child abuse, Teacher]

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The Creative Strategies For Cte Teachers Handbook

- Practicing the Creative Strategies for CTE Teachers Handbook, I discovered numerous techniques that I have utilized as a long-term sub as a part of my instructing strategies. There were many techniques that were new to me and planning to use them practically made me feel how helpful they would prove to achieve the educational goals smoothly. Firstly, I prefer to use the technique of grouping students together in a classroom. Pairing up is helpful too but to divide the students in the group of three encourages group discussions about topic....   [tags: Writing, Teacher, Strategy, Writing style]

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How Teachers Use Content Literacy

- Teacher Interview “Literacy is one of the greatest gifts a person could receive.” –Jen Selinsky. There are different ways teachers use content literacy in their classroom. Educators who teach gym will have different content to cover than educators who teach math. Elementary teachers have to prepare for different types of literacies from math to reading to science and even social studies. I had the opportunity to talk to April Arnold, a first grade teacher, about content literacy in her classroom....   [tags: Teacher, Education, Teaching, Learning]

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Pre Service Social Studies Teachers

- Introduction One of the objectives for 21st century teacher preparation programs is to prepare teachers to teach democratic education. To successfully teach democratically, teachers will need a positive multicultural perspective. When this became a known phenomenon it prompted teacher education program to include theories and practices of multicultural education. According to previous research, many pre-service teachers have limited understanding of multicultural education, or have prejudices and discriminatory attitudes....   [tags: Education, School, Teacher, Student's t-test]

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My Mentor Teachers Lesson Plans

- For my first placement I used the majority of my mentor teachers lesson plans, so for the most part, that is how I determined the alignment of assessments with the objectives, learning targets, and essential questions. When I created my own unit plan, I determined the objectives, learning targets and essential questions by looking at examples. I always say, “Why reinvent the wheel?” There are millions of resources to use, so typically I utilize a resource from the Internet to go by. For my unit plan on the First Amendment, I found a First Amendment unit created by the Illinois Education Board and I used that as the skeleton for my content....   [tags: Education, Assessment, Teacher, Critical thinking]

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Types of Teachers

- Teachers serve as the guiding force in a student’s life. They are responsible for molding a student’s personality and shaping his/her mental orientation. Teachers deeply impact our lives and direct the course of our future. One cannot deny the influence of teachers in one’s life. In fact, it would not be an exaggeration to say that, till a certain age, out life revolves around our teachers. They are our constant companions, until we grow old enough to come out of their shadow and move ahead on our own....   [tags: classification, philosophy of education]

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Teachers and Technology

- Nature of the Study Teachers' overall attitudes towards technology play a vital role in adopting a set method in determining how to instruct with wireless laptops (Kervin & Mantei, 2010). Alternatively, the way teachers perceive technology will hypothesize a key determinant of the nature of this quantitative, pre-experimental study. In this study, the reason why teachers do not routinely and effectively use available technology such as wireless laptops in K–12 classrooms will be examined. To take full advantage of technology, while reducing possible drawbacks, requires matching the technology with the learning objectives (Lee, 2010)....   [tags: Education, Technology in the Classroom]

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Teachers and Technology

- Several scholars indicated that K–12 teachers are not skilled, and lack confidence needed to infuse technology effectively into the curriculum (Francis & Mishra, 2008; Harrison, & Wamakote, 2010; Teo, 2009; Weston & Bain, 2010). Teaching with technology is complex and the challenge of newer technologies (Koehler & Mishra, 2009; Ozek, Kesli, & Kocoglu, 2009; Weston & Bain, 2010; Hennessy). A number of K–12 schools across the US are under pressure to integrate diverse technology resources into the curriculum (Weston & Bain, 2010)....   [tags: Education, Wireless Computing, Teaching]

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Teachers in Syria

- ... Syria had been working on improving gender parity within its education program, but female children were less likely to attend school than male students, however, Syria was able to boast that its primary school attendance for all children was the highest in the Middle Eastern region. Prior to the civil war, education expenditures by the Syrian government were increasing—the education budget in Syria had increased from 15 percent to 19 percent of Syria’s GDP and a great deal of progress was being made towards Education for All by 2015 (UNICEF, 2013)....   [tags: death told, globalization, news]

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Neuroscience for Teachers

- Traditional linear, dualistic development theories allow neither for a feedback loop nor for this greater change to both parties. As a result more recent research supports the holistic idea of development as a result of emergent self organisation over progressive stages such as those advocated by Piaget (Kim M. & Sankey D., 2010, p79). Traditionally, child development is expected to occur within fairly set parameters. Even Vygotsky’s Zone of Proximal Development limits the parameters within which a child is expected to develop (Vygotsky L....   [tags: child development, education]

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Teachers Play An Important Role For Students Life

- Teachers play an important role in students life. It doesn 't matter the age group, students are able to differentiate between a loving teacher and a mean teacher. Teachers should be aware that not all students are built equally. Every students comes from a different culture and different financial resources, some students might have more or less than others. Students who are in generational poverty can be effected in different ways, such as emotional discouraged low grades, and social challenges....   [tags: Poverty, Education, Childhood, Teacher]

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Why Teachers Are Responsible For Student Academic Achievement

- Andy Stein Ms. McDaniel CP ENG 4 10 October 2015 Teachers 99% of teachers surveyed say that “effective and engaged” Teachers are absolutely essential to or very important to ensure student academic achievement”(Mathis). Teachers are a big part of everyone’s life, regardless of whether or not we see it or not. Each individual is different because of their personality which effects style of teaching. One may be more strict on test while others teachers could be strict on assignments, However, ultimately, what matters is how they impact a student 's life with their style of teaching, performance and dedication....   [tags: Education, Teacher, High school, School]

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Teachers Deserve More Credit, Plain And Simple

- Teachers deserve more credit, plain and simple. After spending the majority of my life submersed in education, I find myself disgusted with the lack of awareness people have towards teachers. Not only are they mentors for youth, but they also handle every behavior known to mankind and are not paid nearly enough for their efforts. In my opinion, teachers should stand at the top of the scale when it comes to respect, and unfortunately, that is not the case. Once children begin Kindergarten, they spend more time around teachers than they do their own parents....   [tags: Education, Lesson plan, Teacher, The Child]

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Middle School Teachers And High School Students

- Adolescence is a time of many changes for students, including physically, mentally, and emotionally. Middle school teachers have the privilege and responsibility of interacting with these students on a daily basis as they endeavor to teach them the skills and information they need to succeed. Because these students are at a challenging stage developmentally, it is imperative that middle school teachers provide quality education and foster effective teaching techniques and skills. In order to be successful in the classroom, teachers need to have a clear set of beliefs and principles to guide them in their teaching career....   [tags: Education, Teacher, Pedagogy, Learning]

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Teachers Have The Responsibility Of Supporting The Learning Of Vocabulary

- Teachers have the responsibility of supporting the learning of vocabulary in the classrooms. Students from different socioeconomic backgrounds, unfortunately face a large deficit in language and vocabulary skills when they enter school, thus making reading a difficult task. Teachers need to promote vocabulary experiences in the classroom that include, carefully selecting vocabulary words to be taught, fostering incidental word learning, promoting word consciousness activities, and providing effective vocabulary instruction....   [tags: Teacher, Education, Word, Language]

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Assessment Skills That Teachers Use Running Records

- Another form of assessment skill that teachers use is running records. Teachers give a copy of the text to the student, one text is familiar and one is unfamiliar. The student reads to the teacher and the teacher records the words the student reads correctly, analyses miscues or errors (Tompkins et al., 2015). Teachers need to be able to identify the aspect that the student is having difficulty reading. Is the student struggling with semantic or meaning cues, structure or syntax cues or visual cues (Tompkins et al., 2015)....   [tags: Education, Learning, Knowledge, Teacher]

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Teachers Are The Builders Of Nation And The Pillars Of Whole Education System

- ABSTRACT Teachers are the builders of nation and the pillars of whole education system. Producing quality teacher specifically in mathematics helps to sustain the development in every field. In this present paper an attempt has been made to show present generation students’ abilities and the required qualities for mathematics teachers to handle the situation are discussed. And also importance of mathematics education, student’s expectation and challenges before the present mathematics teacher and the ways to increase the quality in mathematics teaching are discussed....   [tags: Education, School, Teacher, History of education]

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The Effects of Censorship on Experienced High School English Teachers

- “If a teacher is using a text or piece of literature, there has to be value to it and it is important to be exposed to as much as possible” (Feldpausch). These wise words sum up what most teachers respond to when asked the question “Should parents censor text/literature in schools?” Highly educated, teachers know their own idea on this and can back it up with fact and personal experiences. What it comes down to is one simple phrase: Parents should not be able to decide what we can learn about in class....   [tags: ban, literature, teacher, parents, education]

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The Lack Of Budgetary Support For Teachers K 12

- In Utah, the lack of budgetary support for teachers K-12 is sadly nothing new. Historically, teachers in the state are paid roughly 30% lower than professionals with comparable degrees, and the establishment of numerous standardized tests has taken away from authentic learning statewide. Yet, just as Utah’s imprudent system of education seemingly couldn 't get worse, the enlightened members of the State Board of Education intervened in June of this year. In response to a severe shortage of teachers in Utah, the Board passed a resolution that allows individuals to be hired without a traditional teaching license....   [tags: Education, Teacher, School, History of education]

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The Work Sampling System Is Based Off Teachers

- The work sampling system plays an integral part in many teachers’ assessments of their students. The work sampling system is based off teachers’ observations of their students through problem solving, classroom interaction, classroom learning, and creating. It is an authentic performance assessment because everything you collect on a student is their authentic work, and cannot be recreated. The system can be used in pre kindergarten through fifth grade. The system also uses three interrelated parts, those parts being developmental guidelines and checklists, portfolios and summary reports....   [tags: Education, Teacher, The Work, Student]

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The Disdvantages to the Increasing Pressure on Teachers

- Today, education is one of the most highly debated areas in America. Schools all across the nation employ teachers to make children and young adults ready for life, college, and the workforce. According to, the federal government is set to spend 1 trillion dollars on education in the fiscal year of 2014. But the increasing pressure that is put on to teachers is actually harming the education system. The ongoing dilemmas that are the lack of incentive for teachers, the tenures of teachers, and the focus on the “outcomes” of students, are causing the students’ education to be lacking....   [tags: education, incentives, tests]

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Persuasive Essay : Good Teachers On Dangerous Ground

- The idea of good teaching has been debated for many years among the teaching profession, government bodies and various community members. With numerous claiming different ‘models’ of teaching must contain qualities that should be modified into teacher-education and teaching institutions. This essay will discuss and analyse the main argument from ‘Good teachers on dangerous ground’ (Connell, 2009) and clarify the key case. I anticipate to uncover the ideal teaching model, what that model comprises of and in what way can we foster this....   [tags: Teacher, School, Education, History of education]

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Teachers Are The Overall Distributors Of The Ability Grouping Program

- The teachers are the overall distributors of the ability grouping program. Teachers are human beings and they are just following the basis on which they were taught. It is an incredible responsibility to be expected to improve and come up with better teaching methods then the professors and educators before had set in place. There are all of these programs and regulations one has to follow when taking on the world of education. There are so many overlapping problems to face when confronting a certain type of curriculum to teach....   [tags: Education, High school, Program, Teacher]

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Is Merit Pay For Teachers The Answer?

- When it comes to education, everyone has an opinion. But, does anyone truly have the perfect solution. One proposed solution bringing about debate in the last few years has been merit pay for teachers (Wright, 2003). As we know, teachers often receive the brunt of criticism from the public when it comes to the failure of education. But is merit pay the solution. Wright (2003) states that although there may be some validation to the idea of merit pay, there are also some serious concerns. As more public gains concern for the quality of education, the more interest the public has in teacher accountability and performance....   [tags: Education]

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Vocational and Technical Teachers in Malaysia

- An issue arises whether the teachers in this country are ready to face and handle the challenges due to the birth of technology especially ICT in and out of school and due to the fact that the latest technology has acquired unique characteristics with lack of appropriate professional development, for these reasons it is necessary for teachers to be ready in terms of their knowledge, skills and also attitude in order to fully exploit the advantages in ICT (Rosnaini Mahmud, 2006). According to Ely (1995) the stress should not be on the technology itself but more on the teachers who will decide on the purpose in using the technology, how it is utilized and evaluates the effect of its use....   [tags: Education, Computer Technology]

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How to Mantain Good Teachers

- Tech Reflection 5 Teachers are the most important people to lead students to the academic success. Students spend their time at school more than other places. Good teachers can provide not only knowledge but also life lessons to their students. Also, good teachers can inspire, motivate and build good attitude of learning toward students by creating interesting materials and leading students into the right directions to be successful in lives. In my high school, there were many subjects that I hated because of having bad teachers while some subjects I really like because I enjoyed the materials and environment in classes creating by teachers....   [tags: tenure, support and training programs]

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Why Do Teachers Or Professors Give Students Homework?

- Argumentative Essay Rough Draft Why do teachers or professors give students homework. Is it just busy work or is it essential to our educational process. Students kill and stress their self just to finish countless pages of work that just ends up being put into a grade book and then thrown away. Homework should be banned because it’s not a necessity to our educational process or the life of students. Homework doesnt help students, it hurts them. Students are drilled with work during the school hours and then are giving homework from almost all of their teachers every night....   [tags: Education, High school, Teacher, Middle school]

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Methods That Were Used Today By Good Teachers

- Methods that were used by Prophet Muhammad, صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم‎are still being used today by good teachers. The Prophet صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم‎was sent to teach mankind therefore he was the best teacher leaving us with the best ways to teach our children. He صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم‎used questioning when he wanted to make his companions think. Repetition was also something the Prophet صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم‎ did, whether he was teaching a sahaba something or trying to stress importance on his words by repeating them....   [tags: Muhammad, Qur'an, Prophets of Islam, Teacher]

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Factors That Affect Teachers At Graduation High School

- Research questions 1. What are the factors that cause stress to the beginning teachers in Anon high school. 2. Would a stress management program be effective in reducing the perceived stress in the beginning teachers at Anon high school. Information gathered from question 1 will also help the school to reflect on its existing policies and make necessary changes to workplace. Aim of the study 1. To identify the stressors that affect beginning teachers at Anon high school in order to help create mechanisms to improve teacher well being at Anon high school....   [tags: Teacher, Management, High school, Coping skill]

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Definition of Tenure for Teachers

- In society today, teachers play a very important role in the lives of children being one of the biggest influences on a child’s educational life. Teachers are responsible for preparing students for the future with knowledge and skills that students will be able to use on a daily basis. With so much emphasis on the role of teachers, it is important that students receive the best education possible and in order for that to happen, students need educated and willing teachers. Many of these qualities are infrequent in teachers of today....   [tags: Incompetence, Starting Salary]

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Where Are The Talented Teachers Going?

- Introduction The following critical analysis was conducted on an article about teacher resilience in urban schools by Yonezawa, Jones & Singer (2011). This author does concur with the authors’ result that a large problem facing education today is the early and frequent loss of new and talented teachers. To elevate this issue administrators need to provide teachers with professional development opportunities to enhance their resiliency and self-efficacy. According to the authors and other research conducted while preparing this critical analysis, teacher retention on average is rather consistent in that the first five years of teaching is when new teachers are most susceptible to leave the pr...   [tags: Educational Issues]

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The Many Challenges Facing World History Teachers

- Teaching history in the public school system can present educators with a unique set of challenges that are not found in any other subjects or disciplines. Furthermore, the distinction between U.S. and World History course structure need to be identified in order to effectively incorporate textbooks, unit tests, state standards, and student prior knowledge into the class. U.S. and World History classes differ in many aspects; and the teacher needs to know how to separate the two distinct course structures....   [tags: world history, course structures, teacher]

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E- Learning for Teachers and Students

- Using technology such as the web to create a rich learning environment may not be as easy as it seems. While we try to instill lifelong learning in our students we as teachers need to remember trying new technology may take some learning on teachers’ parts as well. Research shows both sides of web-based learning, resources to facilitate online learning, and ways to develop educational software for online learning, which teachers may need to discover in order to effectively use web-based learning....   [tags: Education and Technology, internet]

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The Important of Teachers' Guidance in Education

- Carl Jung once said, “One looks back with appreciation to the brilliant teachers, but with gratitude to those who touched our human feelings. The curriculum is so much necessary raw material, but warmth is the vital element for the growing plant for the soul of the child.” (Jung) Children are born ready to learn and are anxious to know everything about anything. Learning and developing these concepts helps build the foundation for the rest of your life. However as a little child you thrive from human relationships and you learn from what teachers, parents and other adults around you are doing....   [tags: curriculum, students, classroom]

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How Teachers Make Students Hate Reading

- John Holts paper ' 'How teachers make students hate reading" outlines key causes of why students come to hate reading and writing. In his paper he outlines problems arising from reading assignments that are too hard for the student with questions designed to bring out points that should have been learned with spelling tests that are of little to no interest to the student. He talks about mandatory reading that is one-dimensional and overdone without ever letting the students have an opportunity to say what they really thought about the book....   [tags: Reading, Education, Reading, Teacher]

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A Talk to Teachers, by James Baldwin

- In his work, “A Talk to Teachers,” James Baldwin poured out his point of view on how he believed American children should be taught. Throughout the essay, Baldwin focused on a specific race of school children: Negros. Perhaps this was because he himself was an African American, or even for the mere idea that Negros were the most vulnerable for never amounting to anything — according to what the American society thought during the twentieth century, specifically the 1960s when this piece was published....   [tags: education, james baldwin]

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Reasons for Code Switching by Teachers

- Discussion According to Hudson (1998), code switching is used by teachers as a result of their poor proficiency in the foreign language. The same author adds that teachers use this linguistic technique (code switching) in order to help their students achieve a desired understanding. The results in table 5 complement the author’s findings since the frequency of respondents who agreed to using code switching because of the convenience in explanation was forty percent. This could also imply that multilingual speakers apply code switching when communicating cultural concepts that can only be understood in their native languages....   [tags: language, understanding, communication]

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Contributions of Teachers to Society

- Teachers hold a very sensitive role in the modern civilized society. Regarded as social engineers, teachers possess immense knowledge on various issues that affect our daily lives as a community of human beings. Though in many countries including the developed ones, teachers are poorly remunerated they make invaluable contributions to their communities, to society and to the world at large, engaging in yeoman services with selfless love and dedication that could only be considered priceless. This paper serves to explore some of the social contributions that teachers make to the modern civilized society....   [tags: Education]

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