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A World Without Art

- A World Without Art Periodically, the question will come up, “ If you had to give up one of your senses, which one would you select?” Which one, the question implies, could you best do without. I ruminate on this question occasionally, wondering what it would be like to be without something that that is so taken for granted that I don’t even really think about it at all. What, I ask myself, would I miss the most. These questions come to mind when I watch a little girl in one of my kindergarten classes who is profoundly deaf....   [tags: Music Senses Hearing Essays]

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Du Darsft Case Analysis

- Problem Description The German subsidiary of Unilever, Union Deutsche Lebensmittelwerke has positioned itself in the "quality" segment of the food products. The company, in light of the following factors had decided to develop and test market low calorie versions of the food products: 1. The success of low-calorie products in the United States 2. The increase in the number of such products in German health food stores. 3. The growing concern over excess calorie intake voiced by various government organizations, medical associations, and other groups....   [tags: Business Analysis Strategy]

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Asian Wedding Cake

- Asian wedding cake: Weddings are an integral part of all cultures. The customs and traditions of the different culture vary from each other. Similarly Western weddings are quite different from the Asian weddings. A wedding cake is a very significant tradition of the Western weddings. Although not so significant, but the tradition of wedding cakes at Asian wedding is increasingly becoming popular. As such the Asian wedding cakes are baked in exquisite designs and delicious taste. Meaning: The phrase ‘Asian wedding cakes’ is a comprehensive term meaning cakes of different countries or cultures in Asia, like Japanese wedding cakes, Chinese wedding cakes, Indian wedding cakes, Korean wedding c...   [tags: Culture]

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Victorian Era Literature

- One of the most interesting aspects of Victorian era literature reflects the conflict between religion and the fast gathering movement aptly dubbed the enlightenment. Primarily known for its prude, repressed, social and family structure beneath the surface of the Victorian illusion many conflicting, perhaps even radical, ideas were simmering and fast reaching a boiling point within in the public circle. In fact writers such as Thomas Hardy and Gerald Manly Hopkins reflect this very struggle between the cold front of former human understanding and the rising warm front know only as the enlightenment....   [tags: Religion, Enlightenment]

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Types of Coffee

- When discussing different types of coffee, there are many variables that come into play. True coffee conneseurs know where their favorite coffees are grown and how they have been roasted. Different growing regions affect the beans in relation to weather, growth season and soil. Two identical trees grown in differing regions will produce coffee beans with different qualities and tastes. In many cases, coffees are blended to achieve a specific taste. A true coffee aficionado will need to understand the differences between beans from specific regions as well as roasting techniques....   [tags: Bean Roasts, Variables]

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Monster Beverage Corporation

- Purchase decision: Buying value A consumer’s level of involvement in the purchasing process is usually rated from low to high. Monster’s consumers are not overly invested in the purchase decision. They have limited problem solving involvement, examining only few brands, considering only select sellers of products and spending little time searching before making their decision to buy a Monster energy beverage. Having examined the alternatives (however many); the consumer is almost ready to make a purchase decision....   [tags: Buying Value, Consumer's Involvement, Purchase]

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Beer Brewing Process

- Beer is processed by steeping, boiling, and fermenting malt and hops to make or prepare by mixing, steeping, soaking, or boiling a solid in water. This process has been used by prehistoric nomads even before they learned how to make bread (Raley). In prehistoric times, beer was so valued that it was sometimes used as a form of compensation for workers (Raley). The 1850’s brought the modern era of brewing in the United States with Anheuser-Busch, Miller, Coors, Schlitz, and Pabst brewing companies (Raley)....   [tags: steeping, boiling, fermenting malt & hops]

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Experiment with Alleles

- Introduction In our genes, multiple different alleles determine whether one person will have a certain trait or not. Alleles are what make-up our genotypes and in this lab, we wanted to determine the genotypes of our class in the two loci: TAS2R38 and PV92. The TAS2R38 locus codes for a protein that involves the bitter taste of PTC; the gene determines whether or not a person will taste the PTC paper as very bitter or no taste at all. People with the “T” allele are tasters while those that are homozygous recessive (tt) are non-tasters....   [tags: DNA, Hypothesis]

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Coca-Cola Marketing Project

- Executive Summary This project is about the Coca-Cola Company and one of the Coca-Cola Company’s products according to the marketing project. In this project I have studies the different type of marketing techniques that used by the company for identify the need, wants and demand of the product which supplies to the people and how company developing the customer oriented marketing strategies. I also study, how Coca-Cola Company have done segmentation, target marketing and positioning of their product....   [tags: Coca-Cola Marketing Essays]

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Kant’s Aesthetic Theory and the Problem of Particularity

- Kant’s Aesthetic Theory and the Problem of Particularity ABSTRACT: In moving away from the objective, property-based theories of earlier periods to a subject-based aesthetic, Kant did not intend to give up the idea that judgments of beauty are universalizable. Accordingly, the "Deduction of Judgments of Taste" (KU, § 38) aims to show how reflective aesthetic judgments can be "imputed" a priori to all human subjects. The Deduction is not successful: Kant manages only to justify the imputation of the same form of aesthetic experience to everyone; he does not show that this experience will universally occur in response to the same objects....   [tags: Philosophy]

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Differentiation Tools Used by the McDonlads Company

- Differentiation Tools Used by the McDonlads Company I. Introduction: We have come to a time where the competitions between firms is getting more aggressive than ever before therefore every company has to have a certain weapon to defend itself or to gain new markets. This project is about the differentiation tools used by the McDonlads Company and how it uses it resources to gain a competitive advantage and to be the leader in the market II. Differentiation It is the act of designing a set of meaningful differences top distinguish the company's offering from competitors offering....   [tags: Papers]

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The ‘Choose Cadbury’ Marketing Strategy

- The ‘Choose Cadbury’ Marketing Strategy The ‘glass and a half’, corporate purple, and the Cadbury script has become synonymous with Cadbury. Cadbury Schweppes have used these design elements to great effect in developing the implication of goodness that this imagery suggests. In the late 1980s, another important element, known as ‘taste’ was emphasised. Regardless of national preferences about how chocolate should taste (e.g. dark chocolate is very popular to Europeans, whereas Australians prefer creamier milk chocolate), the implication was clear that, Cadbury Schweppes provides taste and texture that, appeals to all consumers....   [tags: Business and Management Studies]

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Informative Speech: Chocolate

- Specific Purpose Statement: To inform my audience about the production of chocolate Central Idea: Explain how cocoa beans are processed to produce the chocolate we all know and love Method of Organization: Chronological Visual Aid: Before my introduction and before class begins, I will have a chocolate collection for people to choose from as a snack. It will not be handed out during my speech so that it will not distract others....   [tags: Example Informative Speech]

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Mcdonalds Product Mix

- Analyzing Consumer Behaviour To study and analyze the consumer behaviour we conducted an online survey. [URL:]. The survey asked a total of 10 questions including one question asking them to rate McDonald’s on various parameters like taste, variety, speed of service, etc. Response was received from 132 customers of McDonald’s. Profile of respondents To know the age group of respondents we asked them which age group they belonged....   [tags: Business marketing Market Analysis]

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This is the deal

- This first oral presentation will be given on Monday, January 28, Center Campus, 6-10 p.m., C-105. The topic will be about some aspect concerning your career that you have found interesting. It can be an item that you find as you search the internet about your career (potential earnings, current wage offerings, number of opportunities available, etc.) or it can be an observation that you have made in your present career climb. You may use notes. You might not have to do any research. You should be concentrating on your presentation skills without having to worry about learning/researching your topic....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Quorn Products

- Quorn Products The Quornâ„¢ product range is a delicious healthy alternative to meat found in a range of meals and food products. The unique ingredient in all Quornâ„¢ foods is derived from the edible fungi family, as are mushrooms, truffles and morels, and provides the taste and texture of a full range of meat products and ready meals but is entirely meat free. Whether you are a meat eater or a vegetarian, if you are looking to eat more healthily, you are bound to find something to suit the whole family, that won't compromise on taste....   [tags: Papers]

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Metaphor and Imagery in Galway Kinnell's Poem, Blackberry Eating

- The Use of Metaphor and Imagery in Galway Kinnell's Poem, Blackberry Eating Written in 1980, Galway Kinnell's Blackberry Eating is a poem which creates a strong metaphoric relationship between the tangible objects of blackberries, and the intangible objects of words. The speaker of the poem feels a strong attraction to the sensory characteristics (the touch, taste, and look) of blackberries. The attraction he feels at the beginning of the poem exclusively for blackberries is paralleled in the end by his appetite and attraction to words....   [tags: Kinnell Blackberry Eating Essays]

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The Character of Montresor in The Cask of Amontillado

-       When looked at for the first time, Montresor in Edgar Allan Poe’s The Cask of Amontillado may seem disturbing. Montresor has plans to murder a man, Fortunato, for insulting him and plans on doing so by walling him up in the catacombs under his home. Montresor devises a clever plan that will leave Fortunato clueless as to his intensions. Upon a closer look, this character is admirable. Montresor carries out his plan successfully without being caught. He does this by using traits that are commendable at the very least....   [tags: Edgar Allan Poe]

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We Must Create More Gardens for the Blind

- We Must Create More Gardens for the Blind What would it be like to live in a world of blindness. Those who are capable of seeing would probably shudder at the thought of permanently living in this state of dark and seemingly cloistered existence. Yet, one should not fail to realize that, despite their inability to see, the blind do, in fact, dwell in a world filled with a vast array of acute sensations which fully compensate for their lack of visionary capabilities. If anyone is interested in entering, at least temporarily, into the realm of sightlessness, then he should visit the restaurant, Dans le Noir in France....   [tags: Architecture Design Essays]

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Eve’s Food Preparation: Art and Experience in Eden

- Eve’s Food Preparation: Art and Experience in Eden The arts of the first couple before the Fall have been extensively written on. It seems that most critics view prelapsarian art as congruous and natural to Eden, as evidence of prelapsarian splendor. Ann Torday Gulden states that art in Eden is socially neutral: “Surely art is innocuous [in Eden], an integral part of paradisal bliss” (18). Indeed, Eve’s artistic activity makes Eden seem all the more delightful to the reader. However, with a careful examination of how Eve’s art is perceived by the poem’s male characters, it becomes evident that Eve’s aesthetics do not quite fit....   [tags: Research Papers]

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Sense and Sensibility: A Novel of Moderation

-  In her first published novel, Sense and Sensibility, Jane Austin brought to life the spirit of being young, in love and living in the eighteenth century. Her story revealed the heartaches and happiness shared by Elinor Dashwood, who represented sense and her sister Marianne, who stood for sensibility. Both sisters felt strongly for what they unknowingly stood for, but each needed to reach a middle ground to find true happiness. It was not until the end of the novel, through marriage, that Elinor and Marianne overcame their nature of having sense and sensibility....   [tags: Austen Sense Sensibility Essays]

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Julia Child: Master Chef and TV Star

- Julia Child: Master Chef and TV Star O Julia, Julia, Cook and nifty wench, Whose unsurpassed quenelles and hot soufflés, Whose English, Norse and German, and whose French, Are all beyond my piteous powers to praise- Whose sweetly-rounded bottom and whose legs, Whose gracious face, whose nature temperate, Are only equaled by her scrambled eggs: Accept from me, your ever-loving mate, This acclamation shaped in fourteen lines Whose inner truth belies its outer sight; For never were there foods, nor were there wines, Whose flavor equals yours for sheer delight....   [tags: Biographies Cooking Papers]

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A Case Study- of Green Mountain Inc.

- I. Problems A. Decreasing Sales Over the past several years, Green Mountain's sales growth has decreased. In 1998, net revenues totaled at 55.8 million dollars. There was an increase in sales over the following years. In 2002, revenue increased by a mere 4.6%.There are several flaws and problems in the company that may decrease revenue sales. B. Competition There are six major competitors: Gevalia, Illy Café, Millstone, Peet's Coffee and Tea, Seattle's Best and Starbucks. Starbucks seems to have a strong share in the available market....   [tags: Business Case Studies]

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The Grande Odalisqe

- The Grande Odalisqe The Grande Odalisque painted in 1884, drew many criticisms. There were complaints about the lifelessness of the subject, the fact that she has three vertebrae too many. It illustrates the rather strange mixture of Ingres’s artistic allegiances. His subject, the reclining nude figure, is traditional, going back to Giorgione and Titian; but by converting her into an odalisque, an inhabitant of a Turkish harem, he makes a strong concession to the contemporary Romantic taste for the exotic....   [tags: Art Analysis]

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Nicotine and its Effects on Weight

- Nicotine and its Effects on Weight Introduction Bad breath, yellow teeth, a chronic cough…these are some of the disgusting results of smoking cigarettes. Why do people continue to smoke when the effects are so harmful. The typical response from smokers to this question is that they smoke in order to relax and help relieve stress. Unfortunately, the quick fix happens to be an addictive narcotic. Smoking feeds the addiction, but it also feeds the body with about 40 cancer-causing chemicals as well as almost 4,000 other chemicals (   [tags: Research Papers]

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Analysis of the World Wine Market

- Analysis of the World Wine Market TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Introduction……………………………………………………… 1 2. World wine producers……………………………………….…..… 1 3. World wine exports………………………………………….…..….2 4. France productions, exports and international image…….….…..3 5. Success of New World over the Old World : key factors……...…..4 6. Evaluation of different strategies………………………….…....5-8 6.1 Premium & Standard wine market 6.2 Creation of an accessible French brand 6.3 The Global wine company (acquisitions and mergers) 6.4 Appellation d’origine controlee and competitive disadvantage 6.5 Protectionism versus being marketing oriented 7....   [tags: Business Marketing Case Studies]

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The Mass Culture Critique And Perezhilton.Com

- The past two years has seen the media landscape undergo significant developments. New technology, such as the Internet, has fuelled the emergence of new media forms and schisms within the media industry. Mario Armando Lavandeira’s Hollywood celebrity gossip website,, exploits a new brand of journalism – blogging. There are innumerable media theories which could be used to analyse such a specific example of the media. This essay will explore Mass Culture Critique and its critical relation to by investigating mass communication concepts such as hegemony, aesthetic levels, economic motivation, and passive consumers....   [tags: Mass Culture Media Popular]

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Market for Coors in South Delaware

- Q1). Currently, there is an opportunity for owning a Coors Distributorship in the southern Delaware counties of Sussex and Kent. Coors is a well-known brand name nationally, and retailers in the targeted area are willing to carry the product, which is an indication of pre-existing brand awareness and demand for Coors. It was necessary to obtain a feasibility study to project a possible profit or loss and $800,000 dollars will be needed for the initial investment....   [tags: Business Market Analysis Management]

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Use of Diction, Imagery and Metaphor in Seamus Heaney’s Poem, Blackberry-Picking

- Use of Diction, Imagery and Metaphor in Seamus Heaney’s Poem, Blackberry-Picking Seamus Heaney’s poem “Blackberry-Picking” does not merely describe a child’s summer activity of collecting berries for amusement. Rather, it details a stronger motivation, ruled by a more primal urge, guised as a fanciful experience of childhood and its many lessons. This is shown through Heaney’s use of language in the poem, including vibrant diction, intense imagery and powerful metaphor—an uncommon mix coming from a child’s perspective....   [tags: ]

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Menu for Sandwichman

- Menu for Sandwichman Sandwichman is the name for our sandwich restaurant. Sandwichman was started by four college students at Iowa State University: Rajane Patel, Ashlyn Bloom, Rachel Te, and Agus Leonardo. We decided to open this sandwich restaurant at 1000 Duff Avenue here in Ames, Iowa. The basic colors for our sandwich restaurant are orange and yellow. My responsibilities in building this sandwich restaurant are designing and preparing the menu. The Menu is considered to be the most important aspect in order to build a restaurant because a menu tells what the restaurant offers....   [tags: Free Descriptive Essays]

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Five Senese Aging

- “Aging is a process of one getting older...” (Medina 4). As one gets older changes will occur. “It might start with a line a cross the forehead that deepens in to a wrinkle or skin that suddenly appears dull looking” (Tomas E1). No mater what the situation aging has many different processes. This literary composition will show the different changes that the senses go through when aging takes place. Seeing is one of the senses humans have. Although humans really see with their brains the eyes are the key tools that help the task of seeing....   [tags: essays research papers]

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How to Make the Ultimate Oatmeal

- Oatmeal is among the most popular and healthy breakfast foods. When properly prepared, a hot bowl of oatmeal can soothe a bad mood, alleviate a cold, or provide an energy boost on a chilly winter morning. Be advised, however, that without the proper tools and directions, this nutritious breakfast can taste like nothing more than a spoonful of dry oats. In order to transform these raw flakes into a firm and flavorful hot cereal, there are several important steps to follow. Choosing the proper oatmeal among the numerous types available is the first and most crucial step....   [tags: Process Essays]

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Celebrating Nutrition Month at a School

- Nutrition Month Celebration Last July, Life College has a celebration for Nutrition Month. The program runs like this: In the morning, the students have a food fair, each level decorated their booth and sell cuisines. Elementary students sell nutritious food like fruit salad, pancit, eggs and etc. assisted by their parents. 1st year class was assigned to cook Seafood cuisines, 2nd year for Asia cuisines and 3rd year for World cuisines. While the food fair is on going, chosen grade 1to 4 students participated in Poster Making Contest....   [tags: Health Nutrition Pyramid Diet]

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Innovation and Traditionalism in Art

- I am sure that we have all, at one time or another, noticed that almost any discussion concerning the merits and demerits of art, if it goes on long enough will come to the qualities of innovation and traditionalism in regards to aesthetic value. As soon as these two qualities are mentioned, there comes an inevitable forming up of those who favor innovation and deride tradition and those who favor tradition and deride innovation. Either side usually admits only enough merit to their opposition, and limitation of their own view, to make themselves seem reasonable and objective: but the bulk of their effort goes into savaging their opponents and extolling the ultimately ascendant nature...   [tags: Art Artistic Arts History Essays]

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Failed Product Report: Crystal Pepsi

- Failed Product Report: Crystal Pepsi There was a marketing fad in early 1990s equating clarity with purity. Just to name a few, Miller Brewing Co. came up with Miller Clear(March 1993), Coors Brewing Co. came up with Zima Clearmalt (1992), Procter & Gamble came up with Ivory clear liquid hand cleanser and Colgate-Palmolive came up with Clear Sparkling fresh dishwashing liquid. Last but not least, PepsiCo came up with Crystal Pepsi in April 1992. Company Brief Description Pepsi Company (PepsiCo) owns many brands of beverages, snacks and other foods....   [tags: Marketing Business Failure Analysis]

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The Properties of Water

- Solutions & Solubility Pure water, which is an odourless, colorless, and tasteless substance is often called the universal solvent. As water moves through soil, it dissolves very small amounts of minerals such as calcium and magnesium. The greater the content of calcium and magnesium, the more hard the water is. Therefore, hard water is the result of an excess of two elements, C and Mg. The hardness of water is measured in grains per gallon (gpg), milligrams per litre (mg/l) or parts per million (ppm)....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Annie Proulx's Brokeback Mountain

- Michael Warner states in his book The Trouble with Normal that "the [American] culture has thousands of ways for people to govern the sex of others," that a certain regulation of sexuality and desire can be designed "directly, through prohibition and regulation, and indirectly, by embracing one identity or one set of tastes as though they were universally shared, or should be" (Warner 1). According to Warner, the logical process that follows such a regulation ensures a certain shame attaches to any "taste" that is not "universally shared." That this one "taste" "should be" shared implies that it is not universal....   [tags: Brokeback Mountain Essays]

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How Men Read Beer

- Beer advertisement can be looked at from very different points of view. Beer drinkers are targets who have one thing in common, which is peer pressure. Peer pressure could be anything from looking good socially and physically to having a good time. Beer advertisers take that very much into account when it comes to selling their product. Most beer campaigns have a relaxed and approachable brand images that direct consumer's attention to the beer and every aspect that surrounds the experience of drinking it....   [tags: Marketing]

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Kant's Conception of Genius

- Kant's Conception of Genius As part of his Critique of the Aesthetic Judgement, Kant sets out to explain what constitutes a fine work of art, and in doing so he asserts that "fine arts must necessarily be regarded as arts of genius." (page 168, 'The Critique of Judgement', Immanuel Kant). He then goes on to justify this, and to explain what genius consists of, and how a work of genius is arrived at. Kant begins by stating that for the representation of any work of art to be possible, it must have certain rules at its foundation....   [tags: Papers]

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PB&J Sandwich

- One thing that is most common in each American household in America is the love of peanut butter and jelly sandwich, affectionately known as a PB&J sandwich. This culinary perfection has been around for years and the recipe has been change over and over again. When my mother was living in Jamaica, she only knew about a peanut butter sandwich. She never knew about grape jelly until she came to the states in 1981 when she started to work as a babysitter. So when I started to attend Pre- K in 1994, naturally, she packed in my lunchbox for my lunch....   [tags: Informative, Food, Personal Experience]

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The Virgin

- November 7, 13 Crit. 2 “The Virgin” What comes to mind when thinking about an apple. What about the colors, taste or even the texture of the apple. Not all apples have the same characteristics. The same is true for humans. Whether comparing apples to apples, or one human being to another human being, despite similar qualities there is always something slightly unique about each and every one of them. In many ways apples and humans can be compared, and Sappho beautifully illustrates this by her use of comparisons of apples to a child....   [tags: Sappho, apple, child, poetry, learning, maturing]

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A Cup of Coffee

- The loud beeping of the alarm rudely interrupts a fitful night of sleep. The thought of reaching an arm out from under the warm covers to turn the alarm off seems like a bad idea. Out of bed, rise and shine. It is a new beginning to another day. The thought of leaving the warm bed still seems like a bad idea. Just a few more minutes sleep is what is wanted. Peace and quiet still abound as the other family members are still asleep. Wafting through the air, the enticing smell of hazelnut coffee tickles the nose with its sweet aromatic essence....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Stupid Friday Night Shit

- All week long, the only thing everyone can talk about is Friday night. “What are you doing this weekend?” And the first thing you’ll hear out of any college student’s mouth is “getting shitty-faced.” Sounds like we got a plan. So Friday night rolls around, and there is a thick and definitely noticeable electricity in the air because everyone is pumped up to go out and drink the week away. All of them say they drink because they “like the taste.” That’s bullshit. If they really like the taste, they wouldn’t have to play ignorant little games to coax them into drinking the crap....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Johann Joachim Quantz

- Johann Joachim Quantz Quantz was on of the first professional flute players in 18th century Europe. He began musical training under his uncle in 1708, and learned to play most of the string family as well as the oboe and the trumpet. After joining the Dresden town band, Quantz was offered a position as oboist in the Polish chapel of Augustus II, Elector of Saxony and King of Poland. Quantz found little opportunity for advancement as an oboist, and turned to the flute in 1719. P. G. Buffardin, the French flutist, was his first teacher....   [tags: Papers]

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Thanksgiving Dinner

- Thanksgiving Dinner Even though it was many years ago, I vividly remember my first Thanksgiving dinner. I was a little kid, no older than the age of seven. I flew in that day from Ann Arbor, Michigan, where we had attended a special ceremony honoring my uncle. As a result of the hectic flight schedule, I did not have the opportunity to eat very much that day, and I was eagerly anticipating the Thanksgiving dinner. We arrived at my grandparent’s house around six thirty in the evening....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Grolsch Beer Advertisement

- Grolsch Beer: Using the Artistic Approach The advertisement for Grolsch beer, taken from the May 28, 1998 issue of Rolling Stone features Vincent Van Gogh’s Self-portrait. Grolsch beer uses three important components of argument (ethos, pathos, logos) to support their claim. However, logos is the most important because the audience must be able to logically interpret the ad. The advertisement connects with the audience by appealing to the reader’s logic of art history, while establishing a reputation of quality and credibility with the Grolsch name....   [tags: Advertising Marketing]

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Mcdonalds In India

- McDonald’s in India In America, we consider McDonald’s to be a beef serving, sometimes fatty fast food restaurant, but after a 6 year business plan to sway the Indian population, McDonald’s has transformed. If they can continue this growth in India, and all over the world, globalization will start to love McDonald’s even more. They seemed to have hit the right points, from playing it safe, investing their time doing marketing research, to find the best places to put a restaurant and finding out what it is that people in India like to eat....   [tags: International Busines Culture India Mcdonalds]

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Winckelmann Article

- In this article Winckelmann states that the good taste in art that is present in contemporary works stems from the work of the ancient Greeks. The beauty in the modern works of artists like Raphael (especially his Madonna and child with St Sixtus and St Barbara) hold such beauty, complexity of emotion, and good taste because he draws on the ideas set up by the great ancient sculptures and society in which they lived and drew inspiration from. Winckelmann categorizes the ancients greatness into two main ideas that are necessary for contemporaries to draw from in order to reach greatness: Natural beauty and noble simplicity and quiet grandeur....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Defining Snobism

- Defining Snobism It is sometimes hard to define correctly what makes a real snob, but it is certainly the term to be easily and most often pasted on somebody. What kind of a person is a snob, actually. It is someone who attaches enormous importance to social standing, seeks to associate with or imitate those of higher rank, while at the same time looking down on those of lower wealth and status, showing arrogance and despise for them. One of the usual traits of a classical snob is pretentiousness....   [tags: Papers]

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Comparing the Country Estate in Pride and Prejudice and Mansfield Park

- Importance of the Country Estate in Pride and Prejudice and Mansfield Park The world of Jane Austen's novels is a world of the country estate. Her central characters are members of the parish or landed gentry and their lives and adventures often circle around the local estate and the people who live there. One of Austen's main literary principles was to write only about the things she knew about in her own life, and the world of the landed gentry was one to which she had access. However the country estate in her novels serves a greater purpose than that of a mere background to the lives of her characters....   [tags: comparison compare contrast essays]

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Belinda Placing Blame in Alexander Pope's The Rape of the Lock

- Belinda Placing Blame in Alexander Pope's The Rape of the Lock I will be examining lines 147-160 of Canto IV in The Rape of the Lock. In this selection, Belinda speaks in a monologue, apparently regretting past actions that have caused her the loss of her lock. However, it becomes clear that she is exaggerating her loss and the preventive measures she could have taken. By citing radical changes that would have been necessary to prevent the occurrence, she makes it clear that it is very difficult for a woman to escape men....   [tags: Pope Rape of the Lock Essays]

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Synesthetic Reality - Is our notion of reality the only truth?

- Synesthetic Reality - Is our notion of reality the only truth. "What's first strikes me is the color of someone's voice. [V--] has a crumbly, yellow voice, like a flame with protruding fibers. Sometimes I get so interested in the voice, I can't understand what's being said." --From Synesthesia: A Union of the Senses by Robert E. Cytowic. What would you make of the preceding account. Would you think the speaker was...crazy?...on drugs?...making a play for attention. Would you be skeptical if the speaker told you it was her natural way of perceiving the world....   [tags: Synthesia Research Science Papers]

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Food in Mary Rowlandson's The Sovereignty and Goodness of God

- Food in Mary Rowlandson's The Sovereignty and Goodness of God "Food is a medium for life, a dynamic of life, and an expression of the whims, joys, terrors, and histories in life. Food, more than anything else, is life." - Anonymous Neither life nor culture can be sustained without food. On a very basic level, food is fundamentally essential for life, not simply to exist, but also to thrive. A means by which carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, nutrients, and calories are introduced into the body, food is a mechanism of survival....   [tags: religion Meal Food Essays]

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Harvard Admissions Essay: Enough Talk about God

- Enough Talk about God I believe the Church has been talking about God for long enough now. We're due for a change. People know enough about God. They know what God likes and what God doesn't and how God would generally want them to live their lives. It seems, to us and to them, that we just keep repeating ourselves. As I said, we've been talking about God for long enough now. It's time to stop talking about God, and start getting our kids and neighbors and friends in touch with God. It's time to help them taste and see that the Lord is good....   [tags: College Admissions Essays]

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Synesthesia and the Implications of Sensory Fusion

- Synesthesia and the Implications of Sensory Fusion Synesthesia is defined as the sensation produced at a point other than or remote from the point of stimulation, as of a color from hearing a certain sound.[1] (From the Greek, syn=together+aesthesis=to perceive). In common language synesthesia is an involuntary blending of the senses by some people, which allows them to see colors when looking at numbers, for instance. This is a topic that was introduced over a century ago, but has not been taken serious until recently with the development of tests capable of testing whether or not the condition was real....   [tags: Biology Essays Research Papers]

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Pornography Causes Desensitization, Aggression, and Alienation

- Pornography Causes Desensitization, Aggression, and Alienation A pair of long luscious, shapely legs extend upward until they join in perfect harmony. Colorful panties cover what seem to be the smallest area possible as a slim torso with shapely breasts and a slender neck lead to a perfect face. There she is, the perfect woman, the perfect picture of lust. Yet, she is only a picture, but what unbelievable power she possesses. Any man who looks her way will question his desires and himself. Who will resist her temptation and who will give in is the only question left without an answer....   [tags: Expository Cause Effect Essays]

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Home Design in the 19th Century

- Home Design in the 19th Century Home decorating styles changed dramatically during the middle part of the 1800's, even though design began to refer back to the styles the century had begun with as it came to an end. This difference in popular taste did not just evolve because of the passage of time, however; new technological advancements in furniture production and an increased interest in the arts of Asia influenced home décor. The changing British culture manifested itself in how the middle-class decorated their homes, and how they perceived themselves....   [tags: Architecture History]

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Narrative- My Suppressed Wild Side

- Narrative- My Suppressed Wild Side Ten years old: 1975, still in my boy body, my boy mind. Solid and strong with the endurance to play all day moving from the tangled, viney “jungle” on the far side of the pond to the secret play house in the damp dark basement of my best friend David’s house, to the high speed heroics played out on our banana-seated bikes. I was not a boy of course, but wanted to be. I climb trees, even ones sticky with sap. The smell of pine hangs on me as I lie in bed at night....   [tags: Personal Narrative Writing]

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Tastes Great or Less Filling

- Tastes Great or Less Filling. Works Cited Missing Yes, yes, oh yes. Most of us are familiar with the current advertising campaign of Clariols Herbal Essences shampoo and conditioner. It has been running for quite a while now. The woman enters a room and to her surprise a bottle of shampoo and conditioner await her. Then we suddenly find her either washing her own hair or having her hair washed and she is pleasurably screaming and shouting. The add seems to imply that the shampoo and/or conditioner causes an orgasm like experience for the woman....   [tags: Commercial Analysis Essays]

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Food as Sign and Code

- Food as Sign and Code What do you think of when you see or smell your favorite food. On one hand the sight or smell of that food might trigger hunger, or even a memory of the last time you shared that meal with a loved one. The point is, the smell or sight of our favorite food would trigger a different thought or feeling in each of us. This is an example of Semiotics. Semiotics is defined as "anything that can stand for something else." Roland Barthes was one of Europe's most renowned theorists of semiology....   [tags: Wendy Leeds-Hurwitz Semiotics Essays]

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Japanese Tea Ceremony Ceramics

- Japanese Tea Ceremony Ceramics There are various objects needed to conduct a tea ceremony. Most important among them are ceramics: the tea-caddy, the tea bowl, the flower vase, the incense burner, the incense container, the water jar, the ladle rest, the rest for the cover of the jar, the ash container, the cake bowl, the plate to place charcoal brazier, and candle-holders and other paraphernalia for decoration and atmosphere. Furthermore, such utensils used in the light dinner served before the tea rite called the kaiseki, food dishes and bowls, wine bottles and wine cups are to be numbered, the majority of implements for use in the tea-ceremony are pieces of ceramics....   [tags: wabi aesthetic Descriptive]

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The Value of Coffee

- The Value of Coffee I didn’t always enjoy the stuff. I would eat coffee-flavored yogurt and coffee-flavored ice cream, but the actual beverage tasted bitter and crude, and it had incurred my discontent since my first encounter with it at the age of six. An aunt would offer the family coffee every time we went to visit, and she would ask me, “Do you drink coffee yet?” as if to press me forward, to instill a desire to proceed toward my inevitable destiny of favoring coffee. I ignored her. “It’s an acquired taste,” some people told me....   [tags: Personal Narrative Writing]

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Garden for the Blind

- Garden for the Blind If I were to sum up what I want to do with this garden in one word, it would be “awakening;” awakening of the senses other than that of sight. These senses include sense of smell, sense of touch, sense of taste, sense of sound, and also the kinesthetic sense (one’s place in space). The garden will allow for complete awareness of one’s surroundings and the plants present in the garden, although sight will not be used. The journey through the garden should be an enjoyable experience for those who want to emerge themselves in a world unlike the very physical one we live in to day....   [tags: Architecture Design Essays]

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Monosodium Glutamate

- Monosodium Glutamate I.INTRODUCTION Have you ever had a situation were after a busy day at work, went to a restaurant for a nice dinner and enjoyed the taste of the food that was presented to you, but soon after the dinner was over, you felt really tired and sick. Did this ever made you regret the fact that you went there instead of taking the time of preparing to yourself something “light” and “healthy” or maybe you were promising to yourself that you would never do this again. But how long did that promise last....   [tags: MSG Health Food Essays]

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Coke Zero

- I. Introduction Nowadays a trend of shape concerned is very popular globally. Consumer tends to prefer and buying more of healthy product and also low/non calories products. Lifestyle of people changing from eating junk foods to low/non calories products even become a vegetarian. Not only shape concerned but some of a dangerous disease also cause from consuming sweet and high fat foods. Therefore marketers see this opportunity in the market and try to invent any goods that can fulfill the demand of consumers in the market....   [tags: Coca cola Business Case Study Analysis]

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The Pagoda Restaurant

- The Pagoda Restaurant Chinese food is very famous around the world. Almost every country has Chinese food restaurants. Almost all the people like Chinese food including people in the US. Today, there are many Chinese food restaurants in the US. The Pagoda restaurant is the one of the Chinese food restaurants in the US. It provides variety of Chinese food. In order to inform people about the restaurant, the Pagoda restaurant creates some advertisements like brochures and a website. The word “Pagoda” came from China....   [tags: Chinese China Food Essays]

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Success of Coke

- There are very few corporations that hold such world popularity like the Coca-Cola Company. The trademark of Coca-Cola is by far one of the world’s most popular brand names. Coca-Cola dominates the product industry and sets a standard of competition not easily met. Research shows that the trademark is recognized by over 94% of the world’s population and is the most widely recognized word following “OK.” Coke’s original formula was conceived in the late 19th Century. It original business began as a health formula with less than 10 servings a day in its first year....   [tags: Coca-Cola Essays]

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Korean Food

- Korean Food Korean food is unique. It’s known for its spicy flavor and the use of other seasonings to enhance the taste. Dishes are usually flavored with a combination of soy sauce, red pepper, green onion, bean paste, garlic, ginger, sesame, mustard, vinegar, and wine. The Korean peninsula is surrounded water on three sides, but connected to the Asian mainland. This environment contributes to the uniqueness of Korean cuisine. Seafood plays a very important role as do vegetables and livestock....   [tags: Korea Culinary Culture Essays]

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- A Tasting Tour of U.S. Honey Varieties There are many choices when it comes to sweeteners. However, no other sweetener has as many varieties as honey. Honey is pure, all natural, and was first sweetener known to man. Honey is made when a bee changes the composition of nectar by adding moisture and enzymes. The product is then stored in bee combs and covered with bees wax. Honey comes in many shapes, colors, and has a variety of flavors. Different types of honey come from different types of flowers....   [tags: essays research papers]

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- Introduction When Howard Schultz began to notice a decline in the Starbucks brand he built from a single coffee house into a multinational chain of over 15,000 locations employing over 172,000 people, he decided to begin 2008 with new direction. He reassumed the role as CEO and proposed a set of new initiatives to reenergize the company as a whole. These initiatives started at the front lines of Starbucks by changing some of the current machinery used to create espresso and coffee. Next he launched new roasted coffee blends that were set to revolutionize overall taste and perception of coffee....   [tags: Business Strategy]

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Child Psychology

- The child's mind a very delicate and fragile piece of space just waiting to be fulfilled with knowledge. With every touch, taste, sight, and sound a small part of the brain is in growth. It is these early stimulations that are so crucial to a child's intelligence in the years to come. Babies are born with some knowledge that was genetically pasted down to them form there biological parents, but it is in the next couple of years that will be so crucial to his development. Scientists are learning more and more about what, when, and how to talk and handle a baby that will further there brains development....   [tags: essays research papers]

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John Lennon

- Two summers ago, I was in a bit of trouble. My parents grounded me and kept me indoors for a majority of the break. I had little contact with friends, besides my job and the occasional visits. Though I do not look back at this period of my life happily, I now realize I benefited greatly after surviving through it. My internet access had been taken away, but I still used my computer. I had a stash of mp3's I had downloaded in the past few months, which consisted mainly of Beatles songs. I had downloaded just about every album they ever made, from the pop-influenced "Please, Please Me", to the mellowed out, psychedelic "Magical Mystery Tour"....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Mountain Dew

- Mountain Dew It's cool and refreshing. It's satisfying and invigorating. It's Mountain Dew. But it's not just regular pop. It's a lifesaver that keeps many college students alert during strenuous moments in their college life. Mountain Dew is a favorite of many students on the GC campus because it is relatively cheap to purchase and not difficult to come across. This power drink can be found in the cafeteria, at the Leaf Raker, and in many of the vending machines on campus. Students can get free refills at the cafeteria and may purchase this drink for 99 cents at the Leaf Raker and $1 from vending machines....   [tags: Soft Drinks Soda Essays]

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The Decision

- The Decision The tall man standing at the edge of the Haunted Forest looked directly at Siggford, waved, and disappeared. Perhaps the villagers were right in advising him to take the long route around the forest instead of cutting through it. Siggford hesitated. He could feel the warmth of the morning sun beating on his back. As he brushed his sandy blond hair off his forehead he found he was already perspiring. Watching the dense forest in front of him, he considered his options. He could travel through the forest in a day, or take three days to walk around it....   [tags: Creative Writing Short Story Essays]

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Digital Age

- Digital Age Looking back in the past several years, we can see that technology has contributed an important role in our society nowadays. It changes the way people work, the way people live, and also the way people treat each other. Knowing the important of the development of technology, scientists and engineers are constantly inventing and exploring the world of technology to build a better society for everybody. Can you imagine your life with technology in the next thirty years. Do you prefer to work at the office and chat with your co-worker face to face or just stay home, transfer files to your computers and chat with your co-worker through the web camera from home....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Market Segmentation

- Market Segmentation What is Segmentation. Market segmentation is the practice of dividing a market into identifiable groups of customers with common characteristics and motivations. This is so that each group can be treated independantly, tailoring the marketing mix to meet the needs of each segment. Furthermore, opportunities for new products and any niche markets are highlighted. Segmentation also portrays which segemets are doing well, which are likey profitable to be profitable/worth pursuing, which segments need additional marketing support and which should be ignored....   [tags: Business Management Studies]

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- Fast food nation is about the consequences of the fast food culture that has developed in the US and has spread to other parts of the world. Every part of system is examined - the food, marketing, science of taste, supply production and human impact on both those that eat fast food and those who work for the fast food companies and the industries which supply the fast food chains. While fast food is appreciated by many, there is a dark side to that Fast Food Nation tries to point out with a great deal of detail....   [tags: essays research papers]

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- Absinthe Since its introduction to the drinking community, absinthe has the most compelling history of any liqueur. The drink, nicknamed the green fairy, gained popularity in the artistic social circle. Among its devotees were Pablo Picasso, Oscar Wilde, Ernest Dowson, Edgar Allen Poe, Verlaine, and Vincent Van Gough. As time continued, absinthe soared in popularity, reaching the everyday, working-class man. By 1910, French refiners produced thirty-six million liters of absinthe a year (Kiffel)....   [tags: Exploratory Essays]

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- Sea-Cucumbers I have always found sea-cucumbers to be strange. If you have ever been snorkeling, you may or may not have noticed these elongated vegetables on the sea floor. I suppose I shouldn’t call them vegetables though, because they are slightly more ‘cognizant’ than garden-variety greenery. Instead I have dubbed them ocean-turds, because honestly, they do look the great defecation of a marine mammoth. They are also well-shaped, perfectly cylindrical turds at that. I am rambling again. Forgive me....   [tags: Personal Narrative Writing]

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- Anosmia Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if you did not have one of your five senses. At some point in our lives we have all seen a blind or deaf person but how often do we wonder what it would be like if we were in their shoes. Many people take their senses for granted, not giving much thought to the fact that something as simple as bumping your head the wrong way or getting a cold could take away your sense of smell forever. Anosmia is the total loss of the sense of smell and affects approximately two million Americans (Wuensch, 2001)....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Senses Essays]

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